July 6, 2014 (#1447)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"Most are Unable to Find Who Makes Up Their Mind"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July the 6th, 2014. Over the years on various radio broadcasts I mentioned many times the techniques used on mind control. Mind control is a very prevalent thing, more so today than ever before. But itís always been used in some form or another down through the ages. Iíve gone into even ancient religions, very ancient religions, and how they knew back then, working with the monarch, how they could control the public and give them the correct views of seeing their world by altering their perceptions of everything.  Really the whys that things happen were suddenly changed into a religious viewpoint and by that method you could control them. Because by putting in taboos, along with the perception distortions, you could get them to behave in certain ways and never rebel and so on. Very common thing down through the ages that advisers to kings, and of course now to governments, have used to make sure that people are raised properly for control purposes.


Today, as I say, itís soÖ Itís all-pervasive today. Itís all over the place. And it starts with your education too. That was one of the primary reasons, by the way, that governments got into mandatory education. You canít get your subsequent propaganda to be instilled properly unless you get the basics instilled at early schooling. So itís all around us today. Itís in movies. Itís in novels. Iíve gone over this so many times, how novelists are even paid to insert the new updates, the politically correct ideas and beliefs and ways of looking at certain things in their novels. They get paid extra by the department of cultures, and every government has a Department of Culture, run by the government.


Iíve also talked about, even a few years ago, when voice-to-skull was used, electronically, in New York City. I read the article as it was printed a few years back, where they were installing these particular instruments on towers in New York and as people were passing by certain stores they could beam into your head, and you would hear it audibly, go into the store and buy whatever it happens to be. That was supposedly a test at the time to see how the public would react. But remember too, that nothing happens on that scale without government involvement because everything is licensed, including anybody else coming in to put mind control over on the public, has to be authorized by the government.  So the government and the military-industrial complex would be involved in these experiments as well.  They always have been of course, naturally.


We find with Wi-Fi today and with the microwave through all the air basically today, so many different frequencies, that it cannot only alter the way that we think, or even how weíre thinking, or even if we can think at all in fact, they can switch you off, but they can also alter you biochemically as well, very easily, by specific frequencies that are targeted at certain cells on their frequencies in the human body. But people think that all this is happening today.  Now, a great trick of media and even all the so-called fad, the fad, whatever fad youíre into, whether itís popular mechanics or popular engineering or whatever it happens to be, popular electronics, you think theyíre all out there to give you the latest, the latest, the latest, and thatís how itís presented to you. Nothing is further from the truth. Whatever youíre allowed to know was always done first for the military boys, the military-industrial complex boys and what youíve got afterwards is spinoffs.  Often many, manyÖ sometimes 20, 30, 40 years later the public are given some of the spinoffs, but itís always presented as though theyíre just now experimenting in this particular field.  Nothing can be further from the truth. Always remember that.


So the idea is to make you believe that youíre on the cutting-edge in your era, your time, your generation, of all there is to know. Thatís the first step. Thatís the first big lie to do with mind control. And thatís what mind control is, making you believe that. And thatís why itís harder of course to get through to those involved in academia because even many of those professors have no idea that all theyíve learned is really obsolete in various fields, very obsolete. And youíll never get that through their heads. Now, some eventually break through and understand what Iíve just told you, that they have been conned, and they rather despise it. But if they often break through then those who are watching them bring them up to a higher level and into the more secretive areas of things too. Then theyíre allowed into archives, real archives, not the ones that you might get access to, and theyíre given more pertinent information depending on their classification.


Iíve read from various authors over the past and the ideaÖ Iíve done many up-to-date things as far as we are allowed to know; Iíve given a lot of information for modern times but it will definitely not be the latest by any long shot. But itís good to understand, and itís really imperative to understand how old these tricks are. And once in a while we get authors who are authorized to come out and tell, really, their own class, by published books, certain information that they can then use, again, in their own particular fields over on the general public. But itís interesting to get some of them and Iíve mentioned Aldous Huxley who classified himself along with his brother Julian as part of the scientific elite. Thereís a financial elite near the top, then thereís a scientific elite and that also involves those higher professors in academia, some of them, not all of them, in fact a minority of them, really; the rest of them know what theyíre supposed to do in a PC fashion to get advancement in that field and so they donít rock the boat.  How you get promotion in this world is by not asking questions, and really, what questions definitely not to ask.  Itís the same in politics.  When the person runs and they get into politics for the first time they listen a lot, they agree with everyone who talks to them, their superiors, etc., but they never ask certain questions because thatís how you get advancement. Itís very much like Freemasonry, you never question an order from above, you simply obey it without question. So thatís how things really work in this world.


Tonight Iíll talk about, from Brave New World Revisited, the nonfiction version, where Huxley, I think in 1959 he wrote that one, when he went over his book, he revised his book from 1933, the fictional version, of how the future would be, to do with people who were completely controlled by governmental forces, by agencies that they would never know about or even understand. Thatís pretty well here today. But in 1959 he talked about how things would come in. And itís good to read these books because he shows you how old some of these sciences really are and how their updating of understanding of these sciences change along the way with certain people doing experimentation on the public. Youíll find in Brave New World Revisited he talks about a particular Dr. Poetzl, he calls him. He saysÖ


Dr. Poetzl, an Austrian neurologist, who had recently published a paper describing his experiments with the tachistoscope. (The tachistoscope is an instrument that comes in two forms -- a viewing box, into which the subject looks (Alan:  Youíll see them in very old movies, how would they would put these things over, kind of like binoculars, over their face and they would see images. But this particular type of viewer gave them a fraction of a second on each view, you see, so they were trying that back then, like the subliminal experimentation. So every advancement in science, remember, is immediately put to use for control purposes. Always remember that. So first they come out with forms of viewing scopes, and then of course immediately they have this tachistoscope, they called itÖ) (The tachistoscope is an instrument that comes in two forms -- a viewing box, into which the subject looks at an image that is exposed for a small fraction of a second; a magic lantern, (Alan:  That was another name for the early pictures. Youíd go to the picture house and they would show you, really, images on a screen basically, like a projectorÖ) with a high-speed shutter, capable of projecting an image very briefly upon a screen.) In these experiments Poetzl required the subjects to make a drawing of what they had consciously noted of a picture exposed to their view in a tachistoscope. . . . He then turned his attention to the dreams dreamed by the subjects during the following night (Alan:  Now most dreams, thatís really where dreams come from. Itís your present life and it goes into the subconscious, then what they call the great unconscious while youíre sleeping, this mass of knowledge of all kinds stored back there, and it gets mushed around and so on and you get these dreams. And often you donít know what the dreams are, or youíll give them a magical significance. But in reality itís how your subconscious will interpret all the mass in this big sea turmoil of the complete unconscious where everything is stored.)


He then turned his attention to the dreams dreamed by the subjects during the following night. It was shown unmistakably that those details of the exposed picture which had not been noted by the subject (Alan:  Öthatís consciouslyÖ) provided material for the construction of the dream.  (Alan:  So all the little bits of the pictures that were seen for a split-second on, say, the perimeters of the main images you were looking at, all have an effect on you, whether you know it or not. Thatís why high definition, by the way, is so important for control. Because youíre getting a lot of subliminals through all of the background stuff, in very clear detail, even though consciously you wonít remember it at the time. Now remember that Poetzlís experiments were in 1919 that this was done.)


With various modifications and refinements Poetzl's experiments have been repeated several times, (Alan:  And he goes through the different people who have experimented with himÖ) most recently by Dr. Charles Fisher, who has contributed three excellent papers on the subject of dreams and "preconscious perception" (Alan:  Öitís calledÖ) to the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. (Alan:  And thatís why psychoanalysis REALLY came up and big money went into it, again, by governmental forces, massive grants and so on, to study. Because they understood that they could use techniques, anything that could give them more control over the public was vitally important to those in power who want control, more and more control.) . . . Confirming Poetzl's findings, their studies have shown that people actually see and hear a great deal more than they consciously know they see and hear, and that what they see and hear without knowing it is recorded by the subconscious mind and may affect their conscious thoughts, feelings and behavior.


Pure science does not remain pure indefinitely. Sooner or later it is apt to turn into applied science and finally into technology. Theory modulates into industrial practice, knowledge becomes power, formulas and laboratory experiments undergo a metamorphosis, and emerge as the H-bomb. (Alan:  Everything comes from theory.) ÖIn the present case, Poetzl's nice little piece of pure science, and all the other nice little pieces of pure science in the field of preconscious perception, retained their pristine purity for a surprisingly long time. Then, in the early autumn of 1957, exactly forty years after the publication of Poetzl's original paper, it was announced that their purity was a thing of the past; they had been applied, they had entered the realm of technology. The announcement made a considerable stir, and was talked and written about all over the civilized world. And no wonder; for the new technique of "subliminal projection," as it was called, was intimately associated with mass entertainment, and in the life of civilized human beings mass entertainment now plays a part comparable to that played in the Middle Ages by religion.


In the Middle Ages religion put on, in fact that was almost all the entertainment you could have, as traveling licensed troupes went round village to village, town to town and they were given a charter by the king or queen, and they would put on passion plays to make sure that religion was foremost and that all morality that spun off from the play was supplied to the general public, and hopefully, and generally it worked.  They would incorporate that behavior of the play into their own personal behavior and their morality, etc. Thatís why the more sex they push today Ė of course, itís incredible, itís everywhere, you canít watch anything without it Ė the more people will emulate that, and affairs skyrocket and everything else does too and marriages get dissolved; itís all done in a weaponized fashion. Itís very perfect today. Itís perfected.


Iíve also gone into Edward Bernays in pretty good detail over the years, where he was given authority by governments, and he worked with many US presidents, he lived a very long life and he was brought in all the time. He gave you the consumer society for Americans. He changed the habits of Americans, how they used their money, spent their money, what they just had to have, he told them what they just had to have. And he put the methods across, which actually worked very well with them; he got women to smoke and even drink certain booze and all the rest of it.  It was all done through applied psychology, you might call it, behavioral psychology and adding to it a lot of sex appeal, etc. etc. But he also used his methods to get people into World War I in the US. It wasnít until about 15 years after the end of World War I that he and some others wrote a book that came out that boasted of how they had basically fooled a whole people into being pro-war when before that they were all against having the war in the first place. 


Now, Huxley goes into the age of television and movies and so on and he saysÖ


In such an age the announcement that Poetzl's pure science had been applied in the form of a technique of subliminal projection could not fail to arouse the most intense interest among the world's mass entertainees. (Alan:  He also includes government too later on in the book.) For the new technique was aimed directly at them, and its purpose was to manipulate their minds without their being aware of what was being done to them. (Alan:  And thatís so important, youíre not aware of whatís being done to you, especially in entertainment, you see.  Thatís why a lot of politically correct updates, just like a computer, are put across to your brain in methods of entertainment, where your guard is down.) By means of specially designed tachistoscopes words or images were to be flashed for a millisecond or less upon the screens of television sets and motion picture theaters during (not before or after) the program. (Alan:  And theyíd put across things likeÖ)  "Drink Coca-Cola" or "Light up a Camel" (Alan:  Öthatís a smoke.) would be superimposed upon the lovers' embrace, the tears of the broken-hearted mother, and the optic nerves of the viewers would record these secret messages, their subconscious minds would respond to them and in due course they would consciously feel a craving for soda pop and tobacco. And meanwhile other secret messages would be whispered too softly, or squeaked too shrilly, for conscious hearing. (Alan:  You will find that too even if you study the old movies for instance, the rather shrill sound that came across them. When the screaming was on, and there was a lot of fast talking going on in a high-pitched vein, you think youíre missing certain things but youíre not really. Other things are being flashed across in those particular times during those particular old movies, when you study them.)


In Britain, where the process of manipulating minds below the level of consciousness is known as "strobonic injection". . .  (Alan:  Britain is way ahead of other countries because as I mentioned before, it was important to use religion to modify the behavior of the general public, which ALLOWS them to be manipulated and controlled, thatís the purpose of it, by the authorities. And religion worked together with the kings and queens, you see, who all wanted the same thing, which was power over the public and control and peace. Thatís still the same today; the governments definitely want more and more peace, but now theyíre trying to edge out religion. In Britain that was solved, that problem, by merging the head of the Church of England with the Monarch who also was in control of government; that was the idea behind it. So Britain was way ahead of other countries for centuries.) 


Investigators have stressed the practical importance of creating the right psychological conditions for subconscious persuasion. A suggestion above the threshold of awareness is more likely to take effect when the recipient is in a light hypnotic trance, under the influence of certain drugs, or has been debilitated by illness, starvation, or any kind of physical or emotional stress. But what is true for suggestions above the threshold of consciousness is also true for suggestions beneath that threshold. In a word, the lower the level of a person's psychological resistance, the greater will be the effectiveness of strobonically injected suggestions. The scientific dictator of tomorrow will set up his whispering machines and subliminal projectors in schools and hospitals (children and the sick are highly suggestible), and in all public places where audiences can be given a preliminary softening up by suggestibility-increasing oratory or rituals. 


Now, itís fascinating to see that the techniques today are beyond all of this because they can actually do it by frequency manipulation. They know exactly how the frequency within the brain, and how it works on the average person, the certain frequency range, very, very small range, and so pretty well everyone can be affected by it. Itís quite simple. And now that weíre all in this big massive field, that guys like Professor Persinger talk about today, who thinks itís all wonderful, for control purposes, then you can see how governments are incredibly interested in this, and donít forget the military-industrial complex.  Weíre living in a feudal system today. Itís a new feudal system where corporations are really the bosses, as they say, at least what you think are the bosses. Above them of course are the guys who manage all the money, because money runs everything in the system, I donít care what it is. So at the very top of the tree you have a few families involved in the lending and the collecting of cash.


Anyway, suggestibility is very important and your PRE-preparation, your preparation, really, for indoctrination.† In other words, if youíre brought up in a certain mindset, no matter what religion youíre in, youíll always try toÖ whatever information is fed to you is filtered to then agree with your present understanding via the religion that you get it through. If you believe in evolution youíll also alter it to fit your beliefs in evolution. Youíre already prepared, thatís the important part, on how to accept something for yourself, so as you can have personal and mental stability for you. Anything that shocks that mental level for you, that happiness level for you, will really upset you. So therefore we avoid pain and seek pleasure; thatís something else the present generation especially have been taught, that happiness is best all the time, if you can get it, and so we head for happiness all the time, which is a false way of living. Itís impossible to really be happy all the time, unless you are on drugs all the time or youíre being manipulated constantly by certain frequencies just for you. So again, this fake happiness thing was pushed out by Freud and so on.  Getting the person cured means getting you back into society, working in the society that broke you down in the first place. Work like crazy, spend your money, to be happy, have lots of sex and supposedly youíre cured. Which is nonsense. 


I should mention too, as Iíve mentioned already actually, that if youíre already prepared for something, or youíre already in the fad or the lane for the particular event youíre going to see or watch or listen to, whatever it happens to be, or youíre sitting at home and youíre already prepared for your particular hobby or belief or whatever it happens to be, youíre prepared to believe a lot more by very slick salespeople. And youíll find them especially in, say, the Protestant religions were youíre geared towards the belief, and if you want to make money and youíre awfully good, and an extrovert too, you can get yourself into televangelism, incredibly lucrative, especially in the US. The audience is already there for you, theyíre prepared for you. You learn all the buzzwords and the praise God and hallelujah, etc., etc.  And you learn the body language, how to put body language across very successfully, like any performer, in fact, stage performer, get the lighting properly done.  And these guys in televangelist shows, the traveling ones too, have incredible Hollywood lighting experts come on, and sound guys, and the music comes in at a certain point and so on, the emotions are already heightened, and it works perfectly well. Itís fantastic.


Politicians wish they could have this method too but we still tend to be a bit more on the lookout for politicians, etc. Then other folk are already geared for them, especially in the US, more than any other country. When they see the symbolsÖ Symbols are important too, remember, for getting ideas across. When you use the right symbols of their country in political races, etc., they get all excited as though itís a real, like a boxing match or a football match, and it works perfectly well too for the slick, trained con man.


I should mention too, that guys like Cass Sunstein have been heavily used on secretive panels, working against what they call the counter movements in the US, to infiltrate and even use them and even create new ones in fact. For many years, even before he came along they were at this, the US government.  Diffuse things; lead, say, the patriot movements off into sidelines, and always get them to vote for the next person that comes along. Because the US are more geared towards voting, and for the right guy who says the right things at the time. Of course they do something completely different once theyíre in office, but it doesnít matter. So itís a safety valve, it lets off the steam, by saying all the right things, and thatís what politicians always know.  They get the feel of the public, they listen to the gossip in the bars and the restaurants. Today of course they have it all at their fingertips with the Internet.  They know whatís happening in the public domain and they simply repeat itÖ I feel your pain, etc.Ö and they voice it during election time.


Itís the same with those who are in the counter movements. Theyíre infiltrated, and many of them actually were started up by those in control to make sure the countermovement goes off in a diffused direction basically. Always remember that. So if youíre predisposed to something already donít be fooled by someone coming along saying the right things.  Itís the little things that donít make sense that you have to take NOTE of; thatís so important. Thatís SO important. And if they go into the bizarre or the fanciful, then be very, very careful.


Now remember too, ritualistic movements, and parades, etc., are very, very important too for this. The same with rock concerts, open-air ones, where you see them going crazy, etc. Easy to manipulate mass audiences, and I went into that last week or the week before, on the kind of mass movements and how to control the masses, the crowd, etc., and how you lose your individuality by being part of the crowd.  So he goes on to say hereÖ


From the conditions under which we may expect subliminal suggestion to be effective we now pass to the suggestions themselves. In what terms should the propagandist address himself to his victims' subconscious minds? Direct commands ("Buy popcorn" or "Vote for Jones") and unqualified statements ("Socialism stinks" or "X's toothpaste cures halitosis") are likely to take effect only upon those minds that are already partial to Jones and popcorn, already alive to the dangers of body odors and the public ownership of the means of production. But to strengthen existing faith is not enough; the propagandist, if he is worth his salt, must create new faith, must know how to bring the indifferent and the undecided over to his side (Alan:  Öthatís awfully important to understand that because you can be getting used and you donít even know it. So if youíre undecided or indifferent to it you can get conned into going along with it.), must be able to mollify and perhaps even convert the hostile. To subliminal assertion and command he knows that he must add subliminal persuasion.


Above the threshold of awareness, one of the most effective methods of non-rational persuasion is what may be called persuasion-by-association. The propagandist arbitrarily associates his chosen product, candidate or cause with some idea, some image of a person or thing which most people, in a given culture, (Alan:  Thatís most important because different cultures vary. In a given cultureÖ so they put the right symbology there and by verbal speech or it can be through pictures or symbols. And a lot of symbology is used today, especially in the US where theyíve had far more indoctrination into the nation, the nation, the nation, than other countries that gave it all up a long time ago because they went through so many wars from the 1700s, or even before that, onwards.) in a given culture, unquestioningly regard as good. (Alan:  Of course even when a country is NOT good anymore the image still stays in their mind that it IS good, especially when itís repeated over and over by people in authority.) Thus, in a selling campaign female beauty may be arbitrarily associated with anything from a bulldozer (Alan: Öand itís true, theyíll sell anything, cars, everything, with female beautyÖ) to a diuretic; in a political campaign patriotism may be associated with any cause from apartheid to integration, and with any kind of person, from a Mahatma Gandhi to a Senator McCarthy. Years ago, in Central America, I observed an example of persuasion-by-association which filled me with an appalled admiration for the men who had devised it. In the mountains of Guatemala the only imported art works are the colored calendars distributed free of charge by the foreign companies whose products are sold to the Indians. The American calendars showed pictures of dogs, of landscapes, of young women in a state of partial nudity. But to the Indian (Alan:  Öwho live there in the countryÖ) dogs are merely utilitarian objects, landscapes are what he sees only too much of, every day of his life, and half-naked blondes are uninteresting, perhaps a little repulsive. American calendars were, in consequence, far less popular than German calendars; for the German advertisers had taken the trouble to find out what the Indians valued and were interested in. I remember in particular one masterpiece of commercial propaganda. It was a calendar put out by a manufacturer of aspirin. At the bottom of the picture one saw the familiar trademark on the familiar bottle of white tablets. Above it were no snow scenes or autumnal woods, no cocker spaniels or bosomy chorus girls. No -- the wily Germans had associated their pain-relievers with a brightly colored and extremely lifelike picture of the Holy Trinity sitting on a cumulus cloud and surrounded by St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary, assorted saints and a large number of angels. The miraculous virtues of acetyl salicylic acid were thus guaranteed, in the Indians' simple and deeply religious minds, by God the Father and the entire heavenly host.


This kind of persuasion-by-association is something to which the techniques of subliminal projection seem to lend themselves particularly well. (Alan:  In other words, youíre predisposed to a certain thing. And today every people are so well understood and studied and studied and studied over and over again, even the changes in the culture are constantly given to you, and studied too, to see how they really take effect. So the advertisers who market for big corporations and products also work for governments too, work on us all the time. And too, the military-industrial complex, as I say, are heavily involved in ALL of these areas.)  In a series of experiments carried out at New York University, under the auspices of the National Institute of Health, it was found that a person's feelings about some consciously seen image could be modified by associating it, on the subconscious level, with another image, or, better still, with value-bearing words.


Now, itís interesting, that, because today itís gone even further with neuroscience and neurolinguistics, what they used to call at one time psycholingual techniques as well.  Youíll find that great hypnotists like Brown, Derren Brown in Britain, use these techniques too. If you watch how he works on his subjects he spaces certain words, and theyíre always particular words, often highly symbolic words too; in other words, they create images in the mind.  And heíll also, as heís saying certain things, use gestures of his body and his hands. You see Obama doing it too because he was trained for his speeches in these techniques as well. With Obama he will say something, and in a measured pace Ė  heís a good reader; you see, all these politicians do today is read what their scriptwriters write for them Ė and they match it with the gestures. So when he mentions certain other political rivalsí names, heíll space it in a certain way, slightly turn with his arm crooked you might say across his chest, and heíll do almost a karate chop movement with his hand. That literally means to cut someone off, this is a bad person, cut them off. Many gestures like that, itís a perfected science today. So youíre being constantly manipulated by everything you watch today. Nothing is spontaneous. Nothing comes out of the personís mouth, in a high level of power, without being really rehearsed and written for them by specialists. And neurolinguistics is very important.


So he talks about value-bearing wordsÖ


Thus, when associated, on the subconscious level, with the word "happy," a blank expressionless face would seem to the observer to smile, to look friendly, amiable, outgoing. (Alan:  So again, regardless of what youíre actually seeing, they can also change it by what youíre hearing, just by associating it with word association, happy, so you will subconsciously, in your mind, put on a happier face than the glum one that you see.) When the same face was associated, also on the subconscious level, with the word "angry," it took on a forbidding expression, and seemed to the observer to have become hostile and disagreeable. (Alan:  They use these techniques too in the media when theyíre trying to blacken a personís name or a groupís name; youíll see the same kind of thing happening. And by the way that theyíre saying something, and you actually see the little clips theyíll give you of a person or the people involved, youíre immediately given the opinion youíre supposed to have OF them, because your mind will follow the words too, written by the spaced tone of the person giving it to you, a person in authority.) 


(To a group of young women, it also came to seem very masculine (Alan:  Öif a person got angry.) -- whereas when was associated with "happy," they saw the face as belonging to a member of their own sex. (Alan:  Ötheir own gender.)  Fathers and husbands, please take note.) For the commercial and political propagandist, these findings, it is obvious, are highly significant. If he can put his victims into a state of abnormally high suggestibility, if he can show them, while they are in that state, the thing, the person or, through a symbol, the cause he has to sell, and if, on the subconscious level, he can associate this thing, person or symbol with some value-bearing word or image, he may be able to modify their feelings and opinions without their having any idea of what he is doing. It should be possible, according to an enterprising commercial group in New Orleans, to enhance the entertainment value of films and television plays by using this technique.


(Alan: This is, remember, an old book, and itís way more advanced today. Iíve also mentioned too, that in one of the Latin American countries, I think it was Brazil, they came out, the big companies that were designing all the soap operas, and they were getting paid by the government to insert all things like contraception and even abortion and so on like that, changing the peopleís opinions of things, through the dramas. They talked about how effective it had been because they were taking note of the increase in abortions etc., etc.  And it works awfully well.)


People like to feel strong emotions . . . (Alan:  Öwhen youíre being entertained, naturally you do. In fact, the better the entertainer or actor the more youíre going to like them. Thatís why itís hard to find good actors today. Theyíre like peas in a pod Ė Hollywood decides whatís a good actor Ė and they all look much the same, facially, male or female, it doesnít matter, and they donít really have the great character acting abilities of the actors of the past.) . . . For example, in the film version of A Farewell to Arms, the death of the heroine in childbirth might be made even more distressing than it already is by subliminally flashing upon the screen, again and again, during the playing of the scene, such ominous words as "pain," "blood" and "death." Consciously, the words would not be seen; but their effect upon the subconscious mind might be very great and these effects might powerfully reinforce the emotions evoked, on the conscious level, by the acting and the dialogue. If, as seems pretty certain, subliminal projection can consistently intensify the emotions felt by moviegoers, the motion picture industry may yet be saved from bankruptcy -- that is, if the producers of television plays don't get there first.


In the light of what has been said about persuasion-by-association and the enhancement of emotions by subliminal suggestion, let us try to imagine what the political meeting of tomorrow will be like. (Alan:  And this was written, remember, in 1959.) The candidate (if there is still a question of candidates) (Alan:  Because eventually, we do knowÖ He already knew then that the Club of Rome, that came along a bit later, and others, had already decided, the precursor to the Club of Rome had decided, the same bunch by the way, that democracy wouldnít work and theyíd have to bring in authoritarian systems. Thatís what we have under the guise of the war on terrorism, etc; itís all behavior modification.† But anyway, he goes on to say that if thereís still candidates...), or the appointed representative of the ruling oligarchy (Alan: Öand thatís more like what we have today.) will make his speech for all to hear. Meanwhile the tachistoscopes, the whispering and squeaking machines, the projectors of images so dim that only the subconscious mind can respond to them, will be reinforcing what he says by systematically associating the man and his cause with positively charged words and hallowed images, (Alan:  Thatís what you REALLY have today, especiallyÖ Itís great to watch the ones in the US.) and by strobonically injecting negatively charged words and odious symbols whenever he mentions the enemies of the State or the Party.  (Alan:  Thatís a perfected technique today. Very few folk notice it. But I study everything I see, I always have.) In the United States brief flashes of Abraham Lincoln (Alan:  ...and itís true enough, ďgovernment by the peopleĒ, he saysÖ) and the words "government by the people" will be projected upon the rostrum. (Alan:  Öas long as you put the right symbols in there it has the desired effect on the people that are already conditioned for it, preconditioned.) In Russia the speaker will, of course, (Alan:  Öthis is during the Cold WarÖ) be associated with glimpses of Lenin, with the words "people's democracy" (Alan:  Democracy was a fairly recent term, by the way, used by governments, especially by the US, a much more recent term, when itís supposed to be a Republic but the people have forgotten all about it. But itís been merged with the ex-Soviet system to create the new system for the future. Thatís of course what the Reece Commission came out with in the US, the commission that was ordered by the Congress to go into the foundations and why they were pushing all the far left movements and funding them inside the US, and even organizing them and training them. And these big foundations, charitable foundations, the biggest ones, actually told the Reece Commission guys at the top, Norman Dodd was one of them, their orders came from the White House Ė and regardless of those apparently in control of the White House this went on and on Ė And their job was to merge that of the Soviet system with that of the US until basically it was seamless. And thatís whatís happened since then. Huxley knew this of course. And itís interesting here, he saysÖ)  . . . Because all this is still safely in the future (Alan:  in 1959...), we can afford to smile. Ten or twenty years from now, it will probably seem a good deal less amusing. For what is now merely science fiction will have become everyday political fact.  (Alan:  Itís way beyond all of that too.)


Poetzl was one of the portents which, when writing Brave New World, I somehow overlooked. There is no reference in my fable to subliminal projection. It is a mistake of omission which, if I were to rewrite the book today, I should most certainly correct.


And remember too, that itís way beyond what heís telling you here. Because the Pentagon even came out a few years ago, and I read it from their own papers, that they had different types of, they called it, viruses Ė interesting term Ė because they could project certain, through the pixels and the groups of pixels on the screen and colors and so on, they could actually affect the way that your brain will literally work. They could trigger certain chemicals to turn off or on, and so on. And they even said they could do such a thing, just by influencing the brain in this way, give you a heart attack if need be!  Quite fascinating stuff. I really knew when the big push came on for high definition, and when governments ordered the companies to produce these high-definition TV sets, that was part of it; it was a very important part for massive, more perfected control purposes. Everyone now is completely hypnotized by television, the ones who have these big screens with the high pixel rate and so on, high definition.


Now Huxley, he talks as well about Hypnopaedia; it was a big thing at one time.  You still find a lot of partial quackery involved in Hypnopaedia, where by listening to tapes in your sleep, the idea was it could teach you anything. Of course the great slick salesman could convince anyone that it could cure anything during your sleep, and make you learn anything, like foreign languages, everything, when youíre absolutely asleep. Such techniques only work on certain people and to a very minimal extent actually. But now with electronic manipulation even during your sleep they can certainly work, and I mean direct-to-your-skull basically, inside your head. But back then, as I say, they hadnít got into that much at all, at least not openly. They have definitely gone into it I should say but they havenít done it openly at all. But he says hereÖ


In the Brave New World (Alan:  in the fictional version...), no citizens belonging to the lower castes ever gave any trouble. (Alan:  Well, number one they were specially bred, remember, genetically bred to be of the IQ level for the particular job they had in mind. So those with the lower repetitive jobs were much lower down on the caste system and the intellect system, and they were given lots of entertainment regardless. But he said, why wouldnít they rebel or cause troubleÖ) Why? Because, from the moment he could speak and understand what was said to him, every lower-caste child was exposed to endlessly repeated suggestions, night after night, during the hours of drowsiness and sleep. (Alan:  As I say, just change this over to electronic stimulation, directly into your headÖ) These suggestions were "like drops of liquid sealing wax, drops that adhere, incrust, incorporate themselves with what they fall on, till finally the rock is all one scarlet blob. Till at last the child's mind is these suggestions and the sum of these suggestions is the child's mind. (Alan:  And as I say, remember, thatís all done at school too today, thatís imperative in every country, for control purposes over the people. When I say the people itís really for allÖ they see you allÖ See, the greatest fear of governments is the individual, so they try to create you all the same, standardize you all to be the same.) And not the child's mind only. The adult's mind too -- all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides -- made up of these suggestions. But these suggestions are our suggestions (Alan:  Ötheyíre not oursÖ) -- suggestions from the State. . . ."


To date, so far as I know, hypnopaedic suggestions have been given by no state more formidable than Tulare County, and the nature of Tulare's hypnopaedic suggestions to lawbreakers is unexceptionable. (Alan:  That was a prison experiment.) If only all of us, and not only the inmates of the Woodland Road Camp, could be effectively filled, during our sleep, with love and compassion for all! No, it is not the message conveyed by the inspirational whisper that one objects to; it is the principle of sleep-teaching by governmental agencies. Is hypnopaedia the sort of instrument that officials, delegated to exercise authority in a democratic society, ought to be allowed to use at their discretion? In the present instance they are using it only on volunteers and with the best intentions. (Alan:  That was way back then.) But there is no guarantee that in other cases the intentions will be good or the indoctrination on a voluntary basis. (Alan:  Today itís not voluntary at all.) Any law or social arrangement which makes it possible for officials to be led into temptation is bad. Any law or arrangement which preserves them from being tempted to abuse their delegated power for their own advantage, or for the benefit of the State or of some political, economic or ecclesiastical organization, is good. Hypnopaedia, if it is effective, would be a tremendously powerful instrument in the hands of anyone in a position to impose suggestions upon a captive audience. A democratic society is a society dedicated to the proposition that power is often abused and should therefore be entrusted to officials only in limited amounts and for limited periods of time.


(Alan:  Now youíre in a state of perpetual war, under the guise of terrorism, and youíre going to live your whole lifeÖ  generations will live their lives in this now; itís never going to go away. Everythingís changed.  And itís not simple hypnopaedia thatís used, itís directly to your skull because youíre in a field of Wi-Fi. And these techniques have NOT been overlooked by any means, and they have been well exploited, and theyíre getting better all the time. Weíre all enveloped in this massive field now of electronic impulses, that did not occur in nature. No government, especially today, would ever fail to use or abuse these powers. Always remember that. Itís so important to understand that part. Whatís interesting too about what he was talking about back in 1959Ö)


In this context an article by Theodore X. Barber, "Sleep and Hypnosis," which appeared in The Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis for October, 1956, is most enlightening. Mr. Barber points out that there is a significant difference between light sleep and deep sleep. In deep sleep the electroencephalograph records no alpha waves; in light sleep alpha waves make their appearance. In this respect light sleep is closer to the waking and hypnotic states (in both of which alpha waves are present) than it is to deep sleep. A loud noise will cause a person in deep sleep to awaken. A less violent stimulus will not arouse him, but will cause the reappearance of alpha waves. Deep sleep has given place for the time being to light sleep. A person in deep sleep is unsuggestible. But when subjects in light sleep are given suggestions, they will respond to them, Mr. Barber found, in the same way that they respond to suggestions when in the hypnotic trance.


And thatís interesting too, because remember that with the heavy aerial spraying and all the electromagnetic waves that theyíre using along with it sometimes, youíll find that people report all kinds of things, an increase in sleeplessness and so on. In other words, youíre closer to a different sleep state, and if youíre closer to the wakening state then any electronically stimulated suggestions will definitely have more effect upon you too. And I mean straight into your skull basically, or into your brain through the means they really have been working on for an awful long time, an awful long time.  Because remember, weíre made up of nerves and nerve endings, neurons and so on and they all have electrical currents, minute ones, tiny electrical currents but within certain frequency ranges for different tissues, and they know them all exactly now. And they can send them out exactly to turn switches on and off basically in your brain; and Iíve gone over this in the past before in other talks.† He says...


Many of the earlier investigators of hypnotism made similar experiments. In his classical History, Practice and Theory of Hypnotism, first published in 1903, Milne Bramwell records that "many authorities claim to have changed natural sleep into hypnotic sleep. According to Wetterstrand, it is often very easy to put oneself en rapport with sleeping persons, especially children. . . . Wetterstrand thinks this method of inducing hypnosis of much practical value and claims to have often used it successfully." Bramwell cites many other experienced hypnotists (including such eminent authorities as Bernheim, Moll and Forel) to the same effect. Today an experimenter would not speak of "changing natural into hypnotic sleep." All he is prepared to say is that light sleep (as opposed to deep sleep without alpha waves) is a state in which many subjects will accept suggestions as readily as they do when under hypnosis. For example, after being told, when lightly asleep, that they will wake up in a little while, feeling extremely thirsty, many subjects will duly wake up with a dry throat and a craving for water. The cortex may be too inactive to think straight; but it is alert enough to respond to suggestions and to pass them on to the autonomic nervous system.  (Alan:  And this is old stuff.  Theyíre way beyond all of this today. But they use all of this knowledge in the present day as well, even when itís electronically stimulated.)


As we have already seen, the well-known Swedish physician and experimenter, Wetterstrand, was especially successful in the hypnotic treatment of sleeping children. In our own day Wetterstrand's methods are followed by a number of pediatricians, who instruct young mothers in the art of giving helpful suggestions to their children during the hours of light sleep. By this kind of hypnopaedia children can be cured of bed wetting and nail biting . . . (Alan:  Öand so on, so he claims anyway, here. But as I say, theyíre way beyond all of that today.)


For a would-be dictator, the moral of all this is plain. Under proper conditions, hypnopaedia actually works -- works, it would seem, about as well as hypnosis. Most of the things that can be done with and to a person in hypnotic trance can be done with and to a person in light sleep. Verbal suggestions can be passed through the somnolent cortex to the midbrain, the brain stem and the autonomic nervous system. If these suggestions are well conceived and frequently repeated, the bodily functions of the sleeper can be improved or interfered with, new patterns of feeling can be installed and old ones modified, posthypnotic commands can be given, slogans, formulas and trigger words deeply ingrained in the memory. Children are better hypnopaedic subjects than adults, and the would-be dictator will take full advantage of the fact.


Now remember, as I say, your later propagandic indoctrination will not work properly unless the basic settings for them to take have been instilled in childhood through early education. Thatís why it was so important to get people into early education, and even kindergarten and so on; the earlier the better. And the earlier in factÖ  When the government says, weíre making them more sociable, to each other, more socialÖ by getting them to mix with each other at a very young age, governmentís really behind it all, wanting them all to be the same, the same, the standardization is what they mean, and all ready to take the same propaganda of the future instantly without question so theyíll all have the same opinions about things. In other words, their indoctrinations are working and their updates are working properly on them. Thatís what itís all about.


Whenever anything is said to you from authority figures at the top, and itís put through by law, is mandated by law, be very wary. Always question things. Because thereís always a good reason, thatís the one that youíre given, and then thereís the real reason, which youíre never given. But there is always a real reason, never forget that. People forget these things all the time but itís imperative you remember these things.


Whatís interesting too is that Huxley touches on another part, between the difference of the indoctrination of the general public, thatís now called civilians by the way, and the politicians and the authority figures that run us all. He touches on that too. He saysÖ


Children of nursery-school and kindergarten age will be treated to hypnopaedic suggestions during their afternoon nap. (Alan:  As I say, today itís much more advanced in fact; they donít need to have tape recorders playing or anything else; itís electronically done.) For older children and particularly the children of party members -- the boys and girls who will grow up to be leaders, administrators and teachers -- there will be boarding schools, in which an excellent day-time education will be supplemented by nightly sleep-teaching. In the case of adults, special attention will be paid to the sick. As Pavlov demonstrated many years ago, strong-minded and resistant dogs become completely suggestible after an operation or when suffering from some debilitating illness. (Alan:  Do you understand why all these guys existed in the past? It wasnít because they were simply curious. They were getting well paid by those in control, and those who want control for the future, including Pavlov.) Our dictator will therefore see that every hospital ward is wired for sound.


Because itís true.† Thatís how cults work too, remember. A person who is feeling lonely and lost in the world and hopeless is completely vulnerable to the slick guys out there, and cult leaders understand this perfectly well. So no matter what the condition or how theyíre dressed or whatever it is, they get love-bombed.  When they walk into one of these cults theyíre brought in and everyone is right over them as though theyíre special, oh, theyíre special, and they feel that for the first time theyíre wanted by people and needed and loved by everybody, a complete love-bombing. But then comes the rules, and they go along with them because theyíre getting a benefit from the love-bombing, acceptance.  And the rules state that you get very little sleep, or you get up very early in the morning and you work hard during the day and so on, and only a certain amount of caloric intake, to get you weak, so the suggestions take a more powerful control over you much more easily and itís very hard to break away afterwards. These things are perfectly well understood by all government authorities at the top, the specialists who work for them.


Now, thatís all I have time for today, unfortunately. Iím putting in my well pump right now and time is against me, the weather is against me. And finances are always against me actually. But I should remind you too before I go off, that itís good if you can donate once in a while to me too, more regularly if possible, and it doesnít matter how much.  Because it helps me to tick over. I donít sell advertising. I donít have shares in all the products that are going to cure you or make you live forever, or stop you from getting irradiated to death or whatever it happens to be. Iím not into the slickster conology, as I call it. I simply give you information. And many folk have used this. Many hosts use this information too.  Other ones put it into their book forms as well. And I get nothing back from them either. But anyway, itís good if you can help me out too because Iím trying to help you out, and if nothing else another generation to take over and carry this kind of light forward, as we get increasingly dark.


Because thatís whatís happening today. Weíre going into a darkened age of total control and itís so perfected that the public think theyíre free.  Even when theyíre losing rights all the time they think theyíre free. And they accept every part of the slavery by the benefits they see theyíre getting from it; they accept being tracked and traced everywhere with their cell phones, because of the fun they can have on the phone. Itís rather sad isnít it? Who wouldíve thought a long time ago that theyíd give up everything, including something that people had rebelled and fought and had revolutions for in the past, for freedom, personal freedom and safety and security, which was independence from authorities, and theyíre giving it all back again so easily, through entertainment and fun. Itís so convenient, isnít it?


So if you can help me out financially Iíd really appreciate it. Because things cost a lot here.  Iíve got all these sites up and I pay for the big satellite feed; itís more expensive than cable, way more expensive. And I know for a fact, through the emails, etc., that people all over the planet are happy with the information Iím putting out and using the information too. So it would be good to get some kind of reward back to help me tick along and at least eat a bit better than I already am. So thanks for listening in and from Hamish and myself Ė Hamish, remember, is my dog Ė in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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