November 17th, 2006
Alan Watt on "The DíAnne Burley Show" hosted by John
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Hi, this is Alan Watt.  Itís November 17th, 2006, and this upcoming show was just broadcast.  And it was kind of different, a little bizarre, but itís very good as well to show many of the listeners what Iíve been talking about all this time.  You cannot have the blind leading the blind.  And, for a hundred-odd years or more, the big establishment that runs the system, decided to give us the New Age Movement.  And they said they would mix it.  Blavatsky said this, and so did Albert Pike, that the Church would be used in the West and the schools, universities, to bring in the New World Order.  And hereís a good example coming up, of the intermingling of the New Age, with its spiritualism, its sort of dreamland type phenomena, Bigfoot, everything, Planet X, all wrapped into the same mish-mash, and to create a form of confusion, where the host himself, the only way out is something outside of human involvement.  Theyíre looking for a savior, a savior complex, even if itís a Planet X.  And this has all been manufactured by the big scientific establishments that deal with the mind.  So, upcoming, youíll hear just about everything thatís been put out there in the New Age, all wrapped up into this strange, semi-Christian, fatalist almost religion, mixed with DNA, space aliens, and on and on we go.  A beautiful example.  And thatís what weíre up against today.  It isnít that theyíre bad people, itís just that theyíve fallen for the whole spiel, the whole propaganda spiel of the fantastic.  Theyíve fallen for it all, and because of that they canít see clearly, and they certainly cannot think clearly.  But again, all of this was forecast back in the 1800s by people like Albert Pike, and they have done it.  Theyíve been successful.  People have been indoctrinated into all of this, thinking that theyíd picked the books themselves, and the books all appeared on the shelves with all this amazing information and fantastic stuff, but in reality, and they never question why they all appear on the shelf at the same time, who authorized them, who promoted them, who funded them.  The culture is given to the people, and so the people perish.  All the best.  Listen.


John: Welcome: This is the DíAnne Burley Show, and Iím John, your host on  DíAnne also has the international Ridell international radio system, and then sheís also on RBN live, Saturdays from 10pm to midnight, Central Time.  Sheís on Truth Radio here, from 6 to 7pm Central Time, Monday through Friday.  Today, hopefully, weíre going to be talking about British law and US law and its association.  The speaker is Mark Adams I believe, and hopefully Mark is with us.† Are you here, Mark?


Alan Watt: This is Alan Watt.  I donít know who Mark Adams is.


John: Oh, Iím sorry.  Iíve got the wrong name here. Okay, Alan Watt.  Iím sorry, yes it is, Alan Watt.  Itís my fault.  This is my notes as Iím scribbling and not reading my own writing.


Alan: Okay.


John: Very good.  Iím sorry about that Alan.  So, anyhow, Iím going to let Alan speak here, and if I can interject something, Iíll probably be learning as much as you will be.  So, enjoy.


Alan: Well, basically, thereís no real mystery about it, apart from the fact that even Franklin mentioned that the US system would be based on the British style of law.  In fact, he praised the legal system, coming from Britain.  But youíll find that the British Empire kept going after the American Revolution.  And of course, they kept trying to get the US back in, and it wasnít really until the late 1800s that Cecil Rhodes and Lord Rothschild, under the auspices of the British Crown, in other words, they were given a warrant to do this, a charter, set up the Rhodes Trust, to train people for a globalistic system based on the British system, and headquartered from Britain, with a branch, another secondary branch in the United States called the Council on Foreign Relations.  Thatís what it turned into.  And so they, the Rhodes Commission joined with the Milner, Lord Milnerís Commission in the Round Table Society, to form a system, through banking, the legal system, and culture creation to basically get the US and Britain to give a culture to the world for a globalist system.  And out of that came the League of Nations, to bring in a World Government.  And then, of course, it transformed into the United Nations.  Weíre on a fast track now to finish off the last outposts that havenít come under the Central Banking System and the same kind of legal system, which must go hand and hand in a global society.  And thatís the war in the Middle East, of course.  Once thatís over, theyíll have their perfect little New World Order, and thatís what itís all about. 


Itís well documented in so many books in history, and it used to be taught in the schools in Britain, all of the stuff that Iím talking about.  So, Iím surprised that people donít realize while theyíve been entertained for the last fifty, sixty years, their system has been transformed so much that their great grandparents would never, ever recognize it today.


John: Iíve been aware of like the CED reports, or the Committee for Economic Development, which is the CFRís published documentation.  In my avenue of farming, theyíve actually coerced the changing of people being on the farm to bringing them to the villages and shutting down the farms.  And thereís been no laws behind it.  Itís just that itís their whim of what they want to do and they create it.


Alan: Itís not just a whim; itís an actual system.  See, this is the thing, this is a system which is run alongside your legal system, sometimes intertwining with it.  But itís like a supergovernment scattered all throughout society, through organizations, NGOs, and that is exactly what the Cecil Rhodes foundation said they would do.  And even all the other foundations that sprung up, all coming from the same center, basically, that they would fund NGOs, and heavily fund them too.


John: Would you explain NGOs for the public?


Alan: Itís a nongovernmental organization.  The Soviet system was based on nongovernmental organizations.  The only difference being that the Soviet government appointed the head of the groups, who pretended then to speak on behalf of the public, and demand from the government certain laws, certain changes, etc.  Well, thatís what weíre run on today.  We have powerful NGO groups in the US, Canada, and all the Commonwealth countries of Britain, funded by about a dozen major foundations, with massive offices too, pretending theyíre grass-roots organizations speaking for the public.  But theyíre really being directed by the big foundation heads.


John: We just went into a meeting where theyíre trying to put in a power system in our area of high power lines, which is detrimental to our ecology and also our own health.  And when it gets said and done, we handed them information of free energy, and how this was all going to impact us and everything, and basically, theyíre throwing up a couple walls of this generalization of the seven rule, and this definition of it, and that kind of thing.  And theyíre saying that theyíre all against it.  And when it got said and done, we handed five senators the information showing how it was all coerced and a big lie, and then they had a secondary meeting come up behind it, and then at the secondary meeting, we restated our issue and basically showed how it was fraudulent and everything else, what they were doing, and after we got it all said and done and talking, one of the people in the background, from Cornell University yells right out from the speakerís board, ďWell, weíre on your side.Ē  And it was a complete lie.  But they threw that interjection of mind control in there, to say that they were on our side, and trying to twist this around when it was a complete hoax.


Alan: Thatís their policy.  One of the major figures, going back even to the thirties and forties in Britain, that trained Rhodes Scholarships, was Arnold Toynbee.  He trained the Rhodes Scholars from the US to go back to the US and go into government, and the federal bureaucracies.  And Toynbee stated at the 1930 meeting, at the Globalist Meeting, it was an international, basically Communist meeting, held in Denmark at the time.  He stated, we always deny with our lips that which we do with our hands.  Thatís standard policy.  So, youíre right.  Thatís the technique that they use.  They simply deny it, you know, or pretend that theyíre on your side.


John: Well, we had another gentleman that came from, he was part of the energy commission from Berkeley College in California, and heíd been a comptroller on the board for controlling energy out there.  And he gave this huge speech at one of the colleges of how, you know, why they had the blackouts out there.  And when it got said and done, he eliminated the saying anything about ENRON.  And when I questioned it, and said, you had tapes that actually stated they were coercing the pricing and it had nothing to do with the physical attributes that he was stating, he comes right out and he says, oh, Iím glad you asked that question, Iíve got a whole series to tell on that.  And bottom line, he wasnít glad I asked that question, but that was his out.  And people have a wall in their mind.  Itís like he threw that out that he was glad I asked the question, and it like distracted the sheeple of our country today to accept his excuse.


Alan: Thatís right.  But the fact is, you see, whatís happening now in the US and Canada has already happened.  Itís happened in Europe.  They have standardized, authorized, scheduled brownouts now.  And under the United Nations policy for energy usage for the 21st century, weíve all to eventually cut down all of our consumption, of all types of energy, and eventually live in the habitat areas for Agenda 21.  The UN Agenda 21.  So, whatís happening here, they must lie to you as they do it.  And they will do it.  Theyíll lie to the very end, until itís implemented, and then itís the new normal.  Weíll all accept it. 


John: In Europe, theyíre saying that theyíre building lots of digesters for energy systems, and itís one of the poorest designed systems for any recoup of energy.  It does have an environmental positive aspect to it, so itís like, oh, itís environmentally sound.  But itís such a huge expense.  Itís hard to run.  If it dumps itself it stinks, and creates a huge hazard.  But theyíve built a lot of these in Europe, and itís like because there is free energies, itís like theyíre hiding the avenue of a different way of doing things.


Alan: Well, hereís the problem here, and itís like most radio across the US.  People are reacting to the effects of what they see.  They donít know the causes, whatís really behind all of this.  And you have to go much deeper to make sense of it.  And we know that for instance theyíre putting up the big windmills in islands off of Scotland right now, in fact, to power parts of Britain.  But when you see what theyíre able to power, what theyíre projecting in the future, itís for a much-reduced population.  And then you go into the UNís policy of population control, and they want a vast reduction in the population of this world over the span of the next forty years or so.


John: Itís not even that, I donít believe.


Alan: I think itís even shorter.  Well, actually theyíre killing them off now; people are dying.


John: In fact I would say it was like the next, not even four years, itís less than that.


Alan: The fact is, they are preparing for a future which they have planned and discussed and had many meetings about and the public, like children, of course, must never be told the bad news.  Thatís as simple as it is.  Theyíre actually preparing for a much-smaller population.


John: In the Georgia Guide Stones, if you pull up their website, basically guide as you would be guided through a desert or something.  The Georgia Guide Stones, they have ten laws listed in seven different languages, and they replicated the Stonehenge by having these ten massive big granite rocks with these laws dictated on there.  And one is, you know, fair and just laws and a new language.  And thatís something I ask everybody.  I say, do you know the new language?  And if they donít know it I say one of the laws also is a 500 million population for smart growth, or sustainability, which is not true either.  And you know, as you put up the population of the world today, and figure out like a square yard.  You could put almost the entire population right into Texas.  And so, itís not as overpopulated as they try to perpetrate it.  Thereís easier solutions of free energy.  Thereís easier solutions of creating clean water and those kinds of things.  But theyíre not letting them happen.  And, at the same time, on a 500 million population, from what the population is today, that means 11 out of 12 of us have got to die. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And it doesnít just stop there.  Thatís a transitory phase, because now that theyíre into the genetic sciences, theyíve already published many, many books in the higher scientific circles, and admitted they can create new types of humans, purpose-made humans for special jobs.  Thatís where ultimately they want to go, even then.  And the problem that we really have is, all this time, weíve been brainwashed into thinking weíre free.  Thatís our problem.  The fact is, we never were.  And it isnít until you go into the older history books of European countries, especially Britain, and see how they wrote about the ordinary public around the 1700s, and it really strikes you, these people never ever gave up control over the populace.  They never did.  They gave us a sham democracy, and itís better having that, because they knew that the people would revolt every five years or so.  So, if they gave you a vote every few years, it would postpone any revolution.  But Britain for instance has what they call the Establishment.  The Establishment, everyone in Britain talks about it.  And itís the Establishment thatís always been in control.  You donít vote them in, they are there.  They are there all the time.  And they control the entire structural system.  And itís all done by Freemasonry from the top down.


John: Gees, I talked about people, you know, things going on in our country, as such, and I referred to them as globalist.  As people look at me, like, who the hell are you talking about?  Excuse my language.  Who are you talking about.  And you know, it just hits a key, you know, theyíve labeled it at least of an establishment group.  And as they have the huge computer system, they call it the Beast.  Itís located in every major controlling country in the world, and theyíre all labeled together.  So, there is no war against the Chinese, against the Russians, against the US.  Itís all orchestrated and calibrated and designed for destruction of man and populations and control.


Alan: We are living a business plan.  Thatís what it is.  Itís a long-range business plan, and even our lifetimes have been spent going through part of it, because it was decided long before we were born.  Every single part of it.  Including the implementation stages of it.  And when you go into, for instance, the Communist system....


John: We have a break coming up right here.  It will be about a minute and a half or so.  This is Truth Radio, with Alan Watt.  Weíre talking about the British law and the US law and the British involvement and control.  Weíll be back in just a minute.  The DíAnne Burley Show.


(Commercial Break)


John: Again, we have Alan Watt with us, and heís very informative.  Iím very impressed.  Iíll let you have the mike there, Alan.


Alan: Yeah, people should look into  Thatís my website.  Where I go into so much of the history that brings us to where we are now and where weíre going with the major players and even some of the books theyíve written themselves.  Not about them, but by them.  These are the only books you can really trust.  And the books by Kissinger and different people.  Thatís where you get the information as to where weíre all going and why weíre going there.  And you find out that, really, democracy doesnít exist.  Never did.  It was a sham for the public.  And the same system, the establishment that ran Britain, and runs Britain today, and most of the world, actually, also runs the United States.  And itís done through the Council on Foreign Relations, which is just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, run by Britain.


John: I agree with you in a lot of ways, but the only way I really donít agree with you is on a quick example, is the idea of spiritualism, controls, in a lot of ways, that they canít control us.  And thereís writings to where George Washington was in a battle, and the opposition wrote a report of the British and the Indians, not to shoot at the white leader on the big white horse, because they wouldnít be able to hit him, because the spirit was with him.  And at the end of that battle, he had sixty bullet holes through his vest and clothing, and yet, he was untouched. 


Alan: Yeah.  I know.  You know what, we have the same stories in Britain about generals there that went off to Africa.  These are foundation myths, they call them, which they give to the people for a cultural belief for a foundation.  Itís a standard technique thatís been used for thousands of years.  And I know itís hard for people, because the myths are so, we want to hang on to them.  Especially when youíre losing everything else.  In reality, too, Washington was trained by the British military, remember.  He was a colonial officer before the Revolution, and a Freemason of the English Lodge.


John: Yes, but I still feel there was some justice in some of their logic of how they set things up.  I mean, it replicated the Bibleís Ten Commandments.  You have, in myself, I have personal achievement in spiritualism.  I was hit with a ten-ton bulldozer that fell ten feet and hit me from my neck to my ankles with the roll cage.  It literally fit between my head and my toes, and itís only about eight inches wider than my torso.  And I took the shot, and I survived, and it popped like a grape.  And I was able to speak from out of my body.  And thereís over 300,000 children were able to bend and levitate metal with one hour of instruction.  It proves spiritualism.  Thereís definition in prayer and healing.  And so, in the interim of that, Iím not trying to, your point is well taken.  And youíve got to look at that.  And Iíll be honest with you, at heart, I will still believe that George Washington was fighting for the right in crossing the Delaware, at 20 below zero or ten below zero or whatever and taking on the troops, there had to be a lot of good spirit in that, is my feeling, to turn things around to some extent.  And so many, the history of the Revolution, the gentlemen that gave of themselves, lost everything.  A lot of them.  They lost family, they lost their riches, they lost their health.  And, to me, thatís an avenue of the Lord giving you an avenue of how much will you give to produce truth and righteousness.  And will you give of yourself?  And I do feel there was a righteous cause there.  Itís funny how....


Alan: Well, the thing is though, regardless of the beginnings of it, where has it gone since then?


John: Oh, I agree, thereís terrific manipulation.  And itís like a huge chess game going on of control, and discontrol and also within itself, itís like you commented about the American CFR is the American branch of the control factor.  And Iím sure the American branch has a few disgruntled problems with the British branch which has some problems.


Alan: No.  They have no problems whatsoever.  In the 1920s, they sent over Rudyard Kipling to read his poem, you know, that was the White Manís Burden.  He read it on the Senate floor to the US Senate.  And that was an official Masonic ceremony.  And he said, we pass the torch on to you; because it was decided that the US, with the wealth that it could generate, and the manpower, would have to be the military for the next century.  They knew that then.  This was all written about at the time. 


John: Again, I agree with that.  And I hope that we have avenues of, and I kind of feel that you must think that, or you wouldnít be speaking with us tonight.


Alan: I think itís up to the people, but the people donít know what they want.  You see, what they want is what they already have.  And it doesnít occur to them that the culture and everything in it that they already have was designed for them, not by them, but by others above them.  And thatís the problem today.


John: Well, itís a problem to one extent, but also, it was a growth factor to another extent, so now youíve got to put a point of measure in affix.  And I want to refer to Jesus when he was here, and his accomplishments of creating the teachings of God, and the teachings of good health, and merit of morality.  Those are things we should strive for and try to teach and try to build to.  And as you refer to, such as the aborigines, thereís a group, thereís a book called, The Mutant Down Under.  And the woman took a walk with this group of aborigines.  Not all of them, but this group.  They stopped having children twenty-five years ago, because they know itís the end times.  And thereís lots of history referring to this Planet X thatís coming by.  Itís a 3600-year cycle.  Thereís Biblical information.  Thereís a cave in Africa....


Alan: I donít go in for that stuff, to be honest.  Because these guys have been at this for thousands of years with their comets and their sightings and bad news, and itís always been to control the minds of the public, who go along with it all.  Each time they want a war in the Middle East, you notice they kept pulling out the Planet X stuff and diverting the public from reality, you know.


John: You have the Pyramid Giza was built with the stars in mind, and also there was like 800 pyramids that actually replicated the stars in a pattern on the earth.  And most people donít know about that.  And also, like the Pyramid Giza has the kingís chambers, which thereís a portal, which the star Sirius, which is a twin star, is in that portal at this time.  And it also indicates that the end times is the staircase of the Pyramid Giza, is one foot is a year in replication from the time to the end times.


Alan: No.  Iím sorry, I have to disagree with that.  Iíve looked into all that stuff, the foundations of the British Israel movement.  Thatís when they came up with all this measurement stuff to do with the pyramids and when you go into the guys who actually were there, even the archeologists were complaining about some of the fanatics that were going around scratching some of the walls and so on to make marks, to make it fit their theories.


John: So you think that Jesusís face on the timeline of the pyramid staircase is a hoax then?


Alan: I do, yeah.  People fall for the fantastic, because they want to. 


John: I agree with that to some extent, but thereís also things that happen is, if you have a relation, a family member dying or so, thereís almost every person going will sense the spirit of that person....


Alan: But thatís nothing to do with the Pyramids or Planet X.  You see, youíre tying it all together, and itís unrelated.


John: To some extent, it is unrelated, but to some extent, it is all tied together.  As you compare....


Alan: You see fatalism is the key for religion to make people go along with every move thatís made.  If you tell people itís written that way, theyíll think, well thereís nothing we can do about it.


John: Well, thereís discontent within the Bible itself.  Thereís an eye for an eye, or forgive and look the other way.  And youíve got to build your own discernment and your own, itís your own growth factor, to measure a point of what youíre spiritually....


Alan: But thereís nothing to measure.  I mean, if you go to the New Testament, youíre following someone who stood up against the bankers, who stood up against the system of the priests that ran their country and kept them under a massive legal system and who was killed for doing it.  The Christians are the most easygoing people today.  They go along with everything. 


John: Youíre taking an interesting point, and I have to agree with a lot of it.  And I, being that Iíve experienced being out of my body, and speaking from out of my body, I know thereís a difference.  And that it is a definition of growth factor.  As the aborigines were able to speak with the upper spirits, and able to speak with the animals, and to self heal, thereís definition of power and morality.  Youíre able to look at the sun in the morning and evening without it having it hurt your eyes, where a person who has not morality canít.  Itís a point of measure.  And there are some definitions that are out there.  We have some writings.  We have people that have come to greatness, because of self-giving, and you know, just in the writings and stuff.  If their control factor, as you say, is very strong, and is very clever, and is a huge chess game....


Alan: They understand us.  They understand how we think.  They understand how the mind wants to believe that everything is going to work out fine in the end.  And so theyíre always giving us new endings, continuously.  And we fall for it every time.  And because of that, we sit back and do nothing, and allow the most evil things to be done to everyone else, as long as Iím okay.


John: Well, they have, this is a characteristic of talking to where theyíre controlling us, and Iím seeing lots of things like today, in the paper, our local chairman of the board and head of the economic development zone, heís wanting more, more basically police state and control, by permitting of buildings and that kind of thing.  And people arenít adhering to it.  But itís a situation to where theyíre orchestrating the monies to be gone, where you donít have money anymore.  Theyíre overtaxing and those kind of things.  Itís also when people are doing what they have.  They may not have the proper materials, but at least they have something to put on their roof to stop the problem, and it may be a temporary fix, it may be a poor fix, but at least itís a fix.  But because theyíre saying you didnít meet the criteria, now itís become a point of well, youíre going to lose your house because you donít look so good anymore.  And if you donít force this, and pay the bill of the permitting, and follow the specs that we demand, and again, this guy is uneducated.  He thinks heís educated.  Heís again, as the lawyers, you want to say the Masons or the Illuminati, thereís lots of people in control, and a lot of them stand back, so you donít know who they are, but they do have figureheads that are standing there, the judges or whoever else, and, itís like you say, they try not to have the Revolutions and as push comes to shove, like right now, we have in history, once you reach the 50% taxation rate, usually there was a revolution or a change in government or whatever.  Right now, weíre at like 87 or 89%.  And theyíre continuing to be able to do what theyíre doing through orchestration of our food, for mind control, theyíre controlling and giving to a certain extent.  Theyíre lying like crazy to say, oh, youíve got this one really, you donít have this, and you think youíre the only one thatís really losing, when thereís millions of people really losing, and you know, yeah, itís a terrific chess game.  But, as weíre out on these airwaves, hopefully, weíre waking people up, and getting people under motion, and getting on our thoughts, and not accepting that judgeís verdict, or, if he gives a bad verdict to challenge it and maybe question it and stand behind that person thatís being orchestrated against, and to not always believe the stories, and say, oh, he wasnít, he didnít pay his taxes, so weíre shutting down on him.  They want to hear the rest of the story, and they donít just believe the governmentís version.  And, so you have those kind of challenges, I want to say, and as you have those challenges of playing the chess game, we are becoming stronger in ourselves, as far as mental abilities to think and to act, and to hopefully check that system. 


Alan: Iíd have to say, itís bigger than that.  Because the enforcers that they use against the people are bred by the people.  Itís your own sons and daughters that will come out and bash you over the head with the big truncheon or the stun gun.  And they themselves are so scientifically brainwashed now from kindergarten onwards, right up to the present age, that theyíll do whatever theyíre told against their older people.  This is a science weíre talking about.  And the public donít understand the science.


John: Again, Iíd have to agree with you on that, thereís a lot of truth in that statement. 


Alan: Well, the elite donít send their own sons and daughters to come down and make you do things.  Itís your local police.  Itís the local different organizations, the paramilitary army that they have now under many names, even the Ministry of Natural Resources have firearms and machine guns.  Itís pathetic.  Weíre living in an armed camp.  But itís their own sons and daughters from the bottom classes that are holding the guns at us. 


John: Right.  Itís the people that touch us every day that are holding us at bay, and are going to be killing us.  Thatís true.


Alan: Thatís right.  And theyíve been taught that anyone whoís older is useless; they have no value.  Thatís a cultural fact thatís now accepted by most people. 


John: Well, I disagree with that totally.  Just in the idea of the one quick example I can think of is they killed the elephant population off to reduce its volume for control.  They took the older elephants, and the young elephants immediately became rogue.  And to correct the problem, they had to capture older elephants from other areas and bring them into the area, and the older elephants again were able to take control of the culture of the elephants, and settle down the rogue young elephants and bring....


Alan: You see, weíre not elephants though.  This is the problem.


John: No, I understand that.


Alan: Weíre not elephants.  And the fact is, in the 1960s, the saying came out through the Communist factions, ďDonít trust anybody over 30.Ē  And thatís been pushed in the schools continuously ever since.  You wonít see older actors in movies.  Itís all young people. 


John: We have a break coming again here.  Weíll be another couple minutes.  This is  Iím John, your host.  And Alan Watt is our speaker.  Very interesting topic here.  The DíAnne Burley Show on  Weíll be right back.


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John: And welcome back.  And this is the DíAnne Burley show on  This is John your host.  Our speaker today is Alan Watt.  And Iíve been very appreciative of this conversation.  Again, weíre talking about the control of the globalists, and where itís at, in that itís much more as a system thatís been for a long time and going to continue, and personally, myself, I think thereís a terrific spiritual fight, and itís a point of spiritual growth, and I guess the only point that we might disagree on, is the fact that I still believe my elephant story, and as you relate to the idea of them not using old people in movies and old people in government, the old people have a controlling factor and an anchor for our society.  And as a spiritual people in the sharmas of the old times, and the aborigines talked to the spirit of the older people that are calmer, at twenty eight years old you have a physical addition to your brain, which allows you to become spiritual.  But you have to practice it.  And hopefully, those things are what are going to make the difference of our future, and but, itís a terrific chess game.  Itís a chess game of life.  Itís a chess game of building love and peace and prosperity of the earth.  I donít have much else to say to you, Alan.  Youíre very much on the mark.


Alan: Well, you see, the thing is, youíre up against such an amazing, studied, intense science, where even the whole New Age philosophy was given out to the public by the same crowd, a hundred-odd years ago, in preparation for today, to create this movement.  And even now, I mean, there was Gorbachev.  He was given the Presidio for his particular Green type Party thing.  He actually has the Knights of Lazarus flag outside there, high Mason.  He was knighted over in London.  And thatís the Green Flag that you see, the Green Cross.  Well, he was given that when he was still the Soviet leader of the Soviet system, in Russia.  That shows you there was no Cold War either, it was all a farce.  And his job, he wrote a book called, Towards a New Civilization.  Towards a New Beginning was the subtitle.  And he said, I am an atheist, he said.  And later on in the book, he says, We are creating the religion of the future for the people, which will be based on a form of Earth Worship.  Now, thatís your greening of the planet.  Thatís your habitat areas.  Thatís your reduced population to save Mother Earth.  Itís all been done by the same crew. 


John: Yeah, itís just like if you point out that thereís like six free energies, such as thereís magnetic engines that will just run on a car battery.  You have the hydrogen fuel cells, 1600 miles per gallon on a car battery, you have....


Alan: Theyíve had all of this for the last hundred years, but theyíll never ever allow it to be given to the public, because, you donít get it, you see, weíre not free; weíre not supposed to be free under their system as far as theyíre concerned.  They would never allow it.  Never allow it.  In fact, theyíre taking your right to even grow food from you as an individual.  Thatís coming too.


John: Well, they outlawed water.  If youíre taking your own rainwater off your roof in Bolivia, and the people came up to arms, and came, you know, to stop it.  And itís not that theyíre not still trying to control the cost of water and every drop of water you get, theyíre going to make you pay for it.  And I went to a meeting here, last Monday in fact, on that same topic, and the woman was a terrific globalist, and she sounded great.  And I blew her right out of the water.  And everybody who was in that meeting, it was probably 350 people, really shunned me, because it was like I was creating a, and I quoted laws of chemtrails.  I quoted where Indonesia hired Russia to create a monsoon to stop the drought.  And pointed out where China created water from dehumidifiers, in Indonesia where the tsunami was, and so thereís easier ways of making clean water and supplying water, and itís not really a terrifically big problem.


Alan: Youíre trying to fight it with logic.  You see, this is not a logical battle.  This is a battle for them to have total domination over all resources that you need to live.  Thatís what it is.


John: Right, but if we can do it ourselves, and donít need their abilities and start.  And again, I fully believe in this Planet X coming by.  Thereís some things I could tell you and show you.


Alan: I donít need it.  Itís all nonsense.  Itís a Masonic joke, actually, Planet X.  X is a symbol of the illumined man, itís also the Dix, itís the Number Ten in Roman Numerology.  Itís the male/female combined.  Itís a big Masonic Joke.  And itís worked wonders, because when they were going into Iraq, I had people phoning me, and all they were talking about was Planet X, nothing about Iraq.  It was a beautiful diversion.


John: As you say, theyíre making DNA conversions and what not and people for control.  The reason weíre in Iraq is like for the, Iím trying to think of the God theyíve got.


Alan: The Fish.


John: I canít think of his name at the moment.


Alan: The Doannes.  Itís the same one.  It came actually from India, initially, and then they had it in Egypt as well.  The same one, the Fish God.


John: In his tomb, he was one-third human and two-thirds angel, so theyíre heading for his DNA is what theyíre headed for, for building these articulate, you know, DNA projects.  And itís like today in the United States, we just voted on supposedly using the stem cell, and theyíve been using it for years, and creating all sorts of things.  And we just had a report come in that theyíre creating a Bigfoot that is going to be quite vile.  So, if you go out in the woods or whatever, heíll be out there and heíll probably take you.  And Bigfoot really does exist.  Itís like giants, you know.  Theyíve got two giants on display down in Chile that are like 16, 18 foot tall, and have robes of gold down to their feet.  And you know, theyíre mummified.  Theyíre real.  Thereís not maybe.


Alan: But why, why are you looking at this right now?  I mean, theyíve been putting wild cougar back into the wilds for the last few years, and wolves, and things that we used to fight in the past.  We donít have to look towards further terrors coming out of CIA propaganda sources to terrify us even further.  Weíve watched the rewilding of the Americas for years now.  Weíve got people in British Columbia getting carried off by Mountain Lions.


John: Yeah, but weíre having some people that are on these shortwave systems that are starting to rebel and theyíre starting to take action, you know, and maybe itís not up front or whatever, but there are people taking action, and supposedly itís real devastating.  They put this wall in our mind that, oh, if you shoot a wolf itís really bad and itís worse than killing somebody.  Well, where do you draw the lines on that?  Youíve got to start taking your own actions. 


Alan: Well, as I say, they now have the wild cougar going into the towns in some parts of BC.  Theyíve already killed, mainly women in the last few years.  And a bicyclist was dragged off his bike and was getting carried off before someone stopped and managed to get him loose. 


John: In Washington, DC?


Alan: No, this is British Columbia.


John: Oh, British Columbia, yes.  Well in California, also.


Alan: So, this is happening.  And, of course, more and more bear attacks, because thatís the other part of it.  But the thing is, itís to get us all into these little compact areas, where weíre all nice and safe, you see, and well controlled, and we canít move without permission.  And this is all coming from the United Nations.  All of it.  All your building codes, all your building codes worldwide today, and have been for the last fifteen years from Carpentry to Electricity to Plumbing to Septic Tanks to everything, including the runoff off your roof, comes from the United Nations.  Weíre already global.


John: Whatís your explanation of the road system theyíre putting from Mexico to Canada, and theyíre putting it up.


Alan: Thatís old stuff.  I was talking about that years ago.


John: Well, I know they were, and theyíve been, I know itís a thirty-year plan that theyíre into right now.


Alan: Well, highway 69 that comes up through Ontario just happens will be joined with one in the States.  Itís just over the border there, the last few miles that will complete it.  And thatís also called 69.  What a coincidence, and thatís been there for a hundred years.


John: But the new project now is being built away from the public population zones and along the coast.  And again, as the temperatures, weíre seeing the melting of the caps of the earth and what not, and itís exceeded miles and miles.  I mean itís not just a little change, itís a huge change.  So, there is definition to a global changing, not really so much from the pollution but from natural aspects.


Alan: Itís from the spraying.  I mean, Teller who did the hydrogen bomb talked about doing this back in the 1950s.  He said, if we spray the skies enough with aluminum oxide, barium and other metallic particles, we can trap the heat, and alter the weather.  And this was widely published at the time, in all scientific papers and books.  Theyíve been doing it for the last few years.  Theyíre causing the warming.  Theyíre using the HAARP technology, which theyíve got 54 across the planet.   And theyíre causing the storms.  The US Air Force said in the newspaper, about, what, three years ago, we shall shortly own the weather.  They do own it.  And now the whole thing is to terrify the public, make the public think their polluting is causing the problem so that weíll all change our ways and do what weíre told and move into the habitat.  This is standard procedure.  This is herd management, actually. 


John: If we point out the chemtrails, and you can actually see the clouds and see them actually applying the chemtrail situations, people are becoming aware of it, so theyíre becoming a little more open-minded that theyíre becoming controlled, and not to be controlled as well.  And I guess thatís what my task has been.


Alan: The same media, I mean, two nights ago on the CBC Canada here, they had this fake debate.  And they actually gave it a title which was meant to swing you immediately, just from the title of the show.  Now, this is your national television station for Canada, government-run.  And it was called, the Global Warming Deniers, you see.  Now, that already swung.  So you had a debate between two sides, the pros and the guys against the global warming theory, but none of them, including the media, mentioned the fact of the spraying. 


John: Well, they load the television broadcasts without people like yourself or myself that would actually bring out, you know.  We had like US Title 50, section 1520, legalizes chemtrails.  Well, then how come we donít know about it, or weíre not informed about it.  And that was something I brought out in that meeting the other day.  And as I was able to throw those numbers out, some people can pull them up and will verify that, yeah, thereís a law on it, and why arenít we informed about that.


Alan: Well, itís also signed into treaty.  The US signed a treaty.  So did Canada.  So did every country, except China and Switzerland.  And that was a treaty signed about five or six years ago to do with this airspace thing, to do with airspace over your countries.  They didnít explain exactly what it meant, but thatís what it was.  Foreign pilots can now fly your military aircraft across your skies.  And thatís what it was.  The Open Sky Treaty it was called.  Only two countries, China and Switzerland did not sign it. 


John: They actually shot down a ballistic missile over St. Louis here about two years ago, I believe.  And it was shot off, I believe by the North Koreans.  But Iím not positive of that.  It may have been someone else.  But anyhow.  Itís, if you go to peaceforspace or spaceforpeace dot org, I believe, they have the information on it.  But we actually had a multi-ballistic head, above St. Louis, that could have really impacted us.  And they did take it out, but itís like, why did they let it get so close.


Alan: I donít even know if it happened, though.  It would depend who benefits from the propaganda, because I know theyíve put so many front people in there pretending that theyíre speaking for you, to get this global space treaty signed, and then it gets put into the hands of the United Nations, strangely enough.


John: I guess my question, Iím a firm believer that there is UFOs already, that theyíre actually here on this planet.


Alan: Oh, theyíre here, because they make them down in Area 51.  The BBC did a documentary back in 1970 on them, and they showed you them coming out of the underground hangers there.  See, technology is so far ahead of what the public is ever, ever told, from professorship down to the lowest level.


John: But donít you think that if they were to pull the DNA to recreate them or whatever, donít you believe that in space they actually exist, and they wouldnít allow us up there if we were too ballistic anyhow.  But anyhow, this is the DíAnne Burley Show.  Weíre all done for the night.  I appreciate you being here, Alan.  Very interesting.  I appreciate it.  Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Itís a pleasure.


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