May 11, 2014 (#1435)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"Who Writes the Page for Planned Outrage?"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 11th, 2014. As always, I think of a thousand things to talk about. I donít plan things because thereís no point in planning things, until you really think through things. Then often you become almost mainstream with your planning in advance, etc. All the big talk shows do that. All sides of them, too, do that.  They plan their articles for the future, so they become a regular mainstream sort of thing. Whereas I prefer to be spontaneous and let things just come out as they will. After all, isnít that more natural?  The whole point of being on the air at all is to be kind of natural, I would think. But unfortunately the medium becomes the message as McLuhan said, and that is so true.


The media has its own format, its ways of presenting things. It even has you trained to have music overlays as someoneís talking, and youíve had that since childhood, without thinking why do you play music while youíre trying to say something at the same time? Of course, itís psychological to an extent too. Even the ads have it. Everything has it in it. So people think, well to be a hit theyíve got to copy the mainstream. They donít realize the mainstream is simply a method of controlling you all together and to stop you having thoughts of your own. They do this of course when they give you videos at school. I noticed that very early on, when they used to use the old projection reels, etc. Theyíd show you some poor animal thatís been suffering somewhere, and the music overlay, very ominous and sad, and a womanís voice talking over it in a hypnotic fashion. And thatís how emotion is implanted, imprinted, and the event is imprinted in your mind basically for life. Thatís how itís done. So be very, very careful as I say, if you want to be careful. Most folk donít really want to be careful; they prefer having someone else control their mind.


And Bertrand Russell said on more than one occasion, that people who wonít use their own minds frequently die. And he said it in many different ways too. He said, and some of them prefer it that way.  Even if you warn them that theyíre going to die if they donít start using their own minds and start to think, theyíd rather not do it and just die anyway. So you canít, really, help all the people because partly theyíve been trained that theyíre being taken care of by people who come out of special wombs, who you see on television and so on, and some of them are with you all your life; they live till theyíre about a hundred years old as anchormen and women and, you know, granny or granddad would never lie to you. So youíre trained to believe whatever they say.


And when any program Ė and I noticed this years ago too Ė when the big push through the marketing divisions, the ones that really control your mind and how you tick and so on and do all the surveys on you all the time, apparently it works when they tell you that so-and-so is the most trusted man in America, or Peter Mansbridge is the most trusted man in Canada, or CBC News is the most trusted news in the whole country. Things like that, thatís just pure propaganda, without your input whatsoever as to what you actually think of it yourself. Theyíre telling you what to believe. And unfortunately, it works. Isnít that sad? Isnít that kind of sad?


Iíve gone over Bernaysí life many times, Edward Bernays, who really is a misnomer in a sense; he was given the wrong title. He is said to be the father, really, the father of modern marketing. But he wasnít at all. He was only one of many people who had learned the arts through previous generations, over thousands of years, through people who were merchants at one time who studied the populations, how to sell things to different populations.  Because people have different buying habits, cultural habits, etc. so they had to always study their target, you see. Ancient techniques of course.


You even find this in stories about Buddha where at one time he had to earn some money and he came out of his jungle retreat.  And being a Brahman he knew, he said he knew how to sell things to the public... He knew how their minds worked in other words. Youíll find this with PT Barnum as well, the big circus master who pulled fantastic scams, and outrageous scams you would say. He was a master at promoting himself; thatís the technique they use as well. In fact, PT Barnum understood perfectly well, which tells you there was definitely an operating system of those who knew the arts and sciences of propaganda and marketing and mass mind control you might say. But PT Barnum would often sit, before he went into a city with his circus acts etc, heíd sit and heíd write to the editor, under different names, letters for himself, and many against himself. Because he said, no news is bad news; itís all good news when theyíre talking about you. So he would stir up the controversy about himself. And folk donít realize theyíre being fooled by the same guy, appearing under different names for Barnum and against Barnum and everybody got talking about it. Oh that person who talked about Barnum, he was quite right, I agree with that guy. And this is how simple it is to manage the minds of the public. Itís very easy to do.


Once you get emotion going up, itís even better. Youíll never think clearly and logically when itís an emotive subject, deliberately hyped up. You have to stand back, almost like an alien, and observe it all going on and see how it affects peoples and how they respond to things. Itís a fantastic art. Governments use it, because they all use marketing companies big time. Even the war makers use it all the time for propaganda purposes; emotive topics are great for getting wars started. Weíre going in there to help so-and-so, or the Iraqis are killing babies in Kuwait and throwing them out of windows. That was all put out at the time and folk believed it.  Standard stuff.  In World War I it was the Germans were bayoneting babies with the big bayonets on the end of their rifles, and that was put out there too.  So over and over again you find that reason is lost. They donít want people to reason through things, they want you to be emotionally involved in something, always. Politics uses the same tactics too and politicians are very good at that too.


Now, since people are taught from childhood to believe television, and even debaters on television with this side or that side and the topics they use and the way itís delivered of course, theyíre trained already to pick sides in any argument. And the arguments are presented to them as an argument to get them emotionally involved. As I say, you can never keep a clear head if you get emotionally involved about anything. Your memory will go out the window. Facts will go out the window that will back up your memory. And all you do is start screaming and ranting and say thatís not nice and thatís not right etc. etc. Itís so easy. So itís a fantastic tool, mind you.  Propaganda for war purposes always keeps it simple, very simple. If it gets too complicated they get caught up in their lies and then people will stand back and say well itís more complicated than I thought. They donít want that. They want you to be immediately into the melee and taking one side or the other etc. etc. Itís so easy to do.


I can remember too, all the newspapers from the so-called left... The left all works for the right, by the way, because they both work for the same Masters at the top.  And they both end up on the same road at the end, with their global governance and an organized society, planned society, etc., and everyone is working for the so-called common good of all, as the boys who run it all at the top, the big fascists, really, reap in all the harvests of cash and live awfully well off it. It doesnít matter if theyíre left or right, itís all nonsense. Itís a technique of ruling, as left and right.  So anyway, you get these arguments ongoing all the time.


Now, the latest one of course is so laughable to me, about a serious subject, but they are laughable the way theyíre presented to you. Suddenly the world is supposedly concerned about Nigeria. Suddenly, all a sudden... all a sudden it just happens, you see. Now, the West has been plundering Africa for centuries for its minerals, gold and its diamonds, etc. etc., so much stuff there.  Itís like the Congo.  The Congo has been at war forever because the West is always stirring them up so that they can get in there and plunder all the uranium for pretty well free.  The same thing is happening all across Africa.


And the great global plan, of course for those who manage the world and manage all the political parties and so on, the global plan was always to bring a world of United groups in blocs of countries amalgamated together. Africa was also to be one of them.  Mandela talked about it too. So itís still ongoing of course. The old technique that the Masters used to use was to invade first, you see, like Britain always did.  For good reasons of course, to save the people from themselves, and youíd invade places like India. Before that you would get them all warring in little tribes against each other; youíd arm different sides and then youíd get one of the chiefs to go against another and heíd get the war started, etc. Then youíd play it up in the papers, which you also own, you see, and then you give a good reason why youíve got to go in and stop them from killing each other.  Then of course the British taxpayer picks up the tab as their armies are all sent over to keep the peace, and to amalgamate the countries, put in the British system of law and order.  Then eventually you put in a kind of government with an elected parliament, on the British system, which is completely rigged, and all your bureaucrats are part of it too, theyíre part of the old brotherhood system. Then once after maybe 50 years, 100 years or more you can withdraw them and youíre guaranteed that everybody who, from then on, gets into politics in that country is in the pockets of the big bankers who rule from London England, for instance.  Thatís really the global system.


Iíve gone through a lot of this in the past where Iíve talked about the Cecil Rhodes society and the gravitation and the amalgamations of these different groups, all working really from the same central core in London to bring in a world type Empire, you see. Not for the English and not for Britain, because these guys literally are... youíd almost say theyíre a race apart; you could say that in fact. But they want to bring in this one globalized system. Marx talked about it too of course. And here we are. Weíve got the European Union thatís managed to plunder every country that joined it, and the citizens have never been so poor as they are now.  Theyíre all falling apart and theyíre paying so much in taxes towards this monstrosity of the European Parliament every year, that has more and more plans all the time to take more money off them all, again, to bring this global system across the world.


Folk forget that Gordon Brown talked at the EU back in 2009. He talked about Britain and the British system and the European system all being one under this global monstrosity of course, which he loved because heís always been in the pocket of the paymasters. He talked about, this would be a system for the whole world, a globalized system. He also mentioned too, just like Lord Alfred Milner did with his group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He said that the US would join them and be part of it. So between the two of them they would bring in this globalized system, you see, for the whole planet to follow.


So to conquer the rest of the world of course theyíve got to create, either create things that are really happening, or lie to the public of things that are not happening, or definitely exaggerate them too, and count on the fact that the public are always kept off keel logically about any particular topic at all. And they also have very little memory as they get overdosed with data every day, not just from Internet but from regular news that generally is irrelevant to their lives. So the arts are all there. Itís well used. Theyíre always repetitive, the same techniques, logic is out the window when emotion comes in. And the big boys can go in with their militaries, etc., set up their system, in come the corporations, and they plunder the country for a long, long, long time. And you may or may not leave them with this new democracy idea that is already subservient to another group, a world group which they all take their oaths to basically. Because thatís how weíre run, you see.


Now, Nigeria, and folk have forgotten too that back in 2012 and í13 they talked about AFRICOM.  AFRICOM, this is African Command, you see, and the US wants to rule it all and run it all, maybe with Britain too helping with cash and so on. But they want to run it all on a military kind of scale, to bring in the peace you understand. AFRICOM already set up in Niger.  They set up different drone bases to strike so-called Al Qaeda targets. Now, everyone who doesnít go along with the agenda of the Westís interference now is called Al Qaeda now anyway.  Because the folk in the West donít know anything about it really except what theyíre told, which is very little, except theyíre awfully bad. But the excuses they use are the old excuses, emotional thingsÖ Oh 200-odd girls, maybe 300 got kidnapped from schools and so onÖ And suddenly the Westerners are all agitated, and every talk show on AM radio in every city across the planet is talking about it, all together Ė what a coincidence eh? Ė and getting you all agitated about these girls going missing and maybe being sold off as slaves or something. 


And this is the prime concern of the planet right now.  Not the fact that you have no work in your own countries. Not the fact that youíre getting taxed more and more and your governments have signed more and more free trade deals so they can put corporations, big international corporations, businesses into these countries they want to invade and plunder them, to help them you understand. And also, youíre going down the tubes fast with debt, debt, debt, debt, debt.  Weíre all cap-in-hand. Weíre on our knees actually. Actually weíve got our heads on the ground as well and our rears up in the air to the banks; we all have. Weíre all debt slaves, of course. But thereís always moral things to do, like going and suddenly becoming really worried about whatís happening to girls in Africa.  I can remember they used the same propaganda with Iraq... Oh my God they make them wear a veil, oh...  Thatís a good enough reason to go in and invade Iraq. All nonsense. It was all nonsense. That wasnít the reasons. No. They planned the war in Iraq years and years and years before even Gulf War One.  How many of you can remember even that now, eh?  But anyway, this is how itís done, folks.


Now, the West aborts more children than it gives live births today.  We really care about children, donít we? We really, really care apparently. And we sell body parts all across the world from fetuses and so on. But we really care about children, we say. Thatís what we say. The parents donít mind handing their children over to be brainwashed at an early age to the government; they never mind this at all, never.  Generation after generation it goes on; they donít even know what their children are learning. Because they have been taught quite successfully that the parentsí job now is not to interfere with anything, just raise the child, just pay for the money for the child, the upkeep of the child; thatís what was decided back in the 30s and 40s.


Every year, too, in the Western countries they come out with these studies telling you that more and more children are living in poverty in these countries, than ever before. But nope, suddenly itís Nigeria. Weíve forgotten all about all the scandals that came out from the United Nations, or about the United Nations and NATO, its military wing.  We forgot all about that didnít we? ...when they were running the brothels over in Serbia, Yugoslavia, etc. and Bosnia.  Thereís even made movies about it too, which werenít well publicized but they were pretty detailed and accurate. And how they were even smuggling in young girls as prostitutes all across Britain, and whole housing schemes at one point were full of them, and it was all racketeering going on. And that went on for years.  But no, suddenly itís the Africans... itís happening in Africa. No one, I think, was charged even with all the prostitution rackets for all the troops, etc., and prostitution gangs where NATO had gone.  I donít think anybody was charged at all.  And the UN troops as well.


But thatís how easy it is to get folk stirred up about something. And they all argue, because theyíre given the points to argue about. Of course the rest of the story about AFRICOM is all forgotten. Folk forget, oh my God the US wanted to get in there all along, so did Britain, etc. etc., and so did the big corporations because thereís a lot of gas and oil and gold and diamonds and minerals under Africa.  Theyíve been saying that for years, itís one of the richest continents in the world. It really is. But it doesnít matter, does it? As I say, logic and memory and reason go out the window when they give you an emotive topic, presented in the right way of course. Once theyíre in, it doesnít matter if itís exposed as fraud.  Theyíve got what they want, theyíre in there, theyíre doing what they want. Thatís always what happens, you see. Sad, that, isnít it?


Yet people would rather die than think, and they frequently do, over and over and over again.   Why would the media give you any points of topics at all to argue about?  when they donít tell you whatís happening in your own countries? Havenít you noticed how quiet the news has all gone since the Finkelstein bill went through in Australia and the Leveson one went through in Britain, and muzzling journalists etc? Canada obviously did the same thing, but Canada has never told the public much at all. Theyíre more docile in Canada; theyíre better trained. The reason for that too is because theyíre more Commonwealth countries.


In the Commonwealth countries you didnít think you had a nation to start with.  You were all newcomers, you see, and you took directions from England. Things came down by decrees from the top, from England, through Canada, to the public. Itís never really changed. So what Canadian television gives you, apart from all the far left stuff that they want you to think about, is also... And itís run by the government, donít ever forget that too. The CBC, for instance, gives you all these topics, and little rural things that happen in Canada, little quaint things as though youíre some backwards little country or something. And thatís what you think about, oh itís quite nice and so on, yeah. They never tell you about the quaint little places in Canada, though, where literally Maurice Strong would be proud. You give more blood to the mosquitoes and the deerfly and the horsefly every year than any other creature. I donít know why they call them deerfly and horsefly, itís people they love.  I know that from experience, believe you me.  And you really get anemic... whoa.  But anyway, apparently itís a very quaint place. And everybody in the country, through their comedy shows and so on, repairs everything with duct tape and things like that; weíre all rather simple, you know, buffoons.  So this is how itís done.  But as I say Canadians are awfully placid about things.


In Britain they give you a little bit more hype but itís always in the same tradition, left-wing and right-wing and all that kind of stuff, which is boring. Boring. Youíve had it your whole lives long. And if you canít figure out the left and the right all work together then thereís no hope for you at all; there really is no hope for you whatsoever. The States is no better. The States come up with a fallacy, many fallacies in the US, that everybody was free. Thatís fallacy number one.  They also think, through Hollywood, that most of their ancestors were all cowboys, which isnít true at all. They have no memory of all the factory towns that went across in the late 1800s, early 1900s, privately-owned factory towns owned by factors, they called them; thatís where the word Ďfactoryí comes from. All the houses were owned by the factor. All the equipment was owned by the factor. You bought your food using the factorís credit money, his own token money so it all went around in a circle back to the factor, from his factor store.  Your clothing, everything.  Even the tools you would have to buy yourself to go down the mines. Thatís the reality of the US.


So, define freedom. You ask your friends to define freedom and youíll get a whole bunch of different answers, what freedom is.  One woman from New York thought, she said she was free because she said she can shop at any time, night and day in New York to any store she wants; she can go and shop.  Shopping, that was freedom to her. Folk have varied ideas of freedom, what freedom is. But of course at the same time youíre given the propaganda, which is overwhelming in these days, that weíre all collectively together on something.  And great enterprises, weíre all in it collectively, even if you donít know the names of them or the abbreviations for them.  Youíre all apparently in it together and youíre sacrificing, willingly, all the cash that youíre earning for your Masters and so on, who live awfully well off the system.  Iíve often wondered about servants. Servants, I thought, always got less money than the average working person. But they donít. They get an awful lot more.  And perks too, and privileges. But they still call themselves servants, eh? Isnít that something?


But getting back to Nigeria, youíll never get the truth from the big boys, what theyíre after. But itís quite simple to do a search on the Internet and go over previous news.  Go over the previous news on AFRICOM and what the West wants to do with Africa. Then youíll find the reasons for all the excuses they come out with as to why they must go in. Itís nothing to do withÖ They donít give a darn about children, folks. Have you figured that out yet? They donít give a darn about children. They donít really give a darn about you, as long as you keep working. They donít give a darn about you, or how you live even. I had bureaucrats come out from Ottawa, different ones, and one of them told me, and not nastily, not nastily, and she wasnít even being arrogant. She was honestly being honest. She says, I donít know how you people live. You peopleÖ If you think thereís no class differentiation go to Ottawa and just mingle with the bureaucrats. But you better disguise yourself because youíll be one of them people, you see.  And when they know theyíre talking to one of them people theyíre very careful in what they say.


But this woman was being awfully, awfully honest. A big massive pension she was looking towards at the end of her work, her service; great pension plans. Great hospital plans; they even fly them... do you know in Canada they fly them to different countries?  They get pre-retirement courses, a pre-retirement course. What is a pre-retirement course? Well you see, theyíve been brought up on the hill Ė theyíre always on a hill somewhere, eh, and looking down on all of us Ė and they mingle all the time with their own kind. Many of them are intergenerational bureaucrats, all intermarried in fact. And the shock, the shock of maybe having to leave the hill, for goodness sake, could cause complete breakdown of their mental faculties. So they give them pretraining and preretirement courses to get them ready for retirement. It can take maybe a year, so they do nothing for about a year, of chatting and to therapists and things, to get them ready to go out into the great world of the unwashed masses, where they might meet peasants for the first time in their lives.  Even if theyíre in a middle class area they might meet peasants walking in the street for instance. What do you say to a peasant?   What do you say to people you know havenít got a clue what reality is? So they prepare them for their life in the great outdoors with the unwashed masses.


But sometimes too, if theyíre under stress they send them off to places like Thailand. And they get all these massages and stuff, all cheap; theyíre probably package deals by the government. But they get all these different sauna pools, and massages and yada-yada-ya to help them relax and get their mind in the right kind of frame to go back and eventually accept this awful thing called retirement where they have all this time on their hands. But theyíre also given other little tasks like, you know, you could move into this area here or that area and we would subsidize your housing, in fact we might even give it to you for free. And you move into that community and you can start pushing an environmental agenda and put yourself on the board of the Council. Theyíve got all these different ways to keep using them, you see, which is awfully lucrative for them, mind you. And they can keep a bit of status that way as well.  Can you imagine, youíre coming out of the great Crown, the Crown that dominates everything at the top, and once youíre out from under that Crown there itís a terrifying thing to be under the open sky...  hhhaaaaaa.... amongst the peasantry. And youíll find out quickly enough when you start talking to them, by God, how dumbed-down they are; they havenít got a clue why things really happen. How do you communicate with them? And the shock to the system, itís like a life sentence; youíve been cast out.


Even Lord Bertrand Russell talked about this and he was a big, big pusher in the global systems that helped control and create the culture that you are now living through, by the way. You have no idea of the organizations that were on the go 50, 60 years ago, and still on the go today, arranging the future and your realities for all of you.  Including the way your children are brought up, what theyíll get taught, what theyíll believe in, sexual promiscuity, all that kind of stuff, it was all decided a long time ago. But Bertrand Russell talked about it as well. He said, the brighter ones amongst the children, from the ordinary classes, have to be selected.   So they give you little tests at school and then theyíll give you different special tests once theyíve got a few of them, you see, in an area, and then theyíll give you scholarships. But youíre encouraged, youíre given a kind of mentor Ė itís very Masonic in a sense that they give you a kind of mentor, Iím talking about Freemasonic.  But they give you a mentor, like a daddy figure, who will encourage you to make the right decisions about your career and life and everything else, and to go along with it. Then they put you into the great gilded halls of some posh Ivy League place, and youíre one of them, on condition that you leave all the old ways behind you, including, often, contact with your family, by the way. He said, once theyíre into the organization, the big club you might say, where their careers are guaranteed and they work for you and this system for global systems etc., he said, then they will give their all for you and you can depend on them, you can count on them. Then of course you use them; and theyíll be so well rewarded, financially, etc., that theyíll never look back.  Now, the ones who will not go along with that and are the bright, bright children, who can see through things, are a menace and very dangerous and will have to be eliminated. Thatís the real world, folks.


Easy to eliminate them today, isnít it? You just put them on drugs at school if they ask too many questions. Itís not so much too many questions, itís the wrong kind of questions, the ones that are politically incorrect. Children are very curious about things and when things donít make sense theyíll ask the question, theyíll blurt it out, until they get an answer. And thatís how itís supposed to be. Freedom of the mind?  Whoís kidding who? Thatís never been allowed, especially today; itís getting worse all the time. And theyíre drugged of course. They get them on the drugs and so on, and then they get them into child advocacies like they have in Scotland and other countries where the government appointee to every child can do little assessments from about two months on to see if theyíve got any PC incorrect ideas or ask the wrong questions. How can curiosity be a wrong question? Curiosity about anything can be a wrong question, how ridiculous. How ridiculous.


Now, talking about the bureaucrats who are terrified of having to join even the middle classes and occasionally coming across ordinary folk, what a terrifying idea. But when you think about it, thatís how they are. Because the ordinary people are parroting to them in any conversation things that have been given to them to parrot from the news. Whereas the bureaucrats have had a life of having all the inside knowledge and gossip etc., why things are really going on and itís a shock to them to realize how much the system has worked on the public too. 


The thing about, too, outrage, nobody gets outraged about anything, unless youíre told to get outraged. We should be outraged about an awful lot of things if we were only told about them, especially told truthfully about them. About what free trade really is, who benefits from it, whoís paying for it all, which is always you, and what its goal happens to be and how itís going there. And we have no say in it at all, whatsoever, free trade across the world.  And pacts are getting signed by presidents and prime ministers, through the World Trade Organization, and the IMF, and the World Bank, and all these other remote institutions which literally could be on other planets for all the general public is concerned. Because we have no say in it whatsoever, you see. And yet we still parrot this thing weíre told to parrot, which is democracy... weíve got democracy, you know. And thatís why weíre going to rampage across the world killing lots of people to give them democracy, you see. Isnít that wonderful?


We live in Lala land so why go along with the nonsense? WHY go along with the nonsense? Most folk go along with the nonsense to be accepted by their peer group, that are equally brainwashed. They donít want to stand out like a sore thumb or be ostracized like, oh heís weird, he knows things.  This is how it really is.  The techniques are used en masse today, mass psychology, mass indoctrination through a thousand sources, including all your entertainment.  They all get paid to put these things in so many movies, that have got nothing to do with global warming, weíll get it in there somehow, and so many other topics too, which I know you all know are put in there thatíve got nothing to do with the story. Theyíre paid to put them in by the cultural departments of the governments who dish out all the grants.  So youíre being brainwashed by a thousand different ways that you are completely ignorant of at the time. Nothing has been overlooked.


But telling you to get outraged about something, thatís never occurred to you before, you know youíre getting conned. You know youíre getting conned. And the things you should be outraged about you say nothing about because you donít even know how itís happened. You donít even know how your culture got to where it is today. You think itís somehow evolving, like a headless serpent somehow. Of course itís not. Itís been guided the whole way, always, and has been for an awful long time, especially since they brought in radio and then television, now the Internet, the combination of the whole lot of them, and entertainment of course, itís just perfected today.  Very few folk can think outside the box. If you want to get responses from them, emotive responses, that are Pavlovian, just mention certain terms. Just mention them...  Just stand back and watch them.  Oh, their faces screw up and they are outraged; theyíre all angry. They canít tell you really why, except theyíll parrot a whole bunch of stuff that theyíve heard and learned but never really thought through, you see. Itís easy to do.


Trained, trained, you see.  Weíre so well trained and studied by experts all the time.  Always doing studies, studies, studies all the time. It never ends, all the studies. In fact, if anything changed in society that was outside their control theyíd spend billions of your money to find out why youíre all doing it or thinking it or talking about it. And they do, actually, once in a while.  Reality is a far cry from anything thatís presented to you, by your education, and by your media and entertainment and so on.  Reality is a far cry...


The enemy, the greatest enemy that those who rule the world Ė and the world is certainly ruled, folks.  The greatest enemy they have is knowledge and reason. Theyíre terrified of it. Theyíre terrified of people who can hold onto memory and put things together for themselves, and use logic and reason. Theyíre terrified of it. Theyíre absolutely petrified of it.  But those who respond emotionally to trigger words and terms and phrases and so on, are wonderful; they can do with them as they please. And they can use them as they please, you see. Itís so easy to do.


The easiest thing to put out there, too, of course, and we saw that in the Cold War and many other things before that, is to use terror on the public. Oh, somethingís going to happenÖ so you need us all the more... This is how government talks to you. We have it under controlÖ But itís going to cost you... through taxes, for research and development, for weaponry and stuff like that... the greatest scam ever. Because it works, people do sit back, oh well, what can you do, theyíre defending us from those nasty guys over there. It never occurs to them that the nasty guysí leaders over there are in cahoots with the nasty leaders youíve got too, back here. This is how the scam is played, you see.


Most folk will never figure it out in their lifetime. And thatís the saddest thing. The saddest thing. Theyíll never catch on to why things are the way they are, how they developed and were guided to where they are, those responsible behind it all, the various institutions and organizations that are like a pyramid structure with all the wasteland below.  Thatís what they show you at the bottom of the pyramid, a wasteland, all the weeds growing... Thatís all of you, folks. Thatís what it means, you see. And of course the all-seeing eyeís at the top; down below youíre in the darkness. Youíre in the darkness. And the wise guys even in your local areas, in your Rotary clubs and all your commercial clubs and so on, all belong to the right societies where theyíre filled in on little bits of the reality so that they can personally profit and not tell the rest.


We live in a predatory system, layers of predators at the top who live much, much better than those at the bottom, naturally. Today they have more respectability, through propaganda, than ever before, you see. Theyíre called respectable and respectable businesspeople, etc, respectable politicians and so on. And we believe it. Weíre taught to believe it.  But itís a predatory system. You donít get up in anything, to any degree in this society, any high degree, without being a cutthroat and a predator, and psychopathic to an extent as well. Thatís why the most dangerous thing is when groups of businessmen get together to form any kind of association.  These leagues or cartels and so on that are formed wield tremendous power and the wealthier they are, naturally, the more money they can donate to politicians. And of course in free democratic societies it costs millions and millions of pounds or dollars to get into politics and get up there, thatís how democratic it is. Anybody can become president of course and all that nonsense. But anyway, this is how it really is.  And theyíre responsible, theyíre bought and paid for by those who put them in. Donít ever forget that.  Thatís why nothing changes.


And the left puts in their... they think they got their own guy in in the US.  And of course heís going along with the same agenda as the last bunch, who were the new conservatives, you see, who werenít conservative at all when you look into the history of it. But anyway, it doesnít matter. Weíre all run by the same group, the world over. And the public are completely oblivious to it. And because we likeÖ See, the ordinary people like things to stay the same. Even when it gets bad, you adapt to all that is bad and high prices and everything, you adapt to it, but please donít make it any worse. Thatís what you really secretly hope for.  And it always does gets worse, but you adapt to that too. You always adapt, as Darwin well knew. And because of your adaptability youíre guided to wherever the big boys want you to be guided into, even brand-new systems. If itís done in the proper fashion you wonít notice how you get into it, you just end up there, and that will be normal then too. Thatís how itís done. Quite simple, isnít it? Quite simple.


Itís harder to change the occasional individual thinker than it is the masses of people who donít think for themselves, who want to be the same actually. Youíll find with groups, too, itís no different than all the different religions out there. Youíve got to conform to their set of beliefs, and that means everything that they believe in.  You got to accept it, which is irrational, for anything, in politics or anything else. Because obviously thereís something wrong with you if you accept every tenet they have. If youíre an individual freethinker you say, well I agree with this and this and this but not that and that and that. But no, you have to agree with everything that they say and do, you see. So you become us instead of me. You become us and all of the usís are used by them at the top.  The thems use the usís.  [Alan chuckles.] Thatís how simple it is.


Bernays said it too. He said to his big boys that they were sending out to run the whole country in a sense, because they do help presidents to do it. He said that, rather than create organizations from the grassroots, to sell products or to sell your ideas or your political parties, look for established organizations. And they started in the US, especially with the churches because they had big congregations at that time, way back then. And they start donating money to them, for instance.  Get to know the guys who run them at the top, because organizations are always led by people at the top, you see. Once you have them in your pocket then they can sway the minds quite simply and gradually of the massive congregations and you get what you want. Thatís how things are done.† Very simple.


Even a long time ago, for instance, you would have little kings and princedoms rather than countries. It certainly wasnít democratic either; it was generally feudal and hereditary. But at least once in a while you had big meetings where the folk could voice their concerns. But the folk lived in that area and all that mattered to them at the time was what happened in our area, you see. But the process now today is to take you away from all that until you really are pretty well ineffective in your area.  Who do you complain to? Look at the size of the provinces in Canada, for instance, and the States in the US, itís sometimes thousands of miles away to get to its headquarters and complain about anything. And now youíre trained that youíre not just national, so youíve got an even further away government, you are internationalÖ International, until itís all ambiguous and misty and over there somewhere, until the guys that run you are over there somewhere.  And in fact, thatís how it really is today.


You have no say in anything even locally. Everything is global and introduced from the top down to the local, you see.  Including the education your children are being brainwashed with as well, for someone elseís agenda, which they have decided is good enough for you, to live collectively and serve the Masters at the top for the global society, the greater good and all that stuff, you see. Uniformity, Uniformity, Uniformity is the key. And being simple little creatures, human creatures, we donít like change that much at the bottom. Most folk are not risk-takers. They really are not. They get tied into the traps that keep them grounded in a certain place, their house, their possessions, things like that, which the big boys count on actually. They count on that, because itís better to have a fixed population in an area you can count on that will pay all the taxes and so on, than people who are mobile all the time, you see. You have a fixed amount you can always guarantee the income from and thatís how they live off you of course.


But you have no say, really, in what happens in your local area. They call it interdependence.  Youíre interdependent, meaning youíre completely dependent on everything you need for survival, your food, often your water, your electricity, etc. etc. And these are all being privatized of course.  They were institutions supposedly set up on your behalf with your tax money, most of them, that built the infrastructure and the whole system because they were essentials to harmonious living and theyíre a necessity to life.  Not now. Theyíre all being privatized by the big boys who planned this a long time ago, who actually gave you socialism, by the way. Because socialism was the way to get all your tax money to pay for the infrastructure, for the setting up of the roads, the setting up of the gas supplies, electricity supplies, all these things, you see. Theyíre all paid for, completely, or at the very least heavily subsidized. Now theyíre privatized. And theyíre going for the whole lot now, as they have you under the thumb.


We always pay for the big boys. Corporate welfare is nothing new; itís the biggest welfare system on the planet, for them.  Thatís how the world is run, by clever predators, very clever predators who understand how to pull the strings, how to implement all their con games and have you diverted off into other topics that keep you off thinking for yourselves about anything whatsoever, until youíre interdependent, meaning totally dependent.  In some places too, they canít even get a garden put in without permission or a license. I mean, this is slavery par excellence. 


But should we worry about this? No, we should be worried about women or young girls going missing in Nigeria; thatís what theyíre telling you. Nope, thatís your main concern today. And it will be because thatís all theyíll parrot about. And theyíll draw you in. Theyíll show you terrible crying, people on television and stuff like that, thatís going to hit your emotions and everything else is out the window. All your own concerns are out the window. You see?  And youíre being conned, conned, conned, as more tax money goes off for more militaries to be sent abroad to conquer the rest of Africa and plunder it as well, and bring it into the same system as you have here, you see, which is really helplessness, isnít it?  Because thatís what weíre being taught.


In fact, havenít you noticed Ė and hereís a big, big thing, as I say, since the Leveson inquiry in Britain. They put through the bill in Britain to muzzle journalists for personal little opinions here and there. And also the one in Finkelstein for Australia, all the British Commonwealth countries; Iím sure Canada signed it too and many other countries to boot Ė the news is kept pretty quiet. Everything you get is over there, oh itís over there somewhere, people donít even know where these places are on a map.  Thatís the news theyíre giving you, you see.  Because theyíre not telling you, and theyíre training you...  And what I say, by the way, whenever I talk on the air, itís parroted the next day by top hosts here and there, but they never mention my name, never, ever.  But hereís what Iím telling you is happening. Youíre being trained under authoritarianism, which is what the Club of Rome came out with; Iíve mentioned it before in their book The First Global Revolution and other ones that came out afterwards.  They talked about democracy isnít working and theyíd have to train the public to accept the fact they have a form of overlords, you might say, special people who are specialists in everything, and the world was to be run by specialists, of course. Itís a very old idea.  It didnít start with the Club of Rome; theyíre just a front mouthpiece for bigger organizations. But thatís what keeping the news back from you is all about. Youíre being trained into this big misty thing up in the heavens somewhere, of government and governance is managing your world, your personal little world including your own little, what you think is your piece of it, which of course you have no stake in at all because you donít own any of it.  You have no stakes in anything; you just pay out, you donít get anything back. Itís all to do with special people up there, that you shouldnít even be concerned whoís running it all.  It doesnít even matter that you know who they are; most folk donít. But theyíre training you to leave it to specialists. Thatís authoritarianism, you see.


Because eventually theyíll do away...  Eventually they will do away with this nonsense, this farce of democracy and this pretense of left and right and all the rest of it, you see. Thatís all to go eventually; itís to get abolished down the road.  And youíll accept the new way... Oh, the world is just too complicated for all these things anymore, weíve got to have experts running it.† This was said a hundred-odd years ago, actually before a hundred-odd years ago; itís a very, very old idea. But in the meantime they have to give you the idea of democracy rather than have you having revolutions every four or five years at getting plundered by the guys above you. Thatís what democracy is, you see. Itís a kind of failsafe; it keeps you placid. Oh, weíll vote another guy in and weíll get the right person in this time. † How many lives do you have to live to figure this one out, eh? Please tell me. But thatís how it really is, conology rules the world.


Conology, the art of conning masses of people... masses of people. The old problem used to be the old adage, that said, you can fool some of the people some of the time, and most of the people most of the time, but you canít fool all people all of the time. Well, theyíve almost got that conquered today because with standardized news, standardized education, standardized everything, and repetition from all the media, on all the stations that youíll buzz through if youíve got television, you will become standardized with the standardized opinion. So almost all of the folk are fooled all of the time. Thatís how perfect it is today.


Why do you think so much of your money is going towards studying you? And all these surveys, and the latest survey has found that X percent uses blah-blah-blah...  Why do you think thatís all done, constantly, with your tax money getting thrown out to all these universities to do the studies on you over and over again? And the NSA doesnít just listen to everything you do and record it all and watch everything you do. It also has its own study groups on the go all the time across the world and gathers all this information. Because itís so important, you see, for control, for keeping control over billions of people, to bring in their happy world for themselves, you know, their new utopia where the global elite can come out in the open.  You know, the hidden master stuff, all this hidden master stuff...  the real elite, the intellectual ones at the top can come out and say, yeah I run this department for the whole planet and this is how it is and you should accept it, peasants. You see. 


Folk have no idea how itís done. None at all. The problem is, most folk donít want to know. If you try and burst the bubble, of the average person, that which makes them feel secure in their own mind in a scary world, they will turn on you with rage. Be careful what you do and say. Often itís best not to volunteer information. You know, you can dip your toes in the water here and there without going too deep and getting up to your ankle or even further. You can dip your toes in, youíll see, youíll know right away if the people have the ability or not, the ones that youíre talking to or youíre listening to or whatever. Otherwise donít start it because, by God, if you were toÖ Truth is a scary thing to folk.   They have a whole reality of fiction and that fiction becomes what they call their id, the whole complete persona of themselves, that they hang onto, and if you burst it theyíll turn on you viciously. If you tell them the truth about the music industry and all the songs they have loved growing up, and they go la-la-la and they sing the chorus and all that. If you tell them how it all came about and who ran it and so on and why, oh, vicious. Or who made so-and-so a star... ah, beware. 


People love their fallacies. Itís the rare individual, very, very rare who really wants truth. I likened it back in the 90s on the radio when I talked about freefalling. If you want truth itís like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. You canít hold onto anything thatís preconceived or that you thought you knew. Of course you have no idea what youíre going to learn on the way down, and if itís all new to you you canít fight it and kick it. What is is. Thatís what truth is. What is is, is truth. You see. Most folk canít handle that. Theyíll say, well I like that but I want to hang onto this, you see, which will distort their whole truth for them. But for a mental health aspect, because theyíve never really known what mental health is except the fake culture, the fake everything thatís been drummed into them and the routines theyíre encouraged to go along with, theyíll turn on you if you bust it.  So be awfully careful.


The old meaning of identity crisis was nothing to do with genders or sexuality.  It was to do with what you perceived as the id.  Itís you and your place in the world, and the world and its place to you, and your whole persona and how you saw yourself fitting into that whole world system and everything you interact with. That was your healthy id. But when itís completely artificial you still feel that health aspect because itís familiar to you, you say, thatís what I believe, and youíre happy with that. If someone tries to bust that youíll become vicious towards them.  So be awfully, awfully careful, you see, about giving folk truth. Very few folk really want it.  Most donít want all of it. And most actually canít handle it. Thatís the sad truth of things, most canít handle it.  Weíre the most controlled society thatís ever existed with the techniques that are used against us. And itís very, very difficult to get truth today. And hold truth. And all the organizations pretty well that come out showing you bits of it have a spin for their own particular agendas, unfortunately, and you get used again.


Anyway, thatís a Sunday night and itís just off the top of my head as always, and I thought Iíd just blurt it out. Because it has to be blurted once in a while, doesnít it?  Itís not depressing, you see. How can truth ever be depressing? Fantasy, thatís why folk dive into fantasy like, oh, you wouldnít believe it. Because it really does distract them into a never-never land of complete fiction. Because the world is pretty scary, you see, to them. And the scarier it becomes the more fiction, youíve noticed, that they dish out to you.  The more movies they dish out to you, the more catering they do to segments of fiction for you. Oh, hereís the sci-fi channel, hereís this channel, oh; theyíve got everything for everybody, you see, to make sure youíre kept in some kind of fiction for escapism.  Even in that escapism youíre being programmed with the updates for the political correctness and how you should feel about this topic and that topic and so on and so on and so on.  Thatís how perfect the system is.


So if you want truth start with yourself. Start with yourself and if anything makes you uncomfortable, any topic, you better ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable about exploring that topic. Why? Who put that into your head? Who gave you this Pavlovian response to feel uncomfortable when you even think about it? Think about why youíre getting outraged about things.  Whoís telling you to get outraged? What do they have to gain? Who profits from all of this? Itís quite simple, isnít it?  Then tie in your memory. Try and keep memory on things if you can. Stop relying on the Internet, because Iím telling you, they keep changing reality on the Internet all the time too. I have to do link checks all the time, awfully time-consuming, to check up links from all the talks, so many talks Iíve given in the past. And theyíre always dropping links. Other articles, it might have the same link and theyíve rewritten the darn thing. Because truth goes down the memory hole. Thatís how fast the past is changed, and truth is changed, and facts are changed, all the time.


All you have is yourself. Youíre living in a world where pretty well the world now is under complete weather management, control.  Most folk have adapted to it without reasoning through it. Theyíve got little bits in their head theyíve heard here or heard there, or read a little snippet here, bits and bytes. And theyíll adapt to total climate change as itís totally controlled. NOAA, the organization NOAA, for the weather, etc., has got it up every year how global dimming is getting worse and worse. Itís not pollution, folks. Itís the spraying in the sky.  And youíll accept that too. Youíll accept more and more cloud over certain areas and more and more sun over other areas that are going to get the droughts. Because now the food is up on the futures market for the biggest boys on the planet, the big agribusiness companies, and they can actually bet whoís going to have the droughts this year and whoís going to have a good crop this year, and they can juggle all the prices in advance, etc. etc. when itís a sure bet, you see. Thatís how the world is run. And people adapt.


Anyway, donít get outraged over things that you are being told to be outraged about. When your world is perfect around you then maybe think about it. But until then, forget it. Forget it. And donít be a hypocrite. And donít pretend, whatever country youíre living in, is somehow better than all of that that youíre seeing to be outraged about.  Look at your own history, recent history, even present, and tell me how perfect you are. Because if you get outraged about anything youíre told to be by the media, youíre getting used.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.  



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