April 27, 2014 (#1433)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"A Band-Aid Prevention Against Distorted Perception"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 27th of April, 2014.  Iíve been busy here still catching up with a lot of things I had postponed over the years in fact, the things that canít be postponed any longer, to get things out of the way and shaped up for the future. Because weíre moving on; weíre moving on, as I say, fast into the new society. Thereís nothing scary about it to me because Iíve been reading about it all my life. 


The big boys love to print their books out when they retire, generally, their memoirs, etc. and they tell you so much, but nobody bothers to read it anymore. The media wonít tell you anything about it because they are part of the controlled system. They tell you what to worry about, what not to worry about or what to ignore completely.  And they cannot be trusted, actually, for anything at all now. Thereís so much lies, in fact, being spewed out right now from the media to do with the upcoming possible wars and so on, and the recycling of old photographs from other countries with chemical weapons being used over and over again. So many cons theyíve pulled in the past you could never, ever trust them ever, ever again. But as I say, theyíre part of the system of control.


Iíve gone through the history often of the media, especially in the US, and in Britain too, run by the big boys who belong to the biggest club in the world, basically, the editors, the owners of the newspapers. They know their role in pacifying and entertaining and misleading the public. And thatís just a fact, folks. News is nothing to do with truth. Never forget that, news is nothing to do with truth. The truth is hard to find out in your own personal lives with those around you, never mind trying to get it from people with political agendas, or geopolitical agendas and so on. Itís a very difficult thing, especially since mankind is incredibly unscrupulous, especially the power brokers.


Most folk will lie, in petty white lies of course, to achieve something or simply disclose or hide something, which is their own business. But the big boys who are into power think nothing of lying continuously to the masses of the public. They donít blush. The psychopaths donít blush, of course. They can rationalize to themselves and each other, because all psychopaths know each other and they can actually work awfully well together. But they say, itís for the greater good, with themselves at the top being the greatest, so they get the greatest of all good, you see. And thatís how the world really runs.


We are the proles, as George Orwell said in 1984 his book, and the proles donít count. He said, the proles donít count. Itís only necessary once in a while to get them on board for public opinion for support for wars and things. The easiest trick in the book is to smear other people, take them out of context and all the rest of it. Theyíve done this for centuries and centuries. Nothing new under the sun, they say, and there truly isnít. Thereís nothing new under the sun except that in ancient times they didnít have photography and newsreels which they could edit and alter, etc. etc. So seeing is not believing anymore, hasnít been since the invention of photography in fact, when you go into the history of the scams that were pulled at the very beginning, never mind the present.


So youíve got to think for yourselves, if you want to think at all. Itís very, very true, the saying that ignorance is bliss. You canít get a truer saying than ignorance is bliss because only those who are happy are blissfully ignorant, in fact. They accept the world as itís been presented to them and theyíve been indoctrinated into believing since childhood. They question nothing. They think youíre paranoid if you come up with alternate facts on anything, I mean facts on anything. Facts donít count, you see, with agendas. Facts really donít count.  Most folk, when theyíre perfectly conditioned, take the mainstream news like Brzezinski said, as the gospel truth, and they expect the media to do their reasoning for them. In other words, they expect the media to tell them what to be angry about, or worried about, because the media, they think, is an appendage to their brain for their reasoning. And of course, itís nothing of the kind at all.


Information has always been used to fool people, always been used to fool people. So much so that if you have a very strong opinion on something in these days you might be a useful idiot without knowing it. Youíve all had experience Iím sure of trying to, what the popular term today is, wake up. Which is the wrong term to use. Just like conspiracy theory was all given to you as well. Terminology is generally given to you by those who control the system, either to ridicule whatever youíre talking about, or they bring in the aliens or something, or the old Rosicrucian stuff which they revive and they tell you to vibrate higher and youíll know the truth, etc. But the fact is, information has always been a con. Always been a con.


From ancient times, for instance, it took power, powerful people, even a little clique, a big family, to dominate its neighbors before it can set its sights on dominating and creating what was called a nation. And itís very difficult to do with a big family because generally youíre up against a much bigger population who will fight back.  And big armies, if you get a big army to protect you and defend you to make sure you stay in power, to conquer more territory for your own family as kings and queens did, you need other things to back you up. You need, number one, money. Without money folk go home; the army dissolves. It can only carry what it can plunder and it would go home. With the invention of money, that was the key to all powers from then to the present time.  Not military might. Money buys military might. Money gets countries into debt.  Countries in debt will do what theyíre told by the big bankers they owe the money to, because the bankers control the world.  This is very simple, they control all monies in the planet. Thereís no mystery of money at all. Itís an elaborate con and itís been used for thousands of years for this purpose.


But you also need generally a religion to back it up too. In ancient times, pre-Christian times we saw the different religious groups from Egypt onwards who would back up the Pharaoh and keep the people in their place through fear and terror of all-seeing eyes, etc, or the eye-in-the-sky of the deity, that kind of thing. Itís very easy to do once you get the ball rolling. And itís much easier to do, too, if you can back it up with a paid military, when youíve got cash to pay them. And you give them extra privileges because with money you can buy prostitutes; you can buy whatever you want. Money is the key to all power. Some people always focus, every generation, on the military power. The military power is subordinate to the economic power that rules them all, including the nations.


So very early on in human existence those who discovered the power of money naturally monopolized it for themselves, the ability to create the money. Thatís why they had to get other branches going out into politics to run governments, advising kings and queens and the present day governments of today. Itís amazing how governments say itís good to be in debt. Itís somehow good for us to be in debt.† Well, debt is slavery. It cannot be defined as any other thing. Itís slavery. This goes back to the Old Testament it was taken from, the five books of Moses, debt is slavery. And that was okay in those days too. If you could put yourself into financial debt then your children, your offspring who were born into the debt were also owned by the master who owned you. Nothing much has changed. Today we call it citizenship. We find that the citizenship is really a battle to see who has the right to tax you. Because youíre a productive unit, you see, youíre an economic unit.  This has always been understood by the con men who manage money. 


Today of course itís backed by nothing anyway, which it certainly takes a leap of faith Ė so theyíre very religious at the top with a leap of faith.  But they find as long as the public accept this faith thing then they can keep giving us pieces of paper, and this makes everything go around. But a lot of it is taken off you through taxes to keep another massive bureaucracy above you going. Because without the bureaucracies, you see, the money couldnít be passed on.  The big, big, big cut of it couldnít be Ė and believe you me itís a huge cut that even the bureaucrats get.  But they couldnít put the biggest cut back to the Masters of the banks. Because the banks, the big banks, or international money lenders, and some of them by the way are not even banks. The international money lenders are not even banks. They donít have branches across the world or anything like that. But they are the big money lenders, and theyíre often families, and they run the world.


They have to be pulled in when any big meetings go on for government to discuss the debt, the debt.  We want to go to war with these folk, can we afford it? Then the bankers look to see what they can get out of it of course, which is always to do with interest and compound interest over time, and how much theyíll project into the future according to how much is going to get borrowed, to keep this war going once itís started and supply etc. Itís great business.  Because mankind truly, and when it comes to those who rule in power, itís not very nice at all. Itís never been very nice. The history of the world has been one of slaughter. Slaughter. The history books, remember, were often written by those around kings and queens, or ancient caesars and so on in ancient Rome, and they had to write the stuff at the time to suit the guy who was the top honcho, at least the representative of the top honcho. Because even behind them there were the bankers, by the way, who also collected the taxes. They were given the right to collect taxes off the general public Ė itís called tax farming Ė by the king, queen, or pharaoh or whatever it happens to be, in order to pay off the debt of the money that the king was borrowing, or nobility or aristocracy, to spoil themselves in their lavish lifestyles. And they gave the right to tax the peasants to the tax farmers. Today they donít bother.  Theyíve got an even better front. They use the government to collect the taxes themselves to pay off debts and so on, national debts, to the bankers. So the bankers that hide behind the scenes are kept out of the picture and we just despise what we think is the taxation agencies. Plus it saves the bankers sending out their tax farmers too; it saves them money; they can use the governments to do it for them.


So itís all to do with how you perceive things. Perception management is as old as the hills, as they say. And thatís an awful, awful old hill there. So weíre living in a very predatory system. Itís always been that way, as I say. Those who seek power are the top predators.  Theyíve got it a polished art today, a polished surface of respectability through the PR machines that run the media for us. But at heart they are just the same power-hungry fiends that have turned armies loose on their own publics in ages gone by, over and over again. We never seem to learn. We seem to think somehowÖ See, weíve fallen for this thing called progress. No one ever defines what progress means. But there is an agenda here, by the way, a very old agenda and whenever they say progress theyíre talking about their own agenda, a world domination etc., but a new system as well, and an eventual drastic reduction of populations, right into the genetic cloning of new slaves down the road to serve the elite, you see. All of that is called progress. We are told, you canít stop progress. And we learn to parrot this stuff from childhood, you canít stop progress. Another one is, the only thing you can be sure of is death and taxes.  So you become acclimatized to what is an inevitability, you see, a fatalistic outlook that nothing can ever be done. And this has all been taught to you by the predators who control you.  A sad thing to imagine.


Now normal folk canít get into the headspace of the psychopaths. And they have big, big, huge world clubs, the psychopaths, including the banking clubs and so on. And we canít get into their headspace because you are not that way, you see. Youíre more human in your emotions and your reactions, your dealings with others. Those at the top donít have those, they call it, impediments, the human emotion of having empathy towards other people especially ones of lower status. Weíre called the masses, the herd, the unwashed masses, etc; this is what they call us, in fact.  When they go on television with their PR stuff and their little bit of acting Ė which all politicians now pay money to get basic deportment and acting, and itís paid for by the taxpayers now as an expense Ė so they can con you better, on how to present their con jobs over to you, you see.


Now, itís also a truism in politics that you canít please all of the people all of the time. So they donít intend to. But they try to please as many as they possibly can by saying the things which are unquestioned by the masses.  Very simple things. At election time itís unemployment and education; itís just a mantra they go through. That means that they feel your pain. In other words, the topics which are important to you they at least recognize on the surface. Mind you, these are born liars that are telling you this stuff; they feel nothing for you. They want to enrich themselves and have money for their own progeny to go off into the future living awfully, awfully well off of you. Because the history of the world is one of slavery and Charles Galton Darwin said it in his book The Next Million Years.  He says, thereís always been slavery in one form or another and we are in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.  What he meant was, itís the system youíre in today; you donít know you are a slave. 


Ask people what they worry about. What do they worry about? Money. Most divorces start off Ė in the lower classes especially, they get hit first Ė over fighting over money for basic essentials.  You canít have harmony when youíre fighting and squabbling over bare essentials, because youíre both terrified, the male and the female, the children, the whole thing, everyone is terrified of being evicted, whatever it happens to be. Itís fear, fear, fear. Itís promoted. But that also goes all the way up the ladder too because most classes live to the output of their income. The middle classes want to emulate the higher classes and so theyíre up to their eyeballs in debt too. So they have as much arguing going on as well. So no oneís really happy in the system of money because thereís no level of, say, happinessÖ Thereís no happiness scale and you say, well, we reached it today, I donít want to go any further than this, Iíve got enough money coming in. Because money is an elastic thing. You donít control it; someone else stretches it when it suits them. It can either buy that same bag of rice for the same amount of money or it might cost you ten times the amount of money to buy that same bag of rice because some person youíll never meet has jacked the prices up. Heís got a bunch of excuses of course, about, oh well itís demand, supply, and so on, like that.


Whereas what youíll find at the top, there are NO strictly independent corporations, international corporations. You have cabalsÖ cabals that have taken over all the worldís resources, working together, which means there is a hierarchy.   And near the hierarchy of every corporation thereís a crossover man who belongs to other circles, thatís how Quigley described this as well.† Because they must all work together on the same agenda so they can all profit and keep everybody else in the dark as they go forward with this agenda. And this agenda brings on wars. This agenda has the publics of all countries paying for armies, big armies they canít afford generally, because theyíre nonproductive. But the big boys themselves see armies as being productive for their private corporations, because they are the guys who grab the oil and so on and the minerals and the resources for the big boys during wartime; thatís their job. Thatís their job. Whoever their enemy is supposed to be, or some bad guy, is often irrelevant. Irrelevant.


Because you can smear anybody and create a one-sided picture, and even make it law that you believe it.  And the public will obey... I believe this is the rottenest guy who ever lived in history.  I remember Ronald Reaganís time, where he painted about three different people during his time in office as the Great Satan, one after the other. He just dropped the last one; I guess Satan jumps from body to body. But this is how they do things. And it didnít change during the Clinton era. It didnít change during all the presidents that have been up to the present ones today. Itís the same techniques used, the same propaganda techniques used to demonize your enemy, you see. And you canít believe, honestly, you canít believe anything you read or hear from the mainstream when it comes to these kind of topics because the slants, spins and outright lies are given to you all the time. Because the first thing you must do for war purposes is to get public opinion behind you. So you create public opinion. 


Iíve talked about Bernays who was only one of the guys who were taught the secret arts of mass controls, a very ancient art amongst people he knew, from his own history line actually. He talked about creating propaganda. He boasted after World War I that he and his cronies in the PR business had managed all the PR to get America, the US into World War I. He boasted afterwards and that caused a bit of a stink, but people donít remember things for very long. Before they had that, the people were objecting to it.  In came the Great Depression caused by the bankers, again, and the oil boys who were manipulating and standardizing all the oil under Standard Oil, etc, etc.  And youíre diverted off again into basic necessitiesÖ Oh, this is what you have to worry about, getting food, your rent or mortgage, accommodation, basic things. Youíre back to that again.


But you get fed up living through this ongoing agenda.  Donít you? And Iím telling you, nothing surprises me because once youíve read their agendas and you keep up with their geopolitics strategy, then you know whatís coming, every step of it, to whom, and whoís going to get hammered next, and what pretense, and how theyíll launch it to the public to believe in and all that. Itís awfully boring. It gets awfully boring knowing what they plan to do, how theyíll manage the publicís minds and so on. Itís sad, isnít it? Very sad.


But even alternate news too gets caught up in this because a lot of them, not all of them, but some of them are really fake. Iíve read some of the articles that have come out and I understand how spins are created. Some of them even take up things from mainstream who are demonizing somebody and they alter it. They alter it to make the guy really, really nasty. And when itís found out that some major media altered some interview, they donít retract their story. Thatís the giveaway. They donít retract it and say oops, sorry about that.


So everything is a war of words. A war of words. Thatís why in the old Hebrew writings they talked about, in the beginning God spoke the world, the realities, into existence.  Spoke... The spoken word, you see.† And it used to surprise me as a child when I used to really dig into the meanings of things, and why this word was so important. Then in the New Testament you find, in the beginning was the wordÖ you see, the word. Then we have the lost word in Freemasonry, and all of this kind of stuff. Itís all connected, you see, the word.† Now words today are neurolinguistics, also called psycholinguistics. Words are used to perfection because with an authoritative figure, using the right sequence of words, and a whole process from A to B to wherever to the end of his spiel, then he must bring you to a desired conclusion. Most folk accept the conclusion as their own. It never occurs to them that theyíre being lied to. It doesnít occur to them theyíve been led to this belief and this opinion. But youíve met them all in the streets. Youíll never meet so many opinionated people as the average Joe, youíll never meet so many.


Because they have an ego.  Number one, they have an ego and if they havenít heard something from the mainstream it cannot be true or it canít be important. Regardless of the evidence you give them, it doesnít really matter to them. Theyíll give you that knowing smile, like yeah sure, and theyíre quite happy in their ignorance. They think theyíre informed.  Donít get me wrong, they think theyíre informed. I mean you see, who should be paranoid once youíre born into this system... If youíre paranoid into it and think that people are there to use your minds and create your opinions, basically use you, that creates a paranoia naturally. Because youíre taught, who would want to do that? Well guess what? All governmental systems have always wanted to do that. And they do it. Quite simple.


So the art of controlling masses goes back thousands and thousands of years. And itís a science, a science thatís never been lost at any time down through history. Itís always been taught to the select few, you see. They in turn work for their Masters who run the money system, which is a great con job.  When you have to go to university to get a degree in economics, to add things and subtract things, thereís something wrong with it because it should be so simple. And there is something wrong with it. Itís cons. Itís called conology.  Conology, and weíre brought up with a perfect art today of conology.


Governments also have discussed it many times and Iíve given the quotes from many of the philosophers that work for them, etc., and those who work in the world think tanks for big global powers, where they said that it would be irresistible NOT to use drugs and chemicals etc. to sterilize the population or bring them down, or even bring on earlier deaths, and then especially to dumb them down so as that theyíre easier managed.  Iíve read so many articles, and I wonít go over it again because of that.  Go into the archive section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com to find out, if you really want to.


Most folk donít really want this kind of stuff, you see. They want what they think is Ė itís an amazing technique too. See, most people want what theyíre taught and brainwashed to want. They donít know theyíre brainwashed. They donít know evenÖ Itís never even occurred to them that they might even be brainwashed.  Perfect indoctrination to them means that theyíre perfectly indoctrinated. Perfectly. Not a little bit, but perfectly indoctrinated. The more opinionated they are, spieling off from mainstream, the more theyíre indoctrinated. But they think theyíre sane, quite sane because everyone around them that believes in the system like this has the same opinions. Theyíre all given the same opinions, you see.  So most people donít really want truth.


They have no spirit in them to find truth.  And itís something else in you that makes you question, thereís no doubt about that.  And maybe the fact that certain inoculations didnít take on you and destroy enough brain cells; thatís what it could be. But itís not helped by the food, the fluoride and all the rest of the stuff, and the hormones, the xenoestrogens, artificial estrogens like bisphenol, and I mean not just the A group but all the other groups in bisphenol. Itís not just that, itís a combination of everything actually. 


But what people really want today is instant new news.  Thatís why they call it news. Itís just new info. It doesnít mean right, wrong, true or false. Because weíve all been taught through the commercialized system since Bernays, especially, that anything thatís a little bit older is bad. They used this technique to get young folk to stop talking to adults in the 60s; it was part of the communist revolution in the West. But it also was used by the marketing companies that also worked, by the way, in strategies to con and get the young folk to rebel, etc.  It was used by the marketing companies to make you think that, oh, be snobbish about the age of someone elseís car, look down on it, oh itís an old so-and-soÖ you see, to make you purchase the new. Youíve all been trained into the new and news is no different. People are trained, thinking that if they miss that dayís news and whatever amount of terror and fear and hype is shoved in their face, then it might be detrimental to the survival of their own selves. Like the mediaís going to tell you today thereís going to be a grand apocalypse or something. You really think so? Keep tuning in.


See, fear is the great immobilizer. Itís also the technique thatís used to make people comply, obey... obey.  When youíre fearful you cannot think logically. When youíre fearful youíre scared of everythingÖ everything. And fear grows like a cancer, you start becoming afraid of everything around you. And itís used as a weapon against you by those who understand perfectly well what theyíre doing. 


If you do, for instance, a radio talk Ė and Iíve done lots and lots of them and Iíll be doing lots more by the way Ė you donít want to throw out a hundred different things at the public, and each one theyíre helpless to change.  So if theyíre getting that thrown in their faces every day through fear, hype and so on, whatís the purpose of it? The purpose is in itself.   The medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan said. Itís to terrify you and it makes you dysfunctional. Itís just like watching a horror movie. Iíve gone into the techniques of neuroscience and so on and the behaviorism and how they have studied us like no insect on the planet. Weíre the most studied species, and not just recently. Ancient stuff. And fearful people stop believing in their own common sense. They stop believing in themselves. They look to those throwing out the fear to save them, like a Messiah. 


Itís a fantastic thing that happens psychologically with them, well understood, used to the maximum during real warfare periods as strategy. Because as the public become more and more fearful and terrified they look to either a supernatural creator to step in and help and stop it all, make the bad world go away. Or else they turn to the politicians and say please save us.  And the politicians have a great field day during wars, a great time of applause, etc. and they can strut around like Nero, and have their names all over the papers, as they technically take credit for making decisions they had nothing to do with. But thatís how the whole world is run. Itís a vast system of acting and conology, to manage the minds of billions of people.


Every nation has its big gang at the top, and the big gang is above the politicians. The politicians are the little workers whose job it is to contain the masses on behalf of those who own the country.  And when you have wars itís nothing to do with us against them, our nation, get the flag outÖ See the brainwashing, you think that little flag is you, you know, and away you go because youíre brainwashed. And you fight those guys with that other flag over there who have been brainwashed and believe in theirs is the right flag and all that. And after itís all done and gone, whoever has won, you see, the big corporations that are behind it all and own basically the governments, and of course the bankers are behind that too, snap up, just like they did in Iraq, all the damned oil fields, for instance. In Africa theyíre snapping up allÖ thereís gold, diamonds, for God sake; thereís uranium, really high grade quality uranium all through different parts of Africa, the Congo, etc.  And all these natural resources the big boys want for themselves. So they use your armies like private armies as a method of business.  But you see, you, when you put that uniform on, are not taught this, and you never will be taught this, to find out why things are going on. Youíre given the most simplistic, basic propaganda possible.  And itís kept very simple to stop you thinking about it too much.  Just accept it, donít think about it, thatís why itís simple.


Itís often been said that wisdom brings sorrow and great wisdom brings great sorrow. And thereís no doubt thatís true. Thatís true. Because we do, once you have insight into how the world really works, and even how your fellow man works for instance, you have to keep some kind of faith in humanity itself, or at the very least your own way of conducting yourself etc., or youíll shatter, youíll go under.† The psychopath doesnít do that because they see every great piece of wisdom as something to be exploited for their own personal benefit. And they love to boast about it too. If youíve ever met a bunch of businessmen chatting away underneath the little cordiality smiles and sniggers and so on as they share in-house jokes, youíll find theyíre the top predators. It doesnít matter how old they become, it isnít just a sexual thing like Freud tried to say, the libido was the drive behind all things. Itís not that at all. They love to conquer. Conquer.  Conquer. They also love to talk about themselves all the time, and a trait of the psychopath is often to keep mentioning their own names, so they call themselves by the third person.


So youíll find, as I say, that everything really is controlled in the world by psychopaths, who certainly are clever enough to come to arrangements with other psychopaths for their own self-benefit. And the big top gangs that ran all nations, and created the nations in fact... Is a nation even a natural thing when you think about it? Think about it.  See, we take everything for granted without thinking about it. What kings used to do before they were kings, is the big families slaughter the ones next door. Eventually in come the money boys, they borrow money, they get a standing army and they go off and conquer more people. Then they create the nation for themselves. Any attempt to do otherwise and create a more natural system of equality, etc. in a nation, is always infiltrated very quickly by those who seek power.


Because power seekers are part of the psychopathic group.  The average person really shuns power in fact. They shun power. They donít need the groveling. They donít need the bowing and applause from others.  They donít have to keep feeling theyíre striving and winning, winning, winning all the time.  But the big players, regardless of their age Ė just like pedophiles, by the way, which is linked together Ė they donít stop their bizarre behavior.  Itís with them till they die. Itís an abnormality. Now, some peopleÖ and I queried this as well. I thought, well, maybe that is the natural order of society. If itís always been a horror show of the dominant minority ruling over the majority, often in horrific ways, horrific ways to keep the public in line... I mean public displays of executions of the most horrible kinds at times to get the message across to obey, obey, obey authorityÖ Then maybe thatís the natural order. Maybe the psychopaths, the ones who we think are abnormal, are the normal ones. What kind of world would it be if we were all psychopaths? Weíd slaughter each other all the time, till thereís nothing left. 


Now, the psychopath, unfortunately, as they say, is not illegal. Itís not illegal to be a psychopath. They wonít test them at birth often, for that. Now, theyíll test all the children amongst the cattle, like the GIRFEC project in Britain for instance Ė they have one in England too under a different title, and other European countries, and America is following suit by the way Ė where they want perpetual psychological evaluation from childhood right through, so they can readjust and fine-tune you if you start thinking for yourselves and ask the wrong kinds of questions. In other words, anything thatís really pertinent to reality. So youíll find that they wrote about this a long time ago. Iíve gone through some of the histories of the American Psychiatric Association, the World Psychiatric Association, from the history of Freud who was a front man of course, to his daughter Anna who took over, and all those involved in it. They helped bring you free love and so on that ended up with massive abortion factories all over the place, until every part of the Communist Manifesto, including the dehumanization of the individual as an amoeba working for the state, a cog in the wheel, has come true. 


The average Joe literally doesnít care about the slaughter of his own kind, or otherwise. You might say that heís more selective in what he cares about, because thatís how he is. Heís taught what to care about. Just like they can teach you to believe that the best music is this and whatever trash they give you today is now the in-thing, youíll see all the young grab it. Because you see, the youth are so easy to use. So easy. They want to believe theyíre on the cutting edge of something, especially when those who control the culture industry tell them, theyíre part of the revolutionÖ whatever revolution it might happen to be.  And theyíre also taught that all that music theyíre hearing is from them, their own generation. They donít see all the old characters in the fuzzy suits, you know, and tweed jackets, the ones who sit on the boards who plan the whole future of the culture and whatís going to be made popular. Itís the same bunch that gave you what was called modern art. A few squiggles on canvas and suddenly itís worth millions, supposedly, because they say so, simply because they say so. The same with music.


So the youth are always used, naturally, and theyíre wide open, a blank slate to be propagandized.  If the proper format in neurolinguistics puts over the proper story to them in the right order and fashion, theyíll always come to the desired conclusions, thinking itís their own. So weíre so well understood that, as I say, everything would have to change, EVERYTHING would have to change for any kind of just society, if you can even get a just society.  Weíve seen the supposed attempts in the past for it that were completely fake. Itís like the Communist system was a ruse to use the masses of the people for a particular clique to get in. And funded by Western banks. So that wasnít a true experiment. It certainly was an experiment on other forms of mass conditioning, with the ultimate use of force and authority. But it wasnít to bring some utopia in at all, it never was, to the big boys.  It never was. So can you even have any kind of equality? when you have people arguing about the most petty, petty things?


Today youíre being pushed into incredible austerity. Iíve told you so many times the agenda for sustainability, Agenda 21 and so on, the Millennium Project, all the same thing, is multi-fold, lots of parts of the plan; you can all get access to the whole lot of it if you want to.  Download it; I wonít find it for you. Iíve put it up many, many times before through links and talks Iíve given over the years; thereís thousands of talks Iíve given. And if you really are sincere and you really need to know... As I say, if thereís no spirit there you wonít want to know, itís too much trouble. If itís too much trouble, the spirit ainít there.  The desire to know is something you canít turn off. Youíve either got it or you donít. Which means you will work at something to find factsÖ facts, all important facts. And it wonít make you happy knowing the facts. It sets the mind free because at least now you know youíre living in a con game, a perfect scientifically-designed con game. But it doesnít make you any happier. It doesnít make the evil bad world go away. It doesnít make more coins in your pockets appear to jingle or anything like that. Because youíre still stuck under the same thumbs as everybody else.


The tragedy, too, of anything that really tries to change something is that in come all the fringe groups, who are well used and so perfectly understood how to use them, and they are created by them too, by the big boys themselves, to infiltrate. And theyíre not looking for the basic needs to start with. Thereís an old story, and itís even biblical. Theyíll say, if you want to teach someone something first fill their belly. You canít teach someone starving. So you get rid of the basic worries in essentials and youíll find you can start thinking a bit more rationally when youíve got some nutrition going through your brain and your body. Then you say, whatís next as essential. You donít jump off into someone thatís preoccupied with a joystick between their legs. Thatís been used, all these techniques, by those at the top. The priorities have to start with everybody gets fed, stop all the terror and fear that everyoneís living under, and then you can all start thinking rationally. And tempers that would once flare over certain topics won't be flaring anymore, when eventually they can be brought up at the right time.


As I say, weíre so well understood. The art of destruction is the most powerful art there is.  Itís well understood. And the art of controlling billions of people is well understood, and used constantly on a daily basis, against you. Iíve said so many times the mind has no firewall, be careful what you let in. Donít just jump at someoneís opinion, anybodyís opinion, even mine.  Unless youíre happy parroting other people because youíre too lazy to think for yourself. The problem you get into with politics and politicians is that you start parroting them. Oh, he speaks for me, Iím going to vote for that guy, he speaks, oh, he says the things I think about. Does he?  Does he really? You donít know who these characters are. Their whole persona is an engineered makeup from public relations companies. You havenít got a clue who they are. Youíll never sit and wine and dine with them. But you go and vote for themÖ oh, he mentioned this, that I really care about.  So think about these little, simple, basic, common sense things.  And donít jump to parrot opinions off to other people.


Youíve got folk that canít help themselves, who think theyíre waking up. Theyíre bubbling with all the data that theyíve been downloaded with from others and they want to unload it on everybody else. As though just speaking this is going to stop all the evil in the world, and theyíre awfully disappointed when it doesnít.  At the reactions they get, theyíre awfully disappointed, most of them.  Thereís a time and a place to say something, if anything should be said at all.  It depends on the situation, where you are, with whom, when, and what youíre going to say.  Little things are often better to say, and you stick on it, if you want to try at all that is.  Youíll know right away if thereís any point in saying anything. So mention one thing that will affect that person personally.  Those who say and walk away live to speak another day.  Donít just unload them with a torrent of terrifying stuff, like a nutcase. And thatís what the big boys count on. Thatís why they give you stuff thatís fear based to hype and parrot, by the way, because no oneís going to listen to a raving lunatic. It turns them off.  Itís like someone selling their version of religion to you. So be very careful. Be very, very careful. Think for yourself. Iíve always said, think for yourself. Iíve always said that, youíve got to think for yourself and question things. Question even the topics that you think any side you are following is giving you. And ask why theyíre giving you these topics, these particular topics.


As far as the world goes, youíre living through an agenda. Itís easy to find out what the agenda is, the big boys write about it in advance.  Iíve mentioned Brzezinski many times, top geopolitician, guys who strategize on how to take down countries, how to overthrow countries, how to put their own puppet governments in, etc.  And not for your country, although they will use you like a private business and your armaments and all the rest of it, but for the clique who dominate the world with their vision of their world, being the naturally superior who go off into the future and their own progeny take over.  Think about it all.  Think about it all, the whys of things and why this or that is made popular, for you to parrot.  Iíve said Brzezinski said too that eventually the public will be unable to reason for themselves; that was in his book Between Two Ages written in the 1970s, they will expect the media to do their thinking and reasoning... reasoning for them.  They have. 


Donít take it as a personal challenge that itís your job to go out and see the perfectly conditioned and deprogram them.  Youíll ruin yourself in the process and isolate yourself. And youíll gain nothing from it. You can only tell people who ask particular questions, and even at the very start they might ask a pertinent question.  But youíll know if theyíre a person who can grasp what youíre saying and really wants to know, if they actually shut up and listen. If they ask the question and then talk over you with their opinions about it when you try to reply, youíre not talking to a person youíre going to help; youíre not able to do so.


In the ancient mystery schools they had vows of silence, long before Christianity. Because the whole point was to learn and look and listen. The Freemasons use that too in the English Lodge still today. The point of it is, if you truly are wanting to learn, shut up and listen. And sometimes itís best not to even ask questions. Let the person doing the talking do their talking.  Many of the questions that you will feel like interrupting to ask will be answered if you let them talk.


But today we live in instant answers, bits and bytes of information the average person carries. They want drive-through coffees and drive-through answers... make it short, I donít have the time. Such a person doesnít want to be educated, folks. And thatís why you can only educate classes of people who really are selected for their ability to really listen and to have that drive, spirit in them that helps them understand. And you donít have to tell them to listen, theyíll do it automatically. AutomaticallyÖ And if youíre telling them something that they canít accept, thatís fine. They can then say, oh this is conning me, or this is fooling me, or somethingís wrong, or 90% of this is good but this last 10% doesnít seem to fit right. Go by your instinct because thatís generally true, generally true, folks. 


But to think, do you really think that such a powerful system thatís brought us into this stage of world type governance as theyíre calling it right now, do you really think with all the untold finances that they have, countless finances, they donít have enough folk to go around and counter everything thatís been done? Of course they do. Iíve gone through some of the history of spying, internal spying, in countries like England, but from the Middle Ages right up to the 1800s, into the early 1900s, where thousands of folk, thousands of folk were employed to spy on folk living in places just like London, to listen to gossip, to go around the coffee shops and the tea shops and the bars, and listen to gossip. The so-called Lawrence of Arabia, that was his job to do as well. They sent him abroad to do it to the Arabian countries.  He was financed with other spies to start up newspapers and then put topics in to affect the points of view, the memes you put out there, the themes and memes to get them all talking about things. Then they hired lots and lots of people to go around these bazaars and listen to their conversations, to see if they were going along the desired way of thinking. Were they discussing these topics? Were they taking the proper downloads of opinions from them, etc? Ancient, ancient arts.


And today somehow you think youíre living where honest voices proliferate the Internet or the airwaves or whatever it happens to be.  And if they say something that you agree with then everything else they say must be true. Weíre so incredibly, incredibly, minutely understood, through all the millennia of studying us.  Itís just incredible. 


Power never ever relaxes. It never says, weíve got it all now, itís a great system, we can manage all the proles forever, and relax. They never relax because they always, theyíre ultra-paranoid about power. People who are in power are always paranoid about holding onto it. And heads roll if any mistakes happen, from all those employed to make sure that the power is maintained. But they never stop. And they employ more and more scientists all the time, more studies, countless studies every day across the world in thousands of universities and so on and think tanks, all on you and how your mind ticks, to ensure they can have complete power for the future forever. Thatís how intense this whole battle is. Thatís how intense it is.  That was the old saying, the light against the darkness. All these sayings are ancient, ancient sayings, pre-Hebraic and all the rest of it. And the power elite who dominate your reality and give you your reality are always out to smash any light that shines through the chinks. Theyíre always out to plug it up. 


But theyíve never had such abilities as they have today. Television was the greatest weapon ever devised, and used from the start to condition the public, on a mass scale, all getting the same conditioning at the same time. Of course school does a similar thing too. But itís much easier to do it through fiction. Thereís hardly a writer out there that doesnít take grants from the cultural branch of your government. Your governmentís got all these cultural branches that dish out cash to budding artists and things like that. But they also pay money to put the PC updates into their stories and novels and childrenís stories, etc., to make sure it embeds.  Then subsequent fiction, movies and so on will further reinforce that conviction, whatever it happens to be. It works perfectly well.† Theyíve done so many studies on it.


So you are a compilation of all... in fact, you are the outcome of all your conditioning, conditioning by multibillion-dollar think tanks across the whole planet. But try and tell that to the average person.  As long as they think theyíre okay... Iím okay, yeah, and I watch TV, I laugh and so on, thatís it, forget it. Thatís what the elite always wanted, people who donít care whatís happening around them in the world, as long as itís over there somewhere, or even in a big nation like the US as long as itís happening on some other coast in the US they donít care; itís like that. So simple, isnít it? Itís human nature. Youíve been taught to be that way, narcissistic and egocentric. The world revolves around you, live in your little bubble, donít get involved in bigger things, forget first and last causes and all the rest of it, and just be a good citizen. And the state tells you all the time what a good citizen is.  They tell you, oh, what a bad citizen is too if you say the wrong thing or even ask a question thatís taboo.  Ah, heaven forbid! 


But thatís the world youíre living in, folks. Itís not yours. Not yoursÖ Designed by specialists. Just like most of your time is whittled away in entertainment. And what is entertainment? Itís producers and writers and all these different specialists working to pass your time with the thoughts that they create, not yours. Youíre given one chance at life, one chance, and most folk, when you add up how much entertainment they guzzle up, as entertainment, itís staggering. Staggering. And if there were such a thing as the pearly gates and they were asked what they did in their lives, Iím sure whoever the gatekeeper is would be awfully bored, listening to the same stories over and over again about the TV series they watched and this and that and the other. Because thatís what weíve been reduced to.


Bertrand Russell said the same thing. Most folk donít want to think, he said. Now, thatís also true, and he was well aware of it when he said it, that an elite who create fear and uncertainty, economic and all the other things in a personís life, fear itself will make a person switch off and they will seek out a fantasy in something that seems so hopeless. You understand how well we are understood? And donít try and make someone think for themselves. And remember, thinking for themselves doesnít mean they start parroting everything you say.  Because then theyíre not thinking for themselves. Because if they are, theyíll be using their own words, the way that they would say something, etc.† But the art of starting folk to think for themselves is also very ancient, and itís the biggest enemy that the elite have ever had down through time.


Now, Iíll be doing a lot more shows in a little while and rather than just get tied up in todayís fear, and todayís terror, and todayís story Ė Iíll be touching on some of them of course to show you why theyíre there in the first place Ė but Iíd like to go into other areas as well because when something becomes mainstream itís lost its revolutionary force. Itís no different than music. Like the bad boy music, of the bands, the old bands that they had, and the heavy metal all being nasty-nasty. But when that stuff is used in advertising and so on to sell things then itís mainstream. Itís the same with what people used to call the Patriot system, itís mainstream, itís showbiz, when the message is from the medium. The medium is the message. And it will always be so.


So you have to think for yourselves, if you want to. But if you do want to, there is something that will drive you to it, that little spark. And as I say, Iíll be doing a lot more future shows and in different formats as well, so keep your eye on the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And Iím glad to hear from so many of you all the time.  Keep in touch with me as well and Iíll keep in touch with you to see how things are going on.


And from Hamish, my pooch, and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 


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