Alan Watt on "The Real News Radio"
April 11, 2009
Alan Watt  on "The Real News Radio"
(Originally Aired Live on: WSIC 1400 AM (Statesville) & WDSL 1520 AM (Mocksville) North Carolina, USA, and Liberty News Radio.)
Socialism, World Management, Communism, Fabian Society - Welfare, Dependence on State - CFR-RIIA - Use of Democracy - International Bankers, Foundations, Fronts, NGOs. Deregulation, Economic Crash - Zbigniew Brzezinski, Predictability, Tyranny - Services Now Authorities - Parallel Government - 9-11, Omnibus Bills, Years of Set-up. Education, Scientific Indoctrination of Children, Bypassing Parents - Nazis, Soviets, Planned Society, Collectivism. Positive Freedom, War Against Common Enemy - Volunteer Sterilization - Ideology. Kicking Out Control Freaks and Intellectual "Superiors".

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