Alan Watt as Guest on
"Revolution Radio"
with Mike Swenson

August 9, 2007
Alan Watt on "Revolution Radio" with Mike Swenson (Mike's Website)
(Originally Aired LIVE August 9, 2007 on TruthNet Radio Network)
Bank of England - Public as Collateral for Debt. Who are "THEY"? Global Elite - Nobility of Venice - Knights Templar. Royal Inbreeding - Tyrants - Breeding qualities in or out. Serfs (Slaves) bought and sold with land - Feudal system - Later Democracy. CFR - Amalgamation of Americas - 911 - Middle East. Margaret Thatcher "New World Order" speech: problem of fundamental religions. Tavistock technique of confusion - Public switch off. Parallel government (unelected) - Political wrestling match - Emotive debates. Ottoman Empire - Palestine - Israel - Balfour Declaration - Iraq - Iran. Freemasonry: Sworn to obey orders from a "superior" - Will lie for each other - Court system and judges - Being "Born Again" and "Raised from the dead" - Self-worship - Skull and Bones - Elihu Yale - War Rooms - War on Profane. Rosicrucians - Masonic Wives - Marriage Selection. Torture: Favorite pastime of nobility - Terrifying population. Natzi Germany - CIA connection. "Poppy" Bush - Opium trade and wars - G.W. Bush: Front-Man. I.G. Farben - Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller foundations. Sauk Polio vaccine - Cancer-causing viruses in shot - Population reduction. Brain Chip - Loyola - No more individuality, All will be ONE, like BORG. Club of Rome - Global Warming - Agenda 21. Money: Substitute for real wealth, runs system, buys armies - Born into debt - Taxation is form of slavery. Pavlov's Dogs - Shocking public to be terrified and shut down.
(BOOK: "The First Global Revolution" by King and Schneider (Club of Rome)