May 25, 2006






Vyzygoth:  This is May 25, 2006 and I have to remind myself that I’ve got to go into summertime mode because the thunderstorms have been about seven months in coming. You kind of get un-use to doing anything, but I can see we’ve been missed twice real closely so far today and yesterday, so I’ve got to make preparations here. If this program gets abrogated for whatever reason mostly – probably power outage I will try to get back to it as best we can. I’ve got to get myself some backup power. So, at any rate, it is summertime. Things can get weird around here and we’ve all been forewarned.


We have with us today again, Alan Watt. The website is The series that he’s done is the “Cutting Through” series, a three volume work that is available on the website. We’ll talk more about that later, but I just want to welcome you and thank you really for coming back Alan.


Alan:  It’s a pleasure.


Vyzygoth:  All right. One thing we left not to do the last time you were on and for good reason. It’s probably one of the most you know kind of wild type of topics you can discuss and for obvious reasons for our listeners. So we can talk about when you say we have a malleable culture and how we’re manipulated, one of the elements has got to be as much we may not like it and that’s rock and roll.


Alan:  Yes. It’s culture creation. Everything to do with music, drama and the arts is what’s used to create or alter or update culture.


Vyzygoth:  Would that necessarily mean though that everybody through the ages, to include Sophocles and Shakespeare and all, were they all mind-altering people or were they constantly just telling us stories for the sake of entertainment?


Alan:  I don’t think so. I mean Plato talked aboutculture creation2,300 years ago and he went through the whole procedure. In fact, in ancient Greece it was MANDATORY at one point that everybody attend the traveling teachers that came across the Middle East and in the Grecian areas and even the slaves had to attend at least one performance and he talks about this. He said, “that is where the women get their costumes and their fashion.” He calls it, “the fashion industry,” and he said, “it’s backed up by the drama which teaches them certain morals or obedience to the system or the king,” and he said, “the music which backs it up affects the young and sets them into a certain mode of thinking and seeing things.”  So this science or “culture creation” has always been perfectly understood.


Vyzygoth:  When you talk about in the Greek times of those plays that people were told to watch, right?


Alan:  Yes.


Vyzygoth:  All right now. Books come. Books go. I can choose to read them or not, but when you do take a look at the pervasive role that television has played in one’s home, even when people aren’t compelled to watch what’s going on, they really are kind of drawn to it. Again, here’s the situation – or they may not be dragged into to do it but they do it to themselves. Would it be that the electronic culture especially to include 24/7 television in one’s home, people are really doing it to themselves?


Alan:  In a sense. You see, people have always had a tremendous capacity for entertainment. This is a TRAIT that WE have NATURALLY. It’s INNATE.  It’s well understood as a science. Always has been. Interestingly, in the Soviet Union actors and playwrights – they called themselves “the culture creators.” They call themselves that openly, and after 9/11 when the big hullabaloo came about with the Emmy Awards. I think it was the Emmy or Oscars or something, Susan Sarandon came forward and she actually called herself “WE, on behalf of the Culture Creation Industry.”  They’re well aware of their role in this; and the communist system, interesting enough, or the Soviet System had Departments of Culture


Now, why would you need a Department of Culture if you and the people WERE the culture? Not only that, the western world and all the “democratic” countries as they’re called, including Canada, has a Department of Culture.


Really, these guys give out GRANTS to PLAYWRIGHTS and MUSICIANS and ARTISTS to write along CERTAIN themes – POLITICALLY correct THEMES and THEY MARKET THEM to the PUBLIC via ENTERTAINMENT.


Vyzygoth:  In the United States we don’t have a department at least governmentally on the states who’s in charge of that. What do you think the surrogate is here?


Alan:  There’s no doubt. You see, the CFR, which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had a meeting – it was about a month-long meeting in Britain back in the late ‘60’s and the whole topic – the whole argument they were having was: which country should create the future global culture? Should it be left to the British industry including – they still had a sort of film industry and a movie industry, or should it be Hollywood. After the month was over, it was in the newspapers, they decided that Hollywood would basically create the culture for the world, backed up with the musical industry.


Vyzygoth:  With regard to I guess one of the most popular groups ever in regard to rock and roll, you look at the Beatles. Now you’re not the only individual – in fact you’re the only other one that I know of, and there may be more, who have identified a certain individual as being responsible for their meteoric rise; and also probably involved with one of the more notorious think thanks in the world, which I guess is Tavistock.


Alan:  Tavistock and the Frankfurt Institute. The Frankfurt Institute is where Theodore Adorno, who is a master at music, he understood the complete science and psychology of music, he taught courses there. Frank Zappa took a course from him, and everybody who took the course came out as a superstar, heavily financed, heavily backed singing particular types of music, which really did affect teenagers at the time.  Again, this was one of the strategies they used. Theodore Adorno owned the musical rights of the Beatles up until he died.


Vyzygoth:  When did he pass? Do you know?


Alan:  I can’t remember exactly. I think it was the late ‘80’s or maybe, probably the late ‘80’s because Paul McCartney put in a bid. At the same time so did Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson won. He presently owns the rights of the Beatles. In fact, recently in some newspapers, because of some trouble he was in legally, he was talking about selling them and putting them back up for sale.


Vyzygoth:  I subscribe to this particular email group Vita Myers out of Australia and somebody was reviewing Coleman’s “Conspirator’s Hierarchy” and this is the first I saw it, is when you mentioned it, I thought back and okay now Coleman said this, and is this the same individual, and I went back and looked in the book and of course it was. He identified Adorno as well, but it could be very hard for people to believe that there could have been a subterfuge and him behind the scenes, at least while the four were together. Yet this individual you claim beyond a reasonable doubt did what he did, and I guess is probably pretty content not to have his name up in the limelight?


Alan:  Yes, in fact that goes right along with what Professor Carroll Quigley said in Tragedy & Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, the two big books he wrote. One on behalf of the CFR as a historian, and he said that there are movers and shakers behind the scenes who wield far more power than people who are elected, and they’re content to know they’re doing the “Great Work” basically. That’s their reward. Their financial reward is huge. They don’t get the acclaim from the public but they are left unmolested while the front men take the heat, basically. That’s standard.


Vyzygoth:  I watched the criticisms of Coleman’s book because of this one element. A lot of them who were critical felt that because of this one item that it completely I guess debunked his whole work. I mean that’s how much they couldn’t believe it. Now I can understand it. You know it’s – I know how I felt when I first encountered it in Coleman. It seemed a little bit far out, but you know in this day and age it doesn’t mean squat. However, let me ask you this. People who are sitting there probably asking “what about when they went on their solo careers?” Was there a time when they were at least adept enough that, if they went their separate ways, they were at that time at least positioned enough that they could carry their own careers?


Alan:  Maybe after a while, a really long time actually after they split up. See, basic logic has to be used, and guys who are coming up in their early 20’s or their teenage years or 20’s don’t write that kind of music, three-chord wonders—that’s the general guy at 18, 19, 20, 21. They don’t know how to involve classical music into the mode of rock and roll, the minor keys, all the augmented chords which come in. These are much more advanced types of music that the general young guys don’t know. It takes a lot of practice and years of experience to get there: tempo changes in the middle of songs and also the reflection.  If you look at some of the wordsWhat young person is going to sit and cry aboutyesterday all my troubles seemed so far away”?  That’s the sort of thing a much older person would write. There’s many, many clues if you just break it up.


Vyzygoth:  Okay. When you mentioned that Frankfurt was another one of those notorious think tanks—We’re speaking about Germany?


Alan:  Yes.


Vyzygoth:  Now would that also have any kind of involvement with the fact that the Beatles seemed to get their fees cut in Germany?


Alan:  It’s possible. I never believed the build-up to these big groups. Supposedly, they’re playing just general run of the mill stuff, rhythm and blues type stuff, very simple and suddenly they come out with all this new stuff. They were given a clean-cut in age with even suits to go with them, and the haircut of course, so that even parents would accept them.  Once they made enough hits and got a big huge following, then they went off to India and then came the rush of blending Christianity with Hinduism, which, strangely enough, is exactly what theosophy said they would do in the late 1800’s.


Vyzygoth:  I know that, as the story goes, George Martin their producer had told them, I guess on their first new album and nice new cover for R&B, that we got to start doing some stuff ourselves. I was just wondering. Did you ever hear of any information regarding Martin and Adorno?


Alan:  Not really except I know that Adorno came over and he was the head of the London Philharmonic Orchestra for a while, and a good friend of Queen Elizabeth II. He was in that same circle for sure and he’d have to meet – it’s impossible not to in that type of circle.


Vyzygoth:  Martin had a classical upbringing, did he not?


Alan:  He did, yes, but the master of classical – I’ve read Theo Adorno, his books, and they are amazing for the depth of understanding of the psychology of music. It’s probably the best written.


Vyzygoth:  Do you not have a musician strain in you as well?


Alan:  Oh yeah, I’ve been up there.


Vyzygoth:  So at least when you talk about composition you know from what you speak?


Alan:  Oh yes, I know. I know exactly what young guys can do. When you write, you write in a certain type of “pattern” you might say, it’s like a fingerprint and so you can always tell who’s who by their fingerprints. They can’t jump from one fingerprint to another in a completely opposite direction and be just as good generally, whereas you find with the Beatles et cetera this tremendous classical influence mixed up with the rock and roll, and yet none of the – even Paul McCartney admitted he can’t, he never could write music.


Vyzygoth:  Right. Folks, if you wish to make a comment or ask a question we can do that right now and I’ll give you the information on how to do that with Alan who’s with us today for this hour. You can send an instant message via MSN to Vyzygoth. If you’re going to use Yahoo Messenger is Vyz1400 and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on the air, but if you ever click in to get into the buddy list or whatever it is and you see the name Regg Dunlop, that’s me. It’s just a playful pseudonym I use. It’s actually the name of Paul Newman’s character in Slap Shot. At any rate, don’t be put off by that if that should ever come up. I got one email that said is this really you? But it is, Regg Dunlop, don’t worry about it. That’s yahoovyz1400. Now you can also send something via email at and, as I say, we have Alan Watt with us. His website is He does have this 3-part series: The Cutting Through Series. Alan, do you have anything else coming up? Is anything else in the works that you’d like to share with us?


Alan:  Yes. I’m making some DVDs up on the occult and going far deeper than the stuff that’s been pushed out there, to explain it in more detail so that you’ll get an idea how it all fits together with the science and psychology and how we’re manipulated through symbolism, which is a language and our subconscious understands it. It programs us to an extent and it also keeps us trapped in a way of thinking which blunts our ability to perceive beyond as deliberate. It’s ancient and it’s all around us everyday.


Vyzygoth:  Yeah, there are no coincidences, are there?


Alan:  Yes, there really are no coincidences at all. None. Zilch. However, I was going to mention too that the music industry is a business. People should understand that as well as being part of culture creation. Now from the days of Plato, Plato mentioned that “nothing comes from the grass roots, nothing.” What he’s telling you is that anything that did come from the grass roots, because it’s not planned by the top, it could have unforeseen repercussions as it ripples through the system.  Everything that’s given to you in culture and authorized comes from the top down.  When you look at what happened in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when this explosion of pop, which is like father, remember, pop, and ‘rock’ is again the Masonic rock. That’s where it comes from, like Rockefeller. You’re looking at a planned explosion, which was intended to totally alter the existing culture because it has done its job.


Now they’re going into the new phase of separating the youth from adults and it was aimed directly at the young. It’s very interesting to notice that ever since, each generation that grows up, up to the age of 22, will stick with the kind of music they get of their time, and they end up in old folks homes, in geriatric homes dancing to rock music. One day you’ll see people dancing to rap. They don’t go beyond. Now the thing is this is understood in the days of Beethoven because Beethoven was also financed to do experimentations in theaters with certain types of disharmonic music and they found with some of the disharmonics it would cause anger and aggression in the audience, and even fights broke out with discordant notes and sounds.


This has been tried very, very well down through the ages. Then of course when they mixed the music with the standard drumbeat and the heavy bass tempo and then of course out came the LSD – the “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – which was distributed throughout every university in Europe by the garbage bag full. IT WAS THROWN OVER UNIVERSITY WALLS FROM LIMOUSINES to get it all started.


This all came from the top and at the same time out came the abortion clinics. They had the pill for women as well. It came out at the same time. They also had venereal disease clinics sprouted up for free. All this was planned to coincide at the same time to destroy the old culture that had done its job and to bring in the new, which was, of course, the dissolution of the family.


Vyzygoth: I guess as far as age goes, and certainly I got winged on the Beatles and at that time it was kind of “hold your hand” stuff. “I like you. You like me. Let’s go steady.” And of course in the ‘70s it was the true collectors and that really was kind of debasing when I think about it. Then as time goes on I look at rap. I mean I can’t stand it and I figure well it’s just because it’s not my music, my generation, but something tells me – and it had a great staying power. It’s over 20 – almost 30 years now and I’m saying to myself, how can that stay on the top of the hill when so many other genres conveniently come out and leave in five years, and is there an element also – I mean you talk about discordance, where rap really gets to the brain more so than any other music previous to it?


Alan:  It does and it also gets a specific age group more so than the previous ones, because for someone over 25 to hear it for the first time, in fact, they’ll shut off from it. They won’t listen to the words so it’s directly meant to go into the minds of the very young, and of course it’s primarily violence and all this kind of stuff they’re pushing. This is deliberate, and rap – see the Masons when they start off the lodge meeting, it’s like a court.


A COURT IS A MASONIC LODGE in fact and the judge raps the gavel, the mallet to begin and close the session, and THAT’S CALLED RAP. You rap the base and this is the end of the music. You wrap it up. This is the end. This is as far as we’re going. The next kind of man won’t need music in fact if they get their way.


Vyzygoth:  All right. We’ve got a lot to cover and can you tell me exactly what the truth is. I don’t want to keep you overtime, but if we do go a little over, could you book that?


Alan:  Sure.


Vyzygoth:  All right, thanks. To wrap up, at least the rock and roll thing, we can admit that there seems to be something very strange there that took place especially through the late ‘60’s and the ‘70’s. There’s a pretty big body count amongst rock and rollers. I know Alex Constantine has done some work about this for an individual by the name of [Schimel]. Were any of these artists, and then let’s talk about Morrison and Hendrix and such, did any of them shake their handler’s world or something like that to deserve the end they met or was this just their own incontinence?


Alan:  I’ve seen how the business works. I tended to stay clear of contracts, which really helped me. For instance, I know the Bay City Rollers pretty well and those guys still haven’t got a penny for what they got, but what they did get was the usual stuff, including the women which were thrown at them. When you’re young and a young guy, that’s very appealing to live in top and tails, and as long as you’re on top of the world and having number ones. It isn’t until later you start to ask where the money all is, and then you find out that it’s been squandered or safely put away by your handlers, by your managers and agents. It’s a tremendous rip-off business.


Vyzygoth:  Do you think a lot of these individuals then either wittingly or unwittingly got kind of hooked up into a rock and roll servitude?


Alan:  Oh yeah, there’s no doubt about that. Now some of them that really had a real impact on the young certainly were given extra money. Had even their homes bought for them for some of them or estates even. They could really get to the young and I’ve seen that happen too, just paid by their agents. They didn’t even have to handle the money, the actual things themselves, and they seldom saw the money. It wasn’t until they really had to do something for themselves they went into their account and found out it’s not there. I’ve also seen stars being made and picked out of line-ups.


Vyzygoth:  How about American Idol now? Is that bizarre or what?


Alan:  They’ve got to occupy them with something and that’s really what they are – and it’s almost like winning the lotto. The poor get the lotto and it’s the same idea.


Vyzygoth:  Have you ever seen a particular network host it though, and all the other networks just give it all this play?


Alan:  Yes.


Vyzygoth:  Yesterday, I had to hide from the network news on the alphabet because I just didn’t want to see the stuff. I mean leave me alone. You know it’s like when you see this kind of working together, you know it kind of stinks. I mean it smells of something.


Alan:  It’s highly manipulative. It also is a good safety valve for the young, because this is generation X.  X MEANS TO BE WRITTEN OFF. You’re flipping hamburgers and stacking shelves in Wal-Mart. That’s the generation X. They’re giving them another form of escapism so that they can dream those years away, rather than protest.


Vyzygoth:  And then the use of the world idol too is very rich?


Alan:  Yes. Idol is – the whole thing with the holy wood – the Hollywood, and holly is holy and holy day. It all comes from the same root.  Hollywood casts a spell over the world. That’s its job; and so that, coupled with the music industry and much music or M&M (Master Mason), you find that they are filling the heads of the young with their drama, their fiction and their downloading of new culture.


Vyzygoth:  You shared with me a pretty interesting anecdote if you would share with our listeners. I guess it came up as part of my asking you why was Lennon popped in 1980. Was there something that he was about to say?  You recounted a time – do you want to share that anecdote about when he sort of got woken up?


Alan:  If you look at the Sergeant. Pepper’s album cover, supposedly on there it’s all the favorite people in history of the Beatles and they have – of course you have the devil’s sign there given by I think it was Lennon. This is all cartoon drawings. However, you find Marx in there too and Aleister Crowley, the OTO who worked for MI5 or 6. So someone – the Beatles didn’t draw that I’m sure. However, when they were over in Canada there was a Professor O’Driscoll at the University of Toronto who was present when Marshall McLuhan talked to Lennon. Marshall McLuhan was really into the New Age that was coming of electronics and cyberspace and all this kind of stuff, and he told Lennon, “you do know you’re being used,” and then they had a quiet conversation. It was after that that Lennon sort of changed.


Vyzygoth:  Is there any reason why you think he might have been hit by a Manchurian Candidate?


Alan:  There was no doubt it was a Manchurian Candidate. It’s amazing and he was also shot outside the very doorway where they filmed Rosemary’s Baby. That’s no coincidence.


Vyzygoth:  The Dakota has some kind of history, doesn’t it?


Alan: Oh yeah. I think Lennon still had enough of a following to have been listened to. See, a small person who’s unknown could be saying the most amazing stuff and back it up, but no one would listen because we’re trained to follow the stars, so they give us the stars.  When a star talks, we listen. We think they’re very important people. That’s why they recruit them for political campaigns. They might not know anymore about politics than your local plumber, but the fact is that they’re a star and the public unfortunately grovel at stars.


Vyzygoth:  Obviously they have double standards about the album. When it came out in the last one he was to release was very, very sweet and much different than some of the anger that he had let out either with the Beatles or the in-between time.  Again, do you think – I guess what I’m driving at is why would you choose to take him out at that particular time?  I mean if he was taken out there had to be an order. Those who gave it, what could they possibly could have feared from him?


Alan:  I know that if he had been approached to be knighted – because I can remember when they got the order of the British Empire many years ago and they appeared with their top hats and tails and eventually they gave it all back, those little medals back, but I know they were going to get knighted. Paul McCartney eventually did and I think Lennon then would have been speaking out publicly in the newspapers as to why he didn’t want it. I think that would have started the ball rolling.


Vyzygoth:  Yes. Well real quickly, kind of the foreshadowing of would take place on a very minor basis. I had a friend when we are all living in New York and he was working with the bureau and he was doing a lot of photographic surveillance of supposed emissaries who were believed to be KGB and he was going all over Manhattan. He happened to see Lennon walking by the car that he was sitting in and they were taping somebody. He gets out of the car. He approaches Lennon from behind and taps him on the shoulder and he says Lennon like just jumped 17 feet in the air and I said to him man don’t come up to people like that. Ironically, what would happen something like six years later, you know it would be a back shot that did it.


Alan:  Yes and the thing is too, what I really was astounded at was when I discovered that communism was created by the West – by supposed opposition. We’re talking about culture creation. I was often asked to sing at different functions and often I didn’t even know what they were. I’d just arrive there and sing a couple of songs. There was a place in Toronto in the ‘80’s which was called The Trojan Horse and I just popped in there actually just to see what it was all about. They asked me up to sing and I sing a few songs and then they came up and said, “that’s not radical enough,” and I said, “What do you mean?” They said, “the government pays us to bring in radical singers here to change society.”  They’re getting GRANTS from the GOVERNMENT to operate this place to get radicalism going and this was happening in Britain and all the democratic countries at the same time. They’re all over the place in every major city.


Vyzygoth:  The rock and roll places are very interesting part and the second half of the 20th Century now leaning to the 21st.  We’re with Alan Watt. His website is He does have the Cutting Through Series. He is going to release in time DVDs. Anything else I might have missed on your offerings?


Alan:  Yes, there will be much, much coming out and just to let people know this one little thing, because I don’t take PayPal and I think someone’s using my name because PayPal sent me a message today saying they’re cutting my account. I don’t have an account with them.


Vyzygoth:  They’re cutting an account that you don’t have?


Alan:  That’s right. So I’d like to warn the people. Don’t fall for anybody that’s out there claiming they’re me. I don’t take PayPal.


Vyzygoth:  You do instruct people on how you want to be paid. You want to just tell us right now?


Alan:  Yes. They use the international – it’s got to be an international postal order from your post office. It’s no problem getting them. They’re easy to get and just post it to me with your order and I’ll get it back to you in no time.


Vyzygoth:  Right, and we did that with Charles Wilcox in Calgary. However, the folks that are in Canada, what’s the relationship there as far as what payment you’ll take?


Alan:  They can do just general postal orders, Canadian postal orders.


Vyzygoth:  Can they send via currency to you to?


Alan:  They could if they want to, because they get through, yes.


Vyzygoth:  I find also that I have to tell you that whenever Wilcox and I send back to each other has a habit of getting opened.


Alan:  I had three letters today. Each one was opened.


Vyzygoth:  They’re inspecting the mail to see what’s going on between our two countries.


Alan:  It’s the “new freedom.”


Vyzygoth:  All right. You can get in touch with us if you want to ask a question or make a comment to Alan. You can do that with hotmail. Email via hotmail which is and we have at least I think one or two questions I’m going to pose to you as soon as you come back, Alan. So it’s if you choose to use instant messaging via yahoo use vyz1400 or MSN it’s just Vyzygoth. Having said that, we do have a question and I think – it may not be in the forward or anything but it certainly is what it is considered culture. It may not be music. These folks that posed this question said concerning our contemporary culture, why is there such a huge upsurge in young people getting tattoos? And I would just say body piercing and everything else as well. What about that, Alan? 


Alan:  It’s getting them ready for insertion of CHIPS in the body and making it fashionable, trendy. They had discussions at Loyola University about ways of chipping every human. This is World Science meetings sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and they thought they’d give it snob appeal, because they must make it trendy and almost give it snob appeal, so they’re coming out with these designs and body piercings is a crucial step to accept the piercing of the body for INSERTION OF CHIPS and so on.


Vyzygoth:  I hear the scripture and I know we’ve talked about that. In fact, we’ve got a couple of questions along those lines I’ll bring up to you, but I’ve always felt you leave the body the way it is. I don’t paint anything on it or stick anything into it and it would make sense that that certain taboo has been broken through, and so people get use to putting things on or in themselves, what big deal is it if a chip goes in as well?


Alan:  Exactly, it’s a conditioning process.


Vyzygoth:  Let’s see. I’ve got another one for you. It says – you know actually I’d ask you if I could ask you about this when we’re speaking around 3:00 or so, and here’s somebody that wrote a question anyway. The individual writes: I am very curious how far up the pyramid of power he really knows about and what is the major of their religion?  Who are they and what is their religion?


Alan:  It’s a complicated religion in a sense. I’ve talked to some people who are up amongst them and they’re above what we would call Freemasonry. They’re much – way higher. They do go through ceremonies where they bring on what they claim are entities into them, which gives them extra power, intellect, definitely longevity and energy. It also makes things happen for them too, those around them in their favor. The first time one of them told me this I couldn’t believe it because I know the whole ceremony that describes it, and another person on a different side of the country told me exactly the same thing and he was up there too.  Since then, I’ve had a few of them tell me in other countries and what they described was a room where high adepts come in and the candidate who’s already way up beyond Masonry is brought on this square stage with two escorts. A pyramid of brilliant light envelopes them on all sides and you can see the two escorts’ eyes glow red in this light. That’s all you see, and, as they’re doing a little chant in the audience, there’s other adepts, the candidate’s eyes blink on red and that’s done. They’ve all described the same ceremony to me, so there’s definitely something to this.


There’s something which gives them the higher cunningness.  IT’S NOT QUITE HUMAN. We can’t deny the diabolical nature of their cunningness and their understanding of human nature. Some of them have also told me that they believe they descended physically from what some people might call fallen angels which came here in a spirit form; and, because they were closer or more recent from the creation itself, they willed from the matter on earth, they willed their own bodies into existence; and these bodies were perfect, so that the perfect humans or perfect spirit that they have could inhabit them. Then, as they integrated with the people who were here, they began to lose all of these special supernatural or psychic abilities and hence the need to go back to inbreeding again for the perfect body. It had to be perfect from that strain, that link so that the perfect spirit could inhabit it. They do BELIEVE in REINCARNATION, big time, but it’s reincarnation of their own families down into their own families again and again.


Vyzygoth:  The scriptures bear out the situation about how the world – individuals having intercourse with earthly women. Some say I guess to a point that it continues on and on.


Alan:  It’s interesting to me. I mean I know that the Old Testament is so – there’s so much allegory and hidden esoteric within there, that’s why the OLD TESTAMENT is PRESENT in ALL MASONIC LODGES. That’s the rule-book for the esoteric nature. However, it’s interesting even the few names that they give you of the fallen ones, the ones who interbred with women, each one was a particular specialist in science, a particular science: mathematics or chemistry et cetera. That’s of interest to me.


Vyzygoth:  Before we go any further down this line, somebody jumped in late so we can just kind of do this and then move along. The individual says, I just started listening about when you were talking about the Beatles with Alan. Is this an anti-Beatles viewpoint? I’ve always felt the Beatles were anti-NWO. Just look at John Lennon. There’s been a lot of speculation he was taken out by a Manchurian Candidate, and we discussed that. Lennon might have been rubbed if he was coming so to speak anti-NWO, but the group itself, whether it knew what it was doing or for whom it was doing, it certainly was, I don’t think you would call the Beatles anti-NWO.


Alan:  No, because even in the album after they came back from the Soviet Union and they said – and of course they sang the song there’s going to be a revolution, and they also sung “back in the USSR you don’t know how lucky you are.”  The USSR supposedly was set-up for globalization and a socialist system worldwide, run by a small elite.


Vyzygoth:  Would you call that a laboratory for the “Shape of Things to Come?”


Alan:  Definitely.


Vyzygoth:  Right, and it was a capitalist construct?


Alan:  Oh, it was funded from the beginning by the banks from the West.


Vyzygoth:  That’s been well documented by a number of authors to say that yes, even the revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution was financed in the West.


Alan:  It was from the very beginning in fact. Even Canada where Trotsky was caught, on the East Coast of Canada, onboard a ship heading out that way, and he had bags full of cash from the New York Banks from Kuhn Loeb and different companies, and a letter came from Wilson – actually it was a telegraph from Wilson asking the Canadian authorities to let him go. Immediately he got a stamped passport sent right up by express for Trotsky and they let him go.


Vyzygoth:  Trotsky and his family were apprehended by Canadian navy, were they not?


Alan:  Yes, the police got them. It docked into I think it was Nova Scotia. It docked at Nova Scotia. It docked in there before it continued on and that’s where he was taken off board and put in a cell.


Vyzygoth: I believe the Prime Minister of England also urged that situation to let him go.


Alan:  Yes, it came from the top. It had to. It was an interesting they scurried to get the guy to his destination in a hurry.


Vyzygoth:  Going back to that first question from this particular issue – opposing view. Who are they? I mean first of all, who are we looking at nowadays? I mean in the United States I would say it’s the characters like Rockefeller, Carnegie, the foundations and even up by you, are they not all in it?


Alan:  They’re all in it. However, in their own religion, those that work are not at the top – anyone who does work of any kind. Actually it’s more like a Brahman type religion than anything, including the order they’re setting up, which Charles Galton Darwin said there would be a new caste system for the world.  There’s no doubt the Rockefellers and these boys are put out there and well funded and protected to do what they do, but they’re not the bosses; because at the top they have what they call the lazy boy and the lazy boy does no work. He might make occasional suggestions or comments, but his helpers must put it into action. They take comments from him and just print it. That way there’s no comeback on these people if someone’s “rubbed out” for instance.


“So and so is being a nuisance.”  The lazy boys at the top are the real bosses.  Now who they are: They are very, very old families, very wealthy families and very quiet families.  There was one here that Gorbachev comes up to see in Ontario and they’re called the Llewellyn family, and they helped, I think, start off Merrill Lynch and backed them and they’re private bankers. They live way out in the country.  I think one of them one time was Lieutenant Governor for the Queen to represent Canada. They’ve been heavily involved in the past with the British Federation you might say.


Vyzygoth: On the other side would you say that Soros is probably part of them?


Alan:  Soros is a front man and lower down on the totem pole. He was picked up by the Rothschild’s. Soros has quite a history. People think it’s a Jewish conspiracy but Soros himself was turning in Jews, being one himself, and that’s exactly what the Rothschild’s and guys like them wanted – someone who had no conscience in doing what they were doing.  If you take the word Geo – see Geo or George is the world and the rest of the George, the ‘rge,’ is the ‘red world.’ That’s what that means. George is a Masonic name and red is the color for their conquering and their advancement of the “Great Work.”


Soros comes from a Greek word which means ‘serpent’ or ‘snake’ or ‘dragon’, and so these names are actually made up for them.  Soros did boast in the British Daily Mail about 10 years ago how he’d phoned two of his friends and they played the stock market in Britain and deliberately pulled the rug causing the pound to crash in Britain. They came out with millions of pounds for their profit and he boasted for half a page on how he and two friends did this and the British had to go to the big bankers and borrow more money to get the pound up again. These guys have immunity to do what they’re doing. However, Soros, like Rockefeller, his main job is to accumulate so much money which he then uses to push non-governmental organizations which claimed to represent various public institutions. That’s how this new system is to be run, it’s to be managed by NGOs demanding laws that the government is only too happy to put in; and that was exactly how the Soviet System ran. It was run by NGOs, although the tops of the NGOs were picked by the Politburo.


Vyzygoth:  Also it’s interesting that George Soros came out with a book “The Open Society” which is somewhat reminiscent of the well “The Open Conspiracy.”

About the religion: Frank Heimbichner wrote a book called “The OTO Beyond Freemasonry.” There’s a few individuals out there who claim that Freemasonry will go beyond the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite and become extremely, extremely occult. Do you sign along with that?


Alan:  Yes. I mean I’ve seen a lot of people from the OTO because most musicians are encouraged at the top to join it. I’ve been to parties where priests from the OTO have walked in and I’ve seen what goes on there. Yes, it’s highly, highly occultic. Even the members up to the 97th, and 96th degree don’t know what it’s all about because it was much higher than that and there are definitely forces at work that can be utilized. Some are natural within people and they’re taught how to use them. Other ones you might say are supernatural.


Vyzygoth:  When you talked about the red eyes I had to think back to the book that Van Helsing wrote – Freemasonry, about secret societies and their power and influence in the 20th Century. He claimed that there were 99 degree lodges and I don’t know if we’ve said this between ourselves before, but there were 99 of those 99 degree lodges all presided over by demons.


Alan:  Technically it is, and then even each lodge has sub-ones. This is what they say. This is what they claim. Each candidate, as I say, takes one on; and the contract basically is that hell to an entity is absence of the physical world, physical sensation.  If you imagine sort of bringing your mind way out in space and you couldn’t move, you couldn’t feel anything, couldn’t hear anything – that is hell to an entity. Therefore, heaven is here, to them, and when they can come into a body – and the higher the entity, the more time they will take in that person’s body. Perfect possession as they call it is when the person is at home with the entity, and the entity is at home with them. There’s no struggle there whatsoever.   I’ve met some of these people who even work in government in Canada and I’ve watched them operate with their occultic stuff as they tried to either hypnotize people or bring them under their influence. Their “spell” you might say.  I’ve seen them operate.


Vyzygoth:  One of the questions also I got was as far as how far back the Illuminati goes? The Freemason is the only kind of reference I can find in there. I guess the question is, I’m kind of trying to restructure it, and that is how far back are there any references to Illuminati? I mean I hear that it goes back to the mystery Babylon religion.


Alan:  Yes. In all ages we’ve had universities. Even the ancient world had universities, and the term ‘alumni’ is from illumined. They’ve used this all down through the ages. I think the Oxford Dictionary claims that the Illuminati first were mentioned publicly as an occultic group around the 12th and 13th Centuries onwards, and so Weishaupt was simply one member of one group popping his head up in one place in history. He wasn’t the boss. However, what he did use at that time, he used the term “world citizen.”  Rockefeller Center and the Rockefeller Foundation – I have Rockefeller on tape giving awards for world citizenship. That came from the Illuminati.


Vyzygoth:  The whole idea is world government?


Alan:  Yes, and world citizenship.


Vyzygoth:  All right moving along. A couple of others here. Okay it says, please explain the origins of the belief system of the ‘illumined one’ for lack of a better term, what is their religion? Where do their gods come from?


Alan:  That really is what we’ve already covered but they were different. We’re talking about the high ones, not the ones who work their way up. However, the ones who are hereditary, they do claim that they came here or were put here – it’s often kind of vague there – and they willed matter to create perfect bodies for themselves to inhabit, since they believe they were perfect spirit. As long as they interbred, that was the whole key to it, was the interbreeding, they would always reproduce the same strains from the same original bodies so that their spirits would keep re-inhabiting or reincarnating into the same family lineages and they really believe this stuff.


Vyzygoth:  What about the monarchical families that still exist in Europe? They’re in on this whole situation, are they not?


Alan:  They are. There’s no doubt. I mean even with Prince Charles he didn’t pick his wife. His wife was picked for him, and then who does the picking? Now we know the Burke’s Peerage they do all the genealogies for the rich and the aristocracy, but it’s obviously still today a priesthood which arranges the marriages and does all the work. Today, they even do DNA samples and everything.


Vyzygoth:  Is it true that she was in the line of the Stewart’s, which supposedly the house in which the Windsor’s rested the throne?


Alan:  Yes. She had some of the Stewart in her, but also it was interesting I think it was her grandfather was also a banker from New York. They’re all intertwined.


Vyzygoth:  The one thing that dawned on me was the fact that if the Windsor’s were seen legitimately as illegitimate, in other words taking control of the throne, that if they could get themselves an heir to the Stewart’s and had children, which would be the two boys, then they’re actually back in business again.


Alan:  Yes. There’s no doubt that’s what they believe; but even to go further back to Robert the Bruce, which started all this kind of thing and the Stewart too. The Stewart was the Steward, you see. It was a title at one time and even Robert the Bruce was not a Scotsman. You always find the elite rule over people and they don’t belong to the same ethic origin.  Robert the Bruce was Rober de Brucee. He was a Norman and it was the Norman’s who brought these people in with them and they’re very strange. It’s never been explained who these Norman’s really were, who came in with their vast armies and did campaigns all over Europe, which really, on a financial scale, was over the budget of the second world war.


Vyzygoth: The Normans, are they also part Scandinavian?


Alan:  No. However, what they do is they claim that they also come from the North of France up to Norway, Sweden and use that as a jumping point into Britain, but they also came across the channel and they took across pre-fabricated forts. They were acres and acres and wide. Massive undertakings and logistical supplies going way back through Europe heavily financed and they brought all these ancient coats of arms. People today generally will say this came up during the Crusades, these coats of arms, but that’s not true at all. They had these coats of arms or these special families; anyway, they brought them with them when they came into England. 


Vyzygoth:  So the Normans bear some looking into as far as the size of their operation?


Alan:  Absolutely and even where they came from in this way. They used the same techniques as the Communists do today. Trotsky wrote a book which was I think it was in “Praise of Terror” by using the terrorism to get the public to comply. You’ll find the same thing with William the Conqueror, the Norman who used to grab all the prisoners that were outside the castles or the towns and the old and infirm and he would burn their eyes out, knowing that onlookers were watching from the power pits. He used all the terror techniques as they did in ancient times the Hamites used.


You’ll find in ancient records of the Brotherhood of the Hamites who really looted all over the Middle East and the Hamites were a brotherhood. They brought in criminals who went through sort of formal initiation similar to Masonry, and they did drag off all the useless eaters they couldn’t sell as slaves and they would cut their hamstrings. That’s where cutting the hamstring comes from.  These people right down to William the Conqueror were using the same techniques and it’s never been explained how it got in the Middle East – the ancient Middle East, right down to present history and neither has the inauguration ceremonies of the queen which goes back to the days of Nimrod.


I mean here you have a woman sitting on a raised ziggurat type dais with an ermine coat on, which Nimrod wore. You can see in the old stelas that have been found have holding the same type of scepter et cetera with these bishops and their troops and all that run about them and the same places. Someone knows these formulas, and why is this is happening in England even today?


Vyzygoth:  Because nothing never changes.


Alan:  Yes, but they know this. Where do these archives of information exist, because they’re not in public libraries, and yet these people are so stuck on tradition and in the Westminster Abbey where they do these inaugurations. You have different knights of the Normans again who are entombed there and they’re laying – you know they have these statues sort of laying down over their tombs and in one of them they’ve got six or three tiers of Egyptian obelisks going up the wall and the checkerboard floor – the tesserated floor on the wall between these obelisks. What’s this Egyptian stuff doing from the 13th Century? What’s it doing in England in Westminster Abbey?


Vyzygoth:  Do you believe that’s an extension of the Templars involvement in all this?


Alan:  I think it’s even pre-Templar.


Vyzygoth:  All right. Can we do this? I’m going to keep you much longer, but if we could just take a break just now a couple of minutes and we’ll come back and I’ll finish all these questions. Are you all right with that?


Alan: Sure, I’m fine.


Vyzygoth:  You’re listening to the Grassy Knoll. We have with us Alan Watt. I was just going to take a couple of seconds and we’re going to come right back and finish up these questions. We thank you Alan for being as gracious as you are to see this out. We’ll give you some more information about Alan and some of the work that he’s done. Also, in this time you get a chance and you’re on the Internet and I’m sure you are if you’re listening live, and that is go to and take a look. All right, we’ll be back in a couple of seconds. Thank you. A bit more time and again, Alan Watt has been good enough to stay with us a couple of minutes longer because we have a couple of questions that people did pose throughout the week and we’d like to get to as many as we can. The website is The series that he wrote – a three volume series is the Cutting Through Series. He’s coming out with more DVDs, and would you say, Alan, in general that for the most part people should just stay tuned?


Alan:  I’d say so, because when you try to explain why since the ‘60’s especially you’ve seen the fulfillment of theosophy and you’ve seen it come into fruition the whole movement towards a New Age which was planned long ago and the mixing of the religions together, especially Hinduism coupled with channeling. It’s interesting to see that everything promotes channeling today, even psychologists. A lot of psychologists promote it: Past lives. Find out who you are, channel and bringing in an entity and find out who you are. This is almost as though there’s an awful lot of entities waiting to occupy bodies right now; and it’s being promoted from the top down now, and why not before? That’s an interesting phenomenon to see, because, as I say, nothing happens in the system unless it’s promoted from the top. They never allow anything to come out of the grass roots which might upset and have a ripple effect and knock everything haywire.  Therefore, people should stop and think before they fall into all of these traps that are laid out for them and which will shape their minds exactly as the planners intended it happen and intended them to be. You’ve got to start thinking for yourself. 


Vyzygoth:  Are you thinking that there’s a certain proximity to some kind of cataclysm?


Alan:  Not so much a cataclysm as the end of many, many thousands of years of planning the “Great Work”. The Great Work they claim, and even rabbis will claim this, that it began around 4,500 BC. They all had the same stories of something coming or something being born. The Greeks talked about the light falling from the sky, a meteor, that type of thing. They use these allegories to describe the plan being born on earth to the Great Work, which was the perfection of not just the world but everything in it, which they claimed was left imperfect by the Creator. So the job was for all of the elite and through science especially to reshape everything by understanding nature. Breaking it down to it’s tiny atoms et cetera and restructuring it in a more efficient fashion, but especially man himself. They want to create a whole new type of humanity and that’s why the rush has been on so long for genetic engineering.


Vyzygoth:  I heard you use the word diabolic before; and then another person has asked of you and said, I hear Alan speak of the Bible as complete fiction and then has made references to the Bible and/or Jesus as factual too; and like I said, you use the word diabolic, evil, and now it has a very secular meaning. Do you believe – well, just let me straight out ask you. Do you believe in Satan?


Alan:  I believe that there’s definitely evil; and I would love as an individual to put everything down to hidden sciences, advanced sciences. I know that there are innate powers within people and psychic abilities. However, it’s beyond that because I’ve seen people which you would call possessed. I mean there’s no other word for it. It’s the only word we have. It’s like “diabolical.” We don’t have any other words in the English language to explain or describe the evil, but I’ve had people come up to me and talk to me. I could even go further and say coming up to me that address me as a demon.


Vyzygoth:  You?


Alan:  Yes, oh yeah, and directly.  I was with a guy from a very big rock group. We’d gone to a very small party and it was towards the end of the night. There was only a few people there. Most of them had fallen asleep wherever they could and the woman, I won’t say who it was, but she was up there too. She floated down the stairs, and I mean floated, and I’d taken no drugs and nobody slipped anything in the drink I was drinking, and she floated down these wide stairs right up to me and she came within a few inches of my face. Her eyes rolled up and were pure red, and she says, you know you’re a very powerful person. We could do amazing things together; and I tried to keep very calm and I just said, I don’t think so, at least not tonight. So she turned around. She got this weird grin on her face and turned around and floated all the way back. The guy that was with me I thought he’d fallen asleep and he came over and he says, Alan, tell me I was dreaming but I saw this woman float down the stairs.  I said, well you did, and so he says, I’m glad you did or I’d be worried about myself.


But I’ve had a lot of this kind of things happen to me throughout my life. I’ve also seen people, especially when I’m trying to put the word out to people what I know. I’ve seen people being taken over and just around me in fact and do incredible things. So I can’t deny. I could always try and say maybe they’re using some strange form of science, which they certainly do have, to get into people’s minds and make them behave this way. However, I don’t think it’s all that at all, because you feel the presence of these people arriving before they come to the door. You feel them tangibly coming and when one comes to your door that you’ve seen before as the person, and here’s a person talking with a different voice saying the most amazing things to you, and you felt it long before they came to the door, you know the presence is there; so I can’t deny it. I’ve also seen some of the big rock groups at parties when some of the high priests have come in and there’s a lot of occultic stuff that they definitely deal with which works and it’s real. It’s definitely real.


Vyzygoth:  But you don’t necessarily believe that we’re headed toward the scenario that’s laid out in Revelations?


Alan: Not in that sense. I could always read it in a different way of course, but I know that the usual plague, famines, warfare, earthquakes, types of scenario that’s been used all down through the ages by the rulers to keep us all obedient and scared. Terrorized you might say. So I’m not too thrilled with that part. I’m sure they could do all that again quite easily. In fact, that can through basic science itself. However, it’s odd that even in the New Testament, especially in the Revelations and in Paul as well, you have this new being- being created—


Vyzygoth:  All right hold on, Alan. I don’t know, for some reason you dropped out. All right, hold on. Just say hello to me.


Alan: Hello. How are you?


Vyzygoth:  All right we’re back. The bottom meter came back up again. Just continue where you were going.


Alan:  I think it’s odd. You see Revelations is written in the typical mystery religion, the language that they use. It was not written by any followers. It was written by the mystic religions itself. It has all the earmarks of it, and they said that you’ll be changed in the blink of an eye. When I was listening to the Loyola World Science Meeting to do with the brain chip, which was held in the U.S. in the university, when the scientist from Tokyo said, “this will be the end of individuality as we know it.” He said, “when everyone has this it will be more like the beehive. It will be impossible for a person to even perceive of themselves as a distinct individual,” and that’s what flashes through my mind as I thought, the blink of an eye – when the main switch is thrown, once everyone’s got it.  This is a plan. It’s a plan. It’s not from any creator. It’s a plan all right, but it’s not like the Creator’s plan I’m sure.


Vyzygoth:  Oh, I’d say it was the anti-creator.


Alan:  Yes.


Vyzygoth:  A couple of emails that we got a while ago that addressed a certain I guess occultist.  I could remember an individual wrote about I think his name was Evola. I’ve checked it out and they’re mystics, and another one by the name of [Guanine]. Does it ring a bell at all?


Alan:  No. I know there’s hundreds and hundreds of – they’re probably thousands actually.


Vyzygoth:  The reason why this person wrote about this, and he’s on the coast I should say, whoever it is, is on the coast and felt that there was a rise in what I guess at least [Guanine] might have been in, and that is Sufism? He said I don’t really have – again, I don’t know who it is. I suspect it’s a male but the individual wrote, I don’t – I guess it’s Charlie. That would be a male, wouldn’t it? So Charlie writes, I don’t have any data for it, he says, but I’ve received out here there just seems to be a bit of a rise in that radical Islam. If so, and here’s the situation that we all know has happened through the centuries. Does it seem to you though as if we’re all being prepared for some kind of Holy War once again between crusade like – Bush uses every so often, between Christendom no matter how debauched it is and Islam.


Alan:  It’s on. There’s no doubt. This is a crusade for sure. It’s the final crusade. This is to standardize the world and everyone must be brought under the same system of what they call democracy or elite driven socialism. The Moslems just don’t fit in. They don’t have central banks in some of these countries. They’re not on the world banking system. Especially, they’re not on the UNESCO program, except the ones America has taken over already.  UNESCO was created to give a common culture to youngsters the world over.


Vyzygoth:  Does that include the school system?


Alan: Yes, and that’s the first thing that they set up in Iraq when they moved in. UNESCO was the first one in after the central bank was put up.


Vyzygoth: You might also remember when Bush was looking for the imprimatur of the UN, he gave that speech not in any kind of pomp and circumstances. He just mentioned we’re going to go back into UNESCO – Iranian kicked out and I laughed because here’s the quid pro quo.


Alan:  I know. It’s essential for them to create a world culture. Brzezinski wrote about it in “The Grand Chessboard,” and they must bring a common culture worldwide basically based on the United States to an extent, but it’s a different United States. It’s the United States which will come out of it just as changed as the countries they’ve taken over.


Vyzygoth:  Charlotte Iserbyt writes about that situation where a lot of the plans for education are mutually held by both Russia (or back when the Soviet Union and the United States, the USSR), but it’s going to be a global education and you can see this with the international baccalaureate programs down here in the states. Also with this whole idea of the world education community. So we’re all going to be trained the same way in years to come.


Alan: We’ll have the same opinions, the same thoughts.


Vyzygoth: And if you’re a bad boy then you’re going to have to get re-indoctrinated. Spend you time at the computer and take the tests showing you’re not.


Alan:  That’s it, until they do chip us all, and then they won’t have to worry about us being individuals. We’ll be programmed. In fact, at the Loyola meeting they said that regionalized computers would literally operate the public within a certain radius for jobs, so you won’t be able to think for yourself. You will not be you anymore. You’ll be a machine.


Vyzygoth: Okay, so you’re almost coming to a point where it is true about Borg.


Alan:  Borg is the original “B”.  This is the Masonic coding and that’s why they gave it the name the Borg, and the beehive has been high in Masonry ever since. That’s why they used it at the Loyola meeting.   The Borg is ‘B-org’, Original “Bee”.  It’s the bee that they want to create for the hive; and it’s no mistake on the Star Trek series, the Borg ship was called the hive and it was a squared – it was a cube, which is the ashlar, the perfect squared stone of Freemasonry, the perfect society.


Vyzygoth:  It’s pretty well known that that whole series, the first one ever, Star Trek was born out of a Mason – Gene Roddenberry.


Alan:  It’s red berry. I mean even his name is the red berry (Rhoden) from the Greeks, so it’s the red berry and it’s gene, the gene of the red berry. It’s quite telling. However, he was also a member of NASA and he went to the main meetings and this is called ‘predictive programming’ and his job was to take – NASA was going to take the public and NASA's job isn’t just traveling in space. It’s primarily satellites which will monitor and eventually control all of us. That’s their real job.


He was told to write stories around that to change the culture of the public, and the Star Trek series was the federation of a Council of 12, the Cabbalistic Council of 12 and travel through space and bring everybody into a free galactic trade, free trade; and those nations or planets which wouldn’t join them were bad guys. Always nasty guys and the ones who did join were always nice and pleasant; and of course, all the aliens were really multiculturalism and how they should all get on together if they really tried. This was how they program the children for what’s coming on earth.


Vyzygoth:  A few things that are very interesting: One, of course, the very first or the pilot show for Star Trek involved the court marshal of Captain Pike; and Pike is obviously not a coincidence.


Alan:  No.


Vyzygoth:  And secondly, I’ve got to tell you. I saw a newsreel. We talked about this probably two years ago, but there’s a newsreel about the beginning of the United Nations and how the Rockefellers granted land on the east side of Manhattan for it. Well, when they’re playing the backdrop music, I kid you not and I really should send it to you so you could hear this for yourself. The strains of the music back in that 1948 or 1949 newsreel underneath this whole segment about the creation of the United Nations is exactly the strain from Roddenberry’s Star Trek theme. Now he’s credited with writing that music so I can only assume that either he borrowed or, believe me if you hear it there’s no doubt you can see the whole thing with the ship, you know the man in the last frontier and it’s amazing.


Alan:  Even the name Enterprise is from “bless us on this enterprise.” It’s the same thing.


Vyzygoth:  Now where did you say this meeting was? At Loyola University?


Alan:  I think it’s in Louisiana.


Vyzygoth:  The one down in New Orleans?


Alan:  I believe so. That’s where they held – they’ve had two so far on the same topic and it’s to do with – they had all the top geneticists involved and guys from the microchip companies. They were all there too, and scientists of all kinds, and Newt Gingrich kicked off the meeting. He was chosen to kick it off and the U.S. Department of Commerce paid for it. They put out 600 pages on this. They said that they would promote this chip as a positive thing through cartoons, novels, movies, and so on to make it a positive thing to go for.


Vyzygoth:  I’ve got to ask you this. It does dovetail into this next question and we only have three after that, and thank you again for spending some time over the hour. Loyola, obviously, Jesuitical, true? All right. Jesuits, Vatican, Freemasonry.


Alan:  In this day – in fact in all different ages, you could never keep separate secret societies apart from each other. They’d infiltrate each other. Long ago they all became one, just like the United Nations. UN is ‘un’ in French, one. That’s what it means. So in part they’ve all been one main system of control for hundreds of years.


Vyzygoth:  This person wanted to know what about the conflict between the Roman Catholic Church? I would say the Vatican. I won’t even say the origin of the church but perhaps in Freemasonry. Is that thing, if there ever was a problem, does that problem doesn’t exist any longer?


Alan:  I think at the high levels of the Vatican it’s never been a problem because Pythagoras, who came out of Egypt to start his form of indoctrination of the youth into the revolutionary system, he used the same color coding as the Vatican. The guy at the top was white. Then you had the Cardinals with the red and black and so on. It’s the same color coding system, right down through the Vatican to the guy in the bottom who deals with the profane who are in the dark, so the priest at the bottom wears black with a little slit in front of his throat – so he doesn’t give you all the truth. He’s not permitted to. That’s why the collar is black most the way round his head except for a bit at the front. This is all Pythagorean that goes back long, long before the creation of the Vatican. Now it’s possible you can have a Pope who doesn’t know if you take him from the bottom and throw him right up there, but the guys, the curia, they certainly know the mysteries and I think they always did.


Vyzygoth:  What about the Jesuits who obviously were a military order and not necessarily a spiritual order and who calls their head a general. Do you see them as being players in this global state?


Alan:  They are. They were much bigger players than they are today, because now you’ll find the same system of Masonry, you might call it Masonry. It’s a loose term but it really is all the same thing. It’s really the head of the CIA, the Mossad, the MI6. In fact, you have to be one to get up there now, and that was written about by a guy in it called “The Spy Catcher”.  He joined and he was told he had to join the Freemasonry to be accepted in MI5 and 6. That was Peter Wright.


Vyzygoth:  You understand through I guess it is Operation Paperclip. Is it your understanding I should say that the Vatican did decreed out a number of high ranking Nazis?


Alan:  I think the public should realize this too. We’ve got to stop playing the ethnic and religious game because Nazism was not just a national thing. It was a philosophy and anyone could join it as long as you believed and gave your oath to that philosophy; and at the top of that philosophy, which wasn’t to end with Germany, it was to travel on.


Vyzygoth:  Didn’t they export here though?


Alan:  They did. In fact, I think one of the main teachers that taught at [Letigian] University came from, he was given the orders to go and teach it in America and he’s taught some of the present big boys up there in the government – the federal government, and he was a Jew.  I think it’s time that Jewish people realize that there were also Jewish Nazis here who belonged to this other brotherhood; and that’s the key to it. When you join this brotherhood you give up your ethnic origins and your family origins and your new brother is a member of the Order worldwide, whoever he may be.


Vyzygoth:  I won’t go down this road but this is what makes me at least believe that it is true that many of the Zionists who may have Jewish surnames or whatever could not care less about Jewry.


Alan:  They couldn’t. In fact, it was interesting in the Star Trek series that they used the Talmudic quote quite often by Mr. Spock who was a Vulcan – the volcanoes. That’s what Vulcan was. That symbolized in the mysteries total logic and power.  Mr. Spock was the Vulcan and he would often say, “the few must perish for the sake of the many”the sacrifice, and they don’t mind sacrificing people because they don’t see them as their own anymore. They belong to a much higher group that transcended their old religion.


Vyzygoth:  That transcends religion, and statehoods and everything. Here we go to the last few questions. The Star of David, this listener writes, can the “square and compass” of Freemasonry borne the same shape? I imagine this is not a coincidence as the Star of David is also seen as Masonic symbolism. What is the meaning of that symbol, and would you not say – I mean I’ve heard rabbis say that honestly they always vote on the Israeli flag there should be a menorah. Well there’s not, so do you want to speak to the Star of David and its Masonic implications?


Alan:  You’ll find it in ancient inscriptions in India. That’s where it came from originally; and it’s ‘above and below’. It’s male and female. It’s the two forces within man itself; because women, according to the mysteries, they really hate the women and so the women is left on one hand which is ‘sinister’ by night – they call it sinister, and dexter is right. In the mysteries they also use the ‘above’, which is heavenly, which is male; and the female, which is earthly, which is ‘below’. She’s ‘base.’


They really hate the female and those women who are following this in the side orders are getting told a lot of nonsense because they’re despised at the top. In fact, it’s declared they’re not efficient enough, their emotion gets in the way of efficiency; and that’s why the new type of creature will be created genetically. So the above and below, the trinity above and the trinity below as well, and there’s many different levels of meanings to the different trinities as you go up the ladder.


Vyzygoth:  Also, I think that it’s interesting that in Pike’s book which he wrote, “Morals and Dogma” in 1878, you’ll see the Star of David there as well as I guess the evolution of the Taoist symbol which becomes the Iron Cross that both the Knights of Malta used and the Templars used and also the Klu Klux Klan and also the variations of the sun wheels became eventually a Nazi symbol. He already has them in that book back in 1878. Also, it says here and this is the other thing. I believe there’s a chosen body there in Israel but the government is just as corrupt as ours, so when I look at that Star of David on their flag, and that just to me that is a flag, that obviously there are other entities who had desires on what’s called the Holy Land.


Alan:  Oh definitely. The thing is though – the trick is they’ve always got to use the public to back them and they have Christians backing them. They have many Jews, not all Jews either, backing them to fulfill the Prophecies of Isaiah you know.  They need this PUBLIC SUPPORT through religion and it’s got nothing to do with what people think it has.  It’s no coincidence that that blue is also the UN blue.  In the occult and in higher mysteries the blue is the light of day where things to an extent are simple and in the open, but I stress the word ‘simple’ because it’s not the depth of understanding, because they also have the Black Lodge at night and that is where the mysteries are explained. The other side of man, you might say, and so the Blue Lodge is at the bottom. That’s where the gullible ones join and they don’t really know what’s going on, but there’s also the black side of it.  There’s always an equivalent opposite of what you see in any flag, and there’s an opposite one to the one for Israel too.


Vyzygoth:  By the way, I’ve read from local newspaper through a column and I got attacked for this but I’m sorry. I mean when I take a look at the whole idea of the use of a star on our flag, or whether it’s North Korea’s or whatever, I’m like why is it a pentagram? I mean the star doesn’t look like a pentagram to me when I look up in the air. Is this a coincidence that they would use a five-pointed star or five pointed graphic to represent something?  


Alan:  Not at all, it represents man, the divine to an extent. That same logo you’ll see was supposedly sent off into space with the naked man with his legs apart and his arms out. That’s the five-pointed star. It’s man the divine. In their belief system there’s always an opposite force to make things work, to balance things, so if when the star is pointing down—that’s the diabolist or the evil, the dark side of man. However, technically in a sense too, and I can’t go really too far with it. It’d be too graphic because you have to go into the sexual details to explain, but there’s far, far more to all of these things than just what I’ve said here.


Vyzygoth:  Did you touch upon that in any of the books?


Alan:  Not yet, but I will and I’ll have to explain this. It’s fairly graphic.


Vyzygoth:  Here’s a great one. I mean this is hellacious no doubt and it said there’s something completely different. I heard Alan briefly mention on an earlier show that he had attended Jimmy Page’s mansion and witnessed an “eyes wide shut” type of ritual. Can you ask him to elaborate on that?


Alan:  Jimmy Page bought Aleister Crowley’s home up near Loch Ness and I knew some of the people there, including the guy who did the covers for their albums – Colby. So we went to the party and it was a pretty standard type party and--


Vyzygoth: What does that mean though?


Alan:  These guys just don’t bring little bags there of stuff. They have wheelbarrows come in and, oddly enough, the police stay away because there are Masonic connections and this is standard too, and they fly in young girls, teenagers, some fans you might say or groupies from all over Europe for the party. They have the big sort of orgy type scene. However, he also had the priests coming in to. They look like Jesuits or Mormon priests. You’ll see the same ones performing marriages coming in before they put on their robes. They’ll be dressed the same way when they perform Wiccan weddings and stuff.


Vyzygoth:  There is a story that Page can never spend a night alone in that place. Is that true or not?


Alan:  Not really. I mean the place was supposed to be haunted by an old chief who either he was killed or he killed someone and threw the head along the corridor and you hear it rumbling at night.  However, I do know that the house itself was kept original because Crowley had his various pentagrams and stuff on the walls and various occultic symbols and they hadn’t painted it, because it had been left unused for years since, the locals wouldn’t go near the place.


Vyzygoth:  Did Zeppelin ever record there?


Alan:  I don’t know. I played at one studio not too far away. I’ve did a lot of session work as well and sometimes I used to go in and do whole albums for people, write it and performing them if they were too stoned to do it.  I went to one which wasn’t so far from Inverness and that was set-up by David Bealfe who wrote a lot of songs himself. That was the 48 tracks he put up and that was the nearest one that came along.


Vyzygoth:  We’ve got one last question and I’m going to cut it off right here. It said I know this is a bit off topic, but since Alan has talked about secret societies so much I was wondering if he has done any research into the serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, who claims he was part of a secret society called the Hand of Death?


Alan:  Not him. I’ve looked into other ones. I do know that there was another one in the states with a Spanish name. He was tried a few years ago. He’d use the usual Satan sign in court et cetera and talked on behalf of Satan. I know that serial killers tend to be well connected with the occult, especially when they’ve been videotaping murders which are snuff films. There was one in Canada not long ago, a few years, with a male and female and what was never explained was why videotapes of each one of these murders they’d found some in a river in Canada tied to a buoy. A woman eventually came forward to a Professor O’Driscoll in Canada from Hong Kong saying that these videos were being distributed to very important people across the Far East and Japan as well.


Vyzygoth:  I’m sure you’re aware that John DeCamp wrote the book “The Franklin Cover-up”. Are you familiar with that?


Alan:  Yes.


Vyzygoth:  Do you believe that was a pretty accurate account or you think there’s something a little weird there?


Alan:  I don’t know if it’s weird. Generally, they’ll be no trails left whatsoever. Things generally never get out into the open to the public unless they want it to. It is possible. There’s a type of spell they like to cast, you might say, like the Jack the Ripper thing in London, which was well done in that movie that came out with Johnny Depp “From Hell”. That came because Scotland Yard did declassify the documents on the murder and Sir William Gull, who was the chief surgeon to the Royal Family, they knew he committed the murders in Masonic rituals. He killed each woman in a Masonic ritual and left – right down to miter square and to the places where he left the bodies, and that was also a form of a type of spell over the public to keep them in terror. They do this kind of thing every so often with serial killers. The word serial comes from ‘series,’ which is the ancient goddess of Greece and the bloodiest time that they sacrificed children and so on to the Goddess Sirius.


Vyzygoth:  That’s how she was sainted?


Alan:  Yes, blood.


Vyzygoth:  Like Moloch?


Alan:  Yes.


Vyzygoth:  And of course, Moloch is connected to that place that DeCamp realized. He was getting information about from Banachi and that is with the tall oaks in the – not the oaks but the where is it out there, the redwoods, and realized that in fact it was Bohemian Grove. But you know you’re right. When things get out you do wonder – I mean even with Quigley writing so much about roses cru, other things are not stated – like there is the Pilgrim Society which nobody ever talks about.


Alan:  I know. It’s fascinating to read and understand. Even when the Puritans came in, these strange Puritans who all became very wealthy families, they came in with massive amounts of money and pretended to have this Christian type front on them. There’s far more to it than that. They came from all over Europe and they had a lot in common with the Cathars really, and the Albigensians you would imagine.


Vyzygoth: The whole construct of the informer who talks about nearly the whole construct and the fable of the United States as being not us but a certain crew. This is the Columbia and what was written in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was not necessarily for us but for them.


Alan:  It was. Right down to the naming of the ships—the Mayflower, because May Day is THEIR BIG DAY, the festival, the May Pole, which is all phallic and sexual and even the Plymouth Rock. Ply means ‘many’, many rocks symbolizing a pyramid. This is all in our face in a sense if you think about it.


Vyzygoth:  And May 1 – 1776? All right, Alan, listen, I could talk to you for the next 24-hours and forever on, but thank you for being with us to the extent that you have. Also, remember that I have to give you some links that I will do for your site. I want to thank you so much for coming on and perhaps down the road when you’ve got a rest from me that you’ll do it again.


Alan:  It will be a pleasure to do it.


Vyzygoth:  All right, so it’s Alan Watt. The website is For now, the Three Volume Series, Cutting Through Series and you’ve got more there, so people should stop in often and see what’s going on. Is that right Alan?


Alan:  That’s right.


Vyzygoth:  Okay, I didn’t know if you dropped out. Listen. Thanks very much again.


Alan:  It’s a pleasure.


Vyzygoth:  See you down the road, okay?


Alan:  Okay.


Vyzygoth:  Thank you so much.


Alan:  Bye now.


Vyzygoth:  And good night.



(Transcribed by Linda)