“Gods of Greening, Fields of Scheming and the People Dreaming

April 5, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 5, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





(Transcribed by Mercedes)



Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and tonight I’m on, the main site, .org etc. Today is April the 5th, two thousand and seven. To start off I’d like to talk a little bit about the environmental crisis, this phobia almost that has been in the making for such an awful long time. Back in days of Madame Blavatsky they prattled on in her group about the need to bring a form of Gaia type worship to manage the people. Because it was well understood, and it still is of course, that in every age religion has been the greatest tool for managing the minds of the people. They knew that for a new age, they’d have to create a new religion, which had been in keeping of the plans of the intellectual elite, who decided they had the right to plan the world the way it should be, not the way it was, but the way it should be. They eventually got a theosophy a charter, a Masonic institution. Although it was a side order. They didn’t get all the secrets, because they didn’t believe the women should get the secrets. In fact they’re a very sexist group, they give side degrees. Because the truth of freemasonry is that only man has spirit and is capable of receiving a spirit. That’s the big secret you see. Women, as Albert Pike said, a woman or a wife could only reflect her husband’s glory. Meaning she is the moon, the earth and the moon. He is the sun and the cosmos. The moon reflects the light of the sun. However, they needed to get a huge population of women to back their agenda and so they re-introduced all of the old religions, really, which they knew by their records and archives that women tend to be drawn towards; so they brought in channeling, which is nice and dramatic. Mediums, they called them back then, with little messages like your uncle who is deceased found your handkerchief, it's underneath the couch in the living room, and very important stuff like that, it’s going to change your life. You’ll notice its always very important stuff like that. It's true enough, a lot of women would like to go to fortune tellers, and these look at crystal balls and it's very mysterious; and for a little price you get a good spiel and it makes you feel better really. However, when they bring it all together and create a religion to control you, it’s a different matter altogether. They decided in the 1800’s that this intellectual elite should manage for the guardian class, and that they would manage the world because in Freemasonry they say that they’ve come to perfect that which was left imperfect; which is basically everything, that is, primarily man himself.


This whole idea of being born free, even though we’re not, that went a long time ago. You tend to think you’re born free; even though you’re made to do everything from then on, like go to school and all that kind of stuff. Then eventually you have hormonal drives and so you get married and have children and your spouse. Her genes and your genes mating together might just produce bad offspring. That’s all that genetics is all about. Because genetics’ real purpose is to weed out all the problem people that make a burden on society, eugenics is a big part of it and always has been and still is. I mean, that’s what genetics is all about, making a better working population to serve the elite as they think things should be, you see.


We live in a very complex system of information. Complex primarily because you have a lot of people who don’t know enough of what’s happening. Some people specialize in certain areas of what’s happening, and they’re very good. Others simply don’t know, they understand a little bit and they run with it; not realizing that if they look at all of the system to get the big picture, to realize that if you take a little bit of the system and want to fix it cannot really be fixed without altering the rest, and you get a lot of confusion there. Plus you have more left and right wings controlled by the same heads, even though they seem to oppose each other, they really have the same goal if you follow the thread of the logic. They give you left wing papers and right wing papers, and I guess there are all kinds of in-betweens or pretenses. It doesn’t matter who gives you the propaganda as long as you believe in it, that’s how propaganda works.


Here’s an article here, from Canada, from Tuesday March 13th, two thousand and seven, written by Judy McCloud. We say McCloud in Scotland, I don’t know how they pronounce it here. It’s quite a good article, pretty accurate in most it. It’s to do with the global warming scam, this great machine, this train that’s been started long ago and built up and built up and built up with all the propaganda on animal programs and insect programs and so on that we’ve being stuffed with all our whole lives, beginning really in the late 50's in fact. And accelerating, especially public broadcasting, people all think public broadcasting is from ordinary people. No, even those shows are all sponsored by the big wildlife funds, like the World Wildlife Fund and Prince Philip is the head boy there supposedly. Now we’re in the middle of the crisis where we’re going to be told as they use science. They are using science and the spraying of the skies and causing the storms, using the HAARP technology along side of it. It's micro-managed now, it's quite simple stuff, but they can be convinced to give up all their way of giving in picking their mates and all that kinds of stuff. And they’ve got to bring up a generation who’ll willingly be sterilized to give up mother earth. They’ll probably get a little medal or a gold star on their leaving school certificate or something like that. And you’ll see like robots, you know, prattling off these slogans to you and calling you a thought criminal if you contradict them.


This article is from, as I say, a Canadian paper that’s called the Canadian Free Press, Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 written by Judy McCloud. At the top it says


“Maurice Strong, Al Gore, creators of Carbon Credit Scheme, Cashing in on it.” There’s an elephant in global warning’s living room that few in the mainstream media want to talk about, the creators of the carbon credit scheme are the ones cashing in on it. Two cherub-like choir boys singing loudest in the holier than thou cathedral are Maurice Strong and Al Gore. This duo has done more than anyone else to advance the alarmism of man made global warming.”


It's not really true, Maurice Strong is funded; he was picked by the Rockefeller family when he was young, groomed for his position and heavily financed and backed. Because the big corporations are running the world already. There are no really individual corporations in this club, they’re all one already. “Like Pike and others said, they would become masters over the masters of the world through the accumulation of fantastic wealth,” well that’s been done.


“With little media monitoring both Strong and Gore are cashing in on the lucrative cottage industry known as global warming. Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Change. Wikipedia described as ‘the world’s first and North American’s only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry, Production system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brail.’ Gore buys his carbon offsets from himself.”


You see this offset thing is a tax really that the companies have to pay, a pollution tax. Every company has to pay really the UN and the UN dishes it back to certain groups like Gore’s. It’s a roundabout scheme where the big boys get big money, the government pays a tax or two, and I mean we do. We all as individuals pay many taxes for pollution and it’s supposed to help. It's amazing how money is going to stop it, money. Its like teaching, you turn out children that can’t write, and it’s been like that for 30 years and so their answer is what we need is more money. And here we are, with literate children and they want more money. Well it’s the same with this con game.


“Gore buys his carbon offsets from himself. The generation investment management, LLP, an independent private owner management partnership established in 2004 with offices in London and Washington, DC of which he, Gore, is both chairman and founding partner.  To hear this saving the earth singsong of this dynamic duo, even the feather-like petals of cherry blossoms in Washington, gave a bigger carbon footprint. It’s a strange global warming partnership, Strong and Gore, but its one that’s working. Strong is the silent partner, a man whose name often draws a blank in the Washington cocktail circuit, even though a former secretary general of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. The much-hyped Rio Earth Summit, which was written by Rockefeller actually, and um, Strong just read it out, he’s an old nasty character. He was also undersecretary general of the United Nations in the days of the beleaguered Kofi Annan. The Canadian-born Strong is little known in the United States. ”


That’s because he spends most of his time in China, where he works to make the communist country the world’s next super power. Maurice Strong, its interesting even the place he was born, has for its town emblem, has a bull, one of the Masonic symbol for generation, the power of bull. He sure embodies a lot of it. Strong also started up the new age settlement in the Baca Grande area in the US. And he has all these gurus of different kinds and Buddhists and even Catholic nuns there, I think they are Carmelite nuns, who do all the new age stuff and different ones all living there. Hannah Strong, his wife, does a lot of the associations with them. He’s got his own little tower where you walk in a spiral, because spiraling is a very big part of Freemasonry. You climb the spiral of your lives and become a god eventually. And underneath that, back at Grande Ranch, they have the world’s or the US’s largest underwater aquifer, a natural massive natural storage tank for freshwater. Another resource, you see, things which will be important in the future. He has a lot of luck this guy, Maurice. And Maurice also has been up there with the World Bank, you know the bankers; he was also in charge of part of that for a while. He’s also, they also brought him back under Au Bray’s government for Canada, to take over Ontario Hydro; the electrical power for Ontario, which the taxpayers have funded and built up. His job when he came in was to privatize it and sell it off. That’s the usual con the big boys do. They make you think it’s going to be yours, and how wonderful it will be. In the early days of Ontario Hydro, even Pierre Trudeau, the prime minister, was in ads on television telling you keep all your lights on, it's going to be cheap, cheap, cheap; but old Trudeau was no fool you know. He died and had a little red rose put in his coffin, just like Francois Mitterand. And they put in front of the Parliament Building an eternal flame that burns over some water, flame over the water. That’s another way of doing the same symbol as Washington’s monument with the rectangular pool below. All symbolic; and it was over the heads of the people. However, Maurice Strong is a very important character; he’s all over the place. He’s well into his seventies, might even be eighty now. HE puts in a full days work, flies all over the planet. And yet in China, working for the United Nation, in a building supplied by the United Nations to further integrate the system with China; who is supposedly the model state for the world to copy, that’s what it’s all about.


It was interesting when a Public Broadcasting Documentary one a rainy Sunday afternoon, and I pick up my three channels on the rabbit ears on top of the television. And my goodness, here is Mr. Maurice Strong, and there is this little PR blurb about him and how wonderful he is. It talked to his family members and his grandchildren and they all think he’s so sweet. It showed you the building in China, where he works. When they were talking to him, they also followed him to a graveyard, where he put flowers on a grave next to Mao Tse-Tung. It was for aunt who was an advisor to Mao Tse-Tung. These characters are intergenerational; they’re into every revolution, big money behind them. And they’re all high Freemasons, I mean high Freemasons; they’re not the little fringe guys at the bottom that slap each other on the back and drink the beer and go hunting and stuff, but way up there with the guys in the real know. I call it the politburo of Freemasonry.


To continue,


“the non-descript Strong, nonetheless, is a big cheese in the world of climate change as one of the main architects of the coming your way soon Kyoto Protocol.”


That’s true, you’re going to hear as this year goes, and they keep giving us more storms and you watch the planes above you making the storms. We’ll all be coughing, coughing with the stuff that comes down. And they’ll tell us we’re causing the global warming, and how you’ve got to change your complete way of living. And these big characters that also work for the big corporations and foundations, is all one now as Carl Quigley said. The new feudal system is to be based on a corporate government structure, which you used to call fascism. The new knights, the captains of industry, will also be your intellectual bosses, they’ll tell if you can breed at all, and what you’re going doing do for the rest of your life; what little habitat you’ll be stuck in making beads, which you’ll sell to maybe Chinese tourists or something. This is reality of what we’re talking about. This is all planned. People should look at the habitat strategies in the United Nations; they have their own websites. And Agenda 21, it will explain why you’re gasoline is going through the roof because eventually you’re not supposed to drive and that will further be enhanced by the ID card, which you’ll have to show to even buy gasoline or petrol as they call it over in Britain. Gasoline’s getting very expensive over here in Canada, its $1.09 cents per liter at the moment, which would be 4.20 a gallon US. That’s because we’re more democratic than the US that we pay so much more, but it’s coming your way soon. Because the same characters in charge of the world are networking thousands of organizations and NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) all pushing for this new world society, thinking it's for the good of mother earth.


Now onto Gore. Now Gore was trained by Armand Hammer. Armand Hammer was so big up in the Communist system, that Lenin gave him an apartment in the Kremlin. That’s no joking. And the Gore family was trained, and especially Al Gore, by these characters and given the stamp of approval as having the real, right deviant genes. He’ll gore us all in the end I’m sure. Anyway, back to what it says here:


“Gore is a glitzy media approved front man in the partnership, the flashing neon lights on the global stage; warning the masses of the earth, or the end of the earth as we know it. And Hollywood’s poster boy for grinning on the silver screen. The skeptics of man-made global warming believe that Gore and Strong have made climate change the new religion. Climate change is not the first religion both parties have tried to make stick, along with former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev.”


Another Gore you see.


“Strong currently, president of the Earth Council.”


Now, the Earth Council was discussed at a NASA meeting back in the 1960s, late 60’s. And Gene Roddenberry was there, he said they’d create an Earth Army, meaning that all the dumb fools who believe in it, NGOs follows, could then push for all the changes which they wanted to hear, (the suggestions of).


“The Earth Council’s been boasting of replacing the ten Commandments (this is Gorbachev), replacing the Ten Commandments, with the Earth Charter, a golden rule guide for how the masses should treat the environment. Gore, who has given sermons, at the United Nations sponsored Cathedral of St. John the Divine…”


You see the Free Mason’s have a big thing with John the Divine, I’ll explain it maybe one day.


“Church in New York City." And he’s a promoter of a religion known as Gaea.”


Gaea, you know, the old earth mother, under many names; the one who will sacrifice her first born to the mountains and all that. We’re talking the mountains because it was the right thing to do in those days according to priests of that time.


“The two environmental gurus, also share belief in radical Malthusian population reduction.”


They do, they do, and they do. We just breed too much, we breed too much. The silly masses can’t handle the hormones like the elite do. This has been going on for 150 years or more. Actually more, I mean Mathis was from the 1700’s and I mean, even you’ll find the founding fathers of the US bought his books on population. They were all kind of supporters of it. And we been doing this drum beat forever, how to manage masses, because they are just too stupid and ignorant to manage themselves. If you left them to themselves, they’d probably party and dance and do naughty things between each other and produce children. Even into the 1900’s, there were so many battles, because there were more facts out in the early 1900’s, people had more ammunition to throw back at these population control characters. They had lists of all the elites’ families, and how many offspring they were having. They were having bigger families than the poor were having; but they keep drumming this drum, and giving this same beat. Forcing more and more folk into cities through extravagant taxations, taking all employment out of the countries, so then move into cities. Therefore it gives you the appearance that the world is crowded. This is all how it’s done. This was discussed at big high-level meetings, how to create the perception of over population.


So getting back to this:


“According to them, too many people, particularly in the US, are polluting the planet. Emitting excessive Freon through their refrigerators and jacking up the air conditioning.”


I think they did away with Freon because the big company Dupont also makes a lot of a lot of powder for ammunition for the military, and it managed to push through bills to ban the Freon. They put in this new stuff that this company just happened to have the patent on. And the old boys club works very well for them. Freon, by the way, they kept hyping and hyping: Oh Freon will destroy the ozone. Freon is heavier than air, it stays towards the ground. What a con game. This is children’s stuff, they teach children this before they were 8 years old, this kind of stuff. Including the environmental changes, how we’ve had many ice ages and many warming periods, up and down, up and down, all down through history. They took all those books away, so it’s easy now to brainwash the children.


 “But the conduct of Al Gore and Maurice Strong, in the catalyst world, is one for the books. It’s a side of them that may have remained unknown had it not been for the investigative talents of the Executive Intelligence Revue, EIR.”


I think EIR is run by Lyndon LaRouche, who personally, after looking at his agenda, is simply going the same road in a different direction and ends up in the same place. This meant to lead a lot of left-wingers, especially those college graduates and university graduates, along. He’s all for globalism too. And you see globalism would develop naturally, if it wasn’t for the guys that set up borders along time ago. And who set them up? Well you’ll find it was the ancestors of the same families who are now taking away the borders, they needed enemies to tax the people and get them to work, keep the people afraid. So they created boarders, and sure enough, over all long period of time, if left alone and hormones being what they are, people would’ve been breeding outside into other tribes and families and peoples. That’s not profitable from an economic standard, according to the big boys, so it served it's purpose for long enough and they had all their wars, which are just empire building. And demolitional jobs as you rebuild with your corporations and Halliburton. And to create a global society and then take the borders down now, and then find terrorism within, because you've always got to have an enemy. And so there would be terrorism within, just as Stalin knew. Everyone is a thought criminal. So you have to be careful of even what appears to be exposes or what’s behind it. I remember when Lyndon LaRouche was running for some political party or whatever and a little speech, or part of his speech was flashed over the radio. And he said himself; he wanted to ban every single internal combustion engine on the planet. Well the same thing is being done, you see with the boys who are presently controlling it. They want to ban all vehicles as a new aim again at the habitat. In Agenda 21 charter, that they want people living in habitat areas, there will be no private transportation; your work will be assigned to you in that habitat town or city or whatever it is.


To get back to this talk on Al Gore and Maurice Strong. 


“The Tawdry tale of the top two global warming gurus in the business world goes all the way back to Earth Day to April 17th, 1995. When the future author of “An Inconvenient Truth,” traveled to Fall River, Massachusetts, to deliver a green sermon at the headquarters at Molten Metal Technology Inc., MMTI. MMTI was the firm that proclaimed to have invented a process for recycling metals from waster. Gore praised the Molten Metal firm as a pioneer in the kind of innovative technology that can save environment and make money for investors at the same time. Gore left out a few facts out of his speech that day. First, the firm was run by strong


(ha ha ha)


and a group of Gore intimates, including Peter Knight, the firm’s registered lobbyist and Gore’s former top Senate Aid. Wrote EIR.”


So they’re giving speeches to themselves, but the pubic don’t know that. And all the followers, the Green Movement, the Earth Army, (as it’s called) just cheer when their leaders say cheer.


“Second, the company had received more than 25 million in US Department of Energy Research and Development Grants, but it failed to prove that the technology worked on a commercial scale.”


That doesn’t matter, not in government stuff.


“The company would go on to receive another 8 million dollars in federal tax payer’s cash, at that point its only source of revenue.”  Not bad work if you can get it, eh? With Al Gore’s Earth Day as a Wall Street calling card, Molten Metal’s Stock value soared to 35 dollars a share; a range it maintained through October, 1996.”


Not bad, eh, giving a speech for this wonderful and what it’s doing is saving the environment, and it’s his own company.


“But along the way DOE scientists had balked at further funding, when March 1996, corporate officers concluded that the federal cash cow was about to run dry, they took action. Between that date and October 1996, 7 corporate officers, included Maurice Strong, sold off 15.3 million in personal shares in the company at top market value. On October 20th, 1996, a Sunday. The company issued a Press Release announcing for the first time, that DOE would be vastly scaled back and reported the bad news with a conference call with stock brokers.”


It should say the sheep stockbroker, that’s what they call them in the business, the guys who follow the newspapers, not the guys in the know. The guys in the know always sell off once they stop getting government funding.


On Monday, the stock plunged by 49%, landing at $5 a share. By early 1997, furious stockholders had filed a class action law suite against the company and its directors. Ironically one of the class action lawyers had tangled with Maurice Strong. IN another insider trading case involving a Swiss Company, AZL Resources, chaired by Strong, who also a shareholder.”


A shade of Rothschild over and over, isn’t it? Same old scams.


“AZL case closely mirrored Molten Metal, and in the end Strong and the other AZL partners agreed to pay 5 million dollars to dodge a jury verdict, when eye witness evidence surfaced of Strong’s role in scamming the value of the company stock up into the stratosphere before selling it off.”


Maybe that’s why the ozone layer’s thinning. Its all that shredded paper been burned from his companies.


“In 1997, Strong went onto accept from Thompson Park, the Korean man, found guilty of illegally acting as an Iraqi agent.”


‘Illegally acting as an Iraqi agent,’ oh well, I guess he wasn’t a spy.


“One million dollars from Saddam, which was invested in Cortex Petroleum incorporated, a company he owned with his son Fred.”


So there you are, there’s another little scam Mr. Strong was involved in, but he’s got big help, big backing; you can’t touch him because the Rockefeller foundation backs him.


“In that year, Gore, still US Vice-president, remember, was making news for taking the initiative and creating the Internet.”


While he was told to do that, he had nothing to do with it. If you listen to his old speeches when he was even, he couldn’t even put a sentence together, without you howling with laughter. That’s a fact. They’re just told what to do, and they do what they’re told. And if they stick to their script, and read it properly, put their contact lenses in, then they don’t fumble so much. So there’s a US Vice-president, pushing all these things forward with his personal interest and that of his big club, the high high Masonic club of corporate bosses. As Pike advised, they would become the masters over the masters of the world by all means possible, including the stock market, said Pike.


“The leaders of the man made global warming movement you might say get around. Meanwhile Jumbos still in global warming’s living room, but the jewel with the tiniest carbon footprints on earth continue to just tiptoe past him.”

So that’s, apart from my own sagacity here, my little comments, that’s from the Canada Free Press. And written Judy McCloud, award-winning journalist with 30 years of experience and so on. Canada Free Press. You can look that up yourself. That’s what you find when you go into all of these big characters at the top. I have some insight, tapes from the Rockefeller foundation and some little speeches given by Rockefeller to his buddies who are all very famous people. They don’t talk about democracy. You know they talk about the plan and their windows of opportunity and they also talk about the cannon fodder of the present generation just is unfortunate, that they have to go through it, but that what must happen to bring all this about. It’s their plan; we’re just living an agenda. That’s the reality of it.


To continue in this vein or environment, conservation and all of that stuff, here’s an article from 2006. March 24 from the Post Standard Syracuse, that’s at, to do with the taxation of trees. Now, this is happening, really across the western world, because all the councils, liberal councils, and state councils and so on, get all their info from the United Nations. And they see what the other ones are doing too to raise more taxes and penalize people. And people, who want to get up the ladder on the board, these climbers, and these social climbers sniff because they’re good psychopaths, sniff the wind to see which way it’s going. They jump on these things; they can get on board. They love the term "on board." They get "on track" with the rest, hoping to get brownie points. And if they get brownie points, they get promoted and might one day end up in politics. This is how it works, they sniff the wind and the copy it. They all belong to the same organizations, which are not responsible to the people who supposedly pretend to elect them.


Here’s the article here:


State Tells Town, Trees are Taxable: Some towns are raising assessments on properties filled with trees.  By Eric Crisp, Albany Bureau.


“New Yorkers pay taxes on everything from cell phones, calls to fireplace, mittens, what are next, trees? Actually, yes. Some towns, including Cortland Ville in Cortland County have begun dramatically raising assessments on the large properties for the value of their trees. Opponents call the move crazy, saying it will encourage the chopping of trees and could hurt world wildlife, water supplies and soil as well as the timber, maple and recreation industries by depleting healthy forests. Some state lawmakers agree and have introduced legislation to prohibit the practice. But the Pataki administration says the number and quality of a property’s trees affect its market value, which forms the basis for its tax assessment.”


What a joke. See, at one time they used to even come to your house and snoop around and say yes. They’d measure you rooms and take out pencil and paper before the calculators. Then they’d sniff the air again and give you assessment on the size of your house. They don’t do that anymore. They just look at the most expensive largest house in an area, and tax you all according to that one’s assessment. And it’s all done from flying over your houses now too. What a wonderful world.


“Kevin King, Executive Director of the Empire State Forest Reductions or Product Association, said that the besides Cortland, a number of towns in Western and Northern New York have begun taxing trees.”


I wonder if the trees will pay.


He said that’s because the state has advised assessors that they’re undervaluing forestland. “The Pataki administration disputes that. ‘There’s nothing-new happening on our end. Nothing we haven’t done for the past 40 years.’”


I could add something there. What they’ve doing to the public for the past 40 years and longer.


“Said Jeffrey Gloak, spokesman for the State Office of Real Property Services.”


He’s got an Oak in his name G-L-O-A-K, what a coincidence.


“The law has required trees to be considered part of the real property of any parcel. ‘If you’re an assessor it’s really left to your determination.’ He said. ‘If they request it from us, we’ll give them average timber values per county. More towns will be making such requests, because they are re-valuing properties more frequently, and reviewing tax laws as they do so.’ Cattaraugus County, town of Allegheny, began a town wide re-evaluation; Gloak’s office sends guidelines that included values per timber. Allegheny assessor, Robin Perl-Lanfier…”


He’s got a hyphen there, very impressive.


Perl-Lanfier said


Oh, it’s a she.


“…said her predecessor did not follow those guidelines, but she is. She disputes the notion that forest property owners are being paralyzed by higher assessments.”


Of course she would, that’s her job.


’They have not paid for their fare share.’


Oh, that’s a vicious socialist global statement:


“’They have not paid their fare share,’ she said. She said that 34 owners of the 85 forest properties in her town have inquired, but they’ve not complained about the higher assessments. Instead she plans to send an explanatory letter out today. But some forest property handlers are complaining. Cortland Handling, a timber management company, that owns nearly 33,000 acres upstate, saw its Cortland property tax jump by 65% last year; after the town assessor hiked assessment on a 36 acre parcel because of value of its trees, said Bob O’Brien, the company’s chief forester. He said the Schuler County based company asked whether cutting trees down, would lower the assessment. Yes, he was told.”


This is how it works, you see.


“‘Well, that’s crazy,’ O’Brien said. ‘It seems completely counter-productive to having a good healthy forest out there for the future, let alone environmental and atheistic issues. On one lot it’s not going to kill us. But,’ he added ‘when the property tax bill in Cortland went from $633.93 to $1042.61, but if that were ever to happen on all of our 33,000 acres, a 65% increase in our tax bill would just flatten us.’ O’Brien said Property taxes which amount to nearly half a million dollars a year for his company, are Cortland Handling’s biggest expense. Cortland assessor, David Briggs, could not be reached for comment, Thursday.”


It’s amazing none of them can be reached for comment, eh? Because they all know they’re crooks. They all know they’re crooks you see, and they just scurry. It’s amazing if you ever have to go see a bureaucrat about something, you go into these massive buildings they build. This is me talking here, not the article. You go into these massive buildings, with long corridors and doors there. And you go in there, looking for somebody or an office or something. If there’s no receptionist there, you walk in these long corridors, and you’ll see these creatures called bureaucrats. They slink along the corridors. This is where they live. This is where they live, these creatures. They sort of slink along the walls. If they see you coming they dash in a door and slam it, very quickly because they are terrified of you. They’re very scared of the public. If you do manage to trap one between doors, he’ll tell you to see the receptionist, and he’ll stammer and stutter and turn all funny colors and jump in his little office.


Getting back to this article:


“State searcher, Katherine Young, R., Olean and Assemblymen William Parmant, D., Jamestown, have introduced legislation to prohibit assessors from slapping higher values on trees. ‘New assessments that attempt to reflect current timbers values can produce a steep tax increase on these properties’ according to a memo supporting the bill. The practical results are likely to be over harvesting, liquidation cuttings, or conversion to development. At the very least this policy is an incentive for landowners to practice poor forest management.”


You don’t want to be taxed per tree, yeah, of course, to save your skin and your home you might just cut all your trees down. That’s economics for you, you see. This is a world of economics.


“Gloak said that if such legislation is passed, New York will be the first state, he knows of to prohibit timber from being assessed as real property. HE said cutting down trees wouldn’t necessary reduce a property’s value.”


Yeah, it’s true enough too. Even those that think, you cut the trees down and reduce their value. I’ve never seen anything reduced when it comes to taxation; it goes up and up and up. Now remember the old communist thing too, gradually increasing taxes that would put everybody under. And the communism was only one wing of the same group; you had the right wing and then the left wing going towards the same agenda.


“If you have your property clear cut, it could be worth more because it’s sub-dividable, he said. And he said his exemptions are available for managed forests. To O’Brien and King, taxing trees appears to be a politically palatable way to increase budgets.”


Well, everything is palatable to them; you avoid the broad based tax increase.


“’You get greater revenues and some of your land owners are absentees,’ King said, ‘they don’t even vote locally. It’s an easy thing to do.’”


They’ve always got reasons for things, for getting money. That’s from the 2006 Article in the Post Standard, in


It’s the agenda. It’s the agenda. We all know what the agenda is. It marches on. We know eventually that even with the gasoline going up and up and up, the thousand reasons all the time. It’s to take you off the road, that’s why they never give you an alternative means of transport or an alternative means of powering a vehicle. It was never intended, when they first gave us the vehicle, to allow it to go much past the industrial era. They had to give it for industrial area, especially in the US and Canada, because people had to travel to work (sometimes weird distances). In the world that’s being created you won’t need a vehicle, in fact you won’t be allowed to have one.  Even if you had one you couldn’t afford the gasoline ultimately. You’re meant to get off the road in this coming beautiful new world order. Where you’ll be happy because your life will be managed for you and they’ll stick brain chips in you to give you virtual reality; not a real one, but a virtually real – being almost. And you’ll be happy until they euthanize you when you can’t carry things anymore, and stuff like that. When you’re no longer economically viable to keep. That’s the beautiful system that’s coming into play and its being aided and abetted by greedy greedy all the way down the ladder to your local council. The little want-to-bees, the miniature psychopaths, the ones that aren’t born into the extremely wealthy families. They have some connections in the local system of masonry, that appoints people to different things, but they don’t have big big wealth. SO they do what they’re told. They sniff the wind, and they try to please their higher bosses and get a mention upstairs. That’s the real system we live in; it’s totally corrupt. Always corrupt, and in a monetary system, it can’t be anything but certainly corrupt. It’s not a natural system; it’s an inhumane system. That’s the bottom line and we can only expect more and more. I get lots of articles coming in, I could read them forever, but why, they are already out there. WE know what’s coming down the pike. Look into Agenda 21 Charter of the United Nations; see what your future holds for you and your children. It’s not hard to put it all together at all.


I thank the people for writing. I get so much mail, generally with questions on history, etc. Others, who are in the panic mode, ask what to do. And I tell them first off, don’t panic, this has been going on for all your whole life and you just woke up to it now and that’s why you’re so scared. It takes time to understand that you’re not the first generation that’s been dropped in a matrix with a different reality than the one that exists. However, it's up to you react, you’re born in the middle of a stage play and you don’t know what’s around you, with tremendously good actors at the top (but then they have all the money in the world to give us the propaganda).


Others such as Gary, who wrote in today, have asked if he can burn the blurbs to disc today and pass them around. Well, sure. Whatever I give out free, you can copy and pass around. That’s how information travels. And hopefully someday we’ll get something out of it. Even if it takes some time. Because the time is running out. We’re well into the next phase. Because, as I say, the whole environmental movement really started in the late 1800’s. And then the combination of a creation of a religion with new age leaning towards earth worship, which is the ultimate goal; all tied together with mother earth, spirits of the earth, and the air and the trees and the animals. And it’s all very nice, but it’s not for a purpose to help anything except those who control the world. That’s the bottom line. That’s the bottom line. Gorbachev himself, said in his book, Towards the New Civilization, that we are creating a new religion for the world. Now, he’s in charge of one of the biggest environmentalist associations on the planet. He was given the ex-United States Military base down in the states as his headquarters, where he flies his green flag, the Knights of Lazarus. He was the one who was promoted by Margaret Thatcher, who got her wish of becoming, I don’t know if it was a Dame or a Countess. However, she gets the equivalent of the Lord, maybe a Duchess and given her red cape and her ermine fur so that she could attend the House of Lords. She was the one who introduced Gorbachev to the world, on the world stage, arm in arm. All the media joined in and suddenly forgot he was a communist leader, leader of the Soviet Union, head of the KGB at one time, who is now a champion of freedom for the wilderness and the Green Movement. The Green Party itself, by the way, was started by a predecessor I think of Madeline Albright, who was a communist leader in a soviet country and a great friend of Stalin. And that’s where it was first discussed, mind you, I’m sure it had already been approved in London a long long time ago, that’s the real world we live in. Nothing is done by itself. Its all in cooperation with the higher societies that run the world, with their bankers, their corporations and their new feudal system where everything.


The term feudal was not used by chance by Carl Quigley, in Tragedy and Hope, the book that he published promoting it all. He thought it was wonderful that these guys who had steered the history of the world for the last few hundred years, it was time the world knew how wonderful these guys were and how they steered it, being the historian of the Council of Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute on International Affairs. He was all for it, he thought the public would accept it. And probably he was right; they would all yawn and ask what the next movie was. However, he said that the system they’re bringing into view is a feudal type system with the corporations and the heads of the corporations being one big club. One big self-noble order, deciding the fate of whole populations and running their lives for them. The word “Fee” comes from few or feu, which is feudal.  It will pay for everything and everything and everything, as long as they keep a money system going. However, it is to eventually metamorphasize into a token system, which they will dispense into everyone’s account, once a week. You’ll have the same amount as everyone else, at least in the lower quarters. And you can’t save it up; it’ll be gone at midnight before it’s renewed the following morning. If you are disapproved of, you’re politically correct; they’ll withhold your funding. You still have to pay rent and buy food and so on. So the token of a set amount and that was put down by Lord Bertrand Russell in his book, Roads to Freedom.


A lot of the speech these psychopaths use, to get everyone on board and on track behind them. A lot of planning, a lot of cooperation, a massive networking of people who all come from the same Ivy League schools. One of the main springs being Oxford, another being Cambridge. They led off this whole movement. And then an association of high Masonic groups, which they all belong to, which are all one in reality. When they talk the brotherhood of man worldwide, they, the elite know it’s for themselves, because we are not men, we are not men. And maybe one day I’ll go into the decipherment of the Old Testament, where it tells you that basically. Everyone is being conned. And the people, who are not men, have been working fervently in good faith at the lower orders of these societies never knowing what the real agenda was, but believing they did, that it was to bring fairness and justice to the world as they filled their pockets and gather up the scams.


However, I’m very very busy here; you wouldn’t believe how many calls I take in a day. How many things I have to do in a day, just to do this little talk here. All on my Jack Todd, which is my own. Hamish would help with the letters, but he tends to get them kind of mushy what I take from his mouth. So it’s getting almost beyond the ability to even write back to people at times. For those who help out, I thank you very very very much. I know who you all are, and I recognize the emails too when they come in and who they're from. So for you all, have a good night, and for Hamish and myself, it’s good night too, and may your God or your Gods go with you. I’ll leave you with a wee song and tribute of the allegory of Al Gore and Mr. Strong's bull. 



Song:  "Takin' Care Of Business" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive