April 4, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 4, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)




(Transcribed by Mercedes)



Hello Folks. Iím Alan Watt. Today it is April the 4th, 2007. As time marches on, and so does the preparation for the complete grand finale for the new world order and we see everything coming into place, piece by piece the world over. We can see the ID card. In European countries even being pushed through drama shows and soap operas, where the little boys were to leave home to go out somewhere and the mother kindly says: remember to take your ID card with you. This is to get all us all trained, all ready for this big totalitarian system that very powerful families and dynasties have helped bring into being with the aid of all the think tanks and the lesser psychopaths who wished they had the finances but are certainly well paid to bring all of this to be.


When I first, many moons ago, as they say amongst the Indians in Canada. Many moons ago, I had read ďThe Next Million Years,Ē by Charles Galton Darwin. When this book was hailed as a breakthrough, by the biggest newspapers in Britain and across the world at the time, on behalf of the dominant minority, as they call themselves or the guardians as Plato would call them, were getting worried about all the masses of people, the lesser types who were just breeding out of control and eventually would overtake the elite families, this is what they were worried about and they came out with all kinds of suggestions and Galton Darwinís books about how to contain this and how to even sterilize the public. This was a non-fiction book, written by a physicist in the 1950ís. How to even effeminize the males by introducing estrogen into their diets somehow, or else through inoculations and various other ways. These fellows donít put out suggestions; itís almost a legality that they must tell at least, put out in published form their agenda. And itís true Ė then historians down the road can look back and say well the public didnít complain, they went along with this, they accepted this. This is how it works.


Malthus, Galton Darwin, even Charles Darwin and his family were all psychopaths with the same psychopathic traits of power and dominance, the right to dominate others, the belief in their own superiority. They spoke on behalf of even wealthier families above them; in fact they were financed by them. And through science and the mysteries that they call them, the higher Masonic institutions and Rosicrucian institutions, which are always split up into at least two sections, as all societies are. The exoteric for most of the followers, and the esoteric for those who rule. Very similar to the technique used in the Soviet Regime, where you have the masses that believed that they were all communists, at least thatís what the propaganda kept telling them. And you had the politburo at the top, two sections and even amongst the politburo there is another higher elite. Who know the real agenda, thatís how all these major institutions work, whether it's east or west. Because the psychopaths, even if you have a good idea or a good movement for whatever, they gravitate towards these movements like sharks to blood sensing the possibility of inserting themselves, becoming leaders because they can be very charismatic and thwarting it to their own names. That is why in totalitarian regimes of the past, we often see those who helped them achieve, certain aims and goals, being disposed afterwards. Because the lesser one still believed in the initial cause, they didnít realize it was being taken over or maybe they did realize it, and then they had to be gotten rid of.


I remember reading a book on police infiltration of criminal gangs and biker gangs and such like years ago. It was interesting to note that those that were chosen to infiltrate and dress like the bikers and look like the bikers and get along with them, were born actors and had psychopathic traits, because psychopaths act through life. They observe other people, they donít understand why the other people have emotions the way they do or even help each other with no possible benefit in return. A psychopath is egocentric. However, they do realize they must emulate the ordinary people, the normal people, which they do very very well. Many of them in fact become actors and actresses. They also use the same type to infiltrate gangs or organizations. They have tests for them, tests for psychopathy, this is well published and even military declassified documents. Maybe they hired them to work on the nuclear missiles and do the unlocking of all the different fail-safes in order to launch nuclear weaponry. That was admitted at the commanding officer at the holding lock in Scotland, the American base for submarines. He admitted that the psychopathic type was chosen through tests, and they would do what they were told and they would eventually launch when ordered to without qualms, because they had no normal emotion.


The same type is used to infiltrate organizations of all kinds and always have been; and they do it very well. In one book I was reading years ago, this particular policeman eventually said that he became to like the bikers better than his fraternity of police because the bikers were more cohesive and they really helped each other out, more so than the policeman, interesting. Today you cannot start any organization up; itís been like that for 40 years at least. You canít start one up and expect not to be infiltrated, thatís why itís impossible to pull off any terrorist act in the world without prior knowledge. Itís impossible. Every country is riddled with secret service and CIA and other Masonic etc. plants across the planet, so there are no surprises at the top. Pulling off a stunt to get an agenda under way is well documented by the tyrants or for the tyrants in Rome, ancient Rome. That was the standard procedure. To get the public terrified, Lennon himself said, ďthat terror must be used.Ē Itís the best tool to get the public to submit as you rush through this new system. Weíre seeing it today across the planet, after 9-11, which was just the necessary kick-off point to get us really blowing, really going. †The Y2-K was a joke for the public, because the real year started in year 2001. Thatís why Clark wrote the book ď2001Ē in the 1960s about Masonic.


There are no coincidences. They project for the new American century, with its published agenda of American empire was already published in the 90s and updated in later 90s. It all hinged on something happening on a Pearl Harbor scale to get it all underway, what a coincidence. And yet all the treaty had been signed, the bureaucrats across the planet donít work very quickly. It takes years of preparation and standardizing their systems so that they can get everything launched at the same time.† And yet after 9-11, my goodness, every country was going after the same types of Martial Law because it's all been written beforehand. Bureaucrats have been crossing the whole planet, for years in preparation for the next step of the new society, ďthe new world orderĒ as Mr. Bush Sr. called it publicly.


Iíve watched the massive spraying overheard that is going on daily across the planet. People are coming down with tremendous bronchial problems, theyíre becoming stupefied in some areas, and they are having memory loss. Iíve got reports from different places of hair loss, male and female, coming out in clumps (thatís toxic level) and short-term memory problems. It's war on the public worldwide. However, if you simply look at it from a controllerís point of view, what they are doing is perfectly natural, a military operation on this scale. The war is on the public, which is supposed to go through massive crisis after crisis, and emerges from this in a completely new system of ordered control with no freedoms whatsoever; must be really dumbed down. And you would use every weapon in your arsenal to do it; it makes perfect sense. Every major media now has this great environmental program every night to tell you, my goodness, the world is going to super heat, and weíve got to stop burning everything. Mind you, you can burn things if you buy a license to do it. Theyíre going for even wood supplies across the planet. To get more trees on your property, itís an extra taxes and extra taxes; until eventually you canít afford to live there anymore, because thatís a fossil fuel and itís a resource you see. You once thought it was yours, but no, youíve been taught, taught the truth it belongs to the big boys: The United Nations, the front organization, for the global elite. Theyíre already introduced bans in some areas of North America on wood stoves; other ones are sneaking in with more resistance by land licensing them first. Thatís generally the first step, you license them first, then you get an inspector in, then you pay massive fees for the inspector to look up your chimney and his expert opinion will tell you what you need to do, how much it is going to cost you; and so on, aggravation, you see until you canít feed yourself, heat yourself. Probably theyíll have SWAT teams eventually youíre caught stitching a button on your shirt (that would be self-sufficiency) or darning a sock. And Iím not kidding.


Weíve going to see what would appear to be madness launched on the public; it already is in some particular areas. I get reports from all over the world, as I say, and the bizarre thing is people accepting, getting used to the armed black band ninja turtles with the machine guns, in bus stations and subway stations and all of that stuff.† The dream of every tyrant in history was to get his army, his totalitarian army accepted by the conquered peoples. All they had to do was to tell them that theyíre to help you and keep you safe. And dress them in black; the color of death, the executioner and hood was always in black because the police forces have changed from being services to being forces and enforcers. It will get worse before it gets better, but before anything happens in that direction, the people have to stop sticking their heads where the sun donít shine and speak out while they have the chance to speak. Because shortly it will be forbidden and shortly they will not be tolerating anything which they say is antigovernment. "Antigovernment" means anything negative at all about the system. You have a huge population in North America being so brainwashed by their Christian leaders and they all belong to the World Council of Churches, the chairman was Rockefeller himself, he started up it up. I think heís vice-chairman now. And they all take orders from that group, the WCC. And theyíre waiting for Jesus to come and theyíll all be happy and get new bodies and that will change in the twinkling in an eye, and without a doubt that will change when they have their brain chips. Because then you see me, then you donít, you will be gone. And R2D2 will be there instead. Thatís the world theyíre bringing in, the new-agers are spell bound and theyíre gluttonous. And all the masses of cheap books churned out on channeling nirvana, passed life experiences, UFOs, and its endless the perennial religion that they always bring up when they want big changes made. This has been done all times in history, before a change starts. Well it doesnít fail; it never fails. Its been so good because theyíre ensured that all groups that started up or were started up for them to follow, have taught them not to look at anything negative, anything unpleasant, turn away, turn your back and look at the positive things, the positive side of everything. Well what a beautiful way to disarm the minds of people. Because when you are walking along a train track, you want your ears open so you can hear the train coming you would think. Pretending it's not there wonít help you.


Last night, at least last evening, thatís April 3rd, on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio, you can find it at, radio shows. ďAs it happens,Ē is the name and I call it a show, because it was a show, you can find a little talk by Barbara Bud on terrorism. This is stuck between a play on suspected terrorists and 2 birds that are now living in the Chernobyl area, which they call the nu-clear family (separate). That is the Masonic joke, the nu-clear age. Nu-clear Ė Clear meaning you see through all families, you have all the data on them. And itís stuck between all this bizarre trivia, bad hair day stuff and all that kind of stuff. We get all surrealistic so you get horror news mixed up with this trivia, which even ended with Keith Richards admitting to snorting his dadís ashes after cremation with coke. I mean this is how they mix all bizarre surrealistic and talking something which should horrify us at the same at the same time, though not the Ashes and the Coke or Keith Richard.


However, this story on terrorism, tucked in there, psychological warfare. And it's about the new laws that come in the US, no doubt theyíre coming out all over, because they are all coordinated worldwide to do with suspected terrorists who are now finding they cannot get a loan from the bank if youíre on the list; a credit card, you might not be able to even withdraw money from a bank. You wonít be able to get a pass or buy a ticket for a bus or the subway or a plane. You might not be able to move at all; it will eventually come down to food and everything else, which are the basics of life. However, this is the start of the first steps towards this, so youíre on a list and you find suddenly you canít get anything you really need to survive. Youíll be blacklisted, did I also mention that you could be interviewed for many jobs and they donít have to tell you why youíve been turned down because youíre on the blacklist, you see. You think youíre just the one person thatís got all the bad luck in the world and they donít have to tell you why youíve been turned town for employment and you canít buy this, and you canít buy that, you canít get credit. This is the big stick starting to appear. And even the story is meant to terrify everyone, not to get yourself a name on a list, not to get on a list of suspected terrorists, by being good. Now being terrorism has expanded to include so many other things. So many other things, as I knew would, they always put these things on the book, very vague, and expand them once the public have yawned and started going back to chewing the grass. They get used to it and expand it. I know a lady who went down to Texas to see her relatives, she was held at the airport for a few hours and eventually one of them told her, and they didnít have to tell her why she wasnít getting on the plane. Youíre down as a financial terrorist, because she owed back taxes from years ago. This is where itís going. And these goons, theyíre well paid, the new fraternities wearing the black outfits, executioners. They do what theyíre told, even though they know darn well theyíre in the wrong. They are the minor psychopaths and we breed them too, they are in amongst us, and they are always on the look out of some power. The new ID cards will eventually be your bankcards too. Eventually theyíll be the only means of using contracts to buy anything. Itíll be all cashless, going through your cards. No doubt too they will have penalties as well for lesser terrorists or just naughty boys and girls. Youíll get on the yellow list or something like that, and theyíll just give you a higher fee or penalty, a surcharge on every purchase. However, we are on a roll to the worst tyranny this world has ever ever seen, and the people are being entertained to death as all this is being set up. Entertained to death. If everyone truly wanted to know why all these bizarre laws are being pushed even locally on them on your water supply, on your septic supply, your sewage takeaway, your land itself, the land you sit on, your housing standards.


All the things, which are being pushed now, and the fines that go along with for not complying, massive fines on a daily basis youíll find it all comes from the United Nations. The United Nations was set up to be a front for global government run by the same psychopathic families that have brought us to war for centuries with each other. They want total control of everything which gives you independence, including growing your own vegetables ultimately. Agenda 21 gives you the United Nationsí plan for the habitat areas and there will be two types. There already are in fact. These big cities will be the big slums, very overcrowded slums of the near future, if they get their way, for the bulk of the populous. Very extensive habitat areas, with ultra-modern houses and solar heating and parks are already made and are for sale for the very very wealthy, who will ultimately eventually be the bureaucratic classes to serve the world system. This is all coming into being now. Itís happening now. Your local council and every country gets its orders filtered down through its organizations, including a freemasonic and eastern star organizations as to whatís politically correct. They smell the wind and they know where to go with it and thatís why itís all happening worldwide at the same time. Itís just the people who now must be trained to go along with the changes and thatís why they use terror and fear and all big change over to get the public to accept a vastly new way of living, which is always totalitarian for the bulk of the populous. There is nothing new in this except on the global scale and perhaps the second part that is not new, except for the first time the bulk of the population are oblivious as to whatís happening, whatís really going on. There has never been a time in history where pretty well all media gives your thoughts, gives you what you would think, your takes, your spin on items they present to you. In fact they donít leave you with anything that you have to ponder and come to your own conclusion. Itís all wrapped up and ready made for you. Thatís where your conclusions come from, from the mainstream media. Itís packaged with bizarre surrealistic stories all attached to horrific ones, until nothingís real or important anymore.


Psychological war techniques have been used for a long long time; you can find information on Tavistock institute initially a mental hospital in London. It was transformed into a psychiatric investigative type clinic, where they had all the rights to test even brain implants on people, chip implants and wires they used on their brains. Aldous Huxley was a frequent visitor to observe this kind of phenomena. Weíve been trained for a long long time, with all the Pavlovian techniques of stimulus response, and eventually conditioning. I can remember when cars first came out with the little buzzer for your seat belt, that was a stimulus, primitive stimulus. They trained rats the same way, when they hear the buzzer they go a pull a little lever for their seat.† That was the response to the sound and the public was trained the same way to strap on the belt and then the buzzer went off and the light went off. This is using machines to train you the same way as rats are trained and the public was oblivious to the science behind it. We are conditioned in many many ways in behavioral science and by behavioral scientists so that we ignore what should be self-evident and we donít see things for what they really are or where they are taking us. The world, as I say, is under tremendous changes and it took years to prepare the public. It took years of negotiations, planning, think tanks, cooperation between governments to bring a state of emergency or even get it on the books so they could all go into action at the same time.


9-11 was just a stimulus to get it under way, the excuse to get it under way. We never had this during the cold war. We never had the mass of ID cards, and spying on everyone and all the data collection on every single person during the cold war and suddenly we have it now because the Muslims might attack us. Psychopathic systems, when they go to war, have 2 fronts always. One front is the enemy over there, there always is always an over there, who must conform to our way Ė which is the economic system that we use. With the economic system, all culture must alter as well. In other words when you take an economic system on, you take on all the culture and all the law system on with it. Because everything revolves around the economic system, as taught in economics. And they also have an equal intensive war at home because they mustnít lose their hold over the populous that is funding it all, the ordinary people. So they have to try to ensure that they are in control at home at all times as they wage war abroad to push this system on everyone. Psychopaths dream, they dream, of total control, itís an orgy for them of total control, and itís the ultimate orgasm to imagine a world where they are in charge of everything, because they have a terrible feel of not being in charge. They are control freaks. Therefore they must have the data and the monitoring of every single individual so that they can feel better at night and sleep well knowing that everyone is being controlled. The psychopath is a great actor, he will show emotion, even tears, when they are discussing something. If they show tears it is for different purposes, something internal that gets to them, because they are really rationalizing along a different track of through than the public who perceive it. And they can show emotion.


I watched a little Documentary on McNamara, who was in charge of, at least the beginning of the Vietnam War for the United States; he rationalized every single part of the strategy at war with Vietnam. He did show some tears at one point when he was talking about a graveyard and how Kennedy had talked about how peaceful it was etc. and eventually Kennedy was laid there. It's because psychopaths see themselves as being the heroes, they idolize the heroes of the past, the big conquerors. They love statues. They love glorious words and epitaphs and stones, they all wish to get it. This is how they operate. The cost in human lives is totally irrelevant to them. They could be told a death rate one day in a war of their own troops or others, and go off to party the same time. Winston Churchill did this all the time during World War Two, and you should read the memoirs by his own personal secretary who tells you this. A psychopath has no problem because they donít feel empathy for other people. They are like a separate species. Itís unfortunate, very unfortunate, that years ago when some brave souls got into the investigative mode on this problem of psychopathy they realized that the psychopath ran on almost pure instinct with the needs and wants exaggerated and the psychopath cannot tolerate frustration and must get things done immediately. They want their way, they liken this to a part of the brain which is found in all mammals and cold-blooded animals and one particular character said years ago, said it's more like a crocodile in the way it functions. A crocodile sees what it wants, it goes after it wants, opens its mouth, it snaps its mouth, it swallows its victim. It runs on instinct. Then of course, we have people running off with the story and printing out books on reptilian people and so on. Then you have all the new-agers following this, looking for walking reptiles. Totally confused, totally confused. Theyíd rather believe that, than go and research the subject of the psychopaths themselves. The fascinating things will attract a good bulk of the populous. At all times this happens, especially the more afraid they become of whatís happening around them. That which they sense, more than understand and times gone by people ran to their religions to their safety and their bibles because there was nothing else to help them. They always waited for a champion from out there to deliver them from their evil. Weíve seen this over and over down through history.† We saw it with the Cargo people even, good example. This is a term they give to islanders in the Pacific during World War II where America went in with the big money, the air strips, and the military machine and brought food with them and gizmos and gadgets. All these wonders which were like miracles to these people who lived in a very simple natural way. After the troops pulled out, a cult developed in different islands, they called them the Cargo cult where they thought if they prayed enough these big birds in the sky would come back one day with all these goodies and food and pop and utensils. Its no different during Christianity where they have their preachers reading Revelations, misinterpreting them of course, because they donít really understand them; and telling them it's Godís will, so theyíve got fatalism involved. Where nothing will be done because itís Godís will and Godís making these bad men do what theyíre doing, but donít worry, because in the end weíll be saved.


As I say, the new-agers are into denial, be happy, and donít look at the negative. Many of them actually think itíll be fantastic when they get their brain chip and theyíre all one. One big Borg and yet they never even ask the question whoíll be programming me, because it certainly wonít be the individual, themselves. Thatís the kind of future weíre looking at here. This is the future which has been discussed by heavily funded think tanks on behalf of the characters above, mainly who wear suits and ties with their myriads of white-coated scientists behind them and professional people. ďThe world of expertsĒ as Bertrand Russell hailed it to be. There have been psychologists and psychiatrists whoĎve written about this particular problem in various books tentatively because itís not too popular when you realize youíre being ruled by power-hungry people, and yet thatís what we called success in the system. Weíre left to conclude the system itself as deviant in that it helps the deviants get to the top. Itís almost purpose-made for them, personally I think it is. These specialists think they should be given special privilege to oversee those who are given office in public affairs from the highest to the lowest, to sort of vet them. I donít agree with this at all because by their own theory the psychopath will use every and all means in this system to get to the top, which includes their own overseeing organization. It wouldnít take long and many psychiatrists and psychologists have gone into this study themselves because how other people operate fascinates them. Itís a great tool for them to use over other people. This information would have to be taught to school to everybody so everyone would be on the look out at all times for the incoming psychopaths who could eventually rule over them.


Again, I would have to say for myself, this whole system would have to change because it is purpose-made for the power hungry, the forceful and the devious. Those will no conscience get to the top. Itís a magnet for them. The system with this power, itís gaining and dominance through business battles, corporate battles and takeovers. This is their playing ground, their playing field. They run that system. We donít live in a humane system. We must have another way. I donít propose to tell you what it will be. Iím just here to tell you what is and show alternatives because everyone must chose for themselves where they want to go and what kind of society they would like. However, they must educate themselves on the type of people who get to the top in this society. Psychopathy is famous for its inability to alter itself. It will always repeat the same techniques over and over right down through history through the present and into future. It cannot be satiated with saying "well Iíve got enough, thatís enough power for me"; it's like blood to a shark; itís frenzy for them. It doesnít get satisfied. Power and prestige and the worship of the lesser beneath him, which is unfortunately true. Those with less tend to worship those with most. Because society tells us that those at the top are winners, thatís what all the sports are about, to reinforce the winners and the losers. When we witness a system where money dominates, I can see no other way, but the way weíre going, where people have so many tokens dished out at the end of the week or the month. Youíre told thatís your lot because this is your rank and yet most of its taken away from you in taxation to make sure the big boy system stays in place and they can hire their massive armies and teams of professionals to play with your mind. Thatís a slavery system as Galton Darwin said, a more sophisticated form of slavery. He was all for it of course. Professor Carroll Quigley, who wrote ďTragedy and Hope,Ē he came out with the big clubs that run the world in his book; not to expose them to ridicule, but he thought being part of some of those clubs that he would take the honors for publicizing it to the world. Because he thought the world was ready to accept the fact that their betters basically, their intellectual superiors were ruling them. He thought it was the natural state of affairs and the public would accept that quite calmly. He was tremendously arrogant in his ivory tower. And he was all for the plans of these organizations to which he belonged. HE was their official historian as well, as many other things, for he comes from the Council on Foreign Relations. He had access to their innermost records and thereís a lot more he certainly could have told the public, but didnít.† Ego, egomania worship by the people down below, power is never satisfied and the need to go down in history as a mover and shaker. Ultimately to make everyone bend at the knee worldwide and say, ďyes sir, three bags full sir,Ē is the dream of the psychopath and we must recognize it now because they are in charge. They are going to use the terror techniques shortly, theyíve many new words, and they are good at making up words to camouflage their actions. Like "rendition" is where they just kidnap people and throw them off to some other government where they can just get tortured. While we just watch the sports and the soap operas and the comedy shows and listen to trivia presented as news.


Horror is already happening, has been happening now for some time. While we get entertained, those who are growing up now, and are idealistic as most young people are, will have to face this. For those who are older, and who understand it and sick of the response, well thank goodness the worst will happen when I am dead. Well maybe not, because itís speeding up pretty quickly. What a way to throw off your responsibility onto the next generation, its disgusting. Itís disgusting as a response. The reason we are now at this stage is because the previous generation had the same attitude when they had credit cards thrown at them, regardless of their credit rating. They would go on a binge and spending spree of debt, while the big boys played their games and spun their web across the planet and everyone entertained themselves, engorged themselves on pastimes. Thatís passing the buck. Whatíll they do when the buck stops and youíve brought children into a world where they have no say as to what they want to do. And like every generation they learn by doing, the mistakes they make too, itís their choice to do so. Thatís how you learn anything, is by making the mistakes and you must be allowed to do all that.† To be brought in a world, which is rigid, and experts all monitoring from cradle to crave like a specimen; itís not human. Thatís not human. And we cannot leave it on their shoulders. Also, the younger generations have more inoculations than any other previous generation. Again, a warfare tactic, which makes perfect sense. You donít want a well-educated bright population on the go when youíre making drastic changes in society.


These things were discussed a long time ago in warfare circles. Weíve watched the big corporations eradicate the ordinary farmers across the Americas and Canada by government rules and regulations and restrictions, the same with fisheries. Now they are doing the same thing with New Zealand. Because, again, you cannot be independent for your survival in any way whatsoever. During World War II, Professor Banting or Doctor Banting, (the great hero that gave us insulin for diabetics) wrote about, because he worked for the bacterial warfare laboratories, (his real job) about destroying the agriculture of Germany by various means, by bacterial laboratories etc. And even bees were discussed back then. What youíre seeing with the bees all dying off, being necessary to fertilize crops, what youíre seeing is warfare. Because the big agri-food are to be left in charge of all food production and theyíre been setting up their big shops, their big farms in Latin America, under the Free Trade Association and NAFTA.† You also have all the cross-pollination now going on with modified crops and non-modified, everythingís been tampered with. Nothing will be a surprise when the statistics come in as to the effects of all of this stuff. I am sure it is not a surprise at all to those who planned it. This is not a pleasant topic and Iíd like to come on talk and talk about nice things, but there are lots of stations out there talking about nice things. I donít do a common show, because although you could go on for hours a day that way, because most of your callers do the talking. I have information, which I think which, I think, is of interest to interest to people. Itís pretty vital at the moment, because we are at a final stage of something, which will not be very nice whatsoever. As one elderly lady in her 90ís told me recently, who has woken up to all of this, and sheís saying too weíre go through hell before we see any light. And that is true, the dark days are coming.


For those who are helping me with the sites, I really appreciate it. Iíve got more sites coming up in Europe and that hopefully will be done by the end of this week. For those who have sent the donations, I really appreciate that too. And I hope they keep coming, and no just for one big show. We are in the midst of the final stage of this, and we have to push on now how we can. There are a lot of good people out there of all ages, who understand what we are talking about. Rather than feel helpless, theyíre starting to get involved, and seeking out the right people, and the right people know it too. Weíll keep going as long as we can. For myself, and Hamish the dog, itís Good Night, and may your God or your gods go with you.



Song: "Breaking The Silence" by Loreena McKennitt