Alan Watt as Guest on
"Road Warrior Radio" with Chris Hinkley

Republic Broadcasting Network


April 17, 2009
Alan Watt on "Road Warrior Radio" with Chris Hinkley
(Originally Aired Live: April 17, 2009 on Republic Broadcasting Network)
Psy-Ops, Language, Dehumanization - Psycholinguistics, Unconsciously "Filling in the Blanks", Perception Distortion - Reality Creation, New Religion. Gnosticism, World of Reason, Rule by Scientific Priesthood, Natural Aristocracy - Rosicrucians, Weishaupt, Christian Cabalism. Economists' "Heresy" - Planned Economic Crash, IMF-World Bank - Madoff (Made Off), Kashkari (Cash Carry), Rob Neighbors - "Brazil" movie, Raids - "Mad" magazine, Satire. Bertrand Russell, Education, Use of Slogans and Marketing - Bernays, Behaviour Motivation of Masses, Programming. Eugenics, Sustainable Development, UN Perfect World Citizen (Good Producer-Consumer) - LON (Lion). Foundations, Philanthropy, Social Transformation - Collectivism, Communitarianism, Socialism (No Compromise) - One Agenda - Reduced Population, Domed Cities. "Wild" Elite, Domesticated Public - U.S. Civil War, Centralized Government, Marx's Telegraph to Lincoln - Dominant Minority - Think Tank Reports. Merger of Americas and EU - Value-Added Tax - Slavery to Taxman.

Oct. 24, 2008
Alan Watt on "Road Warrior Radio" with Chris Hinkley
(Originally Aired Live: Oct. 24, 2008 on Republic Broadcasting Network)
Non-Governmental Organizations - Economic Crisis, Banking, Rothschilds - Britain, Secret Service - Malthus, Culling Excess Population. Dialectical Conflict to Compromise - Communism, Capitalism - Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis - Perception - "Enforcement" - CFR, RIIA - Rhodes Scholars - Service to World State. Planned Ordo ab Chao - Pres. Bush Sr., "New World Order coming into view" - Gorbachev. Culture Guidance, Targeting Young - Pop-Rock - Family and Tribal Unit, Individual Separation - Plato's Republic, Arts Licensing - Drama, Fiction, Fashion, Emulation. Spread of Ideas - Mao Tsetung, Bertrand Russell - Rand Corporation, Cold War, Game Theory - Council on Foreign Relations, China Build-up. Bread and Circuses - Television, News, Conditioning - TV Flicker Rate, High-Definition, Cartoons, Programming. Rosicrucians, Pirates, Plunder, Royal Society.

Medieval Times, Knights Templars, Chancellor of H-Chequer - John Dee (007) - British East India Co., Rosicrucians. Technocrats - Happy Slaves, Egosyntonic Behaviour - Machiavelli, Francis Bacon - Freemasonry - Catholic Church, Monastic Sects. Pyramid, Capstone, Wasteland - Changing Definition of "Democracy" - Parallel Government. Eugenics, U.S., Gene Pool - Genetics, Creation of New Human Species - MI5, Royal Family - Boarding School. Psychopaths, Selective Breeding for Traits - Ancient Egyptians, Squires, Normans - Power, Politics, Egocentricity. Religion, Sacred Status - "Just Another Animal", Scientists as New Gods, Scientific Tyranny - Psycholinguistics, Repetition, Slogans. Reece Commission, Blend of Soviet and American System - Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher - Opinion Polls, Mass Belief. Psychopathic Nature, Ego, No Shame - 9-11 and "Cave-Man" - Economic Crisis, New System, World Bank, UN, Bail-Outs, SPP. Nous (US) Password - Alan's "Cutting Through" books, Science of Language. Putin, Use of an "Enemy" - Georgia - Russian Supercities, Science - Phagocytes, Viruses - Israel.