June 22, 2014 (#1445)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"Scientific Transition into No Opposition"

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Hi, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 22nd, 2014. I like to read the letters that come into me and the emails because it gives you such a cross-section of society, and it tells you how theyíre thinking.  It lets you know how they think, whatís brought them to conclusions, even phases they go through in their lives, as they search for different truths and the answer to everything. It always brings me back to the basic essential that mankind is always a prisoner of his own age, regardless of the age youíre born into.


In ancient times we think we know so much about, through history, about ancient peoples and the trends and so on. But people really were thinking in a mythical way much of the time too. Because they didnít understand basic education Ė they had none, most of the people Ė and they were easily swayed by early religions, the paganistic kinds of religions, right down to even sacrifice.  Because they were terrified of nature in itself, or bad crops, or disease coming in, they would put it down to a curse or something theyíd done wrong, offended their deity.  And they would make what they thought was recompense, the ultimate sacrifice was generally human life; in between of course it would still come down to animal sacrifice to appease the God or gods.


One of the more frequent events, that happened in ancient times of course, and through many, many centuries up until the last few, were invasions from neighboring tribes and peoples and subjugation of the public into slavery or serfdom of one kind or another.  But for long times in between, peace in between, you would have fair peace regardless of the conditions that you were forced to work under or live in. People do adapt, into the most horrific circumstances at times. And we are adaptable, as Darwin said.  Thatís a survival mechanism to get us through hard times, maybe even for centuries at a time, it depends where you happen to be at that time, what youíre born into.


But you find too, the rise of the super religions that came along, again, products of their time, their area, civilizations and so on, and the theology built from the cultures of those areas as well, and added to it. And it didnít really become powerful in a sense until they could use armies. Armies were used to really reinforce on the majority to accept the rule of a particular religion; the armies are then used to enforce it for a long time. Thatís often forgotten today, as the present religions that are survivors of earlier phases, they alter and change with their times as well, naturally. We also have the so-called progress of science, which has a tremendous impact upon the way we live, our conditions, the system in which we live, etc.


During the revolutionary phases, especially during the industrial era, we find that countries were overthrown because of the conditions the peasants were forced to work under, radically different from their previous generations where they had lived on the land, at least, even if they were still serfs, or slaves you might call them, because you were bought and sold with the land. But for most peasants it was a fairly serene life.  They were left alone. They had less bureaucracy interfering in their lives than we have today in fact. They were generally left enough to live, although occasional famines came along and you took your chances and you might perish or not. Plagues, all of these things came along and went as well. So it depends on the time that you live in.


But during the revolutionary phases, they led to nationalism in fact, which most of them definitely did. Nationalism was always the outcome of big revolutionary phases in the 18th century, and onwards as well. Nationalism in itself brought a whole new way of living. It brought the capitalistic systems to the fore, where capitalists then ran the countries at the top, they ran the governments. Often they were one and the same thing; they put their own boys in, and even themselves, into politics. And the serf was simply moved, as I say, in the industrial age from the land to the overcrowded cities and forced to do 14 hours a day sometimes, of cheap but very hard labor. The revolutions came out of that too.


Donít ever forget, during these periods the intelligentsia at the top, the well-educated intelligentsia Ė lots of leisure time, you need that to be part of the intelligentsia. They could look at everything and look at history itself and look at their present conditions and realize they couldnít hold onto this system forever, unless they began to modify it and give the appearance of justice and the appearance of some freedoms for the general population, then they would allay a lot of the reasons for causing revolution. So they gave you democracy, in other words, too. You always find the class that rule through any particular structural system, regardless of what itís called Ė even really religions to an extent Ė are a political class.  You canít separate the two. Power comes with total rule and total adherence. If itís a faith or politics or whatever, itís always the same product at the end. Itís a form of power.


You can also get minority groups, religious groups who are also incredibly wealthy. Because being an in-group they can work tremendously well with each other. They trust each other totally, almost like a secret society. And they could take that course by increasing wealth and gaining power through their wealthy status, etc. Other ones used the military style, especially when they got big tax bases to use over the general populations. But then youíve always got the chance of rebellion because youíre always taking more and more money from the general public.


So this is the cause, youíll find, of wars, part of the cause for wars. Many of the reasons for wars too, and even mass movementsÖ And you canít really separate the two. Because the first thing a nation must do, or the leaders of a nation must do to get a country on board for any kind of war, or massive change, is public support. Thatís where propaganda, of course, comes in. Mass persuasion.  But you have to have the reasons behind it, where the mass persuasion will seem to work, otherwise it will simply not take off at all.  Today we have scientific propaganda, tremendous sciences involved in persuading the general population. Itís pretty well perfected.  So they have less chance of outright rebellion, or loss of support from the general public for whatever happens.


Thatís why we can have so many wars, ongoing, perpetual wars they call them from the military academies today; this is what itís called, Ďperpetual warsí. And this is the age for perpetual war, where most of the public donít mind. They donít see the amount of money being squandered to fight various wars. They donít see or even meet those in the big corporations that benefit from the wars. They have simplistic propaganda as to the reasons why the wars are being fought in the first place, which they often believe completely. Itís very simplistic and propaganda is always kept that way, very simple, for the people. If you make it too complex people can pick holes in it quite easily and find out that itís all a scam.


Over a hundred years ago people who worked, intelligentsia that worked for the big nations, the big superpowers, realized that as they pushed towards globalism Ė which was always their goal Ė they would have a lot of kickback from the nations that they had created to be nationalistic. People get used to having their own nation. You have slightly more protections to do with food and prices, at home for instance. When you go global you lose those protections and you lose whatever identity you think you have with influxes of people from abroad, of different cultures, etc.   This was all understood over a hundred years ago by the countries that had already formed leagues, like the League of Nations for instance. These are big superpowers that knew where they were all headed. They knew they had to work in concert to get where they wanted to go, and they had to bring in new policies. Hence the societies that worked behind the scenes, and ran politics from behind the scenes, like the Alfred Milner group, and his group that joined with the Rhodes group and became the Royal Institute for International Affairs, also called the Council on Foreign Relations in other countries.


But they had their big think tanks working all the time, from then to the present time, on how to keep people fairly happy as all these massive changes took place. They understood the causes of nationalism because their earlier founders had been responsible for creating nationalism in different countries, super-nationalism. It had to then be destroyed, gradually, very gradually, by massive, a hundred years of propaganda, gradually, and even wars to get the point home. You couldnít go on being nationalistic in order to get the super international system going. So now the global citizen idea is spoken about openly, amongst the general population who donít even know what it means or who originated the idea, and the big foundations behind promoting it or anything like that. It sounds a good idea. In fact, itís very religious in the way that itís put forth, that weíll all get on well happily together.  Thatís the same kind of old idea.  This has been pushed.  It started off in primary education, even kindergarten education onwards for quite some time now, to ensure they get the right crop of generations growing up, where those ideas have been inculcated.


History is often cut up for us, or divided into different segments to give us a common understanding, as we talk to each other, about eras in history as we know it, or at least the authorized versions. But in all versions we have today, pretty well, are the authorized versions by whatever system ends up dominating and winning in the end.† Youíll find that during the Enlightenment phase in history for the first time they floated the idea, again, of individual freedoms and individual liberty.  Individuality was the key.  That didnít last too long because individuality, it really is a fairly new concept and it never had much of a play. We think today we can be individuals because we can take one of many choices, in hobbies or whatever we want to do or think or believe or whatever, and we think that is individuality. And thatís not what it is at all.


Individuality, as it was understood a long time ago, was to be completely out of context with everyone else, at times, but being left alone to think as you wished to think, or speak, or whatever. And that will never be allowed, as I say, in systems of rulership, regardless of the kind of rulership that you think youíre living in, whether itís democratic, as weíre trained to think of it, or totalitarian, fascist, whatever it happens to be, or communist. In fact, in communism the whole idea is to lose your individuality to serve the common good, the whole good; thatís the front thatís used to persuade the public to go along with it.† Weíll find too in some forms of Christianity, thatís also used there, to serve the common good.  And yet the original Christianity, if you read the little bit that we have by the originators of it, it was also for the person themselves to attain a oneness, to be brought into the presence of God to an extent, even if those around them were not, which is a form of individuality. 


Once a concept is a great concept, an idea that rings a bell inside of us or strikes a chord, people tend to lose their individuality and succumb to an authority of those who know how to use movements of any kind or create movements. You canít really create them; you have to come in when the conditions are ripe to create a movement, otherwise youíll get no followers whatsoever. Winston Churchill, for instance, he was a guy who wanted to make his mark in history. Maggie Thatcher was too and she said Churchill was her hero in fact, he led Britain through a war and she couldnít think of anything more great in her lifetime than to be the proud position of leading Britain through a war. So she got her little war, called the Falklands War, but that was to get her name down in history.


But Churchill himself, during the early 1930s, couldnít make a mark for himself; heíd even change parties often depending where which way the wind was going.  He was ignored until World War II really came to a conclusion, an inevitable conclusion, for the beginnings of it, and suddenly, because he was the man on the spot you might say, who had verbalized so much and been listened to and got so much propaganda put out, he was the man they put in charge. You donít need to be intelligent to be whatís called a great leader.  And you donít need to even be a fanatic.  You simply have to have those people around you, the officer class if you like, to believe in you as though youíre some kind of holy guy. They are the guys who put things into shape, they get the plans into working order and make it happen. But the person at the top doesnít really have to do that.  So things are more complex, often, than theyíre portrayed to the general public in very simplistic forms.


Globalism has its backlashes from the public too because theyíre feeling the pinch of their standard of living in the West, and they have for a long time, plummeting like a stone. Thatís all part of globalization. Because those at the top have their peer groups in other countries and so they all collectively see the people beneath them as the masses, or the peasants you might say.  And for austerityís sake, for so-called sharing the wealth and how much they want to allow the public to share, or have the public share in the wealth, the standard of living has to drop globally across the planet. Rather than bring other countries up to a higher standard, equivalent to say the standards they had in the US during the late 60s and early 70s, we must all plummet down and get to some sort of unhappy or happy medium in between, for the global system.


And as they bring the system in youíre being trained constantly into authoritarianism under the guise of the war on terror, which is constantly expanding to really go after people who have contrary opinions on things. Thatís enough to be labeled as a terrorist, for having contrary opinions. Everything is coming into play, as some of us knew it would do a long time ago, because itís a repetitive pattern in history especially to do with the control over masses and the mass movements that come out of them. So I tell people, always be very careful about what you simply jump in to. Most folk truly are reacting to things that are happening today, as opposed to understanding it and then planning tactics of speaking out in a proper fashion to convey the proper ideas to people. And things will take time, obviously.  Because it takes time to get messages out to the public so that maybe down the road, who knows when, the public will demand, and thatís what it is, demanding, the proper kind of change, not the guided change weíre used to, the manipulated guided change that weíre used to of the same intelligentsia that already rule us, but something thatís more original from the general public themselves.  And the one thing that they do lack today is a common philosophy. 


Thereís a lot of irony in even the student protests that you often see because students have always been used, via the professors who are deliberately inserted into a lot of universities to get protests started, to get the big ideas started, which are always eventually controlled and very often lead nowhere. Or where they do lead is exactly where the powers-that-be wish them to end up. And they do. They always think itís from themselves. Every generation, especially the young, think they are behind the big changes. But they donít realize, no, youíre simply the agent being used to implement the changes and to push for the changes, which are sold to you as some kind of excess freedom which you never had before.


I remember, as again regarding the fact that they lack a common philosophy, when they were pushing the anti-globalism agenda through university students, so for the general public there was a show of protests on television at the big globalist meetings that they were having, with the G8, G20 and all the rest of it.  The students would turn up en masse.  And these big meanings were allÖ It was like a circus.  People were dressed like clowns with drums, all the differentÖ old hippies turned up as well, and lots of students. And I remember at one of the globalist meetings, it was in Canada, when the protests were going on, one of the dignitaries, as they like to call them, that attended, went down to the front steps of this big huge building and he said, what is it you want? And they couldnít even verbalize, the students couldnít verbalizeÖ It was like they were all stunned that theyíd been asked a question. They knew how to protest but none of them had ever thought about verbalizing anything specific that they actually wanted.


At that time the big thing that was radicalizing them too was supposedly the concern for Third World countries being used as cheap slave labor, which of course they always have been; they forget that their own countries were used that way too for a long time. But it was ironical when one of them with a poster kept waving this placard, about fair wages for China and so on, and theyíre standing there with their Nike shoes on and their T-shirts on with their slogans on, all made in China.  The irony was incredible.  I donít know how many folk caught it, very few, even the person that probably wore them. But I thought, this is just ridiculous. Because the reason that they can afford to even be out that day, protesting and so on, in a society like this is because all the stuff is coming from the slave labor in other Third World countries. And they like to wear the things that are produced for them, with their brand names by the big corporations and all the rest of them that own the slave labor and the new factory plantations.


They all have their cell phones today, all their cheap electronic gear.  But no, they donít see the irony at all. They themselves, if the people over in China were paid adequate wages, wouldnít be able to afford those cheap cell phones and their cheap entertainment that they have today, without the slave labor in China. Iím not saying itís right, Iím just pointing the facts out. Thatís all I do, is point out facts.


Now, this is what youíll find in the 21st century, especially; it was already happening at the latter part of the 20th century. But so-called big movements and protest movements and so on were actually advocated from the top, not from the bottom. The bottom were always used, unknowing to the bottom bunch.  They were often financed, the groups were financed by big foundations. The foundations are simply the alternative political means, or one alternative of the political means to get things noticed and discussed in politics, which the big foundations and the guys who own them also own, they own the political establishment as well. Therefore, these protests movements are authorized by the governments, which theyíre protesting.  I found that out a long time ago. 


Incredible wealth that was put into the NGO groups, the authorized ones.  They were all authorized to exist, by government. They got funding from government. They got funding from foundations. Their leaders were trained professionals.  And how could that possibly be a grassroots movement? Thereís nothingÖ You donít find grassroots movements today.  If you did, actually, and they were not authorized they would be banished very quickly, or taken over and then authorized and licensed.  Today we really have well-funded, authorized opposition groups, of all kinds, well-managed so that they never end up really doing anything or changing anything, and definitely never to the extent or even the direction in which theyíre supposedly there to exist for, unless itís authorized from the top.


The West studied the Soviet system carefully, in fact they were heavily involved, as Iíve mentioned so many times, in the creation of the Soviet system, and we funded them, and fed them during the entire Soviet era; they couldnít even feed themselves. But it was a big laboratory for getting away with things, and testing on the individuals, and small groups, and large groups, and the whole population. A fantastic laboratory.  Lots of behaviorists and psychologists and scientists went back and forth to the Soviet system, all through the Cold War, with no problems at all in travel whatsoever, no restrictions. Because they knew where it was to end up down the road. We know that from the Reece Commission in 1953, to merge the Soviet-style system with that of the West.  And thatís already happened. In fact, itís happened awfully well.  Many of the things that the Communists wanted to get through have already happened.  Remember, in communism you basically sacrifice, you sacrifice of yourself, the individuality for the good of the whole, and for a future. There is always a utopic future down the road, where we all live happily ever after together in bliss.  An old, old theme and itís gone under many guises in the past but it always tends to work, especially, again, with the idealistic youth.  Itís a natural thing in youth, is a form of idealism.


The mass movements youíll find too, they want obedience, obedience, basically a submergence of your own self and blind obedience into the whole system. You must control impulses of selfishness or personal goals and so on to the whole, the greater good. And thatís being more and more forced down our throats today as the big boys understand the tactics so well and they use this oneness idea. And hence the New Age comes out for all those who are looking for answers to things and they channel those energies into the universal consciousness, and the unified field theory, to all these things that they run off and grab ahold of, never realizing the very clever minds way above them in very expensive suits and ties dreamed all this up for them and helped promote it all, and put the authors out there to churn out their books, mass-produced books and so on, to fascinate the mind and give them the sense of the ideal.


Therefore all mass movements, all of them, put obedience amongst the highest virtues and on a level with faith; itís a holy thing. You find it with Stalin. You found it, too, with Lenin, and Trotsky to an extent as well. Trotsky gave some leeway to the individual, and that was his downfall. He couldnít get the lieutenant class around him, as the rest of the Soviets did and Stalin did, or Adolf Hitler for that matter; his immediate followers around him, his coterie, had blind faith in the man and they could implement ideas and make them work. So this is how these mass movements work.


Remember, there are always followers and there are leaders. Youíll sometimes find the leader of a mass movement whoís propagating some new idea, philosophy or whatever it happens to be, has less belief in his own philosophy than the followers. Itís important to him that followers go along with it and truly believe. They are the true believers. Where he himself is more of an individual because he enjoys getting it started, he has the power of a CEO or even larger, and he gets all the acclaim and fame that he wants, the glory, so-called glory as they call it. In another field he may have gone into being a cattle rustler; many of the British aristocracy and European ones began as cattle rustlers, and thieves, and plunderers. And the next generation, once theyíre in a position of wealth they put their children into the best schools and they become a new kind of aristocracy. In the US you can look at the Rockefellers and other big families of course who had sometimes less than honorable beginnings to get started. Their descendants are then worshiped by the general public as being successful people, because they now run, in a legal fashion, things which may be immoral, in their tactics, etc., to gain incredible monopoly power over whole vast fields of energy and resources and so on. But thatís the way things are today.


Iíve often mentioned, the psychopath smells the wind. He smells the times in which he lives, and the moment in which he lives, and he will seize the chance when it occurs to him or appears to him, heíll grab it. And he knows which side to join to get what he wants, the position he wants to be in. He will say all the right things; heíll feel your pain. Heíll verbalize everything thatís been discussed amongst the general population, the disaffected peoples you might say.


Mass movements need genuine grievances to take off, otherwise theyíd go nowhere; no one would get any converts to it. Therefore there has to be true grievances there where people are frustrated and thereís lack of opportunity for even work, never mind upward mobility. So many things can cause the grievances to be prevalent throughout society; economies fail, this kind of thing. This was a great problem just before World War II in the Western countries, the fear of communism, and revolution, if they couldnít get out of the Great Depression which was worldwide at that time, and in some countries more so than others. 


But thereís one form of mass revolution we donít think about today and thatís when the system youíre in and which you think is yours gradually transforms itself in such a way that it in itself is a mass movement, from within, at the top.  And really, thatís where itís all gone today.  Because professionals have studied this phenomenon for centuries, of the rise and fall of nations. Nations generally arose in the past through so-called great leaders, men of action as opposed to men of thought or intellect. They would use force and conquest and create blind followers for whatever was their mottos, their slogans and so on, and they would find those followers as long as you were winning. But eventually youíd run out of enemies, or youíd be beaten yourself and that was the end of that, some other person from your own country or another nation would take over and form its own empire, create its own empire by the same techniques.


We seldom think that your system, that you think is democracy, can be taken over from the top, by elites and intelligentsia who have studied this phenomenon and who understand it perfectly well, that they canít allow this to happen in a time where even though we have these wars across the world we donít have the all-out great wars, as they call them, or world wars going on forever. We do certainly have perpetual wars, thereís no doubt about that. Therefore they came up with ideas to manage the public in a more scientific manner.


Iíve mentioned about many of the big players in the past that helped to decide what kind of system they would bring in, and how to manage it and manage the general public, and in such a way that incrementally, and through training and education, generation by generation, they could hold onto a society as they were taking away the rewards that that society had from their work and their labor and their adherence to the system. Thatís what weíre in today. Therefore, going into a global society and a system, you have to be constantly monitored; thatís one thing about it, no doubt about it. Force is always used in mass societies. Coercion and force, and the force can take many guises today of course under the guise of terrorism or antigovernment or antiestablishment, whatever it wants to be called, whatever. Thatís a technique thatís used today to nip things in the bud before they can get out of hand, as the system, that youíre still being trained and told is yours, even though the general public, the average person can see that somehow this is not the system thatís propagated to them through propaganda Ė itís not the same system as actually exists; itís something beyond that. Thereís many names for it of course. We call it fascism, where corporations rule, and they rule governments too. And itís very, very true. Itís closer to that than anything else. But the same fascists give you a form of collectivism down below; this is what they call this new system of austerity and communitarianism for the global society. Itís very, very clever. 


Because there are countless think tanks working full time, and they have access with the intelligence networks of all our data. Constantly they keep the pulse of the public. They know what the topics are, the themes that are coming around the public and what theyíre chatting about and so on, and they know how to nip it in the bud and try to counter it. This is the delicate process thatís going on today. Overplaying their hand at the top would require excessive force and they donít want to show excessive force because thatís exactly what the Communists tried to use from the Soviet Union on the West. If they could goad the West into coming out with outright authoritative force on the public, that would help to foment rebellion on behalf of the Soviet type system, the communism.  But today itís very well-managed.  This is the scientifically-controlled society in which we actually live. And donít forget for an instant too, that they understand that if people who became leaders were to possibly arise, they could be a threat, therefore theyíll often supply you with the leaders.


As Iíve said before, the NGOs that seem to be all for you Ė or segments, thatís more correct actually, segments of you, which is a red herring in a sense, or a caveat Ė you donít realize that theyíre not yours at all. Theyíre being funded, as I say, by you, your tax money funds them, and the big private foundations which are front organizations set up by the big giant international corporations and very wealthy families. If you truly lived in a democratic society you would all have the same rights.  You wouldnít findÖ What youíre finding today is under the guise of democracy theyíre putting on a show of helping certain groups, distinct minority groups, of all kinds, and elevating them up to special status.  And people are misguided, thinking, well thatís democracy in action. If it was democracy in action, no, youíd all have the same rights for employment and everything else and housing and you name it. But thatís not whatís actually happening. Thatís not democracy as youíre seeing it. Itís a technique of divide and conquer in order to rule over all of you.  Because with each special right a group gets, more than the whole, it causes dissension and anger among certain segments of society.


This is called the Century of Change.  The changes that theyíve talked about of course are bringing in not just the authoritarian system, eventually itís an even better scientific control over the general population. Not just complete monitoring over every individual and what they do in their spare time and so on, but also the indoctrination in a more perfected form from birth, right through their lives, to death. Thatís what they mean by the scientifically-controlled society, where youíre finding it being implemented in certain ways Ė a very old idea, by the way Ė through psychology and psychiatry and pharmaceutical agencies working together, by the drugging of young children and the mandatory testing of young children throughout their lives from about the age of two years old, or even younger as in the case of Scotland with the GIRFEC program.


So this is to make sure that thereís fine adjustments given to the child and upwards through their lives, constant psychological evaluations, testing them for opinions to make sure that theyíre standardized. If theyíre not standardized theyíll have to be rectified or drugged or whatever else, and go through therapies, to be properly adjusted. And this is their scientific control. And itís not to end there. We also know that massive amounts of money have gone into fields, not just big Pharma to do with active mind-control substances.  But also we find it in the electrical systems as well of the body, where they can be manipulated, fine-tuned and so on from outside the body, and manipulated by electrical magnetic waves. We know that the body cells work on very minute currents; you donít need a lot of strong signal to do so. Therefore single antennas in certain areas can cause our moods to change, very simply, and cheaply too, for the authorities, and make you passive, and passivity also makes you more suggestive to propaganda, things like that.


So you find there are many techniques at play right now to ensure the rule down through society without some great massive upheaval as weíve seen in the past with great mass movements, whatís caused massive bloodshed etc. etc.† In fact, these are the reasons they give at the top for quietly and secretively implementing these techniques upon the general public today, without their consentÖ For the greater good, in other words, for stability


Something else that those at the top have learned, and I donít mean temporary rulers; what you see is temporary rulers.    But this perpetual system thatís always there, generation to generation, what they also see and understand is that anything which is too overt will be resisted by the public in some way or another, at least by a segment of society. Therefore theyíve put so much money and incredible studying into us, how we tick, how we work, etc., human nature you might say.  Theyíve found of course that if they make things attractive and appealing we can actually swallow the poison, you might say. Because we get some benefit, even though temporary, in the actual taking of the poison. And by that I mean, if we look at the effects of electrical radiation from cell phones and so on, almost everyoneís got the cell phone today. Because from the cell phone they find a gratification there of things which they wouldnít have without it. So this is how they plan to implement all the different techniques down the road, as making things desirable. We desire, to an extent, our own demise because of the temporary gains we think weíre getting from the gadgetry, which are being supplied, and where they want to take it down the road as they say.


It was interesting to me, for instance, that many of the studies theyíve done on hidden cameras, CCTV cameras, which theyíre using in some of the elderly homes where theyíre occasionally looked in upon by workers. Sometimes if theyíre fairly ambulant theyíre not looked in so often but they have the cameras there and theyíre monitored. They found out the people wouldnít behave, or relax properly if they knew they were being monitored. So when they could hide the cameras the people would know they were there but accept them and gradually forget their presence altogether. Itís much the same with the way things work today with society and where science is taking people.  Itís very, very effective indeed.


The Pentagon has put out papers, other universities have put papers out on, of the electrical phenomenon, the way that the eye perceives things for instance with high definition and high pixels, etc. The Pentagon did publish papers that they could weaponize Ė they had tried it and it worked.  They could weaponize the screen by simply using certain colors and frequencies and subliminal flashes which could alter brain patterns, and even if they wanted to they could cause electrical signals to turn off the impulse that goes to the heart and stop the heart. Totally weaponized. Very scary stuff. So thatís where most money goes. Itís not going to help people. Itís going to control people.


This is a phase in history which we have never seen before, because generally plots were uncovered and the public would have a righteous indignation. People of different persuasions of faith or whatever could come together and agree that this was all bad and do something about it. But today, with the techniques of psychology, behaviorism and neuroscience all working together, then itís much more difficult, especially when the general public still are addicted to certain things like entertainment, constant entertainment. Now itís instant communication and perpetual communication; they can be influenced much more easily by things which are invisible to them, but in their possession.


This might seem far-fetched to some people, because youíve been trained to be skeptical about things like this, thatís not made a big deal of by the media.  The media tells you what to think about, what to even worry about, because youíve come to accept it as an external part of your own reasoning. And itís not there for that reason whatsoever. But youíve got to understand that medicine is specializing, and has been for a long time, in certain areas to do with electrical impulses. Theyíve been checking out the frequencies of each type of cell, tissue cell in the body.  And every organ is made of different tissues, they give different frequencies off and so on. Even the nourishments that pass along the body on enzymes and proteins have a frequency too and when it matches the particular one of that tissue it transmits across to the actual tissue cell that uses it, other frequencies are bypassed altogether and ignored. So this is a spinoff of the weapons industry. All medical so-called revelations that come along come as an offshoot of the weapons industry. And weapons, remember, weíve got to stop thinking of just basic weapons like cannons and all the rest of it, and think of it as overall structures of control. Because thatís really what weaponry is. And itís being used on the general public in ways which they donít understand or even know that exist.


Even during the early days of radar they understood perfectly well, very quickly, the effects of people who stood on the transmission paths of radar, the health effects. They also understood that those around the frequency, because there was always a scatter off a beam, thereís an outside scatter they call it, and those around those areas of particular scatter would become ill, and in very specific ways which were soon understood, the common symptoms, etc. But the same thing is happening today with all the Wi-Fi and microwave energy in the air. There are over, I think, 700 to 800 new types of frequencies in the atmosphere, electrical frequencies which did not exist in nature. And we live with them every day. And as I say, since weíre chemical/biological/electrical beings itís quite easy to see how that can be manipulated. And that was the idea of the warfare industry when they understood that an awful long time ago, that they could manipulate whole populations by certain types of weaponization of these frequencies and directions of them, etc.


This touches on psychotronic warfare which Brzezinski talked about in his book Between Two Ages.  He said, shortly a technique will be used, can be used on the public, which obviously it was already working then for him to say that; they had it and they knew it worked. And there is lots of documentation that has come out from people who were involved in these projects, actually, since then. Where, he said, we could put beams across a whole continent and influence the behavior of whole populations.  And that was in the 1970s that he wrote that particular book. So itís not far-fetched at all.  People say, well they would never do that. See, Ďthe unthinkableí is always the safeguard the elites count on.  People think, thatís unthinkable, therefore theyíd never do that. But thereís nothing which has ever been invented, and thereís no weapon thatís ever been invented that has not been used. And when so much time and care has gone into maintaining power and control, even when that form of power is obviously changed, at the top, then people still donít want to think it could be used on them. But thatís the one thing thatís paramount in those who understand the control of societies in scientific ages, they must use science upon the general public, more advanced sciences, beyond persuasion and coercion as theyíve done in the past.


In the past those things which worked often took a long time, a period of time, to defy and have altered or stopped, nipped in the bud you might say.  Today, is there that much time? because the so-called progress or rate of advancement of scientific technique is extraordinary, extraordinary in its speed.  Thereís so much money and wealth and power going into so many industries involved in it today too. Many universities are doing studies and doing experimentation for the big Military-Industrial Complex, that theyíre so far ahead; do you really have time to educate the people over two or three generations to stop something from happening? It doesnít really seem that way.  And itís even worse, as I say, when youngsters are trained very early on, theyíve even now got toy cell phones for babies basically, making sure that this is a normal thing to have in their possession from the earliest of ages, just to get them used to the idea. And thatís only one part of a process which they plan to have you follow up throughout your lives.


So itís rather scary, as I say.  And thereís never been a time in history where such technique has been used on the public, and plans to be used, on a massive, even a world scale eventually, for supposed world peace. World peace means the absence of all opposition, remember. And opposition means free thought, absence of free thought. Itís a very scary time indeed to live. Itís not a time to panic and put your head in the ground either. Because those who donít speak out can only blame themselves down the road. They canít blame themselves for it all happening. Itís happening because you do, weíve always had rather evil people in power.  I donít care what kind of regime itís called, thereís always been evil people that work their way in.  The psychopaths will do it in any type of regime and eventually take it over from the inside if they possibly can.  And thatís what of course has happened some time ago.


I used to wonder why many of the philosophers of the 20th century who were all for this system that Iím talking about right now, blamed the general public. And they did. Not the leaders, not the manufacturers of weaponry. They blamed the public for being so willing to follow armies into war, or follow leaders for revolutionary purposes. And as I say, theyíve been working steadily ever since to ensure that could never happen again. And I mean, never happen again. If your mind canít work properly, if it never has worked properly from your birth, because of the different techniques used upon you, what chance would you possibly have? But at the same time since thereís a slim chance today of understanding these things, we should definitely be talking about them. Because thatís how ripples spread. And thatís how things can be challenged down the road, if we have time to challenge anything at all, in open forums, etc. And it has to be done rather quickly.


The problem is, counterintelligence is always involved.  Leaders are supplied, who start talking the talk, that youíre talking about, and then theyíll take it off into outer space, or into finding your inner being, or your vibratory self and you can vibrate out, all the nonsense they bring into it until they can discredit actual fact. Theyíre awfully good at taking basic facts and helping to discredit them, and you get lumped in with those who bring out the fantastical. Remember too, itís not UFOs that are doing this; thatís another great ploy that they use too...  Oh it must be aliens, because humans would never do this to us.  Nonsense.


The history of humanity, really, has been quite a horror show for much of its existence. And the solution, as the elites see it Ė who understand the histories, etc; theyíre well taught and versed in all of this; they get lectures all the time by top philosophers and historians; they understand it well.  They donít plan that happening again; in other words, rebellions or any change from the public whatsoever down the road. Be very, very wary.  Humans do this. Humans are doing all of this.


Our money, our sciences, our education, academia is on board with this, for world peace as they want to call it.  And you better ask yourself what they mean, what they mean by peace. Never think you have the same definition as the term would imply.  Because they have their own definitions of pretty well all of the slogans they put out there for you to follow and chant.


Just a thought, as I say.  I never really prepare any talk. I just talk off the top of my head depending on whatís in my head at that particular moment. So you can always check into these things Iím talking about. You can get the sublime to the ridiculous, because as I say, there will always be counterintelligence out there. But stick with the basic facts, the provable published facts, and thereís lots of them out there on these particular topics, especially the electronic type warfare technologies. Thereís lots and lots of information out there.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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