March 2, 2014 (#1427)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)


Poem Copyright Alan Watt March 2, 2014:

Hell is Repetition:

"End-Time Prophets Profit,
Hyping Fear,
Ends Come and Go
Year after Year,
Fretful Addicts Deny Own Condition,
Unaware Hell is Repetition"
© Alan Watt March 2, 2014


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - March 2, 2014 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on March the 2nd, 2014.  Iíve been battling the weather, as Iím sure you all have in North America here, at least this part of it and further South too even. Because weíre having incredibly cold temperatures, right into March; itís still going on. It really started in November, really deep, deep, low temperatures, sometimes 40 below up where I am here near Sudbury. Even on, I think it was Thursday night, it dropped down to about 40 below. Thatís pretty well on both scales, Fahrenheit and Centigrade, thatís where they kind of meet up together. Last night it was about 20-odd below, 25 below, perhaps more, and itís to continue apparently with these new vortexes and winter blasts and all the rest of the nonsense they tell us, as they heavily manipulate the weather.


Itís amazing, the world we live in today because outside of the standard news, which is meant to keep you in a box, where you parrot all the proper, authorized talks, etc., the reality, when you go deep within the scientific systems and communities, theyíve been working on the weather for an awful, awful long time.  And I laugh at all these geoengineering conferences where theyíre always talking about, when they get the authority to start geoengineering, and then they go through all the possible side effects, the chronic bronchitis, pneumonias Ė because of irritation with all these chemicals theyíre putting in Ė theyíve been doing it all along. And thatís how the world is really run.


You see, thereís different levels of reality, all meant to keep you conned.  Theyíre always have been, really, but itís more perfected today. We live in a more sophisticated form of slavery, as Charles Galton Darwin said in the 1950s. So weíre definitely in it, you see. Thatís why they give you major publications in science and so on to make you believe that youíre on the cutting edge of all the knowledge thatís out there, thereís nothing else to be had. And youíve got all these magazines, Popular Science, etc., lots of them, which create that illusion of course. But nothingís further from the truth. 


Itís the same with politics and everything else too of course.  Have you noticed that all the news you get today is generally over there somewhere? Itís been like that for an awful long time.  Over thereÖ like the old song, eh.  Again, from Hollywood, naturally.  And youíre kept focused across the world with the color revolutions; we all know what those things are too. Again, thereís nothing new in color revolutions because if you go into the history of Britain, regular history books, youíll find that Britain was doing the same thing in, for instance, India in the early 1800s as they were getting tribes to fight each other so they could come in, to keep the peace you understand, stabilization they call it Ė they donít go to war, they always go to stabilize countries.  Or today itís bringing them democracies.  And itís all very wonderful isnít it? This is how they push it across to us. But meanwhile they foment the problem in the first place and they get peoples who havenít been fighting together for maybe a thousand years, to fight each other, and then they go in and get what they want. And they always want something.  Generally itís pretty well everything, but they want something. And itís control over not just the resources but also itís control over the minds of the public, so they are as brainwashed as you are.


They want a world standard education system for everyone so that everyone gets the same brainwashing. So if you go to Tokyo or somewhere else you get the same pat replies to the reasons why things are happening. And then of course no one can then think outside the box. Thatís the idea. Itís rather clever, really.


But most folk are trained, weíre all trained actually, to believe what weíre told. Because after all, why would anybody want to lie to you? This comes from the old idea, especially in Christianity, to be trusting... to be trusting. And of course, Christianity was used, especially, in the 20th century, big time, by the powers in the big foundations that planned to run the world and eventually take over from governments as we know them. And theyíve had their articles out in the papers saying itís time for them to step in, from websites such as the Council on Foreign Relations, itís time for the big Philanthropies to move in and take their rightful place, as co-rulers and planners in a system which is non-democratic in a sense.  So weíre being prepared for it.


We hear NGO leaders all the time on the news, and so-called charitable foundations are behind them funding it all. And of course the history is all out there with old John D Rockefeller and all the things that he got up to too. He also was a Darwinist as well, as you know, a social Darwinist who believed in social planning, where the elite, the intelligentsia would plan the lives for everyone else. And today you get The Big Society in Britain, The Great Society of Cameron, which is communitarianism. This very old plan is all coming to fruition as we live of course. The US is getting put into it gradually.  And eventually theyíll tax you off the road, or price you off the road with your vehicles. They donít like to ban you; they like to make it impossible for you to function anymore. Thatís their way of coercing you into something, so they can write their own history books, because they always do, and say, the people accepted this. Well, you have to accept it when you have no option, you see. So thatís how history is written, weíre coerced into things. They donít forbid you to do things, they simply make it impossible to function unless you join them and you do what youíre told. Thatís as simple as that.


So Iím cutting through a lot of stuff in a short space of time because I donít like to go over all the stuff that you should all know anyway. The problem too, even with the patriot movement Ė as they want to call it, still, I donít know why, but they call it the patriot movement Ė is that they keep you focused, simply parroting what the mainstream news is telling you to look at. So everybodyís looking at the color revolutions, which are going on of course over in the Ukraine and other places too, always, always ongoing, as they take down country after country, put in their puppets, which are all ready to be installed, and trained for their parts, and bring in this unified world of a planned society, you see. Which is awfully lucrative to those involved in it because for all their charitable works, etc., the big foundations believe in massive profits for their own high members. But they do believe in a world where youíll have big international corporations with all their chains of stores and chains of everything and chains of factories and chains of farms, and the super farm stuff that they have, these big Agri-food businesses. Theyíll run the world for you, you see; no small private business is to be allowed in the future. And they bring you into this gradually.


Now, the reason that the big movements, which came out ofÖ they were visible even in the French revolution.  Again, itís a long history, which is never told actually; some of it canít be told today. But thereís a long history, as the forces behind these revolutions got into action and got underway to make all this happen. You even find in this overdone thing called Weishaupt, Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati stuff; they were one small group by the way, all working Ėthereís many of the same groups across the world.  And Weishaupt was a bit big for his boots and couldnít keep his mouth shut. But the fact is, theyíre on the go still today. The idea was to bring in a planned society, again. Itís always the same thing, a planned society, the intelligentsia rule.  Those who prove they are intelligentsia, not just through academia but also from acquiring massive wealth and holding onto it for a few generations, is the proof, thatís your entry for the children into the next generation of rulership. Thatís what itís all about.


And they have the scientists on board with them. They actually have their categories of those who run industry for the world, and those who are the scientific helpers. In fact, Julian Huxley went through that in one of his talks, that he and his family, his family lineage, were hereditary members of the scientific elite who helped to manipulate the psychological processes of the general public to go along with all of this too. So youíre living through a planned agenda, which is awfully boring at times, of repetition. And they say, hell is repetition. But to keep parroting on and parroting on what theyíre doing today is a technique to destabilize your psyche and bring you down, crashing to the ground.  When I was doing so many talks every week, going over the news, the purpose wasnít to terrify you, as you know. The purpose was to explain why these things were happening and filling in all the blank bits that the media conveniently left out. Itís not difficult to understand once you see the process at play. 


Now, the US was to be used as the big battering ram to bring the rest of the world into this global system, the planned economy, the planned society, from who should get born, who should not get born, and the social Darwinistic theory that they brought into it. Rockefeller of course was all on board with that, the social Darwinism idea, where he himself certainly had his ideas of how the people should be run, who should order their lives, how to order their lives, and eugenics of course is a big part of it too. The Rockefellers funded the Cold Spring Harbor experiments and so on in eugenics and started the award system, for the American Family of the Month awards way back in the 20s I think it was.


So itís interesting to see that every group, you see, that you belong to Ė if you belong to anything at all Ė whether itís a religious group or whatever, it was taken over an awful long time ago. In fact, the history of the US is fascinating when it comes to religion because you get the standard, authorized version Ė cleaned up of course; thatís the authorized version Ė of all the untidy stuff they donít want you to know. There were a lot of groups that came into the US, many, many groups who were subversive. They werenít just getting persecuted because of religion or something. It was because they were subversive and revolutionary in their thinking. Many of them came in with Marxist ideas in fact in the late 1800s and were very, very powerful, very vocal, in the early 1900s, 1920s, especially in places like New York. Mass meetings in the streets, lots of old newspapers out at the time with their speeches.


They werenít the only group.  Even before that you had communities coming in that joined, and created, certain Christian sects, or a guise of Christian sects in fact.  It was all for social change, particular types of change. When you look at them all itís always the same kind of change theyíre after. Once again, social Darwinistic management of the public from birth to death, who should live, who should die, would they need you down the road to work in their system.  Just like George Bernard Shaw said. He said, youíll have to come to us eventually to see if we should let you live or die; why should we keep you alive? In other words, what use are you to us. That was the purpose of it all. You had to have purpose in order to be fed and kept alive, or even to be born.


Weíre getting to that stage now, the completion of it all. Because you see, itís intergenerational brainwashing of acceptance by pushing the envelope, always pushing the envelope a little bit more, until not justÖ When it comes to the sexual thing Ė thatís just one part of it.  Not justÖ The parents will sit with the child now and let certain things go in comedy shows that perhaps they shouldnít, because the parents themselves have been contaminated in their turn, and their parents before them as well. So you can have three or four generations sitting on the same couch watching television and theyíve all been contaminated till everything on television is pretty gross, and the same repetitive type of grossness as well, which also dehumanizes the public into another animal. You laugh at that because youíre laughing at yourselves, as animals, you see.  And with animals you can do what you want.


Then you have all the economic specialists telling you about, oh this great science of economics, which no one apparently understands because we keep getting plundered twice a century by the big bankers, you see. And they tell you how theyíve got to cut back on everything, including treatment for healthcare, etc., which is well underway in Britain. Thatís the flagship for the US because the US actually copied the British system, according to the RAND Corporation which was employed to do the surveys on the best system for them to adopt, according to what they wanted to do, and they said, the British system is the one theyíd adopt.  So everything works together.


Democracy doesnít ever come into the picture on anything actually, because the public never have a say in all the big important events that are planned for their lifetimes. And when you understand and you read so many of the big boys involved in pushing all of this stuff, you find youíre just living through a script. And itís awfully boring, terribly boring. So why should you get all hot and bothered when they fulfill a certain part of it? After all, if youíre expecting it, and they told you about it years ago, expect it to happen, because thatís what youíre living through. Itís a planned agenda, with time tables for certain implementations of different parts of it, you see.


Now Iím sure all of you have friends out there whoíll parrot the stuff from television. Theyíll come up with certain topics, or even arguments, which theyíve adopted from Ďthe expertsí.  You know, that class of experts that they give you to believe in.  Theyíll say, well I guess they have to ration health care, and itís so expensive, and weíre going into austerityÖ But they never complain about the cost of wars.  I mean, wars go on all the time for the big boys. The Army, in fact the whole country is just their private business, really. Weíre all part of their private enterprise. But they use your money to pay for all the wars, which they use for personal gain naturally, since they have to be in control of all resources across the world.  Itís personal gain for them.  And theyíre awfully good at propaganda, theyíre doing it all to save you from disaster. Once they have the resources in those countries, itís not toÖ


You see, how it used to work, the people would say, well we need the oil, you know. So in other words, you are starting to rationalize plunder. But of course itís not going to you. The oil is then sold to other countries like China; thatís where the big boys arranged to sell it to when they took over Iraq. The big boys are in there, the Shell and BP and all the rest of them, because Tony Blair, it came out afterwards that heíd had meetings with all these companies before the Iraqi war where they agreed to divvy it up amongst those boys. The taxpayer would fund all the operations for war, pay for the cleanup, and even build them new refineries. Thatís awfully nice of us isnít it? Well, thatís democracy, you see. 


So try not to allow yourself to be panicked by the constant hype and repetition of things that theyíre telling you to be outraged about. After all, thereís nothing that you can do about it. Thereís nothing. What are you going to do? ...Please stop putting missiles around Russia and scaring the public with retaliation.  ... Please stop putting color revolutions into Ukraine, or the next country after that, or the whole bunch of countries youíre doing it to at the same time. Please stop it, thank you very much.  So what are you going to do, get ulcers griping over it?  You see, we donít have democracy, as I say.


Youíll never hear the politicians bring up NAFTA, the TransPacific Partnership agreements, all these free trade deals, which is not free trade at all. Itís selected trade for big corporations and the elimination of any competition; thatís what it is. And we have to pay those third world countries, the emerging nations Ė weíre still paying China by the way Ė to rise up to first world status; we pay them to do that, we build their hospitals.  Once we sign these agreements we give them all this cash.  Itís a one-way street. Because itís a big, big plan and itís nothing to do with benefiting you.


I can remember when they pushed the EU for complete integration and they gave the folk the choice to vote yes or no. They said to every country the same hype; massive marketing campaigns with the top marketing companies, advertising companies to brainwash the public and terrify them.  Oh, if you donít join youíll be left behindÖ If you do join thereíll be jobs, jobs, jobs and utopia. Well, bingo, where are they now in Europe? You see, youíre always getting lied to, because thereís always a different agenda behind it all. Very, very clever agenda, with lots of groups all working in this pyramid structure and taking command from the guy at the top. Thatís how it works. But meanwhile you get one or two targets to pick and yell at and what does it do? Nothing at all. If it wasnít that guy theyíd use someone else to do it. So these guys are just front men in a sense, who know their role, just like a politician.  Or, top politicians know their role and their role is to be unpopular and to have tomatoes thrown at them. Then they give you another target after that. Itís a very simple technique, very old too, isnít it? Very, very old, boring, boring technique.


So youíre living through an agenda. Donít get outraged over things because it doesnítÖ Outrage doesnít win anything. It never has anything changed. Oh, Iím outraged, stop that, thank you. It doesnít work.  So you have to get other methods of doing it. Again too, youíve got to say to yourself, why do those who have the power and the following who are pushing outrage, not get something organized to really combat something, in a sphere with enough political clout to do something, to actually where they canít ignore you? It doesnít happen. Have you ever asked yourself why it doesnít happen? Itís up to you to figure that out.


Again too, remember what Edward Bernays said. He said in his own writings, if you want to take something over Ė even monopolize something, whatever it happens to be, and youíre starting from scratch Ė he said, donít try to start things literally from scratch, look for existing organizations. If you donít have one you create them, but you pretend youíre not associated with them.  And then the people will follow them because theyíll become the leaders, you see. But existing organizations you would use to the maximum, including all the churches; theyíre fantastic for that. He said, you have to go and approach the leaders of these people. It doesnít matter about the followers, or as George Orwell called them the proles, the proles donít count, he said. They are just trained seals who are the yea-yea crowd, rah-rah-rah for their leaders. So thatís how they manage the general population.


Thatís why they have all these NGOs, non-governmental organizations out there, all paid for, very handsomely for their leaders by the way, not for the followers but the leaders, from the big foundations. And the foundations have an incredible history, very well organized, coordinated on a massive scale, often thought to be communist in fact according to the Reece Commission from the 1950s because their goals and their social Darwinism are the same. They are the same. Because they want a planned society, birth to death monitoring by government, at every stage of your life, every day of your life in fact, and school-to-work of course where they simply test you for a few abilities when youíre very young and theyíll say, heíll be a good plumber, a good electrician or whatever, and thatís all that youíll be trained in. You donít need geography, history or anything else. Thatís the plan for the future. And itís already being implemented too. And as I say, you have no say in any of it at all.


Because what youíre fighting is a complete system with literally maybe thousands of think tanks, thousands of them, full-time, very intelligently selected guys in it, think tanks, lots of them who have nothing to do but work on each simple problem of their big agenda on how to get the public, and to coerce and manipulate and nudge the public along with the big plan, in every possible aspect of life. So each one is specialized in a specific part of it and many think tanks are working on the second, or third, or fourth, or fifth stage after the present, as the present ones are still working on the present, if you understand what Iím saying.  Thatís what youíre up against.


How can you possibly combat that, by being outraged with things that are happening this very moment?  which will be gone tomorrow or the next week or whatever, as they turn your attention onto the next crisis, real or possible or fake, whatever. Iíve often said the main thing you have to do is to, yeah, educate yourself, by yourself. All the information is out there if youíre guided towards it. Something will guide you towards it, or drive you Ė I call it driving you Ė towards something.  If itís so important to you youíll be driven, sometimes in a crazy way in fact until it will take over your life, as youíre driven to find out the whys.  And once you understand the whys then you understand whatís coming. When you understand whatís coming you donít panic. You donít panic. Itís expected to happen.


So donít let others manipulate you into the fear mode, which actually disables you. Unfortunately thereís a lot of people who exploit you as well and sell you all kinds of things for the sky is falling scenarios, because they make an awful lot of money at it.  Thereís a lot of people in this world, and we live in this materialistic system, that can be so easily exploited by the unscrupulous, or even psychopathic types as well. Because the psychopath smells which way the wind is going for opportunities and heíll be there. Heíll be there where thereís an opportunity for him to parrot everyone elseís stuff too.  Once he gets the mantras right, the people will listen, and then they exploit you, you see. Thereís lots of groups out there doing that kind of thing too. The same thing happens with the NGOs, only they are taught what theyíre doing. They know what theyíre doing at the top in the big think tanks, they know how to manipulate you. Create the crisis, create the fear, or the impression or the techniques of fear.  I call them techniques of fear. You donít need a crisis fear state to come upon you. 


And hereís a little secret here too for those who donít know.  Many moons ago the behaviorists got into studying fear, fear itself as a method of total control, for compliance amongst the public. Every country was involved. In fact, during the Cold War all the top scientists, by the way, shared everything to their so-called enemies; it was all nonsense. They said, how can we create fear? For instance, hereís an example, if youíre faced with a tiger in the jungle youíre going to have sudden fear, with all the responses that fear brings, you see. The fight or flight syndrome, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in all of that; you might empty your bladder or even worse in some people. Then you vamoose as fast as you can. Or you become frozen and you get eaten.  You see, thereís different responses of different people as to how theyíll react to it. But they noted all the different sensations which come with the state of total fear, where youíre faced with imminent death, for instance.


It was interesting, from those who ran Russia... I always say those who ran it because a lot of them didnít come from Russia. But the fact is, those who ran Russia, they did a lot of experiments which they couldnítÖ well at least they couldnít openly so much do in the West... Because when youíre killing your subjects, like humans, itís not too popular. Again, you might get that outrage thing that goes nowhere. They found that if they could simulate, simulate the symptoms, which generally comes secondarily to the actual instigator, the motive, the object that terrifies you, you had all these symptoms that kick in where your pupils will dilate, more light comes in for fight and flight, blood pressure changes, your heart goes up, adrenaline gets shot in and so on. If they could make these things happen through other techniques, even electronically, then you would go into the same state of fear as though you were facing a tiger, without a tiger being present.  This is a well understood science.


I could yap on for an awful long time, days and weeks maybe, about all the studies that were done. However, itís used on you today, through television, through the computer, through, Iím certain, as Brzezinski was talking about, about this technique where they could literally go across the whole continent with electromagnetic waves etc., HAARP technologies you might call them, Wi-Fiís included in that, and create these same side effects which would make the whole nation anxious, or very depressed, or even make you so relaxed when you shouldnít be relaxed perhaps, and manipulate the public. These are warfare techniques.


We live in an age of advanced science. Even during the Cold War the front guys would tell you, those who win this war will be the leaders in very advanced sciences.   Well, it hasnít stopped, folks.  And all those experiments they used during the Cold War, theyíre all being used on you today. You see, from the simple techniques of just hype... I could hit you with a thousand stories a day until youíre quivering under your kitchen table in total breakdown and panic, but I donít because that disables you. Thatís a warfare technique.  I keep saying it over and over, the average person, the averageÖ well, even a person who has got more stamina, could perhaps handle two major crises at one time, maybe a third a little bit, without cracking, as long as theyíre not prolonged.  But more than that you crack up. So if I were to tell you to worry about this, this, this, this, this, this, this today, just for todayís news, youíre going to go into a panic mode, fear mode. Youíll sound like a loony to your friends, youíll look like a loony to your friends, and you get nothing done. In fact, you wonít even get your basic essential daily living done; youíll start to fall and break down. So donít go there. Itís a weaponized system.


As I say too, with Wi-Fi, etc., itís still ongoing.  So much money, even the top universities are still experimenting with these Wi-Fi waves and electromagnetic energy pulses, etc.  The unified field as they want to call it too; Persinger is into that at Laurentian University in Canada here.  He thinks itís wonderful, when weíll all feel the pain of someone in Africa who is starving. Well, who gives him the right to make us all feel a pain of somebody in Africa? And why Africa? You understand? When they have the ability to change your mood, emotion and so on, without your consent either Ė I mean, whoís going to consent to being manipulated by someone else? Ė the gameís over. Itís over, folks. You wonít know whose thoughts you have, who gave them to you, reinforced again by the propaganda media, by an invisible energy thatís all around you, where again an elite are saying, weíll make them feel this, feel that and so on, and theyíll couple that with the news that youíre hearing. You see. This is their goal for a peaceful planet.


I always think of the fake communist system. And I say fake because a lot of real communists beneathÖ Followers are always real, generally, you see; theyíre fanatics. But the leaders always know what theyíre doing. And how they kept going over this, this future utopia Ė that never arrived in the Soviet Union; it wasnít meant to arrive in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was just one generation really, a 70-odd year generation as Lenin said, it would merge with the West, and the system would become not quite capitalist and not quite communist. They now call it socialist, but itís a social Darwinism run by the elite. Because the foundations were behind all of these movements, for centuries by the way.


Now, a foundation can set a goal.  Supposing you have a smaller foundation with only a few billion to throw around every year Ė thatís a small one Ė and thatís got one task, to change, supposing it was to change all of us into women or something, all men into women, just as a topic here, you know. They could say, well this might take three generations. So they can employ, hire, retire, and employ, hire, retire, and fire and all the rest of it, but keep on the same agenda for generations, as they change societyís mores, morals and everything else, and viewpoints, until they get what they want, so that one thing can be achieved. It doesnít change. Itís there regardless of political parties, regardless of wars, or anything else you think might interfere, but they donít interfere, and they get the job done. Then you have the big, big foundations with trillions to slush around on all these pressure groups, all fighting for whatever thatís going to destroy the old to bring in the new. And then many of these foundations fund hundreds and hundreds of other foundations; they just put the money out there, you see, tax-exempt too of course. 


So weíre going through this, as I say, and people still think they can go and vote and somehow itís going to change something.  Your politician is not going to mention the NAFTA morphing into the TransPacific Partnership when itís election time. Your local one wonít do it either. So whatís the point? Theyíll talk about jobs, unemployment, because everybodyís worried about surviving, education.  Of course now theyíre bringing in different rights for different minority groups and so on, or theyíll create new minority groups that didnít know they were one.  Thatís how they do things.  They keep you focused on other things. But they never ever talk about the big, big plans they have for you down the road. Theyíre often not even implemented by them so to speak. Theyíre implemented by bureaucracies that are functioning as almost separate governments today; they create policies, not laws but policies, and then itís implemented and thatís that.


Youíre also prompted to change your opinions on things, by very careful psychologically prepared documentaries and very repetitive ones all similar to it, to change the way that you see something. And the way to do it is simply by the omission of another side of any story.  Thatís how you bring someone to the desired conclusions. Then when your peer group starts parroting it...  Theyíve even done all the studies, naturally, as to what classes adopt it quickest and they found that the ones who have the most education are quicker to adopt new policies and new ways of being, behaving, condemning or whatever it happens to be.  We are the most studies species on the planet. Itís incredible. Incredible! And the public are kept so busy or worrying and scurrying that they donít even know that most of what they think is their mind is not theirs at all.  Their opinions are not theirs. Their behavior isnít even theirs. Even their hobbies often arenít theirs either; theyíre approved and pushed. 


Stuff that was known thousands of years ago comes from a small elite who understand these sciences. Because sciences like this, to do with manipulation of the human being, are never lost. They are so valuable. They are more precious than anything else on the planet. Once you have that under wraps you can get all the people working for you like slaves, and you can take most of their income from them and live higher than they will ever, ever imagine. Thatís what itís about.


Now, those at the top, as Albert Pike said, make no apologies for nature. By that they mean social Darwinism to an extent, where they are clever, cunning, and in the laws of nature, the jungle, they end up at the top because they are ruthless and cunning and intelligent. They know how to manipulate people, sway the crowds, get them to follow, even into wars and all the rest of it. Actually, I shouldnít say follow because these big boys who plan it all never go to war themselves; they just reap in the benefits.


In fact, you know Iíve mentioned all the different quotes from people like Kissinger and so on who said that, American soldiers are dumb stupid animals who are used for foreign policy. Now Iíll tell you something, though, I donít disagree with what he said actually. Because theyíre certainly dumb and stupid, because they get the most basic propaganda as to why they should go off and kill people they donít know. Very basic stuff. They never know the full agenda. Unfortunately they donít even care about what the real agenda is. Because theyíre very young guys.  One soldier told me that it seemed to him, he was brought up in Britain but he said, it was like one day he was running around the trees with his pals playing cowboys and Indians and before you know it there they are with the real thing, and the weapons and all that, being more macho, like the movie stars Ė all, again, emulating fiction, you see.  Thatís why they pick young guys. 


During World War I at one point when they had the big lines of trenches across the country in Europe there was a stalemate. So many had died; they were just throwing in hoards of people, wave after wave, on both sides until they were getting mowed down with machine gunsóthat had come online basically just in time for that war by Mister Vickers; he had been made Lord Vickers for that contribution to slaughter. And his counterpart too, he had a counterpart who helped, I think he lived in Switzerland and they made them in Switzerland, and sold them to both sides, Henry Maxim.  So they sold a version for the British and the French and another version for the Germans. I could go on with all these stories too but I wonít bother. But the fact is, they found that it came to a stalemate in the trenches for about a year or so.


Now, they did their surveys.  In came the early behaviorists and they did their surveys to find out why werenít they still jumping into their trenches and doing heroics and slaughtering people, and getting killed. They found that the guys who were mainly left in the trenches, after regiment after regiment were getting slaughtered, were a bit older, a few years older. In other words, they were a bit wiser, and their propaganda and their childhood mentality was disappearing. They realized that bullets, unlike even the early movies and the black and white silents, didnít miss the good-looking guys and didnít miss guys who were nice. No, they killed anybody at all, so the hero didnít matter. There were no heroes with a bullet heading towards you. It doesnít happen that way in reality.  Young guys were still full of, again, their heroes and all the novels and stage plays that theyíd seen, and if you were brave and all that and very gallant, bullets always miss you. So what they did, they spent about six months training new recruits in Canada and they fed them the most horrific stories about the Germans bayoneting babies and all that stuff, which they always rehash every so often.  They tried that with the Iraqis too, later on too with Kuwait. Anyway, sure enough, they trained them and these young guys were given tremendous brainwashing and stories about heroism. They came in and sure enough they put them in the trenches and they ran off by the herds to get slaughtered, again too, and get the whole killing thing going again. Thatís how perfect this system is.  Thatís how perfect it is.


If youíre looking for honor and that, donít look to the guys who are above you manipulating it all, because thereís no honor at all. None whatsoever. And we are the proles.  Like George Orwell said, the proles donít count. Because the proles donít know reality. They really donít know reality. And young guys having a tribal instinct, naturally, want to be warriors, so they always pick the young guys to go and do all the slaughtering, so the old guys can reap the benefits.  And the taxpayer pays for the cost of it. 


Thatís the real world we live in, in geopolitics and everything else, always on the go. Always on the go. And believe you me, when they bring in their world system and thereís no more foreign enemies to fight, they always have to have terrorism all throughout the system. The same with the Soviet Union, once the borders were all closed in the Soviet system then they had to get an enemy at home to justify the massive police state that they had, an authoritarian system and keep the people terrified. So you had counterrevolutionaries at home. Today in the West itís terrorists everywhere, apparently. Old, old techniques.  Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.


Now, sorry to prattle on like this but I donít prepare my talks as you all know. I like to just spout off the top of my head about things and say how things really are, without getting you all panicked and terrified and focusing you on, oh look here in the world today and be very, very afraid, folks, or look there and be terrified. What does that achieve? What does that accomplish?  ...apart from disabling you.  You have to find out who you are. Itís a difficult job for a lot of people who have never clued in till later. Because you almost have to dismiss everything you ever believed in; certainly the way that you believed in things has to be looked at again. Absolutely. Because thereís not an organization out there that isnít used. Many, knowingly, and other ones unwittingly.  Because to be a follower you can be set up to be a patsy. Just being conned itself means youíre all patsies, if you just follow, follow, follow and never question.


Iíve never known a country, or this system, or this agenda to falter by guys just yelling their outrage at something. It doesnít happen. It does not happen.  Itís maybe a minor safety valve to blow off steam but thatís all it accomplishes. Yeah, we told them, we told them, yeah... So what?  Like they donít know? What do you do in this system? Well, can you be in the system?   You have no option but to be in the system so at least you can come to the understanding of the forces behind it all, how tremendous work goes into manipulating you on a daily basis, tremendous work, and making you conform to the general herd, as they say; awfully important.


Thatís why everyoneís spied on.  I keep telling people who give me the pat answer, well I donít care if theyíre looking at me, Iíve got nothing to hide. Well, the fact is, even that person is of awful great interest to all the statisticians out there that are constantly running tests on us all, and quantifying this group and that group, and who will belong toÖ How can you put this person in any group at all, blah-blah-blah... These ones are safe, these ones are on the border, at the line, yada-yada-ya. Itís, oh, incredible.


And all of academia is on board with this, getting huge grants from the big foundations, again, to do all these studies. And your government goes along to allow all this information from the NSA to be handed over to them, the high professors and so on. Theyíre making a fortune at this... to make sure that you stay, you know, safe and pretty stupid, and predictable. You canít run a world unless youíre all incredibly predictable. Even the Joe Blow that says, I donít care and blah-blah-blah, Iím doing nothing wrong. If he does something out of the ordinary, they want to know why.  Why is he suddenly looking at this? Why is he suddenly reading these articles? Why, you see. Because that gets added to your personality profile, updated, and they want to know. And itís so easy for them today because they look at your cluster of friends and all these sockpuppets that you yap to, and they see where itís all going, with you. Theyíve got to know where itís going with you.  YOU must be predictable and if youíre not they want to know why.


Down the road you will have mandatory psychiatric visits, either to a place youíre told to go to or they will come to you. They talked about this almost a hundred years ago in George Bernard Shawís day when they started up the Fabian Society. Thereís nothing new under the sun. There really is nothing new under the sun. What is maybe newer is the more perfected system of information gathering on you, observation.  And the techniques employed are literally soÖ itís instantaneous across the world. Theyíre all getting the same news, authorized news, the same prattle, getting their minds shaped to correct, to believe everything in the proper way, the ones authorized. 


At the moment youíve got some dissent here and there but you have no real opposition to anything.  Because opposition, as the communists always knew, had to be organized. That was their big scream at one time, when they went into a new place, organize, organize, and theyíd organize them.   And when they joined that system, you joined a communist system, you had to go along with every part of their agenda, even the stuff that made you uncomfortable or you didnít agree with.  You had to learn all the slogans.  And you listen to all these commies and they just parrot the slogans. They canít argue with you on things, they just parrot slogans at you. And they jump into critical theory and smear you.  Because they canít answer you. And they wonít. Itís a religion, you see. But they did know how to organize, incredibly well, because itís a very old system, even before you heard the term communism or even Lenin for that matter, all worked out long before that.


All these techniques are used by what you think are sides, all sides, because all sides at the top work in common to the same goal. Most are oblivious of it. Many folk are happy with...  I said many years ago that many people will love socialism, this Darwinistic socialism because they wonít have to plan anything, really, in their lives. Maybe what coffee to drink or what program to watch tonight to laugh at or whatever porn movie theyíre going to see, but thatís going to be it. The big decisions are going to be made by experts in governmental departments and social workers and psychologists and so on, if they have any big problems at all. Then the rest of their time is theirs to go and play.


And it wonít end there. Because they want to bring down the population. They are already getting people conditioned.  Ordinary folk, youíll hear them parroting this stuff, well you know there are too many people in the world.  And theyíll parrot all the stuff theyíve been brainwashed to believe in. Oh thereís not enough food in the world to feed everybody, which is nonsense too. And, well, people should, if they get sick, maybe, you know, if they donít have much of a job or anything, well they should be at the bottom of the list for helping. These are ordinary people parroting this stuff off now because theyíre watching documentary after documentary that are churned out by the big establishment and they cannot think for themselves. Of course the ones who are telling you all this are pretty fit and healthy when theyíre talking about it. It doesnít occur to them that theyíre going to be on the bottom list either, for, you know, termination... for economic factors, that is. Thatís where theyíll take us eventually.


You start with abortion, then you step up to post-term abortion, postpartum abortion. And then youíll go into the next step too of killing off the elderly; thatís already been done in some countries. Now I think itís Belgium that has passed a law too, you can actually terminate children who are terminally ill. And the folk again, the general public will say, well yeah they showed us an awful documentary and this child looked in pain. Well yeah, they can make the child look in pain if they donít want to give him any painkillers. Itís quite simple, folks. Everything you see should be analyzed from every possible angle. And unfortunately you should be able to do that, naturally, without being told. Most folk canít anymore. Theyíve been disabled and they donít know it. And they will argue with you that they are perfectly sane, because they really believe they are. And their peer group is much the same as themselves, and thatís how you judge your sanity. Theyíll prattle about the same topics with the same answers, conclusions as you have, because theyíre all given the same downloads, scientific downloads, which guide you to the conclusion.


Newscasting at one time used to be simply reporting on the facts; the conclusions were up to you. Thatís the ideal news system. We havenít had that for, probably ever actually. There have been some that would do that at one time, some papers would do that, but now theyíre all the same. Theyíre all big consortiums and they guide you to the conclusion, the approved conclusion that youíre supposed to have. Theyíre awfully devious too.  They will admit omission guides you naturally to the proper conclusion by omitting other facts, the other side of any story. Very simple. 


Now, Iím not going to prattle on and prattle on here. As I say, Iím just keeping my face in right now to let you know Iím still kicking here.  Itís still snow shoveling and deep, deep freeze. Thatís been like that since November.  Yeah, November, I was hitting the 40 belows and itís traveled on and off, quite frequently, right up into the present. If I get 10 below at night, 15 below, thatís been a good day. I mean during the day as well.


So weíre going through big, big changes, planned changes. Thereís all kinds of sciences at work right now, at play. We have HAARP; you can pick up a shortwave radio, go through the bands, youíll hear the HAARP frequencies banging away.  Theyíre the loudest sounds on the shortwave; youíll hear them on umpteen different frequencies today. Thatís part of the unified field idea of manipulation of the brain. Because HAARP, when they disclosed it, even from the militaryís point of view, the declassified stuff, they can send a secondary signal, the carrier signal brings a secondary signal, and the secondary signal can actually manipulate your brain functions, quite easily, proven a long, long time ago.


And in the past, if you go into the archives section at youíll find talks Iíve given and links Iíve put up from some of the scientists involved, who are still involved in it by the way, who talk about this field technique of manipulation of the mind. So you have all kinds of techniques used, apart from the simple persuasive techniques of propaganda. Repetition is the most important thing of all.  Just keep saying it over and over and youíll start to doubt yourself. Well, if theyíre all saying the same thing then I must be wrong.† Thatís how it works.


So be careful out there. Iíve said so many times, the mind has no firewall.  You have to decide what comes in; you are the gatekeeper there. Because what you can bring into your mind can be weaponized, and often is.  It just sits there like a little virus and then it starts working on you. But donít become disabled with fear. Think for yourselves. And donít panic when these overwhelming foundational groups and so on and color revolutions, and all the different associations that are funded by your tax money, are across the planet causing mayhem in other peopleís countries. What can you do about it? As a say, write a nice letter and say, please stop, thank you very much. Thatís going to do a lot, right?  And take care of yourselves. But start thinking for yourself. Start thinking for yourself.


Thereís hardly an item out there thatís real as far as the way itís presented to you. Stop taking the world as itís being presented to you. Youíve got the functioning brain, use it. If you have lost it along the way, find it again. You still got an attachment, find your own mind, because itís so important. No one else is going to do it for you. Donít hand it over to anybody else. Unless you do like socialism, and hand it over. Hand over the part of your mind that takes care of problems and let the experts deal with the problems.  Theyíll make sure youíre the happy little contented person who will be taken care of all your life by getting the bare minimum, and theyíll keep you immature forever, youíll never grow up. Youíll end up, as many have today, with the television generations, ending up in old folks homes who literally have nothing, no wisdom to pass on to anybody else. And thatís a sad state of affairs. They can talk about all the TV programs theyíve watched since, I donít know, in the 50s or whatever to the present, their favorite shows and actors and who married who. But they donít know anything else. They had a mind that was kept in fantasy all their lives.  Thatís terrifying to me.


Itís terrifying to me that people get up in the morning and the radioís blaring, generally with the news. They drive to work, people drive to work listening to the same stuff. They go to their work and theyíre caught up in the rush and the worry and the scurry, and often thereís background music too in a lot of places. Then they come home, the same thing, blaring away. And then they come in and theyíre zonked out and they get more brainwashing through the news media on television and all the rest of it.  How come all of your time has been so carefully catered to? And youíve been taught that this is all normal.


Do you understand, the reason for it all is that no group can bring in this new system, canít be done, if folk are in control of their own minds, and they decide what theyíre going to listen to, or not listen to anything at all. And unfortunately people today are, theyíre terrified.  Look at them. Theyíre fiddling with their phones wherever they go and texting and all the rest of it. People sit in restaurants and cafťs with their friends, and no oneís talking anymore. Do you realize how important it is to keep you from communicating real thoughts, self-thoughts, your own thoughts?


Do you realize, thatís the most terrifying thing to those who say that they are controlling it all?  Thatís the most terrifying thing, if itís not working on you. Why isnít it working on you? If too many folk are affected and itís not working on them anymore, and theyíre stopping and thinking for themselves, in silence Ė you know, that odd thing, that rare thing called silence today Ė that could be dangerous. Theyíd have to try and stop that. Or create an instant crisis so that youíre wrapped up thinking youíre fighting for your life or something. And they would do that too. But still, youíve got to go on and do it.


Start thinking for yourselves. Turn everything off once in a while and really sit and think. Sit and think. An odd thing these days, but sit and think for yourself. Stop thinking that the person on television, or this professor or that professor, knows more than you do and heís more important. Oh, Iím only small so my thoughts arenít important at all... Stop thinking that way.  Stop it... and see what happens.  Thatís freedom for you. Understanding is freedom. UnderstandingÖ and not being collapsed by bad news or impending doom.


The studies that were done during the Cold War on the public, of both nations, you know, the Soviet system group and the Western one.  The studies on the fear of being annihilated by nuclear war were so intensely studied, it was so important to find the same techniques and use other reasons for terrifying the public. Thatís where it all started, you know. I used to be amazed when the top scientists from Britain and the US and so on would go over to Russia every year for their annual science meetings, meeting the same scientists, their opposition over there, working on the same things. Do you really think that was a Cold War? when they said that the top sciences of any country Ė those were the ones with the top sciences, pure sciences Ė would defeat the other? Well, how would they be letting their top scientists share all this information? It was a joke, folks. The goal was always for a world governmental system. The Soviets were for it and so was the West, the top capitalists were for it. And here we are, itís all been done, pretty well, eh.


And theyíve got you stampeding again with this and that; you donít get a minute to breathe here. When you think something is finished over in that country, bingo, theyíre hitting another one. Oh, thatís all youíll hear.  And when youíre completely absorbed with all that, look at all the laws they are ramming down, which take away all the pretense of freedom and rights. So by thinking at least you can free yourself from it, and keep your sanity. Keep your sanity. Youíve got to keep your sanity, thereís nothing else out there. Nothing else out there.


And keep warm, by the way, those that are freezing, because itís one heck of a winter here for sure. And I know for a fact this winter, with the heavy manipulation and the heavy chemical spraying in the skies, that are still going on during all these deep freezes and heavy snowstorms, theyíll turn it into perpetual rain come the spring here, I guarantee you, and itís going to be flooding. So youíve got another crisis on the go. Then theyíll say, itís global warming. You know this is going to happen, oh itís because weíre destroying the atmosphere.  And weíve got to pay massive, massive carbon taxes. And theyíll really hype it up. Itís probably already written up, including all the presentations recorded in advance and theyíll just let it all go at once. And theyíll guide us into the right conclusionÖ Well, we canít keep driving on the roads, for goodness sake. Before you know it, you are into Agenda 21 with no private vehicles getting owned anymore except for the very wealthy who can afford all the incredibly high taxes and penalties and carbon taxes and so on, and CO2, etc, etc., etc.


Itís rather boring, isnít it, living in this life when you know whatís coming down the pike?  It really is. But at least you donít go into shock when the next thing happens; you know itís going to come down the pike.  So as I say, sorry for ranting on here but Iíve been busy this week shoveling and all the rest of it and trying to keep warm. Itís bad enough trying to get out of my driveway; itís an awful, awful long driveway with constant snow coming down. And the roads, too, arenít plowed right to the ground. They always have a sheet of ice left at the end of it and youíve got to crawl over that sometimes. So Iíve been awfully, awfully busy doing a lot of things too. And I hope youíre all keeping well and keeping your own sanity, and finding yourselvesÖ finding yourselves as well, and thinking for yourselves.


So from Hamish Ė who is my wonderful pooch, who is fed up with winter too by the way Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 


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