How are We today?

by Not Sure

4 December 2022


                Popular expressions are annoying to me because there is the built-in requirement that I keep up with what is popular and current and also because they are generally meaningless.  They function to signal who is cool and who is not.  To my knowledge I have never done anything proactively, nor have I ever drilled down on an issue to see it granularly.  I do not play inside baseball.  But tonight, I am going to unpack the following headline for you:

Woke California teacher who identifies as 'trans demi-boy non-binary' is teaching kids about gender and pronouns using 'gender-fluid' stuffed UNICORN and narwhal

-          Daily Mail, 3 December 2022


Woke – Alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.  Its meaning has expanded to include awareness of social inequalities, e.g. sexism, white privilege and also identifies one as being in favor of social justice, slavery reparations for African Americans, equality between the sexes, etc.

California – The most populous state in the U.S., on the Pacific Coast.  Where Hollywood is located.  Alan Watt’s mother described it as the place “where all social cancers start to grow.”

Teacher – A person who helps students acquire knowledge, competence and virtue.

Identifies – To identify means to establish the identity or to establish the taxonomic classification of an organism.  Those who are woke understand immediately that when one “identifies”, they are defining their own personal sense of their gender.  Whereas cisgender is someone who identifies as the sex they are born with, others will arrive at an identity with a gender other than that which they were born as.

Trans - When you identify as transgender, you were born with different sex parts than what you identify with. The shortened term, “trans,” serves as a more inclusive term that’s commonly used if you are non-binary or gender nonconforming.

Demi-boy or demiboy - (also called a Demiguy, a Demiman, or a Demidude) is a gender identity describing someone who partially identifies as a man or boy. In addition to feeling partially like a boy or man, demiboys also feel partly outside the binary. That can include anything under the non-binary umbrella like agender, genderqueer, or xenogenders for example.

Non-binary - refers to identifying with a gender other than male or female. It’s common (but not always true) for those who identify or come out as transgender to also identify as non-binary.

Teaching – transmitting skills and instruction to a student or a learner.

Kids – A kid is a young goat, or the young of a similar animal or the flesh of goat.  Whereas for many generations, a human being between the stages of birth and puberty was referred to as a child (or children in the plural,) kid or kids is how these young ones are nearly universally referred to.

Gender - either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated by social and cultural roles and behavior.  While that word at one time was used interchangeably with sex, it is now most often defined as an identity — your personal sense of who you are. The term can also refer to socially constructed categories that relate to what it means to be a man or a woman.

Pronouns - Pronouns are short words that English speakers use in lieu of continually using someone's name. The most common pronouns are he/him/his and she/her/hers when you are talking about one and they/them/theirs when talking either about one person or a group of people.

                The current thinking about pronouns in polite (that’s Woke) society is that rather than guess, it is better to either ask or use the person's name instead of assuming their correct pronouns. “One way to learn another person's pronouns is when you introduce yourself, you can include your pronouns for the other person. For example, I am Matthew and I use he/him/his pronouns. Below are the most common pronouns that people use. If you encounter a pronoun that you are unfamiliar with, we recommend searching the internet for more information! Examples are he/him/his or she/her/hers, they/them/theirs and ze/her/hers.” – from Washington State University’s Gender Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center.

Gender-Fluid or Genderfluid - It involves the experience of moving between genders or having a gender that changes over a particular period of time. For example, from moment to moment, day to day, month to month, year to year, or decade to decade.

Stuffed UNICORN – may also be called a plush unicorn.  A type of stuffed animal based on the mythical one-horned unicorn, a rare and magical creature.  Beginning in the 21st century, the unicorn came to symbolize queer culture, second only in popularity to the rainbow flag

Narwhal – a medium sized toothed whale whose “tusk” is a protrusion from a protruding canine tooth.  They live in the Arctic waters off Canada, Greenland and Russia.



trans demi-boy non-binary


                Skye Tooley is a fifth grade teacher in Los Angeles, California who has more than 13,000 followers on TikTok.  Skye’s preferred pronouns are they/them/theirs.  “They” are eager to teach “their” students that they are not simply boys and girls but are a whole range of genders.  According to the Daily Mail article, Tooley says despite the young age of the students, more elementary school educators should teach about gender because “Children are very much ready for these topics.”



                Today’s Redux is from a blurb that Alan Watt gave on 8 June 2014, "Better Think to See Who's "Us", Who're "We"".   Alan delivered an excellent talk about how difficult it is for people to think outside of their own time.  Every generation is subject to its own particular time of existence; and they view the past in the same way. So the past is always colored by the present when you’re looking backwards from the present point of view. And it’s very difficult for people to understand how people lived in the past, apart from the TV dramas and so on which are often completely fictitious.” 

                Alan discussed the stories and reasons for being that peasants were given to shape their view of the world.  Religion supplied the explanation for everything, and it was simplistic.  Up to the 1800s, people were static in their ways and their views and opinions.  Then came the Industrial Revolution and as the farming and rural way of life was taken away and people were herded into crowded cities, they needed a very basic education to perform their tasks.  There were no unions or welfare organizations or social services.  Men worked long hours in factories and mines.  Women and children did too.  Escape from drudgery came in penny novels.  Men identified with the heroes and women with the heroines. 

                One thing that stood out for me in this talk was how Alan described militarization, which he said starts when self-policing stops.  People start to complain.  They notice too much.  Without the internal controls of religion and some basic rules and taboos, society ceases to function in the ways in which we’re accustomed.  He said that militarization is not all uniforms.  It’s moving what is stable for you, uniform for you, into something else, for a reward of some other kind, or else you lose what you already have. You’re actually being forced and coerced whether you like it or not, you see.”  He also described militarization as that which moves you towards internal controls too, not just the threat of force of by the State, but the persuasive means that are used on us so that we conform.  Hollywood programming plays a big part and peer pressure too.  We are social creatures, and we want to belong.



                Even the rebellious types for teenagers, the fashions are given to them.  The language, there’s always a language that goes with a particular age group, so that they are the only ones who understand the in-group conversations, things like that. It’s all given to them by the authorities who own the entertainment industry and the fashion industry and so on. They all work together, and they always have by the way…You have no idea what goes on in Hollywood, for instance. You don’t know that at one time they did surveys; they still do surveys, constantly…But they also bring in the neuroscientists today who literally wire them up. They wire them up and they will show them clips from different particular movies to find out what really makes the person’s mind jump all over inside their brain space, the different parts of the brain. Different kinds of movies, thrillers, horrors, things like that… It’s actually a fantastic way to map the brain…they monitor your brainwaves and different parts of the brain in real time, and they know exactly what turns you on. They know of the sexual centers, which you’ll see sadomasochism in pretty well all the movies today as they churn them out, things like that, the dominance, etc. in sadomasochism. It really does work awfully, awfully easily upon most people.  Taboos are broken and the fantasy goes to the extreme, so people get turned on with it.  But when you take it out of that arena and you see it’s all being used upon you, you get the same thing in social politics and various forms of indoctrination, and persuasion especially. It’s a perfect art today. Perfect.  These really create, as I say, more of a passive control, where you conform, you conform to the peer group you identify with, and the sect inside the group that you belong to or you want to belong to.  You have external controls applied to you, although you’re unaware that that’s being done to you, you think it’s all your own choices of course, you’re being the rebel or whatever it happens to be. But nothing is further from the truth.  Very few folk today, very, very few really have their own mind. And even then, it’s almost impossible to completely have your own mind when you can never be assured of the actual true facts on any particular thing. That’s how difficult this maze is. Because as I say, education itself is a written-out format, with psychologists, neuroscientists, sociologists, all these different factors involved in it, to make sure that you come out with the right opinions and the right ways of looking at things, the authorized ways of looking at things for the future.”

                What Alan has described is the perfect art of persuasion but it’s in the guise of entertainment.  Our guard is down.  He also talked about the Marxist ideology that will be taught at the university level, so whole armies of social enforcers are continually released on the public.   Listening again to Alan’s talk, I thought more about the trans demiboy nonbinary teacher and looked up they/their bio at the school where they/them teach in Los Angeles:


My name is Skye Tooley! My pronouns are they/them. I diligently push to create a safe space and brave space for my students. We work on being uncomfortable, challenged, and communicating. We work to understand our identity, bias, and privilege.


I am constantly learning, reading, growing, and practicing. I identify as trans nonbinary. I use the pronouns they/them to identify and go by Mx. T with my learners and Skye with my friends. I am not afraid to try something new, fail, and try again. I know mistakes are okay as do my students. I love all things geeky (comic books, Marvel, Star Wars), I am avid book reader, I love running, bouldering, hiking, and I enjoy traveling. I, also, have a cute dog and cat. 


We work towards being okay with our mistakes. and having a growth mindset. Our classroom focuses on using research based projects that incorporate the arts. In this way, we learn about current events, social justice, identity and how to collaborate and grow together as a community.  


Together we are learning and growing!


                There were some pictures that accompanied Skye’s bio.  One was of a small child colouring some stenciled letters on white paper.  The stenciling read, End POLICE BRUTALITY.

Another photograph on that page was of a child painting a poster with the title Solidarity.


Love has No Gender.







                Skye is also featured on the website Learning for Justice which describes itself as seeking “to uphold the mission of the Southern Poverty Law Center: to be a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements and advance the human rights of all people.”

                This is a portion of the bio on that page:

                Skye Tooley (they/them) is a trans/nonbinary, anti-bias and social justice educator in Los Angeles, California. For the last seven years, Skye has worked to recreate elementary curriculum with a social justice focus and have worked to actively engage their learners in lessons around identity, diversity, equity, action and justice. Over the past two years, they have been involved in union work in their Los Angeles community including the 2018 Los Angeles teacher strike. They have given presentations on LGBTQ+ focused topics to educators across the United States including NCTE 2019. They are a participating partner with the Flux Institute, and they have published articles with We Are Teachers and Learning for Justice on activism and pronouns.



A couple of stories specific to Canada:


                British Columbia’s Bill 36 “contains provisions, which if enacted, will permit the Health Minister to appoint College Boards who must unilaterally establish vaccination requirements on all health practitioners for any illness the government deems requires vaccination, and to impose proof of up-to-date vaccination status as a condition of licensing.”


                And:  Justin Trudeau Advances Transgenderism as A Core Canadian Value




                The Associated Press reports that fewer than fewer than half of the people in England and Wales consider themselves Christian, which is the country’s official religion.  Christianity is on the wane in the United States too, yet despite clear signs of its dwindling numbers and its impact on society, according to many sources, Christian nationalism (sometimes referred to as White Christian nationalism) is on the rise.

                What I see that is on the rise everywhere is theatre.  Kabuki is a Japanese form of theatre known for stylized performances, elaborate make up and glamorous costumes.  Just the other day I was astonished to see that this form of theatre has been imported to the U.S.  Lo! Behold!  There was Ye (those are his “preferred letters” from his name Kanye) as a guest on Alex Jones’ show, wearing a black hood and talking about the things he liked about Hitler and the Nazis.  Ye carried a net as one of his theatre props which he used to represent Benjamin “Net”anyahu.  The show also featured Nick Fuentes, a “white supremacist” who pals around with Ye.  Like I said, Kabuki.


                This perfected format that Alan discussed which uses psychologists and neuroscientists guarantees that we end up with the right opinions and the authorized view.  This was Alan’s keen and insightful analysis of “militarization” where the radical groups are supplied, and “we” find the group that best suits “us” and then conform ourselves to it.  As Alan has so often pointed out, the ideology has been carefully crafted, the leaders supplied and those who follow end up in the weeds or worse.


                If you prefer to stay immersed in the long-running Covid-19 soap opera, then you can follow all the details of the Malone v. Breggin et al $25 million lawsuit and do a deep dive into the hypnotic waters of Mass Formation. 

                I will follow my own advice:  Go for the Alan Watt aerial view.  The Big Picture.  Hang onto your sanity!  Sinister producers have invested a lot of time and money on this worldwide theatre production.  Keep your eyes on the Exit sign.  Don’t mind the popcorn on the floor and whatever you do, DO NOT look back at the screen.  You might turn to a pillar of salt.


© Not Sure



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