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July 20, 2007 Alan Watt on "American Awakening" with Michael Herzog
Alan stands in for Michael Herzog, 2 hours.
Giving an in-depth education of history - Public are given fairy-tale version.
Nothing happens by chance in this world, including terrorism - Nothing can remain secret.
War on Terror is War OF Terror. Carroll Quigley book: "Tragedy and Hope".
Recruitment of top scientists in universities - Holding on to power by not sharing it.
Project for a New American Century (1990's) - Invasion of Afghanistan-Iraq-Iran-Syria - Pearl Harbor scale event to gain public opinion (9-11).
Twin Towers destruction - Jachin and Boaz - Representing destruction of old man and woman, bringing in new purpose made human -
Ides of September - Self-born god from head of Zeus. I.D. Ideal Design - Perfect efficiency - Golem (artificial slave created by magic).
Lobotomy of public - Elite will remain unaltered - Inoculation (vaccination) autism link.
"The Noble Lie": "You can't tell the little people (the truth), they wouldn't understand, poor dears."
Integration of intelligence services and security forces. Overpopulation and "Useless eaters" - Malthus - Depopulation of rural areas.
New cities in Middle East - Bahrain. Mark of the Beast - The System itself.
Politics is a drama for public consumption - Puts public to sleep, thinking they have rights.
Police Officers are now Law Enforcement - Wearing black uniform of executioner.
Fascism at top, people below are run under communism. Homeland Security spies, including postmen.
Destruction of Islamic religion and culture. Versailles treaty - World War I and II - Financing of Hitler and I.G. Farben - Armaments - "Making money when blood is flowing in the streets". Nero and Tacitus - Safety "precautions" aimed toward female.
Farce of advertising - Selling "happiness".
"KNOW THY SELF" - Question of good and evil - World of matter and spirit - Need to contact something higher - Mind is universe contained within - Conscience - "Soul-Mate" explained.
Psychopathic culture is given from top, by inbred psychopaths.
John Stuart Mill - Races and peoples useful to dominant minority - Zionism (levels of) funded by British Establishment.
Balfour Declaration - Setting up a new "Ulster" in Middle East - State of Israel - Lord Storrs - Palestine.
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royalty from Prussia. Perpetual childhood of socialism.

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July 13, 2007 Alan Watt on "American Awakening" with Michael Herzog
Alan stands in for Michael Herzog, 2 hours.
(Originally Aired LIVE July 13, 2007 on Republic Broadcasting Network, Satellite Radio and 12.180 AM)
What is happening today? How did we get here? How short life really is. - Tendency for people to wake up part-way through life. History is edited for each generation. Hierarchies in an Economic System - War Creation - Taxation on Conquered Peoples.
Royal Institute for International Affairs - Council on Foreign Relations - Takeover of World and ALL Energy Resources - World Standardization.
CIA, MI6, Mossad - Joint Secret Services Organizations - NATO Charter - United Nations Charter.
Club of Rome - Destruction of Democracy - Guidance by Intellectual Elite - Creation of Common Enemy: The Weather.
Welfare-State - Socialization of Western Countries - Duplication of Soviet System - Loss of unions and benefits for workers.
U.S. kept in the dark about its history - Rockefeller's order to kill striking miners. Gates family - Public Relations.
NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) - World Wildlife Fund - Demands for more laws - Collectivism.
Soviet = Government by councils. Communism is disguised under different terminology.
Chartis Movement in Britain - House of Lords (hereditary nobility), House of Commons - U.S. Senate is Same.
H.G. Wells - Slogans - "War to end all wars". Studies of Psychopathic Personality - Want of power, admiration, applause.
Kennedy and Bronfman families - Drug and Alcohol trafficing between U.S. and Canada.
Front-Corporations - VeriChip - CIA-controlled Companies - Elimination of competition.
Computer Monitoring - Invasions of Privacy - Public does not care. Big Brother is Here - Worshipped and admired by most of public.
(BOOK: "Millennium" by Jacques Attali) - U.S. borders brought down - Flood of immigrants - Rogue elements from Latin America.
Scientifically-designed minimal education for public during industrial era. SPIDER'S WEB - Webster's Dictionary - "The Web" (Internet).
(BOOK: "Animal Farm" by George Orwell) - Social Darwinism - Training public to look toward experts for guidance - Politburo - UNICEF.
Mikhail Gorbachev - Margaret Thatcher. Technocrats: New "Electronic Experts".
Voting is US giving consent to rulers, to rule US as THEY see fit. Empire builders - Working toward Global Empire.
Terrorism - Creating Enemies Within. China as Model-State for World - Set-up by West to be World Manufacturer.
Banking system - Public are written as guarantor on international loans. Public-Private Partnerships.
Importance of getting out of Big Cities - Surviving future chaos - Getting Youth Involved.
Demands to know what organizations politicians, officials, bureaucrats, etc. belong to. Global Freemasonic Organizations.
Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces - Military Training for Police - Expectation of "Flashmobs".
Understanding Symbology and Language of Occult - 360 Degrees of Freemasonry. "Tora, Tora, Tora!" battle-cry of Japanese.


July 6, 2007 Alan Watt on "American Awakening" with Michael Herzog
(Originally Aired LIVE July 6, 2007 on Republic Broadcasting Network, Satellite Radio and 12.180 AM)
Trained ignorance into public's mind of social control, culture creation and cultural control.
Machiavellian sciences - Ancient Greek philosophers - Plato. Change is promoted from top down.
World domination of planet by a few - Democracy. Creations of foundations, under guise of charitable works.
Secret Societies - Blood-oaths taken to maintain secrecy - Sworn to uphold system and prevent "anarchy", at all costs.
Higher degrees of Freemasonry - Lucifer as allegory of illumination or intellect. Writings of Benjamin Franklin on Revolutionary War.
Psychological testing of soldiers for psychopathic tendencies. Drafting of plans for American Union - CFR - Free Trade Negotiations - NAFTA.
Freemasonry - Building Society - Use of architectural terminology - Taking down the old and bringing in the new.
Group-think vs. Individualism. Taxation of labor - Taxing the body - Forms of Slavery.
Biblical Genesis (One): Man and Woman, Adam and Eve (No one was there to till the soil.).
Culture creation through fictional television dramas (hospital, police, social work).
Butch Chancellor's experiences with "authorities." Neutrino (neutron) bomb - Destruction of all living, yet structures are left intact.
Use of social approval and disapproval (political correctness). Today's obsolete technology - Cell-phones (with cameras) in World War II.
Pavlovian training, step-by-step, toward Brain-Chip. Masses give power to agenda, acquiesce by silence.
Bush - Cheney - Rumsfeld - Front-Men - Parallel government above politicians that runs country.
Ancient Egyptian pharaohs - Use of Uraeus (serpent guards the mind). Massive immigration used to cause chaos and change.
Wars of religion to convince public THEIR GOD is Right. Use of terror to get public to give up all rights.


June 22, 2007 Alan Watt on "American Awakening" with Michael Herzog
(Originally Aired LIVE June 22, 2007 on Republic Broadcasting Network, Satellite Radio and 12.180 AM)
Chemtrails - Admission in Europe of Spraying - Kyoto warnings - Climate Change - "Saving Us from Global Warming" - Years to Make Spray Chemicals - Drugging People during greatest changes in New System - Rumsfeld: "Aerosolized Prozac and Valium ready to go",
Fluoridation - I.Q. drop - Teller (H-bomb): Deluge Air with Metallic Particles and Standing Wave Technology, Science-fiction - Predictive Programming - Futurist Societies, 54 HAARP facilities worldwide - EMP - Secondary Signals - Inducing Thoughts to Skull - Inducing Aggression or Passiveness,
Open Skies Treaty - Commercial and Military Aircraft - Polymer used to carry drugs - Bouts of Irritability (like tranquilizer withdrawal),
Zbigniew Brzezinski book: "Between Two Ages" - Technotronic Warfare, Cecil Rhodes - Lord Milner - War Creation - Boers of South Africa - Council on Foreign Relations - Trilateral Group - Council on Pacific Relations,
Positive Thinking - New Age - Understanding of History - Breaking Through All Levels of Matrix - Understanding takes away Fear of Unknown,
Born into a System - It's Not Yours - You Are a Number - Corruption from Top to Bottom, Debate of: What is Purpose of Life? - Blind leading Blind - Serving a System - Revolutionary Wars,
Thomas Jefferson - Hereditary Dynasties in Government - Fear of Government = Tyranny,
Money is Root of All Evil (1st CON along with Priesthoods) - CON - COIN - PRIEST, Phoenicians, New World Order - Robots to Serve - Brain-Chipping - Elimination of Thinking Individual,
Deification of Leaders and Constitutional Papers - Removal of History in Education, Getting Beyond the World - Higher Aspects,
Problem: One type of human always rises to the top (Psychopath) - Deviant Creation - Selective Breeding between Psychopaths,
Tesla Technology, U.S. with One War after Another - Loot-Booty-Corporations - Halliburton - Looting and Robbery,
Knocking the Capstone off the Pyramid - DARPA logo: Pyramid with All-Seeing Eye looking down on Masses below - Total Information Network,
World of the Dead - New Testament: "Let the dead bury the dead.", Going beyond Data of World - Compassion for Others,
Being Born in a Tunnel - Plato's Cave - Freedom starts with Individual Mind, Ultimate Truths - Levels of Consciousness - Preparation of Mind - Some are Born Aware, Churches - Ritual and Fancy Shows, Acquiescence by Silence - Building-Creating-Buying Our Own Chains,
Testing "Leaders" for Psychopathic Traits, Objection of Taxation Spending - Coercion to Pay for Domination,
British Department of Defence: Plans for next 30 years, Masters of War - Unorganized Public Mobs - Militias - Martial Rule,
United Nations - Yearly Psychological Evaluations for Everyone - Looking for "Terrorist" and Leadership Qualities,
Psychopaths respect Power - Military Organization, Voting in Multi-millionaire Lawyers (Left and Right wings) - "Devil's Advocate" movie - Takeover by armies of lawyers.,
Alan's books - Masonic Coding in Language - Bypassing Publishers and Editors to Print Books, (Think Tanks - Immediate Infiltration of Groups Started),
-- Alan: "You don't win any battle until you've conquered yourself." - Change within Individual - Self-Analysis - Motivations - "Who are you?" - "What is life about?" - Natural Laws


April 20, 2007 Alan Watt on "American Awakening" with Michael Herzog
(Originally Aired LIVE April 20, 2007 on Republic Broadcasting Network, Satellite Radio and 12.180 AM)
Scotland Chemtrails 1960s - Declassified Info, Foreign Troops on US Soil - NATO Pact - Special Forces - Russian Troops at Base Borden, Gulf War One - Sick Troops - Autoimmune Problems - Inoculations - Kissinger said US Citizens would Welcome Foreign Troops, North American Union - CFR - EU after WWII - Chinese Takeover as World Policeman, Iran - Threats of War - Creating Social Change - Carroll Quigley, Culture Industry - Plato - Drama and Propaganda through Fiction, Video Games - Desensitization - Killing without Thinking - Studies on Troop Gunfire Rates - Increasing Killing Rate - Adrenaline - Fight or Flight Syndrome, Burning of Waco Church - Bowing to Fire (Old High Masonic Salute), Hollywood Futuristic Movies - Knowledge of Agenda - Predictive Programming - Authorized Sources - Censorship Process - Official Stamps of Approval, Publishing Houses - George Orwell "1984" and "Animal Farm" Books, Long-range Plans - Fear Tactics - Climate Change Conditioning - Aerosol Spraying - HAARP, UN Habitat Areas, Genetic Screening, Al Gore - Teams of Authors - Public Given Heroes to Follow - Global Warming, Military Strategy and Warfare, Mad Cow Disease, Flooding and Drought Creation - Chemtrails - Destroying Small Farmers, Bee Deaths - Genetically Modified Crops - G.M. Test Fields - Gene Splicing - Toxic Hives - Terminator Seeds - Riots in India over Term. Seeds, HAARP Signal on Shortwave - Affects Mood and Intellect - Alaska Station, "NATO and Europe" Book by General Andre Beauvre (French Dept. NATO), OSS - CIA Setup, Psychopathic Minds - World Conquest - Belief System of Evolution, COSCO - Ted Heath - GATT Treaty - 50 Year Setup of China, Tianamen Square Massacre, CBC - Farmer Suicides blamed on "Climate Change", Aerosolized Aluminum Oxide - Hydroscopic - Creating High Heat and Low Humidity, Aerosolized Prozac and Valium, Upper Respiratory Illness, Military Sworn to Secrecy, "The Future of Britain and the Empire" book (Rockefeller Foundation), "Millennium" Book by Jacques Attali - American Boat-People, New Chinese Ultra-modern Bureaucratic Cities, Freemasonry - Sifting Process for Psychopathic Traits, Holy Books - Western Bible - "Jewish Myths and Fables" Book (Oxford University Press), Secret Societies - Past Cycles - Ancient Knowledge, Brain-Chip - Loyola World Science Meeting - Regional Supercomputers, Experimental Vaccines - Endorphins - Creating Apathy and Depression, "Next Million Years" Book by Charles Galton Darwin, CSIS CIA Merger, Secret Services - Customs - Bureaucratic Mergers, North American Free Trade Negotiations