June 2, 2006






Rick:† Itís time to come on. Just a little sniffle here, ladies and gentlemen. Itís raining again as it always does here where I am and of course that makes me sneeze. We are on the air right now Friday night and we are rounding out this weekís programming of uncensored Radio Free America and itís good to once again be at these microphones and weíre booking some interesting guests as the next week lines up and weeks ahead, and God willing we will be you this information as our Heavenly Father would permit us to do so. Well, tonight weíre going to be talking about some unheavenly things and some rather satanic things that as you probably know lurk in very high places and high places means governments of the world; and with me tonight is someone who is no stranger to these microphones on this network Iím sure a number of times. Dr. Monteith and of course Gregís show and so many shows. He is Mr. Alan Watt, Cuttingthroughthematrix and do we have him yet, madam? I believe we have him right now on the line. Hello there Alan Watt. How are you?


Alan:† Iím fine. How about you?


Rick:† All right. Thank you. Itís first time with you and can see this is going to be a very quick program tonight. Very quick two hours because once we open that Pandoraís box, you know, time has a way of getting away with itself. It is a fascinating subject, the subject of secret societies and the history of these societies and something I guess Ė I donít know how long youíve been doing this (audio) thirty years now and I was fascinated by it (audio) and others as well, Albert Pike and books about him by Richard Osborne and others, so thatís been my interest for a long time and maybe you could tell us how you got started on the subject matter and cutting through the matrix?


Alan:† I think really it was a matter of growing up in a time when there was so many big changes going on in the music industry, entertainment; culture in other words. Culture was being changed and the New Age suddenly came out like a bombshell on the populations of Europe and America at the same time and it was rather obvious to see it was being promoted from the top and that was the odd thing about this. I caught on rather early that culture doesnít just grow from the grass roots. Itís actually promoted from the top down and as they change society they actually put out the people who have changed society by the books they issue and they publish, by the television programs, interviews of famous people and the people emulate what they see.


Rick:† Sort of like a supply creating more demand?


Alan:† Exactly.


Rick:† Thatís the way it works in what we call the entertainment business and certainly theyíve been corrupting our nation for a long time and weíll get into that and we will get into much more. Stay tuned. Thank you. Alan Watt our guest tonight. Our number is 800-313-9443. Lots ahead. Rick Adams, Radio Avenger, stay tuned.


Weíre back now with cuttingthroughthematrix with Alan Watt and thatís a very interesting basic introduction about the top-down mindset. How far back do you research the business of secret societies and what they have been up to? Some of the more nefarious ones over the millennium?


Alan:† Weíve always had them. I say "them" because I think really at the top thereís just really one. As far back as Plato, he was probably the first one to actually detail to an extent the aristocracy of ancient Greece, to which he belonged, and he, like most of them, had been trained and educated in Egypt by the priesthood. It took 20 years to be initiated into the priesthood in Egypt. He talks about a new future world, a perfect world state, where everything would be run to order by the intellectuals and intellectual elite, which he called ďthe Guardian Class,Ē and down through history we find the same thing being pushed. We see it with Francis Baconís ďNew Atlantis.Ē†


Francis Bacon of course was a Rosicrucian, as was Walter Raleigh and whole bunch of them in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and John Dee another major player at the court coined the term ďthe British EmpireĒ and he wanted a world system based upon the British government with the same political system and based on free trade between the nations who joined. Those who did not join would be excluded and literally they wouldnít export anything to those countries, and that was in the 1500's.

Rick:† What about this business weíre thinking of west and the West in particular. What about the eastern part of the world, the Orient?


Alan:† The Orient is fascinating because I used to wonder why every major conqueror left China alone. Even Napoleon said, ďlet the sleeping dragon lie. Leave it alone,Ē and I wondered why he would say that unless he was told to leave it alone, because he went as far as Egypt himself, so itís almost as though China were being set aside for a future use and I think that really is what it was. I think thereís a long and incredible long-term plan and we see the function of China emerge now when it is the manufacturer for the whole planet basically.


Rick:† Yes, this is something that goes way back, prior to World War II when people like Mandell House and other working in the Wilson administration were plotting world wars and also how to betray China with its massive population and set up Mao Tse-Tung. These things I believe had been laid out way before they happened and thereís no question thereís a pattern. There's a conspiracy.


Alan:† Thereís no doubt. Whatís interesting about China is that Britain sent some itís top people over to China in the 1920's to actually train them for Communism and Lord Bertrand Russell who was a key player was one of those guys who was sent over to teach in the universities and to begin the whole start of Communism.


Rick:† And the Fabians Ė the Fabian socialists?


Alan:†† Yes.


Rick:† England as well. Bertrand Russell. Many of these people that we think of were heavily involved in that business. Now of course we think of the circles of power and influence in secret societies, illuminism and so forth, but most people have never ever probably come close to the inner circles if you will. Would you agree with that?


Alan:† I think so because they are a very elitist bunch. In Britain, the top people were all members of the aristocracy and THEY ALSO OWNED THE MEDIA IN BRITAIN and Carroll Quigley documented that in his book ďThe Anglo-American Establishment.Ē† He talked about how the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is the British branch of the CFR, actually terrified the public of Britain for three or four years after making a decision to do so by using their own media and telling them theyíre going to get gassed at any time by Adolph Hitler; and it was a sigh of relief that was breathed really when the war began because the people were so terrified by their own people of the propaganda.


Rick:† Itís funny you should say that. I was just looking at a film that I have because Iíve been in the film business for a long time and it was put out by the United States Department of Defense and it was basically prior to Homeland Security, but this was in 1942-43 and it dealt with that very subject. Rather corny now but the title was, ďWhat to do in a Gas Attack,Ē and that was one of many propaganda films that were put out by the government and the civilian defense departments to try to whip up the people into fear that Germany would strike and strike America and this is well after í43 when Germany was losing the war and they still insisted on the propaganda because Stalin was benefiting tremendously from it. After all, he ran the whole show, the whole business of unconditional surrender as we like to say. Thatís what the Barnes Review has put it as, ďunconditional surrender,Ē and basically thatís what it was: Surrender to communism and the new international elite that would supersede the First World War, the Second World War. Now weíre in the next stage of this New World Order today, so youíre right. The fears were real fears about gas attacks. Now itís nukes. Now weíre all being made to fear Iran when Iran is a minor, minor, minor player if at all.


Alan:† Itís been built up to be the new evil empire and even during Ronald Reaganís era we had different evil empires and Khadafy [Qaddafi] was the bad guy then, but heís okay now because he likes Abba and heís becoming very trendy for the West.


Rick:† Not only that, but the oil is there and of course that means lucrative deals, doesnít it?


Alan:†It does and you know Winston Churchill after World War I wrote about a coming war eventually that would take place in Iraq because there was just so much oil there that weíd just have to have it--


Rick:† Thatís right.


Alan:† And that was in the 1920's he wrote that book.


Rick:† Incredible. Now, you have done an amazing amount of work on various subjects. I know youíve been on Coast to Coast and all these other programs across the nation, but how well did you know Ė I donít know if you did at all, but people who wrote Ė for instance, Anthony Sutton of the Hoover Institution, did you ever get to meet him?


Alan:† No, Iíve read his books though and what Iíve seen so far can definitely be verified. I do have a collection of books from the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs. I have their members books from the 1930's onwards and in the 1938 meeting they held in Australia, in that book Ė and all the politicians, the big boys from all the Western countries were there, including the U.S., they said there was going to be a coming war with Germany and they must save Russia at all costs. Then they went on to a post-war scenario and even talked about building China up to be a main producer of the world manufacturer. That was 1938.


Rick:† And yet indeed when Mao Tse-Tung was a young man at the time and they were already grooming him through their fronts in this country like the Institute of Pacific Relations with spokesmen like Ed Morrow and people like that who were doing the bidding of the communist socialist elite you see in the media.


Alan:† Thatís right.


Rick:† So this conspiracy is well documented now and itís well laid out and it is far bigger Ė I would say far bigger than any of us actually believed when we were starting to research it, Alan.


Alan:† Initially when people go into this they start to have a bit of a shock to realize that these political events which theyíve noticed and major shifts theyíve noticed are actually happening in their lifetime and they were written about before that actual events occurred, but then you go deeper and then you find out it's more than just the takeover of countries into a world system. Itís actually the reshaping of society and eventually humans themselves. Itís an ordered society they want to bring about where no one will exist without a function to serve the system.


You wonít be born otherwise and they do talk Ė I know the Loyola University had a couple of world meetings with scientists and they talked about chipping the brain and itís all ready to go and itís been tried and tested. They said thereís regional computers which will basically program every individual to do certain employment and thereís no more thing Ė see, the big thing is individualism. This is what itís all about. The bulk of the population are easy to predict, but itís the individuals in society that give them problems because theyíre UNPREDICTABLE and they want everyone in a totalitarian system to be predictable so they have to basically eliminate that possibility that you as an individual can do any act or even say anything which might cause upsets or ripple effects.


In their Ďperfect systemí thereíll be no such thing as INDIVIDUALITY. The scientist from Tokyo who was at the Loyola meetings said, ďthis will be the end of individuality as we know it.Ē


Rick:† Huxleyís ďBrave New World,Ē huh?


Alan:† He said it will be more like the beehive and youíll hear the whispers of thoughts being transmitted to those around you, just like Star Trek, basically, the Borg.


Rick:† Yes, yes. This is fascinating. You know a few years ago people would dismiss this as science fiction hokum-pokum, but now the evidence is out there. The technology is there. The chips are there. All of this is a reality that can no longer be swept under the rug or dismissed as some sort of fancy of conspiracy theorists; it's now conspiracy fact--


Alan:† Itís fact.


Rick:† And itís being done in the open, so itís not even a conspiracy because itís planned and itís boasted about by people like the VeriChip people and others. All right, weíll be back. Stay where you are. Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix. Weíll take calls in a few moments. Iím Rick Adams. Stay tuned for more.


Okay, we are back with Alan Watt our guest. is of course the website also, isnít it, Alan?


Alan:† Yes it is.


Rick:† How can they do that? Just


Alan:† Thatís it.


Rick:† And you are from England originally, I guess.


Alan:† Scotland.


Rick:† Scotland, okay. Now speaking of England and Scotland, one of the things on your website that is absolutely interesting and fascinating is this business of Norwich and the cadmium spraying that has been going on there. Will you tell us about that?


Alan:† The British government, always 50 years or so after the fact, they declassified documentation from the Ministry of Defence and they've admitted to spraying Norwich in England with vast quantities of cadmium spray from aerial spraying and from shipping at sea and let the wind blow it in, and then they monitored the health of the people down through the years to see what happened to them and never told them, of course. They knew what was happening to them and of course the doctors would know too that something was really going on because it had the highest incidence of esophageal cancers and various lung cancers in the country basically.


Rick:† Well, they couldnít blame Al-Qaeda, could they?


Alan:† No. I've always said you donít need to worry about him an enemy anywhere else when youíre own government does this on you. Every country has had the same thing going on here and there.

Rick:† That's the premise there in the film ďVĒ for Vendetta. Have you seen it?


Alan:† Not yet, no.


Rick:† Very interesting and the government was doing exactly that in England, experimenting on people and blaming the Muslims and the radicals and so forth, you know, and it works. Unfortunately, it works too often when people are brainwashed and conditioned. Up until now itís been just a pure psychological thing and now we have the chemicals. We have the implants. We have the RFIDs and all of this that can be used to actually change the whole function of someone through the brain. This is amazing that all of this is happening in this day and age and yet there are people of course not even willing to listen to it because they either think itís too far-fetched or they just are frightened by the thought of it. What can we do about it? How can we beat the system? And youíre asked that question all the time.


Alan:† All the time.


Rick:† And whatís your response?


Alan:† Well, Iíve noticed that every time a group starts up, a genuine group, not funded by other sides, a true grass roots group, it wonít get funding. It will be taken over so quickly youíll hardly notice it, itís like a blink of an eye, and then it takes you off the other direction and so what youíre left with is youíre back to the individual again. Itís up to the individuals across the countries to say no to everything thatís coming down on a daily basis to all the things that are happening to you as an individual. You have to take that right back and just say, no, Iím not going along with this, and telling the people, local politicians, everyone, that you know what theyíre up to. You know what their agenda is because thatís what we have to tell them. Otherwise, thereís no complaint department here. We havenít been given one. Weíre being sprayed from the skies on a daily basis and this area here was hit a few weeks ago with a yellow spray.


Rick:† Which area is that now?


Alan:† This is up near Sudbury, Ontario, and just after two hours of rain every puddle had a 3-inch yellow band around it and itís like cadmium too, because you get two colors in cadmium but it's usually yellow. Theyíre doing all this stuff here too.


Rick:† Now you say theyíre doing it now. When you approach the government and you ask them whatís going on, what do they tell you?


Alan:† I know Don Scott up in Sudbury. Heís been on quite a few radio shows and he got his federal politician Martel to ask the question in Parliament (the federal government here) and she asked why they were being sprayed like bugs every day and the Department of Defence minister stood up and says, ďwe donít have to answer any of your questions.Ē


Rick:† Well, that sounds like admitted guilt right there.


Alan:† Thatís what they call democracy here.


Rick:† Yeah, right. Well, the Iraqis now are getting a little sample of it under George Bush and theyíre being sprayed and poisoned and killed and shot and so forth, and thatís freedom. Thatís Wilsonian Democracy, right?


Alan:† Thatís pretty well it, yes.


Rick:† Now one of the other things before the break coming up and before we get into phone calls, you had gone through the history from the years of Colonel House and the Wilson Administration to Ė I guess his counterpart in the 1970's Zbigniew Brzezinski would probably be that man.


Alan:† Yes, Iíd say so.†


Rick:† Brzezinski remember was one of the guys that Jimmy Carter said on the campaign trail for president that if you ever see a man like him or Cyrus Vance in my new administration you will know that I have failed the American public; and guess what he did? Cyrus Vance as Secretary of State and is a Zbig Brother as National Security. So you see it proved what Jimmy Carter was saying. He failed the American public. He was a pawn and he was nothing more than a little footstool for the power elite, just as we had been saying at the time.


All right, let's have people call in now with questions and comments about the subject matter. 800-313-9443 toll free Uncensored Radio Free America. Iím Rick Adams, radio avenger, the Paul Revere of talk radio. Stay tuned. Weíll be back with Alan Watt. Weíre speaking with Alan Watt. Of course and I havenít even begun to scratch the surface; I would prefer to defer to our listeners and callers and we certainly have a good number of them, and let's do that, Alan. If youíre ready, weíll go to the phones. Okay, 800-313-9443. Questions, comments, Alan will give you his answer and weíll do that starting right now.


Arnie in Virginia I believe. Hello Arnie.


Ernie:† Itís actually Ernie in Virginia.


Rick:† Oh, Ernie, okay.


Ernie:† First, Iíd like to make a comment and then ask a question of your guest Mr. Watt.


Rick:† Surely, surely. Go right ahead.


Ernie:† Iíve watched in Virginia weíve had a lot of chemtrails ourselves. We see a lot of things happening very fast. The recent Supreme Court decision with public employees losing their rights to wrongdoing. The attack on whistleblowers. We read about the increased wiretapping. The move from NSA for General Hadden to move over to the CIA and the potential for increased wiretapping and gathering phone records and creating data or doing data mining on people. Where they go. Where they travel. Itís almost as if the citizens of the country of the world have become the terrorists. They attack us more than they attack the illegal immigrants and we have illegal immigrant problems in the U.S. We have it in Europe. We have it everywhere. Now when you see all this going and the fear and the increased terror and the propaganda day in and day out, you have to wonder what is really going on and when I see and Iím leading up to the question. When I see a gentleman who is like the chairman or the leader of Homeland Security who reminds me of that Russian by the name of Rasputin who comes on and he does nothing to secure the borders and they play this game "oh weíre going to have amnesty reform. Weíre going to control the borders." A bunch of BS. Theyíre trying to create this new North American union, but in my thought process I keep thinking about these FEMA camps and I saw these sole source contracts being awarded to Halliburton recently, so when will FEMA start rounding up the so-called dissidents or the individuals? When is that to take place? What is the expected timeline in your view?


Rick:† Okay, Alan?


Alan:† I know they want the completion of the union by 2010. Thatís the whole of the Americas including the Caribbean countries as well. Theyíre signed into it too and so I think in the meantime theyíve got to terrorize us so much. I think this bird flu will be the ideal reality or non-reality to get us motivated. They want to kill a lot of birds with one stone. They want to move the people off of the rural areas into the new habitat areas the UN has planned out and they want to start the whole new way of living and a whole new society under the microscope basically by the year 2012. So by 2010, they did want the union to take place. It was done. It was signed in 2005 on March the 27th I think it was. I know the president and the prime ministers all signed that agreement for the Unification of the Americas.


Rick:† Thatís right and that has received almost no attention in the so-called mainstream press.


Alan:† No. Here in Canada it was interesting because for the first time the CFR had a news blurb all to themselves as the CFR. Generally, itís just spokesmen that come on once in a while, but they were in a CFR room and they said they had drafted up the plans for the Unification of the Americas and it was time for the countries to act upon it and implement them; and sure enough, a month later we had the prime minister of Canada and Fox of Mexico and Bush sign it at the Waco meeting. Itís all officially done basically.


Ernie:† Itís all officially done but we also read AGENDA 21 and the UN WANTS TO REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION. Some are saying 80 to 90%, so if weíre going to take out 80 to 90% and we want to remove all the individuals, what will we have left on the planet?


Alan:† Theyíll have just enough breeding stock to work for them or clone them because THEY CAN CLONE PEOPLE. They can do it and in fact the new perfect worker will be a created type created by man and thatís for the near future, but in the meantime youíre right. They want to drastically eradicate the old man to bring in the new, and I think either real disease or the threat of it will initially get us off the land into the habitat areas and thatís where the diseases will break out and then you're easily contained within. Under the North Atlantic Trade Agreement (the NATO Act), all NATO countries that signed on to that are supposed to give the citizenry booklets on what to do in case of emergency. In a "Man Alive" program in Britain they did get a hold of a copy. Itís supposed to be available but it wasnít. Half of it was blacked out in fact, but they did say that the populations if thereís an outbreak or contamination in a town or a city that they stay where they are. If they try and break free, the military will have to shoot them down. If whole groups break free, that theyíll be bombed from the air with CS gas. Thatís official NATO doctrine policy.


Rick:† Incredible, huh?


Ernie:† Itís very incredible but will they be targeting certain groups first like the old and the handicapped? I read some articles in Canada about the C-Diff or C-Difficile Ė real strong bacterium that has caused I think up to 30,000 deaths last year in Canada and CDC has reported over 20,000 deaths in the US last year and I read that 200,000 cases of C-Def in this country, so weíre starting to see these strains of disease that we canít control, but then weíve got the open borders and we donít have any checks on the illegals who are coming into the country. Is this the conspiracy or are they going to do it with the pandemic with the bird flu?


Alan:† All of this. All of it in fact. As far as theyíre concerned, there are no borders right now. Itís just for us to keep paying taxes while we pay for the last part of the implementation of this and they need America at least to finish off the wars in the Middle East to standardize those countries into the same system, but theyíre going to use all of these techniques. In the global system everyone will be tracked and thatís why they wonít need the--


Rick:†† Okay, one more question, Ernie.


Ernie:† This will be my last one because I want to get to whoís really driving this. Who is the powers to be? Is it the international bankers? Is it the Rothschild family? Or is it the reptilians? What group is pulling the presidentís string?


Alan:† The ones that are really above that are not really workers. In the high secret society they have what they call the lazy boy, the one who does no work. Down below him they have the movers and shakers who move behind the scenes. Carroll Quigley documented it in his book, ďThe Anglo-American Establishment,Ē and ďTragedy & Hope.Ē He talks about the people who like the Maurice Strongís, these workers. They work behind the scenes; they're not in the public spotlight. They donít get the applause from the public but they actually have more power than the front men who take the heat, the politicians. So itís the people behind the scenes who are always Ė I mean even Kissinger today wields far more power than a president.


Rick:† All right, thank you, Ernie. Good questions. You know you can see that evident when George Bush tried to get Henry Kissinger to chair the 9/11 Commission. That was about as blatant as you could get, Alan. It was just in your face. I mean someone with all that baggage. Someone with that horrible reputation, put him in charge of an honest inquiry allegedly into 9/11. I mean that raised my antenna immediately and I said thereís something wrong with this picture. Then he turns around and picks the former governor of New Jersey, Kean, who is almost as bad as Henry Kissinger and he didnít have all the baggage and so they were able to ram him through and all the Lee Hamiltonís and Jamie Gorelickís and the rest of them on that commission which basically all had conflicts of interest. So we knew it was a put-up. It was a hoax. It was anything but an honest inquiry. Henry Kissinger still muckraking and you heard the other day what Kissinger admitted about the Viet Cong and you remember what was said? He could live and we could live comfortably with a total takeover, which is exactly what happened, and the holocaust that ensued. The Cambodians, the Laotians, the Vietnamese. We could live quite comfortably with that, thatís no problem to kill those people and thatís amazing that theyíre really out Ė and nobody blinked an eye. Nobody batted an eyelash. I mean itís almost like oh well, we just reported it, so what, weíll go on with our daily business.


Alan:Kissinger is the same man that Woodward and Bernstein reported in their book ďThe Last Days,Ē when the press were asking Kissinger about the troops Ė the American troops.


He said, ďThe troops are just dumb stupid cattle to be used for foreign policy



Rick:† Hey, he was honest.


Alan:† He was honest. Yes, he was honest.


Rick:† And thatís the tragedy is that you know no matter how many wars we go through Ė and the first world war ended all wars, right, as you know, and how many times world wars and continued brushfire wars all over the world and yet despite that fact, to anyone with a functioning mind, that this is a lot of nonsense and it is totally unnecessary. Weíll still kiss Johnny good-bye and Jane good-bye and send them off to battle fighting for these criminals. It is amazing, but you see thatís what they count on and they knew it when FDR's man came out and said, Harry Hopkins, ďpeople are too damn dumb to understand,Ē he meant it. He knew what he was talking about. So I mean theyíre rather bold at times about things.


Alan:† They have archives of history. THEY KNOW HUMAN NATURE and they've studied TRIBALISM, basic tribalism, and they use tribal nature and THEY MANIPULATE and EXPLOIT tribal nature and so they know when a country is threatened the women will give up everything for security if need be.


Rick:† Exactly.


Alan:† They also know that the males will rush off and fight whoever theyíre told is the actual enemy, because the young males at 18 donít know a thing. They really donít. Theyíre pretty dumb and stupid at 18. I was there too, and of course it never dawns on them they are being used for a far-reaching foreign policy which has very little to do with the initial action.


Rick:† Absolutely and nothing to do with defending American interests. All right, Tom in Ohio, you are on the program with Alan Watt. Hello.


Tom:† Yes, Alan.


Alan:† Hello.


Tom:† Where you from?


Alan:† Iím from Scotland.


Tom:† Scotland. Iíve been out talking to people about this MILITARY DRAFT a 4752. Did I get that right, H.R. 4752?


Alan:† Yes.


Tom:† And about 93% are in favor of it. This is my own poll Iíve taken. Iíve talked to quite a few people and some are Ė 5% are could care less one way or the other and thereís very few against it.


Rick:† Let me ask you this now: The people you talked to, what was their age demographic?


Tom:† About 20 to 40's.


Rick:† So you talked to a lot of younger people?


Tom:† Yes.


Rick:† And youíre telling me the people youíve talked to are in favor of the draft?


Tom:† Yes.


Rick:† And did they say why?


Tom:† No. They just said they thought it was a good thing.


Rick:† And thatís it?


Tom:† Like the guy said, they donít know what theyíre doing at that age. They really donít know. Itís really scary that guys that have been in the military before said that they jumped up and said well yeah, Iíll go back in there. Iíll go over there again. Thatís guys 40-42 years old. Theyíre jumping up and down to go back. Itís scary out there. It is absolutely horrifying out there. One couple that I talked to, the only thing that they were interested in was taking my picture with their cell phone and I donít know if they were recording me on it or not. Can any of those cell phones record?


Rick:† They can photograph you and they can film you as well. Digitally.


Tom:† One couple did that and I was just barely telling them about that and they walked away. You know it was likeó


Rick:† Youíre on Candid Camera there, Tom.


Tom:† Yeah, itís exciting, isnít it? He who beats his sword into a plowshare will plow for him who did not.


Rick:† Thatís true. Thatís right from the scriptures. There you go. All right. Did you have another question before we move along?


Tom:† Yeah. You got the winning numbers?


Rick:† Uh-huh.† Alan?


Tom:† That way Iíd have the money to go to another country maybe.


Rick:† Alan, do you have the combo Ė combination?


Alan:† I donít know that combination but heís quite right in what heís saying. See the Pentagon has admitted they gave millions of dollars to Hollywood to put out all of these recent war movies to try and attract the young guys in and of course in these movies the young guys are always Ė they never get shot. All the bad guys get shot because they canít aim straight you know.


Tom:† Well thank you, Alan, and for being there and I think youíve really got it together.


Rick:† Appreciate it, Tom. Thank you. Do you know this was done before in a different time with the use of mass media, motion pictures, television. In WWII, the propaganda was so heavy. All the studios had to come up and obey the government and produced cartoons and produced dramas. They produced you know these so-called killer newsreels, emotionally charged and so forth, propaganda films. All of this was all part of a movement and there was no Defense Department then. It was a War Department you see and then after WWII they changed that whole philosophy going from the War Department to the Defense Department and well you know the story about James Forrestal and how he just happened to jump out of the, what was it, 14th floor out of Bethesda.


Alan:† Yes, a lot of people do that.


Rick:† Yes, and of course he was one of those early whistleblowers then, but in any event what we see now and what weíre seeing then is the same pattern over and over. You go with what works. As the scripture says, thereís nothing under the sun. Yes indeed. Let us see if we could take a quick call before we move on to a break. John in Florida, hi, youíre on the program with Alan.


John: Good evening Alan and thank you for the good show, sir.


Rick:† Thank you.


John: Alan, five weeks ago, give or take a week, you were on Coast to Coast with George Noory and you spoke briefly about the special drawing rights card which will be a card which will be given to people later on Ė when I say later on, maybe five years, four years from now, where things will be rationed off of that card. Could you please explain to myself and to our audience tonight more about that and is that information found on your website?


Alan:† Some of it is there. Lord Bertrand Russell, who was a big player in formatting the time weíre coming into now and he was a British lord. He worked for the big boys. He talked about a time when money would be phased out as such and the public would ultimately be given rations at the beginning of every week.


Rick:† Got to take a break. John, do you want to hang on the line?


John: I sure do.


Rick:† Okay, stay where you are. Alan Watt. Weíll be right back. Iím Rick Adams. Stay tuned. Here we go. Weíre back again talking about the frisks between the Bushís and the Condoleezza Riceís or one of them anyway. All right, weíre back now. We were talking off air. Weíre back with John in Florida and Alan Watt. John, what was your next question to Alan?


John:† The next question ties into not just to the dollar and the new Amero Dollar but to the Ė can you hear me okay?


Rick:† Iím trying.


John:† Okay. As to the computerization of the data mining thatís going on right now and how in the future are people going to be Ė how will it be determined at what point special drawing rights are given to the card. How much of that credit will be given by whom?


Alan:† Ultimately Ė see money is a key. Itís not an end. Itís a means to an end by the big boys. They understand this. Weíre trained basically like rats in a lab to pull little levers and earn our seed. Itís the same technique and we work for money. We donít work for what we think is food and so on. We get the money first and itís a transfer of the psychology of money and how we perceive it into credits, which everyone will get the same credit ultimately at the beginning of a week and at the end of the week, if you havenít used it up, come Monday again youíll have to start off with the same amount. For the people down below, the bulk of the populous, thereís going to be no reward system as such, just your basics to pay your rent, because in the NEW SOCIETY in the habitat areas the UN are talking about and itís on the UN website.


THERE WILL BE NO PRIVATE PROPERTY ALLOWED and NO PRIVATE VEHICLES. Youíll be rental only, so youíll have enough credits to buy your food and pay your rent and at the beginning of the next week it starts off at the same figure again. Thatís the society theyíre going into.


John:† Okay. Can I ask one more question, Rick?


Rick:† Yes, you have time, go ahead.


John:† Thank you. A couple of months ago a man by the name of Mr. Diebold passed on and he was a visionary. He started working with the banks and IBM and different communications industries back in í60-í61 whatever.


Rick:† Voting machines and so forth.


John:† Alan, have you come across anything on his life? How he got his niche started or who sponsored him for him to become at that pivotal point in the history of our country that obviously ran into the controlling of our elections a long time ago?


Alan:† I havenít got any connection there but there will be one because Iíve always found that these fellows are picked very young and actually trained for their role in life; privately taught as well.


John:† Okay, well thank you for answering my questions.


Rick:† Youíre very welcome. Thank you very much. Yes, this scenario when you think about it, just look around you and listen to the daily distorts I call them. Not reports but they are fanning the flames of just about every conceivable fear you can imagine. You mention the pandemic of a bird flu. You mention 9/11 too, Al-Qaeda. Then theyíre talking about hurricane season. Then theyíre talking about this disease, that disease, on and on and on it goes; so they keep the public perpetually bombarded with these messages of fear and many of them will become reality. Not that theyíre just made up but they will indeed Ė we know that the flu virus now has been bio-engineered. Thereís no question about it that the government is in control here, just as there were elements of weather modification and weather control going back to the 1960's and Ď70's being used. So this is not new news. This is laid bare before us and weíre going to see just through the process of attrition people dying off I think from disease. People dying off because they canít afford to eat. That will come. That will come. Stay tuned. Hour number two will come to. Alan Watt my guest. Iím Rick Adams. Weíll be right back with more calls.




Rick:† Back on the air and yes indeed, Alan Watt is here as youíll see. He has studied, as many of you have, although heís invested quite a bit of time Ė all of his time now in studying the matrix, and when we think of the matrix we really are in the web of deception today as the scriptures say. We live in a world of deception and few there be that find the path to the truth because of the satanic influences that control governments of the world. Alan, you know. Youíve read enough of them. Iím sure youíve read others as well. Tupper Saussy books on the subject and so forth and going back some previous caller mentioned Rasputin and I do have a book on ďThe Occult and High Places,Ē and Iíve referred to it before and you know what happened when Rasputin got in power, what he did, and the power of the occult and the power of demonism is a real power. It does not always manifest itself in the exorcist type of mentality, that scenario. Not at all. Remember, he appears as an angel of light, see, an illumination Ė illuminati.


Alan:† Illuminati and thatís the oddest thing because I do know from some very high Masons way above 33rd Degree where they describe actually taking on a higher entity as part of the degree. The first time I heard it I was rather skeptical, but the next fellow who told me at the other end of the country the same story and then a third person told me; I said you know it must be true. Theyíre doing this and they do believe and they have a list of the demons. Thatís the funny thing about all this. These people, some of them you see on TV, they actually take on a higher entity or demon and they get longevity from that and the tradeoff is that the demon or entity is able to take more time inside the body of the host and give them certain abilities, certain powers, intuitions you might say, so theyíre always one step ahead of everyone else.


Rick: Absolutely true.

Alan:† They actually do this kind of thing.


Rick:† I have talked to people who were involved in Silva Mind Control. Iíve talked to people whoíve gotten involved with astral projection and their spirit left their body and traveled and they encountered the most horrific demons. It was a nightmare for them. Some came back and they returned and they called upon Jesus to save them and let me tell you it was a harrowing experience. People that donít believe it donít know what has been reported. This is not just the business of the sixth sense, you know, that type of thing, or parapsychology. This is real demonism.


Alan:† They have lists of the demons. Youíll find them in the real Kabbalah and itís interesting too that the fallen, or the sons of god they talk about even in the Old Testamentóeach one was a specialist in a certain area and they taught them to their wise. One was a mathematician. One dealt with we would call it medicine or apothecaryó


Rick:† Pharmacia.


Alan:† Yes, pharmacia, and so each one was a specialist in a science and thatís the key to thisóthrough science they believe they will conquer, but itís also amazing that at this particular time in history they have made the new religion to revolve around channeling, which is taking in entities into yourself. According to the old scriptures you have 2 million ones who fell from heaven and thereís only about 2,000 at any one time on the planet in the high positions of power and so you have a whole lot floating around looking around for hosts.


Rick:† Yes indeed.


Alan:† Thatís an interesting thing to ponder.


Rick:† Yes indeed it is. Itís scary but true. All right, we have full lines right now. Our number 800-313-9443. We have a break coming up and weíll give you all sufficient time when we return from this upcoming break. We are avenging Ė avenging the saints, ladies and gentlemen. Alan Watt here. He has his own website, and boy, thereís a lot on your website, Alan, thatís for sure. It continues to go right down. I can never reach the bottom of the page. It seems like a bottomless pit here, doesnít it?


Alan:† It does go on. Weíre putting up a new website to make it easier, hopefully.


Rick:† All right, very good and the website again, go ahead tell our listeners.


Alan:† Yes. Itís


Rick:† Very simple, very easy. All right, let's take more calls 800-313-9443. No available lines right now that Iím aware of. John in California, you are now on the program, sir.


John:† Hi Rick. Another great guest. Hi Alan.


Alan:† Hello.


John:† I was wondering since you alluded to the ones at the top the very pinnacle of this thing and since they bring in all these hate laws and adopt the Noahide Laws and all that and we have these Kazarians that call themselves Jews that are not. What do you think about the Jewish question within all of this since theyíre using that? How do we combat that? Do we expose it?


Alan:† You have to know how to expose it. You see if you try and expose it Ė itís like Albert Pike in ďMorals and Dogma,Ē the high pope of Masonry in the 1800's, he said that in every religion including Judaism there are two kinds of religion. One is the exoteric for the bulk of the population, and then thereís the esoteric which is a form of the secret society within that knows the plan for the future and directs all the rest. Thereís no doubt thereís a hard core within Judaism, who, mind you, belong to another Brotherhood all together, the International Brotherhood, and they use Judaism and they donít think twice about sacrificing Jews to the cause. When you join the high groups of Masonry YOU SWEAR ALLEGIANCE to an INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD where you leave your old family behind and you join the new. So all your old values, all your old connections come secondarily to you and you have a new prime function, an International Brotherhood, and thatís the second meaning of the World Zionists. Thatís a different group from the majority. Most Jews think Zionism is just a state for Israel; and of course Zion in the Mystery Religion, itís a combination of two words in Aramaic, itís ďsinĒ which is the moon and ďonĒ is the phallic the male symbol of Egypt. Itís the male and female generative power in the Mystery Religion and thatís the real meaning of Zion (Sion).


John:† How do we combat this logically with your everyday people who are somewhat aware because there is much information out there in public records?


Alan:† It doesnít matter but the majority of the public will probably always stay under mind control. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book back in the Ď60's and in there he had the Technetronic Era where he said a time would come where the average individual will be unable to reason for themselves. They will give their ability to reason over to the media and the media will do their thinking for them.


Rick:† Well, that time came a long time ago.


Alan:† Thatís a fact and he actually said that theyíll only be able to Ďparrotí what theyíve been from the previous night's news.


Rick:† You know Hitler was saying that himself. Repeat a lie often enough and big enough. Now he was referring to them ironically and interestingly enough the way they extracted that quote and referred it back to him, but he was a puppet of the internationalists and so forth, but yet what he was saying was true. If you repeat a lie big enough and often enough, people will believe it. Theyíll believe the sun is cold if you tell them long enough; they will believe anything. Anything.


Alan:† Albert Pike put it this way and this is how it was done. This is how itís done even today. He said, ďwe survey the land. We then build the foundation Ė prepare the foundation, build the foundation and then we build on top of the foundation,Ē and I watched this done even in the media and popular writers. I mean ___________† was the first one to be put out there heavily promoted for the New Age writing fascinating stuff for itching ears, thatís how it works, and it was all based on his own interpretation of the Sumerian tablets and the Annunaki reptilian people and all this stuff and thereís no other expert agrees with him. They all actually Ė they wonít even take him seriously and then after _______† they put out a couple of other big writers, financed them to the top, mixed it with the New Age and so they keep building on a faulty foundation, but they build a pyramid or castle in the air and the public want to believe it because it fascinates them. Itís the same technique you see.


Rick:† Thank you. We have to move along, thank you, John, for your questions. Okay. Barney in Maryland, youíre next on the program.


Barney:† Hello. I would like to have Alanís comments on these three things that are bothering me.


Rick:† Whatís that?


Barney:† First we have to be complete idiots. Instead of eliminating less than 100,000 one-worlders, we choose to fight 30 million illegals, 100 million Iranians, and about probably over a billion Chinese and 300 million Russians. It donít make sense and second worst part is that most of the illegals are Christians and weíve chosen to fight them instead of the one-worlders who are Satanist and even the people that are patriots appear to think that these one-worlders are gods. Thatís what I want to talk here about.


Rick:† Well, thatís an anomaly.


Alan:† Itís true Ė Jacques Attali, who was the 'Kissinger' for the European Unification and who now works at the United Nations, put a book out in 1990 and itís called ďMillennium Ė Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order,Ē and this man was adviser to about five or six presidents of France. He talked about the borders coming down in the Americas and gave roughly the time period when it would happen and he said initially hordes will come up from Latin America and mayhem will ensue for a long time and eventually after it all settles down, over chaos and pandemonium and probably a generation or two of shooting, lootings, et cetera and local warfare, he said then thereíll be an English and a Spanish speaking population in America. When he wrote that, I thought of what David Rockefeller said about the same time period Ė David Rockefeller was giving a speech at the World Bank and he said, ďthis present generation who are alive now are the cannon fodder for this Agenda,Ē and he said, ďyou canít make an omelet without breaking eggs.Ē† Thatís how they talk about this; so that your personal chaos that will ensue is just making an omelet to them, you see.


Rick:† Thatís exactly Ė was it Lenin who said that too? I think it was Leninóone of the Communist Bolsheviks said the same thing exactly and thatís the dialectic, isnít it? You create a problem, a crisis, and then you utilize it and exploit it?


Alan:† Yes, and Jacques Attali also said that America would be de-industrialized completely and so that once this was over and done with, and even before it was finished, he said the next boat people leaving the shores looking for work will be Americans looking for work abroad.


Rick:† Shall we go back to Leiden back to Holland?Where we going to go, man?


Alan:† Exactly.


Rick:† Okay now, let's see. Weíve got a bunch of callers here and we still have the rest of this hour. You can stay, I assume, Alan, canít you?


Alan:† Yes.


Rick:† Good, very good. Let's take Mike in Kentucky. Youíre next on the program. Hi Mike.


Mike:† You guys, the last hour you kind of provoked me to call in because it was just a little bit to doom and gloom for me. I feel like trying a sound effect out on you. "Resistance is futile." Anyway, I was hoping that would reverb a little bit.


Rick:† Thatís certainly what they say.


Alan:† They say "you will be assimilated."


Mike:† Yes, you will be assimilated.


Rick:† We have our ways, huh?


Mike:† Resistance is futile. No, seriouslyó


Rick:† Whatís your take on it, Mike?


Mike:† We are surrounded by food. If it comes down to allotment cards Ė like weíve already got you know in most states I think the Department of Agriculture made them implement basically a credit card for food stamps and so people far enough below the levels to qualify for that stuff are already on an allotment card, sort of like you were talking about last hour, but if that got cut off Ė I mean the native Americans were able to find food around here and thereís supposed to be more bears and deer than when the Virginia Colony was established, so I donít know. But maybe before Homeland Security was established maybe somebody started thinking about that and let some of these populations explode a little bit because maybe they knew what was coming, but I think thereís been untold numbers of diabolical plots that have been thwarted by whatever you want to describe it as, the Grace of God or whatever. I donít work for specter or chaos or whatever the archrival of these parodies like James Bond, but I think there are enough people in our intelligence community that are looking out for this country and looking out our people.


Rick:† Mike, we have to break. Do you want to hang on or are you all done?


Mike:† Yeah, yeah.


Rick:† All right weíll give you another question when we come back. Alan Watt our guest, We are speaking with our guest here, who of course is Alan Watt, in case you just tuned in, and his website and we have a number of calls still to go, so let us continue with Mike who was on before the break. Mike, you had another question?


Mike:† Well, it sounds like by the name of your website youíre not for you know why fight weíre on the next flight sort of mentality like a lot of people. Like thereís no fighting this. Itís fate. Itís inevitable. You know these Illuminati, Luciferian worshippers of reason which I think there are multiple layers of these secret societies. You never know when youíve progressed to the next degree because thereís a sublime degree and then thereís the real degree and so they keep their own people in the dark. Itís a lot like the intelligence community, but I think you donít really have that rapture mentality, right? You think itís worth trying to battle these people?


Alan:† I think itís everybodyís right to try and stay alive and have the right to have their own offspring and bring them up and give them the chance of life as well. Every creature has that ability to do so. Itís not a matter of lying down and let them walk over you. Itís a matter on an individual basis of standing up and proclaiming your right to life because thatís what it is ultimately. Itís your right to be an independent thinking sentient being and thatís a God given right.


Rick:† Mike, youíre going to have to go now because we have other calls. Thank you for your question. Itís a philosophical one and it is important to really delve into the question of what do we do, because itís not a matter of doom and gloom. It really is a matter of the battle. Itís a spiritual battle. Weíre not fighting against flesh and blood, Alan, as you know. Weíre fighting against spiritual powers and principalities in high places and we see that. Every time George Bush gets on and smirks at America and laughs at us and giggles nervously it shows the evil. It shows the arrogance of these people that they can kill with immunity and they can send men to do their killing and train them to kill like these Marines you know in Haditha and yet no one wants to seem to deal with the fact that somebody sent them there. Somebody engaged our fighting troops into an illegal war. A war that was unconstitutionally begun by this administration. Where is the guillotine? Where is the blade that will come down chopping off their necks? They ultimately are responsible. The Rumsfeldís, the Bushís, the Riceís, the Hadleyís, the Cheneyís and so forth. These are the people whose heads must roll and they will. Someday they will.


Alan:† These people, itís quite amazing to realize they can do all this planning and theyíre only the fronts, as we know. The think tanks above them are even more powerful and the eternal bureaucracies. This is something thatís never discussed. The big bureaucratic boys, these are career men and theyíre non-elected. They all know what their function and role is in the bureaucracy and they deal right with the United Nations. They bypass politicians. Itís been like that since the League of Nations.


Rick:† Might as well abolish the whole Congress really at this point. It probably would be an improvement anyway.


Alan:† Even Quigley made that reference when he was talking about the Ďreal mení who are unelected that move behind the scenes and the front men are there to take the heató


Rick:† Exactly.


Alan:† And thatís what we see.


Rick:† All right. Patrick in Dallas. Hello, youíre on the program with Alan.


Patrick:† Good evening gentlemen. I believe the phrase is ďresistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated.Ē Thereís something good about this Star Trek analogy, which is how the Borg which will be the beast in the analogy is defeated by an unseen force is exactly how the beast will be defeated by the unseen force of the holy spirit. Iíd like to give my own experience. This previous caller was talking about the intelligence agencies. I knew a CIA agent who was in federal prison in El Reno, Oklahoma, for about a little over a year who was in prison over something to do with the Iran Contra Affair. He attempted to recruit me into the CIA and he used several things to try to lure me in and told me quite a bit about his own experience. He was bought as a young child by the CIA from his poor Appalachian parents who couldnít afford to keep him because he was a hemophiliac. He was used as a sex slave throughout his youth by the man he called ďhis RabbiĒ, his term not mine, that was his mentor I guess for lack of a better term. He was put through what he called ďconditioning,Ē which I came to assume was this kind of monarch mind control. He said it was Ė you know he didnít go into great detail but I did see Ė I know he had alternate personalities because I saw his sex slave personality surface at one time. It was very obvious. He told me--


Rick:† All right, stay where you are, Patrick. I want you to finish that. When we come back, Alan Watt our guest, and thereís room for you. Iím Rick Adams, radio avenger. We shall return.


H.G. Wells:† By some awful quirk of fate. The Morlocks have become the masters and the Eloi their servants. The Morlocks maintained them and bred them like cattle.


Rick:† Well, I guess that tells it all, doesnít it, Alan?


Alan:† I think so.


Rick:† Yes. Thatís Mr. Wells himself. H.G. Wells, ďThe Time Machine.Ē Now he was one of the elite in England, wasnít he?


Alan:† He was one of the founding members of the Fabian Society and he did work for the British government. He was a PR man basically and a propagandist for WWI. He coined the term, ďthe war to end all wars.Ē That was the slogan to recruit the young men and make it idealistic Ė an idealistic war Ė and he was chartered by the government and the secret service to do his work.


Rick:† Now is it true that he sort of started to have a change of heart and see through all of this matrix in the end?


Alan:† I donít think so. In fact, George Orwell knew him very well and George Orwell declared he was a Ďmanic depressive and paranoidí too. He hated the working class people with a passion.


Rick:† Whoís that? Orwell or H.G. Wells?


Alan:† H.G. Wells. He was terrified of the working class because his mother was the housekeeper of a noble family and he was brought up in that house living that lifestyle but always remembering that he was a member of the working class himself and so he hated the working class. It terrified him and he also believed in Platoís Republic, that the ideal society ruled by the elite, the intellectual elite, and the reordering of the whole societal structure. He believed that 100%, so he had no regrets in taking his part in it.


Rick:† And he died what? Was it around WWII era?


Alan:† Just after WWII. I think in 1948 he died.


Rick:† And of course his grandchildren live on. In fact, Simon Wells was the one who directed the remake.


Alan:† Yes, not only that. H.G. Wells was all for again on the behalf of the British Elite who supervised the Russian Revolution. He went over there afterwards and he left his own son with Pavlov to be instructed in the Pavlovian techniques.


Rick:† Thatís amazing.


Alan:† Then his son came over to the U.S. as a professor and taught at a university there.


Rick:† It figures. Doesnít it? All right, you still with us now, Patrick?


Patrick:† Yes, and Iíd just like to say I have no intention of being an Eloi or a Goyim or any such thing, and to continue. This guy that I spent a little over a year with in federal prison, he told me that he had been brought up in the belief system of Santeria, which as I understand is basically Caribbean voodoo with Church of Rome labels applied to it. In this short period we were cell mates he offered to conjure up a demon in our cell and I at this point really had very little doubt he could do what he said and I declined, you know, not being particularly brave or particularly close to the Lord at that point.


Rick:† That was wise of you.


Patrick:† Well, I think so and over the period of time I came to find out that this little guy who was very unimposing looking had a photographic memory and I have no doubt he was who he said he was because he had a lot of pull with the administration. He got me a great job in the front office and while I was in good with him I had it going on. Unfortunately when I declined to be part of their little cabal and started actually witnessing to him and asking him very subtly, I would ask him questions about good and evil and this sort of thing, and whenever I would bring up the word Christ or Jesus, oh man, the conversation ended immediately and ever since then Iíve been on the red list shall we sayó


Rick:† Interesting testimony. Thatís a personal testimony that Iíve heard from others as well.


Patrick:† Believe me, itís true.


Rick:† I believe you Patrick. Thank you for your calling the program as always. Let's move along now, ladies and gentlemen. Now 800-313-9443. Not much more time for new callers but let's continue with our guest Alan Watt, and Andrew is in South Florida. Is that right, Andrew?


Andrew:† That is correct.


Rick:† Hi. Welcome.


Andrew:† When I discuss all this stuff with people, I always bring them back to President John F. Kennedy because I see that as a major watershed in the setting up of the shadow government here in the United States. I guess my question for the guest is, number one: Does he know who killed John F. Kennedy and the reason that they took him out?


Rick:† Alan?


Alan:† He was killed in the typical ritualistic fashion of the ďKilling of the KingĒ, as they call it in the high occult, where your brain is to be exposed to the sun; and of course we know that happened as they drove into the sun. Thatís where the bullet hit him and again on Dealey Plaza with the three roads making the pyramid. There was also a pyramid off to the left and Oliver Stone who did the movie on that was showing you who did it, because when the investigator meets the Pentagon fellow in the park near Washingtonís Monument you see them sitting on a park bench and he said, ďwho would have the power to pull this off,Ē and the camera pans back and you see these little men on a bench and thereís this huge obelisk filling the whole left hand of the screen from top to bottom and heís telling you right there who did it. It was the high occult who did it. The Guardian Class they call themselves. The Guardians. Thatís what Plato called them too.


Rick:† And how many were double kills do you think there were? Quite a few?


Alan:† Oh yes, I think so.


Rick:† I mean thereís always Ė of course Jack Ruby you know they say well he didnít even really die. He was shipped out back to Israel. The Mossad was heavily involved in Dallas that day, the CIA and so forth, but there are people who are set up to do a killing and then theyíre killed off and Oswald himself. What do you know about Oswald?


Alan:† Even in Britain they showed a lot of the CIA footage of Oswald. Thereís no way this man just went to Russia after leaving the military and got married et cetera. He was sent over there to do a job and probably to be trained as well and sent over by the CIA, because there was no Cold War at all. It was a big antithesis to get the world changed.


Rick:† So you donít think Oswald pulled the trigger then?


Alan:† No way, no.


Rick:† I mean the single bullet theory. You know ABC news went through that computer analysis and assured us that there was no conspiracy theory. There was no plot. It just happened. That one bullet did all of that and it bounced all over the place and came back and went right through Kennedyís head.


Alan:† And it was pristine when they found it.


Rick:† And they said it with a straight face. The late Peter Jennings, Iíll never forget that. That was humorous.


Alan:† And an old Sorcano rifle, the worse rifle you could have possibly have bought, from WWII Ė Italy basically. Notoriously terrible at rifles and so that was not an assassination.


Rick:† No. It was a ritual killing. Andrew, does that answer your question, sir?


Andrew:† Yes and heís exactly right. Oswald did not shoot President Kennedy. Witnesses that were in the plaza that day saw two men in that window and Oswaldís rifle shot wide to the right and if Oswald had shot him he would have known that in the first shot that came out of the rifle went wide to the right, hit the pavement and some of the spray from the pavement hit one of the policeman and so it was not Oswald that shot the first shot. It was probably the other man in the window. And then I also think that maybe Oswald may have been rewarded. The Jack Ruby shooting I think was just a play-acting thing for the TV and I think Oswald probably could be still alive.


Rick:† Itís very possible. You know thereís so many theories on it but we know that just based on the Warren Commission that we were given a snow job, just like the 9/11 Commission and the Pearl Harbor Commission and all the rest of it. Okay, thank you, Andrew. Good call. Thank you as always. Paul in Ohio, you are on the program now with Alan Watt.


Paul:† Yes, Alan, are they still disarming Scotland?


Alan:† That was over and done with a while back. Even 30 years ago you had to jump through hoops to have a shotgun.


Paul:† I heard just recently they were disarming the Scots.


Alan:† Now theyíre taking all their shotguns from them and thatís been about the only firearm they could really possess.


Paul:† Did any of them put up a fight?


Alan:† Iím sure there was a lot of digging in gardens going on. Thatís traditional over there. Theyíve had centuries of having to bury weaponry in Scotland from orders from London, from old swords and spears down to rifles.


Paul:† Unloading never again, huh? Thanks, Alan.


Rick:† Thank you Paul. Interesting. You know [hallidan] as they say. The Kennedy thing, I just wanted to get back to it for a minute before we go to the next phone. You remember the situation having to do with Ė oh, Iím trying to think now, I think Iím losing my thought, but there was an officer Ė police officer Tippett. Was that his name?


Alan:† Yes.


Rick:† Tippett, right? Now he was killed. He was one of the first casualties, wasnít he? And it was like when Oswald was apprehended as the alleged shooter and the media focused in on him and then we saw what purportedly happened to Jack Ruby on this Ė the Warren Commission, I donít know if youíve read the whole thing or not.


Alan:† Not the whole thing, no.


Rick:† The Warren Commission Report and Gerald Ford Ė President Ford was there. Another insider and another puppet. It seems that the Warren Commission Report totally and completely swept under the rug so many pertinent facts about what happened in Dallas as reported by people who were there. Now the film that has circulated, and Iím sure youíve seen it, the video showing the driver of the limousine carrying President Kennedy shows him turning around and firing right at JFK. What were your thoughts on that video that has circulated for a long time?


Alan:† It would be the type of thing theyíd do in plain view because they understand psychology and how people perceive things, and when youíve seen something that canít happen, thatís how itís actually done. They pull it off that way.


Rick:† Do you think thatís what happened?


Alan:† At least we know that for sure that the driver Ė all these drivers are trained when thereís anything happens they speed up. This man slowed down. He almost stopped in fact.


Rick:† So thereís authenticity to that? Very interesting, okay. Richard in West Virginia. Hello. You are next, sir. I think heís coming to the phone, winding his way. Okay, let's see, do we have Richard. Weíll give him a countdown. Weíll give him five, four, three, two and a half, two and a quarter, two. All right. Richard left. Okay, he couldnít hang on. Iím sorry. How about Patrick from Kentucky? Let's take him.


Patrick:† Hi Rick. Hi. Itís been a while.


Rick:† Thank you. Say hello to Alan Watt.


Patrick:† Hi Alan.


Alan:† Hello.


Patrick:† Yes. The caller that called a while ago that suggested that Oswald is still alive, I think that's ludicrous but I was wondering what your opinion would be or if you have any facts Ė I mean Iíve thought about this and I donít know if anybodyís ever brought this up before. If thereís a possibility that President Kennedy was warned and we have heard that not to go to Dallas. Is there a possibility that he could have been brainwashed to go to Dallas and be part of this ritual sacrifice?


Alan:† I donít think so. I really donít think so. I donít think it turned out that way at all. I think he also was in a role himself. He had a big ego, too, and I think that he really had everything under his thumb basically. In a sense thatís what they also do. If a president begins to think that theyíre the real president, they generally shoot you. Thatís what happened to Reagan when he came back from the Helsinki meeting after being elected. They always go to the Helsinki meeting and he was promising the world fantastic things. He was going to give money to every country on the planet and help people out. When he came back they shot him just to remind him that he was not really the boss.


Patrick:† Right.


Alan:† So I think this is the type of thing thatís done.


Rick:† Do you feel that George Bush had a hand in the shooting of Reagan?


Alan:† Very probably. Iím sure they were all in on it. Thereís only a few families at the top there and theyíre all interconnected.


Rick:† The Bush family is one of them. Thereís no question there. They may not be at the apex but they certainly have the experience with the CIA, assassinations and so forth. Very incestuous relationships there with that community.


Alan:† Yes, and if anyone was brainwashed at all I would suspect the present president was brought up in this condition because he really acts as though heís the boss, even though he really doesnít make the decisions. In the high occult, too, the front man, the main man, number one is never the boss. Itís always number two. Thatís how it works, so the advisor is more important than the president.


Rick:† You mean Dick Cheney is walking in George Bushís slippers?


Alan:† Pretty well.


Rick:† All right. Well thank you Richard for your question and call as we near the next and final break. It is fascinating subject and as you say a lot of people just like to hear this because of curiosity. People like to hear about conspiracies and plots and so forth, but I donít think that with our audience here you find that to be the case. These are people generally who have studied and researched and looked at it and what they want simply is to expose the evil that works on this planet because evil can and will be overcome, Alan, and thereís one I know whoís higher than all of them and he says that the day of the Prince of Darkness is coming to an end and thatís why I think weíre finding in this day and age today more satanic activity than I think there ever was in this day and age.


Alan:† Itís out in the open now.


Rick:† Itís brazen. Itís bold. The denigration of Messiah. All of these things that are happening now are just signs I think of the latter days that weíre seeing and we still are commanded to get out there, do what we have to do to expose it and bring it down, because he is the victor and we are going to be victorious. I don't think thereís any question that we are going to win over Satan. Satan has already been defeated. He just has to roll over, my friends. All right, weíll wrap up with Alan Watt our guest. Iím Rick Adams, the Paul Revere of talk radio.


I think weíre going to end in just a few moments because we really donít have time to invite more phone calls right now, but I wanted to ask you, Alan, because you are such an interesting guest and you certainly are very succinct in your responses. Are you planning to have another website you say to help make it a little bit easier for people than the current website?


Alan:† Yes. Iíve got more videos to put up there and talks and so that way I can split it down into audios and you can go right to audios, other ones, to previous shows. Other ones too, some of the written work Iíve done and so it will be split up and easier to get to the whole site.


Rick:† What has been the response? Have you had any interference take place from powers that be?


Alan:† Oh, I get interference all the time in so many ways and when I first hooked up the computer the first thing that came in was a Trojan horse, a brand new one that wasnít listed on anybodyís list.


Rick:† Is that right.


Alan:† And so I had the honor of getting that and that closed down the computer five minutes after it was hooked up. So yes, I get troubles all the time from the big boys.


Rick:† Are you your own webmaster or do you have other webmasters?


Alan:† No. Iíve got one in the states there and heís pretty well dedicated himself at the moment.


Rick:† Bush? Is he a George Bush family member?


Alan:† No. In fact he might even change his name.


Rick: I mean itís kind of difficult to have that name right now, isnít it?


Alan:† Thatís right.


Rick: I mean I donít even eat Bush beans. I mean that tells you how bad things are.


Alan:† Here you go, and even Moses saw a burning bush.


Rick: You know one thing we didnít get into tonight that came up and that was the reptilian Ė you know the if you will the satanic nature of many of these people who we think are human and they have flesh and blood and bones and so forth but they have that reptilian nature under their skin. Iíd like to get into that if you can come back some time.


Alan:† Absolutely. Iíve studied a lot on the real meanings of it. Not the fake ones.


Rick: Very good, Alan. Okay and I just want to take this time to thank you very much for being my guest. Itís been my pleasure.


Alan:† Itís been mine, too.


Rick:† Thank you. Weíll do it again.


Alan:† Sure enough.


Rick:† Okay, good night now.


Alan:† Bye now.


Rick:† All right, Alan Watt.



(Transcribed by Linda)