Fall into Matter or Find Your Soul Mate


by Not Sure

16 October 2022


                Last week, we put up the first half of a talk from 20 July 2007 where Alan Watt was filling in for Michael Herzog’s show on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) and we entitled that portion “Servants of the Future: New Types of Purpose-Made Human Beings.”  This seemed like a good way to launch the Wednesday series we kicked off last week on Purpose Made People.

                In the first half of that show Alan was talking about the significance of the Twin Towers which represent “the destruction of the old man and woman; the Jachin and Boaz of the occult and the lower Freemasonry. The old man is to be done away with, you see, and all women too, as they bring in a new science of genetics to create the new types that will be their servants of the future. New types of purpose-made human beings which they've written about in the lower science magazines; and by that, I mean the ones you buy on the shelves in bookstores. They've told us that the ideal design -- the real meaning of ID; the Ideal Design, the purpose-made human will be very efficient and could probably work for days without end. A kind of Golem for those who understand the Kabbalah. A Golem is an artificial slave created by a form of magic, which is just science; and that is the great agenda for the future.”


                Purpose Made People is a rich field to explore.  Genetic engineering, transhumanism, brain chip technology, and old-fashioned indoctrination all fit the category. We’ll stick with that on the Wednesday clip series for a while.


                There is an article we posted last Sunday that I wanted to highlight again this week:


Beware of the QR Code, Remember Agenda ID2020?



This article by Peter Koenig, with a video also by Koenig, was first published by Global Research in February 2022 and republished last week and it thoroughly covers Bill Gates’ initiative ID2020 and how the now common QR code ties into this.


                Everything is coming together as we enter the early days of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The World Economic Forum praises those companies that are most actively involved in new technologies and green technologies, robotics, et cetera.  The WEF refers to these companies as the Global Lighthouse Network, showing the way for other companies to follow.


World Economic Forum: 114 manufacturers are leading the adoption of advanced technologies



World Economic Forum: Global Lighthouse Network



                On the news and information front, there’s a clip from a documentary called “Covert Cyborgization” which is thought provoking. I haven’t had time to watch the entire film, but the clip gives just one more series of clues as to how we’re being redesigned for our controllers’ new purpose for us.  See also Truthstream Media’s film “WEF: Smart Phones Will Be INSIDE People by 2030.”

                And some old news for reconsideration.  Last week, a few local news agencies reported that the Food and Drug Administration has deemed more people eligible to donate blood.  Prior to this relaxation, people who had visited the UK, Ireland and France between 1980 and 2001 were ineligible to donate blood for fears of exposure to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease aka Mad Cow Disease aka Prion disease.  As Alan Watt reported on 21 February 2021, one study of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 identified two potential risk factors for inducing prion disease in humans.  This study was quickly dismissed by the mainstream press.

                Of course, Alan used to make jokes about that one sad cow the British media kept showing falling over and over again.  Never a different cow or a herd, just the one “stock footage” cow dropping dead.  

                It’s something to pay attention to, the way we needed to pay attention to the 2020 easing of restrictions on gay blood donors not two months after those HIV inserts in Sars-CoV-2 were identified.  Yes, we’re living through news theatre but we need to watch the drama pretty closely, nonetheless.         


                Helena Handbasket is back with a recap of some of the disgusting things that the WEF and UN have been up to but reminds us that “they don’t own us” yet.  There is always time for humanity to fight back…until time runs out.


They Don’t Own Us and that makes Them very Unhappy…




“New World Order Coming into View: Psychopathy and Man’s Fallen Nature”


                In the second half of this show which we are putting up today, Alan mentions again the Twin Towers as an occultic signal and quotes George Bush Sr.’s 1990 and 1991 speeches, both on September 11, where Bush talks about a New World Order “coming into view,” and a “big idea” which as Alan explains goes back to the goddess born out of the head of Zeus, some say Cronos.  That goddess is Athena, the goddess of war (and wisdom, but whose wisdom?  What wisdom?)  After 9/11, the UNIFORM was everywhere, and soldiers were renamed Warriors.

                Anyone could be a terrorist!  Have a complaint against your elected officials?  You’re now labeled “anti-government.”  The new enemy is you, of course, but just to make sure you don’t catch on too quickly, for a while the action is centered around Muslims.  The final religion to eliminate is Islam. Alan’s quip is that Islam is a whole way of life tied up in a religion and that’s very inefficient for the “boys at the top” who like everything to be efficient and easy to control.

                The West is rallying behind the protests in Iran after the September 16 death of twenty-two-year-old Mahsa Amini who was arrested for not wearing her hajib properly and died of multiple organ failure while in custody.  Iran Human Rights state that 201 people have been killed in the country since the protests began on September 17, twenty-eight of whom are children.  What began as a protest over the death of a young woman has been characterized as a national uprising demanding the end of the Islamic Republic.


                According to an August 26 article in Responsible Statecraft “U.S. forces in Syria have been carrying out strikes against “Iran-backed” militias this week in response to a recent drone attack on the American base at Tanf and rocket attacks at two other bases in northeastern Syria.

                As The Wall Street Journal reported in June of this year, Israel coordinates with the U.S. on many of its airstrikes in Syria, and these attacks take place with our government’s knowledge and approval. U.S. troops are being put at risk at least in part because the Israeli government is waging its so-called shadow war against Iranian targets in Syria.”


                We know that Syria and Iran are on the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) list, so they get hammered for as long as it takes.


                In this talk, Alan talks about how Israel was set up to be an “Ulster” in the Middle East and recommends listeners read Orientations by Sir Ronald Storrs as well as his memoirs to learn about the long-time planning to set up the modern state of Israel, how soldiers were taken from the front during WW I and used to take over the Middle East from the Ottoman Empire (the Turkish Empire.)


                Just before the show cuts away for a break, Alan talked about the lack of wisdom amongst most older people because “They have never woken up themselves through their entire lives…”  Maybe there are exceptions, but the Communist Party knew “they'd have to break up the generations so that the wise ones would be put into old age homes and despised by the young.”  And according to Alan, “If you're older today, you don't count. You're somehow senile or silly, or you're in a second childhood, and so your words fall on deaf ears if you have any wisdom at all.”


                All three of the callers allow Alan to get into some very interesting topics.  Rick from San Diego asks how one knows when their soul has merged with their spirit.  Alan’s response would only take up a couple of typed paragraphs, but the content could be dissected and discussed for days.  Listen carefully.

                He wraps up that call with a discussion on the psychopathic nature of people today.  He said there is a minority of good people because they share the same mindset as the elite themselves.  They’ll support any war going on as long as they can benefit from it and don’t lose anything through it.

                Henri from Connecticut wanted to talk about how everything at the top appears to be Kazarian or Jewish.  This is where Alan talked about the history of the creation of modern-day Israel.

                Then Roger called in and he some interesting comments to make about different ways of describing the same thing.  He said, “the psychopathic term is sort of an atheistic substitute for the sin nature.” 

                In the last year of Alan’s talks, from the beginning of “Covid” until his death, he talked more about Evil, the nature of Evil and several times asked us to consider (“just consider”) that perhaps what we call a psychopath is actually someone possessed by Evil.  As Roger talked about Calvin and man’s fallen sin nature, Alan said, “The fall is the fall into matter.  That’s what that means.”


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