April 19, 2006

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All right. My guest tonight is going to be Alan Watt. Alan Watt has questioned standard versions of history and has delved into ancient civilizations and the occult groups which managed them. Since 1998, Alan has come forward to share his knowledge, beginning with the Sweet Liberty Radio program on international shortwave. This shortwave broadcast ended in 2005 but he continues broadcasting on First Amendment Internet Radio every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST and heís going to join us here in just a couple of minutes after we come back from our first break and weíre going to be talking with him tonight about the influence of these occult groups from ancient times. Weíll be talking about how they managed the ancient civilizations and to what end and impact perhaps that has in our day and upon our lives. Again, thatís Alan Watt and heís got a website called and you want to be sure and check that out as well, okay. So go on over to and sign up for the K-files Ezine and send me an email to. By the way, while youíre there sign our guest book. Weíll be back in just a couple of minutes.

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. This is the Kevin Smith Show. My guest this evening as I told you is Alan Watt and Alan has just finished Ė I want to tell you I really appreciate what heís doing. He has just finished another interview and went right straight from that here to talk with you. So Alan, thank you and welcome to the Kevin Smith Show.

Alan: Itís a pleasure.

Kevin: Alan, you have kind of a Ė I donít want to say itís a strange view of the world. Itís not that itís strange, but itís that you have a view that is different from the mainstream and itís quite a bit different and one of the things that I noticed I listened to an interview that you had on Coast to Coast and one of the things that I noticed is that this thought came to my mind. You can be in a situation where and people certainly have been in a situation like this in various places around the world where you donít see anything and maybe you donít smell anything but all of a sudden your body begins to react to something thatís in the air. Poison gas for instance and so at first you start saying I canít see, my vision is blurred and well I feel funny, but still you donít see and you donít smell anything, you didnít hear anything but it starts to have an effect on you; and a lot of people around the world right now are sort of in that situation. They really donít see something and they havenít heard and they donít smell anything but lots of people are beginning to sense somethingís up.

Alan: Yes, something is definitely is up. Itís almost a hush before the storm. Thereís a hush of expectation and thereís been such a hype, mind you, of I call it "terror creation" in the peoples' minds to get them into something so that they will react and go the away they're planned to go. Thatís generally why fear and terror is used from the top down. That was standard down through the ages.

It brings into mind actually Professor Carroll Quigley who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations and was in the record keeping department of their histories and he was updating their histories for them and filing them and from that he wrote a book called, The Anglo-American Establishment, and he talks about the Council on Foreign Relations. The British sect, in British Commonwealth countries, theyíre called Institutes of International Affairs and every commonwealth country including Canada has one. Non-commonwealth countries have Council on Foreign Relations.

India has one too, and Pakistan, and he talks about how the government hyped up the British public for three or four years prior to World War II to get them almost ready for the war and they had Board Meetings with the big newspaper corporations of London who were all members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They agreed to panic the people by putting out false data, propaganda on an increasing drumbeat right up for two or three years on the go and they told them nothing but lies.† Quigley, who had the records, talks about this being discussed at the Roundtables in London with the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they agreed to constantly tell the people in all the newspapers that Hitler had all this gas ready to gas everybody in Britain and they had millions of tons of it, and sure enough, they gave everybody a gas mask and children had them and they had practice rehearsals in school in putting them on. Something like they did during the Cold War, children get under the table; it was to keep it fresh in your memory. Then of course they even asked King George to make a speech to the public to tell them to start by digging trenches in major cities. This was so it seemed more visual to them. The trenches would be of no use at all of course in an air raid, and so they kept up this hype and fear and they even started evacuating children up into Scotland from the major cities. At that time the war was still three years away and it split the families up. It made it seem all so real, so at the time with all this hype youíre going to gassed at any minute, when they eventually said weíre going to war with Germany, the people who were so tensed up and panicked breathed a sigh of relief and that is how psychological warfare works on entire populations.

Kevin: This is not something new though, is it?

Alan: Itís a standard technique.

Kevin: It's been going on actually for millennia?

Alan: Oh yes.

Kevin: Now thatís something that I really was interested in as I was listening to your interview and also I went to your website and I read some things you have on your website. Itís called But what really kind of peaked my interest was the fact that this is not new. Itís been going on for millennia and you talk about how the ancient civilizations were manipulated by occult managers. Can you kind of take us back in time and give us a little bit of a history lesson about that? What do you mean when you say that they were MANAGED BY THESE OCCULT PEOPLE?

Alan: I think the masters of it who left more records of the techniques were the Egyptians and the Greeks. Egypt took every Pharaoh for instance and trained him in the art of government, the sciences of government they called it, and into the mysteries of government. These were the hidden sciences of basically human mass psychology; and interesting enough, later the Greek nobility such as Plato and Democritus and all the big boys, Socrates, Pythagoras, they all were sent to Egypt to enter the mysteries. It would take them 22 years there generally to learn all the mysteries and then they were sent back to their own countries. Sometimes they had to move on. Plato went to the mysteries there. He was then sent to the mystery school in Palestine and then to one in India and then back to Greece, so this was a lot of learning.

Kevin: And what was the purpose for that?

Alan: What they learned Ė when you look at what came out of Egypt was revolution because from the days of even Pythagoras who studied there and he was sent back to the Grecian colonies. They had a big empire at that time and he was sent to Crotona where he set up a mystery school, the standard mystery school. These mysteries schools had so much in common with the later Catholic monasteries. Itís quite amazing because you see it 2,000 years ago in Palestine where the Essenes were. Theyíre all the same similar techniques.

Pythagoras would recruit young aristocratic students. He actually put the male and female in separate quarters, of course, but they took five years of silence. That was standard and they had to watch, look and listen, and eventually some of them are picked to go higher. Some of the young ladies were trained with a tremendous education to be good marriageable partners for the nobility and then they were taken out and basically introduced to higher members of the existing powers, the existing establishments and the whole idea was to start swaying decisions made in those governments. When this was found out what it was really all about, a form of revolution, they turned on Pythagoras and burned down his school and chased him off and it was undecided whether he was killed or not, but that was the same thing that happened ultimately to Socrates.

Now Socrates whoíd also been trained in Egypt and said a lot of wise things, as they all had very wise sayings, he was accused of corrupting the youth and what they really meant was he was doing the same thing as Pythagoras. He was recruiting young nobility and training them in a new way of living. You might call it a New World Order of the time and training them up to revolutionaries and also to enter governments and take over those governments and then take a particular agenda forward, which was to create wars upon other countries and take them over one by one into world empires.

Kevin: Who was behind that? I mean youíve got Socrates and Pythagoras and Plato and all those guys being sent to study these mysteries. Who is behind it? Who sent them?

Alan: They were sent by the masters back in Egypt. Egypt exported revolution. Thatís what it exported and all the ones who came there to be initiated were being trained to go back to their former countries, set up these schools in preparation for revolution; and Plato wrote about it and Plato actually was chased off too. He disappeared for years after his teacher Socrates had to drink the hemlock and so he disappeared and eventually came back and repented and started up his school, but he was no sooner there then they were starting the same old thing all over again and Plato wrote the book called The Republic. The Republic of course was about a future utopia to come Ė a utopia where an intelligentsia (they called it the natural aristocracy) would rule, almost a scientific system, but at the top of them would be the guardians, a guardian class. THE GUARDIANS OF THE WORLD AND THE GUARDIANS OF THE SYSTEM and Plato said man is instantly malleable, he can adapt to anything so quickly and because of that ability man could be made to adapt to a series of adaptations leading to a perfect new type of creature. He said "we already have the domesticated animals for thousands of years and if we want a small domesticated dog," he says, "we create one by selective breeding. If we want the same thing to be a big dog, we again select the dogs and interbreed them and interbreed them until we get the perfect dog."

He said HUMANS ARE THE SAME, we can do THE SAME WITH HUMANS and create really tall long ones if we want the people to pick apples or short not-too-bright ones, because they donít want people to rebel, of course, so you'd make short ones for mining and doing all the heavy work and labor. When you realize what he was talking about was a science that he was not inventing or discovering, he was simply repeating what they already knew in Egypt for thousands of years and had been doing.

Kevin: Whatís interesting about what youíre saying here is that it sounds very much like what the ancient Sumerians said about the Annunaki. Are you familiar with that?

Alan: It's not really; the Annunaki has nothing to do with what people have recently been flooded with.

Kevin: Well, what they said was that the Annunaki did genetic engineering for the purpose of creating a race to do gold mining and to do the hard labor and--

Alan: But that really is a spin, a big spin on an interpretation that only one man ever took and itís his own interpretation, which doesnít stand up with other experts on linguistics.

Kevin: So you donít think that this finds its origins in Ė

Alan: No and Iíll tell you why. Annu in Babylonian and in Sumerian and in Egyptian, Annu Ė and it's still taught today in the higher mystery schools Ė ANNU WAS ALWAYS A SPIRIT. It's the Annu who guides you through the Book of the Dead through the underworld; it's the Annu who does it. You call up the Annu and every doorway in Freemasonry has its Annu and its passwords. Itís the same thing.

Kevin: So itís not a literal being then?

Alan: No. In fact, the Sumerians have the exact same story really as the Egyptians where earth met sky and out of sky came Ouranos and so on, different gods, and THESE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH REAL PEOPLE.

When you look a kingships and the system, they will always give you a hierarchy of mortal beings modeled after a 'heavenly body' sort of thing, so you have the multitude of the stars. Thatís the 'holy host' the multitude of stars, and then you have your main ones the planets and those are sections or hierarchies of priesthoods, which deal with specific things, coming downwards in a V-shape, an upside down pyramid, to meet on the earth plane; then you have the up-going pyramid meeting at the apex and thatís where the king is; and then you have the descending order of nobility, courtiers, military, all the way down to the masses who are again the 'earthly hosts.' They always justify with what they call "foundation myths" and thatís how they justify their control system. That was standard.

Kevin: Now in that model, do we still have groups that are promoting that model?

Alan: Itís still the same today. I can remember watching when I was small the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and it was astounding to watch because this was held in Westminster Abbey, an old Middle Age cathedral. In Westminster Abbey you have tombs of knights of the Norman knights that came in about the 11th Century and the Norman nobility are still the nobility today all over Europe. Near where the Queen was being coronated, thereís a couple (a man and wife). Heís dressed up as a knight laying flat of course on top of the sarcophagus and next to him on the whole wall, from the floor to the ceiling, youíll see a chessboard (which is the tesserated floor of Freemasonry) on the wall and on either side of it there's an obelisk (an Egyptian obelisk) and then two tiers above that with another four obelisks (Egyptian obelisks) above that and this is inside a supposed Christian church. Then, when the Queen was being coronated, she was raised up on a raised Diaz, like a ziggurat (a stepped pyramid), and her throne is there; and then you have all these lords, all the nobility and cousins and relatives, and the lords wear traditionally a red outfit that used to be a kind of gown with an ermine collar on it. Ermine is the symbol of royalty in Britain and in Europe.

Now the ermine fur youíll see on the depictions going as far back as Nimrod. Nimrod wore the same thing, ermine fur with a red outfit, and so youíre watching this being reenacted thousands and thousands of years later in the Westminster Abbey and then the Queenís handed the same symbols, the scepter and the staff, and the guy in front of her (the archbishop) holds the crook. Of course you see in Egyptian Petroglyphs and on their coffins, youíll see that the Pharaoh has his arms crossed and he holds the rod in one hand (which is really a mace) and in the other hand it's the small staff. THATíS THE STAFF OR THE CROOK OF THE SHEPHERD. He was the good shepherd because all these leaders down through history were called good shepherds and what you did was cajole the sheep to come this way by pulling them with the hooked end of the crook and if they didnít come, youíd hit them with the staff. THY ROD AND THY STAFF THEY COMFORT ME. Thatís in the Old Testament. So hereís this odd thing that was used 5,000 BC being enacted in Westminster Cathedral in the 20th Century and everybody who was present stood exactly in their right positions as youíll see on the various carvings of Nimrod being inaugurated and NO ONE asks WHY. Why?

Kevin: Well, Iíll tell you what. Iím going to ask why, but weíre headed into a break and weíll hold that thought for when we come back from the break; but very quickly, let me ask you this. Isnít it true that in the ancient world, in the ancient civilizations, that religion was divided? There was one religion for the nobility, the elite, and another for the peons?

Alan: Absolutely.

Kevin: When we come back from this break, Iíd like to get into that. Iíd like for you to explain the why of the symbolism and everyone standing in their correct place, and also why two religions and does that still exist? So if youíll ponder that for a bit, weíll get you the answer for that when we come back. Ladies and gentlemen, my guest is Alan Watt. We will open the telephone line for you later. You want to be sure and stay tuned and hear whatís coming up. Weíll be right back after this.

Welcome back to the Kevin Smith Show. My guest is Alan Watt. Alan, before we went to break we were talking Ė you were talking about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and everybody standing in their proper place just as it had been in antiquity and you said and nobody stops to ask why. So what is the answer to that? Why?

Alan: They donít ask actually because the pubic asks very little, unfortunately. Some children might ask the whys and the parents canít give them the answers because they donít know how old this tradition is. They assume that itís simply a Middle Age Norman creation and they donít know the tie-ins to the ancient Babylonian-Sumerian type system, but once youíve studied it theyíre so apparent. I have been in Westminster Cathedral to and looked at these incredible Ė the knights there with as I say an Egyptian obelisk inside this Christian cathedral and then of course you're on to a hunt as to find out why theyíre there and to find out more about these Normans that brought that system with them. Who were the Normans, for instance, to bring in Egyptian obelisks into a place like England and of course thereís so much more behind the Normans than meets the eye.

Kevin: What was the reason that they brought in an Egyptian system?

Alan: The Normans are a strange people that sort of popped up in the North of France and supposedly had a connection with the Scandinavian countries and used the Scandinavian countries to come down into England from at least from one direction, while they had an onslaught through Europe taking over Europe on the scale of Ė bigger than the scale of World War II actually, with logistical supply lines going right back to their little country in France. They had huge forts built, massive forts, pre-built, pre-fabricated and they towed them across the English Channel and assembled them, hundreds of these things; and so the supply lines stretched all the way back to the North of France and no oneís ever, ever said where did all this money come from to hire tens of thousands of workers, to hire such massive armies while the nobility themselves, the Norman nobility came in with all of these strange Middle Eastern coats of arms. Itís never been discussed by the historians as to why. Where did all this backing come from? Where did the expertise come from to begin a war like that, knowing that where it wanted to go and having the financial backing and the military logistical expertise to carry it out?

Kevin: Have you been able to determine where it came from?

Alan: Yes, I think part ways. When you look at the standards that they had for nobility Ė now most people would say they copied the standards around the times of the Crusades, but what weíre talking about just before the Crusades came in. The Normans came in with these banners, their own family crests. We see some of the up around the Black Sea area prior to that where people lived and nobility lived.

Herodotus mentions them in his writings around 300 BC and later on we see them coming to prominence and being called the Khazars (Kazars) by a man who wrote "The Thirteenth Tribe", Arthur Koestler and he goes into the history of the 13th Tribe. They adopted Judaism around the 7th Century AD but thereís two groups of them. One of them the public seldom saw. They were called the Kagans. They were the nobility of this group and itís possible that these were actually a people, a nobility that came out of Egypt itself and very possibly at the time of Akhenaton; because the only symbol the Khazars had according to Maimonides who was one of the top historians of the era. He lived in Spain and he helped bring Judaism to them when the king asked, but he said that the Khazars or the Kagans, the Kings were a red or blonde complexion and they had blue or green eyes and they did not mix with the rest of the people, the ordinary people around them, but they had these same types of standards that eventually became known in Normandy (in the Norman country) and then came into England with. Thereís definitely a tie-in there and they were very powerful people, a very, very powerful people. They helped the Christian church many times. In fact, they saved the Vatican when the Moors were shipping across. It was the Khazars with their massive military. They had the biggest mounted cavalry in the world at that time and they prevented the Moors from taking over what was left of the Vatican land at that time.

Kevin: Isnít it interesting that people have had the largest most powerful cavalry at the time and yet there's still so little known about them?

Alan: We do know that some of them became popes because they intermarried with Emperorís daughters and so on and Pope Leo the Khazar, that was his name in the history books. He was one of the first ones. Other ones moved on through Europe, the knighted nobility, they disappear from the scene around the 8th, 9th century and then you have these people they are now calling Normans popping up in the north of France creating this brand new country and they're no sooner there than they're creating a war. Britain was only taken over in 1066 by them and with about 40 years they had recruited so many people there, as they had in all countries which they took over, and they took them back to the Holy Land to get Jerusalem and they kept these crusades up for a few hundred years, so they seemed to know where they were going.

Kevin: So the Crusades were engineered by the Khazars?

Alan: It would seem so, or these people who we know called themselves Normans; that is for sure. That is for sure.

Kevin: Okay, let's go back to Egypt now because you were saying that all this began when the masters in Egypt in essence recruited people like Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, et cetera. Who are those masters?

Alan: The Egyptian masters themselves always give you a story of being gods. Thatís traditional. Even King James of the King James Bible made some quite profound speeches where he said that he represented God and that was traditional. The higher nobility all claim descendancies from God. That's really to fix it in the peoples' minds that they are a different people than you and they deserve to be above you. Thatís how the 'god' thing works you see.

However, we also know that THEY do intensely INBREED, ALWAYS HAVE DONE, partially to keep the power and the wealth in their own hands, but also because theyíve always believed from ancient Egypt down through Greece and onwards that YOU BREED FOR INTELLECT and since they thought they were the highest of the intellectual species they bred with each other.

Kevin: As a matter of fact, Queen Elizabeth is married to a distant cousin.

Alan: Yes, she is. In fact the present monarchy of England have so many fascinating stories attached to it because really they came from PRUSSIA and GERMANY. Prince Philip, his father had taken over a vacant throne that came up in Greece and so he was Prussian really, and they took it over and then eventually the Greeks threw them out and they came to England. Theyíre all Prussian and German and what they used to be called was Ė it's interesting even Adam Weishaupt who popped his head up AS PART AND ONLY PART I stress of the ILLUMINATI and again revolution once again, when he went for refuge after being found out, he was kept in refuge in two of the landed estates the princedoms of Germany by the Saxe and Coburg's. Now why would royalty that you think Adam Weishaupt was going to overthrow, why would royalty put him up, give him a life long pension and security? WHY WOULD ROYALTY DO THAT?

Kevin: I donít know. Itís a good question.

Alan: Then you find the present Queen of England, their TRUE NAME is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the same ones.

Kevin: That is their true family name?

Alan: Yes.

Kevin: I had never heard that. I did know that Queen Elizabeth, her great-grandmother is the great-grandmother of Prince Philip. I knew that but I didnít know the family name. Say it again.

Alan: Itís Saxe, which is S-A-X-E, and that was one of their princedoms for their family. Another part of the family set up another castle so they called it Coburg, and then they set another place and they called that Gotha. So the familyís name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. THATíS THEIR REAL NAME.

Kevin: So the monarchy is not actually of British descent?

Alan: Thatís just it. When you look at the monarchy and the nobility and aristocracy of Europe, who were all descended from the Normans, none of them EVER INTERMARRIED with the PEOPLE THEY RULED OVER.

Kevin: So how far back does this bloodline go?

Alan: Theyíll go back Iím sure to Ė well, actually thereís two different stories on that. It depends on whose you take. I know that some of them like to believe they go back to David. Youíll find that Prince Charles in one speech he gave he said that he could trace his lineage back to Noah, which of course had to be a very high Masonic joke because they all know what Noah means. On the other hand, many of these German monarchs bought their monarchies around the 1600, 1700's, so itís difficult to tell if some of these were some of them.

Kevin: You mentioned THEY ALL KNOW WHAT NOAH MEANS. What does it mean?

Alan: Noah Ė itís not really just a person. ITíS A SYSTEM OF THOSE WHO COME BETWEEN AGES and itís to do with special inbreeding once again for select qualities.

When you read the Old Testament version and every Masonic Lodge has that book there because it contains the rules, THEIR RULES, in the esoteric form, but the only reason that Noah and his family were saved it said was because he was "perfect in all of his generations," meaning heíd never out-married. He'd ALWAYS in-married into the same ones.

Kevin: Yes thereís a bloodline perfection. Okay, we have to take a break and weíll be back in just a moment with my guest Alan Watt and weíre getting in to what is behind the managers of ancient civilizations. What importance does it have and impact does it have upon us, if any? Weíll be back in just a moment. Donít go away. Iím glad youíre listening to the Kevin Smith Show. My guest is Alan Watt. Tomorrow night my guest by the way will be Robbie Thomas. Heís been with us before and this time he is a psychic medium and this time weíre going to be talking about dream interpretations so you want to be sure and join me and Robbie Thomas right here tomorrow night. Alan, these ancient, when we talk about this being ancient, weíre talking about this going way back into the antiquity of Egypt. Does it go back beyond that?

Alan: Yes. We know that Egypt according to the standard Egyptologists today, theyíll talk about Egypt as they can trace it beginning around 5,000 BC; but we also know that there were people moving in from the south much earlier than that, actually 10,000 BC there were people moving up that way. IN FACT THE SAHARA DESERT WASNíT A DESERT THEN. IT WAS FULL OF JUNGLE and they've found elephant skeletons under the sand and tigers, lions, et cetera, and even ancient stumps of trees, petrified trees.

Kevin: What about this mystery system, does it go back beyond Egypt?

Alan: Oh yes. I mean we get most of it from the writings again of Plato and Plato talked about an ancestor of his whoíd left him the story of Atlantis, of course, and so this relative had gone to Egypt maybe 120 years before Plato and he was discussing with the high priests that how old man was. The priests said to Solon, this relative, they said "you donít know how old you are, you Greeks." He says, "many, many countless civilizations have risen and fallenórisen to great heights and then fallen over many, many thousands of years."

MAN IS FAR, FAR OLDER than we have been given WITH THE DARWIN STUFF, and again, he wasnít much different than where they are today. The craniums theyíre finding et cetera are pretty well the same size and I think Darwin offset a lot of the historical research; he basically waylaid it to an extent by getting a philosophy across. When you go into the histories of Greece when they claim that there was a catastrophe at one time on the planet where it was possible that a huge meteorite had struck, he said that the ELITE LIVED AND SURVIVED INSIDE MT. PARNASSUS where they had food stored and water for a long time. The same story is repeated in the histories of the Hindus who claim they have records of five previous times or ages. We say "ages" to sort of put into figures we can understand, sort of time zones of 25,000 years or more.

Actually, itís millions in the Hindu system; and then we have like the likes of Tacitus, who was the royal historian for Nero, who got the Druid story where they had the record of three previous ages. Now all of them say the same thing. Armenia is another one where we get the biblical story of the Ark. Thatís nothing to do with the Ark. Thatís a Mason thing. The ARC IS THE SUN WHICH GOES ACROSS THE SKY. Thatís the covenant, but youíll find that the mountain it came down on was actually full of tunnels, ancient tunnels, and the Armenians who lived at the bottom of it say that thatís WHERE THE ELITE SURVIVED A PREVIOUS CATASTROPHE.

The Druids did the same thing in the mountains of Britain. The Greeks went into Mt. Parnassus and then the northern Indians went into the mountains to the north of India, the Brahmins, and the Brahmins there today still say that they are the survivors of the PREVIOUS MAN from PREVIOUS AGE.

DEFINITELY THE WORLD HAS GONE THROUGH PREVIOUS AGES, which always leaves it wide open to either was it a natural phenomena or was it CAUSED BY MAN and ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Ė thatís always the big question and authors make a killing at this whole speculation here.

However, we do know that the Egyptians around 2,000 BC had records and the Babylonians had records where Egypt had called in all the wise men from all over including Babylonian to RESET THE CALENDAR because something had happened and now they had a few more days added to the calendar. The old CALENDAR was 360 DAYS Ė the degrees in a circle. Thatís where the degree system comes from and they had to add days to it because the earth was now revolving slower after some kind of huge meteor had hit and we know that huge meteors have hit in different parts of the planet.

Now if a meteor was to come down, you certainly would have tremendous heat if it was a huge one and you would have tremendous fires as this hit the sky with almost atomic explosions. Youíd have fire, which would melt the pole caps, and then it would be followed by massive water collection going up into the sky and then so youíd have rain. Fire followed by water, thatís part of the mystical answer to thatófire and wateróbecause all of those people give the same story of the atmosphere went on fire followed by tremendous rain, water.

Kevin: Well, I guess what Iím getting at in my question is do we know if this system, this mystery system that got exported through Pythagoras and Plato, et cetera, does it have its origins in Egypt or did they get it somewhere else?

Alan: The Egyptians had to have gotten it from a previous time. Itís no different from Sumer. Sumer did not start with some walking reptiles. Itís a good story but they had to convince the public and this was traditional. You convince the public that they are a lesser inferior type and that the royalty are a superior type, theyíve got more of the genes of the gods. That was standard and they always said they were offsprings of the gods, and then the public think well weíre an inferior type made to be a slave. If you look into the prayers of the bureaucratic classes, the priesthoods who were bureaucrats in Sumer, you find that they had prayers to the gods and the god would be an INVISIBLE GOD of the heavens.

Kevin: All right, weíll be back in about a minute, folks, in time for our top of the hour ID break. Welcome back. My guest is Alan Watt and we are now going to open the telephone line. If you have a question or a comment, you may call toll free 1-800-289-1092 toll free throughout North America. Thatís Canada and the United States of course. 1-800-289-1092. Alan, at one point here I mentioned and you confirmed that in ancient times these occult managers of civilization developed one religion for the elite and another religion for the masses. Can you give us just a quick thumbnail sketch of that and why they did that?

Alan: It was to bring a slave class up really in the belief they were an inferior species actuallyóan actual different speciesóand of course you tell them the nobility and all the aristocracy are a higher species closer to the godhead. That was standard all over the world really right up even through Scottish and the British kings and queens who believed they were descended from the gods themselves. Now Plato went further into the description of this where he believed Ė their religion at the top was always based on two-fold type of reincarnation, which is different than the one spun out today. The religion at the top was that they were different from the public. This is what they told each other and Plato went through this because in sometime in the distant, distant past THEY WERE THE REBELS WHO REBELLED AGAINST A CREATOR and because THEY WERE CAST HERE where ordinary people already lived, they arrived with more psychic special powers than the ordinary people and they created their own bodies from the material at hand by willing it into existence and only a perfect body could be inhabited by their perfect spirit.

Kevin: So the fact then that theyíre claiming to be what the Western world would refer to as the "fallen angels" under the command of LUCIFER?

Alan: Thatís correct.

Kevin: Ah, theyíre Luciferians?

Alan: You might say Luciferian and rebels, theyíre proud of the term and that theyíre behind all revolutions and they claim that once they decided to inbreed with the people already here they began to LOSE THOSE SPECIAL POWERS and hence the need to go back into the inbreeding program, which is still going on today, and the priesthoods who take the genealogies.

Kevin: All right, let's go to the telephone line. Caller, your first name and where youíre calling from?

Al: Hi Kevin. This is Al from New York. I wanted to ask Alan Watt if he could give us a little more information about the tie-in with Freemasonry and Hinduism and I was reading a book recently or just started reading a book by David Hatcher Childress, I think called "The Vimana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis."† I was wondering if Alan would talk about Ė if he knows anything about that, if he would talk about that going way back, where they get this, you know technology that they wrote about the Brahmins or the caste systems?

Kevin: Okay, weíll get him to comment on that. Thanks for the call.

Alan: The caste system falls right into this in fact, because in India with this same religion of the beginning for the elite body to do with a SPECIAL TYPE of REINCARNATION into PERFECT BODIES and only the PERFECT BODY. Youíll find that modern Masonry or what we call modern Masonry is really - in fact, Charles Darwin when he came out with this theory of evolution was only on the behalf of the Royal Society, the Royal Chartered Scientific Society of England. He was simply brought forth to put into the publicís mind what Masons had already been taught; that was their religion.

EVOLUTION WAS THEIR RELIGION and they believed that although they themselves had been made perfect through the special selective breeding all down through the ages they would become once again as the beings they had been in the beginning, these ones that were cast here, but far more perfect with the same abilities of intellect, command, able to command people and tremendously fantastic physical bodies. Thatís what Charles Darwinís theory was. It was nothing more than EXPANDED FREEMASONRY. In fact, his grandfather had already put a treatise on selective breeding and evolution before Charles did.

Now look at the Charles Darwin family themselves. His great-grandfather, his father and himself only married into one other family and that was the Wedgwood family of England who were famous for their pottery, a very wealthy family, and thatís the only family they ever interbred with for all those generations. Charles himself had 10 children by his wife who was a Wedgwood and when she died (and most of their children did die too, two of them were insane), when she died he married his mother's (a Wedgwood) sister, his aunt. So theyíve been going down through the ages interbreeding for special qualities to try and keep up these special qualities; and you can jump back to Plato and say my goodness this is the same thing he was just talking about then, 2,300 years ago: Selective breeding for special abilities.

If you want a good scientist you get a man and woman who are very, very good at it and interbred them, take their offspring and match them up with the same over and over again. Thatís what weíre seeing. The Brahmins of India went into this in more detail, of course, that man was far older; and remember that the Indian upper class is a caste class system very much like England by the way. I used to say my goodness isn't it so similar to the English system. However, the Aryan people Ė people think of Germany being the Aryan race and they got that from Theosophy, but the Aryan people whom the Brahmins are proudly descended from were a pure white race. Again, light hair, blue eyes, et cetera, who came into India some say around 500 BC, I think it was much earlier, and they lorded over different parts of India. They were told not to interbreed with the Dravidians Ė the darker race there. Over time they did and you end up with this caste system so your color literally designated you position in society, right down to the darker ones who are now called the UNTOUCHABLES. So you had a fixed society. The Brahmins ensured they were taught reincarnation at all levels of society and karma so that you could train people to believe "well, thatís your position in life, accept it. You must have been bad in your last one to end up as an untouchable or a slave or a peasant."

Kevin: And if you do very good and you behave where you are now, then you may come back in a higher caste?

Alan: Thatís right. Now it is also true that they have in the old Vedas drawings that would appear to be aircraft. A lot has been made of it, but we just donít know if itís an early ancient technologyó

Kevin: Well, itís also in Egypt.

Alan: Yes, in Egypt too, and of course even the BBC had a documentary years ago on the lead-acid batteries that were found in Egypt which are now in the Cairo Museum and they have lead and copper plates in them and the man said watch this, he poured in the battery acid, connected two wires to a bulb and sure enough it lit up. He says this has no other function than being an electric battery. They had the electricity and they found those batteries now in Babylon as well or Persia or Iraq.

Kevin: Well, Iím told there was some in Damascus; but also in Abydos in a temple there, there's some carvings up on the frieze show very clearly what looks like a helicopter, perhaps a jet, but certainly some type of aircraft with wings and a rudder. It also shows something that looks very much like what we would call a flying saucer and these were carved thousands of years ago.

Alan: Well, a lot you see of deceit and deception too has crept in with sensationalism from the times of Erich von Daniken, who actually had a little guy in Mexico carve a lot of these things out for him and a reporter from Britain found this little guy who was getting five pesos a piece and thatís when von Daniken hit the dust. However, he put out a lot of disinformation about the space ships.

Now the thing about the flying saucers is just a globe with wings and thatís the traditional--

Kevin: Not in Abydos. Not in Abydos.

Alan: Well, Iíve seen the Vedas and the Vedas too do more descriptions about what existed more so than drawings and they show Ė they said that the gods Ė the gods remember were your kings. The hierarchy, they were always called gods and they said that they fought each other in a big battle towards the end of the last age and they could fly. They had flying machines and they shot different colored rays or lights at each other. The red one would burn anyone wearing metal, just like microwaves. We have these odd things being discussed.

Kevin: Also now youíre talking about the ancient writings there in India in the Mahavarata, but there is a description of something thatĖif I just take that description and show it to someone and donít tell them where itís from. Donít tell them itís part of an ancient Indian epic and they read it and then I ask what that describes, they will say that describes a thermal nuclear blast and the interesting thing is that there has been found in Rajasthan a site of a thermal nuclear blast in strata from 12,500 years ago and you know so some of these things may be real.

Alan: They may be real, although we know it can also be caused by a very high velocity meteors coming in--

Kevin: But itís a different type of radiation. Itís a whole different type of radiation and different rate of decay and you know there is to date there has been no real comment or any kind of debunking of this site.

Alan: No, no. Even though there are many clues still left in regular history and itís up to the individual to decide. I mean we can get carried away obviously--

Kevin: Sure we can.

Alan: By limited information. Limited information sells a lot of books. Thatís why the authors jump on it and take them off, but we do know that the ancient Greeks who learned everything again in Egypt started the Atomist theory (the atom theory) back around 300 BC - 400 BC and they had the Atomic schools they called them and theyíre well documented. Weíve got records of it all and they knew that you had tiny whirling bits of matter and they said that the atom was not the smallest part of matter; and supposedly we always suspected this but just found out for sure in the 20th Century. Now itís impossible for men living thousands of years ago Ė I donít care how much leisure time they had and how many slaves did all their work for them to give them this leisure. I donít care.


Kevin: So what are you saying? They had the technology?

Alan: They had to have. Thereís no way a person with a limited understanding of physics, no microscopes, no atomic microscopes et cetera, could break down the content or even dream of the content of hard matter. They understood perceptions and how they differ from angles of stance to the object and so on. They knew that nothing was technically solid and that if these atoms could be made to vibrate at a certain speed, you could put a man or a chair through a wall without injury. They knew this stuff--

Kevin: So this happened 300 BC?

Alan: Yes.

Kevin: Okay. Thatís not so far back. I mean at that stage of history we dig up a lot of stuff and weíve not as far as I know recoveredóarchaeologists have not covered any of this high technology for looking at atoms and so forth. Is it possible that instead of them discovering this that they were told this perhaps by beings from off-world?

Alan: I donít think so. I think there have been many ages where a few come through with the knowledge and NEVER SHARE IT WITH THE VAST MAJORITY. Power is KEPT by the LIMITATION OF KNOWLEDGE by a few because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.† If itís true that weíve gone through at least five definite and two possible more ages in Indian records, then MAN IS MILLIONS OF YEARS OLD. You can imagine the knowledge that would be accumulated during that time.

Kevin: I agree with that, but whatís your take on why we havenít discovered in all these archaeological digs any of this very high technology that would have made it possible for them to understand atomic theory?

Alan: I think itís probably because itís buried so deep in specific areas that no one will get to it until itís the time to admit to it. Thatís how history unfolds. Suddenly at the right time something will be announced. Something will be found, but what I also found very interesting was when they went after Iraq and remembering Iraq and Iran were greater Persia in the old system and Babylon was there. During the whole time that Bill Clinton was in, thousands of cruise missiles were sent over. We got so used to it, it was just nothing between our bites of food at dinner time to watch these things being shot off the ships. These were not hitting the cities. These were going off in places where no one was and they were just pounding the earth and blowing it all up, and some people have come forward recently and admitted these were ancient sites where it hadnít even been dug up properly. EVIDENCE IS BEING DESTROYED as far as I was concerned.

Kevin: Why do you think they would do that?

Alan: Because they donít want the public to know that theyíre Ė even today we have three levels of sciences today. We have from professors down: thatís the lowest level of reality that WE ARE GIVEN and thatís all supplemented and augmented by the regular magazines you buy at the stores. "Weíre trying to work towards this and one day we hope to," thatís the bottom level of science. Dr. Nick Begich on the CBC television in Canada--

Kevin: Who by the way will be with us next week.

Alan: Well, heís very good. He showed on the Wendy Mesley show a few years ago a whole tray full or table full of these little handheld remote sized gizmos and he told Wendy to stand 20 feet away and heíd point one at her and says what do you hear? She says I hear music in the center of my head and now he could have just easily put words in her head. He said this equipment was used by the CIA in the 1950's Ė now it had to be solid-state before the public even heard of the transistor in the 1960's and he said THIS STUFF IS ALL OBSOLETE. This is obsolete. It works within line of sight up to any distance. I wondered how many people were locked up in hospitals for hearing voices during all this period. That was one. Now the CIA are only one-step up, but thereís another level beyond them. THEREíS ALWAYS A TRINITY IN THIS SYSTEM FOR THE CONTROLLERS who wouldnít even share the higher sciences with those below them who helped them because you want to maintain power. You never share it totally. Itís been like that in all ages.

Kevin: What kind of technology exists at the higher level?

Alan: I think probably as I said in ancient times that high science to the general public appears to be magic. Itís so far ahead of anything that the public are told. I can remember when the BBC in the 1970's did a documentary special on Area 51 in the U.S. and they were up on a hill there looking down when it first got some attention. They were able to keep a team there and they photographed these flying saucers coming out of underground hangars at that big base there, which is an American Air Force base, so the presumption is theyíre making them there and testing them there. These things came out of the ground silently. They could go up into the air, do all kinds of odd right-angle turns. They could stop on a dime after moving at hundreds maybe thousands of miles an hour, and they could actually stay stationary and then disappear and then appear again; now whether it was some sort of cloaking device or what, we donít know. Thereís so many speculations about it, but that was 1970's. How they deflected all of that was to bring in the disinformation characters, "Oh, these things are from outer space," but here they are, coming out of the earth here in a military base, which tells you they were making them here.

Kevin: You know, I remember during Gulf War I and you may have seen this or you may have read about it since. During Gulf War I they would do press conferences virtually everyday from the war theater, from the area, and General Schwarzkopf would always make some comments to the press on how the war was progressing. There was a question, I donít remember who asked, but a question about well what is your objective. How do you know when youíve reached your objective and he commented on that and then they said well how will you do this? How do you plan to do this and he said itís simple. Itís like a snake. You cut off its head, its body dies and thatís what weíre going to do and Saddam is going to have to surrender and thatís it. Then the question was and this was where it got interesting. Well, what if he does not surrender and Schwarzkopf very quickly said, "weíve got things to throw at him he cannot even imagine," and then he said, "all of this technology that all of you are so amazed at, all of these things that youíve been seeing, these smart bombs and missiles flying down smokestacks is obsolete. We have things he cannot even imagine." Do you remember that?

Alan: Yes. In fact, Iíve laughed at every war weíve had really because itís to convince the public Ė I mean here are soldiers going off with new uniforms, but standard equipment really, they're still firing basically gunpowder and projectiles that have been around for a thousand years; and they keep telling us this is the latest model and theyíre so far ahead in science they donít even have to invade a country. We know that too because there are satellite arrays way up yonder that can laser or bombard a whole continent if they wish to with the effects of pulsations and knock everyone out or kill them, if they wish to. Theyíre going through the usual, (I call it) the low-level routine for the bottom-level matrix people, the general population, that this is the best we have. This is a big joke. A big joke. They donít even need troops actually really anymore.

Kevin: Then why do they use them?

Alan: Because they donít want us to realize how far ahead we really are because weíre not supposed to know. If we did know exactly all that they have, weíd be absolutely petrified. Weíd be petrified how far ahead they are.

Kevin: If we were all petrified though, how would that really affect the power of those who have the power?

Alan: They want a lot of us to live in fear, but it also enables them by using such high-tech advanced equipment to carry out further manipulation of where they want to bring the public. The public never figure it out, they say: "Oh, we canít do that yet, so thatís not true. That canít be happening," but in reality they are doing things and they have been for years, just using basic high-tech stuff on all the public. In the British newspapers it was admitted after Gulf War I when you saw all those soldiers coming up out of the desert very stunned, very confused and they were like that for 24 hours, and they admitted in the British papers theyíd used electromagnetic pulse on those people. They admitted that it was used and it had tremendous affects; it also created forms of holograms where they appear to be flowing backwards at one point, but they were also pounding them with basically HAARP technology and scalar weaponry. Itís even in the UN Charter. The UN has a treaty signed for the HAARP technology and all countries signed it. In what the effects it could do was to bombard the public with various mood-altering techniques, which could cause tremendous depression, confusion and lethargy, et cetera, almost put them in some somnambulistic state, and that was used and that was admitted in all the British papers at the time.

Kevin: Now you say there is a United Nations treaty regarding that. What does that treaty say? Does it say you can or cannot use that?

Alan: It says that countries that have signed the United Nations agreement must not be allowed Ė will not use it on each other, but with all United Nations treaties if you notice IT NEVER SAYS that YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT CANNOT USE IT ON THE GENERAL PUBLIC.† Just like the military cannot use hollow point bullets in warfare or on people abroad, but they can use it on your public at home and they do.

Kevin: Well, you know I have to say I used to be a police officer and I was not military but we carried hollow point bullets. Thatís what was issued.

Alan: Yet if you were using that in a warfare situation with another country, that would be illegal and youíd be in prison for it.

Kevin: Well and that explains and you know I never knew this. After serving as a police officer here in the United States, I became an international police officer and we worked under the administration of usually the United Nations and we did not carry hollow points. I never understood why. I always thought maybe just an administrative decision. Somebody made a purchasing decision or whatever, but itís actually that treaty?

Alan: Itís the treaty. That so that every country that signs if thereís any trouble at home they can use more extreme weaponry on their own public, and thatís the same with the HAARP. In that treaty, I think itís 1977, the HAARP treaty, it states that they have the ability now, itís been tested and they can cause hurricanes to come in or tornadoes. They can guide tornadoes to any destination. They can cause drought or flooding, earthquake and tremendous physical effects on the population, which had been tested out apparently on the population of Maine.

There was a lawsuit going in on behalf of them against the U.S. government for using them as guinea pigs. Over a period of time they were using HAARP to see what mood effects it would have on them and of course all the information was channeled from doctors offices, hospitals, social work departments, police, into the federal computers to collect all the data and they found that domestic animals were turning nasty. Even cattle were charging at people, the cows. The suicide rate was the highest it had ever gone. It shot right up and when they tried a different frequency the people got depressed. They changed it again and people got very elated and sometimes they got aggressive, so they were monitoring the psychological effects and behavior.

Kevin: And this was in Maine?

Alan: Yes.

Kevin: And thereís a lawsuit going on now?

Alan: It was going on a few years ago, I donít know what became of it, so you can always test on your own population and they always have done.

Kevin: All right, we have to take a break, folks. Iím learning some things tonight I didnít know. Weíll be back in just a moment. My guest is Alan Watt. Welcome back to the Kevin Smith Show. My guest this evening is Alan Watt and we are talking about I guess you could say a different view of history. Itís easy to say a strange view because it is something that most of us perhaps have not been exposed to, at least not very deeply, and so it may seem strange to us; and yet, Alan, you have pretty well documented the stuff that youíre telling us about. Youíve written three books about this. What are the titles?

Alan: I just call them "Cutting Through" and itís because Iím cutting through this matrix that weíve all been put into. I go through I, II and III through the ancient priesthoods and secret societies, which they had then to infiltrate society and spy on them really and direct them, up to the present time and how important they were to be control over vast populations in fact because they were international even in the days of Sumer.

Kevin: Well, tell me about that. You say they were international even in the days of Sumer. Tell us a little bit about that, because that is one part of the Sumerian history that Iíve never been exposed to.

Alan: Archaeologists have documented it well that Sumerís biggest trading partner was up in the north of India and India seemed to be the main supplier of various types of goods. Sumerís main export was wool and they used Bahrain Ė the Island of Bahrain is almost a trading port where the stuff was brought from India and thatís where the priesthood sent out the merchants or their men. They had hired agents to do all the dealing et cetera. The priesthoods dealt with the finances. On one level they had the priesthoods who wrote the laws for real estate in Sumer. Thatís how far ahead they were. In fact, Sumer had all of the same conveniences you might say of today when it came to shopping. You could get a receipt when you shopped at the market within 15 minutes. They baked it in clay in 15 minutes and they found millions of these, so Sumer wasnít a primitive little place. They had a very complex priesthood system. So much so, in fact, in a book called "Life Begins at Sumer" where they decipher many of the tablets that they found even from the school children of bureaucrats. They bred the bureaucrats there, much like today, and one of them said I cannot look from horizon to horizon, I cannot see the horizons for government buildings. He said we are taxed for everything. He said when we bring fish in he said the government officials are there to take us, when we sell things the government are there to tax us. When the loved ones bury their dead and put offerings on the grave, the death duties, the death taxes have to be paid to the priesthoods. It was very much like today.

Kevin: Nothing much has changed, has it?

Alan: Nothing. Itís so amazing to find out how similar it was and they had this system pretty well all over the ancient world at that time. Later on, they found in Crete in the Mediterranean a huge library and a monastery and it seemed to be almost a central priesthood who was in contact with all the different nations of that time. Many have speculated by the writings that theyíve found that these guys were actually updating or creating the different religions of the period.

Kevin: Speaking of the religions of the period, some time later after Sumer in the same geographical area you have the Babylonians and youíve got a priestly caste called the Magi and they were king makers. They were not just religious. They were king makers. Now, in all of these ancient religions and in many countries around the world today the clergy are either the government or they are above the government. Here in the United States we are champions of this separation of church and state, and by champions I donít mean weíre the only ones that have it. I just mean thatís a big deal to us, so that the religious are not in control of the government and the government is not in control of religion, at least ostensively, thatís the way itís supposed to work. Is it working that way?

Alan: No. It never did in fact. It never did. A very high freemason sent me a letter. I know this guy. Heís in Washington, DC and heís listened to a lot of my talks on the radio and he said, "you know, Alan, you're right, I know every symbol I see around this city is high freemasonic," and itís mainly the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry the symbols they're seeing. When you go into the book by Albert Pike, who was called the Pope of Freemasonry in the 1800's, he says in his own book, "Morals and Dogma," the book that was given to most freemasons up to the 32nd degree, he said, "make no mistake. Freemasonry is a religion," and since every president of the United States becomes an honorary 33rd degree of that Order, you certainly do have a religion running your country.

Kevin: Now say that again. Every president of the United States becomes honorary 33rd degree?

Alan: If theyíre not already, yes.

Kevin: How do we know that?

Alan: Thatís why when you see George Bush Sr. the very first photo-op they gave of him was with I think the New York Yankees and heís wearing their pullover and thereís the number 33 right there on his pullover. Of course, I have the photographs of Ronald Reagan being given his scroll and apron et cetera by the Scottish Rite. That is a fact and then if you go into the Freemasonic Encyclopedia, you have a whole list of all the presidents whoíve been high freemasons. Washington himself was.

Kevin: Yes, I was going to say, yes. George Washington, thatís a well-established fact. George Washington was.

Alan: And thatís why youíve got an Egyptian obelisk, a brand new one though, for a New World Order, built to him. You only built an obelisk to a person who had achieved godhood in the mystery religion of Egypt and thatís called apotheosis; and because Washington had done such great work towards the Great Work, as they call it, he was raised to godhood, apotheosis.

Kevin: So they raise people to godhood in something like the same way that the Catholic Church raises people to sainthood?

Alan: Pretty well, yes. Thatís what godhood means. Youíre raised to godhood. Youíve achieved not only the lower orders and understanding of the philosopherís stone and the different categories of understanding all the way up and because of your work towards the Great Work you are considered a god. Even in the famous painting youíll see there where they're around the table and Benjamin Franklin made his speech at his table about it when he talked about Washington in a very Masonic way. Behind Washington is the rising sun right behind his head. Itís all Freemasonic. Franklin himself was a member of Masonry. He wrote about it in his own newspapers, and 33 signatories signed the Declaration because you cannot Ė for those in the low orders theyíre taught they cannot rise above the 33rd Degree, because the sun like Jesus starts his ministry at the 30th Degree east in its parallel and it sets on the 33rd west, so thatís why they let the low orders think thereís only 33 degrees.

Kevin: How many are there really?

Alan: 360.

Kevin: A circle?

Alan: Yes.

Kevin: Most of the Ė I have known a number of Masons. I do know a number of Masons and the Masons that I know are people who, the ones I know, who have a lot of integrity and who seem to be very patriotic, love the country and love their families and do a lot of things that are good public service.

Alan: But theyíve also sworn to obey an order by a superior and do it instantly and reserve all judgment of morality aside.

Kevin: Do you think that most of them would adhere to that?

Alan: Yes, because thereís so much that comes along with Masonry. I was talking to one 32nd Degree about a month ago and he agreed after hearing to a lot of my talks, he says, "you know I didnít think about it." He says, "Iím just a farmer but I could go in to see a bank manager with no collateral down and ask for a bank loan and I could pick it up in the afternoon." The average person couldnít do that, so you get a lot of fringe benefits. You get off with a lot of speeding tickets and you can get a bed in the hospital much quicker than anyone else. Thereís a lot more to it and also if you start a business off in a town and you join the lodge, theyíre all sworn to give you business to bring custom your way; so the lower guy with the hardware store up the road there whoís not a Mason will be scratching his head wondering why no one is coming in his store.

Kevin: Wow, thatís amazing. Amazing. Weíre going to continue with that in just a moment. Youíre back on the Kevin Smith Show. Weíre talking to Alan Watt and let's go to the telephone line. Caller, if you will, tell us your first name and where youíre calling from.

Al: Hi Kevin. This is Al again. I have a question for Alan. If Ronald Reagan was a 33rd Degree Mason, he gave a speech I believe at the United Nations and I think he was making some kind of comment that if we were invaded it would bring the nations together. Maybe his comment was geared towards UFOs. What do you think Ė do you think weíre that far off from a visitation? Kevin had a guest on last night. I think it was Tom Horn that was speculating towards a possible something happening in the eminent future where we might see something happening in the skies, so I guess thatís my Ė how far do you think that we might get some kind of a visitation if any?

Kevin: Okay. Were you able to hear that, Alan?

Alan: I think so.

Al: Iíll hang up, Kevin.

Kevin: Okay Al. Thanks for the call.

Alan: The answer should be prefaced in two parts really. Number one, they had meetings in the early 1900's about the possibility of using a threat from outer space to bring the whole world together under a new type of government. The first man to express this was John Dewey. He mentioned this in speeches, that if they could possibly convince the public of an attack from outer space we would all ban together, give up our nationalism, which they wanted to destroy of course, and bring us all together. This was repeated by many presidents including Ronald Reagan. He made a few speeches like this, that if only there was an attack from outer space we could all ban together as one. I think this maybe Ė H.G. Wells wrote a book about it, "War of the Worlds," and H.G. Wells worked for the British government. He was a propagandist for the secret service and that has been declassified in Britain.† You have the same sort of agenda there convincing the public because the whole idea for a New World Order (which is the United Nations' whole goal) is to get us to give up our nationalism and fight against something. Now they can create holograms in the air. Iíve seen one already myself a few years ago and with a witness with me. It was a definite hologram.

Kevin: How do you know it was a hologram?

Alan: Because it started off with what appeared to be the Northern Lights and the Northern Lights generally they fly all over the skies at tremendous speeds and this thing formed into an image right above me of a figure with wings and I thought what on earth are they trying to make here.† I know that the HAARP facility has admitted they can make holograms by manipulating the ionosphere, so I watched this for 20 minutes and then two nights later a guy phoned Art Bell in Ontario and he said the same thing. He says I saw something in the sky being formed; and Art Bell, who's had everybody on, including so many guys who claim that they are Satan themselves, cut him off and says what nonsense. I could never figure that one out. Why wouldnít he let the man speak because I saw the same thing? The person with me saw the same thing. So donít always believe what you see. There are very high technological powers at play right now to convince us of something else happening in order to change our whole way of living and I always keep that in the back of my mind. Itís been written about and documented from major speeches and we should take it seriously. We shouldnít fall for what they want us to believe right off the bat you know.

Kevin: Whatís interesting to me listening to you is that youíre referencing things in support of what you say. Youíre referencing documents that are in the public domain that people can go get their hands on it and read it. Whatís interesting to me is that these, for lack of a better word, "power brokers," or the elite or whatever, seem to be out in the open with what theyíre doing. Itís not really a conspiracy, is it?

Alan: I can document on something else and this is what people should look into. It was the first fund put up by a major multimillionaire, probably a billionaire at the time even, and that was Baron Rothschild in England in the 1800's. He wanted to finance writers and novelists to write along certain lines of science fiction to prepare the minds of the young, who would be excited with these stories, so that they could bring in scientific investigation using space rocketry et cetera in the following century and the young would think it was all a natural direction in which to go. That was called "predictive programming," and they hired thousands of novelists right up into the 1900's.

Arthur C. Clarke was one of them. Hannon was another one that started the whole Mt. Shasta thing off, their New Age. He wrote a novel about it, a fictional novel, now they go there and worship; and Arthur C. Clarke wrote the biggest occultic movie ever done, "2001," for the High Freemasons. The New World Order was to kick off in 2001 and he wrote the book in the 1960's and thatís when they made the movie. It was to be completed by 2010 and that was his second movie. That was all an occultic story, those two stories. It had nothing to do with space, if you understand the esoteric symbolism.

Kevin: Well, even the Council for Foreign Relations publishes amazing statements and amazing speeches about their plans for the future and thatís why Ė you know I hear a lot of people talk about conspiracies, but if youíre out in the open thatís not much of a conspiracy.

Alan: H.G. Wells who was one of their main propagandists and writers for the British Secret Service and a founder of the Fabian Society, which is just another branch of the CFR (Royal Institute of International Affairs) because they run both sides of everything. H.G. Wells wrote a book called "The Open Conspiracy," a non-fiction, and he said yes weíre creating a New World Order under a world government. He says the documentation we have put out for the public is in libraries and he says itís an open conspiracy because we tell them what we want to do, where weíre taking them and they donít want to read it. The book is still out there.

Kevin: Alan, weíre out of time. Listen, I want to thank you for coming on the show tonight. Itís been fascinating. I appreciate you being here.

Alan: Itís a pleasure.

Kevin: Tell us quickly your web address.

Alan: Itís and my name is Alan Watt.

Kevin: Alan, is that where we can get your books?

Alan: Yes.

Kevin: Okay. Again, thanks for being here. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here and I hope youíll make a habit to come back again each and every night. Iíll be back here again tomorrow night. I hope you will be too. My guest tomorrow night is going to be Robbie Thomas. Weíre going to be talking about dream interpretation. Had any strange dreams? Tomorrow night is the night to call in. See you tomorrow night. So long, everybody.



(Transcribed by Linda)