May 4, 2014 (#1434)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"At a loss of what to do?
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 4th, 2014.† I never prepare talks, because we shouldnít have to prepare talks. The whole idea of being yourself is that you can chat about things whenever you want to chat and let the spontaneity of things come to you. Because thatís where creativity lies, you see. When youíre simply repeating stuff thatís been put out there by the big boys for you to repeat, then youíre not thinking for yourselves, are you?


A few minutes ago I was thinking about weather, of course.† Because in Canada, where I am anyway, in Ontario, weíve had about six months of winter, itís still ongoing to an extent because we seldom see the sun anymore, and it went to rain. I knew it was going to go straight from snow into rain. Because this is the new agenda with all the aerial spraying, with the chemtrails and the geoengineering, as they want to call it at the top, and so on. I remember reading years ago how, from geoengineering sites and the big meetings they were having, about the loading doses, how many years it would take to load the stratosphere, etc. with particulates to stop sunlight coming in, or to prevent it, to reduce it.† And itís interesting too, they have succeeded because when they started it off NASA immediately put up articles about global dimming. Global dimming, you can look it up yourself from NASA and how itís increasing every year. Well, itís due to the particulates in the atmosphere, which of course are being sprayed by the aircraft.


Weíre living in a totally controlled environment in this day and age, for those who donít quite know that.† But most of your reality is like that. Itís so hyper managed in advance that youíre living, technically with what weíre told at the bottom, we are at the early Middle Ages in knowledge compared to where they really are today.† We really are. Forget all the science books they put out, all the blurbs they put out on television about the latest thing theyíre investigating. Whatever they are telling you about was done years ago and theyíre on to something else. So we get fed obsolete information.


That led me on to thinking about all the rain weíre getting, of course, and how that of course was well discussed during World War II and afterwards. And big Pentagon projects went into action; Canada was heavily involved too, with ways to bring down enemies in different countries by using bacteria, viruses, but also weather modification.† Where you could cause massive droughts and starve people out Ė because the crops would all fail, animals would die Ė or you could flood them and have the same effect basically. So we watch all this going on, at the same time as the big, big boys who have the futures market and have all your food dumped on the world stock market and the futures market, and they can put bets on where crops are going to fail. Itís so much of a coincidence that that came out at the same time as they really went ahead with the geoengineering. Because the big boys know of course whoís going to get the droughts, whoís going to get flooded, because itís all made to be that way. Itís planned weather we have. Itís as simple as that.


That brought me onto another thought too, of Arthur C Clarke. Now, Arthur C Clarke, the science fiction fella, who was in with the big boys of course, and he was an elitist himself. Itís not unusual for the big boys to employ what they call futurists, guys who are into science fiction, who would put out ideas and analogies too, through their stories, to do with what theyíre really up to, etc. But when you go into the different statements that he also made himself about the elite ruling in the proper scientific fashion in the future, etc., etc., you start to get the picture. But he also said that advanced science Ė what he meant was secret, advanced science Ė would appear Ė the effects of it would appear Ė to the general population Ė and he referred to primitive people, and thatís how they refer to you by the way; he wasnít talking about a thousand years ago Ė he said, it would appear as magic to the public Ė because theyíd never think about it as being caused by man-made forces. Itís so easy, isnít it, to trick people?


And you have no idea of all of the sciences of the mind and all of the different disciplines, as they like to call it, or doctrines, involved, and big think tanks working for governments and so on and private industries at the top that really run everything, to make sure you are kept in a little box, and to train you to have a good ego and believe that you know everything there is to know. Itís beautiful, isnít it?†


And these are the people you meet every day. You meet them every day, with that stare, the polite smile, but the eyebrows are down or lifted.† Just like you saw in Brave New World in the movie versions, where the primitive, as heís called, the guy who had humanity in him, love and compassion and so on, talked to these people who were artificially made, where even their intellect was designed for them, how much they could understand, and all the information they were given was designed for them by those above them, the Alpha Pluses, etc.† And it didnít bother them in the least that everything that they knew and their whole culture was given to them.† Because they had that little bit of pleasure, you see, etc and they had the Soma drugs, mainly again for the lower... Because the division of labor went down all the way, who was going to do all the dirty work, etc., and lots of Soma and drugs. In other words, pharma to keep them happy.† Weíre in that today for those who havenít figured it out. Itís all been done.


And the next step is to train you through all the different kinds of inter-gender types that theyíre trying to make you believe in.† Itís nothing to do with, we care about these folk, at all. Itís to get you used to the fact that nothing can be really said as to be normal, so they can bring forward their basic new clones in the future, and thatís what theyíre all working towards of course. And these guys work in generations; they donít have to do it all at one go. Thatís where you get tripped up because youíre thinking, as a natural human being thinks, Iíd have to get it done right away. No, no. These guys work in generations. It took generations to get you from family-orientated society to abortion, single-parent mothers, and multiple partners now and all kinds of things today. It didnít take that long at all, really.† But for you, youíd be impatient if you were planning it. Not these boys. They know how, from past experience in history, how long it takes to gear up the population, indoctrinate them in the proper ways, so as theyíll accept the next step and the next step and the next step. Itís very easy.† Itís very, very easy.


And the world is a very, very old place and knowledge is never forgotten, folks, and mistakes are always remedied the next time they go around, hence the need for the step-by-step process. If they miss one step it can go awry, so theyíve got to go through the process and they are well aware of this. Thatís why it takes a bit of time.


When you see how society has been completely turned upside down, 180 degrees actually, from all its value system, everything, up until the 1960s, say, and then onwards, the revolution came in, and boompf, it was all done. Planned that way, introduced and planned, and well-organized and well-funded, until here we are today, dysfunctional. And yet the folk at the end of it think itís normal, the way that theyíre living today, is normal.


Anything can be made to be normal to the proles, as Orwell called them. Given time, given the right indoctrination, given enough documentary specials with half the facts removed so you donít get the whole picture, to bring you to the desired conclusions. Add a bit of emotion and personal experience shows to it and thatís you, youíre gone, folks.† Itís so simple to do. Plus they use the entertainment industry to get the emotion in there and to show you terrible things to bring you to certain opinions, you see. Very easy to do. You can create guilt amongst everyone, whoís done nothing, so easily, by these techniques. And even your enemies who want to do you in, can use these techniques against you, and make you feel sorry for them as they are doing you in. Itís fantastic. It works awfully well.


Thatís why you have an authorized view of history.† And you also get an authorized view of the present, where no one is trying to do you in, except maybe the latest enemy the government tells you that they have. At one time it was suddenly the Arabs, according to Bush Junior, hated you. You hadnít a clue they did that, but he told you they hated you, you see.† And before that youíve had all these different presidents and prime ministers Ė that are always in an alliance, because they are all owned by the same big bankers Ė telling them what to say to the public to get them ready for the next war, wherever it happens to be.† Weíre never told the facts of the war at the time. And sometimes after the fact, it doesnít matter if some of the real reasons for it come out, like grabbing oil and minerals and things like that, you see, for big private corporations. And it doesnít matter when the job is done. It really doesnít matter. Thatís just how the world is really run.


Your present is given to you by a routine format, very simple format, with the same newscasters. They hang onto these anchor people for, oh, their whole life if they can because that way, you know, God knows how many millions of people have been brought up, with one or two generations watching them from childhood, and daddy wouldnít lie to you, would he?† And they give you the authorized view of the present, you see, where everythingís happy and they give you little stories about communities in rural areas and things like that, that are completely irrelevant and often off key to the truth. It doesnít matter. Truth doesnít matter when it comes to creating reality, for control, you see. So folk go through their lives thinking, ah well itís just the economy, folks, itís just tough times and weíve got to pull together. They have no idea that nothing happens on large scales without massive planning, massive meetings, and the techniques and the plans to bring it all into action, going back and forth between different bureaucratic divisions, until theyíve got it all ironed out, before they even introduce it. Nothing happens by chance. Otherwise, you see, they could lose control at the top. They are paranoid about losing control. So everything is minutely discussed.


Like the free trade thing, which ended up with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), and at the same time the World Trade Organization, all set up by the one institution, by the way, which is private, by the big foundations behind them, for the whole world, to regulate the worldís economy, for their own sake, for those who own it all. And we were kept out of the picture completely.† Back in the 1980s they knew that when they brought China in on the free trade deals that they were going to give all the work to China, they were going to transfer all the factories abroad. They knew they were going to give you a service economy. And a service economy is like putting a dog in a swimming pool, and it can only paddle and paddle and paddle until it tires out, and it canít get out and it drowns. Economists talked about this in the 70s in Britain when they first mentioned, oh if we ever get into a really EU, a European integration system, IF we ever... It was all planned that way right along. But, if we ever get into it weíll have a service economy.† And they explained all this too. So thereís nothing new under the sun. Thereís no news at all when it comes to why weíre in the mess weíre in.


Because the producing countries are the ones who survive. Youíve got to manufacture things. Everything else is a spin-off of manufacture, you see. Importing is not; thatís just service. You buy it in, you pass it around, the middlemen get all the cash, pretty well, not the manufacturer and so on, or even the store sometimes. Itís the middlemen that do it all, and they are all managed by the big banking boys themselves; they have big groups that mass-purchase things and so on. And then they get government departments in their pocket to make sure that they have the rights to decide on the prices for imports, etc. and all this kind of stuff. Itís all done above our heads. Itís kept out of the news, because youíre not supposed to worry about such lofty things.


Now, for those who think they get, really, all the news there is because thereís so many new stations, supposedly... but they all get the news from the same sources, two sources, across the whole planet now. So we have regulated, authorized news, you see.† And if you notice, all the news youíre getting is pretty well some other foreign country, over yonder somewhere. Thatís very good because it just keeps you distracted from whatís happening in your own backyard. They donít want you to know whatís happening in your own backyard. In fact, if you notice, since the Leveson inquiry and bill went through in Britain Ė all for muzzling journalists; and you had the Finkelstein one done in Australia at the same time Ė these are British Commonwealth countries, remember, Britain and the Commonwealth. Canada had to have done it too because, literally, thereís no independent real journalism on anything. There was a bit of leeway before.† All their bosses were part of the same global society but some of the journalists were given a bit of leeway to express opinions on different characters and politicians and deals that were going on. They canít do that anymore. Thatís why youíre getting literally, itís like the old Soviet Union, it was all just dished out from the top. And we know thatís how it really works in all the so-called first world countries now. Itís dished out from the top, authorized, and mainly for stuff that is way across the sea somewhere, that means sweet dick all to us. It means nothing to us. Nothing at all.† Because we should be worried about whatís happening here, folks, your own future. You see. Itís all meant to distract you from your own future, and from all the stores closing down across the US and Canada and everywhere else; theyíre all boarded up, going out of business, or are out of business, and the economy is flat, absolutely flat.


You get it from all kinds of sources. I do anyway. Because so many folk get in touch with me I get a good picture of whatís happening across Britain, the whole of Britain and the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, the States, etc. Because I get all the stories coming in, and I can make my own mind up and itís rather evident whatís going on of course. We are being brought down... in a long-term game of course, long-term game. Iíve read the reports from the facility, or group, that does the projections for the future for the military for NATO and Britain and so on. They said eventually theyíd break up countries. They would eventually have chaos and riots by people who get unemployed, during this whole process of getting to where they want to go. Theyíre ready for all the riots of course in the States; itís the most militarized police state in the world right now. And thatís why they always try to distract you to things that are happening abroad, while theyíre ready to clout you at home, you see.


The thing is, this is all part of the game, the long-term strategy for bringing you down into big city-states, independent city-states, as they eventually dissolve the nation systems.† And those who run the city-states will be the high corporate elitists, with their technocratic control beneath them that manages the people, etc., etc. Itís quite interesting. Iíd love to get my hands on the real, all the details, the nitty-gritties of it all, but they donít publish that for the general public.† The stuff they do for the military, they donít publish it for the public, or even for the general troops for that matter; theyíre not supposed to know either. So you just get the general outlines of flashmobs and unemployment and riots, and how they must be contained as we go through all these long processes up to the year 2050, maybe beyond, etc, into the big city-states. They wonít tell you whatís to happen to the ones that are not in the big city-states, the few that are left standing in place of countries and nations.


But in the meantime of course theyíve got other dominoes to knock down and resources to grab for the corporations around the world, and hence the wars that are going on. Thatís why they keep pushing you towards, oh the Ukraine and Russia and all that stuff. Russia has the same guys running it as the States does, by the way. Thatís who runs Russia. The same big magnates that became multibillionaires overnight when all the peopleís stock was handed over to them, remember, when the so-called walls went down and suddenly they were no longer communist, planned years in advance of course as to who was going to grab all the stock and became instant multimillionaires.


The same across the Ukraine, by the way, the old Soviet bloc countries, the same handfuls of in-the-crowd people; the same bunch, actually, that are often related to each other, run all the stuff over there. So theyíve got to get to an agreement, to their cousins that run the States, so that they can work out how this future is going to go, you see. Itís already planned but they must work out the nitty-gritty and who gets what and all the rest of it, etc. Meanwhile theyíve been surrounding Russia, since the Cold War supposedly ended, and theyíve been surrounding them with more and more missile bases across all these ex-Warsaw Pact countries, the ones that let them in.† So naturally if you were getting surrounded by all these missiles you wouldnít be too happy yourselves. Never mind all the fomenting with the color revolutions and the multimillions the West is sending in to get riots started up, to demand things, etc., to suit the big corporate boys that pay all these rioters over there their big salaries. Because they are paid to do these riots, by the way; they are taught and trained and all the rest of it. But again, thatís another story.


But back home, if you notice, nothingís happening back home, supposedly. Back home, nope, nope, they keep pointing over there, the next war or the next threat, you see, to keep you terrified so as that you shut your face, you see. Shut your face and you listen to the leaders, oh, lambasting these nasty countries over there somewhere. And that takes up your time. Rather than say, what the hell is happening here? Whatís happening here? Apart from the stagnation of the economy, whatís happening here? And whereís it supposed to go? from here? for us, you see. No one asks the pertinent questions. Because weíre supposed to go down the tubes, you see. Weíre supposed to go down the tubes.


Itís not because the big boys are losing control. Donít ever believe that for a second. These boys have all the think tanks always planning their future to make sure they implement each stage of their future and control; itíll be completely, vastly different for all you at the bottom in the next stage.† Itís the same bunch running it all, coming through it, you see, afterwards, the same bunch. You have no idea how scientifically controlled we are. None at all. Thereís hardly an opinion in your head that hasnít been given to you. Like the Alphas and the Betas and so on in Brave New World, thereís hardly a thought thatís been authorized for you to have. The thing is, you think itís your own opinion. And because youíre stuck in this way of thinking, you see, this programmed, linear way of thinking Ė deliberately so, itís a scientific technique, very simple to do and implement Ė you canít figure your way outside the box.


So what you do is you jump on the ones who are yapping about it, never questioning what they might be saying or why theyíre saying it, or whoís maybe behind that. The whole idea that I go on about is to try to get you to think for yourselves and ask the right questions for yourselves. Thatís whatís important.† You donít have to have folk agreeing with you. And itís not often even necessary to even say anything to anybody. You can tellÖ I can tell by going into a little group, just listen to their chitchat, if thereís anything worth saying at all to them. And if there isnít I wonít. Why get frustrated? Why get them frustrated?


Because you are like the primitive in Brave New World talking to them. Heís trying to tell them about humanity and life and love and all this and beauty, to people who are listening to him awfully politely. Because theyíre just so advanced, they think, and they know it all, and hereís a primitive. So itís a kind of quaint thing to have a primitive telling you about love and beauty, meanwhile they are promiscuous and so on, and they have different partners every night, by law, and everything they know has been authorized by their superiors, and they are quite happy with this stuck graded system, from Alphas all the way down. Theyíre quite happy with it, you see. Thatís their normality. You canít tell them anything. Itís impossible to tell them, well look at this another way, any part of their system. Itís impossible to get through to them. And thatís what youíre experiencing with most people, you see.†


I keep telling people, I have done from the start, donít knock yourself out trying to persuade people who donít want to hear you. Most of them canít hear you; their indoctrination is too perfect. They donít know it. The ones they knock around with, their pals, will have the same opinions, exactly the same as theirs, and so they think theyíre normal. Thatís how you bounce off your ideas from folk to think youíre normal. You think Iím normal, I believe in this and this and this? Oh sure, yeah, yeah. And most of their talk is about TVs and shows and movies and the news, that theyíre supposed to parrot, which they do. And therefore thatís them normal, you see.


They never ask themselves, what got them to this stage of what they believe is normalcy and why they accept it so readily. They think theyíre evolving, you see. Society is just evolving; itís like a willy-nilly thing; it just happens that way. Believe you me, if it was outside the realms of planning by the elite it would never get off the ground. Anything thatís happened for change was authorized and pushed from the top. No matter what pressure groups you thought at the bottom were pushing it, they were all paid by the big foundations, the front groups that employ thousands of armies of NGOs, [non-governmental organizations], to push for the changes that are desired by those at the top.


But the trick is to make you believe itís all your changes. Oh yeah, we want that, yeah. But thereís other little truisms to do with humanity that you donít know.† It isnít just indoctrination.† The big think tanks that have been on the go all through the 20th century, and before that too by the way, studying all of us, and going over all of history, and bringing up the top professors to talk to the world meetings and so on, to find out how we ticked in the past, and do we change. Of course Plato said it too, formula Ė itís all formula Ė whatever worked in the past, if you bring it in, in the proper sequence and formula that was introduced before, it will work on the general population again.† You see. And it does. It does.


And it will work on any culture; thatís another thing too they found out in the 1800s. At one time even the revolutionary forces of, say, Freemasonry, like the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which wasnít Scottish at all. But Albert Pike said it too. He said, we used to gear our propaganda, information, we used to gear it, one for the male and one for the female. He said, we have found that the female wants, needs and desires, fantasies, etc., are the same in all cultures. So what worked for the West will work for them all across the world. You see that happening today.† Weíve been so minutely studied, so minutelyÖ Thatís why Bernays said it too. He says, we can make the changes through the female; sheís the quickest one to listen to experts and change her behavior according to the experts. Thatís why they aim 90% of the magazines, all through the 20th century, at women, you see. Expert says blah-blah-blah, and there they go. So minutely studied.


Of course they know all about men as well, and the more powerless they make them, the more sports they give them so they can vicariously live out their life on the field, which they couldnít even run on because theyíll get no wind, you see, theyíre too fat. So anyway, everything is micromanaged. Micromanaged.† Every cartoon the children watch and are brought up on is filled with messages and programming. Every single one. By the way, they always were; it isnít just a recent phenomenon.


So thereís another thing too I want to mention about humans. It isnít just that they canít understand you people.† It isnít just that they donít want to understand you or hear you. You understand, they do get upset when you kind of... you are bursting their bubble.† Youíre kind of getting to a stage of bursting their bubble and they can turn on you viciously, when the fantasies that they want to believe in, that keeps them what they think is sane, if youíre going to pop that fantasy theyíll turn on you, viciously too. So be awfully careful about what you do.


Never offer it unless a person wants it. And they might only want a little bit of it, so stop right there and move on. But thereís another thing too that youíve got to understand about general humanity, itís been perfectly conditioned. When you try to tell them about all the evil thatís going on, the corruption through politics and business and so on, and itís in your face today. But when you want to point out it all, see, what youíre trying really to do is to pass on your indignation about it, to them. And what really upsets you is that theyíre not getting indignant. And when you point out why the wars really happened and so on, up to the present time, you canít make them indignant either. Because hereís a little secret. See, most folk donít care. Get that through your heads. Most folk donít care who your troops are going to go slaughter today or tomorrow. They donít care. Itís just that simple. It really honestly is that simple, folks. And thatís why theyíre not indignant. They donít care. Theyíre not getting slaughtered, right now. In a way they feel happier that someone else is. That means that your troops arenít slaughtering you, yet.


So stop thinking you can just change the world by a throwing the information out there and having people respond to it. Thatís the first thing that people who think theyíre just Ė I hate this term Ė waking up. Itís like born again; I was born on 9/11, theyíll say. I say, what do you mean you were born on 9/11? ...reborn, like a born-again experience.† Thatís reacting to things that might affect you.† Thatís reaction; thatís what that is. Most folk donít start to think about things until it affects them personally, through their pocket, unemployment, something like that. The rest go on as usual. They donít care. They donít want to know... Donít tell me thatÖ They want to be happy. They have been trained to be egosyntonic, egocentric. Egocentric. They have been taught, as all the experts said in the 40s and 50s at the big think tanks, theyíd train them through the schools, through the culture industry and so on, to be narcissistic and egocentric.† And they will shun pain, all kinds of pain, mental pain, whatever; unpleasantness is pain, you see, and they will seek pleasure. And thatís what they do, most of them. And when theyíre doing that theyíre kept in an infantile stage.


In fact, theyíre taught to always try to be happy, like being perpetually happy is a normal thing. Which it is not, by the way. That all came out of the Freudian school, that was meant to change the world. It was a political movement, folks, the Freudian school, for those who donít know it. Look at all the members of it; there was a particular reason it was even founded. They brought forth the whole idea, as well, you work in a system, you crack down under the pressure, in the system, which is crazy.† Youíre doing some kind of rotten work that you hate.† Youíre stuck in it. Youíve got either rent to pay or a mortgage to pay or something, responsibilities, and you hate what you do every day. Because itís meaningless. Passing paper around an office is meaningless. Itís not a natural function. Offices arenít natural. In fact, cities arenít even natural. Thatís all been well documented by the anthropologists.† But they give us a little financial reward thing, you see, and you get stuck in it. Most of the money goes back out to pay for everything, mind you, and in taxes as well. But youíre taught that youíre respectable because youíre working.


And then you crack up. Now, what happens when you crack up? They send you off to a therapist. And what does the therapist do, the psychiatrist do? All they do today, they donít sit and say well, letís get to the bottom of this problem, sonny. They donít say that anymore; they know it doesnít work, you see.† So what he does is find some pill to put you on, that stops your higher functioning to an extent.† Youíll float through life... so that you can get back into the workplace. And thatís what theyíll say to you, these are the questions a psychiatrist will ask you; they all ask the same questions. What are you doing now? Oh, Iím working again. Oh yeah, thatís good. And what do you do in your spare time? Oh I go shopping and I buy things. And then theyíll say, are you having sex? Oh yeah, Iím having sex now; I go to parties. And thatís their new version of being normal. Itís not worrying about the things that made you crack up in the first place, so the problems havenít gone away, itís just that your senses are now dulled enough, and you are euphoric enough on the drugs, they donít bother you the same way. Thatís the answer to it, you see.


Big boys talked about that. Thatís why they brought in the Soma idea in the 1930s in Huxleyís Brave New World. They were going to use pharma.† They said that, eventually everyone will be on Pharma.† And if they can create and invent diseases that donít exist, in children, they can get them started young on Pharma, till itís a normal thing to be on Pharma, psychoactive drugs. Itís all happened in your lifetime, and you donít even know it, or why. But I wonít ask you to be indignant, because most of you wonít care. You canít make people care, folks. Iím all right, Jack.† Iím egocentric. I shun the unpleasant, I watch comedies. I donít want to hear bad news. And I seek pleasure. There it is, right there. Thatís how it goes. Thatís how they work, folks.


Another thing too youíll notice, is that people youíll know, maybe even relatives, might hear you out to an extent and then close down on you once again. Because if you go too fast they shut off from you. But youíll notice from folk that you know, who do nothing but watch television, and thatís how they learn things. They donít know theyíre learning things when they watch television, and all their fiction as well by the way; they donít know theyíre learning things. They learn through, as Jacques Ellul said, people learn through osmosis. The general population, it kind of filters through from a thousand sources, bits and bytes of information, and then it kind of congeals in their brain somewhere. But they havenít reasoned it through. They simply adopt the opinion it left in them.


And youíll hear them saying, well yeah, the world is overpopulated. Well, itís all coming from TV, you see, documentaries and David Suzuki and things like that. The fact that the Western world, the so-called first world countries, their own domestic population has been plummeting for years and years and years, as folk donít have so many children, you see. But what they do is, through mass immigration Ė and Britain is a great example Ė they get the population up again, through mass immigration, which also fulfills the role of destabilizing any nationalistic tendencies. If you eradicate the nationís people, they are no longer nationalistic; itís multicultural, you see. So the big boys have got it easier to manage you then. Once thatís done you are multicultural, you see. You donít have a tradition or a pride in the past.† You donít belong there, you didnít come from there so it doesnít matter. That goes out the window with the second generation. And thatís been done.


But the fact is, as I say, the native populations have been plummeting.† And they give you the appearance of a world thatís overpopulated, because all the immigrants flood to the big cities; they always have. And they are encouraged to go there, you see, which were never meant to bring in millions of folk from overseas. But if the population had stayed without the immigration youíd have lots and lots of empty houses and lots and lots of empty apartments, in the big cities, because the native populations are declining.† Theyíre not having children, you see.†† Everything is planned that way.† Nothing happens, as I say, by itself, for itselfís sake. It has to be authorized, heavily debated, many, many times by the top leaders of industry, banking and so on, who plan all this and then they tell the politicians what to do and implement and so on.† Thatís how it works. Nothing happens by chance.


So you learn through osmosis. So youíre talking to people, as I say, they switch off, they donít want to hear you.† And they think they know everything because the TV tells them so. They think they live in the best country in the world, and as Bertrand Russell said, they will believe it because the government will keep telling them so. And they will prattle all the, it doesnít matter what country, theyíll keep prattling these same things off to you. Itís all the same scientific technique, you see. Repetition actually does work; itís quite fantastic, isnít it?


So people really donít have minds of their own. They can be awfully pleasant people. Youíll find them in all occupations and professions as well, pleasant people, who canít think outside their own profession or box that theyíre in, but still be very pleasant to you. And to each other, theyíre cordial, you see, so things just seem to flow along.† Even when itís really breaking down it still flows along to an extent. Weíre so micromanaged that itís just unbelievable.


Most folk, as I say, donít want to know. Theyíve been totally conditioned. Theyíre quite happy, they can go home at night, watch the sports, or watch dramas and comedies, and drink their beer or wine or whatever it happens to be, and zonk out for the rest of evening, and party at the weekend and have sex, and they think theyíre getting somewhere. And then they go back to work from Monday to Friday and so on and so on. Thatís their life, and they think itís normal because everyone else is doing it too.


But donít try and upset their little bubble.† Because youíll get signs, theyíll give you signs they donít want it burst. And they will become vehement towards you at the threat of you even scratching their bubble, never mind bursting it.† They really donít care. Most folk donít care, folks. Thatís as simple as that. And theyíve done all the studies on these things too.† Lots and lots, oh, thousands of studies, ongoing, about situations in psychology, how people behave in this situation, in that situation, all these situations, over and over and over again ad-nauseam. And most folk simply donít care, as long as nothing happens to them. And as long as they have their little bubble, their little circle they can walk around in, and they have their friends they can call and their sockpuppets they can chat with on the Internet and things like that, thatís their fantasy. Thatís their fantasy. When you tell them that most of their friends donít exist, theyíre actually sockpuppets by computers run by military and Pentagon and so on, it doesnít faze them either. It doesnít faze them at all. They donít care.


And thatís why on many, many different levels that George Orwell said, the proles donít count.† He had so much in that book of his, 1984. The title he wanted to put out was called The Last Man, meaning, the last sentient man that could think and question. But it was his publisher that wanted to call it 1984 because he was going to publish it in 1948; just changed the numbers. But on so many levels Orwell was telling you things, so many different levels. But the proles donít count. Meaning the proles never have political power.


Donít ever fall for all the left-wing nonsense, because everyone who leads the left wing and all the left-wing organizations are paid and put in by the big foundations, the biggest multibillionaires and trillionaires in the world; thatís who puts them in and runs them.† So the proles donít count; theyíre powerless. Itís all about power. And at the very top of the pyramid money is power. Donít ever forget that. And the ability to make and dispense money, and decide how much itís worth today or tomorrow, is incredible power. And thatís what all, everything else falls into line underneath that, because they all use money. Thatís how the world really is.


But as I say, Orwell tried to tell about the proles, the proles donít count. He has that through the book in different places, and in the movie versions as well. The proles donít count. The proles in 1984 were flooded with entertainment. Their music was all written by machines. Have you listened to the music today, folks?† as they brought you down to this level, down and then ended up in the rap until you donít even need musical instruments anymore, and then to where it is today, electronics. You can buy the programs; you donít even need to make melodies up and so on. And machines and so on, even turned out the porno industry, because they must get porno into it big, big time, to keep them rutting like rabbits. If theyíre rutting like rabbits they think theyíre winning. Their egos are involved, he chose me that night because he really likes me, Iím better than the rest, and vice versa you see. Such simple, simple predatory behavior, thatís pushed to the maximum. So your basic instincts are used against you.† And you donít even know theyíre being used against you, because you think youíre winning.† Itís all psychology.


Thatís the biggest war of all, is the war for your mind, folks. Thatís what it all comes down to, the war for your mind. And you all think youíve got them; you think your mind is your own. Youíll have strong opinions about things, that youíve never investigated. Amazing, isnít it? So be careful about all the information that comes out there, from all sources, even the ones pertaining to speak for you. Be very, very careful, folks. The big boys miss nothing. Nothing. Youíre dealing with the most meticulous power-hungry freaks in the world, who miss nothing. Theyíre paranoid about missing things. Go through the biographies of all the big, big founding families of the US, for instance, the big magnates.† Go through how meticulous and obsessional they were, not just with counting pennies and so on, and self-discipline, but in total control of everything in their sphere, as they kept expanding their spheres of influence and power. Look, read it, read it all. Thatís if you care. Most folk donít care.


Thatís really the telling point, they wonít look at anything. It takes effort. Effort comes when something is motivating you. They used to call it the spirit; it motivates you to look for it.† And remember too, everyone today has been taught to think in bits and bytesÖ Give me a quick answer. You hear that all the time, give me a quick answer. Iíve been on many, many radio shows and I understand how the peopleís minds think, in ordinary decent folk and how they think and so on. But youíll often get asked questions that will sound simplistic, and because theyíve been trained with talk radio, all their lives Ė across the world itís all the same format, talk radio Ė that theyíll ask things, not knowing theyíre asking something thatís really profound, which would take a longer answer, and sometimes an education, to get them to a level to give them the proper answer that they then could understand.† If you gave it to them right off the bat without taking them through those learning phases it will be incomprehensible to them. You could say the most profound things to them and theyíll go onto the next question as though they hadnít heard it, because it means nothing to them. They donít know, they donít know what theyíve just asked you. I find that all the time. And thatís the hardest thing for me, is to debate how much to tell them and what not to say to them. Thatís how it really is.


As I say, weíre so well understood.† Weíve all heard about all the stuff about the NSA and all the other big organizations that collect all your data. Theyíve got you worked out, your personality profile, perfectly. Theyíve got your whole life history. Theyíve got your school; theyíve got everything on you. Everything on you. Every darn thing there is. And they compile it into a virtual you Ė Iíve gone through the article so many times from the Pentagon where they say that they have got everyone in a virtual reality game basically and they run games on the individual. Every one of you has had games run on you, with your personality profile. They can predict how youíll behave in every situation imaginable, and theyíre pretty well almost 100% right.† And people still think theyíre free. They still think theyíre individuals making their own decisions. If youíre so well understood, folks, youíd be radically, radically altering your behavior.† But they donít.


Thereís a kind of comfort in sameness, isnít there?† Everything is the same, same, Iím the same. Thereís a comfort there.† Itís like being in a depression, some folk actually enjoy being in a depression. Apart from the attention they get and so on.† But they actually enjoy being in that space of self-pity. It becomes addictive. And I really mean that, it can become addictive to them, to be in self-pity. And itís familiar. The more it happens, the more itís familiar to them, and they can go into their little world of self-pity and depression, abject depression, and get pills or whatever. But thereís much more to what happens to people than you think, or are being told, as to why, all the whys of things.


As I say, the war is on your mind, because someone else wants to control it. If you are not in charge of it somebody else will be.† And the biggest temptation people have today is to follow some camp or another, because you see, thatís how humans are. So well studied. From the present to the ancient. What camp are you in? What do you believe? Oh, Iím a follower of so and so.† Then theyíll parrot off to you everything that their leader says. Which means that leader has led all their way of thinking right along the way, you see. Not themselves; they parrot it all.


In ancient times, and all down through history, you always had hermits. There were even hermits in ancient Egypt, hung around out on the outskirts, who didnít want to fall into this camp or that camp or whatever, you see, or one of the priests, or that priest who did whatever it happens to be. These are the few folk that thought for themselves.† Theyíd had enough and off they went. In those days it wasnít so bad because they didnít have aerial drones photographing everywhere you went. You could get lost. When folk came to the early Americas they could get lost as well.† When they brought civilization in and lawyers and churches, in came the townsfolk, oh letís start organizing, and the next thing you know youíve got a marshal and then you get a census department. Before that you could get lost, go into the bush and get lost. You could live the rest of your life if you wanted to and see nobody ever again. If you wanted to.


Now youíve got passports and blah-blah-blah across the whole planet. Total observation.† In a totally observed society, international, global, everyone must be predictable, for power to maintain itself. EverybodyÖ That means every little amoeba there is. Thatís all of us, folks. So in ancient times, as I say, and in the Middle Ages, folk would go off.† And sometimes people would come and chat to them; youíll find that in India for instance, some guy in a cave somewhere, and ancient Greece as well. They would ask them questions because sometimes what these guys would say was kind of profound, because it was outside the box. They were thinking for themselves. They werenít getting the, hereís the news for the masses today, hereís what theyíre going to prattle on and regurgitate. So theyíd ask them questions and it was kind of fascinating. So sometimes theyíd bring them food and things and that kept them alive. And if it got too much for the hermit heíd move on somewhere else and try to get lost for a while again.


Peace of mind.† What some folk would give today to get peace of mind and that kind of privacy, eh? You canít get it now can you?† ...rules, regulations and red tape and all the rest of it. But thatís what hermits did. But the first thing people would ask them is, what do you believe in, what camp are you in, you know, what camp, this one or that one?† And the hermit would, if he was very wise, which most of them were of course because they survived, if not the mob would kill them. But theyíd say well, well... So theyíd be very diplomatic in their answers to the mob. You donít want to offend anybody whoís already in a camp, you see. Thatís how the mob reacts, they get rather nasty if you were to tell themÖ especially if you burst their bubble, you know. But very few folk want that.


In fact, I remember, oh, many years ago when I was wee, reading a book on Canada. It was to do with, I think it was one of the Inuits Ė or Eskimos as theyíre popularly called by the world Ė up in the north of Canada who needed an operation in hospital so they flew him down to Toronto.† They had to sedate the guy the whole time he was in Toronto in the hospital because this guy was brought up in a bare tundra of snow and ice for a good part of the year. Pretty treeless as well, no trees. And suddenly heís in a city where everything is incredible noise. Not only noise from the people and the honking of cars and sirens and all the rest of it and traffic, but also the noise that folk had on through radios and everything. Because his world was one of quietness and the only voices you hear were other people that would come up and chat to you, or the wind coming across the snow and so on, or the occasional animal. That was his normalcy. Thatís how he thought and felt happy.† Thatís where he felt happy, in his own environment.† Trees, they took him to see the trees, some forest, it freaked him out. Completely freaked him out because he felt utterly claustrophobic. He wasnít used to trees where he came from. He knew they werenít going to do him any harm, these trees, but it just freaked him out. It was outside his ken, his realm of knowing and understanding, you see.† Freaked him out.


You find the studies, the sociological studies theyíve done, over and over and over again, with different peoples. And believe you me, every nation, every people in the world has been well understood.† Thatís what, often, the enemies of other folk do, is study, study, study, and sometimes we all have even one enemy.† But you find that, they find that the Chinese are happiest when they are rubbing shoulders in the streets. They like crowds. They feel uncomfortable away from that; away from that is the abnormal to them.† The solitude thing is abnormal. So they prefer being amongst themselves. Itís interesting to go through all the different studies that have been done on different people, over and over and over again. Any change in cultures, the controllers want to know. Because it has to be authorized by them or it doesnít happen at all.


Itís the same with people with information. In the first world countries we have been overdosed since birth with information. Information isnít truth, folks. Itís just information. Itís data. It can be lies. It can be complete fiction. In fact, most folk, their lives are spent more in fiction than reality. And even the fiction is weaponized, with all its PC updates and so on, and things, oh thatís terrible that happened to that person, why did they bash that person up and all that. And youíre getting your little guilt trips given on you, that youíve never even participated in, but you take it nonetheless. Itís done scientifically. Itís perfect actually.


Theyíve even done surveys; they always do surveys after these series are out where theyíve put all the PC updates in it, to see how itís affecting people.† Has it worked properly on them? Are their opinions changing, etc? ...through fiction. And yet if you ask all these folk, do you know how you got these ideas? Oh no, I just think itís right. So they give you their opinions on things, which arenít their opinions at all. Itís all been brainwashed into them.† The best brainwashing is when you donít even know youíve been brainwashed. Thatís what they say about people who are brainwashed, they donít know they have been. That is perfect brainwashing.†


So think about it. Who owns your brain, your mind? Who owns it? A lot of folk, if you tell them all this stuff, they donít want to know. They donít even want to know if someone else owns it. Or even if other ones have shares in it, you know, divvying it up into shares. They donít want to know. It makes them uncomfortable. Again, egocentric and egosyntonic behavior, shun the unpleasantÖ shun it Ė oh, I donít want to know that; oh thatís nasty; that makes me feel unhappy Ė and seek pleasure. Thatís why at parties and things you can sit or stand and mingle and all that Ė it depends what kind of class of party you go to because in the upper classes you stand and you mingle, you know, and you sip your wine and champagne. But the topics are always the same; theyíre irrelevant little happy topics. But totally irrelevant because itís a cover, a smokescreen, you see, the little happy topics, because folk just want to be happy. Plus they want to be good predators, as they eye each other up, you see, for the genders and all the rest of it, who wants to be with whom and blah-blah-blah. Predatory behavior. But they donít want anything serious.† When theyíre all happy and smiling they donít want to hear anything... oh, thatís a downer, man.† Thatís how people are.


And what the mistake is too, being aware of things shouldnít destroy you. It should make you more free than you are. Free, indeed, in your mind. Itís always meant that in the ancient religions and mystery religions too. Itís always meant the same meaning. It doesnít free you physically, because youíre in the same system as everyone else. But at least you know whatís happening and your mind is your own. And thereís a pleasure in being able to think for yourself. It doesnít mean you have to instantly go out and evangelize everybody either, you see. The only thing you can be sure of changing is yourself. Thatís the only thing. And even then you can have a battle changing yourself, a real battle. Think about it. Because if you truly want truth, factual truth, you got to go out and seek it and do some work. That might take some self-discipline.


And donít just jump after conspiracy sites because you donít know who set them up in the first place. The big boys donít miss anything. If they want control over everything, and even supplying all your NGOs for your left-wing and right-wing groups and so on, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, donít ever think that theyíd miss what is mislabeled as the patriot movement; donít think they missed it. Again, itís what camp, what camp are you in? What camp are you in?† [Alan laughing.] Then you got to give a diplomatic answer.


If you say, I think for myself, oh itís a wise guy, eh, mm-hmm.† Maybe theyíve said something thatís true for the first time in their life without even knowing it. Maybe you are a wise guy. So think for yourself. And donít panic about everything. It is boring, mind you, because the more you know, nothing will surprise you as to what happens with the next step and the next step and the next step, and all the different plans that are ongoing at the same time. And donít think your one little brain can keep up with it all. Donít try. That will crack you up. You canít look for world meetings on a daily basis and find, oh, about 2000 NGOs across all the world meeting that particular day on different things, if you can find the information even. You canít keep up with all of that. Accept the fact that the big controllers at the top miss nothing. They have all the power and money in the world. And they have all these NGOs working under a massive bureaucratic centralized control, all working daily together with the think tanks and so on and the big money boys at the top. Always remember the pyramid structure.


Donít let it freak you out. It didnít just start in your lifetime, folks. Donít think that either. Itís not like suddenly you just got cut today by something, I better dress that wound, itís up to me. This cut started an awful long time ago.† Back in the 1800s, go into the history of what used to be called time and motion studies, when they brought out the new experts in behavior to find ways of getting the laborers to work harder and faster and more efficiently, without paying them any more money. And take it from there. Thatís how some of these sciences developed, you see. So donít panic about things.† Donít just jump into camps and say, oh Iím a follower of this, Iím a follower of that.† Think for yourself. Because there truly is nothing else except thinking for yourself.


And when enough folk think for themselves, maybe one day, whose knows when, who knowsÖ things could gradually change.† Thatís why I always liked Orwell too; he was honest enough about it when he put it through an analogy in 1984. He said, when he was being tortured by OíBrien he says, well the proles will do something or the word will get out sort of thing.† And OíBrien says, thatís ridiculous, the proles donít count, etc. and then he says, well maybe, maybe in a thousand years. This is how the big boys look at things, could something become dangerous in a thousand years? Of course in our day and age they donít plan to have anybody with any brain that isnít authorized to be thinking in a thousand years. Never mind the kind of humans that will be around by then anyway, except for themselves, with longevity, etc., theyíll have all that. They have it now actually, for certain select ones of them. But they donít plan on having the same old, old man and old woman type around anymore. Theyíll create the perfect clones, the Brave New World type, you see, to serve them well.† And the old type will go out quite happily, thinking itís all quite normal. Because thatís how you present it to the public, bit by bit, and bit by bit, until they accept it all. Oh well I guess it had to become this way, yeah. Thatís it, you see.†


As I say, I started with the weather and just prattled on. But the fact is, when most folk donít even know the weather is under complete control now...† Thatís what you can see.† You can see the weather. You can see the spraying going on. You can see the aftereffects and the downpours and so on, the monsoons they give you now for instance. And the futures, juggling with the whole worldís food supply, and the big boys at the top know exactly whoís going to get flooded and exactly whoís going to get the crops in, so they can get into the crops and get the shares and make sure the prices go up in the right places etc. etc. Thatís how perfect it is. Thatís what you see.


Can you imagine the things you donít see? the Technotronic warfare, etc. Itís happening to you all the time. Remember what Brzezinski said? Eventually this could go across whole continents and control the minds of the people. You think it isnít happening too?† Just look at the amount of sleeplessness there is now. Insomnia is just booming. Why?† Well weíve known from all the studies that have been done that even Wi-Fi, for instance, upsets your sleeping patterns, etc. etc. etc. Smart meters do it too. They all know this at the top.† You think theyíre just putting it in because itís more convenient for them? Donít be silly. When the big boys write about bringing in Technotronic warfare upon the whole populations of everyone, everyoneís nation, bathing whole continents in it, THEY MEAN IT.† They mean it, folks.† And when they mean it, they do it.† Government can only exist by keeping what they do to the public secret. Otherwise the public would have to really do something about it. And they know that. Theyíve always known that.


So you are kept in fantasy land. And for those who want to stay there, you have the options. You can go into all theÖ Youíve got a variety of fantasies you can go into today, escapes. Lots of them. Lots of escape out there. Just keep filling your head with useless, useless data.† Or you can watch all the porn you want, or sports, or dramas, and so on and so on. Or you can go off into various kinds of escapism through trying to find the spirit, the spirit, the spirit, the spirit, you know, that can escape it all. Because you know within yourself that physically you canít escape it, so youíre left with the thing called the spirit. So youíve got all people making stacks of money selling all kinds of books, rehashing old stuff, and purely rehashed; some of them donít even change the whole chapters they take out of very old books. Because itís on big supply and demand today.† Escape. When folk think theyíve had it they try and escape mentally. And the big boys supply all of those avenues as well, stacks of gurus out there like never before.


Thatís why professor Carroll Quigley talked about the end of ages and the end of civilizations. All the things that happen, and thatís one of them, thatís one of them that arises. Today we call it the New Age. Itís also called the perennial religion. They always use that system at the end, promote it, as they take down societies. And folk try and escape that way.


Itís time people started calling what things really happen to be, by how they are. Stop all the political correctness as well, which is meant to silence you, through fear of retribution. In a free society any child should be able to come up and ask any question thatís popped into his mind. Anything at all. And if the authorities grab him because youíre not allowed to ask that question, or this question, or whatever, thereís something wrong. Heís too close to home, he doesnít know it of course, of what or who is controlling. So thatís the first step into controlling society, is to stop them, of changing anything, is to stop you from being able to even ask questions, because itís politically incorrect, by law.


Look at GIRFEC [Getting It Right For Every Child] in Scotland; theyíve got the same systems going across the world now. Mandated child advocates supplied by government to monitor every child throughout their childhood, from the age of a couple of months onwards. What do you think of this, Johnny? Well, well you know...† Well, I better put you in for reconditioning, Johnny, we canít have you starting to ask questions on that particular topic. Or this particular topic or this other one over here. Whatever it happens to be, you see, you have to get readjusted...† to be uniform, the uniform society... the authorized citizen of the future.† That way youíre easier to manage. And governments certainly do like things to be easy for themselves.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.†


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