March 16, 2014 (#1429)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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""Hidden" Masters Posing Answers,
Age-Old Formula Milked by Chancers"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, a blurb that is, and itís March the 16th, 2014.  Iíve been awfully busy; Iíd like to put more blurbs out in the meantime. Iíve got more interviews coming up on other shows. I do have the opportunity to go back on regular shows but I donít want to get caught up in that too quickly because itís a full-time job basically trying to go over all the worldís problems. And the problems will keep coming because theyíre manufactured for us to follow, in fact. Thatís how you direct the future, by those who already own it basically, and own the past. So Iíve been awfully, awfully busy. Even last night into today Iíve been working on the water pump here because that packed in about 3 oíclock in the morning. The problem is, outside you canít get into the well because itís under about 6 feet of snow. So Iím stumbling along here as you have to do some times when nothing else is working properly.


Tonight I was wanting to talk about this age weíre living in, the age, which is well directed; every age is well directed by those in power. Iíve gone into the history of the creation of systems. And everything is a system, a complete system worked out by not only those who rule over it but all their helpers. From the ancient times you had priesthoods, advisers; they were the advisers. They decided who pharaohs would see and wouldnít see in fact; they had a lot of power. Then the other religions took over from that down through time. Then we have a thing called democracy where weíve got not just kings and queens to keep supported in a lifestyle we can never imagine, but all their offspring and thousands and thousands of bureaucrats as well, who must live higher on the hog than youíll ever, ever see. Thatís the problem we have today.


But those in power and those who manage the power structure on behalf of the owners of the system make sure youíre given a complete system to believe in.  All your reality, in fact, is manufactured for you. Even the memes that youíll see and the themes that youíll see that are put out there, where you have different topics, often related to each other, across the world, are in fact just that. Theyíre related to each other to get you gossiping, yapping, thinking about things that theyíre telling you to think about. They can be minor things, fairly minor, or the ooh and aah stories that we always get. But you also get an awful lot of preparation for the future: austerity, Agenda 21, also called the Millennium Project and many other names, sustainability, etc. etc. Weíre all being trained into this new system on behalf of those who manage it, way above us of course. Most of them youíll never even know their names, of all the thousands and thousands of guys working in think tanks, men and women, and working as advisers for presidents and prime ministers, on behalf of the Masters who own the system basically. And those who run the money always own the system. They always do.  Money is power in this system. They made sure of that, you see. Thatís why they have the money. Thatís why a small clique always keeps control of the distribution and creation of money across the planet, this elastic thing called money thatís backed by nothing generally except massive debt. But thatís okay because youíll always pay off the debt in real goods and sweat and all the rest of it. Remember, thereís many forms of slavery. Many, many forms of slavery.


Iíve mentioned so many times about Charles Galton Darwin talking on behalf of the elite in the 1950s when he said, we are in the process of creating a more efficient form of slavery.  Itís one, in other words, which youíll never figure out. Youíll never figure it out. Youíll get the ones down below to attack. Youíll have politicians to attack, throw tomatoes at, and go ďbooĒ. Prime ministers and presidents, they come and go, then the next one is just as bad as the last one and the same agendas go on, you see. So youíre given these Punch and Judy shows to distract you, and to give you hope that once you get this guy out the next one might be better. It never is of course because thereís only one agenda.


Remember, you can be taxed to death. Tax means Ďto laborí.  The original idea of democracy had it written, well, talked about, put it that way, because the British Constitution is one of these verbal ones where they can, itís very, very flexible for lawyers to use; itís intentionally so. But the idea is that you couldnít tax labor, because thatís a form of slavery. Thatís what laboring is. Itís a form of slavery. You tax your body, you tax your muscles, you tax your energy. So they brought in the income tax of course. So itís a very sneaky way of getting your income off of you. In other words, the fruits of your own labor are taken from you and they disguise slavery under different reasons for doing so. Itís always for the greater good, of those who rule you and all their helpers who live so high on the hog.


However, getting back to the main thing here, they always keep control of the future. Iíve mentioned over the many years here about the culture industry. Thatís where you get your opinions from, your feelings, your emotions from, your tears from, your laughter from. Youíre even taught what to laugh at today. In fact, itís a whole science of getting people to laugh. Itís basically Pavlovian. The canned laughter that the US came out with back in the 1950s, maybe even before that for radio, was a stimulus response. You get the stimulus of hearing people laughing and youíll laugh along with it. Thereís even a term in Hollywood, itís called Ďlike a jokeí.  Thereís a formula to a joke and you come to the punchline and people are so trained in it theyíll laugh at the punchline, even though itís technically not funny at all. So youíre trained in so many ways youíre not even aware of.


In the archives section at Iíve gone through, over the years, various articles, some from the US intelligence for the military where theyíve published in their own magazines, articles like The Mind Has No Firewall and Perpetual War and things like that. Itís very Orwellian, because remember, wars are not meant to be won; itís meant to be continued under many guises. Many reasons for that too. It keeps you subservient to the state whoís going to protect you. And you donít mind getting taxed so much again because the research and development must mean we get better and better weapons to keep you safe, right? Thatís the whole con behind it.


In Perpetual War they talked about the techniques they were using. That particular article was so interesting because it talked about the use of the same culture industry that they had used against Americans, and the world, to be used against the whole world step by step, including the Muslim countries too.  The guy in it obviously was an intelligence officer and he says, weíll give them all the degrading stuff that weíve made so popular in the US, not just violence and nudity and all the rest of it, but as far as they can possibly take it, to destroy the cultures that are still firmly held together by their own moral rules, etc. etc. People who are moral canít be taken over. Itís very easy to bring people around to immoral acts basically, or immoral thinking until itís standard fare on your television, so much so that youíll laugh at things that technically perhaps you shouldnít even be laughing at, including grizzly stuff as well.


Itís so bad today that, and Iíve mentioned this many times too, you are going to see shortly the next step that the big boys talked about, after they won the homosexual battle for it to be shown on television and so on. The next step, they said, would be Bestiality, things like that. And intergenerational sex, doing away with the gender thing altogether, and underage stuff, doing away. In fact, thereís a Lord in Britain apparently just under fire right now because he stood up for one of these groups, many times, that wanted to bring down the age of consent to about four years of age.  Believe it or not. Now that doesnít cause outrage today because people are so contaminated with watching their daily fare of corruption from television, because itís standard entertainment today that thereís no outrage at all. There will be even less outrage when they go to the next step and the next step. Thatís how you do it, by the Fabian style, step by step. Give them time to absorb this and then go the next step. And we accept it very easily. Itís very easy to do, isnít it? Itís very easy to do.


Iíve talked before about the guy who was sent out to catch the wild boars in the US; some parts of the US have wild boar problems, apart from Washington DC.  You find that these boars were very wild, and had all their senses there. They tried everything to catch them. A guy came in he said Iíll catch them for you. Heíd come in every day with his half-ton truck. The first day heíd drive and stop about a quarter of a mile away. Theyíd watch him and heíd dump off some feed for them and then drive away about another quarter of a mile and watch them. He kept doing that for about a week or so. Then each time heíd dropped off the food heíd get closer, he wouldnít drive so far away, and theyíd get used to him. Eventually theyíd come right up to the truck over the weeks.  And he put the stakes in, then he put the fencing in. Eventually they came in one day and he closed the fence. Thatís how you do it with the public too.


Granny has been contaminated gradually in her era; she will sit with her daughter and watch stuff that is pushing the envelope, and so she doesnít turn off the TV. So the daughter or the son watches it along with them.  When they grow up and have children theyíre more and more contaminated so they can go to the next step and the next step and the next step. Until, as Iíve said before, youíll have live sex on television as standard fare, even in comedies it will be live sex, you see. Because you see, you can be contaminated so easily, like Bezmenov said.  Yuri Bezmenov said that they were so surprised, the KGB, when they saw the US in the 70s when they visited it, to see just how well their agenda had worked since the 1960s, to destroy the culture. Now, by that I mean destroying morality, common values that were shared, and how people would be outraged at certain things, thatís all gone. That was gone then, actually, and itís really down in the pits today. Nothing bothers most folk at all, except their pocketbook; thatís about it. 


But Iíd like to also touch on the effects itís having on the general public. Professor Quigley and many other people Ė professors teach this kind of thing Ė to do with histories and the rise and fall of empires, which they also call ages, between ages. Youíll find that before it falls Ė letís presume it was falling naturally, which is another story altogether Ė then certain things happen.  The people lose their traditional values.  The elite, and everyone copies the eliteís behavior by the way, itís mimicry, because you are taught to worship them, and you do. Youíre always in awe in the presence of power and lots of cash; you behave differently in their presence. You find that the debauchery starts, of course, the scandals break out, until itís normal. The general public copy the same behavior because the media and their culture industry teaches them so. In ancient times they used drama plays and so on to do it, to get people to mimic, especially the young to mimic what they saw. And eventually the people are nonfunctional, really, and theyíre degenerate, and they become rather stupid in many ways. Thereís many things they could prattle about, like all the television they have watched their entire life, and all the starsí names but anything else is out of the picture; they donít know. Thatís how successful itís been in this age.


Remember, these things have been done through the ages, intentionally, to destroy cultures. Just like, as I say, in Perpetual War, the article from the US war college, in their magazine. They said they would use the degeneracy that they put on Americans to basically do the same thing across the world. And they know it will work because youíve got all your behaviorists and think tanks working together, and the neuroscientists, to find ways to make it more effective, even anthropologists, very important, anthropologists; they bring them into Iraq with them and all those countries that theyíve taken out and taken the oil. They work with the troops and so on to find the Achillesí heel in different cultures so they can destroy it all the more quicker. Sex is a great thing, and especially when thereís natural restrictions on sex, sexual behavior. Sex always wins because the youth go gaga since their hormones are skyrocketing at the time. Thatís part of the weaponization of it all. 


So those at the top know what theyíre doing, because only when youíre degenerate can they bring in the new system where youíre even more subjugated than the last system. Itís very simple. Thatís the whole agenda, behind Agenda 21 and all of these things, to bring you into a state where you have to be told what to do by experts. And the big boys who helped design this part of the system have written their books about it. Theyíve done it all. Itís been completed. Most folk canít think without an expert... and theyíll parrot automatically any expert that comes along.† It could be any actor on television saying theyíre an expert and theyíd believe it.


As I say, Iíve watched the thermometers here every night all through this winter. Itís been the coldest winter Iíve ever seen in Canada. The official weather forecasts from even the government stations are about 20, sometimes 30 degrees above the real temperatures outside at night. Now, why is that? Why donít they adjust it throughout the night? They donít. They donít say, oh weíre surprised by last nightís temperature drop. Nope. So that goes down in the books as thatís what it was. When they say five below, it was actually 35 below. Amazing stuff going on. And because youíre trained not to even look or check anything for yourself, why should you check anything for yourself? Why would they lie to you? Well, it doesnít fit in with Agenda 21, global warming, and all the carbon pollution and so on, and taxes they want to make you pay. So it doesnít fit in, so it doesnít exist, you see. And it will do with most folk. Most folk will say, well I feel rather freezing but it must just be me. You see, we make excuses for it because it never dawns on them that theyíre getting lied to. It never dawns on them at all. 


But hereís the thing too, you must destroy the existing religions, especially when thereís a lot of people in the same religion or from the culture that spawned off from the religion. You must attack and destroy those and bring in a humanistic type society, in the intermediate stage, before they bring in the earth worship of course, which Gorbachev talked about that they would bring a form of earth worship in. And that can be done. Like a science fiction, they can teach the young that mother earth is alive and a creature and itís the one soul of the world and all this new age stuff that theyíre getting prattled on about. And thatís one of the biggest techniques of course that they can really, really brainwash the young with.


You look at whatís happening today, just with fiction and the Internet too. Youíve got vampire cults. Thereís one today where theyíre into the fantasy play acting and it gets out of hand of course. One of them is talking about a vampire-obsessed truck driver. He kept sex slaves locked up in his semi-trailer near Twilight Express for months at a time, and abused while wearing fake fangs. He even filed down their teeth, made them wear false teeth. He kidnapped them.


Vampire-obsessed trucker who 'kept sex slaves locked in his semi' had arrest warrant for domestic abuse in Florida


Where do you think all that started? Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer? And all the hordes of vampire movies afterwards? And these folk got into it. The sadomasochists always jump into these things.  Thatís why you were given Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all the other ones that came afterwards. Thatís why you were given it, folks. I can remember at the time even in Toronto there were articles in the paper where people in Toronto, they found youngsters drinking each otherís blood in back alleys and things like that. Thatís the effect it can have on lots of people.  Then with all the sadomasochism, itís only a step from doing that and kidnapping people and going the whole way with it until you end up with death and all the rest of it.


But thereís no doubt about it, this guy, it says...


ē Timothy Jay Vafeades, 54, is accused of kidnapping at least two women and holding them in his semitrailer while he traveled the country


ē A 19-year-old victim, who is also a relative, says he filed down her teeth and forced her to wear dentures while he wore a pair of his own with fangs


ē Another adult victim says she agreed to go to dinner with him but ended up captive in his truck for three months


They were beaten a lot, almost choked to death. And this guy who did it obviously is also into child pornography; it says that they found lots of child porn on his stuff.† They should use that same technique with all the British politicians; I mean a real investigation, not the fake ones you get. But anyway, this is what youíve got there.


That put me in mind of all the New Age. The New Age movement came out of Freemasonry, by the way. The official monthly magazine of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Ė which isnít Scottish by the way Ė the name of the magazine was called The New Age.   They said in their magazine that they were going to be responsible for bringing in the New Age. You see. Now, the New Age has within it the perennial religions which they bring out at this time when theyíre taking a culture down. The perennial religions being all vague kinds of spirituality, gurus galore, mystic meanings that youíll have to find out if you want to get to higher heaven, vibrating at higher frequencies, color-coded frequencies, to vibrate out of this worldÖ yada-yada-ya, the oneness of us all, they say, the world soul...  blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, all the airy fairy stuff, that works awfully well.


Because you see, you can always take people out of their religion, you see, but you canít take the religion out of the people. When you take something away they will try and fill it with something else in order to get meaning from life. And the more pressures and chaos you put on people, the more terrified you make them, the more desperate they are to find a meaning of life. Because you see, they canít deal with all the masses of problems... Oh weíre going to have a financial collapse. We get this all the time because weíre kept terrified of wars, or the threat of wars, or financial collapse, and all the rest of it, by those who own the system. Thatís how they keep you under control. Which makes it kind of weird because why would you want to keep the same system going thatís never worked for you? And you think you can vote and change it. Oh gee....


Well anyway, that was the vampire-obsessed trucker, right. Then you had the Heavenís Gate. Remember in the 90s you had the Heavenís Gate cult, so called a religious group. In the 90s they followed this guru who brought in UFO religions, millennialism, they brought in all the New Age thing, the oneness, and plus evolution too, so your body and soul were going to evolve to the next ET kind of thing. People flocked to this character, who was a nutcase fanatic, but he had deeper problems than just that.† He was also homosexual, it seems, and this is how he... a lot of them, including himself, were castrated actually in his cult.  


What these guys will do, the techniques are very simple and always the same whether itís a Jim Jones or anything else. You can start going into what you think is occult teachings, and itís very popular, this kind of thing, especially, as I say, when people have lost their basic religions, their guidelines and theyíre desperate for meaning in life. Because they feel helpless and they canít fight all the problems of the world which theyíre bombarded with all the time. So they join the cults hoping to findÖ If I can just find the secrets of what this means and that means then Iíll be godlike, Iíll be free from worry, Iíll be free from threats of any kind, because Iíll be super, like a Superman, or godlike, you see. So out come the gurus. A lot of them are supplied to you by the CIA, because youíll find the same CIA research going on within all these cults before they end up killing themselves. Thatís always there.


Because you see, they can use that on a bigger scale on the general population, and this is whatís coming about today. Thatís why youíve got so many talk shows out there now pretending to know secrets. Now, I enjoy deciphering old Masonic codes and things. I never forget for a minute that whatever you can decode, whatever man can decode was put together by man, not some supernatural being. Secret societies down through the ages have always used codes so as no one would find out what they were talking about or conversing about amongst themselves. There were hand codes and everything, a whole language. Even the early monks in Christianity, when they took their vows of silence they developed a system that became worldwide for all their groups of various hand signals and gestures because it was forbidden to speak, you see, in some of these groups. So thereís always an answer for it which a person can decipher.


We know too that some cultures have had, and do have, alphabets which the letters are also numbers. We know the Romans, for instance, and even the Greeks used the Chaldeans, and you could actually use the Hebrew as well because it was also a number. If they were scrambled into numbers they could mark it on sticks. The messenger ran with a stick to the other part of the Army and another person there could decode it, you see. Very simple cryptology. But youíll find the same thing with the terms theyíll use, say, in Freemasonry. And you can spend your life reading it, and having a good laugh because when you know what things are you often do laugh, you understand of how they communicate to each other. But things go deeper with some people too.  These are the ones who are scared stiff of life. Mind you, this system, it means to try and scare you of life altogether.


The best war to have, even in ancient times to the present, is psychological warfare on the public.  You destroy them with psychology and fear and they arenít going to fight like virile angry men. Itís not going to happen; theyíre already conquered. Very simple. So you can all be conquered so easily by those who understand the formulas. And believe you me, you have literally thousands of think tanks across the world all using these techniques to make you follow them, on behalf of the big boys themselves. Making you followÖ even the things that sound good, green this, green that, because they need you to protest for the very laws to get passed that they want themselves, so as they can have everybody off the land and they can drill there or get gas out of it or whatever else they happen to want to do. They want to own all the resources of the planet. And they use what they call useful idiots, well-meaning people but useful idiots. The ones who lead them know exactly what theyíre there for. Theyíre getting well paid for it.


But getting back to the Heavenís Gate cult... Itís very interesting to watch the videos up there about it. You get an idea of how these things actually work. Theyíre all very, very similar, where they bring you in, with little secrets, with a guru who knows the secrets.  And they give you forms of hypnosis that go on, even in a general conversation.  Because thereís different ways that you think. Thereís different levels that you think on and reflect on, as opposed to the one that you would use for driving a racing car, where you must be on the ball, split-second. And thereís another level beneath that where itís meditative, youíre contemplative about things. So these bring you into a contemplative state and a hypnotic state and you start toÖ Your total logic part for survival gets submerged into the subconscious state, and youíre under hypnosis, and easily managed, to believe things you should never everÖ things you should actually scoff at. So you had the Order of the Solar Temple. You had the Heavenís Gate group. You had the Jones group too, Jim Jones Cult that all killed themselves, mass suicide. And CIA involvement definitely, it was known about that one too, all along. Because these are being studied. They can be used on a mass scale, mass scale. So be very, very careful of these groups and people who pretend to know secrets.


As I say, I could sit and teach you secrets all the time, but simply by decoding stuff. Thatís all it is. And as I say, what man decodes, man put together, not some God or some supernatural deity. Very, very simple stuff, you see. Itís just to keep it secret from the public. Thatís the only reason itís secret. Not because thereís some magic involved in there. So be very careful of folk who come out as gurus and tell you about their own personal experiences. And you hope if you catch a hold of their robe that somehow this personís closer to the great all, call it what you want, the great all, the oneness, than you are.  Thatís a standard way of human behavior.  Where, at one time the people would touch the cloak of a King; they believed it had curative powers. Even in the times of King James.  They were regarded as holy, closer to God than you, the same with priests and so on. Because you never have enough faith in yourself. You donít have the confidence that these people seem to portray to you, to do the same thing. You see. So you fall for all these groups and the con men who make a killing off you; letís hope itís just a financial killing. Who come out and say, yep, and they rehash all the old Theosophy stuff, all the old Rosicrucian stuff. They donít have to write new books, they just take it in whole chapters from previous ones over 150 years. Itís all been done before, you see.


But thereís no end of folk who want to believe it. Because they have nothing to believe in now and theyíre desperate, absolutely desperate. And as you get more and more afraid of everything, and all this news is bashing you, oh my God thereís a thousand things, and you canít deal with them all. You canít deal with more than two major crises in your life at a time or you crack up. And when youíre in that stage of almost cracking up along comes the gurus. And they tell you they had a wonderful experience. And they tell you that maybe they took drugs with it or maybe not. And the great all came through them on a hilltop or whatever, and their whole body vibrated, and they could have left the world you knowÖ They couldíve left the world. Because you see, youíre all base, they tell you, because youíre in a lower density of vibration. Youíre not high enough, you see. Of course thereís many ways to get high. But thatís what youíre told, and people fall for it in swarms. And they throw money at gurus just like priests, because they think theyíve got the answer. They are closer to the great all than I amÖ  And theyíll pay big money for the next bit of the code and the next bit of the code.


And hereís the key to it with cults, hereís the key to it.  And con men, hereís the key, folks. Eventually these leaders, after taking you on this big ride, this crazy ride, you see, that you followed step by step, waiting to get to the ultimate oneness in knowledge and so on, they canít take you any further exceptÖ out of the world.  Out of the world.  And the psychology, their own psychology thatís working on them as the leader makes them commit suicide.  Some of them donít do that, they get you to commit suicide and they bugger off somewhere else. Because thereís nowhere else they can take you.


I can remember Bill Cooper talking years ago about this too. He said, they always tell you thereís an ultimate secret, an ultimate secret, and he says, guess what, there is no ultimate secret. Thatís the secret.  [Alan laughing.] And thatís it, you see, folks. So be very, very, very careful of these groups. As I say, look up these stories, Order of the Solar Temple, Heavenís Gate religious group which is really a cult, and the vampire-obsessed trucker, and also the one with the werewolf that they had recently in the States, a guy dressed like a werewolf playing a fantasy game, he got young 14-year-old girls to come and meet him, to get into the fantasy. People are so screwed up now they canít tell the difference between fantasy and fiction. And itís very dangerous


Because with all the slasher movies which people are gobbling up like crazy, itís always mixed with sex and violence. Thatís a great technique for conquering the mind, you know.  Sex and violence, very primitive, you see, both parts of it very primitive. And some directors and producers know this technique perfectly well because they themselves are very warped, believe you me.  And hereís the werewolf one, itís in the Mail Online, it saysÖ


Werewolf enthusiast, 44 years old, groomed 14-year-old girl for sex and went on the run after recruiting teens online to join his fantasy weapon games.


And you see him standing there with his black outfit on, and his leather strapping on, and the werewolf head, and a rifle in one hand and a pistol in the other. And thereís all these young bimbos around him, that flocked to him because theyíre getting right into all these games. Iíve mentioned before, these games were all designed by the military, you know. Why do you think the military would be designing childrenís games?  Why do you think theyíve got so many behaviorists involved in creating these games?  And psychologists and so on? Just to sell games you think? Do you think that?  But heís 44 years old, this guy, and eventually he ran off with one of them who is 14 years old. Quite something. And this is all the rage now, you see.  People cannot switch off from fantasy into reality.  Luckily they got this guy right now but I mean, whatís his past been like? How far has he gone in the past? Thereís a thing they might never find out. I mean, werewolves canít talk, eh; they only bark.


Anyway, this is the kind of thing, as I say, to be very, very careful of because weíre living in weaponized times.  Even news is weaponized. Even the disclosure of what you think youíre fighting, the news in a sense, or exposing the news thatís given to you, you can overwhelm people by hitting them with 50,000 things at the same time. You can handle two crises at a timeÖ Why do you think itís used, bombarding people with bad news, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, till youíre under the kitchen table quivering in fear?  So donít be terrified. Donít get petrified and made immobile by a weaponized system.


Your culture is weaponized.  Your entertainment is completely weaponized.  I mean, theyíve got amazing brutal sadomasochistic sex in almost every movie, and the scenes in a lot of these awful movies are just stuck in there to get the sex in, because they have nothing to do with the story. And the youngstersí ones that theyíre watching, all these slasher movies and so on Ė supposedly under the guise of horror, itís the same thing Ė whatever little hook of a story is meant to make you watch it right through hoping to find... Because you see, youíre a curious person, you want to find out who done it, that kind of thing, and how does it end.  But itís just a vehicle. The horror thing is just a vehicle for all the sadomasochism that goes on in between it. Thatís what itís for. Itís a delivery vehicle, for delivering the weapon part of it, into your brain. The mind has no firewall.


Today you donít have the traditional family anymore. Itís been under attack as well. That had to go first. So thereís no one to tell the children, you know, best not to watch that, Iíll tell you why. And then you do tell them why. This is weaponized to hit you and to make you behave in a certain way, and a way that youíll often regret, and you might get into danger as well. Thereís no one to tell them anymore. Because you see, a long, long time ago, not just Bertrand Russell and others that worked with the big global society to bring in this present culture, he said that, that it doesnít matter if the parent or parents raise the child, the technique of social indoctrination for the culture to be given to the children, is given by the state now. Theyíve already put the parents, or the parent, out of the picture until the child has more respect for, say, a youngish teacher than their parent, their stickler of the parent.  Parents are always portrayed as stupid in the movies and all the sitcoms and so on. Itís been very successful. What do you know? Youíre just my dadÖ Youíre just my dad.  And thatís how it is in todayís society.


But it wonít stop because people need, they have a craving for entertainment. Thatís one of their big weaknesses. Thatís why itís always been used against you. Down through the ages, even in the days of Plato he talks about the possibility of licensing the playwrights; I think they already were actually. But he wanted to license musicians as well because they could, even then, sing songs that could lead to revolution if the youngsters would follow them. Youíll find down in the times of Shakespeare and even other countries too with their own versions of things, plays were often put out as a way of communicating some injustice to the general public, very common. Still today youíre given the same techniques by those who run the system. But they want you to change a certain part of it. They actually use you to demand that they change a certain part of it, which has nothing to do with the outcome that youíre actually expecting to see.


All these big national parks they created, that you canít go on anymore, all the zoned areas, the corridor areas under Agenda 21, where thereís human corridors and animal corridors, and you believe it all?  No. But youíll find clauses in there where the big corporations can get rights, licensing rights to drill, frack and everything else on those lands. First they get the people off. And they got most of them off by doing in the farms by big Agri farm business. Because everything is corporate today, international corporations. The next part too, is using heavy taxation to get folk off the land, or simply closing down a road and you canít get access to where you live. So many ways to do it. Or bring in the agencies that do the eco-testing and stuff, oh you canít live here anymore, this is contaminated. Many ways to get you off the land. And weíve watched this since at least the 60s escalating. And all the big groups of course get heavy funding by big foundations, that we donít elect, the richest foundations on the planet, some of them worth trillions of dollars. Often their leaders are also the head bankers; Iím talking about the international money lenders, not the ones that just have a bank on the corner. Old stuff, isnít it? But itís true.  Biospheres for the UNÖ BiospheresÖ 


So the first thing you have to do is try and reclaim your brain.  Thatís quite an objective you know. Because youíll find that almost everything you think about is given to you to think about. The opinions you come to are ones youíve been guided to come to, mainly by the omission of another side of a story. I used to laugh at Walt Disney when I was small because I knew that rabbits didnít really talk to deer and things like that. But in the Disney movies they gave you all this complete fiction. They would even show you sometimes where the carnivores would talk to the herbivores, which doesnít happen in real life; carnivores tend to eat the herbivores. But you were given a complete fiction to prepare folk for all the guises they were going to use to steal all the land off you.


In the old days it was much easier, the King just came into the country like the Normans did, you know, and set up their warlords like satrapies for the King, they were overlords for them, and all the people became serfs, which is a nice way of saying slave.  Because you couldnít move from the land and you werenít paid for it. You simply forked out most of your crops to the lord and you supplied him with excesses that he could sell. You supplied him, too, with even your body; if he wanted it for warfare purposes he would just take it. And if you didnít go he burned you down or killed you. That was, you know, democracy in the old times that was so wonderful, knights were bold and all that. But thatís the reality of it.


Today itís a disguised system where youíre far better behaved actually because you think youíre living in something called democracy and that we all have rights. And you do have rights. You have the rights not to go outside the boundaries of everyday talk or speech. Thereís authorized speech today, you see. And you have committees sitting deciding whatís authorized and what isnít. They donít have to even have an argument anymore, letís have a discourse about something. No, if you say something theyíll try and find that youíre a hater or theyíll give you a slur name or something like that, which shuts you up completely, Pavlovian style, because everyoneís been brainwashed into what these words mean, even though itís got nothing to do with the present situation on any particular topic youíre talking about. Itís just outside the box, they donít want you to go there. You canít go out there. Youíll find just how much freedom that you have then if you do.


This technique can be spread to many other areas. Because I remember reading about the two guys, I think they were two guys from New York that were employed from a big top marketing company by the World Health Organization to bring in a system to get people to stop smoking. The guys used big think tanks and lots of money went into it, your tax money of course, to get you to stop smoking. The whole idea was to create social approval for things that they wanted you to do and social disapproval for things that they didnít want you to do. They started with the children at school until if someone lit up a cigarette 500 yards away the children would choke, theyíd start coughing and choking even though they were about half a mile away from you. And thatís a Pavlovian response. Then they spread it into the general society. Then step by step, itís always incremental, well people working in offices could smoke outside the office. Then you stop that; oh they canít smoke in the street now. And step by stepÖ


Now, the two guys said in an article that they wrote about how successful theyíd been at changing the behavior of people. Itís behavior modification. They said, we can use this on any other thing we choose, the same techniques, and it will work just as well. Incrementally, give it a few years, step by step, and you can vilify any group you want to. Whether it be obese people or whatever it happens to be, or even meat eaters, say, whatever they choose will be vilified with the same techniques. And you always get the youngsters, too, at school, you get local authorities to ban it in workplaces or around workplaces, until theyíre made to conform, or theyíre fined out of existence, or into prison. 


Now getting back to what I was talking about with the New Age and so on.  Be very, very careful before you give your brain away to any con man.  I mean, thereís even late-night talk shows that do nothing but talk about this stuff, knowing theyíre conning the people, and knowing that it could cause harm to different ones too. But again, they always say itís not our problem. Itís amazing how you can always justify it when your paycheck is pretty fat, and itís not your problem, isnít it.  But there you go. If some guy comes along and says Iíve got the answer, or he comes out with stars all over his suit or something and tells you about his experiences, or heís another guru of some kind, or even a famous person, like the reincarnation of Jesus or Gandhi or whoever it happens to be, if you fall for that, folks, somethingís really seriously wrong in your life and your mind.


And they tell you, oh yeah youíve got to go way up to violet, get the violet colors going, youíll vibrate higher in the violet colors, you know. And you can vibrate right out of this world into a high astral plane. SafeÖ See, itís a promise of safety in a fearful world.  It always happens at the end of an age. This age was planned to end by those in control. And they bring in their new system and youíre even better slaves than you were before. Thatís what itís all about. But donít just follow people blindly because they give out tantalizing little bits of information. As I say, if you just buy a pile of old Rosicrucian books youíll see itís all in there, just rehashing the same. They donít have to make up new stuff, just rehash it all, generations of stuff, going way back, always promising youÖ the next lure, you see.


Some of them even give you classes on conology.  Thatís what I call it, conology; thatís the art of conning people. And they give them classes on it, and they promise them if you just get to the next step youíll be higher and higher in your understandingÖ And when you get to a stage when you understand it all you have these super godlike powers.† But they can never take you there, you see, unless they tell the whole cult to commit suicide. Or they might just say theyíve got enough in their bank account now and pack it in. But thereís no end, no end of people whoíve had since the 1960s especially this alternate, they call it perennial religion. They always pull it out of the hat at times of the end of an age, the same perennial religion. The Reincarnation thing, the whole idea of hidden MastersÖ Hidden Masters. And often the guys will present themselves as Masters. He has to be a hidden master who is now out in the open, right? Otherwise how would he know this stuff?† What man can decipher man put together in the first place.


And I very much doubt he was vibrating above, you know, the kitchen table when he was doing it. And itís so easy to tell people, and we like telling people about our odd experiences. We all have them, odd experiences. But thereís never any answer or meaning that weíre left with. Once in a blue moon there might be something, but it generally doesnít repeat itself over and over. When they tell you that they do have all the answers, youíre dealing with someone that PT Barnum would advocate, like a student of his, when he says, thereís a sucker born every minute.  Ancient techniques... Ancient techniques. But itís very lucrative for those who want to exploit people. I generally put the information out for free. Thatís all. Hereís what it means. This is how they communicate to each other. Hereís the degreed system, just like a military system from private all the way up to general, same idea. And lots of people think theyíre superior. Lots of them do.


The ones who really are superior are only superior because they understand the art of keeping the masses in a different reality from themselves. And picking their sons and daughters wives for them, thatís standard down through the ages with the wealthy elite. They tell you to marry for love. They marry wealth.  Wealth and their offspring, thatís why they live through their offspring, their progeny.  Be careful. Donít give your brain away.


When they tell you they can always have the same experience, this high, high spiritual experience, tell them to prove it. They canít prove it to you. Everything has to be taken on belief, your gullibility, you see. They canít. You canít fool animals the same way, mammals like chimps and things; you canít do it with them. Because they donít understand language as you know it. The art of conning human beings is done through persuasion, where you start with a common agreed idea and then someone with a good vocabulary and an intellect can warp it off into Lala land, and have you follow it and agreeing all the way, nodding your head. Thatís the dialectic process. Like a salesman uses, they start off with, itís a nice day, you nod your head.  Nice house youíve got here, you nod your head. Youíre saying yes, yes, yes, you see. And then along to the sales pitch, this is a nice vacuum. Yes. Itís all psychology, folks.


Read Plato. Read all the other philosophers.  Same thing. They start off with a premise, which you can all say, yeah, we stand on the ground, donít we? Oh yeah, we all stand on the ground. Before you know it this guy is telling you, you can vibrate higher and higher, if you just pay him the money heíll give you the secrets. And thereís techniques to make you believe it.  The perennial religionÖ as though understanding is going to cause something to happen. Amazing isnít it? So be very, very careful.


And watch out for the cults. If youíve got children, if you got children that are just obsessed with their technologies, they canít talk to anybody face-to-face anymore, and theyíre maybe talking to all kinds of weirdoes because they donít know who is on the other end of that phone, and theyíre texting too, and all the sockpuppets put out by government agencies and foundations and experiments run on them even by the universities like MIT, they donít even know itís happening.  But itís all carefully monitored to see whatís working. This is the big laboratory. As we live day by day thereís another experiment going on. Thereís many experiments going on to find out what will work on the mass of the people, the bulk of the population.   Be careful.


Now, I got to get back to trying fixing this water pump here, if itís possible to do, which Iím not really sure it is until the summer. As I say, Iíve never seen so much snow as weíve had this year in Canada.  The temperatureís still plummeting at night, way below zero, and during the day too. It still isnít getting above the freezing mark. And stacks and stacks of snow to go; itís going to be murder trying to move once that snow starts to melt and freeze, melt and freeze day by day, whenever that starts. And it floods into the road and freezes and you canít, itís like a skating rink of course. There will be flooding this year too, as they play up the chaos, you see, thatís caused.


By the way, I meant to mention there are articles out there from a few years ago, Iíve read them before, where it was found out that agreements had been reached through all the different states in the US and parts of Canada to hold back the sluice gates, rather than release a little water at a time from big dams and things for runoff, and let it all go at once. Why do you think youíre getting all the flooding here and there over the last few years? That was the reason, folks. What you donít know can con you. And what you donít know can make you suffer too.


Anyway, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 


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