Forgotten Men

by Not Sure

13 March 2022


                Looking through the news this week I saw that restaurants are now requiring proof of Ukraine support.  According to The Babylon Bee, diners must show proof of Ukraine support in order to eat out. Patrons are “being asked to produce a photo ID and open up their social media profiles to prove they have been adequately supporting Ukraine by posting flags and sharing the latest wartime propaganda. ‘We need to support Ukraine as it is the latest thing we are supposed to support,’ said the manager of one NYC cafe. ‘If you aren't adequately supporting the thing that everyone says we are supposed to be supporting at this time, you don't deserve to eat in my store!’ When asked about whether he would still require vaccine cards due to the pandemic, he stared blankly and said: ‘The what? I'm not sure what you're talking about.’ Patrons who don't have adequate evidence of Ukraine support will then have to show adequate evidence of Russia hatred before entering.”


                I also learned from The Babylon Bee that according to mainstream media the spike in myocarditis may be linked to the Ukraine crisis and that Apple Maps has erased Russia.



                As Alan Watt often said, you gotta laugh or you’ll cry.  This week’s Redux is an excerpt from his 26 April 2020 talk entitled “No Need to Fear, Beastly Choice is Quite Clear” and as always, you’re encouraged to make use of the audio archives and listen to the entire talk.  At approximately three hours and forty minutes, it’s one of the shorter talks he did during The Time of Covid.  However, his talks lengthened along with his increasing sense of urgency.

                I want to point out some things that Alan mentioned briefly that are worth additional viewing and reading.  The main point Alan makes in the first hour of this talk is that we’re in the midst of an incredible war.  This phase has been generations in the planning but those who came before us have been the tragic victims of this war too.  Most of us, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have been totally ignorant that we’re living through a scripted agenda, but as Alan’s mother told him, ‘It’s not your fault you’re ignorant.’

                Alan mentioned that Germany had no choice but to start a war in 1939 because the reparations demanded by the Treaty of Versailles created an impossible situation.  The dramatized account of the Paris Peace Conference that he referenced is Paris 1919 based on Margaret MacMillan's book by the same title.

This movie will be easy enough for you to hunt down and I won’t be linking to it for reasons that should be obvious once you’ve tracked it down and see the types of channels that have uploaded it.   My conscious omission reminds me of Alan’s offhand comment about White Su…well, you know.  He said that every group is allowed to champion its needs and grievances, but white people (and especially white men) are not.

The other day I was listening to a classical music station as it played one clip after another by female composers.  Later in the week I saw a notice on a news site that March is Women’s History Month and that 8 March has been the United Nations International Women's Day since 1975.  February was Black History Month, but don’t go holding your breath for Men’s History Month or a UN International White Men’s Day. 


There’s an excellent section in this talk on the Waco massacre of 1993 and its esoteric and ritual importance and the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and how that allowed for the swift implementation of planned-for anti-terrorism laws.  Food for thought is how the police uniform changed to all black during this time.  Black is the color of death.  Executioners of the Middle Ages.  Those who wear this uniform complete with flak jacket won’t hesitate when it’s time to go for you.  Last week, California officials raided a preschool and interviewed 2-year-olds over mask policies, and in Italy, police entered a church in Rome during Eucharistic Adoration to question the congregants and the priest about their compliance with the mask mandate.

The CDC may have lifted its mask recommendation, but people are still proudly wearing them on their chins like a flag, and police and officials the world over are enforcing mandates.


As Alan said repeatedly, this is full-scale war on many levels.  We’ve been locked down, kept socially distanced from friends and loved ones and terrorized by our governments and health officials.  But the climate kept changing and our carbon footprint still needs to be reduced.  Kill more babies.  A Colorado House committee has advanced a bill to allow abortions up to the moment of birth and Maryland Senate Bill 669 could be interpreted to allow for infanticide through the first month after the baby is born.


And the men, the poor men.  What a number has been done on them.  Alan talks about how during World War II, everyone had to have a gas mask and the men were out digging trenches, terrified that Hitler was going to sterilize them.  We were told that studies showed Covid-19 might cause male infertility. 

It is the men who defend.  They defend their wives and their children.  They defend their towns and their nations and their religion and their right to worship.  Alan talks about this long war on men and on religion, especially Christianity.  Now we’re left with a new priesthood, scientists.


No Need to Fear, Beastly Choice is Quite Clear:

"Exchange Rights for Security, First App. then Tattoo,

Locked Down, Can't Move, Buy or Sell, Unless You Do."




In 1933, fifteen years after World War One, an excellent little film was made called Forgotten Men.  Five survivors of the war, somber, missing limbs, talked about the horror of that war in the hope that perhaps another might be avoided, but as Alan pointed out in this talk, H.G. Wells and others couldn’t wait for another one as it was only during war could their longed-for depopulation and sweeping social changes occur.  I hope you can track down this film and watch it.  You’ll see battle footage that you won’t find anywhere else and it will give you a true picture of war.  Not glamorous or honorable or glorious.  Ugly, hideous, brutal.


Alan Watt has been gone from this world for more than a year now and our loss is profound.  But the gift he gave of his knowledge and wisdom is priceless and remains with us.  This excerpt we present is approximately an hour and seven minutes and it is simply dense with that priceless knowledge and wisdom.  Enjoy.


© Not Sure


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