Alan Watt as Guest on
"Rollye James Show"

Aug. 6, 2009
Alan Watt on the Rollye James Show

Rollye's Comments: "If you've been wondering what the real story is behind the official government version (of anything, really), Alan will tell you. Check out his website"

21st Century of Change - U.S. Took Over from Britain to Standardize World - Anglo-American Establishment, Military-Industrial-Political Complex. World Socialism, RIIA, Fabian Society - Experts in Control of ALL Resources, Energy, Food - Managed (De)Population, Sterilization - Ehrlich's and Holdren's "Ecoscience" - Monsanto-FDA's Food Safety Czar. Club of Rome, Collectivism - Agencies with Authority - Euthanasia, Promotion of Voluntary Sterilization - "The Soviet Story" documentary, George Bernard Shaw: Justify Why You Should Live. Destruction of "Urban Sprawl", Elimination of Cars for Public. Bernays, Public Relations (Propaganda), Training Consumers - Rockefeller - People as Computers, are Updated and Adapt - Finding Enemies Within, Global Warming etc. Acquiescence to Demands for Mass Culling, Legal Consent - Public Unable to Think for Themselves (Expect Media to do it) - Cult of Personality, News Anchors, Walter Cronkite. Reclaiming Individual Rights - Governance, Police States - Abolition of Private Property - British Lords, Bertrand Russell - RIIA-CFR, Introduction of Property and Income Tax - Mandatory Renovations before Home Sales. TOTAL Information Network - RAND Corporation, Game Theory - Computer Surveillance, Analysis, No Privacy - Youth Taught to Obey, Groupthink, Consensus. Good World Citizens (Producer-Consumer, Not Individual) - Predictions from U.K. and U.S. Departments of Defence, Riots, Flashmobs, Neutron Bombs - War on Farmers.

Machinery in Place in U.S., Urban Warfare, Returning Troops for Domestic Duty, SWAT Teams, Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces. Power of the Purse (Money) as Weapon and Tool - Rioting, Unorganized Mobs - Revolution, Doctrine - Infiltration and Eradication of Religions. Malachi Martin, Catholic Church, Catholicism - Jacques Ellul, Israel as Possible Economic Capital - United Nations, No Claim on Exclusive Religious Truth Allowed. Water Fluoridation (Drugging), Use of the Needle (Injections) for Compliance - Simian-40 Virus in Polio Vaccine - Swine Flu Farce, Mandatory Inoculations. Maurice Strong, UN, Earth Summit, Intergenerational Revolutionists, Thomas Paine. Pol Pot, Systematic Eradication, Killing Fields - Agencies, Warfare Testing, Data Collection. World Standardization, Culture, Govt., North American Union - Fabian Strategy, Incremental Changes, Adaptation - "Sustainability" Mantra - Technocrats. Brain-Chipping the Public, Hive Mind, Orders from Central Computers - Master and Servant Classes - Psychopathic Elite, Craving for Power, "King" of the World. City Lockdowns - Licensing for Gardens - Self-Sufficiency - UN Claims Your Water and Food Rights - Children Growing Up under Martial Law - New Feudal System.

March 29th, 2006
Rollye's Comments - "Alan Watt was certainly thought provoking. If you heard the show, you'll want to check out his website. If you didn't, you'd better check it out at"
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