Godhood cannot be declared openly if one knee refuses to bow


By Not Sure

Sun 19 Sept 2021


Vaccine passports ease one's journey through airports and restaurants and the good news is that no antibodies to Covid are required to use the passport.


Fauci said, “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out [the] virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.” That was February 2020. In January of 2021, Foxy Fauci was recommending double-masking. "One mask at least [is effective], but if you want to really be sure, get a tighter fit with a second mask...It just makes common sense.”


I have a brother who has asked repeatedly as we live through this insanity, “Where are the adults?” That's a good question.


People wonder if this is “the big cull” or if we can stop thinking “genocide” and focus on the global implementation of the Chinese Social Credit System for total control of every individual on earth.


When does the real fallout start? Is the vaccine itself a bioweapon? Will it be death by Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)? “Where are the adults?” Because if the adults were in the room, they would already see the fallout all around us. Adults would be able to turn their attention from their own concerns about lockdowns, employment insecurity and health risks. Adults would immediately see that children are the victims here and adults would demand that sanity be restored. The adults have left the building.


Globally, addiction, depression and suicide are on the rise among children and youth. Studies are conducted and hands are wrung, but the root problem remains. Adults have abdicated responsibility and this happened long before The Age of Covid. I've been reading studies about the harms of media on developing minds for several decades. I was shocked when I first saw a cell phone in the hands of a ten-year-old but now I routinely see two-year-olds with “smart” phones.


Pornography is a tap away and the age of children who are regularly viewing it gets younger all the time.  A recent investigation into Chinese-owned TikTok by the Wall Street Journal found that minors can easily be exposed to videos featuring sexual [pornographic] content. In the spring of 2020, the Canadian company, Pornhub, offered free memberships to countries on coronavirus lockdown. News coverage at the time read like paid promotions for the “service.”


Today's Alan Watt Redux is from June 14, 2007 and he gave it two distinct titles, "Cosmic CONscience to Soma-Coma" - "The Willing Fool goes Where Angels Fear to Tread." This is a “quiet” talk, under an hour, that can easily be heard two or three times to be fully absorbed. Most people are born, live and die in the artificial construct of the Deviant Class, those who would be gods of this realm. However, we are born with an innate understanding of Good and Evil, our conscience. Alan loved to play with words and this title reflects that. CONscience. The CON of science; the new priesthood of our atheistic age.


How can we be kept distracted from birth to death, always focused on this world that has been designed to imprison us and blind us to eternal truths? For the adults there are worries and fears aplenty, mortgages (the gauge of death), employment security, marital ups and downs. But for the children? Scientifically-designed toys aimed at their unique brain frequencies, their little sponge-minds. Cell phones loaded with apps that can magically transport them anywhere. Video games where their amazing hand-eye coordination and lightning reflexes can shine. No worry at all to the adults that DARPA and the military-industrial complex proudly boast ownership of the concepts and design of these games for their ends.


We've been thinking lately in the choice of Redux talks, about the psychology of control, coercion and persuasion and how this science is being used to force our submission, to make us bow to evil. Of course, psychology is just one science among many, e.g., neuroscience, neurolinguistcs, behaviourism, marketing, etc.


Three short stories about church


Religion has historically served as a moral compass for societies. Salvation (or breaking through to reality and higher truths) has always been the journey of an individual. Religion and individuality have been under attack for generations. If parents (adults) lack morals and individuality, what is it they are conveying to children?


I recently passed through Louisiana with a friend, and we stayed at a hotel about an hour east of Shreveport. Our breakfast buffet was beautifully prepared by a Covid-masked black woman named Mabel, proud of her Choctaw heritage, who radiated humility and pride in her work. She sparked to us and we chatted quite a while about her life, her love of sewing, the recent death of her closest sister, how her work had caught the attention of the hotel chain owner who insisted that she head up the cooking staff of his latest installation.

We were on a schedule so we stood to say our farewell. It was at this point, after twenty or thirty minutes of chatting, as we were poised to leave, that Mabel chose to make her witness. “I've had enough of this nonsense, these masks and such.”


“Yes,” we agreed, “it's pretty tiresome.” “And they can keep their vaccines,” Mabel continued. “I'll never take one of those. This plague has been sent by God as his final warning that people better repent.”


She was on a roll. “Just look at the filth they put on television. Think of all those babies being aborted every day. Why, I was laid up in the hospital, not walking for three months, so I could have my second baby girl, and her a gift from God, because I lost my son. People said I miscarried him, but I didn't miscarry. I brought that stillborn baby boy to full term and he had a name. He's buried in the family plot over at the Baptist church. You know, that church is really just a family church. Everybody in the pews is one way or another related to my husband's family...God has had enough of all those abortions and the filth and pornography and he has brought down a plague. This evil has got to stop and I'm not defying Him by getting a vaccine.”


“You're right, Mabel,” I said. “Evil is in our faces now and we call it good. Did you know that Biden's Assistant Secretary for Health is a 'transgender' named Rachel Levine?” (I'm not going to type exactly what I said to Mabel, because some things are just meant for ears.) “Rachel Levine is actively involved in the policies shaping our lives and before this appointment, Levine was the Secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. During Levine's tenure there, Health Pennsylvania published guidelines about safe sex and Covid-19. Those guidelines included tips on how to conduct yourself at large gatherings where you might be having sex. That's an orgy, Mabel, and Levine is now instituting policy at the federal level.”


She was disgusted to learn that, but added, “Well, you know that Trump did his Operation Warpspeed and that's the military delivering vaccines.” Mabel said that she had voted “Jesus” in 2020, but even looking in the face of evil can have a partisan spin.  She said she was grateful to talk about what's going on in this world and we said our goodbyes.




I have a cousin who belongs to a Christian church in a large urban area. It's a pretty “woke” congregation from her stories. Black Lives Matter from the pulpit. They live-streamed through the lockdowns and everyone is quite conscientious about adhering to all recommendations and guidelines from the authorized sources such as the WHO and the CDC.


My cousin's pastor regularly illustrates his sermons with examples from and references to pop culture. “It's a great way to reach people when they can really relate to what he's saying.” She mentioned that once he had her laughing aloud when he told a story from the television series, Game of Thrones. I've never seen that series, or indeed most of the series on television for the last fifteen years, but someone sent me some discs so that I'd “know what they're putting out there.” Before watching, I did a bit of research and learned that in the first episode, incest was featured and in the second episode, the viewer was “treated” to a sex scene with a male dwarf and two women. I tossed the DVDs into the wood-burning stove, unwatched.




I had the opportunity to hear an excellent sermon this weekend from Pastor Phillip Sizemore entitled “Moral Injury.” This term comes from therapies for PTSD, in particular for soldiers who are traumatized by what they have witnessed or participated in. Moral injury is the damage done to one’s conscience or moral compass when that person perpetrates, witnesses, or fails to prevent acts that transgress one’s own moral beliefs, values, or ethical codes of conduct.


Pastor Sizemore was enlarging on this idea and talking about how people, and Christians too, can put things into their eyes, ears, and their minds until they become morally dead. He talked about how careful many are being to avoid anything that might make them physically ill and quickly adhering to health guidelines because of all the asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 cases. They might be sick and not even know it.


He quite cleverly coined the term Asymptomatic Sinners. People who are so depraved by the things we're looking at and listening to that we don't even know we're sick.




In this talk, Alan says that the world has been fooled in all countries, all nations, all times. Someone born into today's society takes things for granted. No problem using cell phones, frying their brains or staying glued to video games. This is designed towards the frequencies of the young and they are trained to interface step by step into a zombied artificial world. The virtual world will be indistinguishable from the real.

Alan discusses that we are the most efficient computers out there. We last too, and can be easily programmed and updated. As in the movie, The Matrix, we serve as batteries until we break through and unplug. Alan says you have one life to lead yourself out of the matrix, but epiphanies happen and so do miracles. But these little epiphanies come to quiet minds; minds not distracted by the constant beeping and ringing of our devices.


“Peace to them [our ruling elite] is absence of all opposition to their plans. Peace is when every mind is conquered and owned by a small, dominant minority at the top. Godhood cannot be declared openly if one knee refuses to bow.” There will be individuals who will not bend their knees to this agenda. Those of us who won't submit, who will not bow to evil, are the adults. If we can take our eyes off our devices, and face reality, children will follow.


© Not Sure