Transhumanism, revolution, re-education: The LIE made CREED


by Not Sure

6 November 2022


                Once the lie has been told, the myths fashioned, the dogma presented in university textbooks and Hollywood films, it will always function as the authoritative version of “truth.”  The lie may be exposed, disproved and laughed about in academic circles, but the damage has been done.  Cultures shaped by the lie; psyches encoded with the new creed.


                Here are two important quotes that Alan Watt shared in this February 6, 2009 talk:


“There's no nonsense so arrant [AW: that means ridiculous] that it cannot be made the creed, the belief of the vast majority, by adequate government action.” – Bertrand Russell


“In future history the constancy of human nature makes it certain that man will continue to be dominated by enthusiasm for creeds of one kind or another; he will persecute and be persecuted again and again for the sake of ideas, some of which to later ages will seem of no importance, and even unintelligible. But there is one much more valuable aspect of creeds that must be noticed. They serve to give a continuity to policy.” – Charles Galton Darwin


                The nature/nurture controversy has been one of the most hotly debated over the course of many decades.  Whether our traits and personalities are heritable or learned are questions that both sides believe they’ve answered, and it is a controversy that takes us into politics, immigration policy, eugenics, and beyond.

                The Frankfurt School is a school of social theory and critical philosophy associated with the Institute for Social Research, founded in the Weimar Republic (1918–1933).  The intellectuals, academics and political dissidents who were involved in the Frankfurt School claimed to like neither capitalism, fascism nor communism and wanted to apply critical theory to bring about the social development of a nation.  Psychoanalysis was one of the methods they used to bring about change, even at the national level.  Their program was sweeping and included music and art and critique.  Always criticism.  Critique and analysis of music, of political systems, of all of Western civilization. Their 1950 book, written by the time that many of those involved in the Frankfurt School had immigrated to the United States, was The Authoritarian Personality.

                The question that brought this book into being was “How do we avoid another Holocaust?” and the book was part of a series called “Studies in Prejudice” commissioned by the American Jewish Committee.  The book was criticized for its bias and methodology but was hugely influential on the American social sciences.  The lie has been told, the myth fashioned, the policies enacted by government.

                The Macy Conferences were held from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s and were interdisciplinary meetings convened to talk about cybernetics, systems theory, cognitive sciences and human consciousness.  The participants were the leading scientists of the time, and one of the objectives was to create a common language that would allow these different disciplines to communicate with each other effectively.  Two of the organizers of these meetings were the anthropologist Margaret Mead and her husband Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist, linguist, social scientist and cyberneticist.

                Margaret Mead had a hugely important role to play in tipping the social sciences and subsequently national policy in the nurture direction.  In 1928, Margaret Mead published a book, Coming of Age in Samoa: A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for Western Civilisation that detailed a Blue Lagoon-like fantasy world populated with topless teenage girls, horny, but not ready for marriage.  That was just fine in this utopian world that Mead described, because there were not authoritative male figures, or strong family bonds, but rather loosely configured groups that evolved naturally over time according to preferences.  Young girls could sleep with the strapping young bucks that suited their whims that day with no obligation to marry.  Men were never aggressive or forceful.  The incident of rapes were so low as to be nearly non-existent.            

                The only problem with the paradise that Mead wrote about was that it wasn’t true.  Future studies of Samoa would reveal Mead’s work to be a hoax.  In Samoa, adultery was punishable by death, a sexual encounter could lead to a young man being rightfully able to claim the girl as his conquest and future wife and the incidents of rape were remarkably high.  But the lie was told, the dogma presented in university textbooks and there is now some consensus that Mead’s work played a pivotal role in the creation of conditions for what we now refer to as The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s.

                Following is a quote (thanks to Weston for supplying this to me) from Jacques Ellul’s book Autopsy of Revolution, pages 89-90 (on how during and after the French revolution men began to realize society could be acted on by technical means just like nature):

                "The burst of energy during that brief time obviously had a greater impact on independent thinkers than on others, and to the extent that the revolution struggled to defend individualism, it was indeed triumphant. Related to that was the assurance of control over nature (borne out by elementary scientific probings) and the concept of society as a species of nature with independent laws that had to be recognized and observed as laws were in the physical world, and owing to which society, like nature, could be acted upon through technical means. That correlation between nature and society, between science and politics, seems to me to be the pivotal aspect of the human attitude at the end of the eighteenth century which accounts for the glorification of the revolution, the moment of total, rational, and scientific policy. No earlier government had ever set out to remodel society completely. The most despotic regimes had attempted to bridle dominant groups and to rule by force. But only action on a limited scale, whether oppressive or not, had seemed expedient. Now, however, a refashioning of the entire social organism was in order, and a transformation of all relations and structures to make them responsive to reason."

                In addition to the Redux audio, we are also posting a 2015 film by Lutz Dammbeck, OVERGAMES: Re-education as a Permanent Revolution.  Dammbeck directed the 2003 film The Net - the Unabomber, LSD and the Internet, a documentary that Alan Watt has mentioned several times.  Overgames was most interesting when it delved into the techniques of permanent revolution.  When you start to study the revolutions of the last century many of the same names and organizations recur and you can make connections; see how it all interrelates.


                This week’s Redux is from 6 February 2009:


The Dream of Green will Make You Scream:


"Rich Men of the Earth Cause Wars and with Greed

Plan Sustainable Future Using the 'Greenie' Creed,

Using Nonsense So Arrant to Bind Every Faction,

Controlled Society with Adequate Gov'ment Action,

When the People Believe They Are the Problem,

Health Authorities with Scalpels Then will Rob Them

Of Their Ability to Go Forth and Procreate,

The 'Abler' Ones to Different Fate,

There's Other Methods Still Detrimental,

Inoculation or Castration, Means by-Chemical,

Petition and Pleading Tossed Aside Without Care

By Those Living an Agenda of Total Warfare,

Shalom will Come When Our Minds are Stolen,

We'll Work Night and Day as Efficient Golem"


                Alan talks about a world run by experts and how some groups and people have factored heavily in the creation of this world, Cecil Rhodes, the Milner Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and many foundations.  Alan outlines the role that Chatham House played in the creation of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and how out of the OSS came the CIA in the U.S. and MI6 in England.  These intelligence services have been instrumental in the implementation of our current operative constructs such as “Greening” and “Sustainability.”

                Alan read from an article that was pushing the idea of teaching children to serve rather than focusing on excessive individualism and seeking private advantage.  The author lamented that children were being turned into consumers, but Alan reminds the listener that Edward Bernays focused on creating those consumer-children, altering them to fit the new culture, segregating the generations.  Bertrand Russell too promoted the ideal of State-raised children.  Promote sex education, no bonding.

                This is warfare, Alan reminds us.  It is the elite’s war on us.  A cultural war using the CIA, professors, media, scientific journals and the aim is depopulation.  TRANSHUMANISM.  For the elite, immortality, men and women who retain their wildness.  The rest will be golem.  Man-made slaves.  The Borg.

                There are several people talking now about how this Borg might be created.  I don’t have a lab or a high-powered microscope.  I don’t dig too deeply into what might be in the Covid so-called vaccines because I know this: Transhumanism has been the goal for donkey’s years. They’ve written about it in their dusty old books.  If you study some of what was being discussed at the Macy Conferences on cybernetics (renal function, blood clotting, aging, liver injury, nerve impulse, infancy and childhood, connective tissues, adrenal cortex, consciousness) then it becomes pretty obvious that ideas of man merging with machine, TRANSHUMANISM, is a very old dream for the elite.


                At the beginning of his talk, Alan said to new listeners (emphasis mine):


Newcomers: I always suggest you go into and, on the website, you'll find lots of previous talks I've given, where I show you lots of history, which, once you tie it together, proves that we don't stumble down through time, we're guided along certain paths and predicted paths, basically, planned paths, so that the world will end up in the place it's supposed to, according to the planners. It's done with the coordination of the media, of course, in all ages; and we have been run this way for an awful long time, by a very small group of people really, very-very wealthy people who employ lots of academics to do the thinking for them and to do the strategy for them as well. It's planned with military precision into a system that's not quite communist, as Lenin said himself, not quite communist and not quite capitalist; it's a new type of socialism. It's an organised society, where everyone lives according to nature, but we'll have high priests of nature who will tell us who should be born and will not be born, according to your value to life, to the system. 


                Alan Watt was not about drive-thru answers, but rather he encouraged deep study of history.  Don’t panic!  What is, is.  Keep cool and continue to learn.  I believe that we are at a point in history that many great thinkers (Alan Watt amongst them) warned us of.  Savages head to the hills (perhaps not literally) with our knowledge of history, our experiences and memories of what it is to be human, and we feed the underground stream.  Some of us were not born for the Borg.

                Maybe you’ll have time to watch Glenn Beck’s interview of Whitney Webb as they discuss “How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves.”  Perhaps this week’s deep study of history will include watching OVERGAMES, which is long and much of it in German with English subtitles.  If you’re keen to learn a bit about intelligence agencies and their involvement in shaping cultures, in particular the post-World War II culture of Europe and West Germany, I recommend you start with Frances Stonor Saunders’ book The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters.  The Permanent Revolution that Dammbeck is mostly concerned with in OVERGAMES was the re-education of the West German people after World War II, but naturally, because he dove deep into history, he is able to show that revolution wasn’t that narrow, the re-education is for all of us and it’s ongoing.


                Alan said “And, because things are so serious now, so serious indeed at the speed of this Brave New World scenario that's coming up, we really don't have time to even think about personal gain whatsoever - none of us do, even if we could, we can't, because it's coming like a roller coaster…”


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