Alan Watt as Guest on
"Investigative Journal"


July 31, 2007
Alan Watt on "Investigative Journal" with Greg Szymanski
Hour 1: Control of Minds through religion - Leaders of All religions are One at the top. Alexander the Great - Aristotle - Money-lending and wars. John Kerry - Heinz foods - Food Industry. Meanings of "Hermaphrodite" - Perfection of Human Being - Left and Right brain - Male-Female deity. Hidden Masonic coding in English language. Messiahs of Christianity-Judaism-Islam - Trinities of Religions. Vatican - Constantine - Gnostic Tradition. Jesus (the fish, age of Pisces) - Aries-Ram - Age of Aquarius - Lunar-Stellar-Solar Occult. Greek "Demiurgos" - Lord of the World. Jacob and Esau - High Masonic rules of Old Testament - King James Bible. Zoroastrianism - Good and Bad - God and Devil - Zarathustra - Zoroaster (seed of Ishtar, man of the mask). Zodiac timetable - "Heavenly Plan". Higher truths for seeking individuals - Leaving dogma behind. Money, civilization and cities - Citizens - Nimrod. Creation of United States - American Revolution. Colors of Revolution: Red, White and Blue explained. Jacques Attali book: "Millennium". U.N. Habitat Areas - Population Reduction. British Department of Defence - Projections of rioting and "flashmobs".
Hour 2: Indoctrination of technology as a natural evolution - Steps toward brain-chip. Different paths and ways of living than that which is planned - Examining value of life. Story of Aquarius raped by Zeus - Water-pitcher carrying water (gene-pool). Soul as activating principle driving toward Spirit. New Age "Oneness" = Elimination of Individuality. Deprogramming - People think like a computer - Logic and Language. Demanding to know what organizations leaders, officials, etc. belong to and have sworn oaths to. Safer places for future living - Survival skills - Living simply with very little. Secret Societies and Blood-Oaths - Mafia World System - Fleecing "the Profane" (the sheep). External ceremonies for the masses - Private meetings for higher orders - Aleister Crowley - Side degrees. Catholic Church - Saints - Architecture - Four Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) Symbolism. Malachi Martin. Priesthood business running spiritual life of others. Occult = Oculus (Eye) - Third Eye of Mind - Alan's Book (3) on meaning of Revelations and Creation of Money and Commerce. Leaving Eden (Nature) into corrupt scientific system of total surveillance and control. B-Order (border) - Order of the Bee - Masonic obelisks along U.S.-Canada border.

(Originally Aired LIVE July 31, 2007 on Liberty Radio)


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