Alan Watt as Guest on "The Animal Farm"
with Ben Miller, Tony Pax, and Pieth


April 30, 2009
Alan Watt on "The Animal Farm" with Ben Miller, Tony Pax, and Pieth
(Originally Aired Live: April 30, 2009 on Oracle Broadcasting Network)
Polling, Statistics, Creating Public Opinion - Paid-off Leaders, Manipulated Groups. "Swine Flu", Fear and Panic, Obedience to World Health Organization as The Authority - NATO, Containment of Disease or Outbreak - Giving Up Freedom for "Security". United Nations, Laws and Codes, WHO, Kyoto - Population Reduction and Control - IMF - Chemical Sterilization, Male Sterility - Viral / Bacterial Warfare - Viruses Created. New Feudal System - Public-Private Partnerships, Guaranteed Sales - Authorized Media (Arm of Government) Gives Reality to Public. UN Agenda 21, Maurice Strong, Earth Summit - Sustainable Society, Selected Breeding, Mandatory Service to World State - CFR. Ideological Indoctrination, Training Children - Socialism / Communism - Cultural Revolution, "Contaminated Ideas". New Enemies in Global Society - Terrorism Within - Club of Rome, Global Warming, Man at War with Planet - Total Dependence on System. Stage Magicians' Trick - Torture and Threat of Torture.

May 22, 2008
Alan Watt on "The Animal Farm" with Ben Miller, Tony Pax, and Pieth
on "We The People Radio Network"
"A Walk through the Farm can be Full of Charm,
As Long as You Look where You Place Your Foot"

New World Order - Earth Worship - Planned Society, Global Government - Introduction of Money, Taxed Labor, Standing Armies. British Empire - Masonic-Led Rebellions - Benjamin Franklin. Waking People Up - Speaking Openly - Scientific Indoctrination, Daily Propaganda - Economics, Low IQ Working Class, Depopulation Agendas - UNESCO. Mammals and Humans Look to Parents for Warnings of Danger. Psychopathy - Militarized System, Police - Totalitarian System - Riots, Food Shortages, Gas Prices - Habitat Area Confinement, UN Agenda 21. Parallel Government, CFR, RIIA - Technocrats - Foundations - Fascism, Marxism, Power in Hands of State, Centralization - United Nations. Creation of United States, New Secular Order - Agricultural Society to Industry and Cities - Masonry. Experts, Your Betters - Socialization, Perpetual Children. Founding Fathers - Landowner Voting - U.S. Constitution.