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June 18, 2007
Alan Watt on the "Republic Broadcasting Network" (3 Hours, Continuous)
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Browns (of New Hampshire) and I.R.S. - Taxes - Taxation, British Ministry of Defence - NATO - World State - Neutrino Bomb, Psychopathic Elements -
Hereditary Dynasties - Pirates - Buccaneers, Profit and Debt Money System, Masonry - Badges - Checkerboard, American Revolution,
Fiction - Drama - Propaganda, De-Programming - Passive Participants - Govt. Policies - Home Invasions, Corruption in the System - Rotten at Foundation,
World Standardization - Woodrow Wilson, GRAY MEN - Going between the Black and White Squares of Chessboard (Visible and Secret),
Bilderbergers - Club of Rome - Think Tanks, "Great Experiment" of U.S. - Commerce and Industry, Breaking beyond Routine -
What is Value of Life? Humanity?, Lobotomy of Children with Leadership Qualities - Ritalin - Drugging, Getting Involved - Standing Up - Talking to Others


The Agenda from the 1500's onward - "A New Way", Individuals who Wake Up, Predicting the Future - Documentaries - Predictive Programming,
"Complete Dummy's Guide to the New World Order", Fraternities - Rosicrucian - California-Pennsylvania-Switzerland Locations,
Going Back in Time to Trace Agenda - "Great Work", John Dee "007" - James Bond - "Bonded" (legal term), Queen Elizabeth I. - Plunder -
Knights and Peers - Belief in Higher Intellect, Commoners (breed in "common") - Aristocracy (in-bred selective breeding) -
Art of Controlling and Governing Minds of Public - Egyptian Pharaohs - Psychopathy - Psychopathic Elite, Free Trade - Democratic Form of Government - Treaties,
Freemasonry - Capstone of Pyramid - Eye of Lucifer - Pyramid set in Wasteland (Populace, the World of the Dead),
Ancient Societies - Plato's "Republic" - Cloning, United States - Global Government - Federation of Nations, Deviant System,
Ability to Communicate What is Happening, Press Conference and Broadcast from Brown Residence, Financial "Terrorist" - Anyone Who Withholds Taxes of Any Kinds,
Internationalism - Giuseppe Mazzini - Communist Party - Financing from London, Soviet Union - Amalgamation and Standardization,
2010: US-Canada-Parts of Latin America Integration - Clone of EU - Free Trade Negotiations - CSIS blended with CIA,
US funding Take-over of Middle East - "Global Plantation" - Habitat Areas, Autism (rare prior to 1950) - Inoculations- ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder,
Brain Chip Implant - Impossibility to Think of Oneself as a Separate Individual, US Federal Taxation - Policy vs Law - Police States - New Gestapo -
I.D. for Store Purchases - Data Collection - Cameras and Voice-prints, Cigarette Smoking - Chemtrails - Spraying You like Bugs -
Tobacco Use - Native Canadian Indian Population


How Old this Particular System is - "A World to Come" - Order based on Feudalism - Carroll Quigley book "Tragedy and Hope" - CFR - RIIA,
No Competition at the Top, Cold War - Sciences - Taxation - Research and Development - Advanced Weaponry, Global Govt. - "Enemies Within",
Military Industrial Complex, Brain Chip Implantation - Chipped for Night-clubs - Veri-chip Company - Fronts for CIA and NSA,
Sheep following the Shepherd - Psycholinguistics - Children are now "KIDS" - Dehumanization - Conditioning through Words,
Taxation - Feudal Overlords and Tenant Farmers, Charles Galton Darwin, Public Do Not Question Media - Famous Faces - Big Brother,
Gulf War Part Two - Embedded (In-Bed) Reporters with Military - Dan Rather (worked for CIA), American Economic Depressions - "Great Depression" -
Looting Pension Funds, Interbreeding of Psychopathic Types, Child Care Strike - Demand for Govt. to Look After Children,
Chemtrail Spraying Sampling - Allergies - Coughs - Infections - Espanola,Canada were Guinea Pigs for Experimentation,
Downloading - Mind Control - Living a Fantasy, Scientific Indoctrination - Destruction of Family - Separation of Age Groups,
Putting Across Ideas to Others - Another Way - Pandora's Box