MAY 18, 2006




Dr. Tillawi: Good evening and welcome to "Current Issues." I’m your host, Hesham Tillawi. Welcome to the program ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, we’re having a lot of technical difficulties so we ask everyone to bear with us especially on our graphics computer and the work on the audio. We’re having problems with the audio. I’m not really sure how you’re able to hear it, but we are working on that. Unfortunately, when you have a public access station, sometimes things do go bad and it takes a while to repair them. As you know, public access stations are running on a very limited budget and we’re having problems with our graphic computer, but we will be able to improvise a little bit. We will be able to show you some of the graphics in the first hour.

In the first hour, ladies and gentlemen, we will be speaking with Alan Watt. Alan, he’s a researcher. He’s a researcher. He spends a lot of time researching the secret societies. Now we have talked to you about the Freemasons, the Illuminati. We’ve heard a lot of different groups. The Knights Templars. The – what else are out there? There’s a lot of secret societies out there that supposedly most world leaders are a graduate of those societies. So Alan is an expert on the subject. Now I do ask you to have an open mind. Whatever you are going to be hearing from Alan, just have an open mind, use it as entertainment if anything else, because I am probably very skeptical just like you on a lot of these conspiracies because we’re feeling it but we can’t really put our finger on it but there’s a lot of stuff that’s been coming out lately about these conspiracies and what is going on with the secret societies supposedly that we are being controlled by. Okay. I am – all right. Like we are saying, we’re having problems so just give me a pen and I’ll write it for you. We’re having problems with the graphics and I need to get the password unfortunately. So anyhow.

What I’m saying ladies and gentlemen is just have an open mind about what you are about to hear from Alan. We will be speaking about who is controlling the world and how they are doing it and how long have they been doing it, because what Alan is saying is they have been doing it for a long, long time. Now, who are these people? How did they become where they are and how are they controlling us? So we will be speaking with Alan as soon as we put him on. Do we have Alan with us? Is Alan with us? Okay. I guess not. Until we get Alan back, the government put out a video yesterday about the plane that hit the Pentagon; and actually, we have Alan with us, okay.

Good evening, Alan. Can you hear me okay? Alan’s having a hard time – okay, there we go. All right. Can you hear me Alan?

Alan: You've got a little bit of feedback there for some reason.

Dr. Tillawi: Alan, I want to apologize. We’re having some technical difficulties here that we are working on, but I think we will be able to hear you. Can you hear me okay though? Alan?

Alan: Yes, it’s coming in.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. I wonder if we can just turn the sound up so I can hear him better over here. Okay. Normally we do this before the show but our equipments were down and we’re having to do it in the middle of a live show, so again we apologize to all our viewers. Alan, tell me – I mean we have talked about secret societies. We have talked about who these people are and mostly can you explain who these people are. Can you tell me something about the secret societies, where they are, where they come from?

Alan: Well, the secret societies have an awful long history which is documented. For instance in England – they came into England around the 1500's under Rosicrucianism and that’s when suddenly science started to take over from religions in a flurry of activity with Francis Bacon, John Dee and many others who all belonged to the Rosicrucian Societies and some of them also joined what became eventually the Royal Society, which was a freemasonic scientific institution, which still runs today. However, in the 1600's and 1700's in order to join it you had to either be a bachelor or else put your wife away with the children and leave money for them but never see them again. It was primarily a male dominated society where they swore oaths to each other and they kept the secrets of their science pretty well to themselves.

These sciences were meant for control purposes over the population. Eventually, these secret ones, Rosicrucianism, blossomed into freemasonic societies in the 1700's and even in the freemasonic societies there are specialized ones. There are special sections going up to intelligence agencies which are interconnected with other countries.

Around the late 1800's, Cecil Rhodes, who became the founder of Rhodesia, he was set up by Lord Rothschild and a few other very wealthy people in London to basically further the British Empire. The whole idea was to get a world system based on the British System of ‘free trade’ and the Commonwealth, and their idea was to export the whole culture abroad, especially into Africa and the Middle East. What they did is they recruited the students at universities especially Cambridge and Oxford and trained them in different languages to go over and start up newspaper organizations to give out propaganda in those countries.

Dr. Tillawi: Now, I mean we hear of the freemasonry. We hear of the Illuminati, the Knights Templar. Are they one in the same? Are they separate groups or how is that? How does that work?

Alan: The key is – we know that the first group that came to the West was the Knights Templars that definitely was a society within an organization – a secret society within an organization. We know that they had their own special oaths to each other and they were also a priest-warrior type of organization and they became the first major bankers – international bankers of the day who also used a form of checking system and they kept gold in reserves which they could give to depositors on demand. They were definitely international bankers.

However, in 1906, there was a Convocation – "The Great Convocation" of the Rosicrucian Society in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and they put a book out at the time and the head who was called Clymer, that was his name. He said, "I summoned all the lodges. The Grand Lodge of England. The Scottish Rite Lodge. The Eastern Star. The Rosicrucians." He summoned all the lodges and they all came for the Convocation, which meant THEY WERE ALL ONE and the SAME ORGANIZATION at the TOP LEVEL.

Dr. Tillawi: Do they have like a big structure on top? I know that they have certain degrees like Mason, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and I think the highest is 32nd degrees?

Alan: It’s much higher.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. I mean who are these people?

Alan: The ones at the top as I say when you trace them back to groups like the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and the Round Table groups and Lord Alfred Milner that joined the Cecil Rhodes organization; they merged the two to create a world empire based on the British type system. You find that they’re all interwoven with these same freemasonic organizations to bring world unity; and again, not just world unity, but a brand new way of living where eventually – and they’ve written about this in their own books, that THERE WOULD BE NO PRIVATE PROPERTY. People would basically live to serve the world state as an honor in fact and so ‘free trade’ and money in fact is really just a means to an end. It’s not the end in itself. It’s a means to an end, so we’re going through a transition of pooling the world's resources into a singular structure. There’s no other way it can be under the United Nations' rules and their own charter is for world government.

When they set up the League of Nations back at the time of the end of the First World War, they were far more open on that fact they were there TO CREATE WORLD GOVERNMENT. And I think even if you go back into the United States Constitution and if you read the memoirs of Benjamin Franklin, his own diaries and letters, and the same with some of the other founders like Jefferson, they both said that they saw the United States as the beginning of a world of federated governments under a single government run by 12 wise men. They envisioned a global government coming out of the United States.

Dr. Tillawi: So that’s what they are after, is to get a global government, right?

Alan: Absolutely.

Dr. Tillawi: So they have like citizens of the world, is that what they’re after?

Alan: Yes. In fact, the Illuminati were the first ones to openly – and remember Adam Weishaupt was only one branch of a much older organization. He gets the blame for everything but he did not come up with the idea. He just stuck his head up in time and the Illuminati in Germany – in fact his branches, his lodges were called ‘Beenan Orden,’ meaning the ‘Order of the Bee’ or the beehive, and that was the same symbol you’ll find in the painting – the Masonic painting of George Washington and the ‘beehive’ is down below his feet in that major painting. They were ALL illuminati; that was the key to it.

When Adam Weishaupt was chased out of Bavaria, he went to Saxe-Coburg and they gave him a life-long pension to live there and to continue his work. Well, the Royal Family of England their FULL NAME is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha because those same families moved into Britain with King George. So here you have the oddest thing where you think why on earth would royalty put out a guy like Weishaupt who apparently opposed them and it’s not until you clue into the fact there is an actual science behind this technique of wanting change and starting something off, but you need opposition to get the ball rolling. Once you have the ball rolling, you get the synthesis. That’s really what they’re after.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. We’re going to be going to a break here in just a second, so just stay with us for Alan. We have a lot to talk about. We will be right back. Welcome back to the show, ladies and gentlemen. We are speaking with Alan Watt. He has done a lot of work on the secret societies. As a matter of fact, he has a book and some DVDs. What’s the name of your book, Alan?

Alan: There’s actually three of them. It’s called "Cutting Through" and I have I, II and III.

Dr. Tillawi: Now "Cutting Through the Matrix," right?

Alan: That’s right.

Dr. Tillawi: What are the matrix that you are trying to help people cutting through?

Alan: The Matrix really is the ‘system of reality.’ Everything we take for granted as being normal. In fact, it’s a planned structure. It’s a structured planned society that we’re living in and it’s based on a science around all mammals. Mammals look towards the adults to warn them of dangers and problems and if the adult doesn’t warn them, the young don’t know there’s anything wrong. For an animal, for instance, a young bear might think a human is a friendly person. It’s the same with people. If your parents have swallowed the conditioning and they don’t know how to even warn their child, the child grows up thinking that everything has evolved in this way some natural haphazard fashion, therefore it must be normal. When you point out to them through old books et cetera, things that are happening today and say well this was written a hundred years ago. How come it’s happening today? They still must think it’s a coincidence because they believe everything is just evolving on a daily basis.

Dr. Tillawi: Now, Alan, it’s really hard for people to understand exactly what these people are trying to do but mainly control and we know they control the economy of the world. We know they probably control most of the governments in the world, right?

Alan: Yes.

Dr. Tillawi: But also there was something interesting that you spoke about, which is trying to control the minds of people. Can you touch on that?

Alan: For total control in any system, EVERYBODY must be PREDICTABLE.  Every individual must be predictable. The trouble in the past is some people would sneak through their system. They wouldn’t catch them and they would grow up and they’d cause problems down the road, so through a standardized educational system THEY could find the possible leadership, those with leadership qualities and abilities, and catch them young and either guide them into this system, or else what you’ll find today I think they’re putting them on Ritalin. You'll find it's mainly young males are being put on Ritalin and they’re extroverted, they have leadership qualities. The educational system, you’ll find this in freemasonic literature, they take the credit for giving the Western world its school system and it’s a standardized school system.

The whole thing with the communist side of things, which is only the other hand of the same body, which they need to meet opposition. The communist side of it was to centralize all government and all governmental institutions. Well, now they’ve done the same thing on a worldwide basis because you have a National Education Association, which in turn belongs to the International Educational Association, which belongs to UNESCO at the United Nations.  The United Nations – and you see this in their own literature, that their function is to create a common world culture through the young, through the training of the young through a standardized education. Very, very important.

Dr. Tillawi: What about physically controlling the minds of people?

Alan: Physically – so much has been documented on this aspect of it. Going back to the 1950's you have the grandson of Charles Darwin. You’ll find these families are so important because they seem to carry on the tradition in the family of the same function.  Charles Galton Darwin was a physicist in the 1950's and he put out a book called, "The Next Million Years," and in there he outlined on behalf of an elite class in England the fact that they’d have to cull off an awful lot of the "useless eaters" as they called them. In a post-industrial society they wouldn’t need them they said; and if they allowed them to breed willy-nilly they’d eventually out-breed the ruling classes. He suggested different methods of lobotomizing – literally lobotomizing the brain of people through chemical means or bacterial means or bacterial warfare methods. This book was hailed as a masterpiece by all the major British newspapers at the time, and "The Next Million Years" was a boast that they could be in charge of the world's destiny for the next million years.

He did say in that book that they could not alter the brain of the leaders – the world elite. He said because they must retain survival capabilities; whereas the average person wouldn’t need those survival capabilities because the state would be taking care of all their decisions and making them for them. That's how blatant these guys are.

Dr. Tillawi: Now I came across a little gadget that says ‘mind control’ on it with electromagnetic waves that you can actually control someone’s mind.

Alan: Yes. THIS IS OLD TECHNOLOGY. It’s very old technology. You’ll find in fact the major players in history were all high degree Freemasons and Alexander Graham Bell was given credit for the telephone, which was the greatest boon for intelligence agencies to get information from everybody over the phone. However, his father was working on this voice-to-skull technique long before he was and it was a technique of broadcasting electromagnetic pulses straight to the brain on a subconscious – or on a conscious level, sometimes you’d be unaware that these thoughts were being introduced, but at a subconscious level your mind could actually read the coding that was sent to you. This is a very real science. It’s ‘old science’ in fact and it has been used.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. So far, we know they control the money. They control the economy. They control government and they also want to control the population of the world.

Alan: Yes.

Dr. Tillawi: How are they doing that?  Are they designing population now unless you have actually a function to do in this society you will not be born in this society? Is that eventually what they want to get to?

Alan: That’s exactly where they want to get to and various authors like Charles Galton Darwin wrote about that. The people who would be born in the future would be there to serve the government or the "World State" they called it, and no one would be born unless they had a function that was needed in that system. You can trace this all the way back even further because Plato wrote about this in the "Republic." Plato himself boasted about being initiated into the "mysteries" as he called them while he was studying in Egypt. This is a very, very OLD AGENDA and the sciences that have been used down through the ages ARE SCIENCES WHICH ARE KEPT HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC.

Dr. Tillawi: What about the mass drugging of societies?

Alan: That was also a thing that Charles Galton Darwin promoted and then it was taken up as well by Aldous Huxley who wrote "Brave New World" and then "Brave New World Revisited" in a non-fiction book. He said that he really believed that Rome fell because the government couldn’t provide enough bread and circuses; whereas a scientific dictatorship, there’s no reason why it couldn’t run forever by using chemical means to drug the population.  They have written about this widely, in fact, in various books.

However, sterilization, interestingly enough, every year the United Nations gives out the sperm count of the Western male and it's about due now in fact. This is generally when they give out these statistics and amongst all the other statistics; they just put it in there. Now last year the Western male was down 75% of the 1950's count, so he’s only 25% fertile. That’s all he is now and yet there’s no panic about it. The reason is there’s no panic is because it’s deliberate and I really think that when you go back to the writings which were included in the Department of Population Control at the League of Nations in the First World War, they talked about inoculating people with certain chemicals which would render the people infertile. I think this is being done.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. Now what do you think is going on with this immigration thing that we see, the illegal immigration coming to the United States? Do you think that’s organized? There’s something behind it or this is arbitrary?

Alan: It’s organized all right. It was organized because again at that 1906 Convocation they held, the largest one for freemasons in Allentown, Pennsylvania, they said that their duty was to work towards a "United Americas" beginning with Mexico returning as part of America into the U.S. where the two 'eagles' will be joined together. This is an old plan and also the Rockefeller Foundation you'll find funds all of these supposedly radical groups in Mexico. They fund them, so these are well organized and planned.

Jacques Attali, who was the Kissinger of Europe, he pushed for the European Union, he wrote about that in his book called, "Millennium," and he published that in 1990 and the subtitle was, "Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order."  He said eventually as the borders begin to disintegrate in the United States vast numbers would flood in from the south into America and after much, much turmoil and chaos he said most of America in the southern parts would be Spanish speaking. This was all planned long, long ago. We’re just seeing the effects of it now.

Dr. Tillawi: Let me ask you a question, Alan. Do you think – I mean are we going through another cycle in this world where maybe we had nuclear weapons thousands of years ago and we destroyed the world and then we’re coming back? Have you done any research on that?

Alan: Well, I know that much has been made of the Hindu religion which talks about previous ages, these are just classifications of periods of time, where they claim that the world has had many previous high civilizations which brought themselves to ruin. They say that the Brahmans, for instance, claim that they are survivors of a previous type of human that lived from a previous age and that high-tech weaponry was used – "ray guns" we would call them, I suppose, were used by the gods as they fought each other. Therefore, it’s difficult to say what is fantasy and what’s being used by the New Age today to make us think that it is inevitable.

However, there’s no doubt that science as we’re given it in this matrix system, we are at the LOWEST LEVEL of REALITY where SCIENCE is CONCERNED and that’s for all of the sciences, for physics, medicine and so on. We are at the bottom level and all this stuff we buy from the bookshelves keeps us in that level.

In 1970 or 1971 the BBC did a documentary on Area 51 in the United States and they photographed these flying saucer machines coming up out of this military base and traveling at incredible speeds. These things are way ahead of 'level one reality,' as I call it, which is the Stealth fighter-type technique aircraft. There are different levels of science co-existing, each one being kept separate from the other. It’s even fascinating to watch them send regular troops into war zones still using really antique firearms and so on, when they have no need of those at all, really.

We forget the Star Wars program was up and operating back in the late ‘80's, early ‘90's and they can literally eliminate either a single person from a satellite using laser or they can literally microwave a whole continent if they want to.

Dr. Tillawi: I think we’re ready for a break, and Alan, stay with me. When we come back, I’m going to ask you about weather manipulation and HAARP and all that, so we’ll be right back. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We’re speaking with Alan Watt. His books and videos: Alan, before the break I asked you about weather manipulation, if this technology does exist in reality and is it something that has been used or will be used?

Alan: Yes. There’s a treaty in the United Nations people can look up. It was signed in I think 1978 and it was an international agreement where the major powers agreed not to use HAARP type technology on each other in wartime; and the effects they said in the treaty were that the HAARP could use weather manipulation causing either drought or flooding. It could cause hurricanes, tornadoes. It could cause earthquakes. The whole gambit was there, plus manipulation of the minds of the public by carrying a secondary signal; they can actually affect the minds of the general population. This does exist. It’s documented. The CBC in Canada, the major television network, which is government run, did a documentary a few years ago. I think you can find that in CBC archives in fact where they went to the HAARP facility. They show you the facility with all the antennas and talk about the effects which it can cause. This is real. They are using it.

They’re spraying the skies like crazy and it’s all over the world that they’re doing this EXCEPT for China and Switzerland.

Dr. Tillawi: I guess if we try to put all this stuff together now trying to understand what’s going on. I mean they want to control the population. You think what is happening on the southern border of the United States is organized? Do you think these people have a plan before us and the plan does not look too good for those who can survive I guess. So what’s the end of all this? Is there going to be war where the strongest eliminate the weakest? Are we going to have nuclear war? What’s going to happen?

Alan: I think this is all deliberate. The tension will increase – remember Jacques Attali talked – these guys sat in on the World Planning Meetings and so they know all of the effects long before the public know the moves are beginning. They expected – he wrote about it in the book, "Millennium." He wrote about it, he said that hordes will flood in including criminal classes which will cause mayhem in the southern states and he said reactions will be provoked from the public, from the people, but really what’s going to come out of it is a whole new set of laws for a United Americas and they’re going to be restrictive laws on everybody from the tip of Alaska right down to South America. That’s what is going to come out of it, a new charter for the Americas and they need the conflict to begin. They’ll probably drag it out for a long time. They’ll publish it over and over in the newspapers about criminal classes and gangs and so on until the public are so sick, then they’ll come out with a solution. We’ll all breathe a sigh of relief and then we’ll find out we have no rights whatsoever. That’s how it will play out.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. Alan, stay with me. We’re going to go to the phone and with Joe.

Joe: Hello sir. Great program tonight. I’m learning a lot. I wanted to ask a question about – since you mentioned about population control or population – I’m going to call it what it is. Extermination.

Dr. Tillawi: Depopulation.

Joe: Yes. Well, what is the information that he has on GM food or genetically modified food for the sterilization of the human race and has he got any knowledge or read anything about Aristotle and Aristotle’s comments on democracy, that it’s nothing but the rule of the mob; and if you have any information about that and the genetically modified food if you have any information about that? Thank you, sir.

Dr. Tillawi: Thank you.

Alan: Aristotle again belonged to the same mystery religions trained in Europe. His wife was given to him by an international banker of that period from the Middle East so he was well connected with the whole agenda and they knew – it’s not really mob rule. It’s that they understand the sciences which can make the bulk of the population vote in their favor because they know human behavior. That’s really what they mean by that. They’ve never ever really believed in such a thing called ‘democracy’. Eighty-five percent of the public were known in ancient Greece to vote exactly the way that the elite wanted them to vote, and it’s never changed till today. If you offer the bulk of the public something which sounds wonderful and free, they’ll generally go for it and then end up in chains at the end. That’s the system of democracy.

As far as the modified food goes, I’m sure there are many, many reasons they give to us. Canada was the test guinea pigs to be used. We found out only a few years ago when it broke out from Britain when they were going to pass the law there that they must accept the GM food; it came out that Canada had been using this for 10 years on the public and we hadn’t been told up until then.  Then they broke out with a cover-up and said "we did a secret deal with Monsanto (this is the Canadian government) to keep it secret from the public," and who knows how long they were really using it for. We have no real idea; but there’s no way that you put hundreds of different genes from animals and insects and so on together just to get a bigger vegetable. I’m sure there are many other functions involved and since the oldest drugs in the books are produced by plants, I wouldn’t be surprised that many of these things that we take for granted today are actually creating drugs as they grow and affecting us.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. Here you are. Let's go with the most famous writer on the Internet, Judy Andreas. Go ahead, Judy.

Judy Andreas: The most famous. Oh my goodness. I love your show tonight.

Dr. Tillawi: Thank you.

Judy Andreas: And Alan, I love your work. I just had a question for you. This is such a diabolical enemy with such advanced technology at its disposal. It just sounds – I heard you quote Albert Pike who talked about the fact that World War III would be fought between Zionism and Islam, which seems to be obviously materializing. My question is: do you believe that we are doomed to this destiny or is there a way to avert this catastrophe?

Alan: I’m not so sure we can avoid it because it’s so far entrenched now in all the institutions of the world. The idea was even mentioned by other members of the Illuminati, too, who said that they would bring the world to such a near disaster of elimination of the whole population that people would be so sick of all religions that they would then accept the new scientific form of control or an "age of reason" as they put it.  I think that may very well come, because under all the guises they’re using now to steal the wealth of the world and put it under the control of a few, they’re also using religion big time right now and I think they will bring it to a crescendo and blame everything on religion, and sure enough, they will come out with a new scientific dictatorship and an "age of reason."  However, the reason that they are talking about is really a form of what Plato talked about, "A Guardian Class," a hereditary Guardian Class who would rule the world, because Plato and all the elites since believe that they have superior genes. In fact, that’s the whole thing about their idea of evolution. They believe that they are at the top of the food chain and they have the right to rule the lessers. So did Charles Galton Darwin. He made no bones about that. These people do not believe in equality by any means. That’s a sick joke to them.

Dr. Tillawi: Now let me follow-up on Judy’s question with one of my own. Do you think that was the reason why they placed the Zion state in the middle of the Middle East or in the middle of that area? Do you think it had something to do with it?

Alan: I think it had to. In fact it was so heavily financed from London by the same group connected with Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner. The Royal Institute of International Affairs they call it in England and the American branch is called the Council on Foreign Relations. Even Lord Rothschild was on the board of the Cecil Rhodes group and he did set off the funding to bring in immigrants into that land. They set up their chessboard way ahead and they use all sides actually to battle each other and never for the ending that they actually foresee. It’s for the elites' ending, which is always different, so I have no doubt it was set up there.

There are two good books that should be read, by Sir Ronald Storrs, S-T-O-R-R-S, and he was the British high commissioner for Palestine in the 1920's and he wrote his memoirs in two books. One of them is called "Orientations," and he watched them coming into the Palestine area of the bulk of Jewry from Russia and he said at the time that they were basically communistic types, atheistic types; and I always wondered why did the Soviet Union allow anybody out, especially ones who were supposedly religious, unless there was another purpose for it. Really, it was initially set up to be another branch of communism; although that died away after a long time, primarily because the women did not wanted to be separated from their children at childbirth. They tried that at the very beginning and they wrote about it.  It was to be an experiment in true communism initially and so Ronald Storrs documents the comings in of the different spokesmen for all of the groups including those in Britain. And at the time, it must be realized that the bulk of the world’s Jewry was against the setting up of a State of Israel. They had riots in London in the 1920's and 1930's about this because they did not believe that man was supposed to create the new State of Israel, it was to be set up by God, and therefore this one was really a fake that was being set up and they had mass pitch battles in London about it.

Dr. Tillawi: Judy and Alan, stay with me. We’re going to take a short break and we’ll be right back. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. We are speaking with Alan Watt. He has done a lot of research on secret societies and what they are trying to do with the population of the world and control the world and the whole thing, and I believe we still have Judy with us. Judy, are you still with us?

Judy Andreas: I am. It’s just I have to listen to Alan through the computer because I can only hear you.

Dr. Tillawi: I know and there’s like a little bit of a delay there. Judy, do you have any other questions for Alan or you want to make a comment?

Judy Andreas: No. I just feel – you know it just seems like such a fatalistic way to look at things because I know programs like Hesham’s and other programs are trying so hard to educate people so that we’ll wake up and perhaps be able to do something instead of just falling lock step into these plans, but it sounds like it’s kind of choiceless from the way you’re presenting it.

Dr. Tillawi: Unfortunately, you’re probably right. Alan, do we have a choice?

Alan: Yes. You see it’s not totally fatalistic. I’ve got so many people from all backgrounds and religions contact me who are on top of things. They know that every group is being used against every other group and some mass movements that have happened, even big demonstrations about the conflict in the Middle East have taken part in New York where thousands have marched, including Rabbis, and yet they didn’t get one single notice in the newspaper that they were against this and even what Israel’s doing.  That’s your problem; the major media is totally controlled by the ones that run the system.

Dr. Tillawi: So Alan, I mean do these people plan like 200 years at a time? Is this thing hereditary where they inherit these organizations from their parents and grandparents? I mean if we look at what’s going on now, what you’re saying was that the seed was planted 200 years ago or maybe longer?

Alan: Oh yes, I have no doubt on that and really when you look at long-range business plans, how business operates for corporations, they’ll work out investments from 50 years to 100 years ahead where they want to be. When you do into the histories of the Diplomatic Service in London, that’s how they operated. They did work towards the creation of a world empire. They knew at the time as well in the 1920's that they couldn’t do it all by themselves.

In fact, John Dee who was the man who coined the term "the British Empire" and suggested a world empire to Queen Elizabeth I, they knew that they couldn’t do it alone. In the 1920's Rudyard Kipling, a very high freemason for the British Empire too, who wrote many books for the British Empire, came to the United States and read this poem to the Senate and that’s when he talked about the "White Man’s Burden," and he said, "we pass the torch on to you," so this is well understood that America would take over from Britain after the first world war.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay. Judy, thanks for the call.

Judy Andreas: Oh, you’re very welcome. Thank you.

Dr. Tillawi: Okay, lets go to line one with Ramsey from Canada. Go ahead.

Ramsey: How are you?

Dr. Tillawi: I’m fine, thank you.

Ramsey: I just have a comment. There’s no need to talk about the secret society and all that stuff. All this information is well documented and people like your guest you’re playing into the hands of the Jewish Zionists and again a process from this and that’s my comment.

Dr. Tillawi: Well no, no. Tell me – I mean you made a comment and it’s a very important and a big comment. It’s like you shoot a huge bomb and you say that’s a bomb, so tell me why you think with what Alan is doing and what we’re doing on the show and why do you think we’re playing in the hands of the Jews?

Ramsey: It’s sort of like – you know the Jewish Zionists are very powerful in the media and like you talk about the secret society and the Illuminati and all that stuff like all this is not scientific or academic or empirical or factual material. You have to bring back well respected scholars and when they talk about the issues which have done many times like Rod Steven, [Skinosky] and all the people like when you talk about the secret societies and like--

Dr. Tillawi: Let me ask you this, Ramsey. Ramsey, have you heard of Alan Watt before?

Ramsey: No.

Dr. Tillawi: Have you read his work?

Ramsey: No, I haven’t.

Dr. Tillawi: Maybe you want to because I have studied what Alan has done and Alan had been on hundreds of radio interviews, TV interviews. He was on Coast to Coast with George Noory. He was on a lot of them and maybe – I understand what you’re saying that maybe we are playing in the hands of the Zionists. I don’t know why, I’m going to let Alan comment on that, but really you’re not being fair with Alan when you say about scholars because he has really done a lot of work on the subject. His website is We apologize that our graphics computer is not working. Otherwise, we would have put it in the screen. Alan, you want to comment on what Ramsey has said?

Alan: Yes. There’s no doubt the high – see, in the occult, as they call it, they call it the hidden—

Ramsey: That’s right.

Dr. Tillawi: Ramsey thank you. You may want to hear him on the computer. We have a little delay here. Thanks. Okay, go ahead, Alan.

Alan: In the occult they have at least two or three meanings for the same term. Now most Jews today think that Zionism means a place or a new home for Israel or a new Israel. However, on a higher level there’s world Zionism which has nothing to do with world Jewry because most Zionists are – there’s more Gentiles in Zionism than actually Jews and you can read about that at the set up of Israel, where they discussed all of the Gentile Zionists and the future of the world and it was not really a Jewish thing. It’s an occult agenda. You’ll find the top Zionists are interrelated and interbred with all peoples of the world, of all groups and all nations and all religions; and I think we have to look at things differently. We can’t just look at one group. That’s the oldest technique in the book and we all end up losing. We have to take this and say, hey, we’ve all had enough of this. We shouldn’t be fighting and killing each other for someone else’s agenda; and that’s when you start on the road to truth and that’s when they start to lose their power.

Dr. Tillawi: Now Alan, let me ask you a question though. Now, from your research, those people like the Rothschilds and these people who are on top of this pyramid, proportionately speaking, I mean do you see more Jewish on the top of the pyramid?

Alan: Well, what I see is what H.G. Wells talked about in his "History of the World." He wrote a two-part History of the World, a non-fiction, and H.G. Wells was a propagandist for the British Empire. He did get paid by the Secret Service and in there he had a list of peoples that would combine to lead the world into a New World Order. It was to be those who had been most successful by becoming controllers of industry and the biggest financers of economy and he did not mean the ordinary people. He meant the multi, multimillionaires that have proven it by long, long lineages of control. If you look into the Rothschild family, these guys have been bankers for hundreds and hundreds of years, maybe even longer than we’d ever suspect, and when you read the histories of the Rothschild’s and even some of their own memoirs, like Victor Rothschild, these guys did not believe in any religion except true science, these particular characters. So I think that H.G. Wells was quite right. They did take in the top elite of every country with a historical proven record on maintaining control inter-generationally, but this is where they spread the conflict. They tend to get the ordinary people blamed while the elite ones go free. This is the oldest technique in the book.

Dr. Tillawi: Alan, you want to go ahead – we’re coming at the end of the show now. Go ahead and give your website and how people can get your materials.

Alan: Yes, it’s called and on there you’ll find how you can get the books. There's also shows available on MP3 for those who don’t want the paper and lots and lots of talks I’ve given to try to breakthrough what I see is the intentional setting up for people to battle people for the final battle and none of us are going to win if we’re fighting each other. That’s all I can really say.

Dr. Tillawi: Thank you, Alan. Thank you for coming on the show.

Alan: It’s a pleasure.

Dr. Tillawi: Thanks. Okay ladies and gentlemen, we only have a few moments left in the show. I just want to tell you I hoped you looked at the show with an open mind.



(Transcribed by Linda)