Alan Watt as Guest on
"The Freeman Perspective"


Oct. 18, 2007
Alan Watt on "The Freeman Perspective"
(Originally Aired LIVE Oct. 18, 2007 on TV Channel 16, Austin, Texas, USA)
Freemasonry, Religion of World - Bureaucrats - Skull and Bones - Perks for Lower Masons - Albert Pike, Albert Mackey - Rosicrucians. Levels, Grades, Degrees - Noble Orders, Old Aristocracy, Knighting, Sirs - Terminology of Architecture and Building - "Building the Temple" - Knights Templars. United States, Founding Fathers, British Crown, Royal Charters - Masonic Lodge Meeting, Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, France. Foundations under Cloak of Charity - Political Group and NGO funding - Demands for Laws to be Passed - Soviet Union. Chemtrails - Aerial Spraying of Prozac, Valium - Weather Modification - Tranquilizing Public - "Brave New World". Hollywood (Holy Wood, Grove) - Giving You Your Thoughts - Subliminals - Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations. Worldwide HAARP - Earthquake, Tornado, Drought, Famine, Tsunami Creation. Mystery Religions, "Societies with Secrets" - Masonic Obelisks across U.S.-Canada Border. Hermaphroditic Symbol - Perfection of Human Being - Cessation of All Conflict - Perfected Worker Breed, Ideal Design, Purpose-Made Humans. Dictatorships - Scientific Indoctrination, Bertrand Russell, Experimental Schools - "Contaminated Ideas" - Kindergarten. Total War - British Military Academies, Hitler's Army - Mercenaries, Armies - Carroll Quigley. Project for a New American Century, Wolfowitz - War in Middle East - John Stewart Mill - Peoples, Races to be Eliminated - H.G. Wells.