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·         Also on Wednesday, October 5, we’ll begin our new mid-week Excerpts series.  This next clip series is entitled Purpose Made People.  Thanks to our compatriot in Ontario, Canada for finding and editing these clips for us.

·        In the “Fortitude” video that we posted on September 25, I included a picture of me with a child which was positioned over a section where I spoke about abortion.  This is not my child.  I have no children, nor did Alan.  This is what I looked like at the time I met Alan and indeed it’s the first photo I sent him because I looked so darned happy. 


Above the Fray

by Not Sure

2 October 2022



                Alan Watt said, with humility but matter-of-factly, that he had changed the face of patriot radio.  When he first came out with his information, he immediately caused ripples in that world.  This was far above politics, he said.  An ancient agenda was at work.  He spoke of brotherhoods down through time and their goal to perfect that which had been left imperfect.  There had been others before Alan who talked about America’s Federal Reserve and central bankers, and some who dug deeply into Freemasonry and exposed their hand in The Great Work.  But Alan brought so many seemingly loose threads together until he wove an incredible story of a deviant priesthood, the five points of the brotherhood, the devil’s claw and the All-Seeing Eye.

                He told this fantastic story to free our minds, to show us the techniques by which they are imprisoned.  Techniques that keep us CONditioned and CONforming generation after generation, as the masters of illusion bring us to our CONclusions.

                A listener wrote in this week about Alan’s unique ability at analysing news stories.  “The articles often appeared to be on totally normal and unregulated subjects, but after Alan unspun and decluttered them, we could all understand what was really being said, the reason why it was being said in that particular fashion at that particular time, and how it coordinated with the Agenda.  In my opinion, this has been the greatest absence from CTTM since his passing…”  He suggested that there might be ways to increase the volume and quality of research to turn the focus back to that kind of analysis.

                This listener has pointed out a void that I don’t think can be filled, so singular was Alan’s talent at understanding what was important and then communicating that to his listeners.  The quantity of news items that Alan could get through in a week was phenomenal and even if there were times that he had help with that, the sheer volume of research that he did was amazing.  What I contributed at points was a selection of possibilities, organized by topic.  The eye to cut through to what mattered and why was always his.





                After Alan’s death, it seemed critical that listeners know that the websites would continue to be maintained and updated.  The word Redux seemed to fit the idea of bringing Alan’s talks and interviews back for another hearing.  In Latin, redux (from the verb reducere, meaning "to lead back") can mean "brought back" or "bringing back." The Romans used redux to describe the goddess Fortuna; Fortuna Redux was trusted to bring those far from home back safely.

                The talks that have been replayed, in full or as excerpts, is a way to keep bringing Alan’s word back to you.  They’ve been chosen carefully, for thematic effect or for the eery way the topics resonate with current events.  Replay a talk from 2006 or 2007 or 2011 and we’re astonished how accurately Alan “forecast” the future.  But it starts to feel like a parlor trick: “Hear what Alan said in 2009, see how we’re living through that now in 2022.”


                I’m making my way through this world too, as you are, and for me, something more is needed.  I had started the conversation with the listener who misses Alan’s analysis.  I wrote that I’m struggling a bit, searching for the best way to highlight Alan’s work.  I said, “I am going to test out ideas, but I feel like Alan pretty well covered everything from A-Z as to where we are right now. I'm having a hard time believing that commentary on the latest fallout or atrocity or "what's in the vax" or anything like that is what is needed going forward. Turn on any alternative site and you'll find the fast-talking pundits "outraged" over everything. Alan used to liken that to shaking your fist at the train that already blew by.”


                Alan was always out front, way ahead of the pack.  For so many years, he talked about eugenics and depopulation and the methods by which it was being and would be achieved.  He started out this talk from September 20, 2020, saying “I think they've changed the whole agenda for climate change into Covid.  They just have to change the title, you know, man-made global Covid and away we go.  And here we are, hm?  Same agenda, sustainability, rationing, postconsumer society, etc., the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the global reset, hm, it's just the same darn thing isn't it really.”  And he said, “It's always the elite bringing in their own revolution - the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum.”

                Later in the talk he said, “And folk think they're somehow going to evolve into a higher form of democracy?  Whoah.  I tell ya.  Completely censored everywhere you look. And it's going to get worse and worse because this 5G is for the world, it's part of the whole reset, the global reset idea from the World Economic Forum. A whole new way of living, or I call, existing, it won't be living anymore. Because it's bad enough being spied on, on all electronic communications, when you're getting spied on everywhere you go, everything you do, every transaction you make, everything you purchase, all on their system, every thought that you have pretty well on their system, that's where it's going.”




                This week in the news, Vladimir Putin blamed “Anglo-Saxons” for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines.  He said, “The sanctions were not enough for the Anglo-Saxons: they moved onto sabotage.

It is hard to believe but it is a fact that they organised the blasts on the Nord Stream international gas pipelines.”  Of course, the West, Biden, NATO et al, blame Putin for the destruction.

                Alan Watt said, when the time was right, they’d bring out the Big Bad Bear.


                In this talk, he mentioned Al Gore and his carbon credit conology partner David Blood.  Blood and Gore.  This week, Al Gore held an interview timed to coincide with the release of Blood and Gore’s (Generation Investment Management) latest Sustainability Trends Report.  He said, “When every night on the TV news is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation, that builds demands for meaningful action.”

                So, these guys never give up.  Politico ran a story this week entitled “How Bill Gates and his partners took over the global Covid response,” though this is no way serious journalism to those of us who’ve been following the different agencies behind this whole farce.

                Bill Gates is never too busy to talk about genomics to fight the next pandemic or advocate a meatless diet for the masses (to fight global warming.)




                This talk of Alan’s from September 20, 2020 was about four hours and twenty minutes.  The approximately forty-five minutes I excerpted was selected to highlight Alan’s mention of an episode of a BBC television show from 1968 called The News Benders.  This really is required viewing.  I’m linking to it on a site where it was described as #REVELATIONOFTHEMETHOD, and it is a most excellent revelation of the method. 

                Alan briefly summarized the story.  A news agency manufactures all the news.  It is all fake news.  This highly secretive organization offers selected journalists very handsome salaries, but they’ve also made sure to fit the targeted journalists with an implant.  The offer is this:  Write fake news stories for us and earn a very high salary or else we’ll kill you.

                When the recruiting agent (Donald Pleasance) is meeting with the journalist the organization is currently after, he tells him that “news is the most highly developed form of fiction.”  He describes to him how a system like this can work worldwide and never be discovered.  There are the key economists and above them the top brass in the military and the top civil servants.  News is at the top.  All it takes is just the top few in communications across the world.   The Donald Pleasance character said “We control all the crises.  We build them up and we shut them down.”

                He talks about how anxiety is used to keep the public always just a bit off balance as a form of control.  “Anything to keep them a little bit removed from reality.”




                Alan’s historical research gave his analysis the depth that remains unparalleled.  He never fell for a dialectical argument.  The left versus right.  He always tried to show the listener how to read and scrutinize in a way that allows us to stay above the fray.

                I try to use those techniques when I’m reading or watching things.  A couple of weeks ago someone sent me a video entitled Juxtaposing: Peter Breggin & Mattias Desmet moderated by Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer.  It wasn’t really a debate as Breggin and Desmet were filmed separately, but rather Breggin criticized Desmet who then had an opportunity to respond.  It’s worth watching and I don’t want to color your response to it, but still I want to summarize it for the sake of my point.  Breggin called Desmet a fraud and claimed that Mass Formation was a dangerous idea; that masses can somehow generate a mass psychosis allowing for the inevitability that totalitarianism will take hold.

                Breggin is coming at this from his experience as a clinical psychologist with an interest in trauma’s effects.  He has long been critical of biological psychology and has advocated for the rights of patients and more empathic approaches for those with emotional suffering.  Desmet is a professor of clinical psychology and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

                While it was neither a debate nor a discussion, it was interesting to listen to thoughts of both men.  Mass Formation has some interesting components to it but as an explanation to what happened with the Covid hysteria I have found it missing that element that is so important to me, individual conscience and personal responsibility.  Mass formation lets people off the hook morally.

                Peter Breggin and his wife recently published a book entitled COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.  I listened carefully to his explanation of what happened to people’s minds during Covid and had a similar reaction to his arguments on behalf of “victims” as I did to Desmet’s argument for mass formation.  Being a “victim” lets people off the hook morally.

                Alan Watt sometimes said that as this agenda plays out, he had two enemies – the elite who plan and perpetrate and the masses who adapt, acquiesce and comply.  He often said that everyone has an opportunity or many opportunities to know truth, but most choose not to know, because knowing and understanding truth puts the responsibility for decisions and action squarely upon their shoulders.  They actually prefer the lie.


                The listener with whom I was having the exchange about the train that had blown by and the insights into news that Alan had and we miss said this, “However, for those of us who are still here, his discernment of the train coming down the line as disentangled from the promulgated word has been an absence.  This is especially true regarding some of the darker, more hidden aspects of the agenda, such as the jaw dropping role eugenics plays in it, that the normal mind struggles to perceive and in fact resists perceiving owing to its unmitigated horror.” 

                He quoted Alan Watt, “It's only when you accept the fact that they would do something to you and, in fact, that they have been doing things to you all along, can you really begin to see things as they really are.”




                The elite are resetting everywhere we look.  We can keep that reality in focus only as long as we don’t stop to shake a fist at the train that just blew by. A fray is sometimes defined as a protracted fight.  “This or that” is a trap.  “This or that” is always given to us.  When we stay above the fray, we have a chance to see what really is. 


© Not Sure


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