July 19, 2006







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Hello, this is Alan and it’s July 19th and it’s been quite a few last days because we had almost a hurricane force come through here on Wednesday afternoon and it took down trees all over from here all the way down to almost Toronto. It went around Toronto and hit places south and thousands and thousands of people lost power for three days and in some areas they still won’t have it on. Mine just came back on and I’ve been using the day to get rid of all the food that melted in the freezer or the fridge and so I thought I better say some words about the present situation that’s building in the Middle East.

Those who have been listening to the shows over the last few years since about ’98 will remember I said eventually the United States' function would be to force a system on the world. It will be the last function really the U.S. has to accomplish. I think that’s what it was made to do in the first place, the New World Order, and it’s doing that right now.

In March 2005, the president signed an agreement with the Prime Minister of Canada and Mexico to merge the continent and they had five more meetings to go before it was all integrated. However, it really is all integrated already because after 9/11 in 2001 they admitted the U.S. FBI and intelligence agencies were now interwoven with the CSIS of Canada and no doubt the secret police of Mexico, and they’ve standardized the taxation and so on. The U.S. dollar has been falling getting ready for merger with the Canadian dollar and it’s interesting because just prior to the agreement that was signed in March 2005, the Council on Foreign Relations came out as the Council on Foreign Relations on television in Canada and said that basically we'd have no option but to unify the continent and they had proposed plans; meaning they were already drafted. Then a week later Bush and the rest of them signed it, so these guys were a part of the bureaucracy; even though they’re non-governmental organizations and in all their books they say they’re a non-political body, which is true. They don’t play politics. They simply follow an agenda which was written an awful long time ago.

The Council on Foreign Relations, maybe it should be clarified. The Royal Institute of International Affairs came out of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation merging with Lord Milner’s Foundation of Round Tables and they have charters by the British Crown to exist, and all British Commonwealth countries have an Institute of International Affairs. Canada has the Canadian Institute. Australia has the Australian Institute. India has one and all non-commonwealth countries like the U.S. will be called Councils on Foreign Relations. That’s how they pull this off and it's a secretive society. You can’t join it by asking to join it. You prove your worth and then you, if you’re worthy, will be asked to join it and it’s like a huge bureaucratic body of elitists sworn to secrecy who will implement the agenda for world unification, which is only part of this agenda. It’s totalitarian society that they want to bring in. It’s to be society run by elitists at the top on a social level doing social-type structural work, with the scientific bunches beneath them all employed in think tanks and so on, and the society is for a new era because they have said the “old system” is now becoming obsolete and they’re quite correct.

In the old system, you see, although we’re familiar with it and we want to fight to save it, it wasn’t ours in the first place. The same elitists that gave us the Council on Foreign Relations gave us the old system: man and wife, children, home, no tribes sort of thing, government directing you. Prior to that it was religion directing you for their “Great Work”, the Great Work through the industrial era, the technological era and then a post-technological era. Through science we have to adapt to a new system, apparently, and the system is a system which will be run on a scientific basis. That’s what the “Earth Charter” and all these different charters are about. That’s what United Nations is about and all the various multitudes of bureaucracies they have to deal with all of what you do in everyday life. You haven’t seen all the effects yet, but eventually you will.

All local governments across Canada and the States, and the world for that matter, are implementing the same laws at the same time, which all come from the United Nations. How they’re forcing people off the rural areas is to start actually fining them for laws they’ve had on the books for a few years, coming from the UN, and it’s from the International Property Maintenance Codes coming from the United Nations. Even for a bent down-spout on your guttering, or a dented one, you can get fined for that massive amounts of money and it’s rather obvious it’s to get you off the land and into what will be future habitats areas—where you will not be able to breed with whomever you want to. It’s the future they’re bringing into play.

You will have a function in society. SCHOOL-TO-WORK WAS THE SOVIET SYSTEM THAT’S NOW IMPLEMENTED HERE. This idea of being, well, in 20 years time, 25 times years time, we’ll need ‘X’ amount of engineers and so many amount of doctors et cetera, so they just pick you at school and train you for what you need to know; and you won’t need geography or history or anything like that if you’re going to be a plumber or an electrician. You won’t need mathematics if you’re going to be a casual laborer. It’s that kind of thing. They think it’s more efficient and this was written about a long, long, long time ago when H.G. Wells wrote the “Shape of Things to Come.” The story there was based around a guy sort of growing up and becoming a bicycle repairman opposite another bicycle repairman and showing you how everybody’s competing in this system and it’s just getting out of hand. There’s too many people trying to compete with each other, even though this is the system they gave us which is now obsolete. They’re quite correct in that. There’s too many people all trying to do the same thing and only the strongest survive. The most ruthless survive in this system and become what is called ‘successful,’ or you join Freemasonry and business is guaranteed to come your way.

We’re really steamrolling ahead with the agenda. Now the U.S. has already been making noises about going to Lebanon. We’ve watched Israel use a con game to start the usual strategic air strikes. They don’t do terrorist acts with their Air Force; they do "strategic air strikes" and bomb tenement buildings in Beirut, which is a replay of the 1970's scenario that happened for months and months and months until it became standard fare on TV and nobody took any notice. That’s how quickly we adapt to things. People are getting kidnapped all the time by various Arab factions and the Israelis do the same thing when they want to detain people. They just call it detention, bringing you in for detention. They just whisk you off the street and in you go. Through semantics and double-speak they can confuse issues and this was not over a couple of kidnappings.

This was planned because the U.S. was losing support for the war in Iraq. The agenda for the New American Century plan, which was published some years ago, before 9/11, had in it they'd have to go into Iran, Syria and all these countries because the plan is really to standardize the world into the same democracy.

Democracy – this thing with central banking and paid con men that pretend to be politicians looking after your benefit and the central bank is connected to the World Bank—and the World Bank is about 13 families who run the planet financially and pass figures around amongst themselves—and the WHOLE THING IS JUST A MAGIC ACT as we all know.

They’re rushing ahead and they’ve got their 51st state, really, Israel. That’s why Israel’s called the STATE OF ISRAEL, not the nation. It’s another branch of the United States and it’s been very, very handy up until now because when the U.S. can’t get public support at home, Israel goes and makes the first move and then of course the U.S. has to back them.

This time, they’ve got the approval of the UN, which is course will bring the U.S. in up to strength. They’ve been after the power to run the world’s armies since the League of Nations, their precursor, and the League of Nations is just the Phoenix bird that evolved into the United Nations. Same agenda. Same goals. The World Government. They’re setting up this fast-response army, not "team" any more, where they can move 150,000 men in five days to any area in the world. Apparently the U.S. and everybody else has signed this agreement recently, where it’s a two-way sword because once you sign it, it means the UN can then bring 150,000 troops or more in five days into your country if need be. This is probably the scenario we’re going to see coming down probably towards the end of this campaign in the Middle East.

THEY WANT EVERY COUNTRY TO JOIN IN in the Middle East so they can get it over and done with as quickly as possible because the world is not too happy of course with ISRAEL THAT WAS DELIBERATELY SET UP THERE TO DO WHAT IT’S DOING a long time ago, started off by Baron Rothschild who financed the beginnings of the immigration. Then of course the Bolshevik Revolution afterwards, they really started to occupy Israel when Britain had the so-called protectorate of that area and Britain supervised them coming in and setting up. Lord Curzon was the guy who was in charge of that whole area for the Crown of England and Lord Curzon wrote his memoirs about it, that most of them coming in were all from Russia, Soviets, and many of them, if not all of them, at that time were actually Communists. Hard Communists too.

This was set up with the cooperation of England and I have no doubt that Jewish people will take the blame for this and people will never suspect that those in London, the big families in London who’ve run the world for a long, long time really had anything to do with it. And yet it was Britain as I say that diverted men from the lines in Europe in World War I, they diverted them and took them into the Middle East at the end of the war and started fighting with Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, to get rid to them, clear the way for the quick British occupation and then of course they started bringing in the Israelis.

These big families in London, England have a lot to do with the creation of modern day Israel. 

Winston Churchill wrote in 1920's and he should know because he was part of the team that drew the lines in the sand, on the maps at least, of where the various countries would be after World War I and they did the same in World War II again. No Arab input at all and he did say in 1920's though that there would be a big war with Iraq one day because of the oil that lay under the desert sands to the north. We have to realize that these boys they don’t see the future as we do. We see short-term goals and it’s hard for us to start a project and maybe never see the end of it, the completion. It’s not really in us, but these people belong to diplomatic corps where they work in centuries and they start the ball rolling and they do their part in it, knowing it will be taken over and continued and they see 100 years down the road, 200 years down the road, maybe three, maybe more and they work steadily toward it.

We’re watching this grand finale here where the last countries, which, regardless of what you think of them or the propaganda we’ve had about them, they have been independent for a long time. Those last countries have been brought up to standard, taken over. UNESCO goes in, grabs the first children, trains them in their schools to be the first generation brainwashed with what we think is democracy and we’re all being manipulated like good happy little sheep and that somehow these superior beings above us that we don’t even meet or see or even know their names most of the time are just managing us very well, thank you very much, and just go out and have a good time, dance to music, have lots of sex and take drugs and have abortions and just work and pay taxes. That’s a good citizen. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT. A GOOD PRODUCER/CONSUMER according to the UNITED NATIONS.

We’re watching as I say this role now, which is all or nothing. Now before all of this started even with Iraq and AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT IRAQ HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. That was in our papers in Canada about two years ago. They even showed some of the tribunal or the inquiry into the war on Iraq and George Bush said on television on CBC, he said:

I never said that Iraq had anything to do 9/11.” He said, “I still think it was a good thing to do though because we got rid of a nasty man.”

That was his answer to invading Iraq. Of course we know the real reason. The real reason is not just oil and all the rest of it, which they will all benefit from, all these big boys, but they want to standardize that whole Middle East and bring them into the same system. They'll develop the same classes, upper middle classes, which will then go into politics and become bureaucrats and join the Freemasonry and take their kickbacks and keep the sheep happy. That’s the REAL REASON we went to IRAQ and the papers here said that the Americans had forgotten because of the massive propaganda of the United States newspapers; they’d forgotten that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Now the pretense to go into all the other countries is already on a roll. The treaties with Israel are there. AMERICA IS JOINED AT THE HIP WITH ISRAEL.

As I say, it’s no coincidence it’s called the STATE of ISRAEL and there’s bigger players behind this than people realize. Whether they will ever emerge in the near future and show their faces, I don’t know, but this is a standard technique is to set up people to be hated, to take the fall and we’re seeing it happen right now because this is going to be a very, very angry world when people say, “well why are we fighting and dying for someone else’s country?” Someone in a country that doesn’t want really to be part of the "international community," as they keep telling us. It’s a strange term. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. We hear this repeated all over every speech that’s given by all the big players.

Tony Blair gave a speech recently with all the slogans and buzzwords in there that Lenin talked about. Lenin said, “we shall win this war by slogans and repetition,” and so we hear International Community. We hear interdependence and all this kind of thing. We always thing these things mean it stops at the borders somehow. It doesn’t because interdependence means you as a citizen, a single person, you will be interdependent on everyone else for your needs and one day, I mean it, you will be fined or shot for having a garden because you’ll be anti-social trying to be independent. This is the world they’re creating. It’s similar to the “Rights of the Child” that the UN passed and everybody says "well that's fair enough, the children should have rights and we are decent people," and then of course, once it’s all through, you find out the parents end up having no rights at all. That’s your typical doublespeak of the United Nations.

When you hear interdependent, yes, it comes right down to the individual—interdependent on everyone else; and of course we've seen all the industry move to China. Just before NAFTA, the GATT treaty, they really speeded up after the GATT treaty and the GATT treaty they mentioned over the media GATT, GATT and no one really understood what it was all about because the media wouldn’t tell us what it was all about.

THEY’RE NOT THERE TO INFORM YOU. THE MEDIA IS THE MIDDLE MAN, MEDIA. That’s what it means. They’re a “middle man” but they’re employed by the BIG BOYS.  Their job is to manage your mind, manage your thoughts, to manage your cultural changes by promoting certain ideas and culture and entertain. That’s what the MEDIA’S JOB IS.  It’s NEVER been there to be honest and tell you everything that is necessary to know. They tell you all what they deem what you should know, all you need to know.

The GATT treaty saw all the industry basically end up in China. Not only that, people don’t realize that under the GATT treaty that the citizens of all the countries that were sending their factories abroad had to pay for the first five, sometimes to 10 years, for the set up of those factories until they could make what they claimed was a good profit. Guaranteed by the citizenry – that’s not bad, is it? Where’s your share in all this? And that was GATT.

Most people again are never really conscious. Brzezinski said it, he said: “the public shortly will be unable to think for themselves or reason for themselves.”  They'll just be able to parrot what comes over them from the previous night’s news and we’re seeing that today. Most folks sort of dozed or sleepwalked or as I say they’re hypnotics. They were hypnotized. They just floated through the transfer of China. They saw the goods coming in in the stores, oh, made in China, and it’s just a vague thing with no curiosity because they’ve been domesticated.

THEY CAN’T REASON FOR THEMSELVES.  They CAN’T FATHOM or EVEN THINK about fathoming why China should be making all of your goods now and yet that was planned a long time ago before I was born that China would be brought up to this present state. What happens when all the industry goes out of your country? You say you're going to be a service economy. Well, what are you going to do? All a service economy does is passes things around from one person to the next and then to the consumer. It DOESN’T PRODUCE ANYTHING. It paddles. It just treads water and eventually it must sink.

In this service economy they say it’s all computers, everybody can work computers. They said that in the ‘70's in Britain. Everybody unemployed in Britain had to take computer courses through the labor exchange as they called it for training and of course within a few years computers had upgraded so much that all these people who took the courses had no jobs because one computer could do the job of dozens more, maybe even hundreds.

Not everybody is meant to go into university. That’s what factories took over. There’s lot of people who would work in factories. They’re all gone. Those people will end up being unemployed, drunk or depressed or on drugs because they will have no function in this system to come. They are becoming the “useless eaters,” as Lord Bertrand Russell said back in the ‘40's and ‘50's. The “useless eaters will not be allowed to live.” This is to be a world run on total efficiency.

We’ve watched nature being managed. We’ve watched all the animals being given rights in the wild; it’s a front, while they take your rights away. We’ve watched the UN being brought up to power and issuing laws galore for codes and trades and everything else across the planet and now they want to start inspecting homes everywhere and fining people massively if they’re gutter isn’t quite up to scratch type of thing. Or your septic, or you name it, whatever it happens to be. Any reason to get you off and unfortunately in this world where people are paid to do a particular job, the control freaks get a little hat or a badge and go crazy and that can happen to anybody.

I’ve seen it myself with a postman that used to come out and measure the height of my post box and leave little messages there. If it was down an inch or up an inch after the grader went past on the side roads, or the snowplow had knocked it over a little bit, or they’d widened the road, he would complain and leave his little notes. I used to leave other little notes there and have this running dialogue with him and it was interesting to see THAT ANYONE CAN BECOME A CONTROL FREAK WHEN THEY THINK THEY’VE GOT A LITTLE BIT OF AUTHORITY.

That’s the world we’re coming into. Papers, please. ID card, please, and eventually a brain chip which again most people will accept and a cashless society because they’ve accepted everything else so far, haven’t they?  AND IT IS NOT THEIR SYSTEM. The BIG BOYS CONTROL THIS SYSTEM.

Now we’re at a stage where everyone will be blaming everybody else for what’s happening, and so, as I say, Israel will take a lot of the heat. Others of course blame the Vatican to be behind Israel and the Jesuits. You have all the different factions and groups and creeds et cetera pointing fingers at everybody else as they go around this whirlpool, around and round and round, all strangling each other as they go down the hole in the middle. That’s what happens. Like a drain hole in the big whirlpool and IT’S DESIGNED TO BE THAT WAY because the BIG ELITISTS AT THE TOP ARE CALLED “The Race,” and it’s the highest form of Masonry you can get into and people who are already the elite of Japan, China, India, Singapore, everywhere else on the planet are PART OF “THE RACE.”

This was put very well by people like H.G. Wells in his non-fictional works where he wrote about those people who would constitute “The New Race,” the New Elite, and they had to prove through intergenerational success, financial survival, dominance, that they were fit to rule. They would be brought into the Race and that included the ELITE IN EVERY COUNTRY who could prove that through many generations those families HAVE DOMINATED and THRIVED IN ALL TIMES WHEN IT WAS BAD for the OTHER PEOPLE below THEM, they thrived and been successful through the good and the bad and dominant and they were not weak-minded.

THEY WOULD SLAUGHTER WHEN THEY HAD TO. They didn’t do it themselves of course. They get other people to do it, they call them armies, but they were ALWAYS IN POWER.  These are the people who would be brought into the Race. H.G. Wells also drew a list of those who would not be allowed in. The American Indians were one. He said they would never adapt the white man’s way of commerce in ’85 or ’86 or whatever. It wasn’t in them. The Black Man of course was added in there too, except those, he said, “could mimic the white man,” and all he was doing was quoting Mill, the great economist of the 1800's. There was two. There was a father and son who both were economists and they both wrote the same kind of lists of who would survive and WHO MUST PERISH they said in a world that would be run on efficiency.

Now that’s the reason you’ve been hearing the steady drumbeat by so many organizations that seem to be independent of each other but they’re not. THEY’RE ALL INTERCONNECTED. This drumbeat towards population reduction because back in the 1920's they already knew and they wrote about it, they knew that the industrial era would eventually come to a halt. They knew they’d go on to bigger and better sciences because they already had bigger and better sciences WE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT

You NEVER SHARE POWER with the public by giving the latest anything to them. You give them obsolete technology and you make them think this is the latest, "you’re on the cutting edge," and that way you'll never suspect that there are technologies that are BEYOND SCIENCE FICTION that's been in existence for an awful long time.

In a world of post-industry, post-technological, it’s to be brought right down in the Western World to an efficient level of management. At one time under the NAFTA they had discussed that there may be one strip across the Americas (or America proper) would be the breadbasket of the world and that would be the function of it. However, then they changed their mind and decided to build up some of the South American countries like Chile and since the Free Trade negotiations then the NAFTA negotiations your tax money has been pumping into Chile to build them up as one of the biggest producers of vegetables and so on for the world.

We’ve watched the decline of farms. The small farms have had it. They’re obsolete now. They can’t compete with the big corporate farms and the agri-business as it’s now called and you have the meat packers. Once again, you think they’re all independent. They’re not. They’re all one and THAT’S THE CON GAME, it's to make you think that we're still free and there's independent companies competing with each other; and as long as you think that, it doesn’t dawn on you that IT’S ALL ONE. You’re already under the totalitarian structure and the meat packers dictate to the farmers how much they’re going to buy the beef for and how much they’re going to sell it for once they’re finished with it.


If it was free enterprise at international corporation level, YOU COULD NEVER ALLOW A CEO TO LEAVE YOUR COMPANY and take YOUR NEXT 50 TO 100 YEARS INVESTMENTS WITH HIM (because it’s all in his head) and go to a competitor. YOU COULDN’T ALLOW IT, but this happens all the time. We are under the world corporations here and that’s what Professor Carroll Quigley talked about in the 1960's in his book, “Tragedy & Hope,” that this feudal system that has been set up WOULD BE RUN with the INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS AS THE NEW OVERLORDS.

Just like the Normans had their feudal system and they set up an overlord for different areas and territories and everybody served them underneath. Now it’s the corporations, and sure enough, you just need to look at the lobby groups of the corporate firms all around the capital cities of the planet. Full-time lobbying to tell their buddies in politics what they want and what bills to put in that benefit these corporations. Then of course you see the politicians themselves, who generally have just been in one of these multinational or international corporations, move into politics, serve a few years, put the bills through and go back into the corporations again and end up with 50 to 100 seats on different boards that he doesn’t have to attend and that’s how he’s paid off for putting certain bills through and this has been happening for donkey's years.

WE LIVE IN A TOTALLY CORRUPT SYSTEM and yet from their point of view the top it's not corrupt at all. THIS IS THEIR SYSTEM SO IT’S NOT CORRUPT.

It’s our fault if we believe in it you see. It’s like getting an inoculation. When you get an inoculation, there's a term that's called “has it taken?” and sometimes they’ll test you to see if it’s taken. That’s what they're talking about with the public, "has your indoctrination taken?"

Unfortunately, with the scientific indoctrination that Bertrand Russell talked about in “Education and the Good Life” back in the early 1900's through experimental schooling and kindergarten, he said, we can indoctrinate the child with three or four hours per day with scientific means, so thoroughly the parents will have no input whatsoever. Whatever moral values – they called them “contaminated values” by the way because they’re now obsolete. What the parents tried to pass on to the children would be of no effect because those children would be put through a scientific indoctrination and we see it today. We see the parents wondering why the children won’t listen to them and we saw the communists; those who have a memory can remember what communists were. They used to say “don’t trust anybody over 30.” That’s what the children were taught. Well now it’s dropping all the time. Just don’t trust your parents even because they know nothing.

When THEY CHANGED the METHOD of MULTIPLICATION and READING and WRITING in the schools, THAT WAS DELIBERATE. We see the effects of it today. The children can’t spell. They don’t know grammar. THAT WAS CHANGED IN THE 1970's DELIBERATELY SO THAT PARENTS COULDN’T HELP THEIR CHILDREN WITH HOMEWORK, because if they could help them the child might start to have some respect. But no, the teacher, it was the teacher who would take that respect and receive it from the child and they made sure the parents weren’t able to help the children with their homework and even the methods of division and multiplication were all changed. This is intentional. Scientifically you see as Bertrand Russell said.

We have to think about words and terms and meanings in this world in which we live. Whenever a bill is put forth you must question what it really means and don’t ever take it for granted you think it’s meant for someone else. Like I say, it was like that bill, the perfect example, the Rights of the Child, the United Nations; no one thought it would mean that the PARENTS HAVE NO RIGHTS. This is the chessboard. This is the great chessboard. The chessboard is played on you all the time. That’s why in the big high lodges like the Skull & Bones—and that's not that high actually. If you’re a worker at all working towards “The Great Work,” you’re still not the boss in the boss class, the guardian class. However, in the Skull & Bones Society even in the movies they put out they show you one place that’s called “The War Room” and it’s written on the wall because they scheme and the war is always on the public. 

In the higher noble orders you’ll find they call the people all kinds of names. Not just the “unwashed masses.” That’s the more cleanly hygienic term they use that’s been well known for a long time. They call us animals and cattle and that’s just a fact because they know we’re not conscious. We’ve all been through the system designed to keep us unconscious. We have hypnotics. Hypnotics, we just drift through each day being downloaded by the news, the media, listen to hear who the latest sex kitten is (they used to call them sex kittens) and what actor has fallen out with so-and-so having an affair and what sport team is going where and what and why—and it’s all trash. It’s trivia trash and that’s supposed to fill our heads while our betters manage us you see and we’re not supposed to worry about these things. Our managers, our shepherds, the good shepherds are doing it all for us.

Interestingly enough, the rampage from the fundamental type Christians, the ones who emerged after Schofield brought out his bible after he was FUNDED BY ROTHSCHILD TO DO SO, and that is a fact, and they tie-in Revelations as usual and all the old prophecies of what was to come to make Christians think "well it’s God’s plan. Let’s sit back and take the ride and enjoy it," and sure enough, here they are, all cheering on Israel as they take down apartment building after apartment building and we sit there sort of stunned or not even stunned, just hypnotized as always and munch our TV dinners and pass gas and all that kind of stuff. The standard fare that we’re so used to because most folks cannot tell fact from fiction anymore. They can’t tell. It’s just another movie to them. They have no empathy for anyone outside themselves, so they're sitting ducks to be managed into the next horror show that’s coming along because once the U.S. finishes its job the U.S. is to be submerged in this world system that it helped create. And there’ll be no more trivia and toys, and no more vast consumption of cheap junk from China and no more bombardments of credit cards being thrown at you.

The early historians talked about the United States as it was building itself up. It was the first country where individual prosperity was occurring for the lower classes and the reason it came to for it happening was the ready availability of credit and the lack of laws and bureaucracies to hinder them. That’s the only reason it was known for a while as a prosperous nation and as you built yourself up the prosperous nation, it never occurred to the people that there was an agenda behind. IT NEVER OCCURS TO THE PEOPLE why the FOUNDING FATHERS in every book you read on history chose ROME to model itself after. Rome, the empirical Rome, there’s a reason for it. That’s the reason you have the fascii (fasces) on either side of the Congressional Building when they give speeches. The fascii is there. The fasci-nation – fascination. The fascii was a SYMBOL OF ROME. The early Catholic Church simply was a transference of one form of power using force into one which used mind control. The Catholic Church used to have the fascii carried by the bodyguards and they’d have a bunch of them around the early pope carrying the bundle of rods which cover up the axe.

Individually a stick can be broken, but you tie them together with a bundle and it’s hard to break. That fascii has always been very, very important because it hides an elite who stick together and who are as strong as can be, as long they all stick together.

When you think of the symbology that’s being used in the nations, the early English flag we are told just happens to be the same flag as the eventual Knights Templar used (not the first one they used which was the black cross) and tradition says that after the first major battles the pope says, okay, you use the red cross for all the blood you’ve lost on a white background, and that was the English flag. In the merger they gave for the United Kingdom was to put the St. Andrews Cross which they gave to Scotland—which is the “Illumined Man,” the “X”, number 10 in Roman numerology—and then they mixed another one with it where you have basically an 8-pointed star although it’s on a square. It’s the symbol in Masonry of power and money.

The United States has got the white stars on the fuselage of their aircraft. Interestingly, the communists had the red one, 5-pointed star, ancient again and we see this war and they use the same one with Israel who reinvented an old, old symbol, which was even from India long before there was any Bible written, a 6-pointed star—the above and below, the two triangles. THAT’S WHERE THE MASONIC COMPASS AND SQUARE ACTUALLY COME FROM, that same symbol, and it’s a recent adaptation by the Zionist league who helped create it, in league with the elite of Britain. It’s a recent adaptation for a symbol or an emblem of Israel. People will adapt so quickly to their flags they’ll cry at national anthems and kill you for telling them the truth you see. Every country is pretty well the same.

This is tribal instinct and they don’t even notice when they’re changing. Canada’s flag is two red upright bars, a white square in the middle with a red maple leaf in it. It wasn’t that way quite a few years ago; it was just a Union Jack they had and yet most people who are grown up now don’t even know that. We adapt to these symbols in a tribal way, never knowing we’re getting played with all the time or what they mean. You have to go in to the ancient symbologies to realize there are religions behind the religions that we know of, and there’s one prime religion behind the ones all of you know of, and these are thousands and thousands and maybe even millions of years old. Now you’re watching the supposed new Star of David taking on the moon you see of Islam, the new moon, and now we’re seeing the American white flag get in there; and I believe too, just like World War II, that Britain will have the white star on their tanks and so on just like they did then.

These symbols are used in the high religion. All of them are used in high religion. There were temples discovered about a year or so ago, maybe two years ago in Paris. There was an underground chamber found and there’s miles of tunneling under Paris, old tunneling, and they found these symbols of some group that had met there donkey’s years ago with all of these symbols. All of them: the Star of David, the Natzi Swastika—which is actually from India again, Swastika is from India, it’s a Sanskrit word—and the five pointed stars and all the cabbalistic signs and symbols.

All of them are shared by the high occultic group who play all the different ones independently against each other; and the media of course, the middle man, once again is doing his war drum thing about, "oh, gee, what are we going to do? There’s so much happening in the Middle East. We’ll have to help Israel and we’ll have to get the United Nations in there," which is what they’ve been trying for, for ages, but it wasn’t time to do it until now because THESE BOYS GO BY A TIMETABLE. THEY NEVER MAKE A PREMATURE STEP WHERE THEY MIGHT LOSE. THEY DO IT ALL ACCORDING TO A TIMETABLE.

By 2010, we will be functioning without borders here. By 2010, you’ll have a United Africa and that’s what the African National Congress was to do that. The real job of Mandela, that’s what he was there to do, was to create a trading block of the whole of Africa. Just like they're doing a trading block of Europe and one of the Americas, one of the Far East and Australia’s been sold in with the Far East and dropped by Britain.

The ordinary people of every country are at the mercy of these elitists with their planning who truly believe they know better. They truly, truly believe that they have the right to dictate to us how our lives should be run; and like H.G. Wells said, “many will fight to stop the New World Order,” and that’s what he wrote about in “The Open Conspiracy”.

He says, “they’ll fight never knowing that the system they’re trying to save belongs to the same ones.” They gave us that part of the system.

We serve a PURPOSE for THESE BOYS at the TOP. That is our purpose of living according to them. Produce, consume, pay taxes, send bodies to wars. Just keep supplying the bodies and in between times they’re telling you there are too many of you, cut back, here’s more inoculations, get sick, become sterile. And we should all keep in mind that once the Middle East is over with and done and standardized and then there is a true United Arab Emirate type deal, the same as the United Africa and the Americas and Europe and the Far East, THERE’LL BE NO MORE FUNCTION FOR MOST OF THE PEOPLE HERE.

Yet, here we are, going to supply them with troops galore to make this plan emerge, to come to a final conclusion. The big power group within all races, creeds, sects, are all one at the top. They’re all playing their part for the same agenda. They all have their funding and their orders from the same big foundations.

The books that you read, the novels that you read are paid for by the foundations. They promote most of the sci-fi to implant the ideas in your head of possibilities to come to make them somehow familiar to you, like you're on a natural path, and they always sell an idea with fascination through fiction. It’s far more interesting than dull dry books and lectures, so just give it a fictional account and some psychologists to advise the authors and sociologists to advise them and these books take off with a life of their own. The public swallow them, in fact, quoting fiction as fact.

Programmed: People are being programmed all the time and they don’t know it. For every group out there such as the Zionist group, there’s a higher Zionist group above them with a totally different cause and different set of beliefs, all together completely different. It's the same with the so-called Natzis. When you read some of the books by some of the high Zionists, it’s the same control freak world they’re talking about bringing into view as the present high Natzis. It’s the same one, to control society, the planned society, the society with a function.

Now is the time for people to keep their heads because we’ve been given our heroes to follow in certain alternate medias who will get the ball rolling to get the fighting started amongst each other at the right time, and I’m sure for donkey's years now they’ve been preparing. We’ve seen it. We've seen them be preparing for internal strife within America. They’ve been building up internal armies for years and years and years for the day when the public will be encouraged to do something about it, what’s happening.

Don’t fall for the rhetoric. Don’t follow individuals put up there and paid very well to be your leaders—the official opposition.

I’ve said for years that people should demand to know what oaths anyone who takes a paycheck from the taxpayer, what oaths they’ve taken to what societies. It should be on public record for everybody to see and published. All you have to do is vote in this so-called democratic system. Once you vote, that’s it. YOU HAVE NO MORE RIGHTS.  You’ve just voted someone in without finding all about them because you heard all you wanted to hear. "I’m a this. I’m a conservative. I’m Republican. I’m left wing. I’m right wing. I’m this and that," and you’ve never asked the most important thing of all.

                          “To what societies do you belong? What oaths have you taken?”

You give all this power to people who then you elect into office because they’re left wing, right wing or whatever, and they put laws over on you and you’re all standing back and saying why would he do that?

Because you didn’t ask him what he belonged to and you didn’t demand to know.

You didn't demand to know. It’s the same in every country. We'll keep our eye on what’s happening and there’ll be trouble here at home with the weather modification they’re doing to get the chaos going. The ball's in their court and I said quite a few years ago, I said the hardest thing people will have to do during this upcoming time is to keep their sanity as we go through this because chaos will be brought on, either real but propagated through the media like the bird flu and all this kind of stuff.

We also have the weather modification big time. As I said, there was 115 kilometer winds went through here. On Monday, the sky turned black. Thousands of trees were down. There’s still 100,000 people without electricity in this area and I watched them making the storm. THEY BROUGHT IT ON. I WATCHED THEM MAKING IT IN THE SKY.

Everything in Revelations can be done through science and it’s child’s play today. People must keep their heads as we go through this crisis time. It just escalates because if the BIG BOYS HAD BEEN CAUGHT planning this with the CFR before or right after 9/11 occurred, if it was exposed at the time they could have blamed it on misunderstandings and bureaucratic errors and all this usual stuff that they give us, but you see the axe is falling now. The axe man has already swung the axe and it’s ready to cut the head and they can’t go back now. They can’t stop. They can’t stop now. It’s all or NOTHING for them at the TOP.

When you get fanatics who have planned this for so, so long a time (before these present bunch were born) then whatever it takes, the end justifies the means with them and that means how ever many it takes to kill anywhere to BRING THIS PLAN to its FINAL CONCLUSION, THEY’LL DO IT because WE ARE NOTHING TO THEM.

All the people who love to point fingers at this bunch and that bunch and all the other bunches, just remember at the top of every bunch, probably including the one that you follow yourself, they’re all connected at the top.



The race factor has been played for thousands of years and it’s so odd that the general public never win and the same families can come all down through history for thousands of years in EVERY COUNTRY. We should bear that in mind as they stir the pot and get the whole world fighting here. Those who do follow the religions should think again and break the tribal bond they’ve been trained to follow so they can see clearly and see where you’re being lead and by whom.

Well that’s about all for now and this video the DVD should be out in about a week anyway and keep watching the website. I’ll get it up there.

Bye for now.



(Transcribed by Linda)