Alan Watt as Guest on
The Cari Stone Show
April 17, 2007
Alan Watt as Guest on The Cari Stone Show
(Originally Aired on "The Paranormal Channel" 1.Fm Internet Radio)
Being Aware, History and Rewritten History, Establishment of European Union EU, American Union, Far East and Pacific Rim led by China, Media Creation of New Religion - (Work - Pay Taxes - Shut Up), UN Takeover as World Government, 911 - New American Century - Wolfowitz - Cheney, Pearl Harbor Scale Event to Motivate War - Man in a Cave - Twin Towers - Previous Bombing - Bin Laden Family got the Contract, Bushes and Kerrys - Skull and Bones- Making a Fortune through Chinese Opium Wars - Wealth of China - East India Company (Royal Corporation) - Dumping Opium to Addict Populace and Destroy Country, CIA - South American Cocaine - Drug-Running, Inoculations - Vietnam Veterans - Gulf War Part 1 and 2 - Gulf War Illness - Birth Defects, Vaccines are a Belief System - People Take them on Faith - Mercury (Thimerosal) Poisoning, Polio Vaccine - Contraction through Contact of Recent Inoculated - Autism within a Month of Shots, Old Books on Depopulation - Making Population Manageable and Stupid - Inoculate it into Them - Public Unbelief, ID Cards - Active Chip, Oklahoma City Bombing - Clinton, No Complaints Department, Alan's CDs on Ancient Histories and Religions, Future for a Global Society - New Way of Living - Born to Serve the State - Brain Chip - Bee-Hive - Always Hearing "Buzzing" of Others - Borg of Star Trek - British Ministry of Defence - Chip is Ready to Go, "Oneness" Aspect - "Universal Consciousness" - Merger of Science and Spirit - Worldwide Slavery - More "Efficient" Humans, 2010 - Agenda - Canada Mexico USA Unification - United Americas - NAFTA - Montreal as Possible New Capital, Pres. Bush and Prime Minister Poutin (French Fries covered in Cheese) - Hollywood Scriptwriters, George Bush Sr. - "New World Order coming into View" - Masonic Completion of the "Great Work" - High Form of Hinduism - Right of Superiors to Rule "Inferior", Alan's Books - "Cutting Through" Series - Revolutions - Revelations - Higher Meanings of Astrology - Esoteric Content of Books - Real Meanings of Zodiac (Timeclock), Predatory Elite - Killing "Useless Eaters" before New Age, PATHOCRACY - Generations of Psychopathic Inbreeding - Abnormal Craving for Power - Climbing Ladder through Any Means Possible, Public do not get Access to High Sciences - Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis" - USA - Run by Secret Groups of Scientists - Public Ignorance of Brotherhood, Underground Laboratories, Genetic Re-Search - Creation of New Types of Humans, Fetal Tissue in Vaccines - Cannibalism, Stem Cells - Adult, Elite Immunity, UFOs Coming out of Military Bases - "Unidentified" Flying Object - E.T. End Times - Extra-Terrestrials - Faith-Based Beliefs, Putting Out Dis-Information - Well-Paid Authors.