June 15, 2014 (#1443)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"Understanding's the Antidote You Seek to Propaganda's Technique"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 15th, 2014.  I often talk about the way we think and how we perceive things, and how we live in an age where itís well understood how we think and how we behave and why we behave these ways. Because weíre basically formed by the system to behave in these ways and think what they want us to think about basically. If you take your standard newscasts, most of itís propaganda especially when it comes to wars and so on, the rest of itís generally lies, about gasoline increases and the reasons why they give it to you, things like that.  Weíre given it by straight-faced people on television, the news anchors and casters; and weíre taught from childhood that somehow this is an official authority on truth. Of course itís nothing to do with truth whatsoever.


Society is based on a system of control. They talk about negative liberty, positive liberty, the same thing as negative freedoms and positive freedoms and so on. But the fact is, youíre guided to think what your big boys at the top want you to think.  And they have an endless amount and supply of guys to do this on you, professional behaviorists and so on working on you all the time, for what they call, at all ages and all stages of the ages, they call it, the good society. Now, technically a good society is where thereís an amount of individual freedom which allows you to pursue things or even your own creativity in a sense, and get ahead on things without impediments; itís always been a myth that itís always been that way at times.† Itís never been that way at all. Because money comes into the factor here and when money comes in you have a system based upon opportunity through financing. If you have lots of financing and daddy is well known in the financial business, regardless of how you do at school youíre going to get up into the best universities; itís just going to be that way.  And itís always been that way of course. So there are many factors that influence what we call freedom, personal expansion of ourselves, the progress of ourselves and so on as individuals as opposed to groups and crowds and all the rest of it.


Because those at the top want what they call a good society to serve them at the top.  Therefore it always comprises a system of behavior, of behavior modification, self-policing, which is a big thing today. Through incessant propaganda, through all radio, television, everything, you get all these little tips on how to behave and so on, and youíre taught whatís taboo and what behavior is taboo etc. and whatís okay. Today of course we live in a society where youíre taught that things that used to be incredibly taboo are now the best things to do, just donít have any critical opinion about them and youíll be all right. If you have a critical opinion, even when you see the negative things that happen, the fallouts in society, youíll be condemned by the establishment. Thatís how youíre run today.  Weíre always run by those at the top who give us the ways to think, what to think about, the topics to think about, especially the topics of course, which really are just passing fads or phases and so on, or parts of political agendas, or geopolitical agendas across the world, trade agendas and so on. They want you to think and see and behave in a certain way towards this. Uniformity of opinion comes along, strangely enough, with liberalism.


People think liberalism is the kind of liberalism ideas that they had in the days of Thomas Jefferson. And itís not whatsoever.  In fact, if you look at where liberalism took the world, and opened up the ability to talk about, say, evolution, or Nietzsche to dethrone God sort of idea, and what can you doÖ  Look at all the impediments that are suddenly gone when Godís dethroned.  What can stop you from doing anything you want basically? And Nietzsche was right on a lot of things because it meant that the state then could become supreme. All the old taboos about mass slaughter, real mass slaughter were out the window. Even things that could be done on the general public, physically or whatever, when you think about it, were all open for the go-ahead. If you have no taboos, no restrictions you can do whatever you want when you have power.  Therefore, the good society is always defined as the good society by those in rule.


But liberalism also opened up the door, as I say, of getting you away from religions, the standard religions that had given you what used to be called the good society in the Middle Ages and so on, at a time when, hopefully, it would stop people slaughtering each other or their neighbors and robbing each other and killing each other out of envy or whatever it happened to be.  So it gave a form, a semblance, enough taboos not to break. Through that conformity you have something that just ekes along for the general population, but does awfully well for those who run it at the top. And thatís always the way of all ages, basically, always the same.  So you canít really have true freedom in a society when youíre living amongst other people, obviously. You have to have some kind of rules to stop you from destroying each other and plundering each other and all the rest of it, at the bottom that is. The only plundering thatís allowed today is by governments and so on, on the people themselves, and itís done through official means so it doesnít seem like plundering at all.


So weíre conned in so many, many ways because itís a perfected art today of how to rule whatís called the masses. But liberalism also, under the guise in the 20th century, it got to that people could then come out and say what they thought; and then they got really hot-headed about it and carried away about it.  Socrates even warned about that. He said, it can be dangerous for the youth to grab an idea without understanding the idea in the first place, and the consequences of the idea.  So what youíve got really today is this steamroller which you think is liberalism and under the guise of liberalism you have different freedoms, sexual freedoms, all these different things you can go ahead and do, as long as the masses pay for all the fallout, which we do of course.  We pay for the abortion clinics. We pay for foster care. We pay for all these different things that come out of each so-called freedom they give you. And when youíre doing all of that, because youíre allowed to do all these things, youíre not watching what the state is doing on a bigger, bigger scale, to all of you, of course.


So everything is used. All the so-called freedoms can be used against you as well. Then you complain about all the taxation you have and the welfare systems that you have, but then you have to look at the fallout from all the freedoms that youíre allowed to do, so there are many, many factors involved. And because of liberalism you find it opened up the door for communism to be discussed and then proclaimed and then pushed at the top in some countries, the Soviet Union, when we saw the massive slaughter of whole classes of people, and even religious people, slaughtered by the Bolsheviks and right through a good part of its history in the Soviet era. In Russia, China and elsewhere under the guise of initially collectivism, under the guise of pushing equality and collectivism and so on, and equality and collectivism negate each other in actual fact. But thatís how propaganda works. You push that with idealism behind it and then of course it never works out that way in the end.


So I always warn people about the groups they belong to. And when you think youíre on a winning team be even more careful.  As Socrates said, donít grab the idea and run with it, because someoneís using you.  And if itís someone, they can be either authorized by the state or from the state itself. Or from those, I should say, that really comprise the state, which is above the political level, who work with all these think tanks.  They come in and listen to lectures of these big massive tax-funded think tanks that youíll never get access to. They get all the feedback, all information from the studies and so on, on us, you see. Because everything comes from us; all wealth really comes from all labor, etc. etc. So be careful of what you grab ahold of and run with.


We certainly find the same thing with the Nazis. The Nazis was a new idea, pretty well new, you see. Lots of countries were into national socialism in a sense, or at least the idea of the nation and empire building and Nazism was part of that, expansionism, empiricism, that kind of thing. They never put that label on Britain for expanding across the world. And Britain, what is Britain? Itís a corporation. The people who comprised Britain, outside of the elite that dominated it, hadnít really any say in the matter at all. When they wanted more guys for the military they simply made sure more foodstuff was dumped in Britain. Farmers went out of business, sons went off to war, so you had a cheap plentiful supply of soldiers. Either that or they literally put factories on go-slow or shut them down, to make sure thereís enough people to go off and fight their wars. But that was never called Nazism. Even though those at the top of the British Empire strutted around like any Nazi. Thatís quite interesting to see how we donít perceive things in the same way, primarily through the indoctrination we have after the events, even during the events. But as I say, Nazism opened up the idea for this whole new concept, again, very socialistic, communistic in a sense. Equality, youíre all going somewhere as a massive group, etc. But it was liberal thought that allowed that to come out in the first place, you see. Liberal thought, in other words, was breaking away from the old norm, which was a rigorous set of understandings.  


Today we find that under the guise of liberalism, you find that the Liberals, the actual liberal parties and so on, are the most intolerant of all. They tell you what the normal is, and if you donít agree with it, oh, by God, they can even imprison you for saying certain things, having an opinion of your own. A very dangerous time to think you have an opinion of your own indeed. UnlessÖ Most folk, actually, when they put out opinions are along on the path of the liberal agenda, so thatís okay. But itís not their opinion in the first place; theyíre simply parroting it and putting different wording into it.


I always find it fascinating to watch, in your own lifetime, movements begin and people joining them very quickly because they seem radical in some way. And those who give over their passions, their individual passions to the collective passion Ė and thatís what itís called, collective passion, where they give you a reason for being in the group and what the purpose of the group is and where itís supposed to go Ė they lose their individuality in the process. So you lose your individual passion for things to the collective, and therefore youíre being used. You will always be used, and youíre unable to think critically about anything you see, hear or whatever. Your ability to actually function individually has been taken from you.  If you do try to profess any individual thoughts that go against the grain of the group, youíre out, youíre expelled and ostracized right away. Thereís nothing new in this. This also happened with religious societies in the past, where youíve heard of shunning, for instance, where your group would shun you. Itís been studied so well by the guys who study psychoanalysis, for instance, psychiatry, social dynamics, these kind of things, interactions, that itís now a perfected art by those who control human behavior.


And they can create groups that sound awfully radical. They say the youth are always the ideal ones to jump at, because they will jump for you when you tell them to, when they think itís actually for themselves. And they see things in black and white, especially through the indoctrination they can get when theyíre very, very young at school. Theyíll believe what theyíre told. Theyíre told, these people are bad, theyíre cutting down the forest there.  They can show you selected clips, and the voiceover in the background telling you how bad it is, and a bit of music there, very somber music, and youíll see everybody doing nasty things to little animals and so on, and that gives your general picture of everything. What youíre getting is a selective little part of something, but theyíre not showing the whole story. But youíll think it is the whole story and you can be radicalized awfully easy, and often by very big businesses by the way, who want those particular forests, for themselves, way down the road. If you go into the history of national parks you find out that big foundations and corporations started up the idea a long time ago, for future use and exploitation, for themselves.  But they didnít want any other competing interests, they wanted it for themselves solely. And they even had the laws written, often by their own foundations, representing the corporations, which were handed to government and passed right into law. So everything is basically a con, unless you can figure it out for yourselves, what things are really going on, why itís going on and who is using you.


Some people get awfully depressed, theyíve gone through so many movements, one after the other, when they get to the stage where they realize theyíve been used by every single one, or the premise has been false Ė it takes them a long time to realize this Ė and theyíve been used. And their whole life has been used up by other peoples, other expertsí programs and they were completely unaware at the time that they were the useful idiots. But thatís the way of humanity, itís always used, always used for a minority at the top, the dominant minority that runs it. They know where theyíre taking you; you donít. Theyíll tell you one story but theyíll do another. Politics itself works on that premise, of course; all the promises come out initially, what theyíre going to do, and it never happens. It never materializes.† And youíre always upset.  But you donít vote in a new party, youíre voting the old party out, youíre so sick of them. Thatís why it keeps going this way. People never learn, though, they keep voting all their lives, because theyíre told by the state to do so. And itís a bad citizen, of course, who doesnít vote; thatís what they tell you.


But as Professor Carroll Quigley said, the topics eventually all become the same when it comes to election time. Itís jobs, itís health, itís this, that or the other, schooling, welfare, the usual things. So all the parties talk about the same things. Quigley also went on to say that every leader of every party Ė back in the 60s he wrote his main book Ė he said, itís been like this way for 60 years, not just in the US but in Canada and the old British Commonwealth countries. And it still is today obviously.  So theyíre preselected, for the leaders Ė it doesnít matter about the ones down below them Ė their advisors are often members of the CFR too, for instance, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  The ones down below, the smaller politicians are allowed a little bit of competition; thatís what he said. Theyíre allowed a little bit of competition because they donít really have the say, but they can show their stuff and if they have the right stuff theyíll be selected to go higher, and asked, invited to join the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And not all of them do get into that of course. So itís a rigged system. As I say, what you vote is for the last lot to get out. Other ones of course, that are doing a bit better than most folk will vote the same way they did before, if they think itís conservative or whatever it happens to be; theyíll vote that to try and keep things the same because theyíre benefiting. The ones at the bottom of course will try out all the, what appears to them more Marxist or liberal.  But in fact itís all the same. All the same.


I followed and did some studying on the NDP in Canada, the National Democratic Party, and some folk say itís a bit left of Karl Marx. But theyíve been trying for a long, long time to get into rulership over the feds basically, the federal government. When you go into some of their top leaders, what fascinated me was that theyíre often put into departments of the United Nations, for a while, outside of politics, especially to do with the International Monetary Fund which of course was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, this private organization that helps run the world; they own The World Bank too.  Some of them get put into these positions, the idea being that they use your tax money.  When they get into the Overseas Economic Development Corporation for instance, to use your tax money to put businesses across the world in Third World countries, itís generally funding the setup of factories owned by the international corporations that already exist, but you pay for it all. Then your country, because they borrowed the money to pay to this for this purpose, you then have to pay the IMF back and the World Bank back on their behalf. So itís a big, big circle of con games that go on under many guises and the public never figure it out at all.


So weíre living in the con game world. Itís always been this way. Itís more effective today because all the think tanks which produce the advisors and put them around presidents and prime ministers and so on, theyíre all well-trained in how we work as the mass, as they say. Those at the top always want a standardized society if possible. And the more this technique becomes effective, the more standardized they want it. They become afraid of the individual. So you get all the condemnation about the occasional individual who still wonít either shut up about something or who asks questions which are taboo in this day and age, because theyíve been deemed taboo by the top.  And the taboos are reinforced not just through newscasts and documentary specials, but all through movies and dramas, etc., even comedies will put them into it too. You must go along with the flow, the authorized way of looking at todayís taboos, and do whatís called the right thing for the right time. Then youíre accepted, you get a pat on the head and folk donít shun you. 


But very few folk have the gumption or the gall anymore to completely be themselves. Itís very difficult. And itís so perfected, in fact, the propaganda techniques, through novels, movies, everything.   Donít forget, the writers are given cash grants by governments for inserting into fiction, all fiction from all sources, the PC updates, politically correct updates, what should be taboo, whatís not acceptable, etc. etc. And they write it into their stories to make sure that this becomes a meme throughout society. And it works awfully, awfully well. Awfully well indeed.


What Iím saying is, beware of groups. If theyíre well-funded and they get a lot of media time and so on, then be very, very careful because thereís something else behind it. Even if it appears to be for youÖ If it appears for you it will say some of the right things but take you off on a premise, or take you off into trying to reconstruct a past, to bring it back up to date and live in the past. It will never happen.  You never go back to the past, it just doesnít happen at all. And if you really critically analyze the past, people were just as brainwashed in the past by the dominant minority and the intelligentsia of their day who understood these things as they are today.  Theyíre actually better today of course. It was much more simple in times gone by when you taught folk very little. Thatís all they were taught and you reinforced it by mandatory church attendance or whatever it happened to be. And Iím not saying it was all bad. Iím saying that gave you a type of good society where you werenít killing each other or stealing from each other so much, that kind of thing. 


But the so-called good society of today is an incredibly well scientifically designed organization running everything in society, including not just the way that youíre thinking but theyíre already working scientifically on a generation just going into even kindergarten, because they have bigger plans for them, going further with all of this, than you are. You see. Thatís how itís done. And that goes back to, as Iíve mentioned Beria in the 1930s gave a Comintern meeting in Russia and he talked about that, how, he said, it used to take 70 years to make a change in societal direction, 70 years of propaganda and work, and work and work. And he says, today we can upgrade it every four years with scientific techniques. So never, ever dismiss the fact that thereís scientific technique behind pretty well everything, everything at all.


Even regular talkshow hosts for AM across the country, you tune in for their discussions or their early morning shows or whatever it happens to be. In Toronto they have great ones there who, for instance, are very much like New Yorkers in a sense in that they pick a topic thatís emotive, and to get everybody arguing with each other, right off the bat, and they play the devilís advocate, you see. Oh, a man jumps on the back of a bear that was attacking his dog, what a stupid man is this, the mutts only live for a few years anyway, etc., what good are they, blah, blah, blahÖ  And immediately the reaction comes in with all the phone calls. Oh Iíve got dogs, I love them, etc. Then the ones that will play the devilís advocate phone in and go the other way. Oh yeah, theyíre stupid, that man had no brains at all, he should get a psychiatric evaluation, yada-yada-ya. And every topic is like that. Youíre given the topic off the bat. Youíre given the premise by the tone of the guy who announces it to you. And youíll get the people pleasers as well who will always try to people-please the guy who brings it out, the talkshow host that they see as the expert, the kind of grovelers, the guys that would bring the apples for the teacher, and theyíll phone in and agree with them and so on and so on.


So itís interesting just to study the different types that fall for the traps that are laid out for them to fall into. But then again, why get up in the morning and have someone elseís thoughts, and irrelevancies, put into your mind in the first place? But folk today have been trained not to sit in silence and think for themselves. Theyíre terrified now of silence; they become fidgety and anxious.  Thereís always noise. The radio is on first thing, their cell phone is blaring away with something thatís preset in it, and they canít stand silence.  Thought and thinking for themselves actually is scary to them.


Now, collective propaganda, throughout all the means Iíve mentioned before, when theyíre used will overwhelm the individual, especially your critical faculty, your ability to critically analyze anything. If you join the group that critical faculty is out the window, because the emotions are then amplified in the group and you become almost fanatical. In fact, you might become completely fanatical inside the group.


Now in the past, as Iíve mentioned before, about good societies and so on, youíll also find that those who control it and laid it out for you to follow always use propaganda of many different kinds. But when itís all the same then itís to make you all feel the same, and again youíll suppress your critical faculty. But sometimes it will work out for at least peaceful coexistence. And thereís less neurosis they find out too, when thereís a uniformity. Whether itís in the past with religions or whatever, thereís a uniformity, a feeling youíre all in this going off in the same direction, you have a reason for existing; all of these things are given to you and you donít worry so much. When that falls apart, as weíve found, as religion diminishes, for instance, and scientific systems take over more and more, statisticians, all the different cons that go on, thereís more neurosis because people feel that theyíre lost and they donít know where to go. Theyíll tryÖ Often theyíll go shopping for religions or causes or beliefs or philosophies, and they shop from one to the next, all through their lives. Youíve probably met lots of people like that, all through their lives theyíre constantly shopping.  It was very noticeable during the so-called hippie era, and they went from one meme and theme to the next. Just jump, jump, jump, looking for reasons for living, existing and so on, things that would give them answers. But when they become unfulfilled they jump to the next one, and the next one and the next one. And they donít realize theyíre being guided by those who give you all these things along a certain path. And they all go collectively on that path. Thatís why terminology goes along with it. Theyíre given the terminology to use, just like a doctrine, and all the catchphrases.  Then theyíre given the new ones for the new meme that theyíre given to follow. But itís basically shopping for meaning, for a way to live, and also to be involved and be part of some movement or group or whatever.


Youíll also find when you join groups, big groups that are authorized from above, especially, that you become predisposed to further manipulations and suggestion down the road. Sometimes, through the big think tanks, if you follow their strategies and so on, they talk about creating a society for the next generation, or the future, and youíre being primed, primed for the suggestions that will be put out along the way, that shall lead you along the certain path to be the desired citizen that they wish to create, who will accept the changes that they have planned for you down the road. So youíre primed by predispositions and ready for it when it happens. You think nothing of it. Your critical faculties, remember, are destroyed in the process. You donít think critically about things or say, whoa, wait a minute, that doesnítÖ You seldom hear that anymore from people. They simply go along with it, because they have lost their individual critical faculty along the way.


What goes along with propaganda isnít just the visual. Youíll find, and Iíve mentioned this so many times over years, that it used to be called psycholinguistics. Now itís neurolinguistics, and the big neurologists are involved, and behaviorists and so on. So we live in a verbal universe where weíre persuaded into things by the way words and sentences are constructed and put across, like a computer.  Because if you are basically the computer, as they often use that analogy today, then you live and make your decisions on all the information being fed into you, which you think is your own basically. Or youíre being selective, you think.  But, no. Youíre taking all these different things purposely put out there, fed into youÖ Remember, a person who creates a computer program, he understands that computer. He understands its language. He understands how it works and so on, and its processes. And when he feeds a question in, ideally, the great programmer knows what answer it must arrive at. The conclusion must be logical, according to its program and the system which runs it and so on, its logic, if you like.   Therefore when youíre fed all these different facts, statistics, etc. you will come to the conclusions desired by those who designed the premise in the first place for you to arrive at. So itís very simple, but it works awfully effectively.


We live as I say in a verbal universe today. Thatís why phrases, for instance, little phrases, Lenin said the same thing, we shall win by phrases, slogans.  Thatís why youíre given these things to repeat over and over again. Global warmingÖ Now itís climate change since the warming fell flat, etc.  And the chem-spray trails are all over the skies; they deny theyíre doing it. But you go into the geo corporations that are involved in this, theyíre obviously doing it and they admit to it in a covert sort of way. Because itís getting to the stage thereís just too many folk, at last, at last, after years and years of being sprayed, looking up and seeing this mush being created above their heads and theyíre watching the manipulations of the weather constantly. 


So we live in a completely controlled system and environment, and nothing is put out there, really, except lies.  And trivia.  The trivia of course is meant to make you think that you live in a little colloquial cut-off area in the boonies or something and this is how you all behave. They give these little personal stories that mean nothing to you, except theyíre telling you that this is a good person.  The state is always telling you what a good person is.  Itís a person who doesnít cause ripples or waves in any possible direction, who is involved in things which donít really matter as far as change goes, and thatís the good person, the little personal stories that you get.  Think little emotional things that keep you going ooh and aah, etc. Just like the little stories on animals they give you in some newspapers, even though they pose the photographs and things like that to make you go ooh and aah and talk about it. It keeps you away from thinking deeply or critically about anything that really matters.


Now, religions never die, they often change and they adapt. Even when those who come out against religion bring in their new theories of society, under various guises and terminology and so on, in the scientific age theyíre still religious. Theyíre religious in that they decide what the good society is to keep everything fairly stable for the existing structure at the top. They never talk about the destruction of the monetary system as it stands, for instance. That never happens, it doesnít matter who gets in. And of course, they have religious premises. All of them do. Even the science communityÖ Look at all the scientists who are employed by the International Panel on Climate Change at the United Nations, getting awfully well funded through all our tax money, from national tax monies and international tax monies, and the money from the United Nations that all comes from our taxes too. So theyíre not going to go against the premise that this is happening.   Because after all, they catch on very quickly too, itís a social program here for real change in the way that weíre to live and be under more control.  They understand that perfectly well.


And you never, ever separate sciences today from politics; it cannot be done. It canít be done; thereís always an agenda at work. Thereís no true science anymore. If there is true science they would be discovering everything, lots of things, all the time, that are really of no use at the moment to anybody. But it doesnít happen. Lots of studies go on, thousands of studies go on, all funded by foundations, private foundations that really run the big international world, but they keep the information to themselves, for their own use. But weíre given statistics, etc. to follow, which is simply a way of conning you to go along with some theory or whatever, for the present, even though theyíll disprove it down the road; thereíll be a contrary theory. And science today is often made up of nothing but theories, what they call science today, not the true sciences.


But they take on religious premises, thatís the important part. Because whatever is politically correct today is put across in a religious way, with real condemnation by authorities in media, etc. on the person who says something, or asks a question, or perhaps knows too much and doesnít understand why they must keep their mouth shut.  So a religious technique is used upon them. You must be a good member of society, which means you believe what youíre told to believe.  And you will, very much like George Orwellís 1984. If youíre caught out because you donít really believe something, which has been put across in a fanatical religious zealous way, then you will be sent off for reconditioning, at the very least.† Being a religious technique youíll find that, as I say, itís authorized by the state. Hereís what you believe, youíre a bad personÖ Or theyíll use a lot of derogatory terms, which youíre used to hearing, putting slurs on certain groups of people or whatever it happens to be in the past, and youíll apply it yourselves to them and think, oh my God I donít want to be seen as that, so you shut up and go along with it. You must believe.  Itís very, very religious in the technique of course thatís used.  And itís artificially induced.


Now, much of the worldís news is really faked. Really faked. But whatís interesting is the way that itís put across, much of the fakery is put across, it becomes truer than truth itself in the minds of the public. Because they all agree, theyíve all heard it and they know that they should believe it, therefore itís truer than reality itself. If you check into it in any depth at all youíll find itís untrue, of course. But thatís what you often find with propaganda, the information will seem truer than fact. A lot truerÖ Be very careful there. Be very, very careful indeed.


Now, many big think tanks that study this and use it against us, through their experts which are employed by the powers that be, talk about us living in a hallucinogenic world. Our reality will be partly hallucinogenic because of all the fake news, in rapid succession, and the memes changing in rapid succession, to suit the ruling minority, the dominant minority, and how we lose our grounding, etc. Again, a cause for neurosis. And hence, people run off for analysis or drugs or whatever it happens to be, either legal or illegal, it doesnít matter anymore because the effect is the same. It dulls the mind. It quietens the mind and puts you out of worry for a long time, maybe permanently too in some cases. So this transitory reality that weíre living through is constantly changing and being changed by experts as they guide it and update things and so on. 


Remember, the effect of propaganda and the purpose is to work on the unconscious, the subconscious you might say, and to leave you feeling that youíre making your own decisions. And that works awfully well.


It was said long ago in fact, by those who studied society and philosophies, etc. and history. It was said long ago that the democratic systems wouldnít need so much fakery in the news to con the public, to go along for the so-called good cohesive society, workable society, but the time would come, if one particular superpower arose, or another, or maybe two, then that would tend to break down and the masters of efficiency, the high priests you might say of efficiency would not hesitate to use constant propaganda. Well, we are there today, especially since weíre moving into whatís called the global society where a minority, and the financial minority too, will dominate the whole planet. Weíre pretty well there in fact, to be honest with you. So youíre being programmed in preparation for all of this by incessant upgraded and updated propaganda techniques. Many folk think they can escape it and avoid it by not listening to certain things. But if you watch television at all, or even listen to media all the time, or read media all the time, youíre being affected by it. You canít help it. And you become inured to it. Once youíre inured to propaganda techniques, thereís no going back. Itís got you. Quite simple.


Iíve often thought about power itself. Power, from the dominant minority all the way down, because there are many categories of power structures, all working for the dominant minority in one way or another, and benefiting of course, more so than those at the bottom. Thatís how the whole system in society is worked out. And it doesnít matter what kind of society, as theyíve tried in the past, itís always the same structure. Under different guises itís just exactly the same. The psychopathic types that really crave power, who love sports, who love the winning, winning, winning aspect of things gravitate to the top where power is. They always try and get up there by any and every means possible. And theyíre master manipulators to begin with so they see nothing wrong when they get up and they can use big marketing companies and specialists to put out propaganda upon you. Therefore theyíre now in the structure that controls the system.


And the system itself is based on keeping you feeling inadequate in a sense, and fearful. The average person goes to work, if itís man or woman it doesnít matter, at some meaningless job. Whether itís in an office, or thereís very few factories left, theyíre all in China, through free trade of course, or theyíre stacking shelves in grocery stores or supermarkets. Meaningless jobs, and they go home at night and they really sit and wonder what their life is all about. They often think back to their past when they were adolescents and they did things more radically, different, spontaneously, etc. and from then on it seems like everythingís been ordained for them. They go with the flow in a world that seems insecure. Theyíre always worried about wars, as theyíre told to be worried about wars, or price increases, or gasoline increases, whatever it happens to be, or the economy falling or whatever. They keep you living in fear all the time, until you feel like a complete non-entity. Once you feel like a non-entity you belong to a group, a big group by the way, that then will encourage you to vote a certain way or do something a certain way. Youíre fair game to be used, again, because you have lost yourself. And the whole point of life, really, is to reclaim yourself. Because believe you me, most of you have lost it, as soon as the propaganda starts, which is as soon as you understand the first words the people speak.


If the system gave a system to you which was stable, then propaganda itself would begin to lax off as well, because everything becomes lax during a long period of stability. Even the propagandists themselves become lax and inefficient.  And people would start to think for themselves, thatís the one terror that those at the top have.  Therefore they can make sure through hiring and firing they always have the most ambitious people working for them to keep us all on edge all the time, the top economists, etc. that come and go. They must keep you living in fear and worry for your whole length of your life.


I used to be amazed at people whoíd been in the military and in wars and things. And youíre always recruited when youíre young because youíre easily molded to become part of the mob, or the military; thatís what you are. You lose your individuality, youíre taught to obey, obey, obey, en masse, and jump to it. And thatís what you do. And they go off and do things that are not allowed, theyíre not allowed to do in civilian life, like slaughter people, and get little medals for doing so, things like that, lots of praise from their peer group. But once theyíre outside that peer group and theyíre back home in civilian society, theyíre into the same mundane life of compliance, living in worry and fearÖ Will I have enough money to pay for all these things, and so on, or is the economy going to go flat and Iíll lose my job? So they constantly look back on the one time that they felt they had some kind of freedom, even though that freedom was directed into benefiting a plan which they really had no idea what it was about.


Itís like the guys who go off to fight Gulf War one, and then the continuingÖ It really never stopped, Gulf War one, to the present time. Itís like the only time they lived, at one time, and when they come back into civilian society they fall apart. Because suddenly theyíre a nobody again. Thereís no peer group there to pat them on the back, etc., say all the comforting things that make you feel accepted. Youíre just one of the faceless masses you might say, and theyíve lost it all. So even when you think you have lived at one time, even though youíve joined the military and fought in the greatest causes and all the rest of it, youíre being used.† And you are allowed to do very primitive things which, as I say, you would not normally be allowed to do. You would be severely punished for going around slaughtering people any other time in your own society.


When people have got to a stage where they feel theyíre living in a void, and a spiritual vacuum, and even a meaning vacuum, itís meaningless in a sense, then of course they have a hard time even living with other people, in families for instance. The television takes the place of conversation. It avoids all friction, unless theyíre fighting over what station they want to watch.  But now they all have different television sets in all different rooms now so they can go off and coexist in a sense, without ever existing at all with each other in the other sense. Therefore, this vacuum is filled by escapism, which also contains propaganda as Iíve said before, but youíre allowed to do things in a movie setting that you canít do in reality as well. Theyíre taboo and it would cause chaos if you tried it of course. And of course your families would all break up because everyone would be promiscuous with everybody else, for a starter.


In the end too, the hero always has a purpose in a movie, and he generally wins, especially in American movies.  Which is vastly different from any kind of truth that there is. Look at special raids of special services, on raids on different compounds, lots of them often get killed in doing it. But not in the movies because the bad guys can never shoot straight, and the good-looking guy always wins. Thatís how it happens in the movies. But you look around you after the movie, in your own life, and what are you, and where are you? And do you have the blonde hanging on your arm? Of course you donít. Only the guy in the movie has that. And the same with the blonde, is she going to have that hero type figure? Of course sheís not. But sheís always going to be looking for it. So it creates dissatisfaction. And dissatisfaction creates further nihilistic tendencies within societies, and you get, especially, family breakdowns.  But itís very interesting to watch families literally stay together to an extent for maybe the raising of their children, up to the university age or beyond, and very little is ever really talked about in the home. Because television and radio takes the place of having to converse with each other. Thereís a form of escapism, constantly available to them.  Thereís also intense indoctrination being put alongside the fantasies which they all drink up.


Now, the reason that great writers, for instance, that were futurists as well wrote great books back in the 1930s, like Aldous Huxley.  You find that his associates too put out good books about that period.  Because they were all involved, at a very high level in fact, with working on the propagandists of their day.  And the dominant minority, some of them belonged to the dominant minority in fact, some of these big authors. They talked of the future to come where a form of nihilism would come with all the pressures of the technical society we live in today. They were well aware of the techniques they would have to employ to keep us all distracted, constantly distracted from the self. Thatís really what entertainment is of course.


Many examples came out of that era.  Even in the 1930s, 1938 I think it was, you find a man called Butlin in Britain created the first sort of holiday camps which even many working-class people could afford. The idea was to constantly distract the people, from the day they went in, all through that day, with distractions and a guided kind of tour of distractions, so that every day was different from the last day. And it always kept them from stopping and thinking for themselves. That was the whole point of it. And thatís why it was such a great success.  Many of the other camps and tourist camps employed the same techniques, by copying that. And even the Soviet system copied that, because every worker in the Soviet system was guaranteed a holiday every year, and often to the Black Sea area, massive resorts. Every day was laid on just like the Butlinís camps in Britain, where you were never left to the self.  You were always distracted by something until for one or two weeks you were totally distracted from the self, and you were spinning by the time you came out, with all different kinds of concepts, which really didnít change anything at all in your life, youíd find out down the road as they wore off.


Today with television itís much easier, there are always new concepts.  You can just go through all different stations and channels and be distracted by whatever it happens to be, as long as it keeps you from thinking about the self, and thatís very important, under the system which dominates you. 


One of the reasons that various techniques work on most people is because of peer pressure.  People belong to groups. They want to belong to groups, the Great Society, whatever they want to call it, and therefore they want to be accepted by their peer group, especially. Of course even when their peer group is being altered, gradually, by very clever indoctrination, and even change their opinions on certain things because of it, then the average person wants to go along with them rather than be an outsider or cling to the old taboos or the old way of looking at things and adapt to the new way of looking at things, and be concerned about things you never thought about before, because youíre told to. Thatís constant in propaganda. Therefore, in a sense, everything thatís natural to humans is used against them. The need to belong to some kind of group, just a community or whatever it happens to be, even your neighborhood community, just people you bump into on the streets and so on and know them, itís used against you. So that your topics of conversation will be changed for you, youíll be politically correct on different things, and have all the correct statements, slogans and so on, and youíll react the same way, of disdain, because of Pavlovian conditioning when someone else brings up something that you have now adapted into a different kind of point of view, the acceptable point of view. So youíre constantly being worked upon.


So itís very difficult for the individual to retain their own sense of critical thinking and individuality in this particular modern system where everything uses propaganda. Everything out there uses propaganda. Including all of what you think are the good things, are used for propagandistic and often socialistic change purposes, and change by power elites above them all, that you know nothing about. When you look at all the big charitable groups, for instance, and you see who helps to finance them, and even government money put into them too, you got to question whatís the real purpose, whatís the real motives behind all of these big groups?


Youíll find, for instance, that so many agencies were set up even through the 50s, 60s and 70s and onwards, just through, say, even one organization, the Rockefeller Brothers foundation.  They were involved in creating the politics of the US, the foreign affairs departments of the US, the military of the US, the CIA of the US, and their foreign geopolitical strategy.  Because they literally guided the CIA to go along with their strategies in the Far East, and all through Latin America where their own particular businesses were either already founded and set up, or they had plans for the future to put more businesses into those countries. They wanted a stability put in, enforced by military doctrine and political systems of the US, to ensure their own personal benefit.


But they also shaped a world society and a culture to go along and back up this particular idea for themselves, of what kind of future they wanted to bring in. Then they worked with the other foundations, because they all work collectively.  Just look at the IBM annual meetings and look at all the participants. Anybody who is anybody in the corporate world, theyíre there. Theyíre there; theyíre all working together. They canít work against each other, they must work together. Many of them have the same minority of shareholders, dominant shareholders running all of them.  So weíre living in a very, again, fragmented reality. It appears to be fragmented because weíre given the fake reality and the fake reality wonít cover all of the edges that are sticking out underneath it, of reality at all. It tends to poke itself out. 


Youíve got to think for yourselves to figure anything at all out in this day and age. And donít just jump into groups. Donít follow them because a leader comes along and says the things you want to hear. Ask about the motives, where are they taking you and so on. And since everyone can pretty well read the exposťs on the political system and the fact that most, in fact, all top politicians in the so-called Western countries and so on are members of one organization before they go into politics.  Theyíre selected, and they follow their orders. Then you should be above all of that. So therefore, when they tell you to just simply go and vote for a party or the guy they put out in front to distract you for a while, youíre being led up the garden path. Itís not going to work. Obviously.


The general Joe will never break through into reality. He is a creature of conformity, and the propaganda has worked very effectively on him. He doesnít want to rock the boat that he lives in basically.  His sphere of influence, he doesnít want to rock it in any way.  And heís made his mind up and accepted the opinions that have been given to him.  That keeps him out of trouble, he knows this, and heíd do anything for a passive life.  Itís a shame that weíre all born with so many potentials in us but thatís how you end up, for so many, many people.  They donít want to rock the boat. They want a passive life, and they go out of this existence unfulfilled.  They also die without ever knowing what reality was, or is. And thatís pretty sad in a sense.


Other folk of course who manage this whole system say itís not sad at all. They literally say, scientifically, what does it matter if a person knows what truth is? As long as they conform and do what theyíre told, and serve the system.  Thatís the sad state of reality. And I am always aware, wary I should say, of people who suddenly come out and present themselves as leaders, and lead you in circles forever, you know.


Think for yourselves. As I say, you must think for yourself. And if you donít do that then who is doing the thinking for you? Someone is. Lots of people actually are. And donít just parrot their opinions in conversation, like a clone, a programmed clone. You have a great mind, so use it. And if you use it, it wonít solve all the problems. But it certainly makes you free in a sense, you understand what the problems really are and the conology, as I call it, that weíre born into, and the techniques that are used to make us go along and conform, and even get updated when itís time to change the system to a little degree to suit the Masters. We are upgraded as it goes along. Always be aware of these techniques being used upon you.


When someone says to you, oh you canít say or you canít think that, or you canít even ask that question, there is something vastly wrong, not just with the person saying it, but the system that allows them to say that, and even promotes them to say that to you. Because surely general inquiry is the only way you can learn anything at all. And you have to ask questions. A child asks all kinds of questions, because they havenít got it through their head yet theyíre not allowed to. They learn that as they grow up. And they learn that in school. You must socially conform to the status quo, whatever it happens to be at that particular time.


But thatís the only way you can possibly learn and come to conclusions and be a more complete human being, is to understand whatís happening, why things happen, why you are the way you are.  And look at all of the influences working upon you, who do they serve? Itís not you. Itís not you at all. So start using your minds, for goodness sake, and take that adventure. Now, many folk, Iím well aware, donít want the adventure. They have chosen what seems to be the easy way out, complacency. They canít handle stress that comes from conflicts which arise from understanding different things. Because the conflict can arise when itís in opposition to your indoctrinations.  And that sometimes arises in people and they canít quite handle it. Some have a different pace of going forward than others. Donít overdo it, so donít have too big of a meal of it all at one go if you canít handle it; take it a bit at a time. And think it through. In silence, preferably. You canít think with distractions going on.


Well thatís a brief run through of something. I had nothing planned again tonight, I just opened my mouth and yapped, so I maybe scratched the surface on a few things. Now remember too, that I can do with your assistance if you like what youíre hearing. It certainly is educational. You could possibly help me out by sending something in, youíll find out how to do it at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Iím not asking for you to send your big donations here; anything at all will do. Because lots of people across the whole planet listen to my talks. Many other people have taken it and put it in book form, for themselves, never mentioning me at all.  Thatís just the way things are in this system and this life we live. But you could certainly help me out too, because it costs a lot of cash, as I say, to keep all the websites going, and everything else going that goes along with it. Also too, Iím amazed at how many people Iíve never heard of before who simply write in to ask questions about things who are also writing their books. They never think aboutÖ They think youíre a walking library, doing nothing else, so they give you this to pass the time I guess.  But it would certainly help, as I say. Because people have used much of what Iíve talked about over the years, in universities even, some universities, and professors have written to me to ask me if they could use some of the talks Iíve given. And other students, Iíve gone through the universities with them in a sense and they have used my talks for their own thesis in various subjects, etc.


So it would certainly help me if people realized Iím not stinking rich. I donít sit in a smoking jacket and sip brandy. I have to work and live, and I donít expect much in life financially, but enough to certainly get by. And when things get bad youíre not getting by. I have to remind people, who become complacent at times too, because folk think they can turn on you and youíre on, just like a TV show. Well, Iím not selling ads and thatís how television shows can finance themselves, and radio shows, constant advertising, and many of them even have cuts and shares in the things theyíre selling too. I donít have any of that.  I prefer to give you something straightforward without breaks and interruptions, because thatís how you truly learn. And Iím not doing it for any other purpose.


So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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