Wait! There’s More from Dr. WHO!


by Not Sure

23 April 2023


                This week’s Redux 106 is an excerpt from a long talk that Alan Watt gave on May 10, 2020:


The Dark Dominion Disdains Your Opinion:

"Roll Up to See The Fourth Industrial Revolution,

Post Democratic-Post Republic-Post Constitution."

© Alan Watt, 10 May 2020


Alan said, “…they’ll have a green world when they come out of this, and no business will be allowed to start up if it’s got any adverse effect on the planet or the climate…if it’s just profit, it’s taboo, it’s got to be a green profit, you see.   So, they're going to accomplish a whole bunch of agendas here are all at once.”

                I wondered what I would come up with if I typed in the words GREEN and COVID.  The most interesting document those search terms returned was from the World Health Organization (WHO):


WHO MANIFESTO FOR A HEALTHY RECOVERY FROM COVID-19 (2020) - Prescriptions and Actionables for a Healthy and Green Recovery



This is frankly one of the most astonishing and illuminating documents that I have uncovered during the entire Covid Operation because right there on the official website of the World Health Organization this document published in 2020 clearly shows the careful reader that what they call Covid-19 has little or nothing to do with a virus, pandemic or world health emergency.  It is an event being used to bring in The Same Agenda that has always been promoted by the Evil Cabal.  The World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, The Club of Rome, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the International Monetary Fund to name just a few members of the hive.

                From page two of the Manifesto:


The world cannot afford repeated disasters on the scale of COVID-19, whether they are triggered by the next pandemic, or from mounting environmental damage and climate change. Going back to “normal” is not good enough.


                From page three:


The “lockdown” measures that have been necessary to control the spread of COVID-19 have slowed economic activity, and disrupted lives - but have also given some glimpses of a possible brighter future. In some places, pollution levels have dropped to such an extent that people have breathed clean air, or have seen blue skies and clear waters, or have been able to walk and cycle safely with their children - for the first times in their lives. The use of digital technology has accelerated new ways of working and connecting with each other, from reducing time spent commuting, to more flexible ways of studying, to carrying out medical consultations remotely, to spending more time with our families. Opinion polls from around the world show that people want to protect the environment, and preserve the positives that have emerged from the crisis, as we recover.
                There is nothing in this hyperbolic, tree-hugging, Gaia-worshipping language that sounds as if it is coming from an international body tasked with monitoring public health risks and coordinating responses to health emergencies.  This Manifesto could just as easily have been written by the World Economic Forum or the Club of Rome.

                At a skim yesterday, I thought the Manifesto had three points:


1)      Prescription #1: Protect and preserve the source of human health: Nature

2)      Prescription #2: Invest in essential services, from water and sanitation to clean energy in healthcare facilities.


                Would that #2 have confined itself to Clean Energy in healthcare facilities.  But this is the actual language of the “Prescription”:

                Provide and use clean and safe cooking, heating and lighting solutions.
            Replace traditional household solid fuel stoves with lower-emission cookstoves that are as clean as possible.
            Improve energy efficiency of household appliances, buildings, lighting, heating and cooling.
            Encourage electrification using renewable sources such as solar-, hydro- and wind-based electricity.


3)      Prescription #3: Ensure a quick and healthy energy transition. Items in this prescription include Rapidly transition away from fossil fuel combustion (oil, coal, fossil gas) and transitioning from a carbon-intense to a zero-carbon economy.


                But there were three more prescriptions in this Manifesto!


4)      Prescription #4 sounds so nice: Promote healthy, sustainable food systems.  All the language about local production of food is commendable but this is some sort of joke from a hack writer for this bureaucratic behemoth because control of the world’s food supply by a handful of agribusinesses is a well-known fact.  Their stated desire for moderate amounts of eggs, dairy, poultry and fish, and small amounts of red meat will be rapidly implemented however, at the rate that poultry and dairy farms are exploding and catching fire.

5)      Build healthy, liveable cities.  Ah, this one is so sweet with a picture of a happy pair riding their bicycles!  Highly-connected, mixed use, walking and cycling infrastructure” makes me think of something clever and amazing like a 15-minute city!

6)      Prescription # 6: Stop using taxpayers money to fund pollution.  Nobody likes pollution, but a little thinking takes me to the big culprits who are giant corporations who never have to consider the impact their businesses have on the communities in which they manufacture as long they’ve made sure to pay their carbon-offset bribes.  These giant companies which are the private half of our public-private hell will have all the carbon they need to produce.  We, however, will have to hope for a warm, sunny day to generate enough power to operate our hand-cranked shower.



                A British Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen did a good job on 17 April 2023 of educating his fellow MPs with a brief history of the World Health Organization and the initiative for a new treaty on pandemic preparedness and response, announced in March 2021 by a group of world leaders.


MP Andrew Bridgen - WHO pandemic treaty (April 17, 2023)



                Think of the timing of the proposal of this treaty.  Looks like this one was “in the wings.” Think about the content of the WHO Manifesto for a Healthy Recovery from Covid-19.  It sounds like Agenda 21/Agenda 2030/Communitarianism/Communism for We the People/Public-Private Fascism for The Evil Cabal.


© Not Sure


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