I Made Up a New Game

by Not Sure

16 April 2022


                Maybe some of you are atheists, pagans, agnostic lapsed Catholics.  Maybe you are Buddhist or Muslim or Protestant Christian.  To all of you, Happy Easter.  The other day, someone wished me a good Resurrection Sunday. 

                Easter celebrates Jesus' supernatural resurrection from the dead, one of the main beliefs of the Christian faith.  The egg represents new life and rebirth.  The early Christian community of Mesopotamia died eggs red in memory of the blood that Christ shed at his crucifixion.

                Christmas was always a day that Alan Watt celebrated, and he liked to offer a gift to his listeners of a Christmas talk and some original guitar compositions.  I knew last year that Easter was going to be an important day for me to offer something back to Alan’s listeners.  The symbolism of rebirth and resurrection took on a profound meaning for me and I wanted to share talks that would encourage deep thought on ideas of spirit and a world beyond this one.

                Last Easter, we chose a blurb that Alan put up on February 28, 2007, entitled Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time.  He takes us on an amazing journey of our soul’s quest for purpose and meaning.  He says that death comes to us all.  Life is precious and it is meant to be lived.  Alan says, “When you realize that there is a real war going on, then everything else comes second or even third place...then you start putting your life into something that’s real and worthwhile.”  This is such a lovely talk, we considered it again this year.  Maybe this was the talk we should play every Easter.  But Alan said a lot of beautiful and thought-provoking things, so we chose something different for this Easter.  If you want to have a listen to that talk though, here’s the link:


Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time



                This year we have a listener-suggested interview for you which we edited slightly to get rid of bumper music and lengthy breaks.  We bring to your attention Alan Watt on "Investigative Journal" with Greg Szymanski July 31, 2007.  What a terrific interview this is.  We get an intense lesson on the creation and purpose of religions and how they’ve been used through time to control people.  Alan and Greg converse about a world run by experts, the old priesthood (religious) versus the new (scientific), eugenics, depopulation, the hermaphroditic agenda, cloning, self-reproduction, the trinity, astrological symbolism, the money system, the artificial life in cities. 

                Greg Szymanski focused his show “Investigative Journal” on Vatican corruption, Jesuits and their involvement in nefarious plots.  Alan has often said he must “walk between the raindrops” and this interview is a wonderful example of that.  He is seldom disagreeable with a host, yet he can deftly avoid arguments.  He lets others hold their opinions strongly and he leaves listeners one breadcrumb after another.

                There’s a caller from New York, Judy, and they have an interesting conversation about spirituality as the solution to the mess we’re in, not worshipping those with money (Alan uses Donald Trump as an example).  They also get into corruption in the Vatican (Alan mentions Malachi Martin’s book Windswept House), the New Age and the idea we’re all one, Star Trek’s borg, nanotechnology and brain chips.  Alan mentions the famous Loyola meeting where nanotech and brain chips were discussed.  We’ll link to that paper again, Societal Implications of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

                I was reminded of a lot of things I’ve looked at recently.  Please watch The Highwire with Del Bigtree Episode 263: Risking It All.  At about an hour and nine minutes into the show they talk about the World Economic Forum and Yuval Noah Harari.  Just listen to how this creep discusses chipping and surveilling us.  It’s out in the open now.  But of course, Alan was talking about it all in 2007 and much earlier!  Some things we’re linking to are about Elon Musk’s Neuralink and his family’s connection to Technocracy Inc.  The Stanford Daily put up a humorous piece, Twitter Green to directly upload Elon Musk’s consciousness to users’ brains.  For just a few hundred dollars an hour, Twitter subscribers can have Elon Musk’s every stream of thought utterance uploaded into their brains.

                We’re also revisiting some articles and videos on mRNA technology and the fallout we’re seeing and will continue to see.

                In this interview, Alan took a nice swipe at purveyors of disinformation in general and David Icke in particular.  In the spirit of that part of this interview, I’m going to just briefly mention something that has been circulating this week, Watch the Water.  (As I was researching this, I learned that the title was a Q-Anon meme and there were some Q predictions that drew you into the zodiac and talked about how The Age of Aquarius is symbolized by a man with a pitcher of water.  And all of that was amusing to me, because in this interview, Alan talked about Picses and Aquarius (raped by Zeus) and that the man with the pitcher of water symbolizes the gene pool.)  I don’t have time to research (or debunk) everything that comes my way, but I did notice a few things.  This was overproduced, all hush-hush breathless hyping with music thumping away.  Nothing new was said about Remdesivir.  Anyway, by now we all know it’s killing people.  Venoms of all kinds have been studied for a long time and you’re going to find those biochemical compounds in countless formulations.  Finally, this little video launched on countless platforms didn’t seem to get banned anywhere and is at the top of the search engines.  Who gets this kind of launch?  Be very careful, as always, about what you put in your mind. 




                I could go on about this Alan Watt interview.  It’s dense with knowledge and prescient.  Alan discussed exactly where we are right now, today.  He knew this agenda so well.  As he often said, we’re living through a script. 

                Unfortunately, I couldn’t carve out too much time to write this week.  What I like to do is listen to the selected talk a few times and then just dive into writing, but pressed for time, I made up a new game:  What is The Most Important Thing Alan Said in This Talk?  Alan was talking to Greg about the creation of religions to serve as ways to bring a simple set of rules that we peasants must follow.  Unfortunately, our rulers never follow them.  I listened carefully and heard The Most Important Thing Alan Said in This Talk:

                “These religions are…very Hegelian because there’s always a truth contained within.  The falsehood is well-contained within, but the truth is that they’re supposed to be stepping-stones to a much higher truth.  They’re not meant to stay static and become dogmatic as a religion.  They’re supposed to progress onwards and upwards and carry the person who’s truly seeking into a higher realm of understanding towards a Creator.”

                May your listening bring you much to ponder deeply, may the possibility of worlds beyond this encourage you to live your precious lives fully and may you all have a Happy Easter.


© Not Sure


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