Gods Play with People, and Kill Them


by Not Sure

16 April 2023


                Gods are not commoners. Gods have the power of life and death over the populations, so they have that through everything that they own including the food supply. They already have that. Gods can create life or forbid it to be born. They can do that scientifically today and create life. They can also, mandatorily if they wish to, abort.  They can force it, so under the definition -- and again, gods generally in their perfect state would become immortal.

                Now in their inner religion, they've always believed in reincarnation at the top but not generalized reincarnation. They believe and you'll find this in the Roman histories too. They wrote probably more about that along with the Greeks. They believe that their spirits are connected with the soul. That's completion. Body, soul, spirit your first trinity and when the soul was complete with the spirit then you are technically a god and when you died that completed spirit could reincarnate into the same family lineage or see into your grandson or your great grandson. They really believe that.

                                                                                -- Alan Watt on Red Ice Creations, Dec. 31, 2006


                There is a conspiracy theory that springs from the world of Q-Anon that John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. did not die along with his wife and sister-in-law, when he crashed his single engine light aircraft flying from Martha’s Vineyard to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts on the night of July 16, 1999.  On July 21, 1999, divers recovered the bodies of all three on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.  Admiral Richard M. Larrabee of the Coast Guard said that all three bodies were "near and under" the fuselage, still strapped in.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. was often called John-John or JFK Jr.  His father was the 35th President of the United States, assassinated, we are told, by Lee Harvey Oswald, on November 22, 1963.

                According to the Q-Anon conspiracy theory, JFK Jr.’s death was staged so that he could work behind the scenes to be helpful.  In recent years, he had been advising President Donald Trump, helping him “drain the swamp.”  Adherents to this theory care not that JFK Jr.’s body was recovered, that the Bessette family reached a settlement with the Kennedy Estate “for the wrongful death and conscious pain and suffering” of the Bessette sisters.  Nor do the True-Q Believers seem to mind that JFK Jr. wasn’t a particularly high achiever in his lifetime.  What he was known for was being one of “America’s most eligible bachelors,” dating a succession of actresses and socialites, and starting a rather fluffy lifestyle magazine that purported to be about politics, entitled George.  On the cover of the inaugural issue, model Cindy Crawford was dressed as George Washington.

                But to the Q Crowd, JFK Jr.’s commitment to the political process was so firm that he participated in this elaborate operation to go underground and wait until the time was right for him to be of most use to make America great again.  That time is now.  One theory claims that a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania man named Victor Fusca is Kennedy in disguise and would be Trump’s running mate in 2020.  Perhaps this was all Part of the Plan, which We Can Trust, and John-John was waiting to team with Trump for the 2024 elections.  This would be fun, since his uncle Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. has announced that he is running for President of the U.S. in the 2024 elections, hoping to replace Joe Biden as the Democrat’s nominee.

                Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. is the son of Robert Francis Kennedy.  At the time of RFK’s assassination on June 5, 1968, at the hands of a young Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan, he was a Senator from New York who had entered the Presidential race in a bid to replace President Lyndon B. Johnson.  During his brother JFK’s presidency, RFK served as Attorney General of the United States. 

                Say what you will about RFK’s war on the Mafia, his use of warrantless and probably illegal wiretaps and the bugging of homes and meeting places was a slippery slope.  Say what you will about JFK drawing ire for some intention to put the CIA out of business, he sent even more military advisors into South Vietnam.  Say what you will about the Cuban Missile Crisis, I would imagine it made great theater.  Here we are more than sixty years later, and we see that the well-spring of threatening monsters never runs dry:


Russia is bombing its way toward nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine


                The Presidency of JFK with his fashionable wife Jackie by his side was often referred to as Camelot, in reference to the Arthurian legend.  “July and August cannot be too hot” because in Camelot everything is perfect.  Our culture is degraded now.  Who even knows of King Arthur?  RFK Jr. comes from a line so noble (put Ted to the side) that people worshipped and feared them.  Their plans to polish the luster of America so threatening to the Powers that Be, that assassins were deployed. 

                Who is RFK Jr.?  He is an environmental attorney.  From 1986 until 2017 – more than thirty years – he was a senior attorney for the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC.)  According to Wiki, the “NRDC states the purpose of its work is to "safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends," and to "ensure the rights of all people to the air, the water and the wild, and to prevent special interests from undermining public interests." Their stated areas of work include: "climate change, communities, energy, food, health, oceans, water, the wild."

                Since 2005, as founder and chairman of Children’s Health Defense, RFK Jr. has promoted the link between vaccines and autism.  He has been given the epithet Conspiracy Theorist for this and his work during Covid-19, including the publication of The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health in 2021.  RFK Jr. is also a licensed master falconer who has trained hawks since the age of eleven.  Falconry may have begun in Mesopotamia, with early accounts of it from 2000 B.C.  It was a popular sport and status symbol among the nobles of medieval Europe and Asia.  Let me ask you a question.  Do you know anyone who trains hawks or practices falconry?


                The topic today is gods, and the question is, why do we worship them?  In this Redux #105, Alan spoke with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations Radio about the brain chip, the neural implant, brain-computer interface (BCI) and its essential purpose for TOTAL and EFFICIENT CONTROL.  Over the years, Alan has spoken about this part of the agenda many times.  In this interview, they discuss how little front men are used (in this case scientist Kevin Warwick who is still on the go as the “world’s first cyborg”) to promote the concepts, but also to put the public at ease because these devices are clunky and still have a long way to go.  Relax.  Go back to sleep.

                The same technique is used now with Elon Musk.  His Neuralink Corporation was founded in 2016, and human trials were to begin in 2020, but that has been pushed to 2023 due to unpublicized “concerns” by the FDA, the same agency behind emergency authorization of the Covid-19 jabs of horror.  Some neuroscientists and publications including the MIT Technology Review said Musk’s claims of the potential of Neurlink were highly speculative, which is rich coming from MIT since in 2020 they bragged on their own “soft, rubbery” 3D printed brain implants which could help treat symptoms of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and depression.


                This is not the piece to get into the hydrogel delivery of nanoparticles or the “promise” of mRNA vaccine technology.  If one does a little bit of research into where the lower level of science claims to be at this time, there is certainly cause to have one’s thoughts provoked, to be concerned.   

                In the summer of 2020, Elon Musk’s Tesla announced a manufacturing partnership with the biotech startup CureVac whose RNA bioreactor hopes to boost and streamline production of RNA for research.  Though Musk won the bid, evidently President Donald “Operation Warpspeed” Trump was an early suitor for the company.  By 2021, CureVac’s shares plunged due to poor trial results on their Covid-19 vaccine’s efficacy.  But the point is, this was a business that Elon Musk got into.

                Recall that Elon Musk’s grandfather was one of the key promoters of Technocracy Inc.  Rule by the scientific class, an energy/credit-based system.  Elon Musk of “we’ll have to have Universal Basic Income.”

                Our Lord and Saviour Musk says that Neuralink will make the paralyzed walk, the blind see and soon we’ll all be cyborgs for own improvement and competitive edge against AI.  On April 12, 2023, Elon Musk TWEETED:


This will make some people upset, but I need to emphasize that accelerating synthetic mRNA technology was another silver lining. It is a revolution in medicine, like going from analog to digital. The Covid mRNA vaccine dosage level was too high and having a zillion booster shots was idiotic, causing more harm than good imo, but I am convinced that synthetic mRNA is the surest path to curing cancer, among other things.


The god has spoken.  It is good.


                The Titans of Greek mythology warred with each other and sometimes against humans.  Sometimes they interbred with humans, and those offspring were bound to cause problems.  An old movie worth a watch is Jason and the Argonauts from 1963.  Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation has stood a remarkable test of time and you’ll have an opportunity to watch the gods interfere with human affairs.  They like to play with people.  It amuses them.

                Eventually the Titans clashed with the Olympians.  This ten-year series of battles ended in victory for the Olympians.


                Prince-Now-King Charles has had some things to say over the years.  Though he’s nowhere near as quotable as his late father, Prince Philip, he still comes out with things of interest.  When he isn’t issuing architectural dictates or heralding the imminent demise of Earth if we don’t all hop on board the Sustainable Train, he has been known to confide in the public that he comes from the Line of David and that he and his kind are Olympians.

                Chatter like that can end up with you featured on someone’s blog thusly:


27 independent reasons why I believe that Prince Charles is the biblical Antichrist.



                From the transcript to this Dec. 31, 2006 interview:


Alan: And when you realize how long in the planning this -- you see, here's the thing. Even atheists have a problem here because they look at the New Testament and in the New Testament you have this very mystical occultic language used in Revelation, the only book where you're seeing the mystery religion -- the language of it -- at work openly. It's written in such an obscure way for the exoteric to understand, but it's the standard mystery religion based on time because it's all to do with astronomy and you see the constellations are the best time clock that you have for long-term planning.

You have the ages and of course we saw this when George Bush, Sr. at the start of the first Gulf War said, "I see a New World Order coming into view." And he said, "it's all going to the heavenly plan." Well, that's what he was referring to, was the constellations of the Age of Aquarius when they were to push forward with 100 percent of their might towards the completion.

In Revelation, which is revealing and it's also revelations to reveal, if you look at the definition also it means to re-veil. Why would you give out a meaning you're veiling the truth from the profane, those who are not too bright to understand. But you can figure it out and in Revelation you have the sequence of the timetable, and they could safely say when they wrote that, that at the end no one could buy or sell without the mark of the beast. You see?

Henrik:  Yeah. Do you think that that is the microchip?

AlanI have no doubt on it. They knew all that time ago that the power of money -- see, money pays for all research. You direct the course of the world by the grants you give out to scientists. They only go in the direction they're told to go in. Even when you go off on any tangent, you would starve unless you went the way they told you to do. But they understood thousands of years ago that they could buy all the grain in the world with money, and they knew that through experimentation and so on and directing the course of the world they could pull this off by the Age of Aquarius.


                There is a site that I look at every day, the Substack work of Dr. William Makis, a Canadian physician with expertise in radiology, oncology and immunology.    His work is simple and straightforward.  If his focus is pregnant women having heart attacks, strokes and dying, his article will lead with one main story with many details, and then it will list one similar story after another with links for you to read the news item.

Pregnant women having heart attacks, strokes and dying – a dark side of Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccination no one is talking about – 15 cases including 10 VAERS (13 deaths)


                Be warned that reading one story after another about dead and gravely injured humans is exhausting.  High school students dying of aneurysms.  Children developing turbo cancers.  Heart attacks and strokes increasing amongst the youth.  Pilots dying suddenly.  Healthy people in their thirties dying in their sleep.


                I will not be surprised when the Hollywood lefties forgive RFK Jr. for his anti-vax craziness and all the conspiracies he has promoted since he wandered away from the National Resources Defense Council.  His decades of defending Mother Earth will be remembered.  I can safely predict that his campaign platform will be solidly girded with Sustainable and Green Rhetoric.

                He will also manage to bring in some of the alt-fringe crowd because he has done genuinely important work. He was a producer on Vaxxed II: The People's Truth, the sequel to Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s and Del Bigtree’s Vaxxed.  His Revelation about Tony Fauci was nearly a thousand pages.  Over 1,000,000 copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author.”  It is distributed by Simon & Shuster, America’s third-largest publishing house.




                Who are all these creatures who think themselves gods?  Who come from special wombs and special lineages?  Who do not marry commoners?  Who mate and breed from within their own kind?  Yes, there are second and third wives and babies born outside the confines of marriage, but there were arrangements made and progeny resulted.  Word to the wise.


                I do not worship gods, but I watch them as closely as they watch me, and I chronicle their destruction of my fellow mortals.


© Not Sure


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