I am a Pirate King

by Not Sure

8 May 2022


Gloom & Doom from the International Monetary Fund


                Global economic prospects have worsened significantly since our last World Economic Outlook forecast in January. At the time, we had projected the global recovery to strengthen from the second quarter of this year after a short-lived impact of the Omicron variant. Since then, the outlook has deteriorated, largely because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—causing a tragic humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe—and the sanctions aimed at pressuring Russia to end hostilities…Even prior to the war, inflation had surged in many economies because of soaring commodity prices and pandemic-induced supply-demand imbalances. Some emerging markets and developed economies’ central banks, such as the US Federal Reserve and those in Latin America, had already come under pressure before the war, bringing forward the timing of their monetary policy tightening. War-related supply shortages will greatly amplify those pressures, notably through increases in the price of energy, metals, and food.

World Economic Outlook – Apr 2022 - International Monetary Fund

“War Sets Back the Global Recovery”


                Search news on the IMF along with just about any country in the world and you’ll find a dire prediction.  The IMF warned that the war between Russia and the Ukraine — two of the world's largest producers of wheat — could lead to a serious global food crisis.  China's economy could endure more pain in coming weeks as Beijing pushes to eliminate coronavirus outbreaks.  Somalia's government has asked the IMF to extend its financial support by three months.  Nepal is facing tough times as annual retail inflation hit a five-year high pushed up by rising fuel and food prices, while household income levels are still below pre-pandemic levels.  The IMF warns of significant risks facing Latin American growth.  The IMF forecasts a 5.7% jump in consumer prices in the world’s advanced economies this year, the most since 1984. In the United States, inflation is running at a four-decade high. 



                In this talk from 26 April 2010 entitled “In Works for Long Time -- The New Paradigm”, one of the news articles that Alan Watt read was “For nations living the good life, the party's over, IMF says”.  Here’s a quote from that 2010 article, “To keep the global economy on track, people in the United States and the rest of the developed world need to work longer before retiring, pay higher taxes and expect less from government. And the cheap imports lining the shelves of mega-chains such as Wal-Mart and Target? They need to be more expensive.”

                Alan talks about counterintelligence and how it works.  He said that he often goes on about reality because very few of us ever have it which is no surprise because we live in a socially engineered, scientifically designed educational system to create the world that our masters want to give us.  We have been in a consumer society, but now we are in a managed, planned society, and we are no longer to consume so much.

                Alan read a series of articles to illustrate the point of how “reality” is presented to us:  A volcano in Iceland erupted causing an ash cloud which grounded planes in England.  Trouble was, there was no ash cloud, and people noticed nothing but blue skies.  Grounding the planes cost the airlines £1.3 billion and left 150,000 Britons stranded.  This was explained away as a “blunder”.  The Met Office’s main research plane had been stripped of its gear for a paint job, so they lacked the proper equipment to determine the safety of commercial aircraft flying through an invisible ash cloud.  You’d think with that much money at stake, perhaps the Met Office could’ve borrowed a plane…

                As Alan pointed out, we are supposed to believe the nonsense of all the silly mistakes and errors in judgement our politicians and bureaucrats make.  There they go again.”  Our tax dollars at work.”  But there was more to the story.  At the time of the U.K.’s grounding of planes, various European countries were scheduled to participate in the large-scale NATO Response Force Air Live Germany-hosted Exercise called BRILLIANT ARDENT, operating from air bases located in Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, and the UK.  Alan said, “We’re mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bovine fecal matter.”

                Quite a few of the news links that accompany this talk are “broken”; they’ve gone down the memory hole.  Below, I will supply some replacement links for you from archive.org which does a pretty good job of saving stories from being lost forever.  One of the links that had gone missing was from msn.com.  Microsoft News had titled the story “Ash cloud's silver lining: bluer skies.  Racing along to find replacement links, I did notice that Alan had retitled that story “Blue Skies over Europe as they Were Before Chem-Spray '98.”  When I pasted his title into the search engine, I was answered with pages of rebuttals on the “Chemtrail conspiracy theory”.  Wiki has a detailed debunking of this “theory.”  Youngsters who weren’t around in 1998 will just have to trust us.  The skies were very different before then.  Contrails disappeared in minutes.  “X” did not mark the spot.  The color was blue, not a milky greyish white.  When the snow melted in the spring, you saw dirt and dead grass, not weird polymer strands that clumped together like toxic cotton candy. 


Would you like an adventure now or shall we have tea first?”  —said Peter to John

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie


                Someone said to me this week that the internet was the new television.  I’ve heard that said in similar ways over the last decade or so, but I spent quite a bit of time mulling it over this week.  Alan would warn listeners to never watch television.  It is the most powerful weapon in the culture war. 

                Those of you who are old enough to remember the skies pre-1998 will remember when your countries had just one or two or three television networks.  I remember when the U.S. had ABC, CBS and NBC.  Add in the little-watched public broadcasting and that was it.  Canada had the CBC.  Britain had the BBC.  That is where we got our programming.  It was uniform.  We could all go to school or work and talk about what we had watched the night before and chances are we had all watched the same thing.

                Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian communications theorist who coined the famous phrase “the medium is the message.”  The content of the medium can be easily understood.  I turn on the television, and the content I watch is a murder mystery or a situation comedy or the evening news.  But the medium of delivery itself (the television) is more complex and its role in shaping culture as the medium itself is often not considered at all by the average television watcher.

                Those of us who are old enough to remember life before computers and the internet (I know, that’s really old!) are too young to remember the pre-television life that Alan used to talk about.  Families strolled in parks in the early evening, and neighbors chatted with each other from their front porches.  He described what he saw in his little Scottish village when the first televisions arrived.  Overnight that interaction stopped.  The effect was instant and profound.

                I remember writing letters with pen and paper and mailing them to my friends.  I paid my bills by a little slip of paper called a check (cheque) which took the money from my bank account and delivered it to the creditor.  (I had to put the check in an envelope, put a stamp on the envelope and then take the bill to the post office where it was mailed to the company.  I know!  How did we survive before QR codes, Zelle and smart phones?)  I know people in their sixties and seventies, heck, I know people in their eighties who no longer use email for any communication.  Everything they do is via text or Facebook.

                Once I went to a store called Canadian Tire with Alan and another friend.  We were trying to get in and out quickly.  Just grab what we needed and be on our way.  We were struck by the strange, distracted way that people wandered along, faces glued to their cell phones, not shopping (at least not how we would recognize that activity), not talking to each other, just staring down into their hand.  On this occasion two elderly women were walking along side by side, staring at their phones.  Even with their heads tilted down, I could tell by their features that it was a mother of about eighty-five and her daughter in her early sixties.  “We’re doomed”, I said to Alan.

                Alan called this behaviour a fugue state.  This has a specific definition: “A rare psychological reaction to an intolerable situation in which the affected person wanders away from the old environment, apparently in a state of amnesia, and takes on a new identity, occupation and life. The loss of memory is selective and does not preclude use of the previous education.”  What we were witnessing was something you could call a lack of situational awareness, obliviousness to one’s surroundings because the lure of the distraction was so strong.  But this wasn’t a one-off label that Alan chose on that one trip to town.  He regularly used that description.  The internet has removed us like a crane machine from our old existence and plunked us down into the new one with our selective memories intact.

                In this new environment, we may still keep the girlfriend if we want her, but we don’t have sex very often.  We watch internet porn, sometimes together, but usually on our own.  We may keep the same family, but we don’t call them on the phone to see how they are.  We meet them on Facebook.  We see pictures of their vacations and their meals.  Lots of pictures of meals.  I’m starting to work this out for myself.  Sex and food.  Our basic needs are being met.  What could be wrong?

                The medium is an echo chamber.  We hear this being screamed at us by the left-controlled mainstream media.  The Ministry of Truth screams at anyone tilting “right” that we are in an echo chamber.  What I’ve already chosen to believe is being reinforced by the narrow field that I’ve focused on with my internet and social media selections.  But it’s the same thing from any direction because the internet isn’t our friend.  It never was.  It’s a top-down medium, delivered to us with a pornographic bow by our masters.  It’s a toxic sinkhole that is completely managed. 

                This series of Redux is focused on counterintelligence, disinformation and misinformation.  I’ve been listening to lots of talks that cover this from many angles and my own gut has been gnawing for a while now.  The more I look at anything, the less credible it appears.  Our “reality” has been scientifically designed.  The deception is perfect.  I’ve heard Alan say that it’s a miracle, a miracle, when anyone can break through into reality. 

                Consider again the dialectic and this time we’ll use Donald Trump versus the mainstream media.  He screams that they are the real fake news, and lots of people who are sick of being lied to laud him as a saviour of free speech.  Thesis: the MSM is the only source of trusted information.  Antithesis: the MSM are liars and the truth is “out there”.  Synthesis: We’re suckered into believing that either/or is giving us the real reality, which is right where we’re supposed to be.  Even lotus eaters can throw tantrums and demand their rights.  Consider the dialectic and this time we’ll use Elon Musk versus the mainstream media.  Are you starting to get the picture?  


It was all very well to say “Drink me,” but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. “No, I’ll look first,” she said, “and see whether it’s marked ‘poison’ or not.” —Chapter 1, Down the Rabbit-Hole, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


                A long-time listener to Cutting Through the Matrix wrote to share his experiences and observations in the information war.  He commented on the piece I put up a couple of weeks ago, Follow the Science, where I expressed my disgust at those in the so-called resistance who are putting out increasingly untrustworthy hypotheses as though it’s fact.  He wrote that in his efforts to share truth he has encountered many people who have not been able to discern and have fallen prey to some of the more insidious counterintelligence operations out there.  He shared a couple of links with me from Hugo Alvarez of Hugo Talks.

                I don’t know anything about Hugo, but he has put out some interesting work with his video Trump’s New Age Doctor Network and the follow up video he just released entitled Part 2 - Trumps New Age Doctor Network - Aquarius Luciferian Agenda.  His format is to make some connections about some of the people we have been given as heroes of the “Covid truth” movement and then he simply asks questions, because as he said, it doesn’t make sense. 

                Hugo also ties in the Lucis Trust with some of these “heroes”.  We’ve heard Alan Watt talk about the Lucis Trust (Lucifer, light-bearer), the U.N., Madam Blavatsky and the New Age.  Hugo wonders what all the anti-vaxxer doctors are doing at the pro-Trump rallies since Trump takes credit for the swift delivery of the Covid vaccines (Operation Warp Speed?) and has called himself the father of the covid vaccine. 

                Hugo shows you multiple events where these “truther” doctors with conflicting theories appear.  He does a funny little bit where he imagines them all waiting backstage introducing themselves to each other.  “Hi.  I’m Dr. Carrie Madej.  I said there was an immortal multi-headed hydra parasite in the vaccine.”  “Nice to met you.  I’m Dr. Bryan Ardis.  I’m the guy who said there was snake venom in the jab.”  “Oh.  Hello.  I’m Dr. Jane Ruby.  I’m the one who said there was 99% graphene oxide in the jab.”  Hugo said there’s another doctor who says there are nanoparticle razor blades in the jab.  Is it possible these stories are sensational nonsense to make truthers look stupid?

                Many in this network of doctors share an orbit with a strange character named Simon Jean Paul Sasha Stone, born in Rhodesia (Cecil Rhodes).  Stone is the son of Sir Walter Adams who for a while was the director of the London School of Economics and a Rockefeller Fellow.  Sacha Stone as he calls himself now is connected to the UN with his charity Humanitad Foundation.  Watch the parade of doctors who have championed “truth” and see how interconnected they all are. 

                We learn about the Academy of Divine Knowledge (now called UNIFYD), the creation of Jason Shurka who has recorded talks with David Icke and RFK Jr., and features “Rays of Light” and the Pyramid Code and an Interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup on his website.   One of the Academy’s first events advertised speakers such as Del Bigtree, David Icke, Dr. Mikovitz, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Northrup.  Why are anti-vax/truther doctors at a New Age conference? 

                On these platforms and others such as Dan Astin-Gregory’s Elevate, the same themes come up repeatedly.  It’s the Age of Aquarius and we need to reimagine the world in a better way.  It’s the neatly repackaged UN Millennium Development Goals (Agenda 21)/World Economic Forum Great Reset with a healthy dose of Blavatsky’s Theosophy for those who like a bit of deep breathing and touchy-feely love-vibes with their rage against the system.  There’s the Unity Rally that unites people of all races and all religions.  One event sold admission for $35 a ticket.  For $200, you could be photographed with some of the “star” doctors.  I learned that Russell Brand is now teaching people how to meditate.   Go on this little ride with Hugo and you’ll certainly see the “truth and resistance” world from a different perspective.

                Alan sometimes used “The Future” by Leonard Cohen for his bumper music.  It’s a good song and if you haven’t ever heard it, give it a listen.  When I look at Sacha Stone or Russell Brand, I’m reminded of these lines from that song:


And all the lousy little poets coming ‘round

Trying to sound like Charlie Manson


                Here’s a humorous aside that ties in with Alan’s talk.  One of the names associated with Sacha Stone’s Humanitad Foundation is Robert David Steele who passed away last year.  Remember him?  He was a former CIA officer who famously said in 2017 on Infowars that NASA holds a colony on Mars populated by human slaves who were kidnapped as children and sent to the planet. NASA denied these claims.  We’ve all heard some wild assertions from “AJ” over the years, but I think even he was taken aback by Steele’s claim.  Brings a whole new meaning to “Prison Planet”, eh?  One of the articles Alan read was “Star Wars 2010? U.S. military launch space plane on maiden voyage... but its mission is top secret”.   I sure hope Elon can make Mars a reality so we can figure all of this out and then…Tweet it.

                Alan often said that people could no longer distinguish fact from fiction.  The discerning part of the mind had been dulled and critical thinking was not possible.  We are fully there and this week, I will include some links to a couple of interesting articles.  Bill Willers writes “The Covid-19 Crisis. A Campaign Against Critical Thinking.” He is laying some of the mess we’re in at the feet of “mass formation psychosis” and I can’t go there because I believe the fugue state that so many are in, started years before Covid.  Covid should not be seen as the beginning of most of the general public's break with reality. Mandatory vaccination schemes started well before Covid.  All sorts of sustainability schemes to do with carbon taxes, carbon capture and storage, et cetera, and lowering people's standard of living started well before Covid. The financial crisis of 2008 came before Covid. Wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan that had nothing to do with the security interests of our own nations started well before the current Russian/Ukrainian war.  People had to have been in a break with reality to go along with these scenarios - long before Covid.

                Still, “The Covid-19 Crisis. A Campaign Against Critical Thinking” prompted me to read other things that Willers has written, and he is capable of critical thought.  That’s a good thing whether I agree with his conclusions or not.

                 We’ve had a pretty seamless segue from the Covid hype to the Ukraine/Russia hype and the same virtue signalling is on display.  The other day, a neighbour that I do not know gave me some radishes, which was a nice, neighbourly thing to do.  She wanted to stress however, that she didn’t grow the radishes.  They were grown by her friend who is Ukrainian.  In the span of a chat that lasted about a minute and a half, she said “my Ukrainian friend” no less than three times.  It prompted the same internal smile in me as if she had been triple-masked, wearing a BLM t-shirt and was talking about shrinking her carbon footprint.

                In this talk, Alan read from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World Revisited and there was a passage about how children are living, talking records of what you tell them every day.  You give them “trigger” words and they then consume your product or do whatever the trigger word prompts them to do.

Alan said that when you hear trigger words, think “green”, “depopulation”, “sustainability.”  (Or “Ukrainian” radish growers.  Whatever trips your trigger.)


In Works for Long Time -- The New Paradigm:

Aldous Huxley, Well-Schooled, Never Rude,

New Slaves Would Come to Love Their Servitude:

"Survivors Move On and Above Their Own Kind,

Armageddon is Over, 'twas War On the Mind,

Dumbed Down By Degrees from Below Par to Stupid,

Encouraged to Party, Chase Erotica Cupid,

Our Masters Warned Us, At Least Those with Hearing,

They'd Raise a Generation by Social Engineering,

Responding to Triggers, Such as 'Sustainability',

This From Youngsters with Low Sperm, Poor Motility,

They'll Gladly Pay Carbon Taxes and Privilege Fees,

The Condor to the Con-Gore Gets Down on Knees,

And Kisses the Feet of He-Who-Brought Slavery,

An Actor Really, Coached by Masters in Knavery,

On Armageddon's Plain, All Debris Cleared Away,

New Master's Flag Flutters, Over Billions, Holds Sway"

© Alan Watt



                The Biden administration announced last week that it wants to streamline its process for seizing the mansions and yachts of those “Russian oligarchs” close to Putin to help fund Ukraine’s defense.   President Zelensky reiterated this proposal at the 21 April meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. 

                Alan used to compare the officer who issues the ticket or impounds your vehicle to the “highwayman”.  See what you’re looking at. 

An imaginary scenario: Let’s suppose for a moment that President Biden invaded Mexico because some people living in the northern part of the country spoke English and had lived in Mexico since before 1836 when Texas revolted and declared itself the Republic of Texas.  That’s the pretext for the invasion, but Biden and his gang probably have other interests at stake. 

                The country of Liechtenstein is leading the charge against the United States for starting this war, acting both as the world’s policeman and its moral conscience.  Liechtenstein has enacted economic sanctions against the U.S. and to help Mexico pay for weaponry and the rebuilding its infrastructure, Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister, Daniel Risch, has started seizing the assets of some of Biden’s wealthy cronies.  He takes a couple of mansions owned by Jim Chanos whose net worth is $2 billion.  Dennis Mehiel is only worth $500 million but he owns a superyacht and Risch believes Mexico’s Obrador needs it to fund his defense.  Then Risch continues down the list of Biden’s “oligarchs”.  George Marcus is next and with a net worth of $1.5 billion he’s bound to have a superyacht or Palm Beach mansion worth grabbing.  The end of my imaginary scenario.

                I will tell you what I see.  Pirates.  I am reminded of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, a very Masonic light opera.


I am a pirate king


Oh, better far to live and die

Under the brave black flag I fly,

Than play a sanctimonious part,

With a pirate head and a pirate heart.

Away to the cheating world go you,

Where pirates all are well-to-do;

But I'll be true to the song I sing,

And live and die a Pirate King.

For I am a Pirate King!

And it is, it is a glorious thing

To be a Pirate King!


                With a wink and a nod Gilbert and Sullivan show us the world in which we live.  Wealthy men pretend to be good.  They are our benefactors, our philanthropists, the defenders of “our” way of life, freedom of speech, et cetera, but they are pirates, and they exist to rob and cheat us.

                When I see what the IMF (and the World Bank and any nation’s Central Bank) is up to, I see pirates.  When I see Biden stealing yachts and mansions from wealthy Russians, I see pirates.  It is a glorious thing to be a Pirate King.

                There may not be snake venom in the water but there are pirates.  Look sharp!


© Not Sure


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