July 13, 2014 (#1448)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)


"The Standardized Society
Eliminates Variety,
Individualism Must Mend
Or Go 'round the Bend,
Past the Meridian
Into Oblivion"

© Alan Watt July 13, 2014


Title/Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 13, 2014 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July the 13th, 2014. I hope youíre all succeeding to adapt to all the new normals which have been put into place over the last few years. Actually, itís been a lot longer.  Weíre always getting new normals as the masters who plan the future decide to train us into acceptance of things, which we used to not accept basically, from massive weather, precise weather modification, which is daily today; some areas are destined for famine and other places are destined for massive floods. We see this especially in Canada, and Ontario, where even Saskatchewan and different places, Ontario had floods and so on.  Massive downpoursÖ which ties in with us being, especially where Iím living here up towards Sudbury, you find that weíre on a jet stream and it loops right where I am, comes up through the Chicago area and it loops right where I am.


And in all the documentation about geo-engineering, as they like to call it, they talk about using the jet streams.  Loading doses are put in it where it loops and therefore they get heavy weather modification Ė thatís where I am, lots of rain here.   In the winter now itís the masses of snow, more snow than we used to get. And thatís the new normal.  And I accept that will be the way for the rest of my life here Ė if I stayed of course, I donít really want to because you get maybe one good sunny day now out of five if youíre lucky.  But anyway, in other parts of the US theyíre getting massive droughts. Well these areas of course will encourage mass evacuations over many years as people move out of them.


Years and years ago they talked about how to get populations to move out, for sustainability. Today itís the Millennium Project/Agenda 21, many new names for it, Smart Growth, etc. Itís all the same thing. The reason they give them so many names is to confuse you.  When you start to learn the one major name they actually change them quite commonly and quite often.  So weíre trained to adapt to changes. People will come to decisions, most folk, about even moving out of areas. When it gets too bad, too much drought, too much wet, whatever, too many mosquitoes where I am because of the incredible amounts of rain water, and youíll find that people will gradually adapt and simply move. Subconsciously they donít even know theyíre adapting, they just know that things are bad and they want to move. Thatís how itís done.


A long time ago, back in the 50s even, they talked about how they would get people to move out of concentrated areas, or even massive rural areas. The United Nations has written about it too. They said in the future only the very, very wealthy, only a few very, very wealthy people will eventually live in the country, the rest will be concentrated into selected big city-states basically. And thatís where theyíre pushing all of this. And way back then, a long time ago, they talked about either burning them out, and different methods of doing it, or even diverting water supplies in the dry areas so that theyíd have to move; they can always do it. But today of course itís done by the fantastically well engineered and improved weather modification, which is a daily ritual up where I am. I watch them doing it every day. Especially in the mornings, itís interesting to watch them. But theyíve got rather callous now and they do it all the time, even throughout the whole day and at night as well. And if you ever see a full moon, once in a while youíll see them doing it under the moon as well at nighttime. So this is the massive project to alter the climate, which itís done awfully successfully.


As I say, the drier areas will get more and more drought, as they withhold the rain. And remember too, they admitted in all the HAARP projects, and thereís many different stations of HAARP across the world today, they can alter the jet streamís directions and take clouds and so on away from your area, quite easily, and even bring the jet stream right down to the ground level, which it never did in nature before. So weíre living in a high-tech scientific manipulative society and the folk donít really know whatís happening. And they will never know because the mainstream will never, ever come out and tell them whatís really going on. Thatís not what itís there for. But folk never clue into that. Theyíre addicted to what they think is information and they tune into their mainstream news, every day, to get the latest updates on wars etc. etc., the economy, the Dow Jones, which makes no sense to anybody, and thatís what their world consists of.


But anyway, youíre getting trained into austerity, as I said many years ago, that was the agenda, the post-consumer society.  Because the big think tanks which worked for the big boys, and still do, so many of them, published their findings a long time ago, still do publish the updates on them, to see how weíre adapting. And they have all the statistics to prove what theyíre talking about, etc. Masses of information they have today at their fingertips, at the keyboard, and they talk and discuss and debate how it falls in with their plans. Is it working properly? How can they improve their plans, get us to accept more quickly or adapt more quickly? And the mainstream, again, takes those suggestions and psychologically indoctrinates us into going along with things. Remember that the World Trade Organization was set up a long time ago to really bring in a global society, run in a scientific manner, to benefit the few at the top that finance everything, and where your taxes all go to to pay off debts, etc. So nothingís really changed in that respect but thereís a massive scientific elite underneath them which makes it all come into being, on behalf of those who rule over them. And itís working awfully well.


Youíre being trained into austerity. Your food is up on the global market today and itís going to be expensive to get good protein in the future, except for the awful GMO soya stuff nonsense that sterilize you and give you cancers and all the rest of it. Thatís just the truth of it. Itís not that Iím giving you bad news. I donít dwell on these things and get terrified and neurotic about them. I simply accept what the big boys talk about at the think tanks and the big foundations and know they will implement them and thatís basically it. Youíre living in a football match in a sense.  Youíre the spectators and spectators at a football match come away either feeling good or sad depending on who won, what team won. But in this game of course thereís no point in complaining about it, just bitching about it, because thereís only one side with an agenda; the other team has no agenda at all. The other team, really, is you. You complain and you bitch but you feel powerless, and thatís the big problem.  When you start organizations up theyíre so quickly infiltrated, taken over, and before you know it some of them even are pushing the same agendas that the big boys want. 


Because you always use existing crowds, or groups.  As Bernays said, donít necessarily create new ones, use whatís already there, take them over and lead them up the garden path. And thatís how itís really done. The Communists of course knew Bernays awfully well; he had a lot of connections with all sides of course. The Communists in the USA had many front groups and they were comprised of already existing organizations; many of them were Christian organizations and didnít even know they were all being used.


Austerity was planned long before the World Trade Organization, with the signatories of all your countries signed on to it.  They knew there was going to be massive austerity and job losses and so on after they gave all your businesses to China. They also knew, and kept it quiet for a long time, that your tax money would transport whole factories over there and pay for them setting up in China. Your factories are international corporations; theyíll take money from everywhere, and they do. Theyíre not yours. Itís interesting to see even American companies that make trucks and things in China, and elsewhere, and they adapt their ads from the American with his Stetson on, getting out of his big, big truck that pulls a tree out of the ground, etc., in the ad that is, because it doesnít really happen in reality that easily, and how they adapt it to other cultures.  Itís quite funny to watch. They use the same patriotic thing depending on the country, they adapt it to the country, and it sells just the same. So youíve got international companies being financed to go abroad to China and set up there and sell the stuff back to you, even though youíve been basically supporting them with corporate welfare taxes and so on for an awful long time. So it doesnít really matter.


But youíre always told to support your country.  Because patriotism is something, a very powerful force to use; leaders have known that since ancient times to the present. Today itís even better because youíre getting constantly bombarded in certain countries with patriotic themes, that are snuck into movies and so on and so on.  And people in the good times, when things are better and your currency is worth a few bucks more, in purchasing power that is Ė than it is today, itís really dropped like crazy, itís still dropping like a stone Ė then itís easier to be patriotic. Itís only when money really starts to fail in certain countries and things are going sky high in prices that they have to work overtime to keep the patriotic angle working. Thatís why in the US especially, since they are the main army for the world order, and itís their tax money that pays for it all, they have to try and keep all the movies churned out, and the Pentagon is involved in so many fictional movies with all the themes incorporated within it.


Donít forget that all information out there, especially funded information through movies Ė and they all get your tax money to back them up by the way, if there are politically correct themes in them Ė thatís how you get your propaganda inserted into you, mainly through fiction. People, when itís given by politicians, they tend to ignore the politicians; theyíve heard it all before. But in movies your defenses are down because youíre so convinced youíre being just entertained.  Down come your guards and youíre being indoctrinated, because youíre following the characters in the movie and youíre identifying with them.  Then they slip in the PC stuff, all the sexual stuff, which constantly is changed as times are changed and youíre programmed to go to the next step, and the next step, and the next step.


Itís been awfully successful. Even Yuri Bezmenov back in the 1970s, the ex-KGB spy, basically, or operative, he worked in the cultural change department for foreign countries, especially the US and some parts of Europe and India. He mentioned that it had been so successful, in the 1970s, that the destruction of the old American culture, through their indoctrination, through movies and fiction and so on, that it was almost all over back then. You find too that even Brzezinski talks about that, and Kissinger too, how during the Cold War it was much, much easier to get the West, Europe and the States, etc., on board in the Cold War. Today itís much, much harder, even the Cold War is over.  They have to do a lot more indoctrination to get them going rah-rah-rah, and paying up for all these wars across the Middle East and Asia etc., and the ones still to come.


So weíre constantly being tampered with and manipulated with and so on. Very few folk, as I say, really think through things, as to why the things are changing, and prices are going up. They simply adapt; they might bitch a little bit.  The lower classes are hit first of all, but the lower classes are bombarded with the cheapest entertainment, and theyíre really addicted to it all, that thatís part of their escape. In some areas itís lots of drugs along with that too, and thatís been working awfully well. Remember, the boys a long time ago, back in the 30s even, talked about drugging the populations; Big Pharma could be involved for the legal drugs that would drug them, make them kind of happy or out of it, you know, most of the time, and the illegal drugs would do the rest. So itís quite interesting to see the merger of the two of them as they decriminalize various drugs in certain areas of the world and in some of the states in the US too. Itís quite funny to watch it.  Because itís all done for a purpose and the purpose is to make you accept more readily the changes youíre going through. Because if you canít fight anything or beat anything or change anything, and youíre getting hard up, more and more hard up, you can always have that escapism. And it works awfully well.   Itís been well and truly tried in the past, when the US and Britain especially Ė actually it was a clique that ran the US and Britain Ė dropped all their bales of opium into China in the 1800s and conquered China that way. It works everywhere in fact, the same way.


Iíve given many talks on techniques that are used on us, and propaganda, all kinds.  Very skillful propaganda is used, all the time, through all sources of information and media.  Governments are famous for it of course; naturally they have lots of skillful think tanks working for them. They use the experts to put it across to you. Weíre indoctrinated through school and universities, and all the politically correct updates to change our behavior and what our masters see is the beneficent nature, what weíre supposed to adopt for the future, to make it easier for them to rule over us of course, naturally. But also to destroy old culture, as thatís one of the main goals as well.


Old culture had more rights for the individual.  The individual would stand up for them, in every situation; they didnít need a crowd necessarily. But thatís gradually disappearing as theyíre being altered themselves through many different methods and avenues they donít even suspect. The average person today is assailed by a number of skillful propaganda actions, acting upon your system.  Thereís new methods of probing and upsetting your subconscious mind as well. So that youíre living in a constant state of tension and fear in many ways, which youíre unable to dominate anymore as you used to be able to do it. And it also clouds your thinking ability as well. Youíve been forced into this game that the masters want you to believe in. And thatís whatís so important.


Because many years ago I knew, when the wars started and so on, I would avoid even looking at news articles. I knew the overall agenda, the real reasons behind the agendas of war.  I just simply had to read the big masters, who were involved financially, who wanted pipelines, things like that and I didnít have to seeÖ or listenÖ It was like listening to an old football match on the radio as you get a blow-by-blow account of whatís happening; thatís all the propaganda youíre getting. And I purposely avoided it, the radio or through mainstream media as well that would all go along with the same propaganda. I would avoid it because they would try to interfere with your logical assumption of whatís really going on. So today itís very hard for you to avoid that altogether and people will have their ability for critical thinking overcome and theyíre dominated by the mastersí method. Itís working well upon them of course and they live in a constant state of fear.


Fear is awfully important for rapid change. Thatís why especially since 9/11 theyíve ramped up the whole fear aspect. You never even had that during the Cold War, for instance, when you were supposed to be going to be annihilated at any minute, every day. Today itís constant fear, constant fear, and people are scared of everything basically, the economy, more wars to come, the present wars; theyíve got this terrorism.  As Iíve mentioned before, reading from the Army documentation on it, their own magazines, they said, this war is to last forever, the war on terror will last forever, folks.  And itís really upon you to make sure that you go through all the changes that are planned, that are already underway but also the ones they have planned for the future too, and if you donít comply youíll be called the terrorist, as they expand the meaning of what a terrorist is.


Direct propaganda, I should mention too, is used in totalitarian states; the state is the only source of propaganda, no one else is allowed into the game. And it doesnít work too well there because everyone knows there must be other parts of the story, or sides to the story, therefore theyíre rather skeptical. But in so-called democracies, groups can actually take over, which happened a long time ago, the whole media enterprise and the movie industry and so on, and find fantastic methods to put it across, their propaganda.  It seems to be coming from different sources so it must be true. But really itís all from the same agreed-upon source; thatís how it is. So itís much, much easier in a democracy for any particular, very powerful wealthy group to take over all propaganda, put it across in a slick fashion, that appears from many sources, so it must be true. So democracies definitely are weaker from that point of view.


So we have people who use techniques of propaganda in democracies and theyíre all-powerful. Itís a powerful aristocracy.  Bernays touched on it too in his various writings on propaganda when he said that the power in the hands of the propagandist Ė in other words, the manipulators of the mind basically, who use your normal instincts and motivations, and they can use them against you without you even knowing about it or why youíre buying things or doing things or changing your mind Ė they have the real power. The good ones are really sought after by all the big democracies; they have whole think tanks staffed with people who are trained in this stuff.


A long time ago the nations realized they were caught in a Catch-22 situation, a paradox in a sense. One of the main principles of having a nation, a sovereign nation, is the ability to defend itself. Thatís always abused and you go on the offensive at different times in your history. But youíll find too that as early as World War I they knew the cost of war, total war they call it, was just too incredibly much for any one nation to do on its own. So they formed the various leagues, etc., the League of Nations and the United Nations, and NATO and the transatlantic pact and things like that. So to share the burden of the financial costs, because the technology was going ahead so quickly, more and more people were going into universities and doing engineering and specialization in sciences and then they got jobs in the military-industrial complex, which was burgeoning from World War I onwards; since then itís just skyrocketed up and up and up and up.  Thatís why they began pushing for a world government a long time ago, in fact, because the only way to eliminate war would be to eliminate nation-states; thatís what they claimed. And of course thatís what theyíve been working on for an awful long time.


However, the military-industrial complex boys Ė and you find most of those big corporations are actually owned by a handful of big banks Ė they also want to rule the world and there is your dilemma as well. So itís not going to be some happy hands across the sea kind of deal where weíre all smiling, all different kinds of people and creeds and races and so on.  Itís to be a domination, for austerity for all of you and incredible wealth for those who are living way up at the top. And most middle classes will simply be the bureaucratic classes running everything.  Weíre pretty well there today. We also know too, since then on, the power of politicians has been plummeting, the real true power, until today, the politicians are really there for the show.  They keep the game going and the belief that you have rights and freedoms and so on, or that theyíre standing up for you, when actually theyíre not the bosses at all.  And they havenít been for an awful long time.


But at the end of it, in World War I, when you see the old, old photographs of them, for the Battle of Mons and different ones, youíll see the empty cartridge cases, whole football fields full of them basically, masses, all stacked up high too.  Huge shells they were firing from all their heavy guns and their artillery, just stacked up, all used up. And each one of them back then cost an awful lot of money to make as well, with their special warheads that exploded above the troops and rained down as shrapnel and ball bearings and all the rest of it. So itís gone up and up and up. World War II came along and then the aircrafts really came into it and so on in a more powerful way and fighters and bombers would become obsolete in about a year basically and you had to buy new kinds, new types and so on. So the money into research and development alone could bankrupt you, never mind the actual production of all the machines to keep it all going. They also came along with the atom bomb and that made them rethink everything once more. Of course land armies are still used, because the thought of using nuclear weaponry is unthinkable especially with retaliatory powers that other nations have today. So youíre still left with the massive land armies and the cost of transporting them with their very expensive equipment, updated, scientifically-created equipment, and itís phenomenally expensive. So war today basically bankrupts you to start with.


As I say, most folk back home, in those countries that are sending troops abroad, think itís to keep them free and safe. But itís not at all. It will bring in the world order by eliminating competition, for a world order, for world government, and youíll be left with the tabs for it all of course while those who really want to hang onto power, to ensure their own progeny go down through the ages, still in command positions, will be living like you canít imagine today. You really canít imagine. Kings of old couldnít imagine how the wealthy elite can live today.


The idea of technique, and Iím talking about many kinds of techniques, things that work, in other words, under a planÖ How can you overcome something, make it better, improve something? There are many kinds of techniques.  Techniques at one time were meant to serve humanity. But today of course theyíve overcome the serving part and theyíre more interested, in fact their sole reason for existing is to further themselves; they have taken a life of their own until weíre reduced to statistics basically. Humanity is left out of the equation. Human nature, emotions, all of these things are taken out of the equation altogether.


Along with that, techniques influence schools of thought like psychology and psychiatry, etc. In fact, they were born out of eugenics in a sense and how to basically create the perfect societies. Early psychiatrists were quite blatant about their right to be involved in selecting politicians. They wanted to be involved in all democratic countries, and they would have the right, ultimately, to select politicians according to the specific criteria that the politician would fill according to a chart basically. So they have many, many reasons, they have political or social reasons for existing outside of that which they pretend to exist, especially when there are big organizations behind them. 


Many years ago in fact I remember reading from the American Psychological Association, an article that was published in many universities in fact, and it talked about the future, as they were planning it of course, with their own involvement of psychology and behaviorism, etc., again, techniques that were of manipulating public opinion and public behavior in fact, that they already were implementing at that time. They were implementing them. They worked very well. The movie industry is a big example, and television and drama of all kinds is a terrific example. But they said that if they could promote what had up till then been the Communist agenda Ė for mass promiscuity, the end of the family structure because of promiscuity, introduction of abortion which would stabilize the population of the planet, etc. Ė they said that they could achieve their goals. So they were along the same road in their ideas as the Communists were.


The articles they published along the lines of promiscuity advocation were identical to the Communist Party of Americaís writings as well. What they said was that with promiscuity the fallout from unwanted children would be so great that those who were even against abortion would eventually be turned around to be for it basically, coupled with governmental and economic action to make having children too expensive to have. So there are many forces which compel you or manipulate your behavior and youíre unaware of them at all times basically. Again too, the psychological association and the Communist parties pushed the idea that democracy was the freedom to do whatever you wanted to do, and have no inhibitions whatsoever. Of course that really would lead to chaos if left to itself because all kinds of people would do whatever they wanted to do; you couldnít even live with neighbors at all if that was the case. But what they were really after was this destruction of the family unit.  Again, the idea that Orwell foresaw, and Brave New World foresaw, a long, long time ago, where the state would be totally in control of all functions, including the raising of children from birth till death, the programming of each individual. Thatís where theyíve decided a long time ago that they must go, including all of the democracies as well, believe it or not.


Democracy is a great handle to use, as they introduced various what you think are freedoms. And you ask different people what having freedom means to themÖ One lady said in the US that it meant the right to shop and buy whatever she wanted. There are many definitions according to individuals of what freedom actually is. The pedophile would say itís the freedom to do what he wanted to do with children. So donít ever forget that, under the guise of giving you more what you think are rights, and breaking of all the old social taboos, there is a big agenda underway. But the psychological association did say also that by the promotion of explicit sex, through movies and everything else too, and even so-called sexual education in school, which the real motive of it is to promote experimentation with even pre-pubertal children, theyíd never marry down the road; theyíd have many, many partners and be happy with that for the rest of their lives.  And thatís been pretty successful too.


They said It would get to a stage eventually Ė this is back in the 70s I think that particular publication came out Ė they said, that sex would be so plentiful, and people would become gluttonous of it, that mores would change and men might even, many men would become un-interested in women, and women would become disinterested in men to an extent, and try all kinds of new sexual, even same gender sex, etc., as a means of trying to satisfy the various whims of a drive which had been distorted. So you watch all these things come to pass but the average person thinks itís all to do with choice and freedom. They donít realize theyíve been programmed, heavily; you canít watch any movie today without sex coming into it, even though itís got nothing to do with the actual story whatsoever. Itís always there until you just kind of yawn and thatís what youíre meant to do. Youíre becoming jaded in a sense as well, you see.


Everything in our society is done for a reason. Everything.† Conformity, remember, is on the rise and itís not by accident either. Because conformity of opinion, not just dress, modern behavior and so on, is to do with the state. The state wants people to conform to whatever it wishes them to conform to.  Even if itís 180 degrees from where it was before, it must conform. Because individuality becomes a problem. Individuals in the past really were the true libertarians, who could think for themselves and didnít get in anybodyís way, didnít become a problem. But they wouldnít be stood upon and walked over so easily as they are today in fact. Today itís instant obedience of course that the conformity means, and saying the right things, which are politically correct, in all conversations.  The training of the mind not to think for itself but to simply adapt to whatís the current politically correct attitude to have about any particular topic, and thatís all-pervasive today.  Itís really drummed into them, especially through college and universities now, and even in early schooling, and it prohibits people from really flourishing and becoming individuals as such and thinking for themselves. So freedom is really taken away under the guise of liberating people into new attitudes, that serve the state and the stateís role in the future, as opposed to being there to protect the rights of individuals.


Today under the guise of anti-terrorism anyone who complains about government policy, in any area actually, is often classed as anti-government.  Which would really mean that any opposition party is also anti-government if that truly were the case. But people donít think that far. They react, they respond Pavlovian-style to the term, if itís used against them, like a smear word, and they either conform very quickly or they serve the consequences basically. Thatís happening all too frequently today as society is more totalitarian under the guise, as always, of saving you all.


I personally donít see a battle going on between the collective society, the standardized mass man idea and the individual. Itís not a battle at all. Itís a conflict. Itís always to see whoís winning and whoís losing in the conflict because power, by technique, of groups, mass groups is far more powerful, and the financial backing coupled with it too, and the propaganda, and the lobbying that they can do to get policies put through government through education, etc., are so incredibly powerful that there really is no ability for the individual to completely have a battle with this kind of system at all.


Everything comes down to the techniques which are used. Social work itself is a technique. Itís created for a purpose but like all techniques it must then survive for its own purpose, which it always expands.  Because with the expansion of power more security sets in with those who are involved in it, who make their living off of it, and whose egos want more and more power, so they must expand the powers they already have on charter. That happens all the time. And they do that too by using the other techniques of advertising and study groups and so on, and professional spin merchants who can put forward the studies to say that they need more power, more power and rights to take children or whatever it happens to be, or indoctrinate children in a certain way.  And the same thing goes in schools and universities where they, being a group with common causes and purposes, they have their own policies, they want everyone to be the same and believe in the same things that they all identify with themselves.


So you donít have many choices whatsoever at all in this day and age, except to live inside your own head; Iíve said this for years.  What do you do? The people will say, theyíll ask me; what do you do? Do you go around evangelizing? And I say no, be careful what you say to whom because you can destroy your acquaintances very quickly, and especially relatives, who are often perfectly adapted and brainwashed to an extent through accepting all of the reality as itís been presented to them since birth; theyíve never questioned it.  And you will alienate them from you. And we all need help one day and you will still need their help and cooperation simply to survive. 


You will find too, that the propagandists of today will label certain past organizations, like Communists, Nazism and so on, as having all the bad tendencies so we must go along with these tendencies to create this mass man. But really, when you look at all the policies, they all arrive at the same conclusions. Theyíre all following the same course of creating the mass standardized man to serve the state, and be obedient and follow orders without question, and to have groupthink and group response, so that when an individual speaks up and says something which is taboo to the indoctrinations, they all turn on that person.


In the old days, you know, not so long ago, up to the 1800s, youíll find in most countries, the US especially, that there were no permanent police forces.  Itís interesting to look at the history of police forces in the US. I think they were at about 1830 that a police force came out on the East Coast of the US, and even then it was temporary. Before that youíd have occasional justices of the peace or a sheriff appointed, as a temporary thing to deal with a particular problem.  And about 1830, as I say, you find that a police force was established. Then a permanent police force was established, I think in Boston, about seven years after that, after 1830.  So anyway, today itís an institutionalized part of society. 


And the institution, as always, never stays with its actual lawful path of what itís designed to do. It expands its powers. Lawyers come into the act too, another technique of law, and they exist to serve themselves basically. The more power they can get can only come through having more work to do, and becoming wealthy.  And you can do it by simply creating new types of crimes, expanding the definition of crime and broadening it all over the place, until most folk in the US today are locked up for nonviolent crimes. With the war on drugs and various other kinds of wars, itís normal now for SWAT teams to invade places with even a rumor coming out that there could be drugs in that home. And society, again, is adapted through entertainment; lots of movies with SWAT teams in them, and itís a part of routine, and you simply accept it as a natural course.


Much easier, isnít it, than the old Soviet system where, as I say, the propaganda came from the state; there was no conflicting propaganda.  And the people were rather skeptical.  And the KGB, and before that the NKVD, stormed into peopleís apartment buildings, grabbed somebody and pulled them out in the middle of the night. The people would stand around in crowds and be very angry, initially, until it became normalized. We see the same thing across the Western world. So what Iím saying is, your systems are the same by the techniques they all use, to have the conformist worker who causes no problem, who belongs to the group at his employment and works with the group, and doesnít have much of an individual expression whatsoever. This is the ideal citizen, to an extent, that weíve all been trained into. Psychology, behaviorism, these are all parts of different techniques that work towards the same goals of course, and thatís altering you. And that can only be done by creating the masses; the individual becomes submerged and eventually vanquished. Thatís the ideal citizen.


And police forces, I should just add to that too, if you listen to the news every day, in most places, especially localized news, youíll always get the police report. Police can put these reports out which creates a feeling of fear in an area, with so many robberies, so many of this and so many of that. But when you take the population at large even in that area, itís rather large, and they say, therefore, crime is pretty low. But the appearance given from the news is that itís all around you and the streets arenít safe, etc. etc., and police demand more powers. This is the nature of groups to begin with, organized groups that become so-called lawful or written into law as a necessity. 


In reality choice-making is limited in this particular system in which we live today and itís becoming more and more limited.  You have the choice of watching this movie or that movie for instance, yes. But choices in changing this system and bringing back some aspect of humanity into it Ė because technique itself is really nonhuman Ė then itís a very difficult thing, almost impossible thing to do. Itís rather overwhelming when this system, as I say, is so well-funded and designed and organized, that you donít have the ability to fight it in any possible way or get your say in and actually do something constructive and bring in some humanity into the thing. So your choices are severely limited. 


Youíre forced to go along with things in some way, if youíre conscious at all. Most folk donít know that theyíre actually being coerced along the path of, say, the cashless society, or whatever it happens to be that is getting pushed upon you right now; youíre really being coerced into it. Youíre coerced into it under the guise that collectively we have happiness, and people go along with all of these things for the happiness delusion basically, that never seems to materialize as promised. But the idea is if technique is to get the most productive qualities out of you, itís far better if you believe in something and give your consent to be manipulated, rather than being ordered to; itís far more productive.  Folk will work more happily towards something, a future utopia, or even a temporary hardship to get to a utopia, than in a realistic fashion. Because as I say, it never materializes whatsoever.


Remember, World War I was called the Great War, after the fact, because the propaganda they used for World War I, the globalists, was meant to be the war to end all wars, a massive sacrifice, supposedly, to end all wars. But in reality it was brought about by globalists who wanted a world government, which they would rule over and not for the benefit necessarily of all humanity at all. Nothing has really changed in that aspect because with the techniques employed of mass manipulations, those who seek power, the psychopathic types, are so far ahead in the game of manipulations that itís not funny at all.


Now remember too, that belonging to big groups has advantages, in that you can lose yourself. You can lose your own critical judgment, which can be cumbersome at times, if it scares you.  The conclusions you might come to individually might scare you, so collectively youíre given the answers, you see, of a better life to come, something better out of it. So you lose your individuality. You hand it over willingly.  And thatís why weíve had such disasters in the past histories of this technique being used on nations and then you end up with dictatorships, etc. Weíre pretty well there today in fact. Because folk, as I say, are much happier with all the conflicting and terrifying news they get, the bad news they get about the future, the economy and everything else, that theyíre willing to give up themselves collectively, just for a release from having to think for themselves.  If you have what you think is a cause, you see, then itís much easier to get up in the morning and work and do whatever you have to do to get through the day, because youíre also putting energy into what you think is some kind of cause. 


Iíve gone through in previous talks about how those in power donít miss anything or any area of propaganda. They set up especially the foundations.  They were the first to set up front groups, that sound so nice and helpful to humanity, but in reality they become forces that then lobby government, supposedly on behalf of the people, these NGOs, and demand that the laws that the big boys want passed are actually passed, which always tend to restrict our freedoms, and get the policies through for sustainability etc. etc. Iím sure youíre well up on that. Iíve done as I say many talks before on these particular subjects.


There are other propagandists too, remember, that pretend they are you or speaking for you and they lead you around in circles getting nowhere. They diffuse a potential situation by becoming leaders, etc. And people are so happy to follow when the person says the things which theyíre saying themselves at the bottom level. This is an old political ploy as well too. They send out the surveyors to do surveys on the public, what are they chatting about, what are their complaints? And they say, I feel your pain, and they discuss the different topics which youíre already discussing.  So be very, very careful. You can be led up the garden path, and you always are, actually, today, unless you retain your individuality. When you agree with anybody, actually, that becomes a leader of any kind, or seems to be a leader, be very careful because you give up your individuality, youíre a follower; you have lost your identity as an individual.  So you have to start from scratch, hopefully, and start thinking for yourself, again.  You canít obviously agree with any particular person on every single thing they believe in. 


Itís interesting to study the effects of the Internet in fact because those who gave us the Internet Ė remember, it was the military-industrial complex which used it, the computer, long before we heard of the Internet system, for instance; they used it all through the Cold War.  And eventually they gave it to the public, not because the public would simply use it to go against the existing system in any way, which of course they promoted thinking that folk could because itís a form of communication. But in reality itís a diffusing mechanism too, because if theyíre into the forums of all the different so-called freedom fighters and so on, they turn out to be more or less just bitching sessions. And they donít seem to be conscious of the fact that what theyíre using, in fact, is all scientific technique, the computer being a product of that in the first place, the very programs that theyíre given and so on.  And they know, and theyíre told constantly, so that theyíll accept it and acquiesce to it, to give all their data up on the Internet all the time. They do it voluntarily, once again.  They consent to it because they have payoffs.  And theyíre being studied and monitored and personality profiled and updated and so on with any changes they do. But they still think that thatís what they have to lose in order to be free.


Itís interesting, that all your freedoms you give up, including all the thoughts in your head, and the basic you, the spiritual you, you might say, everything that comprises you, you give up in order to use the net in the first place. And their forums end up being, as I say, simply safety valves or bitching sessions, as they collectively, as a group, again, go into the same little format, like a hobby you might say, and thatís really what it is. This is well understood by those who gave you the computer to begin with.  But with all the electronic communications today and the storage of it all they have tremendous data on every single one of us. Even the cops donít have to go into a personís employment now looking for them, to arrest them or whatever. They know where theyíll be at any time of the day, things like that. So they seem to be more unobtrusive in arrests, etc. So when things become this way people forget the kind of system theyíre truly living within.


Everything really comes down to perception management. Perception management can never be underestimated. Itís tremendous. Itís how your reality is given to you. Not real truths and all the truths on any particular topic, but selected facts and distorted facts, etc and youíre told how to perceive them by authority type figures, and people you almost worship sometimes. So be very, very careful of what you follow. Never lose yourself in the process. Thatís all you haveÖ is yourself. 


Now I would like to mention too, and you can always remember this, I hope, that I donít sit here with a brandy glass, a smoking jacket on and have my feet up all day long. I put a lot of work into what I do. I try to make it as simple as possible for you to understand because there are many complicated topics that I go into.  And I try to get through to as big an audience as I can. You can certainly help me out too by supporting me financially, and even a dollar or whatever once in a while would certainly help. Because many thousands of folk listen to me constantly and folk even use the material and use it in their books.  So it would help if theyíd remember that, no, Iím not independently wealthy and I have incredible costs here in fact. And everything that breaks down here is a major crisis trying to pay for something to be done, and even when youíre doing it on the cheap and doing it yourself, like even putting in a new pump in a well outside, things like that come along and I really have to struggle to get through. So it would help me and to even do more work, far more work, if you could certainly, once in a while remember where youíre getting the information from.


And believe you me, talk show hosts and everything and lots of other people use this material that I come out with all the time. So I would be very, very happy to hear from you.  And I hope youíre doing well enoughÖ as we go into austerity, as we are adapting to austerity, and everything is going up in price, and weíre being taught to simply adapt, adapt, adapt, change your habits of eating and everything else and having less protein because itís so unaffordable, etc., and on and on it goes.


So anyway, I should really finish up for tonight and get on with other work I have to do to survive here. So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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