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26 June 2022


                This week’s Redux is “by listener request”.  They suggested that Alan Watt’s Nov. 1, 2008 interview on "The Secret Truth" with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield Brown would be helpful to people in the truth movement who are caught up in New Age stuff without realizing it.  The interview was under forty minutes, and we edited out some bumper music and silly chit-chat between the co-hosts so it’s now a very manageable thirty-four minutes.  Then we entitled the edited interview “Bringing the New Age Movement into Patriotism”.  So far so good.  What I didn’t realize until I dived into some research was just how far down the rabbit hole I’d be going. 

                George Butler said to Alan that he’d like to discuss what he had been noticing and that was the trend to bring the New Age into the Patriot world.  Alan talked about how the Patriot movement was changing on cue.  Certain people were being prepared to enter the movement and Alan mentioned in particular how some from “across the pond” were being brought into to steer things in a certain direction.  Charlotte Littlefield Brown said that she had just heard Michael Tsarion on the Alex Jones Show.  Alan said that he had received “not very nice” emails in the past from some of these people because he said he would not go along with them. 

                Alan said, “What they’re doing is bringing in basically, the New Age Movement into Patriotism, and personally (this is my opinion) I can see how it will work because we’ve already got the terms bandied about of ‘Conspiracy’ and ‘Conspiracy Movements’ and that was given for us by the elite to copy, in fact, some people in the movement were quite happy with that term Conspiracy, which sounds freakish to those who haven’t really woken up, or who are just starting to wake up.  So now they’re adding to it the New Age too which makes it even more absurd, you know.  You’ve got people who are reading Tarot cards and bringing that into the Patriot movement.  You’ve got people who claimed that they were the reincarnation of Jesus Christ [David Icke] into the Patriot movement, and they’ve had big build-ups, some of these people.  And you’ll find too, they all knock Christianity more than any other religion.  As I say, if you’re gonna knock religion, let’s have equal opportunity knocking and that means that the New Age is open for knocking as well.  I don’t see why it’s exempt from…in fact most of the people who are in this New Age movement, their main enemy happens to be Christianity for some reason, which is a historical reason, in fact, and they’re doing a good job of it.


                As this interview continued, Alan touched on some very important issues about the increasing totalitarianism we find ourselves under.  Step by step we have allowed our rights to be taken from us, sacrificing freedom for security.  He talked about how food will be used as a weapon, our food supply under the control of a handful of agri-business giants and he mentioned the UK military trends study (The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036) that talked about the coming riots.  Alan suggested that it would be dwindling food that would bring about these riots.

                On Friday, 24 June 2022, the head of the United Nations warned that the world faces “catastrophe” because of the growing shortage of food around the globe.  According to The Associated Press: U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the war in Ukraine has added to the disruptions caused by climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and inequality to produce an “unprecedented global hunger crisis” already affecting hundreds of millions of people.  “There is a real risk that multiple famines will be declared in 2022,” he said in a video message to officials from dozens of rich and developing countries gathered in Berlin. “And 2023 could be even worse.”  Guterres noted that harvests across Asia, Africa and the Americas will take a hit as farmers around the world struggle to cope with rising fertilizer and energy prices.  “This year’s food access issues could become next year’s global food shortage,” he said. “No country will be immune to the social and economic repercussions of such a catastrophe.”


                A couple of weeks ago, someone sent me a book entitled Corona – False Alarm? written by two Germans, Dr. Karina Reiss and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, published in 2020 at the height of the Covid story.  There specific examples of how the narrative was unfolding in Germany paralleled what we were hearing in much of the rest of the world.  Whatever this was, it clearly peaked in most parts of the world in the early to mid spring of 2020 before the major lockdowns were put in place.  Reiss and Bhakdi do an excellent job of showing that the lockdowns did nothing to “flatten the curve” as that had already occurred prior to lockdown.  Hospitals were not in danger of being overrun.  A concise and well-documented picture of the pre-vaccination madness episode of the C19 story.

                Here is just one good point out of dozens that Reiss and Bhakdi make about mandatory masks, on page 55-56 of their book.  “There is simply a lack of clear evidence that people who are not ill or who are not providing care to a patient should wear a mask to reduce influenza or COVID-19 transmission…Even the World Health Organization originally stated that general wearing of masks did not serve any purpose.  But the RKI [Robert Koch Institute, the German federal agency for disease control] said, “If people – even without symptoms – wore masks as a precaution, it could minimize risk of the infection.  Of note, this is not scientifically documented.”

                What a perfect example of how New Age magical thinking has crept into government institutions! Wearing masks could minimize risk, but this isn’t scientifically documented.  We just want masks to work and maybe if everyone wears them, they will.  The-Mask-as-Talisman.

                Reminds me of Alan’s brilliant poem from 24 May 2020:


Pilgrim's Process---

"Breaking Commandments We did Flout,

Nervously, One-by-one We Ventured Out,

Clutching Talismans to Ward Off Disaster,

Fauci Amulets, Chants to Gates the Master,

Our Unworthy Faces We Did Cover

Magic Spacing 6 Feet, One From the Other,


Sprinkling Holy Bleach Water on the Hand

We Approached the Barrier, Told to Stand,

The Master's Priest Pointed Wand at Head,

'Temp's O.K. He's Not Yet Quite Dead,'

Each One Passed Through the Ordeal Ritual,

Cell-Phone Showed Happy Green Emoji Virtual,


Almost at the Store Where Food Does Dwell,

Black-Clad Master's Man Brought Down Hell,

After a Solemn Top to Toe Bodily Scan,

He Declared me a Useless Non-Essential Man,


So No Food for Me, Homeward I Did Lean,

Cell Phone Began Blaring 'Quarantine!'

'An Infectee Was in Your Close Vicinity,

Stay Home, Hand Wash to The Corona Divinity' "

© Alan Watt May 24, 2020



                There is a recent study out of Israel that shows that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine leads to lower levels of semen.  Perhaps in a bid to have their study published, the authors soften the blow of the news by saying that the lowered semen levels seem to be a temporary effect and levels return to about normal after three months (which is about the length of the vaccine’s “efficacy”).  This is a legitimate peer-reviewed study from Andrology, but wow, the mainstream papers have rushed to debunk it or minimize its impact.  From Newsweek:

                One study does indeed appear to show that a second vaccine dose coincided with a temporary decline in sperm count that later recovered, but it is not a conclusive study and multiple earlier studies had shown the opposite to be true. More research on this topic is needed.


                Twitter has suspended a doctor for sharing the study that shows men who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine had lower levels of semen and a loss in motile sperm count.  Dr. Andrew Bostom, with the Brown University Center for Primary Care and Prevention, shared the peer-reviewed study on June 19.  Twitter informed Bostom that the missive violated its policy against “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information” related to COVID-19.


                Last week the FDA authorized Pfizer shots for children between 6 months and 4 years old, and Moderna shots for children between 6 months and 5 years old.  We’ll link to a good article from Dr. Joseph Mercola who highlights more bad news on the vaccine front, that “risks tied to COVID-19 shots continue to grow – while their effectiveness in children reached an embarrassing low”.


                What I mulled over this week was how easy it is to move the target and keep people focused on the trivial and inconsequential. You cannot give people your righteous indignation or your sense of alarm.  It can be uncomfortable to sustain righteous anger.  What harm is there in “elevating your consciousness” and “vibrating at a higher frequency”?  Isn’t love the answer to what ails us?  If we are angry at our abusers, doesn’t that anger make us part of the problem? (And other questions I asked myself as I tried to get into the mindset of the New Age).



                Earlier this month, I was given a ticket which allowed me to attend a nearby event focused on bringing light to the crimes that have been perpetrated on us by the policies and mandates surrounding C19.  The stated aim of the event was to discuss ways that these crimes can be prosecuted in a court of law.  Advertised speakers included Reiner Fuellmich, Judy Mikovitz and Patrick Wood (Technocracy News).  Just days before the event (whose average ticket price was $200), those three speakers were substituted with some others whose names and reputations were new to me.  I was disappointed by the last-minute speaker change but attended anyway to gain what insights I could.  It was a long day and much of it felt like I was being blinded by science.  During the course of the day, the event’s main coordinating speaker, Dr. Richard Fleming, revealed that Fuellmich et al had been “uninvited” because of some scientific claims they had made which were misinformation.  Other disparaging comments were made.  I just took notes and listened.

                After the event, I continued to check into the site to see if there would be a “star” replacement on the lineup in subsequent cities and sure enough, David Icke will be Zooming in from the U.K.  Interesting.

                Then I looked into what the “uninvited” trio were up to and discovered them being interviewed by someone from a U.K. organization called Connecting Consciousness (click on the heart chakra to enter the site).  In Connecting Consciousness we share spiritual values connected by a unifying consciousness and the effort to raise awakening and awareness, ensure as much light as possible as well as a high frequency”.  Another interview with these three was conducted by Sacha Stone, a British New Age influencer and conspiracy theory promoter who I wrote about several weeks ago.  He is best known for marketing 5GBioShield, a ‘fraudulent’ anti-radiation protection device.  Prior to the emergence of C19, at the 2019 NewEarth Festival, curated by Stone in Bali, invited speakers included anti-vaccine activist Del Bigtree and US conspiracy theory author G. Edward Griffin.


                I started the dig in earnest.  I discovered a paper from 2011 entitled “The Emergence of Conspirituality” by Charlotte Ward and Prof. David Voas.  This is the abstract of that paper:


The female-dominated New Age (with its positive focus on self) and the male-dominated realm of conspiracy theory (with its negative focus on global politics) may seem antithetical. There is a synthesis of the two, however, that we call ‘conspirituality’. We define, describe, and analyse this hybrid system of belief; it has been noticed before without receiving much scholarly attention. Conspirituality is a rapidly growing web movement expressing an ideology fuelled by political disillusionment and the popularity of alternative worldviews. It has international celebrities, bestsellers, radio and TV stations. It offers a broad politico-spiritual philosophy based on two core convictions, the first traditional to conspiracy theory, the second rooted in the New Age: 1) a secret group covertly controls, or is trying to control, the political and social order, and 2) humanity is undergoing a ‘paradigm shift’ in consciousness. Proponents believe that the best strategy for dealing with the threat of a totalitarian ‘new world order’ is to act in accordance with an awakened ‘new paradigm’ worldview.


                What I realized is that this Redux is the beginning of what will certainly turn out to be several weeks in the world of Conspirituality.   Alan was obviously correct when in this 2008 interview he asserted that the blending of these two worlds had already happened.  Cleverly.  By design.


© Not Sure


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