Alan Watt as Guest on
"The Midnight Rider Radio"
with Mike Chambers

August 14, 2007
Alan Watt on "The Midnight Rider Radio" with Mike Chambers
(Originally Aired LIVE August 13-14, 2007 on Republic Broadcasting Network)
Culture Creation - British Empire - Science of Empire Making - Global Empire based on Free Trade - Most Favoured Nation Status. Rosicrucians - John Dee - King James. Hegelian Dialectic - Creation of Opposites, leading to Compromise. Psychopath: Runs on pure ego, will save ego at all costs, will rationalize everything - Genetic problem, Hereditary trait - Winston Churchill. De-industrialisation of Britain - "Closer Ties" - Amalgamation of Europe, European Union. Pathocracy - Aldous Huxley, Plato - Dominant Minority - Guardian class, Helpers, and "Its". Television conditioning - Cartoons - Loss of attention span. American Integration - CFR. Agenda 21 - Kyoto - Reduction to Third-world status - Foreseen public reactions. Waking Up - Authorized groups for followers, Fronts, Plants - Expectation of Conflict and Head-on Resistance - Change is in Individual, not Groups. "Love" - Hollywood, Music - Destruction of terminology of bonding - Getting above emotion to compassion - Stopping blaming ourselves. Eternal Truths - Holy Books, Religion - Islam, Christianity - Good Shepherds, Sheep. Hinduism - Brahmanism - Creator and Destroyer. Blue to Black Police uniforms - Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces - Advanced weaponry. Great White Brotherhood - Illumined Man, washed as white as snow. Drug Trade - Opium in China - Poppies in Afghanistan - Heroin in Marseilles, France. Truman - World Federation - Franklin - Internationalism. Overpopulation Theory (from Elite) - Falling Birth-rates in Western countries.