SupposinSupposin’ Your Wee Toes are Frozen


by Not Sure

18 September 2022


Energy Poverty's Solution to Confusion:


"Better Take a Course in Believing


 You're Warm and Toasty When Really Freezing,


 No Shortage from Scarcity or Disasters,


 It's Austerity Mandated by Your Masters"

© Alan Watt, 12 March 2017



                A document that Alan Watt often referred to is The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036.  From this report, “Strategic Trends is an independent view of the future produced by the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC), a Directorate General within the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD). It is a source document for the development of UK Defence Policy.”  This is a thirty-year trends document, and 2022 marks the halfway point of the future as Britain’s MoD saw it.

                It has been on Alan Watt’s websites since it was first released, and as government documents go, this one isn’t particularly large, so read it “if you can be bothered.”  It covers a range of issues including geopolitics of some of the major players, e.g., China, Russia, Iran and India, as well as some broad strokes of technological developments, e.g., artificial intelligence (AI) and nanotechnology.  The global energy supply, competition for energy and renewables are also covered.

                Here are a few highlights from the Strategic Shocks section of the report [bracketed comments mine]:


Global Pandemic

A new untreatable virus that spreads rapidly among human populations...would pose a significant threat to societies, which are both increasingly concentrated in urban settlements [Agenda 21]...Such an illness would be extremely difficult to contain and could have catastrophic impacts beyond its immediate medical effects, possibly including the collapse of the highly integrated global economy [supply chain], with its complex networks of interdependent relationships.  Similar effects might be induced by the rapid spread of disease among livestock or crops [closure of multiple meat packing plants; Bovine coronavirus prevalent in 73% of European dairy cows, 6 Sept 2022.]


Globalized Economic Collapse

Globalization will result in…a small super-rich elite and a substantial underclass of slum and subsistence dwellers...A severe pricing shock, possibly caused by an energy spike or a series of harvest failures, could trigger a domino... The impacts of this collapse could be transmitted throughout the globalized economy, possibly resulting in a breakdown of the international political system, as states attempt to respond to domestic crises and the local effects of wider economic collapse.  Sophisticated societies that depend on complex, transnational networks for the supply of basic human needs, such as food that cannot be provided indigenously, are likely to face severe infrastructure failure, collapse of public services and societal conflict. [Water and energy shortages fueling a global food crisis, 14 Sept 2022.]


Collapse of Fish Stocks


Africa Becomes a Failed Continent


New Humans [We will delve into this at CTTM in the coming weeks.]

The application of advanced genetics could challenge current assumptions about human nature and existence…super-enhancement of human attributes, including physical strength and sensory perception. Extreme variation in attributes could arise between individuals, or where enhancement becomes a matter of fashion, between societies, creating additional reasons for conflict.


Separatism and Secession in the US

A growing Hispanic population in the US might lead to increasing social tensions, possibly resulting in an aggressive separatist movement. [43% of Americans think a second civil war is likely in the next 10 years, 1 Sept. 2022.]


                Before we leave the Trends predictions, here are a few thoughts from the document about

climate change:


                “Over the next 30 years, the resource-related challenges to global stability will be diverse, wide-ranging and significant. Climate change and a shifting environment; increasing demand for natural resources, particularly food, water and fossil fuels; a growing and rapidly globalizing economy; urbanization and the emergence of new health challenges will all have major impacts and unpredictable effects.”

                And according to the report, climate change will cause spikes in food prices and it may also stimulate rapid large-scale shifts in population.




                In this talk from 12 March 2017, Alan was mentioning the bitter cold temperatures in Ontario, Canada.  The night before this talk, it had gotten down to down to 25 below zero Fahrenheit scale, (around 30 below centigrade.)  “Believe you me, it’s going to have its toll with all the carbon taxes for fuel to heat yourselves, and all the penalties are coming down shortly on the methods you use to heat yourself. Because they are going to decide whether you’re allowed to use them or not. It’s also to drive people out of the country and into the cities. It’s all part of sustainable development, yada yada ya, and Agenda 21, 2030, etc., etc…”

                While all of this is being achieved, adults are living in fantasia, talking about events through the prism of their play-acting fantasies.  The herd is culled, those that remain will live out their days in crowded cities, living in micro-apartments, in socialism’s ordered society until it’s time to die, by euthanasia.


                Here are just a few things to be found in “Fantasia”:


1.       A non-human, extraterrestrial force, Anunnaki, the Anu Force, invaded the earth during the Bronze Age and created a global pyramidal structure of hierarchical control, the Anu Matrix.  The Anu Force controls all governments, and they created the Plandemic with a very real lab-made bioweapon called Coronavirus.  They did this to block your ascension; to make you believe that the Age of Light would begin in 2020 so you would become confused and misalign you with the energy of Dawn.  The belief that coronavirus originated in nature works to block your connection to Earth. It destroys your trust in Gaia, the spirit of Earth. It makes you fear Earth as a threatening environment. As your spirit is estranged from Earth, you can’t go with her flow, you can’t ascend.

2.       The Reptilian parasites know that humanity is waking up to their presence, so they need World War Three to distract us from their real intent.  It’s not Russia versus Ukraine or the West versus China.  It’s Reptilians versus humans.

3.       Coronavirus is a coverup for child sex trafficking.

4.       Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller says that aliens are planning to invade Earth and via his Instagram account he urged NASA to begin deciphering their messages.

5.       Former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco asks if Bigfoot or aliens can get Coronavirus.  He says that he is worried because he has had contact with them. 

6.       Astronomers Hatfield and Trueblood say there are lessons to learn from the pandemic. “We suggest that there are some similarities between the COVID-19 crisis and a First Contact event.”  The researchers say that both situations are fundamentally scientific in nature, both have significant social, economic and political impact, both affect every human on Earth, and both are “external” threats that put humans on the same side, in contrast to a world war.

7.       When several Walmart stores closed a few years ago, the online buzz was that they were being converted into entrances for D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) to prepare for an impending military takeover.  Nowadays, if you are curious what might be happening in the D.U.M.Bs, the most common explanation is that trafficked children are having their adrenochrome harvested there for consumption by the ruling elite.


                The beauty of Alan Watt’s research is that he stayed with the “dusty, old books” and the documents to be found from various military and academic institutions.  This approach to research keeps those of us seeking truth from becoming part of the problem.




                Meanwhile, as the adults play themselves, education has been thoroughly transformed into the delivery system for all things politically correct.  Children are taught that humans are the cause of climate change.  Their parents selfishly hurt Mother Earth who is now dying.  How we live is unsustainable. 

                The 21st century is The Century of Transition.  We must be safe and predictable.  Neuroscience and psychology are used on us constantly and without our awareness.  We are kept in a state of unconsciousness by scientific technique, unless by some miracle we glimpse our condition and become conscious of reality.  Alan said, “It’s done today with many neuroscientists involved, and behaviorists involved, and psychologists involved, to make sure that we don’t catch on. Very few folk catch on, children generally don’t catch on now as to what’s wrong, what’s up. They’re so distracted with so much. The whole sector of production now is to do with keeping the attention of people, including the children, completely entertained and distracted for a great chunk of every day, in fact. That way you’re very predictable, you’re not involved in anything that’s going to cause any problem to any world rulers, and you know, you’re marked down as safe.  Quite something. But your mind is robbed from you, completely robbed from you.”


                Don’t believe we’re living through a script?  In this Redux from 2017, Alan read an article about how Canada is going to help Ukraine modernize and professionalize its military.  No matter that it defies commitments made under the 2015 Minsk agreement or that Canada is broke.  Wonder what they were getting ready for?

                Alan also read two articles about Germany’s “energy” poverty because of skyrocketing electricity prices, mainly due to mandatory feeding-in of wind and solar.  But this isn’t a problem from 2017 faced only by Germany.  Everywhere you look, there are stories of fuel poverty or a “coming” energy crisis.  In 2001, the UK “launched a 10-year strategy to prevent deaths among old and vulnerable people as a result of fuel poverty. Some studies have suggested that as many as 50 000 people die annually because they cannot afford to heat their homes properly.”  Yet in the years since then, depending on the source you read, the UK has somewhere between 3,000 and 13,000 deaths EVERY winter because of “fuel poverty.”

                This year, it isn’t just the UK being warned of shortages, blackouts, excess deaths.  Switzerland is considering fines or jail time for anyone heating their home over 19 Celsius (that’s 66 F.)  Hungary also plans to impose a heating limit.  All of Europe and North America as well, are being told to expect fuel shortages, breakdowns in the electrical grid, skyrocketing prices.


                As I was researching the latest on Agenda 21 aka Agenda 2030 aka Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), I found an article just published at Unlimited Hangout by Iain Davis and Whitney Webb, “Sustainable Debt Slavery.”  This is the first instalment in a series on this topic and it is certainly worth reading as the Sustainable Development Goals are one of the mechanisms that the World Economic Forum is using to usher in the Great Reset.

                The SDGs are associated in our minds with tackling the problems allegedly wrought by climate disaster. However, the Agenda 2030 SDGs encompass every facet of our lives and only one, SDG 13, deals explicitly with climate.  From economic and food security to education, employment and all business activity; name any sphere of human activity, including the most personal, and there is an associated SDG designed to “transform” it.

                Besides food, water, energy consumption, life below water, life on land, the goals include no more poverty, gender equality and reduced inequality.  In other words, every aspect of your life is to be affected by these 17 goals. 


                As Alan Watt says in this talk, in this century of transition, “Your viewpoints and everything have to be what your masters have told you is correct, and you’ll constantly adopt them, and constantly throughout your life, as you get new things to believe in and accept, and you’d better upgrade yourself because you’re going to be watched and listened to and all your communication is going to be monitored.”

                That takes us to Smart Cities and 5G.


                The Saudis are building a $500-billion business zone smart city, NEOM, as part of their Saudi Vision 2030.  The name comes from the Greek, Neo for new and the last M is from Mustaqbal, the Arabic word for future.  The city is a bit behind schedule but when it’s completed, within the city will be a high-tech urban centre called The Line, zero carbon, with flying drone taxis, holographs for teachers and a man-made moon.

                The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for many matters related to information and communication technologies.  In 2016, the ITU, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the UN Habitat launched the initiative ‘United for Smart Sustainable Cities.’  Singapore, Zurich and Oslo are the top three smart cities and in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi are leaders in Sustainable Smart City development, having been ranked the top “smart” countries in the Middle East for the past two years. 

                Jalandhar is a city in the Indian state of Punjab.  Its Smart City Mission was launched in June of 2015, but there are no signs that the city has become smarter.  Playgrounds and parks are not maintained, garbage is dumped in the streets, cows and dogs roam free and menace the population.  LED streetlights are going up.  The standard of living is going down.

                According to the ITU, half the world’s population live in cities.  By 2050 it will be seven out of ten who inhabit massive urban areas.  Per their website, “Smart sustainable cities depend on telecommunication infrastructure that is stable, secure, reliable and interoperable to support an enormous volume of ICT-based applications and services.  Recent developments in the domains of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), digital twin, robotics, and smart grids and meters are driving and supporting the development of smart sustainable cities around the world.”

                When you look at the artist’s rendering of The Line in Saudi Arabia, it looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon meets a Philip K. Dick city in the future as presented by Hollywood.  Total Recall?

Blade Runner? Minority Report?  It’s Utopia where cars fly in the air and wealthy men eat steak and sleep with tall blondes.  But the rest of us can’t leave our “zone.”  We’re tattooed or chipped, we’re drugged to a zombie-like compliance.  Food is goo in a can or a tube.  Meat can only be obtained on the black market.  Is it beef or human?  They say humans taste like chicken.

                Because we’ve played ourselves.  We’ve turned a blind eye to the suffering of others.  “I’m okay, Jack.” 

                Alan said, “And a socialist society is, again, it’s always the same thing, where you’re not allowed, really, to hold onto any old deities. They’ll give you new ones here and there, like Mother Nature and all of that, that fits in with Agenda 21 and sustainable development, only in order to convince you that you’re a little nothing in the great scheme of things, just go along, do what you’re told by the experts, and be a nothing all your life, and when it’s your time to be euthanized, then you’ll go to the little chamber and you’ll get euthanized.  That’s the perfectly ordered society that they want to bring in.  And I’m not kidding about that.  I’m not kidding about that. That’s why they brought in euthanasia.  They always bring in something with the possibility of a righteous act but then it’s expanded to get to its real goals. That’s always been the way of things.  Always been the way of things.  A long time ago when abortion, for instance, was prohibited, the first little crack came in using laws, again, through medical systems in some countries, well, maybe, maybe to protect the life of a mother. That was the first little crack… until now it’s just, children are just inconvenient and so you get rid of them. And now they’re going to the next step of trying to, and they’ve been pushing this for quite a few years, all the articles going back quite a few years on, the right to kill a child up to the age of three. And I even know where that comes from too. It’s quite an interesting story.  But that’s how everything starts off with, oh, it’s to help someone.  It’s like when DARPA came out with the chip that could control you as a person, and they say, well it’s really to help quadriplegics.  DARPA is the military industrial complexes’ top committee group on scientists for weaponry, but they’re there to help you.  SURE.  Sure, eh.  It’s always the same thing. Always the same story, you know.”


                There’s a news story every day now about some Hollywood star who was “shamed” or “bullied” when they talked about their choice to have an abortion.  In the aftermath of overturning Roe v. Wade, there are a few stories about someone who “nearly died” and had to have an abortion to save their life, but there are a lot of stories from women who simply didn’t want the baby, for whom it was inconvenient. Last week the actress Milana Vayntrub (I know, I hadn’t heard of her either) joined the list of women with abortion stories.  “I was working at a job that was not paying me enough to even live the life that I had at that moment, let alone take on the giant financial strain that a child is and I just never felt like it was my child."  She went on to further explain how she felt that there had been "a seed planted in me" and rather than feeling connected to the embryo, she thought of it as "a polyp that needed to be removed."


                Old people.  What can you do with them?  I mean they haven’t adapted to smart technology, they don’t use Amazon Prime or wear an Apple Watch.  Have you heard anyone over the age of seventy brag about their plant-based diet?  Or being vegan?   Plus, they’re wrinkly and grey and smelly.  In 2019, Washington state became the first state to legalize human composting.  Colorado followed in May 2021, Oregon in June 2021.  California lawmakers are considering legalizing the process called human composting — or natural organic reduction (NOR).  “Here’s how it works:  At funeral homes, bodies are placed inside closed, reusable containers along with organic materials like straw, wood chips and plant material and then stored at a high temperature. It takes between 30 and 60 days for the body to decompose and another couple of weeks for the remains to aerate. Bones and teeth are broken down by “mechanical means” using the same device crematoriums use to grind bones. The process generates 1 cubic yard of nutrient-rich soil.” 


                Hmmm.  I don’t really want to use grandma for fertilizer.  What if we could find a way to use her for fuel?  Help keep us warm in the wintertime.  Does old-fashioned cremation use less energy than “natural organic reduction”?  Can we just cremate grandma, put her in the soil and burn her again later?  Didn’t the Scots burn dirt to heat themselves?    


                I leave you with the story of peat from a travel blog aimed at senior citizens.


Peat and Scotland


                “Read about Peat, a historically important organic product for fuel and making whisky. Read and learn more about Scotland, its history, the islands and neolithic past before joining a small group tour for senior couples and mature solo travellers.


                Peat is a traditional fuel in Scotland that is formed from layers upon layers of partially decomposed organic material, such as sphagnum mosses and other plants. Peat forms in waterlogged bogs, which is a type of acidic wetland, the high acid content preventing vegetation from fully decaying. This process is very slow: to form one metre of peat, you need to wait 100 years.”


                Peat, unlike coal, was free.  Crofters (a tenant farmer) used a spade to remove the layer of living vegetation which they dried.  Peat also factors into the production of one of Scotland’s biggest exports, whiskey.  Gosh, it sounds so good.  A free fuel, albeit awfully hard work for a wee family of crofters to cut, dry and haul back to the croft.  And you can also use it to make whiskey?  Sounding better all the time.  Oh, wait!  It turns out it is also “the most damaging fuel in terms of global warming.” Worse than coal, generating less energy per tonne but producing higher CO2 emissions per unit.

                The Independent in Britain ran a feature on how to stay warm without turning the heat on.  By the time you tally up the cost of all their cozy suggestions: a faux fur version of a hot water bottle for £35, the Hungarian goose-down duvet at £340 or Scandi heated sherpa underblanket for £104.99, you could make a sizeable dent in your heating bill.

                  Or you can just layer up.  “If you’re feeling the cold while sitting at your desk, the likelihood is you could do with wearing a few more layers.”  Another sweater!  Why didn’t I think of that? 


© Not Sure


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