May 1, 2006




Dr. Stan: Well this is Dr. Stan here at Radio Liberty coming from the hills overlooking beautiful and picturesque Monterey Bay and bringing you the news behind the news, the story behind the story, hoping to convince you that reality is usually scoffed at. Illusion is usually king, but in the battle for survival of Western civilization, itís going to be reality, not illusion or delusion that will determine what the future will bring.

I have to remind you the views that are expressed here are not necessarily those of the owners, management, staff, sponsors or supporters of this station youíre listening to. They happen to be my views, the views of our guests and todayís we have with us Alan Watt who is coming from Ontario, Canada, and heís going to be talking about secret societies and of course today anybody who talks about secret societies is relegated to the Looney bin. Oh, he probably thinks there are black helicopters out there. He probably thinks there was a conspiracy behind the murder of John Kennedy. Well, I think more and more people realize that there was a conspiracy behind the murder of John Kennedy and there really are black helicopters out there and their CIA operations. They use these to terrorize people and there are all sorts of strange things going on and weíre not getting the truth, but to understand anything going on today you really have to understand there are secret societies. There are ancient secret societies that have been around literally for hundreds if not thousands of years; and so with that in the background, Alan Watt, thank you so very much for being with us.

Alan: Itís a pleasure.

Dr. Stan: How do you get started in this? This is sort of an unusual avocation. I mean I fell into this you know 44 years ago. How did you get started?

Alan: Well, I like to think I was born with a form of autism which made me see things as they really were, because I grew up in Britain that was the inheritor of an empire and I wondered why I didnít know anybody who was wealthy, except for two or three hundred families in London who seemed to have raped and pillaged all these countries and yet the rest of Britain was a sort of working class nation where everyone rented at the time. They didn't have much money for anything. There was no credit available at that time either. No credit cards. Very few people owned cars, so I said well what happened to this great empire? Where did all the money go? And when you went into the history and I started early at school going into adult libraries into the reference books and I was lucky enough in Scotland to have a library which had books in the reference sections going back to the 1600's and I was getting a different version of history written at the time to the one I was being taught at school.

Dr. Stan: Well of course what theyíve really done is theyíve censored the textbooks. Theyíve censored the encyclopedia. Theyíve removed so many facts from our reality and even in my latest newsletter I'm pointing out that you try to get information from the Library of Congress say on the Illuminati or Thomas Jefferson whoís associated with that and they will do everything they can to keep you from getting the truth. There are people who are even today censoring history.

Alan: Always. I think George Orwell was quite correct where they were constantly updating the history in "1984" his book and it went down the "memory hole" he called it, into the furnace, and then they rewrote it once again. When you get into these old books and realize how massively important these secret societies were that exploded in Britain around the 1500's beginning with the Rosicrucians and John Dee and Francis Bacon in the Queen Elizabeth I court, and you realize that they were all connected. They all belonged to the same lodge actually and most of the members wrote about it at the time, and I had access to old books about them.

Dr. Stan: About the Rosicrucians Ė and of course the Rosicrucians antedated certainly as the Masons. Masons are about 1717, somewhere in there. The Rosicrucians were there long before and they played such an important part in actually the creation of the country we live in today and we see their emblem on the back of the dollar bill. The pyramid, the capstone and the All-Seeing Eye, but itís not theirs. That came from long before the Rosicrucians. That was an ancient plan of the ancient secret societies.

Well this is Dr. Stan here from Radio Liberty coming from the hills overlooking beautiful and picturesque Monterey Bay. Our guest today is Mr. Alan Watt and Alan has been studying for many, many years the background of the secret societies that really do exist and have existed down through the centuries, and having been raised in Scotland he had the opportunity to actually go to the libraries there where they had an excellent section. They had not yet destroyed these older books that told about the Rosicrucians that were in England back at the time Ė well, the Elizabethan time. Weíre talking about the late 1500's, the early 1600's, men like Dr. John Dee and men certainly like Francis Bacon who really was one of the men who was instrumental in the foundation of America. Not that he ever came to America, but he sent the Rosicrucian disciples to America to begin to shape this country so that as it is today, Americaís wealth and military power could be used to bring about a world government. This is long planning by a very wicked people who belong to these societies who worship a different god. So, Alan, you pick up the story there please.

Alan: When you go into the history of John Dee, who had the largest library in England at the time in fact, John Dee was a courtier at the court of Queen Elizabeth I and he was also an advisor to her and an agent when he traveled abroad, and just by coincidence his code number that he signed his letters by was 007.

Dr. Stan: Right.

Alan: He laid out the plan Ė he was the first person to coin the term "Brytish," (he called it B-r-y-tish Empire), "a Brytish Empire should be formed on the basis of free trade and with favored nation trading status." Thatís in the 1500's and he said that countries that would not join this commonwealth would be excluded by taxation, by importation duties and so on, and bypassed in trade; and that was the beginning of this whole free trade business.

Dr. Stan: Of course, it was really a plan to unite the world under British rule, wasnít it?

Alan: It was and he even said in his writings that even though Britain would start it off, someone would take over in the future. We find that happening in the early 1900's when Kipling came over and he read his poem to the Senate of the U.S., the one about "The White Manís Burden" and what they would have to do, and that was the handing over the flag as he wrote in his poem: To you, we hand the torch over to you to take over.

Dr. Stan: That was really what it was all about. America then would take over from Britain to bring about the New World Order, the New World religion and the destruction of all freedom. Well, this is Dr. Stan at Radio Liberty. Our guest is Alan Watt, and Alan, pick up the story. Alan was just basically saying this whole thing started with Dr. John Dee back in the Elizabethan time and of course it continued through the British Empire and then Rudyard Kipling had come America and read to the American Congress his poem on "The White Manís Burden". And of course thatís the whole idea: The white man, we just have to take over control of all these ignorant people throughout the rest of the world and this then inspired this whole idea of bringing about a world government under Anglo-Saxon control.

Thatís why whenever we are involved in military operations the British are there and whenever British is involved and an independent military operation like the Falkland Islands. Why, the only country in the world that supported Great Britain was the United States because it is camaraderie going back to the secret societies that of course is working towards this domination of the world and bringing them into a One-World Government under our control, but it will not be a benevolent control, believe me. We are moving rapidly towards a police state in America and theyíre doing the same thing in Great Britain and in Canada. You pick up the story.

Alan: Once again, you find this tremendous movement down through the centuries beginning with what they called Rosicrucianism and the underground stream. Thatís how they refer to themselves and they also call themselves "The Invisible College" because they did have their own secret societies where they taught their members their part in the agenda.

We find that Newton was a member of the same society and people donít know about Isaac Newton and that he was primarily into gravity et cetera, but he was a High Cabalist who lived in Cambridge all of his life. He stayed there all his life and when he died they cleaned out his rooms and there were all magical basically equations to do with Cabala. These people have been heavily into the Cabala [Kabala, Kabbalah, Qabala, etc.].

People should realize the Cabala, there are different versions of it but theyíre all really tied together. Itís not just a Jewish Cabala.† Thereís a Greek, thereís an Aramaic, thereís one from India because all the societies in all those countries are really one and the same.

Dr. Stan: What theyíre doing is tying into this special wisdom, this wisdom that is out there, when you can communicate with the other dimension and of course this is really a demonic dimension. Certainly we find that many of our great thinkers like Thomas Edison. Where did Edison his ideas? Well, he used to go into mediation. He was a disciple of Madam Blavatsky and I think that we will find this with Tesla, with so many of the people. I did not realize however that Newton was into the occult as well.

Alan: Oh tremendously so and he was also homosexual. Itís in the history books in England and he was bringing a boyfriend over from Italy at one point who was called Favio and Favio reneged on the deal and Newton went to pieces for a while, but for his reward for working for the society Ė now he also worked for the Royal Institute and that was the beginning of the Masonic Scientific Establishment in England. It was chartered by the British Crown. It was given permission to exist by the British Crown and you had to be a member to join it. Francis Bacon was.

Now the conditions of joining that institution was that if you were married you had to put your wife aside and family and leave money to them but never to see them again. It was an all-male thing only at that time and Bacon did that in fact.

We find that Newton for his work in the Royal Institute Ė the Royal Society I should say. Itís Royal Society; he was made the head of the British Mint Department. They always give them a big payoff for working in the "Great Work" as they call it.

Dr. Stan: All right. What is that "Great Work?"

Alan: The "Great Work" youíll find going back for thousands of years is to "perfect that which was left imperfect," and this tongue-in-cheek phrase they use is talking about the recreation of humanity itself, the reshaping of man, and they go by the laws of nature. By the laws of nature they mean science and they believe that they will conquer all nature and reshape it into serving themselves, the elite; and man himself, the workers Ė we find this goes back to even Plato who wrote about it in the "Republic" where he talked about the Guardian class and the working class he called the "its" and he said these are basic building material. He said we can do the same as we have with domesticated animals. If we want tall people to pick apples, weíll breed a male and a female and keep interbreeding them until we have tall ones. If we want someone to work down a mine, we can breed them short and squat and muscular for that task; and so basically they were talking about a form of eugenics. Reshaping society to serve what they claim is the elite themselves, the Illumined Ones.

Dr. Stan: Well of course you know Pythagoras and Socrates and Plato and Aristotle and even Alexander the Great were all involved in the mysteries and in the mystery religions. They have one form of teaching for the common folks like us and then another form for the elite.

Alan: Yes and interesting thing too is the tie-in all down through the many, many centuries with the banking system with these societies has always been at the hip and youíll find that even Aristotleís wife's father was one of the international bankers of the time. His daughter married Aristotle and Aristotle taught Alexander the Great. You find the same tie-ins all down through history with the moneyed system, the lending of money to nations to create armies and war et cetera, all go together in this conflict, it creates the chaos and then they bring in the new order every time.

Dr. Stan: And of course that is exactly what weíre doing today as we expand the war in the Middle East. Oh, weíre over there of course to help bring democracy and now weíre going to attack Iran and who will be next, and of course weíre doing everything we can to inflame the anger and fury and distrust of the Islamic world. After all, you have to have an enemy if youíre going to have a war and there was no animosity between the Arab and the Moslems and the Christians as a whole before the CIA got over there, and then we had all these things happening after 9/11 and of course nobody has ever asked why building seven came down. It had to have explosives in the base of it. It was at least a block away from the attack so there is no reason for building seven to come down the way it did just exploding at the base, so obviously weíre not getting the truth, but this then set off a series of events. The invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, the coming war with Iran, and what will follow that?† Itís like deja vu all over again, isnít it?

Alan: It is and what weíll always find is these fellows write about their plan way ahead of itóalmost like a legality. Theyíre tremendously legal in a sense. Itís not important the public understand what theyíre saying but itís important that they actually give information out in advance. We find out for instance that Papa Bush gave his speech on the New World Order on September 11 in 1990 and then followed it up the next year on September 11th again and when he said, "itís not just a New World Order. Itís a Big Idea," and the Big Idea is straight out of High Freemasonry. They call it the Big Idea and so September 11th comes along.

Itís also an occultic date. Itís within the Ides of September when Minerva is born and in the occult tradition about Minerva is that itís a warrior type thatís born from the head of Zeus without the aid of any other partneróself-born, self-willed into action. Then you go into Chapter 9, Verse 11 of Revelations and thatís where youíve got "the beast is released from the bottomless pit," so this is all tied in. These guys they love to do it on these particular dates et cetera.

Dr. Stan: In fact, Iím sure your well acquainted with that phrase in George Bushís second inaugural address that he gave out January 20th, 2005, where he talked about when our founders declared a "New Order of the Ages." They were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.

Alan: It was and in fact when we read the writings not about Franklin but the writings by Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, both of them stated the same thing, that this would be the beginning of a federation of the world.† Franklin went so far as to say it would ultimately be run by 12 wise men Ė 12 being the perfect number of government in the Cabala. So these guys were high Cabalists and occultists and Franklin also made a similar reference to George Bush, Sr. and people have questioned what it meant. What it was, was that Franklin said he would like to be remembered in history as "a single point of light." Thatís in his own memoirs.

Dr. Stan: And of course George Bush referred to "A Thousand Points of Light," and weíll find it repeated so frequently within the occult writings of people like Alice Bailey. But nobody is going to tell the American people that; and if they depend upon Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and CBS, ABC and NBC, all we have to look in the right lower quadrant of the CBS screen when it comes on of that eye there. Thatís an ancient occult symbol but the average American is never to realize its significance or the significance of the emblem on the back of the dollar bill, which they hide in plain sight.

Alan: Also, Theodore Roosevelt made the same statement when he was going to break all the usual international rules in his day and send some marines into another country. When he was questioned about it, he said, "history is made by men who are single points of light. These men are sometimes called tyrants like the Neroís of Rome and the Napoleons, but these are the men who change the world. It matters not how theyíre judged by mankind."

Dr. Stan: And of course it didnít matter because the Japanese kept trying to surrender at the end of the Second World War but they werenít going to let them surrender. They wanted to drop the Atom Bomb to kill as many people as they could to create as much havoc and if you tell that Ė we actually have an article out of the Chicago Tribune on the very day that they signed the accord to the Peace Treaty in the Harbor in Tokyo Bay. Just call and ask for that article the Japanese have been trying to surrender. We wouldnít let them and the invasion of Iwo Jima and Nagasaki Ė and Okinawa and the dropping of the bombs was totally unnecessary, but when youíre dealing with evil they want as much destruction as absolutely possible. Well, Alan, pick up the story there, because it is so difficult for the average individual to understand weíre dealing with organized evil internationally, not just here in this country, but all throughout the world, but all of these people are bound together as so many of them are bound together through secret societies and most people donít even know what the Rosicrucians are, or the Templars, or understand the influence of Masonry or the Trilateral Commission or this whole brotherhood of darkness we write about. So you pick up the story there.

Alan: When we go back to even the Knights Templars that we see depicted on old Hollywood movies behind King Richard coming back to England to free them and all this kind of thing, itís nonsense. The Knights Templars were definitely monks Ė they were really warrior monks and they were to abstain from women. However, in their own writings Ė and John Dee wrote about it himself. He said they were also accused of having to comply with a brother's request for sexual relations. That was mandatory that you could not refuse a brother. So we have this kind of thing going on with the Knights Templars and also they were the first real international bankers that we know of. So many widows during the Crusades were leaving entire estates to the Templars. The Templars had a tax-free exemption from the papacy and they were gathering land from all over Europe. They really were the first international bankers who actually used checks instead of gold Ė money Ė and you could actually buy so much, put a deposit in London, take a check with you to the Middle East and cash it in one of their banks over there. It was a world empire they were setting up, but it was an occultic system to do with a form of elitism and the worship of entities beyond.

Dr. Stan: Iíve heard and maybe you have looked into this, but it was said that after Jacque de Molay was burned at the stake in France in, I donít know, 1308 or 1309, but many of the Templars went to Switzerland and established a banking industry there. Is there any truth to that?

Alan: In 1314, thatís when it happened, but youíll find this is even older than them. Behind all official history and the official kings, thereís always another group. Youíll find that when Charlemagne was made the warrior king that would go through Europe for the papacy and convert countries at the point of the sword, which he did, Charlemagne opened the first bank in Switzerland and he called it the Bank of Sion. The river that was built on it is still there today and itís called that same name. That was back in the 7th Century or 8th Century.

Dr. Stan: I think he was crowned Holy Roman Empire about 800. Anyway, this is an ancient plan, an ancient plan of secret societies thatís been around really since the beginning of time. It was really trying to act out in the time of ancient Babylon when they were going to unite the world under Nimrod. This has happened again and again down through the centuries, hasnít it?

Alan: Yes and thatís the mystery part of it. Babylon Ė if you try to say to a person what Babylon was, it was mystifying because it was an entire system, but behind the system they use a reference that Isis had a thousand faces, the God of Egypt or the Goddess.

Dr. Stan: Hold that thought. Weíll be right back in just a moment here with Alan Watt. Well, this is Dr. Stan here at Radio Liberty. Our guest is Alan Watt who of course lives in Canada but he comes from Scotland as you can tell and of course heís been studying this. How long have you been studying these secret societies, Alan?

Alan: I grew up watching them. Even as boy Iíd watch them Ė there were so many Masons in Scotland that you could observe them talking to each other in the parks and street corners and youíd see all their strange movements, hand shakes, the way they would talk to each other, the phrases they would use. It was very, very common.

Dr. Stan: But do you think the average Mason really understands the occult of Masonry?

Alan: Not at all. Albert Pike himself who really put it all in his book, "Morals and Dogma," said that the low class Masons or the lower Masons are no different than the profane but they form a portico, an outer portico or a shield, which protects the real ones inside and who are higher up. The lower ones know very little. However, what they do know, and thatís one thing Masons make sure everyone knows in a society, is that if you do join them youíll advance in your work or your job and youíll get promotion over other people and this kind of thing.

Dr. Stan: And of course this is really what happens. You get into the Masons. Youíre in the military, youíre going to get promoted to the highest levels of the military. You are certainly in the police, youíll get at least in many areas youíll get promoted over people of equal ability. If you are going to court and you have a Masonic judge, forget it, youíre going to lose the case; and of course if a Mason is accused of murder or treason, why, of course, he'll be let off if there is a Mason on the jury or if itís a Masonic judge. So you do not have an opportunity for real free society when you have secret societies working in our country; and what are there, between two and three million Masons in America today, do you know?

Alan: I think thereís probably more because you see Isis has a thousand names and faces. Isis is the little covert way they talk about their church. They call it Isis, the Mother; and they are the body of Osiris and with the body of Osiris in the myth was broken up, so they are the members. They are the body and Isis is their church and Isis had a thousand names and faces. When you go into all the different names of the male and female lodges, thereís hundreds of them and youíd never realize it until you go into the study of them what they actually are.

Dr. Stan: Well of course I think that it was Manly P. Hall in his book "Lectures on Ancient Philosophy" who said it best. He said Masonry is a fraternity within a fraternity and out of fraternity it's made up of people who want to do good and like the camaraderie but in a fraternity of those who studied the Ė arcanum and arcanorum", and of course youíve got to look that up in the dictionary. Thatís the secret and "the secret of secrets." And what is the secret of secrets? Why, Lucifer is God. If you tap into that force youíll do very well in this world. Of course, eternity is an awfully long time and this is what the average person really doesnít understand. There really are people in the world today who worship Lucifer and have tapped into his supernatural power.

Alan: The odd thing that Iíve found is the continuity of the same system even from the Greeks. The ancient Greeks and the Oracles at Delphi, they used women for channeling spirits and when you went in with a question to the Oracle, the women were actually given drugs, forms of narcotics, so theyíd mumble an answer. The priests would interpret the answer and that was that, but traditionally theyíve always used women to channel this information all down through the ages up to the present day.

Dr. Stan: I think it's so interesting that Hillary Clinton had asked for Jean Houston to come to the White House to channel the spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt and everybody thought that was so funny. Hillary Clinton may be the next president of the United States.

Alan: Yes, and of course we know that previous prime ministers in British countries and commonwealth countries were into it as well. Itís no secret they were all into this type of thing, but I know that in the high occultic groups they still use the women primarily for channelers. The interesting thing that the Romans said about it was they used them to predict the future or events and for times of coming wars or conquests or campaigns, but they would never allow these women, who were held in high favor, they would never allow them into other meetings where their battle plans were being discussed because they said that once these women had opened the door to the spirits they could not be closed and they were a two-way street of communication.

Dr. Stan: And of course they didnít want the spirits to know, but believe me the spirits do know whatever youíre doing, but of course also does our lord and savior, and so there is this spiritual battle in this other dimension for the souls of men and the survival of Western civilization. Well, weíre going to be back here in a few minutes with Mr. Alan Watt as we began to explore this other dimension and if you want to get the documentation on so much of what Alanís covering, why, much of itís covered in my book, "The Brotherhood of Darkness," and when we get back weíll let Alan tell you about his material. I found it fascinating. Iím so glad I found somebody who is as fascinated with this as I am and recognizes the spiritual battle that weíre engaged in today.

Well this is Dr. Stan and our guest is Alan Watt, and Alan, why donít you pick this up and then weíll let you get to your information out on your work here in just a couple of minutes when all of our other stations are back onboard; but basically of course as youíre going through this and that youíve commented that you find the platonic influences, writings of Plato, and of course modern day occultists all go back to Plato. Plato really was almost like a watershed event in the history of mankind, wasn't it? Didn't he more or less codify a lot of this?

Alan: He did and he gave the religion they believe in away. He told us what the religion is based upon, and the religion of the elite in his day and today in fact is no different; it was based on a "special kind of reincarnation," and he does that in his dialogues and his books where he asks the question, "why are we so intelligent, we the aristocracy?" as opposed to the ordinary people. Then he goes through the basis for believing that they were all reincarnated into the same family dynasties over and over, so hence the need for the inbreeding of selected families down through the ages to make sure the same spirits come back into the same bodies. Thatís what they believed in.

Dr. Stan: And of course some of the writings of Albert Pike say exactly the same thing: If you donít get it right the first time, you keep on coming back. Albert Pike was a civil war general. His statue sits there in Washington, D.C. today. He is buried in the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. the headquarters of International Masonry, or at least American Masonry, so pick up the story there.

Alan: Albert Pike let so much out too. In one of his parts of "Morals and Dogma," he said that the good mason must get to the top by all means possible. By any even devious means, even using the stock market, he says, and he said then we must subjugate inferior menís minds by our will and then we shall become the masters over the Masters of the World. Now does that sound like a benevolent organization to you?

Dr. Stan: They shall come to us for their princes and for their popes. He made it very clear that they would end up ruling the world through their secret societies and this is all in Morals and Dogma," and you can get a copy. Theyíre still available in used bookstores, those that havenít been burned, and of course people have to understand they lay everything out. Itís all very obvious. They know exactly what theyíre doing. They just donít want the American people to know what they are doing.

Alan: Also, Albert Pike, we know that he trained Giuseppe Mazzini, which is just Italian for Mason, Mazzini, and he led off the revolutionary party because they use revolutions Ė the circle, of course, of a revolution to get to their--

Dr. Stan: Hold that thought right there. Our guest is Alan Watt. Heís talking about how the Masons created a man in Italy known as Giuseppe Mazzini, a word for Mason, and he of course formed a secret society there known as the Carbonari and they were involved in creating the revolutions that would sweep across Europe during the 19th Century. Ultimately then this World Revolution went into Russia and created the Russian Revolution in 1917 and the Cuban Revolution in 1958 and the World Revolution is as it's continuing until this day. If you read President Bushís second inaugural speech where he talked about when our founders declared a New Order of the Ages, why they were acting out an ancient hope thatís meant to be fulfilled and then he talks about how weíre going to bring democracy to nations throughout the world. You know weíre going to bring freedom to people throughout the world. You really think weíre bringing freedom to the people of Saudi Arabia? Are we bringing freedom to the people of China? Of course not. Weíre supporting totalitarian regimes throughout the world, so they use code words to cover what this is about. Itís about a world dictatorship under a ruling elite, all tied into secret societies, so you pick up this one. Alan, do you have a web page or any place where people can go?

Alan: Yes. Itís called

Dr. Stan: What will people find there?

Alan: Theyíll find a lot of downloadable talks I put up there on some of this, some of the system as it is today, how our minds are shaped today, the people who shaped our minds and basically said that they would control our minds, which I think theyíve done. Like Brzezinski in "Between Two Ages," he talks about techniques of controlling the minds of whole populations.† I go into Charles Galton Darwin (the direct descendent of Charles Darwin) who talks about creating a new form of more sophisticated slavery, where the people will be unaware they are actually slaves.† Iíve got a lot of information on these guys and their own personal histories there.

The Darwin family is fascinating because for four or five generations they only interbred with one other family, the Wedgwood family of England. Charles Darwin, when his first wife died, he married his aunt, another Wedgwood, who was his motherís sister. Total inbreeding in the same family lineages to get the certain genes for certain qualities, exactly as Plato said.

Dr. Stan: Thatís, and believe me, the matrix is alive and well in our society today. Go ahead.

Alan: Yes, and also lots of Masonic symbols up there. What they really mean, because most of the books put out there are put out by Masons or at least authorized by Masons and they donít give you the real higher meanings of what youíre really looking at and what it means, so I try to expose that. I give lists of various books they can read that are more to the point. The real meanings behind the 33rd Degree, where the sun sets Ė thatís why Hiroshima as we mentioned earlier was bombed. Itís on the 33rd Degree parallel. It was a sign of their high power. I also put into three books called, "Cutting Through I, II and III" and Iím going to write more of them too in the near future.

Dr. Stan: All right, fine. How can people get those books? Through your website?

Alan: Through the website.

Dr. Stan: All right, fine. I mean itís important that people understand that this goes back Ė the Cabala is so terribly significant today and oh Rosy OíDonnell and Madonna and all these people are into the Cabala, but the Cabala of course is mysticism that antedates of course the Babylonian captivity. It was simply codified by the Jewish people, some of the Rabbis when they were in captivity. This antedates that and of course there's Christian Cabala and thereís all sorts of Cabala, but theyíre all trying to tap into this secret knowledge. Would that be a fair statement?

Alan: Absolutely. Hitler has the same with the Viril Society and the Thule Society where he had a channeler, his main channeler, who supposedly gave channeled information on high weaponry, advanced weaponry, and I wouldnít be surprised because you find all the big boys in history who are scientists certainly were all into this channeling.

Dr. Stan: Of course, what they do is they put themselves into a hypnotic state and then they can begin to get this information. This is what of course is getting into the Christian church all across American today: "oh, what we need is contemplative prayer and meditation. Thatís how weíre going to of course reach God," and of course weíre not reaching God, weíre reaching the other dimension.

Alan: I have no doubt on that. You see Iíd love personally to be able to explain everything rationally and scientifically, but I've personally had experience of people who have been directly possessed and have come right to me and spoken to me as another person. Iíve had this happen in my life so I canít deny it, so yes this possession stuff is real. It really is very real.

Dr. Stan: In fact those listeners who get the DVDs or videos Ė Megiddo I and Megiddo II, and Iíve forgotten which one it is, but in one of them they actually have this woman as she goes into possession and you can see the transformation or the total transformation as she comes into demonic control and really amazing, amazing footage.

Alan: You know I was also in the music business at one time. I was a musician and I did a lot of session work too, and I got to know a lot of these people. Iíd been in Aleister Crowleyís old house when Jimmy Page bought it over.

Dr. Stan: That was over in Scotland? Of course Aleister Crowley was known as the other Loch Ness monster.

Alan: Aleister Crowley, this is another tie-in, he worked for the British government.

Dr. Stan: Sure. He was in British Intelligence and theyíre working in American Intelligence and Iím sure in British Intelligence today and so many of these world intelligence agencies tie-in to the occult.

Alan: Always, always and I was told from a guy from the British side that MI-5 and MI-6 have a "special area" outside London called the Cotswolds, they have an area camp there where they train certain members to go out into the world and create mysticism and confusion. Thatís what they say and they back them heavily with money to become authors and they put out all the New Age stuff.

Dr. Stan: Well, I'll tell you what, New Age books are sweeping across America today. I think thereís two authors that have sold together 50 million copies of their books, one of which was Dr. Chopra and I forgot who the other one is, but they're so prevalent and so many Christians buy them never suspecting that these people talk about "oh, and I was just immersed in the light. Oh, isnít it wonderful," of course the light that they are talking about is not the light of God but the light of Lucifer.

Alan: This is very big amongst them, but what I've noticed even at some of the big parties where the musicians go Ė most musicians when you get up to a certain level, youíre asked to join in the OTO. Every professional group in the world has its own little side of Masonry and from the musicians and artists itís generally the OTO they will join, the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Dr. Stan: And that was Aleister Crowley of course and thatís why of course if you look at least one of the Beatles albums youíll see the picture of Aleister Crowley who created the OTO. Have you seen these videos we carry called, "They Sold their Souls for Rock-n-Roll?"

Alan: And I've seen at these parties when theyíre all high on drugs and everything and you come in there and they used to fly in women from all over Europe just for the parties. It was like "Eyes Wide Shut," the movie. Then at one of them I saw two men come in who were high priests and I literally thought they were Jesuits because of the way they were dressed and everyone was so deferent to them and gave them such respect; thatís when I clued in these were the high priests of the temple. Iíve seen the same thing here when I was asked to go to a Wiccan wedding Ė the girl who was the High Priestess, her father was a pastor in a church, so I donít think I saw the whole ceremony, but I saw the same type of guys come in with the black coats, pants and boots, short haircuts and I chatted to them and then the next time I saw them they were dressed in their official robes inside this temple. This is an amazing place. I didnít know it existed in Ontario and lots of Masons go there for marriage and the place is called "Little Egypt", Little Egypt.

Dr. Stan: That has tremendous occult significance because there was so much occultism in ancient Egypt. Of course this is from the ancient societies down through the ages. Certainly every kind and every emperor always had a wise man or shaman or a priest or somebody who could tap into these forces and then of course that was what gave the ruler or the pharaoh or whoever it was his supernatural power.

Alan: We even find that with Alexander the Great who was taught under Aristotle, who called themselves the "Fisher Kings". All the way back to Egypt these particular teachers were called "Fisher Kings," because they caught the pupil and trained them for great things in the world according to the agenda and they turned them into what they claimed was gods. Today we hear the same term flashed around in the occult societies: you can become as god. Itís the same old thing over and over.

Dr. Stan: Itís like deja vu all over again, isnít it, well we actually have a book written itís called "Plutarch: The Life of Alexander," and itís still available in print. Itís written either by Scott-Kilvert or Ivory and if any of our listeners would like a page out of it where Alexander the Great writes to Aristotle and says, "you've trained me in the mysteries and now youíve written a book about it and everybody is going to understand and Iíll lose my power over man"; and Aristotle writes back and says, "oh no, you have nothing to worry about, Alexander. Unless you have been schooled in the mysteries, you can read about it all you want but you will never understand them"; and thatís true. If I had not known what was in "Morals and Dogma," Albert Pike's writing, I never could have figured it out on my own.

Knowing what it is itís so obvious and in my latest newsletter, of course, my April newsletter, which Iíll be glad to send to our listeners, we go into Albert Pikeís writings where he explains whatís going on and when you understand what he is talking about itís so obvious; and if you were to read that without a little coaching, why youíd never be able to figure it out. Youíd come away and shaking your head and saying what is he saying? Itís like when the president of the United States talks about the angel that rides in the whirlwind and guides the storm, referring back to the revolutionary era of America, and then concludes the speech saying and the story continues. The angel still rides in the whirlwind and is directing this storm. Talk about whatís going on today. Nobody has any idea what the angel in the whirlwind is and so unless you understand how these people think, they have a different agenda. The message is there in the speeches that they give and the average American has no idea what theyíre hearing.

Alan: Pike said that, that we never talk as plainly as we do when the profane are around because they donít understand. They think they know what is being said but they miss the esoteric meanings and they do talk plainly really if you understand them. They tell you what theyíre doing and where theyíre going and why theyíre doing it all the time.

Dr. Stan: Have you been following whatís going on here in America here today?

Alan: Yes.

Dr. Stan: What are your thoughts about the direction our country is taking? Because of course Canada will follow the United States.

Alan: All of them will. In 1991, Margaret Thatcher came over to Canada and she was doing a world tour and it broke out in the newspaper on a Sunday and I think the editor must have been off because the title of her talk was, "The Coming New World Order," and she said that the next major war will be on fundamental religion and she said it will begin with the Middle East but it will not end there.

Dr. Stan: Well because thatís the war weíre going into very, very soon and the average American Ė why arenít they speaking out? The immigrants are out there demonstrating for their rights today. Why arenít the Christians demonstrating against the fact that they are planning on taking us into a war with Iran that will spread to the rest of the Muslim world?

Alan: Well, the Christians again, I mean they follow the ones who are put out on top of their churches or the TV evangelists and theyíre being told donít worry about anything, itís all in Godís hands. You donít have to even do anything or worry about it or even participate in anything really and so theyíre out of the picture. This is psychological warfare to get them out of the picture so they donít take an interest.

Dr. Stan: Of course the thing is so many Christians believe theyíll be simply raptured away before anything bad happens, but I always say well I believe in the rapture but what happens if it happens 30 years, 20 years after America has fallen and our cities are in rubble? What will you say then? What do think will happen to the faith of the American people? It will be like it was in Germany after the Second World War in Europe. Their churches were empty because they all thought they were going to be raptured away, but it didn't happen. The great tragedy is today that they have neutralized the Christian church, who should be of course pointing out this spiritual battle and yet very few ministers even want to talk about. Whatís so interesting is I have had, oh, within the last month, Iíve had probably half a dozen ministers across the country who listen to our programs and are helping to disseminate the information. We need about 500,000 ministers who are doing that.

Alan: I always say itís the individual person. The problem with all groups is they can be so easily controlled if you put the right head into them and thatís whatís always done throughout history. A large group of people are controlled easily when an opposition puts in their own man at the top, and I say this is the battle of the individual for the individual because the coming society that they plan to create is going to be the collective. Itís the collective really. Itís the end of individuality as we know it and they had a meeting at Loyola University four years ago that turned out 600 pages, it was a World Science meeting with the top bio-engineers there. They say that they have a chip ready to put in the brain, that itís been tested, it works and all they have to do now is convince the public that this will be a good thing for safety; and they said they'd promote it as a good thing through cartoons for the children. They said it will be taught in junior schools as a good thing and also put into movies, and sure enough, since that meeting a whole burst of these things have come out including the movies with the benefits of having a chip.

However, the man from Japan, the main fellow who was behind this particular chip, and Newt Gingrich was there by the way and this was funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce, so the U.S. taxpayer paid for all of this and doesnít know about it. The man from Japan said, "this will be the end of individuality. Everyone will be connected to major computers in regional areas and he said youíll hear the whispers of others' thoughts going through your head as the messages to back and forth. He said to think of it more like the hive."

Now we know that the beehive is highly symbolic in Masonry, has been for thousands of years, and thatís what theyíre referring to. The perfect society will be a form of beehive; but if we jump from there from the Loyola University meeting, World Science meeting, back to Charles Galton Darwin, he said, "we the elite will not alter ourselves. He said because we must retain our abilities for self-preservation but the masses will not need it anymore because the state will be making all their decisions for them."

Dr. Stan: And of course thatís exactly whatís going on today in the name of fighting the wicked Osama bin Laden. Incidentally, my information is that heís been dead for some time but donít you worry theyíll rejuvenate him and theyíll have his picture up on television and youíll hear a voice that the CIA assures you is his voice. We need a boogeyman of course and weíll rally behind big brother who will protect us from the wicked Osama bin Laden. Well, ladies and gentlemen, understand how they play games with our minds, but more than that, weíre involved in the spiritual battle for the souls of men and the survival of Christian civilization and most people donít even know the battle is going on. Weíll be back in just a moment with our special guest, Alan Watt. Well, Alan, youíve got three minutes to wrap up the program today. Itís been fascinating. I canít tell you how much Iíve enjoyed talking to you.

Alan: Yes, itís a fascinating subject because thereís so much material and so many things you could actually say about it in a world which doesnít know and many of the people donít care to know, but itís so real. Itís so documentable. You follow the whole root of this down through time, thousands of years towards a fulfillment and they believe theyíre almost at their goal now, that they havenít far to go. They have to standardize the world. Theyíre standardizing the entire planet for world government and this world government is not going to be a benevolent government. Itís going to be one where everything in your life will be decided for you. Youíll have no say in anything and according to the Cecil Rhodes group that helped to build the League of Nations, in fact, they were behind that, they said that perfect peace will come when the people themselves are docile and pliable to our will. Thatís where they have most of the people today unfortunately and so itís time now for the individual in society to stand up and inform themselves and arm themselves with knowledge. I've said they must demand that everybody who takes a paycheck from the public, any civil servant, a policeman, whoever, your local government, you must demand to have all the societies that they have joined out in the open and you must know what oaths theyíve taken, and whom to, and what for, because they will make rules over you.

Dr. Stan: Of course you canít have the secret societies and we have them openly operating in America today. They work behind the scenes. Itís not only the Masons here but the Rosicrucians are here and there are other secret societies that have secret oaths where you swear allegiance to that organization and that oath supersedes your oaths to the United States and your oath to uphold our Constitution and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic; and believe me, we have an awful lot of domestic enemies that are intent upon destroying the main fabric of our society. Alan, thank you so very much. I hope we can get you back on our programs in the near future.

Alan: Itíd be a pleasure.

Dr. Stan: Can you one more time get your website out.

Alan: Yes. Itís

Dr. Stan: You can get Alanís books there and maybe we can even get some copies of those and we can do some more programs on this. Itís so vitally important that people do understand there always have been secret societies. Those secret societies are operating right here in the United States today. Alan Watt, thank you so very much for being with us.

Alan: Itís a pleasure.

Dr. Stan: Good night. God bless.

Alan: Good night.

Dr. Stan: All right, fine. Well, that was Alan Watt. Hope you enjoyed it.



(Transcribed by Linda)