May 18, 2014 (#1437)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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Tales From The Script:

"Much to Tell, More's the Pity,
To Contain Within this Little Ditty,
Minds and Thoughts, Opinions are Loans
From the Scientific Master which Owns
Techniques on Reality, Space and Time,
Spoon-Fed Topics I Thought were Mine,
A Mushroom Grown in Darkened Crypt
Sheds Light in "Tales from the Script""
© Alan Watt May 18, 2014


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 18, 2014 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 18th, 2014.  Iíd just like to say that many people have emailed from all over, the world really, about the weather changes. And of course the weather changes are all planned that way because geoengineering has been going on constantly, continuously, not experimentally, since 1998. Thatís when it really started big time in Ontario at least and other countries too.  Before of course, since even the 50s, they were doing lots of geoengineering experiments onwards over select areas to see the effects of weather modification.


Iíve gone through the history of weather modification and all the other effects they can produce too, with using electromagnetic energy, the HAARP technology, etc.  And going back to even Teller who came up with the idea of the H-bomb.  He talked about saturating the skies with metallic particles which make it more conductive to electrical impulses which could be controlled.  Of course we even have Brzezinski talking about that [in his book, Between Two Ages, in the chapter] The Technotronic Era, where he talks about using these waves across whole continents to pacify the people or change their moods and so on. They can actually make you anxious or depressed or simply placid, because we work on frequencies. Every cell in your body has its own frequency, every cell type that is, and by modifying that and getting close to it they can mimic it and then alter it slightly too. It works across the board with people.


But weíve watched this geoengineering going on in concert with the global warming agenda, which is the big PR stunt to institutionalizing our way of talking and thinking and in conversations, the idea that we are causing all the problems on the planet, where in reality big scientific societies and agencies are working hard to give this impression.  Iíve mentioned so many times, and I canít stress it enough, that Arthur C Clarke talked about the effects of advanced science on a primitive population, and he said that, it would appear as magic to the people


We think we are so advanced today, the average person, because of the Internet and so on; we think we know it all. And we donít because we are way behind with all the techniques that are used, with all the scientific magazines which are low-level stuff, thatís research thatís been done, again, just starting basically on certain areas. Whereas the real searching was done a long time ago; and what youíre given for public consumption is obsolete to an extent too.  So we believe what they tell us, a lot of people do believe what theyíre told because they get repetition, propaganda also works by repetition, until the public themselves start parroting it in their conversations.  Iíve gone through the history of this. Go into the archive section at and youíll find talks Iíve given on this and the history of it and so on.  And the histories too of the non-governmental organizations which have tremendous power today, working under the United Nations umbrella.  The United Nations of course is an organization set up by a private organization already in existence, which was the Lord Alfred Milner group which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  They created all of these agencies, supranational agencies which are privately run. They set up the World Bank.  They set up the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements; Iíve gone through the history of that before too. So the next step of course is to use the scientific technique to control all of society. Itís already been done, actually, and most folk donít know it.  They really donít know that science rose up a long time ago, well-funded, well managed and organized and directed by the funders, the funders being an intelligentsia already in existence who came from very wealthy families. They hired the best minds they could find to create their organizations, like the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations.  And theyíve done it awfully well.


They set up the idea of the trading blocs and eventually to amalgamate the three main blocs under a world governmental agency down the road, which is almost here pretty well. In fact, we are global. Weíve heard that prattle about globalism for an awful long time, until again, it becomes institutionalized, as they call it themselves in their own writings. Once we prattle on about it, in the public, in general conversations, on a superficial level because most folk will prattle on about these things without ever digging into it themselves.  Theyíve got bits and bytes of information and they simply prattle it off to each other in conversation and other folk think they know what it means too because theyíve heard the little bits and bytes as well, and they donít go any deeper than that.


Anything done on a major scale is put out hypothetically to the public... If we were going to do this geoengineering what would the consequences be? Thatís what they talk about at their big meetings. Of course the organizations they work for, the multitude of them, have already done all the research and they bring it together, and they also observe the effects as it happens, because itís already been going on for a long time now. In other words, the major decisions are bypassed by the general public. We are told itís in the future, and possibly, and maybe not at that, etc. etc., till itís all very confusing.  And because we are trained to parrot what comes across from the news and from famous people, etc. we ignore what we see with our own eyes. Most folk do. Even when they see it, theyíve been watching the spraying for years, they donít want to say, well, this is not how it used to be.


People have very short term memories today. They expect, like Brzezinski said, the media to do their reasoning for them. Therefore if no hassle and anxiety is drummed up by the media to be concerned about something, they will not be concerned. They will ignore their own conclusions or responses or even thinking or reasoning to do with what is happening above their heads, in fact, or why the weather is changing. Itís quite simple. And itís quite astonishing too, that weíre so easy to manipulate in so many different ways; this is only one aspect of it.


So we have been told that the geoengineering, if they ever did it that is, it could haveÖ once they noticed that weíre getting a lot of rain of course, they suddenly changed it, oh it could be lots of rain happening. Well, since November to April, the snow melted here in April in Ontario where I am, and since then itís been raining. So from November till April the ground didnít see any sun at all, pretty well; it was never bare because we didnít have a big thaw like we usually have.  So we had a massive blanket of snow, lots of snow, more snow than Iíve seen for years.  Most folk here say that, the older guys say that they havenít seen this since the early 1960s. So itís back again, you see. But we see the spraying going on. Even with the short breaks in clouds that we see theyíre still doing it. And sure enough, in the wintertime therefore youíre getting it coming down as snow and then it goes straight into rain. Itís rained here for about the last month pretty continuously, very little sunshine. And last night the temperature dropped right down to -3į Centigrade or about 29į Fahrenheit, round about that temperature. So weíre still in the freezing temperatures at night here and itís cold during the day.


So the geoengineering is working awfully well. But eventually the public, the general public will get the message from the media to be concerned about the weather. Concern yourself about it... and then they will be concerned about it. Because the idea is to make you believe that you are the cause of it all. Itís so brilliant, isnít it, how easy it is to manipulate millions or even billions of people by the information you receive. After all, why would anybody want to lie to you?


Thatís how naÔve we are. People didnít used to be so naÔve. I mean, up until just before TV came in folk distrusted governments. They distrusted them, across the world. Because they had a better education of the history of governments, and armies and standing armies and all these things and how a power elite could turn them against the people at any time they wish to, and they often did of course; thatís the history of the world. So eventually we will blame ourselves because thatís the intention. Weíll believe it because people will start to say, my God the weather is changingÖ They still wonít notice the spraying because it wonít be mentioned of course on the mainstream media.  Then of course youíll be taught that science has to rule us even more, and that old governments and politics are obsolete because they represent you and you are uneducated, youíre ignorant, etc., we need an advanced scientific group to run the world. Itís been like that for a long time actually, they just havenít told you; and Iíll touch on that tonight.


But I have gone into the past quite a bit in different areas, about the organizations that were set up to bring in world government, who set it up, the big bankers of the day of course, and very wealthy intergenerational families which created the big groups.  Of course in the US everyone knows the Rockefeller family that really helped to spearhead, at least thatís what youíre told; there were big groups behind them, mind you, the Rockefellers also took the heat but the Rockefellers belonged to the organization. In fact, the old man Rockefeller was set up and given a lot of help, put it this way, in acquiring his power and wealth by the organization that already existed. But they put him out as the front man for the Council on Foreign Relations.  He already worked for it before they called it that of course, because as I say itís a branch of the Milner group, and then they gave themselves the official titles later on to further confuse the general public.


The organization itself was so secretive according to Carroll Quigley that many folk in Parliament, including Winston Churchill at one point, didnít know; they knew there was something going on by a group, but they had no name given out to the general public at the time. Now, most folk maybe know the term Council on Foreign Relations when they bring on a spokesperson to advise on foreign-policy etc. Private organizations, very old indeed. Anybody whoís anybody, and whoís been a so-called made-man, made by the organizations behind them that is, that opened up the doors, cut out the competition for them and made sure they were awfully wealthy... In other words, theyíre bought and paid for completely, intergenerationally, they will carry on the agenda. So Iíve gone through that in the past too if you go into the archives again at; you can find out lots of information on all of this.  But the idea for this group, this very old group, was to create a world society, as I say.  How to maintain power for their own corporations was awfully important of course. Because economics is the key to controlling everything.  And those at the top of money and power want to keep it and ensure that the big corporations they also own donít fail, the big, big ones. They amalgamate all the time of course, but really itís all kind of in-the-family. Youíll find that many of the top corporations, in any particular area, are all owned by the same shareholders at the top, the select shareholders; these shares are not advertised to the public to buy.


Now, getting back to the idea of science controlling society, Iíll just touch on something, an old book by a very important man. Because again, they put out their own spokespeople to often write to each other, in a sense, by publishing books. The general public will get one message but the insiders get another message from what they read; thatís how a lot of things are written. Lord Bertrand Russell Iíve mentioned so many times was often accused of being a communist.  And he wasnít.  Because you understand, this same group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations funded all sides.  In fact, they created all sides that appear to be in conflict. And they made sure that we fed even opposing sides through Cold Wars, etc. Because to get change you must have at least two sides; one side where everyoneís content wonít fight and change for anything; why should they? So you create an opposing side and through the opposition, itís the old Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis that you end up getting.  This is the whole idea of strategy. All strategies are worked out that way, the Hegelian dialectic as they like to call it, but which existed long before Hegel came along.  So to get change you need all the conflicts so you must control all sides. So only those at the top know the con, and even the real higher workers beneath them, still higher level but beneath them, are not in on the big joke you might say, the big, big joke. Thatís why the bombs were never set off during the Cold War. Thatís why the missiles were never fired. An organization thatís running the whole show would never, ever have a lack of failsafes to ensure that only those at the very top could press the buttons of course. And they were all working for the same group, always having international meetings together.


Now, the society they wanted to bring in was not democratic. Iíve mentioned this before. They would use the term democracy, the public had been already accustomed to the term in the 1800s, the idea of democracy, put it that way, but they had the intention of always controlling this thing called democracy, which disarms a lot of people mentally, and sometimes physically, to give up all personal power and do it for the greater good, weíre all in it together sort of thing.  But the boys at the top always had a plan, and they said, democracy would never work, in their own writings, private writings, and they would have to bring in a scientific society.


Bertrand Russell of course was one of the top propagandists for them. He was also a very busy worker, working with groups who were given, again, the right to create new cultures by a private organization running it at the top.  They even had presidential authority after World War II, in fact during World War II to help set up the postwar reconstruction, changing cultures, etc. etc. Now, hereís a book that Russell put out in 1931. Itís called The Scientific Outlook.  This guy is often called a philosopher, a mathematician and so on. But he was also a propagandist and he worked with the Macy group, the Frankfort school and other doctrines, you might call them, clubs, that wanted to bring in this new socialist-appearing society. It had to always appear to be socialist, for the people, etc.  That way they wouldnít have any more revolutions, eventually, and the people would be conned into believing it really was all for them.


But their goal was always stressed by Russell, who couldnít help but boast once in a while. He had a tremendous ego, this man. So much so, in fact, he kept going after other guysí wives, very important people, just to win them over, to say Iím better than that guy, you see. Tremendous ego. Very pompous in private conversation at dinner tables, etc.  Very arrogant.  He loved to get arguments going and try and belittle other people. He fell out with Arthur Koestler on that topic because when a bunch of them were at the dinner table he tried, he was flirting, Russell was flirting heavily with Koestlerís wife and Koestler lost his top, which is exactly what Russell wanted to happen, you see, but a psychopathic personality, he enjoyed it.


So hereís a little thing he wrote in 1931, The Scientific Outlook. This is before World War II, remember. People think everything came as a surprise attack in World War II, especially for the USÖ Japan just happened to suddenly do a nasty sneaky thing and it was all a big surprise. Of course we know that FDR, and even before him, the US had been cutting off and taking over all the Pacific areas. Japan needs imports. It needs to bring in its energy supplies and so on, raw materials. And to stop any expansionism the big corporations in the US and Britain made sure that they had a complete hold on all of these islands and lands where they got the raw resources. They didnít want Japan butting in. But they did want to bring in the world society. So what do you do? Youíve got to get a war going of course, is what you have to do to change culture. Remember what they said, and Quigley said this too, who worked for the same group remember. Quigley said that you can get more done in five years of war than 50 years of peace and PROPAGANDA; itís easier to change society. And he said, all sides in the conflict have their culture changed.


Now, why would they want to change the culture?  Well, to bring you into a new society, a world society, you must eliminate all the old cultures to bring in the new. Itís the old Nimrod idea, isnít it, really, the old tower of Babel, and they all spoke as one language.  The old thingÖ  Thatís why they have that old broken tower in so much of the Rosicrucian and Masonic literature of course. Itís to do with something for the future, the creation of this tower, if you want to call it that, and who knows, maybe itís going to be a massive electrical tower. But anyway, the idea is power. A tower stands for power, one power running the world. 


But hereís what he saysÖ


In spite of the extraordinary success of Japanese policy (Alan:  ...this is 1931...), there are certain unintended effects which are likely in time to cause serious difficulties. The sudden change of habits and of conscious opinions has induced a certain nervous strain, at any rate in the urban part of the population. This may produce a tendency to hysteria in time of national stress; indeed, such a tendency was shown in the massacres of Koreans that occurred after the earthquake of Tokio. What is more serious, the position of Japan demands the growth of both industrialism and armaments. Owing to the expense of the latter the industrial workers are poor; they tend, consequently, to acquire a rebellious mentality, and the circumstances of their work make it difficult for them to preserve that close family organization upon which Japanese society is built. If Japan should become engaged in an unsuccessful war, (A:  This is coming from a guy, remember, who attended lots of world meetings, often which were kept quiet from the public, generally they were.) these circumstances might produce a revolution analogous to the Russian Revolution. The present social structure in Japan is likely therefore in time to become unstable, but it may be that the same skill which has rendered possible the triumphant career of Japan throughout the last seventy years will enable the Japanese to adapt themselves to changing circumstances gradually without any violent upheaval. The one thing that seems fairly certain is that, whether gradually or by revolution, the social structure in Japan will have to be profoundly modified. (A:  Then he goes on to sayÖ) Remarkable as it is, therefore, it is not a perfect example of scientific construction. (A:  ...scientific construction, eh...) I do not mean by this that it could have been bettered at the time, but only that it is not in all respects a model for the future.† (A:  In other words, you need a war and massive change, thatís guided, which of course is what they did eventually after World War II. In fact, they planned it all before, during and after; they were still carrying out the changes for the hypothetical future of Japan which they had already worked on.)


The attempt at scientific construction which is being made by the Soviet Government (A:  Now, this is why these boys created these big, they called them, experiments across the world, to use in the future. Theyíd find out all the problems that would arise through the system and theyíd bring in another one later on, under a different name of course; we call it socialism or world government.  And this is what youíre in today, itís a perfected Soviet system.) is more ambitious than that which was carried through by the Japanese innovators in 1867; it aims at a much greater change in social institutions, and at the creation of a society far more different from anything previously known than is that of Japan. (A:  So heís lauding what happened in the Soviet Union, with its millions slaughtered and the whole thing.) The experiment is still in progress, (A: ...the experiment... is still in progress...) and only a rash man would venture to predict whether it will succeed or fail; (A:  Remember, the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs covered up the massacres and slaughters in the Soviet Union, and up until after World War II, well after it in fact.) the attitude both of friends and enemies towards it has been singularly unscientific.   (A:  ....unscientific attitude, right...) 


For my part, I am not anxious to appraise the good or evil in the Soviet system, but merely to point out those elements of deliberate planning which make it so far the most complete example of a scientific society. (A:  In other words, all of what they called superstition or religion was kicked out, of course; not all of it, there was actually some which was allowed. But he said, a scientific society, in other words, scientific experts organized, and NGOs too by the way.  And remember, ĎSovietí means rule by councils, appointed councils, which is what we have today. Only weíve got private NGOs all funded by big private foundations, most of them if not all of them are members of the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs, these big foundations. And they help bring in the environmental things, theyíre at all the world meetings, they have a big, big major say in what happens. The public donít count. The proles donít count, as George Orwell said.) 


In the first place, all the major factors of production and distribution are controlled by the State (A:  ...which Russell really thought was a great idea. And by the way, thatís why you have the World Trade Organization and the GATT Treaty etc., run by private organizations, which you think are all separate.);


in the second place, all education is designed to stimulate activity in support of the official experiment (A:  ...massive propaganda, massive indoctrination. Itís quite easy to train the public in a Pavlovian style, and Pavlov had a lot to do with the schooling system across the whole Soviet system.);


in the third place, the State does what it can to substitute its religion for the various traditional beliefs which have existed within the territory of the U.S.S.R.;


in the forth place, literature and the Press are controlled by the Government, and are such as are thought likely to help it in its constructive purposes (A:  Thatís the same as we have today. Weíve had it for an awful long time. Because Quigley himself said, all the major press, all the owners, editors and so on, are all members of the one organization, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And we get most of our news from Reuters and the API; and Reuters of course was set up by the Rothschilds.);


in the fifth place, the family, in so far as it represents a loyalty which competes with loyalty to the State, is being gradually weakened (A:  That was the intention, the destruction of the family unit, remember, the abolition of it, under the communist system. And thatís what you have in the West under a different technique that they used, which is massive promiscuity and massive entertainment and heavy indoctrination in school to get younger and younger children all the time until theyíre hypersexualized before they even get into puberty and they will never stay with one person for the rest of their lives and have families and children.);


in the sixth place, the Five Year Plan (A:  ...which they love these 5, 10, 50 year plans, at the United Nations too by the way.) is bending the whole constructive energies of the nation to the realization of a certain economic balance and productive efficiency, by means of which it is hoped that a sufficient degree of material comfort will be secured for everyone. (A:  Now, who decides what is sufficient? Well, the big boys do.) In every other society of the world there is enormously less central direction than under the Soviet Government. It is true that during the war (A:  Heís talking about World War I, or The Great War as they called it then.  Why they would call it Ďgreatí, well Iíve explained that before too.) the energies of the nations were, to a considerable extent, centrally organized, but everyone knew that this was temporary, and even at its height the organization was not so all-pervasive as it is in Russia. (A:  ...because government comes in and takes over, almost through martial law during times of war. Thatís why theyíre using the anti-terrorism idea now for the next part of this agenda, today.)  The Five Year Plan, as its name implies, is supposed to be temporary, and to belong to a time of stress not wholly unlike that of the Great War, but it is to be expected that if it succeeds, other plans will take its place (A:  ...and thatís exactly what you have.), since the central organization of the vast nation's activities is too attractive to the organizers to be abandoned readily.


The Russian experiment may succeed or may fail, but even if it fails, (A:  Now, hereís the important partÖ) it will be followed by others which will share its most interesting characteristic, namely, the unitary direction of a whole nation's activities. (A:  This is so important if you understand what heís saying here. This is a guy who attended all the world meetings. He was given the power along with other groups, a big organizer to alter the culture before World War II, after World War II, and even the changes that youíre going through in your own lifetime today. The groups in his generation planned the changes step by step with their 5, 10, 50 year plans, etc, minutely by the way. Education, steps of changes in education.  Everything had to be done incrementally. So heís talking about, they still admired, you see, this experiment, the Soviet Union, and you had it in China too.  Thatís why China, by the way, is the poster child of the United Nations today. Everyone obeys the state. The state is all-powerful. And because there are no opposing parties, they say, well, they can get things done. You see. Maggie Thatcher said the same thing. She said when she retired, she now belongs to a higher organization, the technocracy, unelected people working for an organization, behind the scenes with other ex-premiers of countries across the world, and she said, we can get things done without the spotlight being on us, and without the public knowing even what theyíre doing so they canít complain or demonstrate or anything else.  So anyway...)  ...the unitary direction of a whole nation's activities.


This was impossible in earlier days, since it depends upon the technique of propaganda, i.e., upon universal education (A:  Thatís why they had to have a universal education, and the UNICEF, etc at the United Nations.  So a uniform educationÖ), newspapers (A:  ...too.  In other words, all propaganda, all news articles must be the same in all media, newspapers...), the cinema (A:  ...the movies...), and (A: the time he said...) the wireless. (A:  Remember, this was in 1931. Now you have TV as well.) The State had already been strengthened by railways and the telegraphy, which made possible the rapid transmission of news and concentration of troops.


In addition to modern methods of propaganda, modern methods of warfare have strengthened the State as against discontented elements (A:  Heís talking about within. They now call them insurgents.); aeroplanes and poison gasses have made revolt difficult unless it obtains the support of aeronauts and chemists.  (A:  So in other words, you would have to, what heís hinting at here too is that ALL chemists and those to do with biowarfare, etc. must all belong to the same organization, be uniform in their ideas, and their own tuition, going through universities. Remember, standardized education. So it would make revolt impossible down the road.) Any prudent Government will favour these two classes and take pains to secure their loyalty. (A:  Itís already been done, you see.)


As the example of Russia has shown, it is now possible for men of energy and intelligence, if they once become possessed of the governmental machine, to retain power even though at first they may have to face the opposition of the majority of the population. (A:  These are the guysÖ Remember, he belongs to the groups who actually funded, helped fund and plan the Bolshevik revolution. And we fed them.  The West fed Russia right up until the so-called walls came down; they couldnít even feed themselves. So he lauds the idea that total power is concentrated, you see, and a scientific intelligentsia are put in, you see, who are totally on board. We know that in the Soviet system any intelligentsia that was not on board were slaughtered. In fact, that was almost the whole intelligentsia, and a new one substituted; they were already brought in from the West by the way.)


We must therefore increasingly expect to see government falling into the hands of oligarchies (A:  ...oligarchies...), not of birth but of opinion.  (A:  In other words, academia.)  In countries long accustomed to democracy, the empire of these oligarchies may be concealed behind democratic forms, as was that of Augustus in Rome, (A:  See, itís an old idea.  These boysÖ Thatís why they pull in the Quigleyís and the historians and so on, to give big talks to these particular groups that do the work, to show them what worked in the past, you see.) But elsewhere their rule will be undisguised. (A:  And since about the 60s especially youíve had nothing but experts getting brought on television for every little thing, that they decide you should think about. And youíre given your opinion, you see, by experts. So you do have the idea that you have democracy, but you also have the ones who are undisguised, the experts, expert rules, intelligentsia, the educated intelligentsia, specialists.) If there is to be scientific experimentation in the construction of new kinds of societies, the rule of an oligarchy of opinion is essential.  (A:  Your opinions are all given to you, folks; they have been your whole lives long, and your parents before you, by the way.) It may be expected that there will be conflicts between different oligarchies, but that ultimately some one oligarchy will acquire world dominion, and will produce a worldwide organization as complete and elaborate as that now existing in the U.S.S.R.


(A:  He then saysÖ)

Such a state of affairs will have both merits and demerits; more important than either, however, is the fact that nothing less will enable a society imbued with scientific technique to survive. Scientific technique (A:  And Iíve given lots of talks on scientific technique from Jacques Ellul and others too in the past.) demands organization (A:  Now thatís an awfully important word. Because the Soviet system too, just like the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR and the NGOs and the foundations, use whatís called organization. Organization, remember, is a technique where you must have a set of tenets, rules, and those members who join it cannot break any of the rules for any private opinion. Thatís how Chatham House, the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they call it Chatham House Rules. Theyíre only allowed to say select things to the public but the rest of it is to be quiet. And whenever they stand up for one thing, all the other things on the list they must also stand up for personally. Communism is exactly the same.   So he saysÖ) Scientific technique demands organization, and the more it becomes perfected, the larger are the organizations that it demands. (A:  Thatís also, by the way, where you have what you think of as the left.  Theyíre all into the environmentalism.  Theyíre all into socialism.  Every group they can possibly find, or create, by the way, that they claim is on the fringes and neglected by society, is brought up to a standing position, you see, with extra privileges, etc, and you must go along with every single tenet. Youíre allowed no private opinion on any particular one topic. Thatís when you know that someone is working for one of these organizations. Theyíre like clones of each other when they spout off in public.)


The international organization of industrial production is being rendered necessary by the efficiency of modern methods. Modern industrial plants can easily supply, in many directions, much more than the total needs of the world. The result of this, which should be wealth, is in fact poverty, owing to competition. (A:  ...competitionÖ) In the absence of competition, the immensely enhanced productivity of labour would enable men to arrive at a just compromise between leisure and goods: they could choose whether they would work six hours a day and be rich, or four hours a day and enjoy only moderate comfort. The advantages of world-wide organization, both in preventing the waste of economic competition and in removing the danger of war, are so great as to be becoming an essential condition for the survival of societies possessing scientific technique. 


(A:  Now remember, heís talking from being in-the-know, and heís speaking on two different levels. On the inner level heís telling, well we already have that; theyíre run by scientific technique. Our propaganda is all run by it.  Our education is run by it.  Our thoughts, opinions are all unified by it. We have a standard opinion which is accepted by the public because theyíre told whatís acceptable and whatís not. Itís all pretty well there, in fact. But heís telling you, they want to go further with it, you see. And remember too, these are the same organizations behind the idea of free trade and the trading blocs, which are not free at all. They are there, like through the World Trade Organization and so on, they are there to eliminate competition, and the authorized biggies get through and thatís it, you see. So they have achieved, they have achieved in your lifetime what heís talking about here.)  


This argument is overwhelming in comparison with all counterarguments, and renders almost unimportant the question whether life in an organized world State will be more or less satisfactory than life at the present day. For it is only in the direction of an organized world State that the human race can develop unless it abandons scientific technique, and it will not do this except as the result of a cataclysm so severe as to lower the whole level of civilization.  (A:  In other words, the only thing that could stop it is something that is not under the control of those who rule the world and already did in his day.)  The advantages to be derived from an organized world State are great and obvious. There will be, in the first place, security against war and a saving of almost the whole effort and expense now devoted to competitive armaments: there will be, one must suppose, a single, highly efficient fighting machine, employing mainly aeroplanes and chemical methods of warfare, which will be quite obviously irresistible (A:  ...for governments to use), and will therefore not be resisted. The central government may be changed from time to time by a palace revolution (A:  ...thatís a little phrase, like you might get it insideÖ), but this will only alter the personnel of the figure-heads (A:  ...and he calls them figure-heads, because thatís what they are; theyíre not the rulers.), not the essential organization of government. The central government will, of course, forbid the propaganda of nationalism (A:  ...which is what youíve had for...  It was so amazing because before Gulf War One the world had heard nothing but globalism, globalism, globalism, and you never heard about nationalism. Once they needed a war going, you see, for the whole Middle East, suddenly youíre back to being American, youíre British and everybody is proud and blah-blah-blah, you see. And once itís all finished you go back to globalism, globalism, you see. Itís so easy to do.), by means of which at present anarchy is maintained, and will put in its place a propaganda of loyalty to the world State."


(A:  Now everyone was confused when George Bush Jr...  The general public were confused, the media knew darn well what he was talking about; they wouldnít explain it to the public.  Thatís part of the rules of Chatham House too. All the members are top reporters and editors and newspapers, all belong to the same propaganda machine. But George Bush Sr mentioned, the New World order coming into view, the thousand points of light idea, the organizations all working towards it. He also mentioned after 9/11, George Bush Junior said, youíre either with us, meaning this agenda, which nobody understood because itís so vague, or youíre with the terrorists. Right. Thatís what he said. So getting back to what he just saidÖ)


...and will put in its place a propaganda of loyalty to the world State.


It follows that such an organization, if it can subsist for a generation, will be stable. (A:  Remember the New American Century group?  That was where the US was to rule for another hundred years, as they bring in this total globalistic structure; complete it all, in other words. Itís already here, but to complete it, tidy up all the loose ends. So war is essential.) The gain from an economic point of view will be enormous: there will be no waste in competitive production (A:  What are you getting taught? Youíre post-consumeristÖ AusterityÖ Right.), no uncertainty as to employment, no poverty, no sudden alternations of good and bad times (A:  This is still to come, when they bring in the new Soviet system, the perfected system. Remember what I said earlier where he said that even if the Soviet system failed, the USSR, the organization that would rule, thatís bringing this world government, would take the better things they had learned from the Soviet rule, how to control people, manage them and so on. Itís all been done. Eventually in the new system of course youíre to be appointed to your work from birth, thatís if they allow you to be born, remember. A very old plan. Iíve mentioned the video for those who should get it. Itís called The Soviet Story. Youíll see clips, very rare clips in it from people like George Bernard Shaw, from the Fabian Society that ran the left wing for the Royal Institute of International Affairs that gave you your left-wing and your right wing. He said, youíll have to come to us and tell us why we should keep you alive. They want a planned system, a planned economy, a planned population, etc.) 


The gain from an economic point of view will be enormous: there will be no waste in competitive production, no uncertainty as to employment, no poverty, no sudden alternations of good and bad times; every man willing to work will be kept in comfort, and every man unwilling to work will be kept in prison. (A:   Again, go back and see The Soviet Story and listen to it and read the Fabian documents and so on.) When owing to any circumstances the work upon which a man has hitherto been employed is no longer required, he will be taught some new kind of work, and will be adequately maintained while he is learning his new trade. (A:   Well thatís all gone now because they planned in subsequent years, after this, to give most of the production to China, as you know. The same organization planned that. If you think Chinaís a separate country, think again.) Economic motives will be employed to regulate population (A:   ...there you go.  What have you had since the 60s? Oh, itís too expensive to have a child.), which will probably be kept stationary. Almost all that is tragic in human life will be eliminated, and even death will seldom come before old age.  (A:   Now, they were absolutely cocksure back then that they could.  This is back then in the 30s, remember, the time of...  And this guy knew him well, he knew Huxley awfully well, Brave New World written in the 30s too, about the scientific control of a perfected society. They all worked in the same organizations, you understand. And Iím certain what you have today, like all levels of reality, you have a much, much higher medicine than anything thatís taught in university for the general public to believe in.)


Almost all that is tragic in human life will be eliminated, and even death will seldom come before old age.  Whether men will be happy in this Paradise I do not know. (A:   Now, Huxley answered that in his Brave New World Revisited and in his talks he gave at Berkeley in the 60s; and you can get them on the Internet anywhere. Huxley talked about, through the use of drugs, Pharma, and they called it soma in his book, he said, we can actually do it through Pharmacology eventually. Grab the children young, get them hooked on stuff, and drug people throughout their lives. So they would not know unhappiness, you see. So he saysÖ)


Whether men will be happy in this Paradise I do not know. Perhaps biochemistry (A: we go...) will show us how to make any man happy, provided he has the necessaries of life; perhaps dangerous sports will be organized for those whom boredom would otherwise turn into anarchists; perhaps sport will take over the cruelty which will have been banished from politics; perhaps football will be replaced by play battles in the air (A:  Heís talking about soccer and footballÖ) in which death will be the penalty of defeat. (A:   Thatís why they had the movies which youíve already seen, and they came out much, much later, in the 70s and 80s and so on, about death sports in movies.  See, everything had been looked at, every part of your behavior, and psychology, behaviorism, all these organizations have been working on us for an awful long time. But they knew this all way back then.) It may be that so long as men are allowed to seek death (A: seek death...), they will not mind having to seek it in a trivial cause (A:  And thatís why folk speed in their cars and so on, itís the only time they feel power, personal power, is through speeding and beating the guy in front and overtaking him and so on.) 


...they will not mind having to seek it in a trivial cause: to fall through the air before a million spectators may come to be thought a glorious death even if it has no purpose but the amusement of a holiday crowd. (A:   Now, just put that into car racing. Theyíve done all the studies on it. People donít watch car racing to see the guy winning. They want to see the crashes. Thatís why they show them with psychic driving, the technique that was used in racecar driving they eventually used for the 9/11 towers. Over and over, the same shots over and over, thatís psychic driving, to get it home, you see.  Nothing you see on television happens by itself, and in the way itís done too.)


It may be that in some such way a safety valve can be provided for the anarchic and violent forces in human nature (A:   Ömeaning, opposition to their system that theyíre bringing in.); or again, it may be that by wise education and suitable diet (A:   ...a suitable dietÖ Heís talking about bioengineering, folks, if you donít understand what these guys mean by diet. He explains it a bit more in other books he has written too, the same guy, and many others involved in the same organizations.  GMO, the chemical mix that you eat from your vegetables now too, all the sprays and toxins. Weíve already seen it with of course the xenoestrogens, the artificial estrogens, synthetic ones, which have caused major changes in men, especially, and women too by the way, major changes. We know too, from so many experiments that they have done, they admit themselves if you go into the different university studies etc., and medical studies on a lot of these chemicals, itís by the third-generation that youíre almost completely sterile as well, as well as being not masculine by the way.† Anyway, it says a suitable diet...) men may be cured of all their unruly impulses (A:  In other words, heís agreeing with what Charles Galton Darwin said in The Next Million Years, his book that he wrote in the 1950s I think it was. Charles Galton Darwin said much later, because they were all in the same organization you understand, that theyíd have to bring down the population and they could do it by sterilization, even through their food or inoculations and various other means, and the use of hormones, he said, in their diet. Well, the xenoestrogens, the artificial synthetic estrogens and so on are all there and present in the pesticides, just coincidentally by the way, eh; thatís how youíll always rationalize things.), and all life may become as quiet as a Sunday school.  (A:   Total control of the population for the ruling oligarchy.)


There will, of course, be a universal language, which will be either Esperanto (A:  They tried to bring in Esperanto acrossÖ big money, the same organization pushed it, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It didnít take off. And then later on they said, okay, English has become the international business language of the present and the future.) or pidgin-English. The literature of the past will for the most part not be translated into this language, since its outlook and emotional background will be considered unsettling:


(A:   Now, for those who havenít read or seen the movie Fahrenheit 451, go and see it. These writers didnít get the ideas from themselves of the future. They were given them, to put out there, by the way. Because indoctrination takes two forms, the overt type and what appears to be the exposure, or Ďrevelation of the method,í they call it, which also has a negative effect; it also makes it seem inevitable to the people who are soaking it up. Be very careful of what you soak up and how you translate it. Donít let someone else translate it for you. And to add to the success of the Internet, from their point of view itís phenomenal. Because I noticed back in the 70s and 80s they started to dump massive quantities of books from libraries across the Western world. Youíd find them in garbage dumps. If you lived in the country youíd often take your garbage to the dump and youíd see them all just getting dumped. I realized right there and then it was a big, again, coordinated move.  It wasnít an individual library, oh weíll just chuck these. No, no. This was a cleansing happening, of knowledge.  And in came the Internet big time, more books were dumped, and then theyíd say, well, we get them on the electronic version. Well, the electronic versions are all either going missing or simply eliminated altogether, or theyíre heavily, heavily edited, and often completely changed by the way. So knowledge is always being changed. So he says here, this is it of course, they wonít translate lots of things which might unsettle people. It might give them ideas, in other words.)


...since its outlook and emotional background will be considered unsettling: Serious students of history will be able to obtain a permit from the Government to study such works as Hamlet and Othello, but the general public will be forbidden access to them on the ground that they glorify private murder; boys will not be allowed to read books about pirates or Red Indians; love themes will be discouraged on the ground that love, being anarchic, is silly, if not wicked. (A:   And these guys donít believe in any of these things but they push it on you as they push sex on you, you see, until you get confused between love and sex.  And eventually they separate, like they said in their big articles from the United Nations, they would separate sex from the bonding act and there would be no family. Thatís been done awfully successfully.  And of course through the school you have this complete zero-tolerance attitude, and they call it bullying, but it has many other motives, this bullying, because the effects of the hormones, the changes are very evident, of course. But also, you canít even fight back if someone attacks you. Zero-tolerance.) 


...boys will not be allowed to read books about pirates or Red Indians; love themes will be discouraged on the ground that love (A:  And thatís why you have nothing but sex and encounters today; love doesnít come into it.  Because anarchic families stick together and stand up under common principles and common behavior and ideals, against OLIGARCHIES, folks. So he calls it, love is anarchic, is silly, if not in fact wicked.), being anarchic, is silly, if not wicked. All this will make life very pleasant for the virtuous. (A: awfully important term, this virtuosity.  Theyíre virtuous.  You see that all through Masonry as well.  All these organizations are connected of course.  Old, old.  An old organization is at the top of it. Itís very, very old indeed.)  Science increases our power to do both good and harm, and therefore enhances the need for restraining destructive impulses. If a scientific world is to survive, it is therefore necessary that men should become tamer (A:   ...tame the men...) than they have been. The splendid criminal must no longer be an ideal, and submissiveness must be more admired than it has been in the past. (A:   So submissive heroes, you see, who work with THE system, THE system; thereís only one system.) In all this there will be both gain and loss, and it is not within human power to strike a balance between the two. (A:   It is interesting too, isnít it...) is not within human power to strike a balance between the two.


(A:   Now Iíll jump to another chapter here where he talks about scientific reproduction, a very old idea from the same group. In fact, written about long before even Russell was born and that was a long time ago. It saysÖ)


SCIENCE, when it has once acquired a firm hold upon social organization, is hardly likely to stop short at those biological aspects of human life which have hitherto been left to the joint guidance of religion and instinct. (A:   So in other words, they want to interject so that offspring wonít just happen and you have families etc.)   We may, I think, assume that both the quantity and the quality of the population will be carefully regulated by the State (A:  Itís always the State.), but that sexual intercourse apart from children will be regarded as a private matter so long as it is not allowed to interfere with work. (A:   And so they give you your work and the whole bit, but they give you lots and lots of sex in your free time, donít they?)  As regards quantity, the State statisticians will determine as carefully as they can whether the population of the world at the moment is above or below the number which leads to the greatest material comfort per head. (A:   Remember, this is before they set China up to be THE manufacturer for the world, which alters some of his findings.)  They will also take account of all such changes of technique as can be foreseen. No doubt the usual rule will be to aim at a stationary population, but if some important invention, such as artificial food, should greatly cheapen the production of necessaries, an increase of population might for a time be thought wise. I shall, however, assume that, in normal times, the world government will decree a stationary population.  (A:   Well we know, since then, they want a vastly reduced population. But remember too, he was working on the particular doers and shakers and movers working for the same organization.  Weíre getting the hints from him as to what they would let out to the public at that time.  And they knew already at that time, in the 1930s, that the public would not be ready to be told, TOLD and ordered to have fewer children, you see.  He also says tooÖ)


Scientific breeding, in any truly scientific form, would at present encounter insuperable obstacles both from religion and from sentiment. To carry it out scientifically it would be necessary, as among domestic animals (A:  This is talking about you.), to employ only a small percentage of males for purposes of breeding. (A:  What do you have now?  Artificial insemination and you have sperm banks.  You take all these things for granted but you donít even say, well who authorizes those sperm donors?  Weíve had rackets going on of course, where money is involved, always, and weíve found doctors who put down that theyíre employing all these sperm donors, and they put them on their taxes and so on. But the fact is, it comes all from the same quacks; theyíre doing it themselves.  But whoís authorizing this?)  To carry it out scientifically it would be necessary, as among domestic animals, to employ only a small percentage of males for purposes of breeding. 


It may be thought that religion and sentiment will always succeed in opposing an immovable veto to such a system. I wish I could think so. But I believe that sentiment is quite extraordinarily plastic (A:  Heís talking about your sentimentality, your custom, your culture.  He says itís...) ...quite extraordinarily plastic and that the individualistic religion to which we have been accustomed is likely to be increasingly replaced by a religion of devotion to the State. Among Russian Communists this has already happened. In any case, what is demanded is scarcely as difficult a control of natural impulses as is involved in the celibacy of the Catholic priesthood. (A:  Now, he lauded and they all lauded the fact that Russia, even in the later years of Russia, the Soviet Union, didnít even bother with the birth control pill for most of the classes.  And they had classes alright, they had the upper and middle and lower.  And they used abortion.  Some women had maybe 10 or more abortions, rather than give them the pill and so on.  It was actually cheaper there because labor was dirt cheap, it was for free.)  


Wherever remarkable achievements are possible and are at the same time such as to satisfy men's moral idealism, the love of power, is capable of swallowing up the instinctive life of the affections (A:  In other words, ambition, career.), especially if an outlet is permitted to purely physical sexual impulses. Traditional religion, which has been violently dispossessed in Russia, will suffer a setback everywhere if the Russian experiment proves successful. (A:  Remember what he said earlier?  Even if it fails they would use the successful parts.)  In any case its outlook is difficult to reconcile with that of industrialism and scientific technique. Traditional religion was based upon a sense of man's impotence in the face of natural forces, whereas scientific technique induces a sense of the impotence of natural forces in the face of man's intelligence. Combined with this sense of power, a certain degree of austerity in regard to the softer pleasures is quite natural. One sees it already in many of those who are creating the mechanistic society of the future. In America this austerity has taken the form of Protestant piety (A:  See, they tried it already and you donít even know it.  If you belong to an organization theyíre using you, Iím not kidding, even including the Protestant organizations too.), in Russia of devotion to Communism.  (A:  See, heís talking about austerity, folks, in the 1930s, this would come eventually.  Weíre in it today; weíve heard it prattled on to us.  Post consumer, go into austerity, spending money will all go instead to basic essentials.  Your electricity is going up everywhere, by consensus across the world, the world grid.  Your food is sky high because itís all centralized now, all the food is controlled in the world.  And so on and so on.)


I think, therefore, that there is hardly any limit to the departures from traditional sentiment which science may introduce into the question of reproduction. If the simultaneous regulation of quantity and quality is taken seriously in the future, we may expect that in each generation some 25 per cent, of women and some 5 per cent, of men will be selected to be the parents of the next generation, (A:  Who selects the sperm donors, folks?  How many are there?  Ever wondered?  These guys have statistics on everything.  Thatís how they run it all.  Knowledge is power.) while the remainder of the population will be sterilized, which will in no way interfere with their sexual pleasures (A:  Thatís what youíre seeing today, folks.), but will merely render these pleasures destitute of social importance. (A:  Interesting, eh?)  The women who are selected for breeding will have to have eight or nine children each (A:  These are the ones who are selected, at the top.), but will not be expected to perform any other work except the suckling of the children for a suitable number of months. No obstacles will be placed upon their relations with sterile men, or upon the relations of sterile men and women with each other, but reproduction will be regarded as a matter which concerns the State, and will not be left to the free choice of the persons concerned. (A:  Look at all the disincentives not to have children.  EconomicÖ oh itís so expensive.  You have Childrenís Aid with mandatory home inspections coming in all over the place, which terrify the general public. They know this too.  This is the intention of it.  So those who havenít got children yet, and those growing up, will say, oh, I donít want to go through what my parents went through and so on, with all these visits and orders and so on.  So many ways to put you off having children.) 


But anyway, thatís all I have time for tonight, unfortunately.  As I say, Iíd like to go into it in much more detail. But Iíve given lots out in the past and many folk have put out lots of stuff in their own books and so on, without mentioning me of course, which is normal these days.  But the whole point of this exercise, as I say, is to get through to the occasional individual who can actually start to understand whatís been happening.   Even if they canít communicate it to other people they really care about it.  Because the indoctrination process, as Iíve said, was perfected a long time ago. 


This is only one of many books that I have on all these topics, written by BIG movers and shakers, who helped plan the future which weíre in today.  And the future still to come, by the way, was planned in the days of these guys.  The cultural change, morality, itís all been done, very successfully.  And scientific dictatorship is here.  It can be guised under, again, the State or department of whatever.  It doesnít matter what itís called.  It all achieves the objectives that were set out a long time ago.  In fact, theyíre disguised under so many different names, but theyíve achieved what they wanted, without the hassle from the public saying, oh, one group canít do this.  No, theyíve put it into so many different groups; some of them sound very, very nice.  Environmentalism sounds nice, the environment; we all live in the environment.  But you have no idea that this is an authority; they have vehicles in the States now that are like big cop cars, the environmental police, and weíll see them all over the place shortly.  Everything ends up being an authority.  Thatís its purpose, folks.  And you are the targets.  Because you see, youíre the proles, as George Orwell kept telling us. 


The truth is hard to bear for most folk. They still, again, their bubble is very important to them.  And they still love their soft porn comedies and all the rest of it.  Thatís how you get most porn and ideas and changes for ideas put across to you, in a laughable manner, you see.  And they wonít give them up.  So they constantly get updated without even knowing it, with the new political correctnessÖ  Obedience, the new obedience in this area, added to all the other areas, obedience to the State, THE authority. 


Well I have to get on with it because as I say, I have to get the heating going in the house here because itís going to be another freezing night tonight, or evening.  Itís already cold now.  Itís been cold all day, in fact.  And itís almost June. But thatís the new weather, you see, as itís scientifically controlled as well.  But remember, when they tell you itís all your fault and theyíre going to tax you with carbon taxes and all the rest of it too, itís all part of the plan, folks.  And remember, in a system of abuse itís always your fault, right, itís always your fault.


So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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