The Trifecta

by Not Sure

12 Dec 2021

A few months ago, a listener reminded us of something that Alan Watt said in a talk that resonated with her. “Winning is not the only reason to enter a race.” You enter a race or the fray, because it’s the right thing to do, because there’s no real choice between sitting it out or fighting.

In the first Cutting Through volume, Alan writes about how many people do not want to know what’s going on, so they avoid Truth, because knowing forces one into action, or as he so articulately put it, “Sucker you’re Ity.”

In this Redux, another excerpt from September 27, 2020, Alan said that with Covid, they are turning on the public with military precision. Our elite controllers, and we can certainly talk about those that we can identify, are resolute. From every direction we are outflanked.

It is easy to surround an enemy, to get behind their lines or ambush them if the “enemy” is not aware they’re in a battle. We are the “enemy” in this top-down revolution. One can be optimistic and talk about how more people are becoming aware that Covid has been used to bring about a restructuring of our system, globally. The Fourth Industrial Revolution. But I return again and again to Alan’s urging over the years that we be individuals, that we think for ourselves. The only way out of the open battlefield is to go in a direction that the elite have not anticipated and since we’ve been studied like bugs for donkey’s years, only an individual can gain the element of surprise. The mass man is totally predictable.

Here is an excellent quote from this talk. “There's nothing in this system that's there for the ordinary person. Really, nothing at all. Except the propaganda. A lot of propaganda goes into creating you and the mind that you have and the opinions that you have.”

Waking up is the work of a lifetime, but an individual on that journey is able to make some surprise moves.


Private clubs, foundations, thousands of NGO's, what Alan calls the The NGO Philanthropix Industrial Complex, run our lives. The same agendas continue. NAFTA is now called USMCA. One of things that Alan focuses on in this excerpt is the financial system and how that is coordinated globally. There is now a mountain of evidence that there a group of conspirators resetting this system. An illustration of turning on the public with military precision is the Covid Alert System in New Brunswick, Canada with zones, regions and levels, restrictions for each level/region/zone and detailed guidelines for moving from one level to another. But the military precision is also seen in how Omicron is presented. Let’s call that presentation a series of feints. It’s too soon to say how this particular skirmish plays out, but for now, there’s a whole lot of feinting going on.

Foxy Fauci said a booster shot specifically for the Omicron variant of COVID-19 may not be necessary for vaccinated people. The White House chief medical advisor said that the existing shots could be enough to provide protection against the new variant. The World Economic Forum reports that the Omicron variant could reduce the effectiveness of certain COVID-19 vaccines.

Alan said that Covid is being used to change the economy, the culture and the whole way of living and it’s overwhelmingly evident what's going on. “Nothing left to the imagination. It's your own unwillingness to believe it.”

Chatham House (aka Royal Institute for International Affairs) has a recent article, Re-imagining trade for domestic and foreign policy. They outline exactly what Alan is talking about regarding stipulations attached for money loaned that change cultures and behavior. Get on the trail of blockchain and crypto currencies and it won’t take you long to find the WEF behind this push.

Lots of folk are doing a good job of explaining the financial takeover that we’re living through, and we’ll include some links for you to read and watch others break this down. On the other hand, Alan Watt laid it all out many years ago and repeatedly.


In horse racing, the trifecta is a bet placed on which horses will place first, second and third and in the exact order. For the trivia-minded, the trifecta is known as the tricast in the United Kingdom, the triactor in Canada, and the tierce in Hong Kong.

Will Fauci come in second and boosters won’t be pushed for Omicron? Naah! Or will we see WEF in second place as current vaccines and boosters prove to be ineffective against this moronic new strain? One thing is certain for those who like a sure thing. Alan Watt shared with us the document from the World Health Organization that Covid, its variants and fallout was scheduled to last until at least 2025. That’s all the time needed to implement a whole new way of living.

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