This is Their Revolution

by Not Sure

© 13 Feb 2022

When choosing talks to upload for the weekly Redux of Alan Watt (from the Latin redux, “brought back” or “bringing back,”) we like to think of thematic groupings. Also, we look for talks that resonate with the events we’re living through. We’ve uploaded series of talks that cover things in depth, including a series on 9/11, another on brain chipping and AI, and another series of talks that went into how “philanthropy” and NGOs work to implement the agenda. Alan was an excellent educator. He explained and illustrated The Agenda through patient repetition “for the hard of thinking.” The techniques employed by our ruling elite include the hypnotic repetition of ideas through education, religious training and entertainment. The same myths and memes are drummed into our brains over and over. Breaking out of our conditioning necessitates a similar strategy.

The talks we’ll be uploading over the next few weeks are going to cover brotherhoods, secret societies, e.g. Freemasonry, and round tables that function like brotherhoods, e.g. the CFR and the RIIA. We’re likely to deliver a bit more on brain chip technology because this is clearly part of the 4th Industrial Revolution that the World Economic Forum (WEF) wants to rush us towards in their Great Reset.

This week’s Redux is an excerpt from Alan’s December 20, 2020 talk entitled “More Tales from The Script - Rubber-Stamped Sustainable.”


More Tales from The Script -

Rubber-Stamped Sustainable:

"Hidden Masters Excitedly Are Chomping at The Bit,

Managing Persuasive Dialogue, Tailoring it to Fit,

Presented to The Public, it all Makes Simple Sense,

FrankenVaccine Good, So Stop Sitting on the Fence,

It May Bring You Freedom, Go Out, Walk and Talk,

After Getting Epinephrine for Anaphylactic Shock,

You are a Product of Fourth Industrial Revolution,

With Altered Patented DNA, a True Son of Evolution,

Reborn into A Brave New World, Goods Unobtainable,

Poor, Sterile, Vegetarian, Rubber-Stamped Sustainable."

Please make use of the audio archive section of the websites. Here is the link to that section on the .com site: You’ll find the talks and interviews that Alan Watt did over the years organized by categories. Click on any link there and you’ll find hundreds of hours of audios. Please also click on the news links that accompany the talks. Before everything goes down the memory hole, start to collect articles that strike you as especially important.

This is a good place to talk about reading and the idea of media. Before the printing press, monks spent hours illustrating the Bible and the peasants were illiterate. What they knew of the world was their little hovel or plot of dirt, and travelling actors and minstrels entertained them with morality plays and little ditties. When the Industrial Revolution required that workers have basic reading and writing skills, they were given sensationalized journalism and penny novels. Media is always a top-down enterprise. The medium is a particular form or system of communication, such as newspapers, radio, or television.

The important thing to remember is that the revolution is always their revolution, and whatever the medium is, it’s theirs.We’re in the age of visual communication. People like their information in short bursts. A YouTube video, a Tweet. This puts the elite at ease because they are still communicating with words, strung together in long, complex sentences. Alan always encouraged us to dig into the “dusty, old books.” Audios and videos supplement this knowledge, but they cannot substitute. If one read every article attached to this week’s Redux, watched every video, and then went back to 2020 in the Cutting Through archive and listened to the original audio and read every news article that Alan included with the talk, well, yes, you’d be busy, but you would have filled your mind with the best form of weaponry because knowledge is power.

Alan’s education did have an ultimate goal. He aimed to impart knowledge to an individual in the hope that one individual would hungrily build on that knowledge base and share it with another individual. This is how we fight. It isn’t swift or decisive. It doesn’t necessarily give us the satisfaction of being victorious in our lifetime, but it ensures that Truth is passed along down through time. It arms those who though late to the information war have taken to the streets to protest. There is an opportunity for them to steer clear of falling for government promises, or settling for less than the total end to this madness.

There are a few links we’re uploading this week that I’ll draw to your attention. Archbishop Viganς offers his support for the protesting Canadian truck drivers, calls for prayers to defeat the ‘infernal’ Great Reset, and he mentions the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program (Trudeau, Ardern, Macron, Johnson.) Another for the conspiracy-minded is Five Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines Have Conveniently Died, Been Replaced by Pro-Vaxxers.   This one prompted me to look into Luc Montagnier, Nobel-Winning Co-Discoverer of H.I.V., who co-authored a January 15, 2022 piece for the Wall Street Journal on the ill-advised vaccine mandates.  Luc Montagnier died last week at the age of 89.  I haven’t had time to research the cause of his death, and I’m not going to make a conspiritorial guess.

We’re also linking to a good overview of “Build Back Better” globalism that the New American published last year because this is the WEF mantra that you’ll hear your leaders repeat. (There is more of Joe and Jill Biden spouting this term in U.S. news this week.)

Read more! We leave you with a letter that just came in this morning from “a listener” aka Over My Dead Body. He bemoans the lack of knowledge and wisdom the older people have to convey to us because sadly this system of socialism is purposely designed to keep us perpetually children, as Alan so often pointed out.

© Not Sure


Young Folk's Home

Alan used to talk about that men would go, for example, to bars decades ago where the older men would bounce off and discuss ideas to each other about issues going on in the world, or issues of the day, etc.

And older women would impart wisdom into daughters, meanings of dowries, or how to do basic things, like sew, etc. or to granddaughters, etc. etc. or give tips on how to make their man happier, etc.

And if you could find me folk, count on a hand or two, who have talked about the abject loss of meaning for/ from society of the elderly, especially for the elderly since Covid, but before that for at least a decade or more with as Alan used to talk about '' arrested development'' by the elderly, talking about past sitcoms, taking many pill drugs, or sex drugs, like Viagra and partying it up in Florida and elsewhere, which I had witnessed in the decade of the 2010's in elderly as well.

Now you have a generation, and several of them, and really since the emergence of Trump, the ''apprentice man'', etc. and his comments about '' natural selection'' in videos, or '' strongest survive in business'' etc. or calling Jesus Christ a ''loser', etc. and you see the evangelicals drool.

And you see the absolute degenerate indifference and slaughter of the elderly in society since covid and the complete disregard for them, as if they do not have the right to exist. Since covid, ''we expect to 'die young' or for you or as the movie in 1992, etc. And to die, '' hope I die before I get old'', my generations, etc. all written into societies like scripts for little you at the bottom of the totem pole, through drugs, opioids, and OD's of all kinds, endless depressions in people, loss of meaning only to accept Hillaries and their form of social ''meaning'' through Marxist degeneracies.

A family member who does medical work, now sees 40 year olds, who have heart embolisms, coming into the hospital. I said '' what do they do for them?'' he said, '' there's nothing you can do'', like '' nothing will help you''. And on Dr. Mercola, there was a mortician who said you regularly see victim' s bodies come in, now dead, who have arteries as if they are like rubber. I can only imagine the elderly being wiped off of the planet across the globe right now, as the boosters are in their system, and forever, ''no more''. And who do I blame, all of those on the left, of course, and the right too. How many times have you heard a host say or a Coulter, ''everyone over whatever age should have their boosters'', or a Trump or DeSantis, or whoever, all brag about vaccine creation and pushing of elderly to be forever vaxxed, '' forever young'', so you can't just blame Frankenstein, the left guy, after all? Doesn't work that way in reality. Into the grave. Out of the Blue, and into the Black.

And we have symbology everywhere given to us, as Alan talked about, and which I have witnessed countless times, and until today. Predictive Programming. And you take the right crowd, which we are told are supposed to care about things like ''individual rights'' etc. but always these '''rights'' dictated via a barrel of a gun, meaning you never really had rights, just expediency.

So, you have these Gen X and younger types, like the Tucker's, Buck's, Clay's, Coulter's, Trish Reagan, J. Kelly, etc. yada, yada, or an older, a Trump, and somehow, ''science''' dictates, ''everyone over whatever age needs shots'', again the survival of the fittest shit, and the arrogance, '' she blinded me with science'', and what wisdom can these goofballs ever impart to me or younger family, who like itself is all about the science, natural immunity and such rubbish, and science of the mind, mason codewords (apprentice), and go see a shrink, and ''ooooh, I question you'', like in the Soviets, ''I order you by court to go see a shrink, or else'', and we all are slaves and we never admit it.

Oh, but it's ok to drill poison into the old folks, and it's not ok to drill poisons into kids, we know this is shit, but it's about wisdom, and we have none anymore in society. You have the greedy becoming greedier, the baby boomers, the gen xers, and millenials now, as I noticed lately in public, all of the sudden they seem to emulate their baby boomer parents all of the sudden seeming more ''sociable'' but in a more cagey way, the usual ''sociable'' the thing they hated in the 2010's. But as an old man told me in the early 1990's , a work friend, told me about his son who was in his 30's back then, I in my 20's, he said to me'' when they get in their 30's all of the sudden they become cock of the walk. I found this out later on myself, and I always remembered what he told me, he, about 60 at the time.

There were so many others, uncles, parents, older, friends, etc. and I could go pages into this and all of the memories and wisdom, and of course in the 2000's I tried clumsily to pass my wisdom onto a few younger men or women or cousins, nephews, etc., but I think a lot of it went in one ear and out the other.

But then again in the 70's and early 80's, ADD (add) wasn't known of when I was in school. And you didn't have the hard drugs either, except a little weed floating around, nor pill drugs. In 1988, 5 years after being out of school, I went back to snoop around, and it was if I had lived a sheltered life in between, and I heard there was a drug rehab center there now. In 1983, that would have been unimaginable. Like you have been hearing ''reimagine the future'', etc. but we have always been.

But you had Reagan, another efficiency guy, a war on drugs that enhanced the importing/exporting of drugs, crack pipes, and all of the fallout included for you, including prison times, etc, just for existing in their society, and maybe trying to cope with loss of work from trade deals, having to work in fast food. Or like Bush said to the woman about working 4 jobs, '' uniquely American''.

The elderly are politically expedient and more importantly humanly expendable now to the ones you vote for. You lure them in through socialism LBJ, great society, Van Roosenvelt, social security, medicare, to create dependency on government and drugs, and now you have a voting class, not an enemy that could pass down wisdom to the young. Now after they have been used, you get rid of them, very simple.

You know as Alan, and Russell, had talked about narcissism in society taking over people, you have the unimpenitrable young generations, ''invincible'' as the shots have overwhelmed their minds with megalomania and narcissism, with agitation, and self worship, hijacked their minds with poisons, and elderly do not count in society. The society does not give a damn.

We are taught to be supermen and women, wunderwoman, wunder bra, etc. from all of our conditioning and we think we are all hot shit, as the old folk get slaughtered. As if we are beating our vaxxed chests, having beaten ''the bug''' and we'll go party and travel like jet setters and dine out every night, because our hands are shaking too much to cook, (plus, most baby boomer women and younger ones now don't cook, that's sexist.) And I heard the last few years, the younger women, by the way don't clean either. And the lazy liberal woman is divorced from the man who is Mr. Clean.

Once the old folk's homes are wiped out with eugenics, perhaps the doors won't shut after all and be for sale, perhaps the young types, cock of the walk, all ages now, can get carted on a stretcher into the now young folk's homes, and no one will be there for them either to defend them, with their clots, cancers, etc. nor will they give a damn about them either when they are ultimately neglected, rejected and gotten rid of.

What comes around goes around. I don't think I need to tell you why???

© Over My Dead Body


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