Holding On to Sanity

by Not Sure

Sun 29 Aug 2021

In rural New South Wales, several dogs due to be rescued were shot to prevent volunteers from another region from traveling to the shelter and risking transmission of Covid-19.1

The Oregon Health Authority’s poster, Sex in the Time of Covid-19 encourages us to masturbate and try sexting and admonishes against some things that I cannot even think about, let alone put on paper. Similar advice has been published by the mayor of Washington, D.C. and Canada’s top health minister.2

Last week, the FDA in the U.S. approved the Pfizer Covid vaccine, now called Comirnaty, which sounds a lot like Community.3

All the employees at Walgreen’s pharmacy wear red T-shirts that read “This is our shot to get back together. Walgreens. With the Covid-19 vaccine we’re ready to get everyone back together again.”  I think that people will like the idea of getting back together again, because last year couples living under the same roof were advised to wear masks while engaging in sexual activity.4  The Walgreen’s website is advertising back-to-school savings with a photo of several cute little boys and girls aged about six, bouncing down the sidewalk wearing masks.

An acquaintance from my childhood is a doctor who is now speaking out against vaccine passports. He had the Janssen Covid vaccine in March, and tested his antibodies two months later. His test was positive which meant he had antibodies. But when he tested again in early August, he had a negative result which means there is no longer evidence of antibody-based immunity in his blood, yet his vaccine passport will allow him to eat in a New York City restaurant, work in a hospital that has mandated vaccines, and travel by plane where proof of vaccination is required.

The CDC now recommends an additional dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for moderate to severe immunocompromised individuals that previously completed the series of vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna. (This is sometimes referred to as a booster shot. And it is a good idea. If a little bit of something has no efficacy, perhaps a lot of it will.)

New Zealand has been called a "mysterious socialist hermit nation" and an “isolated dystopia.”  But you have to admire Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Hours after confirming the country's first Delta case, she ordered the entire nation into lockdown and remains committed to stamping Covid out. She seems completely reasonable and measured in her response and is even considering easing a few restrictions at some point in the year 2022.

The lifestyle section of a New Zealand paper has a fun piece entitled “What to wear to get your Covid-19 vaccination.” “Getting the shot is the hottest trend of the season. And while the best outfit you can wear to get your Covid-19 vaccination is literally any outfit, the plethora of one-shouldered or off-the-shoulder tops, vests and voluminous sleeves hitting (online) stores means you can make a sartorial statement while you get yours.” They feature a coat for $998 and a dress for $899, but there are also fashion statements one can make for as little as $75.5

Last year, Britain’s NHS warned that the backlog for elective surgery meant that many patients would have to wait as long as two years for their procedure. I used to think that elective surgery meant a surgery that was optional like breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, but there is also a category of elective surgeries that are medically required but are not emergencies and can be planned in advance, e.g. cataract surgery.6

My 92 year old aunt is an active, self-sufficient member of our extended family. She lives alone, drives, shops, cooks, cleans and keeps in touch with her friends and family on social media. Her younger brother is my father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. My aunt has cooked his dinners five nights a week for several years now. When she began to complain of pain in the area of her gallbladder we had great concern for her and urged her to seek care, but she chose to make changes in her diet to see if that would help. Several attacks later, with the loss of ten pounds and the inability to hold any solid food down, it became apparent to all, including her physician, that immediate action was required. She saw a specialist and I accompanied her on that visit.

The specialist reviewed her medical history, asked her about the attacks and the weight loss and then said, “Well, since Covid, everything is backed up and it’s pretty hard to schedule elective surgeries but we’ll see what we can do.” I thought, “Since when would severe pain accompanied by vomiting and weight loss not be considered an emergency?” I also thought about ageism, depopulation, the U.N.’s definition of a good citizen: a consumer and a producer. But I kept quiet and waited until his nurse had spoken with the scheduling department. They proudly announced that they had succeeded in squeezing in this “elective” surgery for two days later.

Most influential to the outcome of this appointment was the presence of my sister-in-law, a nurse practitioner with a nodding acquaintance with the specialist and his nurse. She had also called her good friend in advance, a doctor who just happened to be the best friend of my aunt’s new specialist. Unfortunately, most people in the world who are suffering the fallout of Covid, where emergency procedures are now called elective, don’t have this kind of support system.


This week’s Redux is an excerpt from the June 14, 2020 blurb which was entitled “Out with Bible, In with Tribal...” Alan Watt talks about the pre-planning involved in bringing about big changes and that people or groups that appear to be enemies actually work in concert behind the scenes.  He mentions a novel entitled The White Cutter (mistakenly referenced as The Stone Cutter) to illustrate these types of organizations or brotherhoods who move societies towards their goals. Herd management.

This talk also discusses Britain’s SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) and how they use levels of fear and terror to achieve a state of anxiety in the public which lead to compliance with all required measures, e.g. social distancing, masks, et cetera, and how to increase terror if people fail to comply quickly enough or in great enough numbers.

Psychology employed in this manner is coercion. These techniques will continue to be used upon us until we have all complied.

I’ve heard heartbreaking stories from people the world over of how they have been directly affected by Covid-19 and its accompanying restrictions. Not being able to see family in care homes for many months, or having to greet them behind plexiglass. Welcoming a new grandchild via Zoom or being “uninvited” to family gatherings because they have yet to receive their vaccines. There are too many stories to recount.  This devastation continues with depression and suicides on the rise. Is it any wonder? 7

When things don’t make sense, we want answers but all we get is the official script. If the explanation or directive is illogical or contradictory, we’re flummoxed because it’s coming from a “respected” source. When the argument is well-reasoned with facts behind it, then we are really confused because we’re being told by the MSM that it’s fake news, and the virologist with multiple peer-reviewed papers to his credit has obviously lost his mind.

Things are moving swiftly now and it’s impossible to keep up. It’s even becoming difficult to prioritize. If processing information has become so difficult and time-consuming for us as adults, we should not be surprised that young people are being crippled by anxiety. How could it be otherwise? Without the daily jostling in the hallways, or the freedom to just hang out, how do they make sense of this New Normal? Has anyone done a global count of how many high school and university seniors were deprived of a physical commencement ceremony? It’s hard to “virtually” experience the culmination of years of effort and discipline.


On the evening of September 11, 2001, Alan said, “From now on, the hardest thing will be holding on to your sanity.” He said it many times subsequently.

There was a brief mention of the Middle East and Afghanistan in this excerpt, so it’s worth a head scratch or two trying to figure out what Biden’s grand plan was there. At least the State Department provided the Taliban with the names of all remaining U.S. citizens so that they can…Never mind. There are some kinds of crazy that are too crazy for words.

The psychology used to train us into obedient, compliant citizens isn’t new. It wasn’t first used by SAGE during the Year(s) of Covid. We have been indoctrinated by movies, music, novels, television. Experts have used our instincts against us. The pillars that supported our culture have been knocked down, one by one.

As humans we are designed to seek Truth, to ask the big questions about Life, Purpose and Meaning. Religion has always been a source of guidance and support in difficult times and it has been under attack for a long time, Christianity in particular. Look at Arthur Pawlowski and James Coates in Canada. In June of this year, Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested in Calgary for holding a large, outdoor, maskless, and non-socially distanced worship service. Christians within the U.S. and across the world are also facing persecution for various infractions of The Covid Code of Conduct.

Harvard University has just appointed an atheist to the position of chaplain and he says he’s “Good without God.”8 A chaplain is a “clergyman ministering to an institution.” And a clergyman is a “member of the clergy and a leader of the Christian church.” Don’t bother with semantics. In the age of crazy, words have no meaning or they mean whatever Big Brother says they mean.

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