While My Guitar Gently Weeps

by Not Sure

6 Feb 2022

This week, I’ve been following the drama of Canada’s Freedom Convoy and the donations that GoFundMe withheld from the truckers. Florida governor Ron DeSantis of all people stepped in with a vow to investigate the online fundraising site. What is this really about, I wonder, since either “ninety per cent” or “the vast majority” of Canadian truck drivers have been vaccinated? It seems like an elaborate steam valve with the authorized “freedom” voices supporting it.

By now I’m sure many of you have seen at least an interview or two with the thoughtful and well-spoken attorney, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. His claim is that the pandemic is a crime against humanity and he has begun an international criminal proceeding which resembles a grand jury investigation as the procedural foundation for future indictments. Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test as their key evidence and he says, "There is no corona pandemic, only a PCR test plandemic." He refers to his proceedings as Nuremberg 2.0.

I like Fuellmich. He comes across as intelligent and sincere, and he’s the first to tell you that he has been learning on the fly.  If you had told him the depth and breadth of this agenda at the beginning, he would have dismissed you as a conspiracy theorist. Now, he is proposing a system completely separate from the one we have, which he rightly describes as “broken.”

I missed the excitement of Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough when they appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast spreading “vaccine misinformation.” I finally had a chance to take a closer look at these controversial appearances. McCullough talked a lot about treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin which had been approved by the FDA but denied to most people as treatments for Covid-19. Malone also covered treatments as well as vaccine injuries but what most caught my attention was his claim that U.S. society was ‘hypnotized’ and no longer able to think for itself. His explanation for this was mass formation psychosis. This was particularly interesting to me because I had just been sent some videos featuring Mattias Desmet, a Belgian clinical psychologist who in 2021 began to receive widespread attention from both mainstream and alternative media for associating public reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic with mass formation. A lack of social connectedness and free-floating anxiety sets the stage for individuals to join together into collective single-mindedness, and under this spell they will support totalitarian governance and otherwise unthinkable atrocities for some idea of “the greater good.” Desmet’s prescription is organized protests and lots of them.

As the week wore on, I thought I would write about these men and their ideas in detail. I’d entitle it Which Way Utopia. I kept looking at events and thinking upon it until I finally spoke with a friend about Desmet and Malone and mass formation. He hadn’t heard of Desmet but he was familiar with Malone’s interview with Rogan. “Mass formation is bulls**t,” he said. “Well, maybe there is something to the theory, I don’t know, but what I do know is Malone is looking for a psychological explanation for what’s happening. He won’t call evil, evil.” He elaborated. “This is a moral problem, not a psychological one. Everyone knows when they’re doing something wrong, something immoral.” My friend wasn’t just calling out the agenda planners and the perpetrators. He was saying that the common person also knows or should know that what they’re participating in with their choices and compliance is immoral. It reminded me of how many times Alan Watt said that everybody knows right from wrong. It’s hardwired into us, innate.

I listened several times to this Sunday’s Redux from July 25, 2007, "Chertoff's CREATE-ORS of Chaos, Paranoia and Control," because it is Alan’s talks which usually inspire anything I write. There is good coverage and commentary on terrorism, control-freaks and psychopaths, brain chips and the surveillance society. (We included a supplemental link about Elon Musk’s company Neuralink and the brain implant they’re working on. Neuralink has recently advertised for a Clinical Trial Director to run human tests for their brain chip technology, and in other news, Musk has given the protesting Canadian truck drivers a big thumbs up.)

In the final twenty minutes of this blurb, Alan moves from terrorism and technology to low- level psychopaths, the theft of his books and the infrequency of donations coming in to support what he is doing. It hurts me to listen to these twenty minutes, though I have listened repeatedly.

But before I write about what hurts, here is some good food for thought. In the last section of this talk, Alan said that this is a war to end the individual. Groups are loved by those at the top. They are much easier to control because the leaders are supplied. The war is to destroy individuality. People are choosing all through their lives what they're willing to accept, where they want to be. He said that folk often ask, “How do we save the people?” And he said, “If you had the power to change the world, you'd be imposing your will upon them. You'd be the next tyrant, control-freak.”

He talks about the money he could rake in if he was willing to make the compromises necessary to get it. He goes into some of the challenges he faces on a daily basis that eat away at his time and energy, including pursuing the low-level rats who steal his books (taking away bread from his dinner plate).

He mentions his detractors who say he shouldn’t go on this show or that show, this station or that, because every group wants him to be aligned with them. His response was “I don’t care about your groups, Borg. I talk to individuals and I say my piece as an individual. Your groups are no different than all the other mayhem on this planet...”

You know what? We get that still from time to time at post-Alan CTTM (Cutting Through the Matrix). “You shouldn’t link to this person or that group.” “Their comment section has been taken over by intelligence agencies and now all they discuss is the Ewe-ish Question.” “Alan would never have put up a link to that site.” Oh, yeah? Alan linked to Tucker Carlson et al. because he expected people to use their own brains and come to their own conclusions, not be coddled, spoon fed and protected.

I know that Alan had caritas, unconditional love for humanity that gave him the strength to walk away from his loves and pleasures and completely commit to educating. I’m sure that time spent making music and taking long walks with his dog would have been more enjoyable to him than gifting us with his lifetime’s accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. "You have no idea what this has cost me in many ways including health. No idea at all and I'll tell you another thing, none of you would have done it or could do it..."

So the end of this talk doesn’t just hurt me, it angers me. It galls me. I question whether humanity deserved the sacrifices he made and you know what I think? It doesn’t. Humanity doesn’t deserve it but the individuals who heard what he said, who have changed their own lives and ceased looking for Utopia, well...that’s who he did it for.

Caritas has been described as Christian love or charity, but Alan said in Greek its meaning is much more profound. Here’s how the Urban Dictionary defines caritas:

A word literally meaning eternal love, unconditional love, God's love. It is a place, a philosophy, that makes people bond. You share about you, and you listen to others. It is the best place in the world. It is the closest to heaven I have ever been.

Check out the links that go with this week’s Redux. There’s something for everyone. Lots of Dystopia, but plenty of Utopia too, and in there, if you see what I saw, you’ll find a lot of decent folk trying to make sense of the horror show we’re all living through. Maybe they’re proposing solutions that ultimately won’t work or will immediately be co-opted by the big boys. Genuine resistance comes from within oneself, but sometimes an authentic voice finds an outlet and is worth hearing. Listen to “More of Us” by a Canadian named Matt Brevner. He’s now working for Rebel Media. Make of that what you will. It’s a sincerely lovely song. He sings, “Where there's perfect love there ain't no shame.”


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If you believe fairy stories, I have one for you. George Harrison of The Beatles was visiting his parents and decided to experiment with the theory he developed after reading the I Ching that everything has some purpose for being there at that given moment. Harrison said, “I was thinking that anything I see when I open a book, I’m going to write a song about. So I opened this book and I saw ‘gently weeps.’ I shut the book and then I started the tune.” He has also said that the song was about his dismay that the world had failed to reach the potential of universal love, “the love there that’s sleeping.”


I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping

While my guitar gently weeps

I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping

Still my guitar gently weeps.


I don't know why nobody told you

How to unfold your love

I don't know how someone controlled you

They bought and sold you.


I look at the world and I notice it's turning

While my guitar gently weeps

With every mistake we must surely be learning

Still my guitar gently weeps.


I don't know how you were diverted

You were perverted too

I don't know how you were inverted

No one alerted you.


I look at you all see the love there that's sleeping

While my guitar gently weeps

Look at you all

Still my guitar gently weeps.

- George Harrison, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

I never asked Alan why he chose that particular tune for this particular blurb. I like to think it was personal, universal and unconditional.

© Not Sure


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