…and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs…


by Not Sure

13 August 2023


            Earlier this month, Amazon’s Project Kuiper opened a satellite facility at Kennedy Space Center.  Amazon plans to release half of its 3200 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites by 2026, with the remainder to be launched by 2029 to maintain their Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license.  Jeff Bezos’ goal is to take a bite out of the coverage that Elon Musk has achieved with SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet constellation.  Even a little bite will be a challenge as SpaceX has filed to arrange spectrum to cover an additional 30,000 satellites to supplement the 12,000 the FCC has already approved.


            This Redux number 122 is from a four-hour talk that Alan gave on the 16th of August, 2020 entitled “The New Freedom.”


The New Freedom:

“Intel. Agencies, Birds of a Feather

Trading Our Info. All In It Together,

Our Minds are Mined for Greater Good

And Hiding Thoughts is Terribly Rude,

Let Experts Examine, Let them Peruse

Repair and Fix Us, Don't Dare Refuse.”


            Alan discussed the military-industrial complex and how they would build up mass surveillance on their own people when the demand for weapons of conventional warfare decreased.  America has been involved in “forever wars” for decades now, and we’re sending billions of dollars’ worth of weapons for the Ukraine adventure, but the Big Eating Machine has lots of work to do at home.  Alan said, “Again, the military-industrial complex is a for profit business. As I say, they said they would go into mass surveillance when they couldn't be making missiles and antimissiles, ballistic missiles and so on, at the end of the Cold War they would go into intelligence gathering of the public, over the public themselves, and spying on the public.  Under the guise of security.”

            The public-private component of this warfare upon us is the key to understanding how it’s waged.  The weapons are our personal computers, our “smart” phones, our internet connections and cell reception, the social media platforms, the intelligence agencies with their 77th Brigade and similar goon squads around the world.  Every interaction is monitored, all our data is “scraped” and sold or traded.  We’re herded into little pens in which we may be the only sheep.  Our virtual worlds may be “peopled” with sheep who seem like-minded, or act like adversaries, but are nothing more than AI-generated toys for our play pens and cribs.

            The harassments that Alan faced on a near-daily basis for speaking Truth included the shadow-banning he talked about in this blurb, painfully slow satellite speed, hours and even days with no internet connection, ghost calls, crackling lines, hits on the firewall near the point of denial-of-service…repeatedly.  In the very early days of Alan’s use of the computer for his talks, we had a technically sophisticated friend monitor some of this, e.g. checking incoming IP addresses, etc.  What we learned was that these attacks weren’t coming from bored teenagers.  It was eye-opening who was paying attention to him.  Over the years these harassments would change as the technology “developed.”  Some examples of abuse from on high are so outrageous they sound like they were pulled from a spy novel.  Alan didn’t talk about those…


            With painfully slow internet speed, streaming videos was challenging, but clips were possible, usually late at night.  Alan talked about some clips he had seen from a Millie Weaver documentary entitled “Shadow Gate.”  At this point, Alan stressed once again that in the 1950s and 1960s, the CIA set up what was then “patriot” radio.  He said, “…and really it was thick, really thick with propagandists for the CIA.  And the all-seeing eye never gives up something that works, even gets to be kind of peacetime, there's never peacetime with the CIA. The CIA has got nothing to do with what Americans think it's got to do.  It really hasn't.

            The clips we saw of “Shadow Gate” were an interesting glimpse of government and corporate defense, intelligence, and security contractors.  “Spook” stuff.  Weaver was arrested the day the film was to be released; she was subsequently fired from Infowars.  There’s no point in following the story any deeper than that because you’ve entered a world dense with operatives and it makes it impossible to separate a sincere dupe from a well-paid asset.  With the ability to see more than a few short clips, I did, however, sense the specter of “Q” in there somewhere and I cannot “trust the plan” since I didn’t make it.


            At the end of this article, I’m supplying some links to articles from Patrick Wood’s website, Technocracy News, that give a good introduction to satellite technology, 5G, the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.  Also from Technocracy News is a reminder article that Elon Musk’s grandfather headed up Canada’s Technocracy, Inc.  A credit-based system, all energy controlled (as a credit); ruled by experts.



            In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, we’re shown a Colossus of a man (Caesar) and mere mortals who walk between his legs “to find ourselves dishonourable graves.”  Are we hostages to our fate?  Or do we as individuals have some say in our own destinies?  We’re given little PR snippets, and we’re told that when Elon Musk received criticism for the military capabilities of Starlink, he used a bit of Shakespeare which had been modified by the novelist, John Green, in his novel, The Fault in Our Stars.  He tweeted, “Starlink is meant for peaceful use... to mend the fault in our stars.”


            Shakespeare wrote:

Why, man, he [Caesar] doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus, and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs and peep about
To find ourselves dishonourable graves.


            And then:

Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.


            We are not destined to be underlings, and this is not granted by birth into nobility or the “expert” class, but by a willingness to act when it is our time to act.  The modern-day colossi would do well to remember that though that giant statue watched over the port of Rhodes, and ships were said to pass between its legs (Who knows? Who was there?) it fell to ruin in an earthquake a mere 154 years after it was erected.  I will not “peep about” looking for a “dishonourable grave.”

Master of my fate, say I, as indeed, there’s more to this world than meets the eye.


© Not Sure


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