May 23, 2007



Charles Giuliani: Alan Watt on the expert on [with German accent] The new world order. The mind control that we have on the TV. We’re going to be talking about that and maybe freemasonry. Who knows where it will go? The man’s an endless resource of information, so we’ll just take it wherever the wind blows us I guess. Welcome to the show Alan.

Alan Watt: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Charles: I’ve been listening off and on. I belong to a chat forum called paltalk and quite often people come in and play your tapes in the room so I’ve become familiar with you and your work through that; and I’ve got to say it’s very interesting. You’ve covered a lot of different subjects so there’s any number of directions that we can go – maybe all of them today. Two hours isn’t much time to cover anything but we could just jump around the map a bit. I know one thing that’s interested me is this aspect of the new world order of mind control, the way that the public is being manipulated and sometimes in ways so subtle that most people have no idea it's even going on. You know through the entertainment media, even the commercials.

Alan: It's everything which a person thinks is normal, your whole culture, everything that you enjoy, your fiction, your non-fiction, and the formats, the sequences in which it's laid out on television, media, and magazines. We're given our topics to think about. We're trained to think that media is there to do our thinking for us. People really expect them to be there to tell them really what is happening. That's the myth. Prior to the 1950s, people were very suspicious of all media because they knew the big media barons had their biases and formats to go along. They did a great propaganda job, again through Hollywood they churned out movies on these eager reporters exposing the stories and getting it to the people. That was all propaganda as is most drama on television and it's worked very well. Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose specialty really was to do think tanks to do with mind control, electronic or otherwise, said in his book that surely the public will be unable to reason for themselves. They will expect the media to do the reasoning for them. That's been accomplished for most people between the time the book was published and now.

Charles: That's what people do, isn’t it? They just put their minds in neutral.

Alan: They tend to. See, all mammals look towards an adult to show them danger signals of what’s out there and what’s dangerous to them. If your parents don't know if it's been successful in one generation then the next generation is born into it thinking that everything that exists in their system is therefore natural. It’s naturally evolved. That's the beauty of it. One generation is all it takes. There's a second one that's your complete victim. It works very well.

Charles: I’d like to think on shows like this we are influencing people but for a good purpose, not to manipulate them, not to control them, not to blind them but to open their eyes.

Alan: It's hard because most people don't truly get out of the matrix. They wake up in level one. They get off the floor of it when they realize their lives or person are going to be impacted with changes they see coming but they still don't get the whole story. They still just think if we brought the right guy in it would all change. They have no idea that the government for over a hundred years, at the top management levels of government, was already working towards complete globalism and a new system of society.

Charles: This system has been in place for a really long time. The only reason why people are now becoming aware of it is that they're moving so fast but it's not new.

Alan: It's not new. People just think it's the ones in power now who are doing it all, but that's not true at all. The ones in power now are placed there and they've been vetted long before the public hears their names to even vote for and they've been vetted by an elite above them. It's all been exposed.  Carroll Quigley exposed it in “Tragedy and Hope,” and “The Anglo-American Establishment,” and he wrote that in the 1960s. He said that it's already been in place for over 50 years – and that was back then.

Charles: The whole thing about him is that he was an insider. He was writing as someone who actually had no aversion to this goal, he just didn’t like that it was so secretive.

Alan:  He was actually the historian for the CFR so he had all the records.

Charles: You could trace all of this back over the past hundred years. You know you have John Dewey. They were busy hiring people.

Alan: Even before Dewey. I think it was Manning, was the guy that trained Dewey. They’d already decided then about getting a world government together run by science – experts in science. As it should be, they claimed; and to get rid of all superstition, which was religion, this is the term they used and still use; and to make the world more efficient to serve the system. Now they have no problem with a dominant minority running the world. It's always been that way. They have no problem with higher scientific elite which helps keep it all under control. That includes all of the sciences, that's medicine, psychology, psychiatry, everything.

Charles:  We're lied to about a whole lot of things in a whole lot of areas, not just politics.

Alan:  It was about the 1950s when they made the big push towards separating religion. That was necessary because religions in all forms really are there to give an individual a sense of right and wrong according to their conscience and their deity, whichever it happens to be in any culture. They had to separate that to make government the only power that you would be afraid of, because government was to become overtly aggressive and dictatorial as opposed to being a public servant. They forgot what public servants are and so have the public. We’ve now accepted they're somehow superior and now government agencies dictate directly to the individual and there's no one to stand in their way. There are no organizations. There are no social cohesive forces that you’d find in religious bodies to stand in the way of the government’s authority directly over an individual.

Charles: Yet here they are downplaying religion as a whole, the religion of the masses, but they have their own little twisted religious agenda. Don't they?

Alan: They do and it's an old one because psychopaths, in general, all down through the ages will always get to the same stage where if they define what is a god, there's a certain chant to each other and laughing about all the tricks they play on the public. What is a god? A god has all power over people, over life and death – if you can live and die – who can breed, who can’t breed, who takes the lion’s share of the wealth and lives in luxury and who doesn’t. Therefore, technically to themselves they are gods. I mean god is a generic term. It covers all gods in the past. They've been just that – gods. Of course, we know that ancient kings, not so much ancient either, right up into the present royalty they represented god on earth. They were the sovereign of god’s power on earth so it's not hard to see how this developed a long time ago but it was introduced with a quirk, which was the introduction of money. Money is their system. There are winners and losers in a moneyed system, and banking, and credit, and debt, and compound interest. It's a phony science but it's a psychopathic anti-human system. 

Charles: It's really a tool of enslavement. That's what it is.

Alan: Absolutely, there's no doubt about it. We find that he who has the gold makes the rules. It doesn’t matter if it's gold or porcupine quills or shells as long as one person, or a few, has the right to dictate how much it's worth today. Then those down below have to obey them. The whole system is set up so that you can’t get away or survive without money. You just can’t do it today. It doesn’t matter where you go. 

Charles: It's so hard to get people to understand even one aspect of this but to get them to see the big picture, to step back and panoramically look at the whole thing and see how we are literally manipulated from every conceivable way. Everything is a rigged game.

Alan: Everything is. It truly is a rigged game. Even your formats of education, some of the worst people to get through are the people who have gone through the latest university courses, because it never dawns on them that they're being lied to. What they're being told is all exciting to them because it's meant to sound exciting. It doesn’t occur to them that a lot of what they've been told is either lies or slanted in a way to bring their minds to preordained conclusions. This is all science of course. It's like Plato’s cave. If you have them all stuck in one place and tell them they're superior and they're now illumined – which is what alumnae are – then they’ll believe it. Arrogance is the greatest thing to blame the person from any further research for themselves.

Charles: Did you say the alumnae?

Alan: Yes.

Charles: You know I never thought about it, the connection there but even that word has overtones to it.

Alan:   That's what it is. It's all illumined.

Charles: Very interesting. Now a good case in point with this is the NIST report, which I'm sure you’re familiar with, and the degree of just scandalous statements that have no semblance of anything that could be called scientific. My eight-year-old daughter could see this and yet it's being pawned off as a scientific report. Their lies are so obvious there that people can see just how much we're scammed by people that we’ve been trained to look up to and respect as great learned, well-credentialed – and they are well-credentialed but being well-credentialed does not exempt you from being a liar. Does it?

Alan: Not at all. It's a very old trick and it shouldn’t surprise you. In the olden days they'd bring a bishop out or someone with all this finery on in a day of poverty and the people would respect that. They respect power and wealth. They're trained to actually. In fact the more exaggerated you make the gap between rich and poor the more the poor respect the wealth and they bow down to it. In fact it creates an abnormal craving to get up there.

Charles: You’d think it would be the other way around but actually it isn’t.

Alan: It isn’t. Even the worst abusers like old Rockefeller when he’d the mercenaries come out and gun down the miners in their tents when they went on strike. They brought in two PR men. One of them became the prime minister of Canada. That was part of his reward. The other guy was Gate, who was a relative of Bill Gates – a predecessor. We dress old Rockefeller up as a philanthropist, a great man. You go around the working camps and sure enough the people who survived being gunned down were all groveling towards him.

Charles: That's astonishing. Kick me harder!  I mean look at Giuliani. I mean people are finally coming around and seeing Bush for what he is but for the longest time they were hailing this guy as their hero. One of the chief orchestrators of the attacks.

Alan:  Giuliani went over to England and got knighted afterwards. They all do when they serve their purpose in the great work. That's what it's all about. Kissinger did it. They all do it.

Charles: Has Julia been knighted too?

Alan: Not yet. They’ll wait until he's out.

Charles: Yeah, after he's completed his loyal service as the unelected dictator.

Alan: I have no doubt that some of his advisors who are even more important will get their rewards too. They generally, it's the advisors who are the bosses over the front man who is a puppet. He doesn’t write his scripts. In fact when he wanders from his script he always puts his foot in his mouth; but he can read a script well if he sticks to it.

Charles: They’ll just thank him for his nodding approval but he didn’t come out with anything.

Alan: Not at all.  It's a horse and pony show. It's drama for the public as they get guided towards this. However, advisors across the western world – all prime ministers and presidents – obviously are all connected from the same source because they all push their front men to sign the latest agendas at the same time in every country. There's coordination here.

Charles: You have leaders like Putin, you know, that at least on the surface seem to be great speaking against Bush, but we're dealing with a puppet there too, aren’t we?

Alan: It's all drama. Absolutely. I think he's changed his name three times so far.  They're just playing games for the public. Quigley said the same thing, he said back in the ‘60s that for over fifty years he said it's not important that all politicians are in on the agenda. All the lower ones are allowed a lower form of competing, all the houses or parties, or for their own personal rewards, it's only important that the ones at the top on the high cabinets are pre-selected for the global agenda in every country. That's how it is.

Charles:  All the competing, like you said, it’s just all personal aggrandizement to see who is going to get to serve the agenda.

Alan: To serve it and to get up the rung of the ladder. I mean which multimillionaire do you want to vote for? The left-wing or the right-wing? What’s it matter? They’re all lawyers.

Charles: My, my, my.

Alan: They’re all real estate.

Charles: It’s so obvious today. I just can’t imagine how people can’t see it but there really are still some drones.

Alan: I know. When Margaret Thatcher was in, in Britain, she was married to Dennis, her little man Dennis. Both of them had been big time real estate lawyers before she was picked to be prime minister.  She just happened to make laws for new military bases and just before she’d picked them, her husband always managed to grab the land that the government had to then buy back from him at about ten times the price to build these bases. These scams go all down through history because the general public to them are the profane. They are the sheep. It’s up to them to be the big shepherds to fleece them. That’s what a shepherd does. He doesn’t keep sheep because he likes them.

Charles: To what would you attribute the extensive pervasive apathy? Not just in this country but again around the world. I mean, here you could say maybe it’s from Prozac, it’s Fox News, but in other countries you don’t really have – maybe the equivalent of Prozac – but not the extensive use of it like you have here. Is it chemtrails? Which we do know are being used everywhere.

Alan: It’s a combination of early inoculations. The inoculations I don’t believe now after going over the history of them were actually for the purposes they claim. The doctors don’t know what they inject, or the nurses. They take it all in faith. It’s all faith based. They don’t even have the capacity to analyze what’s in those injections.

Charles: And even if they did, why would they? Because they believe it as much as the public does.

Alan: They do and they’re trained to. Every generation in medicine is trained in a different way. Doctors today come right out of school believing that 1:2 people have always died of cancer. They don’t know that in the previous generation it was 1:4 and back in the 1:1000s.  That’s how easily they’re trained. It’s intergenerational training. You just have to eradicate the last bunch of facts and give them a new bunch of facts and they adopt it without question. It’s quite simple. It doesn’t occur to you in university you’re being lied to.

Charles:  They’re just as dumbed down, albeit with PhDs, but they’re just as dumbed down. In fact they’re more indoctrinated when they get the PhD.

Alan: They are. Arrogance can blind a person, and ego. It works very well.  I’ve had some professors myself from different places telling me about the archives of history and only but one in sixty odd gets a chance to actually get into real archives, the stuff that the big boys have access to. No wonder because it’s all top secret. If the public knew what was really going on – not just now but previously – there would be hell to pay and they know it at the top.

Charles: Who was the guy, Bertrand Russell; he said that the public would not be allowed to know how their opinions have been formulated.

Alan: That’s correct and long before him Madame Blavatsky said the same thing. In the 1800s because she met some of the families that were eventually sent over to take over the Fabian Society, the Astor's, etc., and they told her. They already had these sciences figured out of social control, manipulation and obedience.

Charles: She was one of the founders, if you will, of this whole operation.

Alan: A front person. I don't think she knew so much herself. She’s more of an actress really.

Charles: Right, a parrot I guess.

Alan: A bit of a stage magician and not very good at that.

Charles: Nevertheless her writings have been really influential.

Alan:  Whoever really wrote them? However, they're all Masonic, and even the ones who took over Besant.

Charles: Alice Bailey too.

Alan:  The Besant was interesting because Besant is the name of the Knights Templar crest. It's a Besant, and even that she was the daughter of Lord Besant. There's an aristocracy all through it, you see. Let's throw this stuff in front of the public and they rattle it off and never realize what they're saying most of the time. They develop their own jokes.

Charles: People attribute to them being these great intellectuals when, yeah, in reality she’s probably copying from one book to another.

Alan: Not even her. They're ghost written. I mean Blavatsky claimed herself all this rubbish. It was to get the women in, the working class women, there were lots of them at Europe at that time and it was just separate. The old religion started destroying the old religion, mixed the eastern philosophies with western before they arrived at the present scientific age but Blavatsky did say that their purpose was to blend spirit with science and when you see what science can do today it's everything people used to attribute to spirit or supernatural forces.  

Charles: It's interesting because at that same time you had several major religious sects springing up in this country, many of which are still around today that began with a so called profit that had visions. You had your Joseph Smith with the Mormons.

Alan:  Mason. [Laughs]

Charles: Right. He was a mason. He incorporated a lot of Masonic ideas into the Mormon religion.

Alan: Yes, and so was Russell. Russell is buried under a pyramid. They put it across from the Masonic lodge with the number 666 on the side too.

Charles: Then you have Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy; she was into the mesmerism and more occultism. You had the Seventh Day Adventist founded by Ellen White, her husband James White was a mason.

Alan: All of these people were. Cayce was too. His grandfather was a very high mason and he taught Cayce all of this stuff that he was to bring out eventually.  They give us the people to fascinate us and mystify us, break our ties with the old, which by the way, I think personally their ancestors gave us the old religions too. They were simply updating their system into the new. They have to get us all on board and mystified and going along with it. Then in the ‘60s they put the cap on it when they put the Beatles over to India with a maharishi yogi and that was the complete blending of the old religion of Indian philosophy, eastern philosophy, bringing us to this stage now where we're now guided through science, which is very much akin to the Hindu philosophies.

Charles: Fans after them follow suit of course.

Alan: That's it. The massive simultaneous amount of publications that hit the book rack immediately on yoga and god knows what else – out of body experiences – all that stuff that fascinates people was all designed long ago to enslave the minds.

Charles: So it's no accident that you’re seeing mainstream denominations today following suit.  In fact I think they have more of an influence dumbing people down and keeping them complaint than even the media or the education system.

Alan: See we are social creatures and that's what it's all founded upon. We have these tremendous social instincts. At one time they claimed we were autonomous, in other words each person could survive individually on their own. Then we were forced to, or personally I think it was the introduction of money and commerce, with a system, an old system that came back again. They took over and then we became social creatures – forced to be social, but they needed strong religions to keep us in this social structure of theirs and conformity is part of being a social creature. Culture is fluid. It's plastic. It's whatever is given to you at that time as the normal. It's scientifically designed.  Plato talked about it 3000 years ago that all culture is approved and given from the top down. Any true culture coming up from the grass roots, not under control of the elite could have ripple effects and ultimately throw the thing apart.

Charles: Right. There really is nothing out there. This is a point I'm always making in my talks. There's no avenue of society – the only area of study that I haven’t yet found any infiltration with is math but maybe there is, I don't know, but other than that there is no field of study out there that has not been corrupted.

Alan: No, it's not, even mathematics. Bertrand Russell did major his thesis on mathematics. He wanted to turn the new language into a pure mathematical language for the new age. What he was really referring to is what’s going to happen shortly starting now. They want to put brain implants, chips in, and mathematical language that would go along with it which would eventually displace all previous oral languages.

Charles: I’ll say this. My daughter comes home with homework and they're teaching a new way now to add and subtract that's totally alien to the way they taught it in previous generations. I can only conclude that this is designed to confuse the parents, because they can’t assist their kids because they don't understand the new method. It also confuses the kid because it makes it a lot more complicated than what it needs to be.

Alan: It was actually discussed back in Dewey’s day and they did follow through. What they said in the 1970s mainly they did a completely new revamp of the way they taught the language and writing and spelling and also mathematics – how to do long division, etc, etc. That was so that the child would be separate from the parent. They were to give no respect to the parent. That was the age where don't trust everybody over 30. It was so that the school teacher would have more influence over the child than the parent would and the parents would be unable to help the children. When you help the child you gain respect. If you’re unable to, you’re a failure in the child’s eyes. That was discussed in the 1920s in Bertrand Russell’s schools.

Charles:  UNESCO, they've stated it over and over in their own documents that the purpose of education is to override parental authority. There's too much of a strong influence at home. That's the NEA that's talked about this in their journal.

Alan: There have been many books from the top people employed by the London royalty and Bertrand Russell was one of them. He was one of the upper aristocrats.

Charles:  I didn’t know that.

Alan: Yes, a very old family. He was born into it and his family goes back for centuries and centuries in the same capacity as lords. He was given experimental schools and the full right to do whatever he wished with the children back in the early 1920s.

Charles: Like Mackenzie.

Alan: He was even encouraging pre-pubertal sex amongst them in the 1920s.

Charles: There you go. That's what Mackenzie did.

Alan: What he said was if we can encourage them to have a complete obsession with sex before the age of puberty, the more partners they’ll have, the less chance of bonding in a family unit they’ll have down the road. At that time he said they wanted to separate all children from the parents because the parents contaminated them with old ideas. These are the terms they used. After experimentation he says, no we’ve changed our mind. For one phase of it we can allow the parents to pay for the upbringing of the children, but if you can get the child too, we can now in kindergarten scientifically indoctrinate them so that when they go home the parents input will be disregarded by the child. The scientific process was already complete back then.

Charles:  I've got articles from Psychology Today going back to the early ‘70s where they say that it is now possible, just by saying a few certain words and using certain gestures to influence at least 60% of our audience to our own ends that we have predesigned and we're not shy to utilize this technology.

Alan: No. In fact Beria gave a tremendous talk in the 1934 Comintern meeting in Soviet Russia. Beria was the head of the NKVD, which became the KGB, and he said it used to take us 70 years of propaganda and indoctrination to alter a generation, he says, but now using the Pavlovian system of indoctrination in the school. He said we can update the ideas in children every five years and he said it would increase as time goes on.  Literally, the child going into kindergarten today will be given his program and his curriculum for the next few years. A person who comes in a month later is given a little update what he’ll experience through his life. All early programming familiarizes you with certain ideas that seem quite natural when those things develop in society in your lifetime. It's incremental adjustments, you might say, for each generation. It's a scientific process.

Charles: I have a quote here from the Journal of Psychiatry. This is back in 1946. It says, ‘the eventual reinterpretation and eventual eradication of a concept of right and wrong is the belated objective for charting changes in human behavior. Freedom from moralities means to be free from outmoded types of loyalties. This is a long term objective.’

Alan: That was, again, they even wrote about that before the French Revolution because the same system was already working its way in then.

Charles: The illuminati.

Alan: The illuminati are just the front names for the intelligentsia that are hired to write books for the people, really. You find that with Voltaire and those guys and Rousseau. They were all paid and trained by the same sources to start influencing society by putting out novels initially, because it's primarily through fiction that we are programmed because our sensor department is down. We don't put it up when we're being entertained. It's the greatest way to put new ideas, new ways of looking at something into your head, which then alter your usual reactions to a situation. That's an old technique which is well understood, so they've been at this for a long time. It's a perfect science today. You take even the music that's played for each generation and it's altered slightly for the next bunch to make sure that even that generation is going to be separate from the ones who are five or three years older than themselves.

Charles: It's interesting that you mention that because there's always this generation gap going thing. There's this thing now about rap. It's just junk, you know.

Alan: You’re at the bottom. You're at the bottom and you wrap it up. Of course the masons hit the gavel and so does a judge because it's Masonic court. He hits the gavel down on the square block and that's the rap. It's called a rap. You rap it up.

Charles: Very interesting. Of course you just look at the young generation today. The total breakdown. There's no respect. Kids threaten their parents – you better let me go see that movie tonight or I'm going to call CPS. They have the parents in fear of the kids.

Alan:  Again, that was all figured out a long time ago. It's happened. It's here. Children who are deprived of authority figures have an exaggerated need for it, as every tyrant in history knows. That's what the young communist party used.

Charles: You can’t even spank kids or they call it abuse. I just found another interesting quote here. It's just so pertinent as to what we're talking about. This comes from a book called “The Temporary Society Under the Impact of Accelerating Change” and it summarizes exactly what we’ve been talking about here, this mind warping, mind control garbage that we're seeing today so prevalent. It states, ‘one cannot permit submission to parental authority if one wishes to bring about profound social change. In order to affect rapid change any centralized regime must mount a vigorous attack on the family lest traditions of present generations be preserved. In is necessary, in other words, to create a chasm between parents and children to insulate the ladder in order that they can more easily be indoctrinated with new ideas. The desire may be to cause an even more total submission to the state. One must teach them not to respect the tradition bound elders who are tied to the past and know only what is irrelevant.’ Astonishing.

Alan: That's been said in so many ways by so many people and again it's taught in the Ivy League universities to certain crews. There's nothing new in it, it's just that the public…you see, you can tell the public this stuff all the time. In fact you can hear people saying it that are up there in the big world theatre and they refuse to believe. They hear them. They say, I know he says what he says but he can’t really mean it. They make excuses right away because they're in denial. Otherwise, if you don't go into denial you’ll have to take this guy seriously, and if he's talking about killing off ¾ of the world’s population then you have to face the fact. This guy that you’ve been taught and trained to respect is not just an enemy but he's a monster, and you’d have to radically change your way of doing thinking and so on, interaction.

Charles: Right. There goes the cozy comfy little fantasy world that they live in.

Alan: That’s right. Most people won't do that you see.

Charles:  They really do want to eat out of the hands of those that are kicking them in the teeth. It doesn’t matter if they're political leaders, religious leaders, and academic leaders.

Alan: The abuse system. The abuser or the abused victim always turns to the abuser in a closed system for help because they don't know any other way. This system we live in is based on abuse; and even law is just the threat of force unless you comply and the actual use of force if you refuse. That's what we're living under. It was Charles Galton Darwin in the 1950s, in his book called The Next Million Years, which was a boast about the elite and what they're going to do. He said himself; he said there's always been a system of slavery. We're just creating a more sophisticated form of it. That sophisticated form is all around you. It's what we think is normal.

Charles:  What I like to point out to people is most legislation, pretty much all legislation that's been passed in this country in at least the last hundred years; if you look carefully at it, it has nothing to do with what we think it does. The Patriot Act, obviously. The use the word patriot to cover what it's really all about. It's anti-patriotism. It's trashing our constitution, trashing our rights. You know the New Freedom Initiative. They put the word freedom in it. It has nothing to do with freedom. It's designed to force kids to be psychologically tested and be put on drugs. It was designed by the pharmaceutical companies like Eli-Lily.

Alan: All the studies that have been done on psychopathy and the psychopath constantly brings this up. These terms that they use always mean the opposite but they sound, initially to the person who is not totally conscience, who glances over the surface of things, they sound warm and fuzzy and good and then we find the opposite is in effect. That's standard psychopathy because everything is done through deception.

Charles: Psychological warfare. It's just to protect the monopolies of the big corporations and take our rights and so forth. I can’t think of a better example and this shows just how far back this goes. The 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act. It states that this law is designed to prevent US corporations from trading with nations that are belligerent with the United States – sounds good so far but then it goes on to say – except those that have special concessions from the president. Unbelievable.

Alan: There's always a loophole so they can do what they want.  Another fallacy is that there's independent international corporations. Since they even had the cold war they've turned out many books about who would be the victor, even though it was a scam to start with. It was just to get two sides all using science and tax money and labor to create advance weaponry for what’s to be used in the near future. They said that science would win. In a scientific age you couldn’t allow advance breakthroughs to be given to the public by some independent corporation. You find the CIA actually funded many of the big corporations and actually controls them in the US. In Britain it's still the same old bunch that started up the east India Company, the first registered corporation owned by royalty. It's the same old scam. That's why the gas prices are the same everywhere you go. There's no independent anything anymore. You’ll notice that when the computers changed over to Vista, in Canada for instance, they had the old XP 2000 on the shelf up until one day, the next day it was all Vista – by all makes and brands at the same time. The technology is just out to them at the same time.

Charles: It's just like the Royal Bank, the IMF, one person who brought this up really well is Greg Palace, you know how Bill would give him these loans that are so out of control the third world countries can’t afford to pay them and then they’ll tell them. Okay, we’ll knock down the interest rate .05%; make it a little easier for you if you promise to sign over your wad of works to this British company, a good friend of ours.

Alan:  It's a blackmail scheme. It's a mouse trap.  They walk in and under the guise of helping you – they used to say, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” and that's what the IMF is all about. It's a trap to get them in. Then they force them to take the modified seed. They have to buy it every year. You're enslaving yourself as soon as you touch these creeps.

Charles: All of these things were created ultimately by the same, you know the CFR boys, and they created the CIA.

Alan: The OSS, “The Wizard of Oz” was the initial one. That transformed into the CIA but it was all controlled from London from the beginning.  Stevenson came over and helped set the whole thing up. It's all one big corporation. As I say, in a scientific age you couldn't allow someone with advanced science to break through independently with patents on things and give products to the public that would give them any semblance of freedom from the system. Everything is authorized from the top, what the public do get access to. We always get all the obsolete stuff.

Charles:  I was talking about that with a guest yesterday about suppressed technology.

Alan:  There's nothing, UFO, scientifically fascinating about it. It's nothing to do with that. They've had these sciences.  Nick Begich came on CBC television a few years ago on Wendy Mesley show and showed some of these little gadgets that you’d put in your pocket like the size of a TV remote. You could put music or words right into the center of your head by line of sight in any distance. The CIA was using this stuff in the 1950s. It was solid-state circuitry for that size. It had to be. We didn’t even have the transistor at that time.

Charles:  Have you ever talked with John Hutchison up your way?

Alan: No. I don't think so.

Charles: He's a researcher who experimented with levitation technology and he's made some incredible progress, but you know they've probably got stuff that goes way beyond what he's doing. He's just a one-man team, you know.

Alan:  When they show us a blimp balloon, they've already got a jet somewhere. I mean that's how it works. It's like that with the new stealth bomber being rolled out. There's always a new model of stealth bomber and back in the 1970s the BBC did a documentary on Area 51, which is a military base, not a UFO base. It's an experimental base. They showed these craft coming up out of the underground hangers. They were noiseless. They could go at incredible speeds, stop on a dime, and they hadn’t even come along with the stealth. Years later they came up with the stealth bomber and they say here’s the greatest thing we have which in nonsense.

Charles:  The most advanced computer system we have out today probably is vintage 1980 or something.

Alan: Long before that. Not only that but whatever they gave you and showed you and they have real departments working with the old machines with big tapes and stuff from the ‘50s and ‘60s. That was all for public consumption because there's always three levels of science and security agencies working on the goal simultaneously.  The one beneath them thinks they've got the latest and that's how you give perceptions to the public. They’ll never catch on how far ahead it is that way. That's so simple.

Charles:  They want us to think that they're so far behind that they couldn’t stop these alleged four airplanes, hijackers, from slamming into towers. They were just powerless to stop it. ‘We were in cold war mode.’

Alan: It's a farce and the same thing with discovering the gene. They always knew the genes were there they just couldn’t find them or see them. Then you just casually read over Rutherford, the mathematician’s books from the 1920s – the greatest mathematician in Britain at the time – and he said he was employed in the last few years of his life working on a project on genetics. Now why would you need a mathematician to do with genes if you hadn’t found all that you had today, you see. They actually found all that stuff back then at a higher level. There's always three groups working simultaneously and the one below doesn’t know there's one above them.

Charles: Compartmentalization, that's how the CIA works.

Alan:  We're at the bottom.

Charles: You can be working right next door to a guy whose office deals in foreign assassinations and you think that he's a good old Joe like you.

Alan: That’s right. The technologies are so far ahead.  They had that technology to put thoughts or voices inside your head back in the ‘50s and the covert agencies were using that equipment. What else did they have then?

Charles: You wonder what they are hiding in Area 51. What exactly is going on at that facility?

Alan: It's only one of many. That's only one base of many bases across the world. There's another one in the Himalayas that's similar. It's surrounded by the guards of India. They're all over the place.

Charles: Do you think these people work in conjunction at the highest levels behind the scenes and are sharing their findings?

Alan: Everything is a need to know. Even those categories of scientists are probably more monitored than the general public and that says a lot because they must keep tabs on their employees and those who can keep secrets don't give away things on phone calls to conversations to friends and stuff. They're let up and let in on the higher secrets, you see. It's a need to know basis all the way through.

Charles:  They're all working ultimately for the same centralized entity.

Alan:  Even the spies during the cold war, you read their memoirs and they came to know that too as they got to know their opponents. They met them in different countries, started having coffee with them and then they all realized they're all working towards a common goal of world unification – a scientific system.

Charles:  They were fighting a sham cold war, just like the war on terror of course.

Alan:  It was great because all the big industrial war making machinery and the electronics industry got such a boost of tax money and it's all to do with satellite controls. All getting ready for what’s coming now with the controlled society, the chip society. That's where the money was all going.

Charles:  Money that they of course sucked out of our pockets.

Alan: Always. That's what slaves are for. See if you understand that, you give a sigh of relief. It starts to make sense. In the Middle Ages the serfs who were the English word for slaves, they just changed it again, psychopathically, so you couldn’t connect the two.  A serf was a slave. You were bought and sold with the land that the lord owned. The serf, without intensive farming, he was allowed to keep about 60% of all his produce, which wasn’t a lot, to feed his family and any help he had. The rest went to the lord. About 40% went to the lord. Today, actually 15 or 18 years ago they worked out the tax base for the average person in the west especially Britain and Canada. It worked out to be exactly the same. The government at that time was taking 40 odd percent. That's in open tax. It's not the hidden taxes of all your purchases. You see nothing’s changed. It's just a more sophisticated form of slavery.

Charles: You know the irony is the public needs to wake up to what’s going on and put a stop to it; but at the same time if suddenly you were to snap your fingers and everyone instantaneously became alert of what exactly is going on, it would be hell on earth, wouldn't it?

Alan: It would. It would be hell and they know this too. That's why they've been creating all these lethal and non-lethal weaponry and massive internal buildup of armies, multi-jurisdictional task forces which are combining military, police, etc. It's for what’s coming. I don't know if you read the guardian report of the ministry of defence from Britain from the top think tanks giving the next 30-year scenarios. They're expecting all of this to break out as they push this whole new system on the public. It's a whole new system. They have no idea what’s coming. It's a completely new system where you won't be allowed to marry or pick a mate or breed willy-nilly. Money is to be credits dished out by the government, by the state. You can’t save them up; whatever you don't spend will be gone at the beginning of the week. It's a brand new system; but then again it was designed back in Bertrand Russell’s days back in the 1920s.

Charles:  Aldous Huxley talked about that, everyone will be sterilized mandatorily. Only certain ones will have the privilege of reproducing.

Alan:  That's right. Only the better genes as they say. You see all commoners, if you’re not a member of nobility you’re a commoner and that's to be eradicated.

Charles: What a scary world they've got prepared folks. It's time to wake up.  Callers, if you want to, call in with any questions for Alan Watt or any comments. We’ve been talking a lot about the methods of mind control and certainly there are many of them. We hit from every angle. We talked about the educational establishment, the media, and the religious institution. They haven’t left any stone unturned. Medications that a lot of people are on play a big role in this. Chemtrails and even electromagnetic radiation pulses.

Alan: The food and the water.

Charles: Oh yeah, everything. Is there any one of these that you see as being the most dangerous or you think they're pretty much collectively…?

Alan: Initially the inoculations were the first step to knock out part of the brain that gives you your self-preservation instincts. This was discussed again early on and then reiterated by the United Nations. In the 1960s they employed think tanks to find ways to lobotomize the average person through inoculations. Something that would target biowarfare. A part of the brain that would hop on a particular uptake and then go straight to that part of the brain which gives you your self preservation. That was to be eliminated because the public in the future would not need that instinct because the state would be making all their decisions for them. Arthur Koestler wrote about that in “The Ghost in the Machine.” He was employed by one of these think tanks in NY. He was quite open about it. In the last chapter of the book he tells you it must happen for world peace.  You must understand world peace is a term from the elite. Peace to them is when they have no more worry about the mob down below.

Charles: I mean this is just evil beyond description. You can’t even begin to comprehend. Most people, again, they don't have aspirations like this. They just want to put food on the table and take the kids to Disneyland once in awhile. They can’t imagine that there are people this calculative, this evil, this far-reaching.

Alan:  Yet that's what the scientific communities are all indoctrinated with. They all have the same, regardless of the field of science; they go through the same indoctrinations as evolution is number one. We are our own gods; therefore we can plan the future totally. Man is just a material like any other living organism. We can alter it, perfect it, and do whatever we wish with it. They're all given the same basic premises.

Charles: It has the value of non-living material.

Alan:  You know we have this silly cover put up by Hollywood that there's no class distinction.  There certainly are classes and there are categories too and you always find in a moneyed system of commerce and money, which is winners and losers that there's more losers than winners; and therefore the ones who get to the top are psychopaths. They claw their way through. They have no compassion for anyone because they cannot feel empathy for anyone. They are the ones that get up to the top. The clever psychopaths. That's the problem. It's inbuilt into the system. This is in fact their system that we're living in and we think it's normal.

Charles: You have to be that way. You can’t have a conscience to engage in the kind of activities they're involved in.

Alan: That's right. You’ll see right down even into the workforce because everyone’s trained. At the top you have a pathocracy. Beneath the pathocracy you have a culture which they have given you which is psychopathic in nature where the normal people will adopt it as natural and work towards it. Everyone is trying to get up the ladder before they sink and it means that they step on the person next to them and to get there they’ll do it. You're seeing an inhumane system around you.

Charles:  I don't want to go too far down this road but just to touch upon this because I can vouch for this in my own personal experience. I was a theology major in my more gullible days years ago. I actually thought I was going to get into the ministry and that was going to be my “job.”  I found out very early on just how monstrously corrupt the whole thing was and it was just such a shock. The whole world turned upside down because these people that I had looked up to – the great theology professors, the learned theologians – were all playing this sleazy game and trying to buy me off. They basically told me, in no uncertain terms to shut up or get out.

Alan: Yes. That's the same all through the system in what we think are the successful circles including politics. There's been politicians in Canada who started at state levels, or provincial levels, same thing, and if they won't join the corrupt club whose now got their hands in the cookie jar, or the honey jar where the taxpayers money is; if they won't join the club and take all the freebies, which is corruption, they’ll gang up against them and try and set them up and get them out. That is the real world and it can’t be any other way in this particular system of reward and punishment.

Charles: It's not just that people go to work everyday and spend what now is about half their workday working for the system that sucks out of their paycheck. You know all your tax burden combined is about 50%. So not only are you working for somebody else because they're sucking their money illegitimately out of your pocket, but that money is being used to enslave you even more.

Alan: Absolutely. We buy our own chains. With all their equipment shortly they’ll be monitoring us, the cell phone tower syndrome. It isn’t just to track cell phones. It's to track your new chip and your ID.

Charles: The microchip scans aren’t coming. They're here already but the mandatory implantable microchips and that's not something anybody can say is paranoid gesturing anymore. When they were interviewing Roberts for the Supreme Court they asked him about where he stands on things like this and he's going to have to vote on something like that during his tenure. It's in your face. This is where they're taking us.

Alan: It's in your face. They've already passed laws in different places – I think England too where they said that people with Alzheimer’s were to be chipped in hospitals so they couldn’t get lost.

Charles: I mean the most basic fundamental tenet of freedom is to be left alone. To live your life. You know, I'm not breaking any law. I'm just providing for my family. Leave me alone.

Alan: That's what we think. We’ve been trained to think that. Again, it's a different reality from the ones of the elite who have been working full blast to bring about this new what they call more efficient society where they can program people ultimately to do different tasks and they won't have to employ mass media and entertainment industry to keep them busy. You won't need sports anymore or any of that. It’ll be very efficient. That's what they're looking towards in a step-by-step process, and ultimately using the material which is mankind themselves and creating new humans for specially designed purposes. That's what it's all about, intelligent design. That's another meaning of ID.

Charles: This goes obviously far beyond lust for wealth. In fact they've got more wealth than they can ever dream of and I think it goes beyond the lust for power. Obviously that's a higher goal here than money but to me it seems like they simply want to serve this evil master that they…

Alan:  If you look at evil itself and all the definitions of evil, which is just live backwards by the way. They live to give us evil. You find that in a psychopath. A psychopath is pure egocentrism. The world revolves around them. They have a gift of manipulation. They feel no emotion for others. They can put on a great show of emotions – that's why most of them become politicians or actors. That's in all the psychiatric books in the studies they've done.

Charles: What I'm driving at is that all of this really is leaning towards service to the evil force that they…

Alan: Absolutely.

Charles: You know I like that analogy you just gave too. The opposite of life really isn’t death, it's evil—because evil is actually worse than death.

Alan: Yes. There are many forms of death. There are many forms of it. You can have a living hell.  Many people in the world are going through a living hell and past generations did too in different parts. They did that in Britain during the industrial age.

Charles: Death is actually preferable. I mean give me liberty or give me death. It's actually preferable than the hell that they've put us through.

Alan:  Franklin said it himself, you know, the BBC might have rewritten the history of Britain through fictional dramas but it doesn’t stop the facts. Franklin said himself he watched factory workers coming out of England when he was over there and he said none of them had shoes on their feet – and it was a shoe factory. They couldn’t afford the shoes they made. People at all ages have had different stages or symptoms of the slavery, but it's always been a controlled society. They gave us a temporary glut of credit cards to help us roll through this phase we're going through now of big changes, thinking it's never going to end. It's bred in circuses of the roman emperors. That's all it is and that's going to stop. They've told us it's going to stop. That's what the whole sustainable development movement is about.

Charles: Oh yeah, they like that term. Human resources are another one of their favorite terms too. I mean you talk about in your face slavery. I just want to make it clear to the listeners I'm not advocating suicide when I say that death is preferable to what they've got planned, but if we sit back apathetically like we have been and do nothing about this to stop these scoundrels, there's going to come a time when we're going to wish we were dead.

Alan: The problem is with most people, see this is the only system they know. They've been born into it. They think it's natural. It's the only system they know. If you were to ask them, and really if you could command the airwaves of the world for a month and be on daily, non-stop, giving them all the data of where they've been, where they are, where they're going, and pondering all the questions that are never asked. Is this the only system that can be? And then offer them an alternative to the one that's coming, most of them would vote the same one back because it's all they know.

Charles:  They've gotten to a point they have no conscience. I shouldn’t even say gotten to the point. They were groomed that way from day one.

Alan: That's the culture that's been given them.

Charles: They have no semblance of a conscience. To them this is just business as usual. It's just another day at work and they do so with the same indifference as any mass murderer.

Alan: Even more so because they don't even have to be so careful. They have so much protection.

Charles: They are the law.  There's no force that they have to fear.

Alan: None at all.

Charles: They are that force.

Alan: Actually they fear the mob. The masses, they call the mob. They fear them. That's why in all ages when the psychopathic group becomes top heavy – too top heavy – they turn on their own people and try to cull them down to a manageable level. This is not the first time.

Charles: They obviously do fear us. I mean they don't fear any law enforcement agency, but they do fear us. That's why they have to lie.

Alan: Constantly.

Charles: They know they're outnumbered.

Alan:  That's the only fear they have. That's why so much goes in, especially in this day and age to entertainment, and sports, and trivia, past times comedy shows, all the things you think as normal that you grow up with and things that stick in your mind. All the little jingles from advertising and so on. This is all trivia to keep you occupied with non-thought in a sense.

Charles: Anesthetize. Anesthetize, and then they’ll just, for days, weeks on end they’ll just dwell on the same stupid story that has nothing to do with anything that has any significance for our daily life.

Alan: That's right. Give the public a drama of sex and scandal and murder.

Charles: Ana Nicole Smith, or how many weeks or months did they spend on the O.J. Simpson thing, you know? Anything to distract.

Alan: In the 1800s they gave you Jack the Ripper. That was a big thing at the time and it went on too. In all the papers, everyone talked about it across the world. They love giving us spells. They cast spells over the public. They call them spells too by the way.

Charles: To them it is, it's magic, it's witchcraft.

Alan: It's witchcraft. It does occupy the people. They say it. God speaks the world into existence. They speak it into existence and the public part and become obsessed with it.

Charles: So they've convinced themselves that they're godlike divine.

Alan: They have no problem because they don't see any opposition from anywhere.

Charles: You know you’ve got some people like Dan Rather, or Jimmy Conner for that matter. You know they're nearing their end of their days. They seem to be trying to make amends for past sins but then you get others like Brzezinski and Kissinger. To their dying day they're going to be hailing the system that has served them and they've served.

Alan: They're just a little bit better class psychopath. Dan Rather worked for the CIA. That's been disclosed now.

Charles: I didn’t know that. Really?

Alan:  He worked for the CIA for the American Department for Culture Creation. That's an official department. They ran all the left-wing and the right-wing major groups in the US. They ran the communist groups by the way in the US. Dan Rather was one of many of them.

Charles: That would make sense because right after the Kennedy assassination –bang - there he was lying about the film, you know.

Alan: They must give you father figures that you grow up with that are very authoritative, stare you right in the eye every night at 6:00 and tell you what you need to know—and you believe it. That's why they pay him such big money and keep them there for your whole life – [laughing] or longer perhaps in some cases because you’re fixed on them as a father figure. This is all psychology.

Charles: I remember in an interview Clinton once said that he realized early on that he wanted to get into politics but he knew that in order to do that he had to befriend the elites, you know, the secret group of the financial…

Alan: …wizardry.

Charles: Later he talked about his mentor there – Quigley being his inspiration, but he understood that you’re not going to climb that ladder. You're not going anywhere unless you have the support of these people because they're the true sources of power.

Alan: Yes, and he was vetted. You see, he got a Rhodes Scholarship. Rhodes Scholarships were set up by the British royalty, Cecil Rhodes fronted for it along with Lord Rothschild, to bring in world government and to train advisors, bureaucrats, and prime ministers, and presidents for a global government from these countries. Part of the conditions to get that scholarship isn’t just to have extremely good intelligence; it's to have the ability to be absolutely ruthless when required. That's a stipulation. You're vetted for your psychopathic traits.

Charles: They strip you very early on of your conscience. They have you actually engaged in activities that are designed to do that.

Alan: Actually they test to see if you’re already psychopathic.

Charles: [Laughs]

Alan: They do. There's a psychopathic test, and they do pass as psychopaths. That's who they recruit to be a front man. They have no conscience. They do what they're told. People forget all of the thousands of cruise missiles that were launched over Baghdad over the years that he was in office. He had no conscience about it. None of them do. They're psychopathic.

Charles:  Madeline Albright can make statements like, "I think it was worth it, the death of those 500,000 Iraqis." She doesn’t care.

Alan: That is a psychopath. That's what we have to realize. You're dealing with a deviant creation here. This is the deviant creation. The deviants are running the normal ordinary people.

Charles: They're not even human anymore.

Alan: Psychopaths technically, from that standpoint, they don't have a center of their brain where there is compassion for others outside their own group.

Charles: So would all their technology to damage the section of the brain, not only that's designed for self-preservation, but apparently with a conscience – they naturally already have that loss.

Alan: They are themselves naturally born that way, deviant creations, and you will find psychopaths in all strata of society down to the street level. There are certain types. Not all of them, but within every group you’ve got psychopaths. Some are more intelligent, they know how to manipulate better. Some are born into power and wealth and have no problem starting off with power, and other ones are employed by them to work up through the ranks and they serve their master as well. They’ll serve their pay master because that's the only loyalty they have. They love acclaim, the limelight, and applause, even though they're lying all the time. That's a standard psychopath.

Charles:  This brings me back to another point I like to make is that Bush, as sleazy as he is – and this doesn’t exonerate him for what he's doing but – in a sense is every bit as much of a slave as what he's trying to make everybody else into.

Alan: He is in a sense. In fact, I think, to be honest, as I say, even in high freemasonry the top man is never the boss. Number two is always the boss. It's always the vice president that's the boss. He's closer to the real agenda. The front man you can afford to lose, if be, through some mishap or he just dies of a heart attack. There's always someone there who really must be the real boss.  As soon as he becomes the real boss, his advisors then take over. That's how it works. The advisors and the vice presidents are the more important of the two.

Charles: So that even if, you know this certainly isn’t fathomable – it's never going to happen – but even if by some miracle, say Bush was struck by lightning and it knocked sense into him and suddenly he had a conscience and wanted to turn things – there's nothing he could do?

Alan: It wouldn’t matter anyway because The New American Century policy was published in the early ‘90s, rewritten by Wolfowitz in the later ‘90s with the whole agenda written down there. That America was to have these wars against the Middle East beginning with Afghanistan, then Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. All of those guys at the top were all part of the whole Trotsky-ite movement back in the cold war but they were employed by the CIA all along, every single one of them.

Charles: I just marvel that people can’t see this, because it is planned out way in advance. I mean what we're seeing now with the Pan American Union, the EU, all of this stuff, Brzezinski, again he talked about it in 1970 in his book Between Two Ages.

Alan: Even old Theodore Roosevelt talked about it and so did President Wilson, so it's not an old idea at all. It's not that they couldn’t have done it quicker; it's creating the public gradually to accept it.

Charles: Otherwise, yeah, we would have had this a long time ago.

Alan: Don't forget that Karl Marx wrote about it in the 1800s. Karl Marx wrote about the United Europe then to be followed by United Americas and also a Pacific Rim conglomerate.

Charles: Of course he was just parodying himself material that was already circulating. It wasn’t original with him either.

Alan: He was just a journalist who was employed to write it. His name wasn’t even on the first couple of issues of the manifesto.

Charles: [Laughs]

Alan: He belonged to the same Masonic club as Charles Darwin.

Charles: Was that the League of Just Men?

Alan: Yeah and the Royal Society. It's all the same clique from the same source.

Charles: Now where do you see, you know, Zionism fitting in with this?

Alan: Zionism has three different meanings. Again, to the masses, they think it's a homeland for Israel but it's not. It's also play on the old priory to Zion, which was one of the Templars groups in the Middle East, a charter they were given by the pope. Zion used to be spelled S-I-O-N because it makes no difference in how you pronounce it. SI - it's for the two letters in the kabala of two words going back thousands of years. It's an old trick. They take SI for sin. Sin is the moon in Hebrew and Aramaic. They take ON, which is the phallic symbol, the male symbol.

Charles: So this has nothing to do with Mount Zion then?

Alan: Oh no. The mountain itself is just a symbol of the phallus. The coming together of the two into one. The perfection of the male which is the ON, the Egyptian word for the obelisk and SIN, which is the moon, the female. It's all cabalism, but under the guise of cabalism and mysticism is actually just the plan written in mystical terms, like Revelations. It's the same idea.

Charles: So it's a sex cult basically?

Alan: It's not just sex. It's through interbreeding through perfection of breeding. That's the whole thing and even in masonry you don't willy-nilly pick a partner to breed with. They're picked for specific qualities. You can breed qualities in or out. That is what royalty and aristocracy in all countries have done for thousands of years. It's perfection of their species through selective breeding.

Charles: So we're back to the perfect Aryan race philosophy.

Alan: All of that stuff, yeah.

Charles: Not back to it. I don't think it's ever left us actually.

Alan: It's been here and the Aramaic and Hebrew, again it goes back to the Hurrians; Hurrian is just another way of saying Aryan. The Aryan race was supposed to be superior. Fierce, warlike, very intelligent, and the idea was to get them paired up again because they were out breeding, losing their abilities. They had to get back to inbreeding and regaining the qualities.

Charles: The old eugenics lie, folks.

Alan: That's right.

Charles: People need to realize this stuff goes way back. This goes back to the mid-19th century. Adolph Hitler’s Aryan race was a spin-off of this. It grew right out of it. Julian Huxley, the first secretary general of UNESCO, brother to Aldous was a major proponent of eugenics.

Alan: You realize that all the British aristocracy has always used eugenics because that was always a part of their belief system. It's thousands of years old. They believed in it in Sumer. Kings and queens were often brothers and sisters.

Charles: When I say when it goes back to the mid-19th century I mean in its modern form.

Alan: It hasn’t changed. It's the same system, same descendants really. Then you have these priesthoods who use their genealogies and meet them up. It's the same in high masonry. Third generation masons, hopefully – they hope – have had their wives picked for them so it's now the third generation. It's the son they're after.

Charles: We’ve gone back to the medieval monarch intermarriage thing too. You get Bush and Kerry.

Alan: They're all related. His wife, the Heinz. They're all related. They’re related on both sides, the wives and the husbands.

Charles: Al Gore. They were all distant cousins. As a matter of fact I heard George Bush Sr. and Barbara are distant cousins.

Alan: Yeah and you find even George Washington was related to royalty, you know. A lot of presidents have been related to royalty. It's the same bunch. We have never been free. It was a good illusion though while it lasted. [Laughs]

Charles: Wow. Incredible. When they talk about the ancient sciences, the ancient mysteries, they're not kidding. This stuff has been secretively passed on from thousands of years ago. How to manipulate the public. How to exploit them.

Alan: Even Herodotus who was sent over, most of the Greek aristocracy were related to the Egyptian too and they used to all just get educated in Egypt.  Herodotus said that the first thing to fear was taught was how the magic of controlling the public and the mind of the public was done and created and continued. These sciences were well understood thousands of years ago.

Charles: Unbelievable, and all the while we’ve slept or been distracted by the football games and the soap operas. Behind the scenes this stuff has been going on. It's like the subliminals. They would put one little frame in the midst of a two minute commercial in the theatres back in the ‘50s. You know, it was a frosty glass of coke and people would jump up and go get their coke.

Alan:  They would. They’d put orders in them to try that. The more senses they can take over the more they can convince you it's real and manipulate you.

Charles: They're doing it all the time folks in ways you can’t even imagine.