Scientists Who Want to Do the Mengele Stuff

By Not Sure

20 March 2022


                At the Nuremberg trials, one of Germany’s most respected doctors, Gerhard Rose, stood trial for “murders, tortures, and other atrocities committed in the name of medical science.”  He supervised experiments at concentration camps where healthy inmates were infected with diseases such as yellow fever, smallpox and typhus.  Many hundreds died.  He defended himself with his detailed knowledge of the history of similar practices in the United States, and this knowledge may have saved him from being hanged.  He received life in prison.

                “The Nazi doctor’s first illustration of America’s own experiments with prisoners occurred in the Philippines, then an American Territory, in the early years of this century [20th].  In 1906, Dr. Richard P. Strong, an American who was the director of the Biological Laboratory of the Philippine Bureau of Science, performed a series of experiments with the cholera virus upon the inmates of the Bilibid prison in Manila.  The experiments resulted in 13 deaths…Although he was initially distraught over the disastrous incident, Dr. Strong, a graduate of Yale and Johns Hopkins Medical School, used prison inmates six years later to perform experiments with beriberi, ‘a deficiency disease characterized by paralysis, mental disturbance and heart failure.’  These experiments, too, resulted in several deaths.  The survivors were rewarded with cigars and cigarettes.” (Allen M. Hornblum’s Acres of Skin)

                Many in America’s university and scientific community were offended by the use of prisoners in this way, but “a writer in 1907 responded to criticism with the following: ‘The most curious misconception [is] that the aim of science is for the cure of disease – the saving of human life.  Quite the contrary, the aim of science is the advancement of human knowledge at any sacrifice of human life.’“ (Acres of Skin)

                Just to give you an idea of what kinds of tests were conducted, between 1919 and 1922 five hundred inmates of San Quentin had testicular transplants with the glands of rams, goats and boars implanted in their scrotum. 

                Chapter Three of Acres of Skin is entitled “They’re Dropping Like Flies Out Here” and there is one horror story after another recounted of the atrocities done to American prisoners from the beginning of the 20th century until the early 1970s.  Hornblum’s book focuses on Holmesburg Prison, Philadelphia’s largest county jail and the epicenter of much of the disturbing research.




This week’s Redux we’re into the second hour of Alan Watt’s 26 April 2020 talk:

No Need to Fear, Beastly Choice is Quite Clear:

"Exchange Rights for Security, First App. then Tattoo,

Locked Down, Can't Move, Buy or Sell, Unless You Do."

© Alan Watt Apr. 26, 2020


Alan talks a lot about the scientific priesthood and the horrors done to people by scientists who pretend they only want to help cure something.  He talks about Bill Gates the eugenicist.  Are you really going to trust him? The mustard gas experiments on soldiers during World War II is mentioned.  Terrible.  Done to Canadian and American soldiers by Canadian and American scientists.  To be better prepared to fight Hitler.  Ironic, eh?


                I got to thinking about the timeline of this phase we’re in now.  We have been overwhelmed.


                On 26 January 2020, this is the talk that Alan posted.  There’s a brief mention of coronavirus at the end of the blurb:


When Words Collide:
"Create, Control Dialectic, Direct Each Side,
Then Guide to Synthesis, When Words Collide."
© Alan Watt Jan. 26, 2020


                Here’s the talk from 2 February 2020:


A Perfect Storm:
"Chinese Travelling at New Year, Party and Song,
Happy Reunions then Fear, as it All Went Wrong."
© Alan Watt Feb. 2, 2020


                From this 2 February blurb on, it was clear that this was the big one, the event that would allow the swift implementation of all that our agenda planners have worked into existence for generations.  And in this 26 April 2020 talk Alan nails it.  Part of his blurb description: Total Reset of the Financial System; Digital Currency.  It’s going to be around June of 2020 before we start hearing about The Great Reset.  Klaus Schwab’s book Covid-19: The Great Reset was published 9 July 2020, but those of us who were listening to Alan already knew it was the Total Reset.

                What is swirling about in the news right now is Ukraine, Russia, rising oil prices, U.S. dollar slumping, and Biden’s executive order for agencies to quickly research a U.S. central bank digital currency.         

                Here’s an ironic piece of news.  St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard has released a statement this week that the Fed is moving too slowly to raise interest rates and says that higher interest rates are the only thing that can save us from inflation.  This is the same James Bullard that Alan mentions in this talk from 26 April 2020, when Bullard said that the U.S. was facing an economic collapse that would make the Great Depression seem like a walk in the park.  He also said that to make people feel safe to return to normal economic activity we should “flood the market” with Covid tests; "we want to satiate the economy with this kind of test."  Why?  Because Americans would then be forced to display a badge on their clothing with the result of the test.   Evidently that badge would make people “feel safe.”  Wonder if he had anything to say about vaccine passports.

                In this talk, we’ll hear about scientific tyranny, padding numbers, dancing nurses, empty hospitals, patients who cannot get treatment because everything has become about wiping out this covid menace.  We’ve been knocked off our pedestals, and we accept euthanasia.  We accept that we may only have the medications and treatments our scientists/priests allow us.  We have left everything to the experts and the experts hate us.  We must die, but before we do, we must eat crickets, have our experimental toxic jabs, wear a badge to show our test results, go to the grocery store once a week and then only to purchase essential items, stand six feet apart, self-isolate if we sneeze.  We must leave our loved ones in nursing homes surrounded by disease, alone.  When we are jabbed and boostered, we’re still not safe to go out unmasked.   We will suffer and die from adverse reactions and we must accept that we have bad genes.  We have accepted our worthlessness. 


                According to Wikipedia, Josef Mengele was also known as the Angel of Death.  He was a German SS officer and physician during World War II.  He is mainly remembered for his actions at the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he performed deadly experiments on prisoners, and was a member of the team of doctors who selected victims to be killed in the gas chambers.  If you read John Bryden’s Deadly Allies – Canada’s Secret War 1937-1947 or Allen M. Hornblum’s Acres of Skin about the experiments done on U.S. prisoners up into the 1970s, you will see the parallels.  You will understand why Dr. Rose pointed the finger back at the United States during the Nuremberg trials.

                So many evil characters have been trotted across the stage recently, I’m not sure I can say who is Most Evil.  The top of the pyramid is obscured by clouds.  The question must be asked, “What is the difference between then and now?”


                Here’s one more from the Alan Watt timeline:


Tales From The Test Tube

© Alan Watt Nov. 15, 2006


In that talk, Alan read a bit from Hornblum’s Acres of Skin and the whole blurb is an excellent companion to this week’s Redux.  That talk from 2006 is so excellent we posted it as the Redux on Mar. 28, 2021 and we might just post it once a year for as many years as we have left inside this mad scientist’s laboratory. 





                There were a lot of excellent articles that Alan put up with this talk and I’ll include a few of those links below for you to read and watch.  I went over to The Irish Sentinel to see if there was a new article by Helena Handbasket.  There wasn’t, but I did find an interesting analysis by G. Edward Griffin of Zbigniew Brzezinsk’s November 2008 speech at Chatham House, (the British counterpart of the American Council on Foreign Relations).  In the speech he said, “I once put it rather pungently, and I was flattered that the British Foreign Secretary repeated this, as follows: … namely, in early times, it was easier to control a million people, literally it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill than to control….”  You’ll find the link to his speech and Griffin’s analysis below as well.


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