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"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"A Directed "Nudge" Will Make You Budge"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 10th, 2014. I hope those who actually have a summer these days are enjoying it. And for those who are in my position, living in parts of Ontario, where the jet stream actually comes up from the States and then loops and goes back down into the States, at the top of the loops, according to the geoengineers of course, they said, if they ever did geoengineer theyíd definitely give the preponderance of their sprays on the tops of the loops for the greater carrying capacity it would have on the way back down or wherever it happens to go. So Iím unfortunately living right under the darned loop and I get nothing but rain here. I canít say Iíve had a summer at all.  And Iím used to the eggshell gray color, or white color basically thatís constantly in the sky, and the constant, almost daily rain that seems to be pouring down here.  At night too, itís been much, much cooler.  All through June and July and August, well not all through it, but a lot of the nights I have had fires on because itís so cold, well colder anyway; and I could certainly put them on every night pretty well to try and clear up some of the dampness thatís here because of so much rain and bad weather.


But thatís the new normal of course and most folk adapt to it without thinking. Because they live in their controlled environments from their house, to their car, to their workplace, back to the car, back to their home, and they go to shopping malls and so on, so they donít get much outside.  They donít experience whatís happening outside, as the farmers obviously do, they get all the experience of it.  But most folk donít think. In fact, folk donít really think too much about what happened last year or the year before.  Because since about 2006 this has been getting increasingly worse here as they continue and step up all the spraying that weíre getting. Now remember, in the spraying they can give you sprays to give you rain, or to disperse rain, or even thunderclouds. Iíve seen both work when I was further south living in Ontario. It was quite amazing to watch the thunderstorms roll in.  You knew by experience the skies were going to open, youíd get things out of the garden, youíd get in quickly inside and then youíd sit. And then about 40 minutes later it was still silent and youíd go outside and they were all gone, all those clouds were completely dispersed. All that was left is the chemtrails above you. And youíd say, my goodness what a fine art they have it down to today.


But again, itís tied in with so many different agendas here, that all tie in together for the big plan for the world, for the present to the future. Because Agenda 21 is well underway and they will eventually force folk off with many different methods.  The oldest one is the power of the purse, higher taxations living in the country, and then terrible weather of course too, higher gasoline prices, all of these kind of things, and then theyíll say itís simply unsustainable to even plow your roads in the winter or deliver electricity to your homes, and force folk in. So with the power of the purse and the cutting back of what youíre paying for, for services already in your taxes, will be part of it. Plus youíll make it so miserable to live in some of these areas they wonít want to continue living there and theyíll move in as well. Plus up here too by the way, there is so many new varieties of mosquitoes appearing every year.  Now I have these big ones that have come out this year, because thereís so much rain, and no doubt get getting dropped as well from various places.  And these suckers are almost intelligent.  They have long legs, and the striped ones, like the Asian ones, and they might even be a variety of that, thatís been brought in here or bioengineered.   Well, you try to go to swat them, these things know youíre going to move and they watch you moving and they take off, even when theyíre rested theyíll take off from their place. Itís very interesting to watch these guys, almost studying you and coming in as soon as your hands are full of something or whatever. Quite fascinating.


But these are the times in which we live where folk take things for granted and as Brzezinski said, theyíll never think of anything, even though they will observe things, theyíll dismiss it from their mind, theyíll delete it from their mind, if itís not mentioned on the news. Because after all, the news does your reasoning, today, for you and thatís happened unfortunately. For most people, if itís anything worth knowing the media is going to tell them because itís an appendage to their brain, they think.  That again is what Brzezinski said in the 70s would happen.  That was the intention, for it to happen, and unfortunately it has happened.


So, weíre living in vast changes. Other areas of course are getting drought, and these would be your breadbaskets. Your food will go up and the big boys that run the Chicago Stock exchange and all the big trading companies to do with agriculture and futures trading will already know where the droughts are going to happen, or where the flooding of agriculture is going to happen, and theyíve got their money all sunk into places elsewhere, often abroad, where the food will be brought in from. Theyíve got it all figured out. Itís quite, quite fascinating to live in these times and watch science being used to such lengths, and be unbeknownst to the public that itís even happening.


But then you canít blame the public because theyíve been trained from childbirth to believe what they hear or were told by authority figures, from the media, and experts of course, experts. It never dawns on them that these experts are paid propagandists that come out on behalf of various international corporations and the big foundations that help run the world, really run the world that is, not the politicians, and theyíre very believable of course because they can baffle you with science, you see.


Science and statistics is beautiful, isnít it? Because you can argue about most things but then when they say, well itís science, it shuts you up.  Or, itís been proven, or itís statistics, and therefore you just clam up and say, well I guess it must be true, eh. And if thereís 20 of them saying it over a period of a few months or weeks or whatever, then the more truer it must be. It doesnít mean that theyíre not getting all paid by the same master of course; it never even dawns on most people.  Because theyíre all introduced as being from different universities or laboratories or whatever.  But in actual fact, go into the big books of the foundations and the big owners who own the international corporations and youíll find they own dozens and dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds, of labs, etc., and definitely training facilities across the world.


But what makes us obey all the authorities that command our lives and our thoughts, our beliefs even?  What makes us obey them?  What does it all? Iíve gone into, in previous talks so many times, how we obey various authorities and how we tick basically. Weíve been so well studied for so long, especially through the 20th century up to the present time, with control groups and ongoing experimentation through universities and a whole host of various organizations, including your basic education too, where all your data is collected all the time, even before the computers came in, on you as a person and the potential of being a good worker or taxpayer in the future. All of these things were studied, your personality types and so on, and fed up to the higher authorities, especially in places like Britain or the European countries where they had real national systems of teaching, education, run by central authorities. So it was quite easy for them to collect so much data on us and then follow us down through our lives to see what happens to us, over and over again, plus, as I say, the control groups and experimental situations, situational control that they sometimes call it in universities, and the selection of different students, and even finding out why so many students behave this way in an examination or an experiment they were conducting upon them, and so many that way. Weíre so well understood. 


But whatís always been understood are the basic reasons that we obey basic authority. We have to do it to coexist, obviously. And people were far better adapted, really, to coexist in small communities, self-sufficient to a great extent, for millennia.  You couldnít get off with being the con man or the psychopath so easily in these self-sustaining communities because they had their own regulations, simple taboos and laws.  And if you broke the law you werenít tolerated, at the very least you would be banished from the group or the tribe and cast out into the world, that was big and frightening in those days, and at the very worst of course theyíd simply put you in a swamp, like you find with places in Denmark and so on.  Theyíd dump you in places like that, bog people; we still find their mummified remains. Or theyíd put you down a crevasse. There was always ways to deal with malcontents and miscreants that would destroy the rest of the people, by living off them; they wouldnít pitch in to help work.  They wanted all the benefits but they wouldnít help at all, and they were the conmen.


Today they get lots of jobs, those people, because theyíre in politics and things like that. Lots of them even go up into university and become professors, which are quite easy jobs to handle once you get the job.  If youíre good at talking and you prattle a lot, throw in the proper names here and there on certain lectures, then you are listened to. But you find them too, the ones that are bit more creative, they call them, creative psychopaths, who can work their way up to the top, especially the ones who are born into the upper class, very wealthy elite families, and go straight into the Ivy League colleges in whatever country theyíre living in. They tend to have far more confidence, simply because of their station in life. They get off with a lot more, where a person down below would be sent off to young offenders institutions or whatever. But for the upper classes of course theyíre calledÖ Well, theyíre being boisterous and having fun and it got out of hand, etc. And they get away with it.   So we make excuses, it depends on who you are, and to the punishment accorded, if any at all.


Our basic instincts, in other words, I keep saying, are used against usÖ which is a form of conformity to the group, the basic group. In an old tribal situation it was quite simple to see how you had to conform to the set rules, standards of the life that they led because it was for survival. Everyone was dependent on the other because you couldnít do everything yourself to survive. So we tend to be a group type people.  Thatís used against us today by those who know how to manipulate it as well, especially when theyíre destroying the old groups, and the old groups of countries, and nations, things like that, to bring in the global structure. Thatís why we have so much chaos happening today.  Those who are running the show have their own reasons often for wanting to destroy all cultures. Some of them donít want to destroy all of them, just most of them or especially all those that are not their own. Itís quite interesting to see all the different involved parties here, which use other terms or fronts as their camouflage to their own intentions.


But since the advent of money, in all of its forms, from simple weighing out of money on scales, to the coining of money, youíve had leisure classes.  And leisure classes are the ones who do the thinking Ė Iíve gone into this before Ė thatís how Greece basically went to a form of a pinnacle of philosophy in its days; it had a leisure class. The leisure class often lived off of slaves. So they had money, which gave them leisure and the ownership of slaves. Itís hard to own slaves if you donít have a form of money, a currency where you can then employ slave masters who take care and look after, or punish and make sure that the slaves are doing all the work, etc. You canít really do it if you have no money at all. People would walk off and try to sustain themselves by getting basic food and so on, including the slave drivers. But if you have no money at all it simply wouldnít work. So money is a key to a lot of the things that have happened and gave us this system we call civilization, with all of its changes, its rewards, and its terrible ills as well.


But thereís no going back. Weíre here. And even if you found an alternative way to live, those who run the money systems wouldnít allow it anyway. People in power, and families, especially inbred families, are never going to give it up. Theyíre never, ever going to give it up, especially when they can command reality, the reality that youíll be brainwashed with from birth.  And they can do it across a mass scale, not just nations, but internationally today. 


Self-policing is a very important aspect of the control over people. Because in all ages, I guess, thereís been self-policing involved.  From the ancient times, the religion, again, your taboos were given to you and you would police your own thoughts.  And many people like the conformity of a stable society, regardless if itís belief systems or traditions, or even rituals, even sacrificial rituals, they would accept those things, for the greater good, they might say, for the good of all. And when their minds would rebel about these things or question some of them, the things they had to do or they did without thinking generally, they would self-police; it would kick in and you would feel guilty. Your conscience would work upon you and your very existence amongst the people could be threatened by your own thought. So your thought frightened you, if the people ever found out what you were thinking. Therefore you policed yourself. That still goes on today of course, and different kinds of societies have used this, but religious societies definitely put it to good use. Because all religions give you a set of tenets and rules to follow which give you the form of stable society. 


All systems, remember, often start off, not always but often start off with good intentions and lots of truths being pushed. But most systems become corrupted as they go along. In fact, all systems do, it doesnít matter what kind it is, right down to the political systems as well. Today you can see it so evidently by all the scandals getting worse and worse and worse and worse. When I was young in Britain I can remember the days when a scandal would break out, sexual or financial or whatever it happened to be, embezzlement, and they didnít have to even wait for an inquiry. The little newscasts you would have at the time would tell you this person stepped down immediately. That it was exposed to the public what had happened, he or she would step down and that was it for you, your career there was over, youíd never go back into politics. But today the same scandals are normalized now and the people have no problem at all staying in power and saying, so what. And again, most of them, remember, are psychopathic. In fact, I think all of them really have a trace of that in them for sure, to be in politics and to stay in politics.  They have no problem really putting a face on to the public. They also have the image makers, just like any star has image makers, and PR companies come in and are paid to do a kind of makeover, and lots of promotions to the general public of propaganda, to how wonderful the person really is, as opposed to the news thatís come out about them. Thatís very common today. Nothing is real on television or news anymore whatsoever.


Now for those who make use of my archives Iíve given many talks on how weíre controlled, the methods that are used, the scientific methods that are used, and the innate senses, or basically instincts we have that are used against us, because we are so well understood. Make sure you make good use of archives. Remember too by the way, to throw a few pennies here once in a while. Because Iím not out to get rich or anything but I like to eat once in a while too, mind you, and my costs are pretty hefty here indeed just doing what I do.† And lots and lots of folk use my material and lots of books have been put out there with information Iíve put out. Iíve done the homework for a lot of people out there, but they never mention you of course, unfortunately. But for those who make good use of it, it would be handy for you and quite nice of you in fact to throw a few pennies my way.  You can find out how to do it at Donít forget too, for those who donít have any of the books Iíve written, to order them as well.  Because I teach in a different manner than most people. I donít have a particular spin on anything. I donít have some ax to grind.  And Iím not out to con you and use a period of oppression, as weíre under today, under the guise of terrorism everywhere, I donít use that to get rich.   Otherwise I would do the same thing as some people and get awfully, awfully rich by scaring the blazes out of you.


But in the archives, as I say, if you go into it, I go into how our own personalities, our innate instincts, are used against us by those who know how to manipulate us, the puppet masters if you like, that Bernays called them, his own class that is, the kind who understood already the basics of psychology and human behaviorism and how to motivate us to do their bidding, without us really knowing why we were doing it, or even thinking we were doing it because it was our own choices in fact. He knew how to manipulate what they called the subconscious or unconscious mind, the great primitive part of you.  And it worked awfully well.  With the consumerist society he gave us, and the same people who he taught and who took over from him, are now in charge of giving you the post-consumerist society. Everything you buy today, as you well know, is junk, very expensive junk.  Because weíre in the age of maximizing the greed factor, where they have cut corners and pennies on everything thatís produced, in China, where everything is made on purpose of course, by those from the West who moved their factories there.  Itís all junk, itís not meant to last, nothingís meant to last very long. 


Plus they have smart engineering, they call it.  Engineers used to make things awfully well because they liked to do their job well. But now theyíve got in with the marketers, who look towards future parts for various things theyíre selling, to cars all the way down, and they look upon all the things, if this thing will last 10 years, which is a big thing today, then how many parts of this and that and so on can we make deliberately fail. So you make them out of junk and theyíre guaranteed to fail so many times.  Pretty exact, too, figures, right down to the batteries for vehicles. Itís amazing how you get a three-year warranty and one month after the three-year period it just packs in. Itís not by accident. Itís not coincidence. Itís because they know exactly how to do it, including the thickness and the gauge of the big copper wiring straps that are inside the battery that come from the posts, thatís how they gauge it.


So weíre fooled and conned on so many levels as we go through the age of maximizing the greed factor. Things go up all the time, the value of your money goes down all the time because of all the debt factors, and because weíre run by totally corrupt people.  Completely corrupt. And thatís across the board I would say. Now, for those who donít understand how corruption works, read some of the books put out by politicians, or people who went into politics with good intentions and got out of politics before the majority around them would set them up because they wouldnít conform to all their little scams that they get up to by scamming the public purse and their expenses and all the rest of it. If you go into politics youíre immediately tested by the little peer group, who are nice smiling psychopaths.  They want to see if you will go on the take like they do, or accept the lobbyistsí cash and so on and little presents that they give them.   But if you donít go along with them they canít trust you so theyíve got to get rid of you, and they will do it one way or another, they will set you up somehow.  Itís rather sad but thatís the way that life really is today.


Now, all politicians, Iíd say, today too, are completely blackmailable by their Masters, who really run the world, and definitely the countries.  They have all the dirt on them and therefore these puppets will go along with whatever theyíre told to go along with. Even if it includes or comes down to completely opposing the previous dayís views that they had; theyíll completely just turn around overnight, suddenly, sometimes theyíll do that youíll notice, and itís because theyíve been told to do it. And they have no problem with that because theyíre basically the psychopathic personalities. Psychopaths donít have the self-policing, the internal policing that you do. They have no conscience. They simply emulate the gesticulations, the expressions that you have.  They copy you. They watch you and how you react emotionally or appear to react emotionally in certain situations and they try to copy that. Thatís why they often screw it up, actually, because they still donít understand why you feel something in a certain situation.  They donít actually feel it and sometimes they go overboard with their reactions. 


Now, in times of extreme stress in nations, financial, job insecurities, layoffs, closures, all these things, the psychopath rises to the top, because weíll tolerate more of their behavior, because we see ourselves as powerless or weak and the weak tend to gravitate towards those they see who have confidence and have answers of some kind. Men of action come to the top.  Theyíre not terribly bright often, but it doesnít matter as long as they seem to be men of action as opposed to intellectuals who sit and simply talk about things and donít seem to do too much.  So itís a time for the psychopaths to rule. Itís a time of changes.  And this is why they call the 21st century the Century of Change.  The changes that psychopaths in this big pyramidÖ   Thereís a big pyramid up there, of structures of authority from the top down and different levels of psychopathy are used along the way.  And psychopaths can cooperate together as long as theyíre each getting what they want, and getting away with an awful lot too.  In their personal little sphere that they have, as long as they can get away with it all and benefit for themselves personally they can cooperate with other people, and other psychopaths. When you have a structure above them which understands them perfectly well, the psychopaths in fact, then the psychopaths know that if they go too far theyíll often find they come to a sticky end themselves. And thatís a warning to other ones not to go too far and get too big-headed; it happens all the time. They have accidents and things like that.


But as I say, in times of fear, and weíve been in the period of fear since 9/11 happened in 2001 with the so-called war on terror. Now remember, the big groups involved that were already running the United States of America, with the New American Century group, the private group that got into politics, and the other ones who ran it from behind the scenes, during the Bush era, and then actually into the present era, they gave out a war plan for all the countries they wanted to take out across the Middle East and Asia and so on. Theyíve pretty well fulfilled a lot of it.  But they were right on cue, the countries weíve taken out, Afghanistan, then Iraq, and so on, were all on the list. They wanted Syria taken down too, and Libya, they got Libya out, and they also want Iran as well. But they have other ones they want to go onto from there. But itís amazing how they can publish these things and, once again, when itís exposed to the public before all these wars begin, the public canít quite grasp it. They canít grasp that someone could actually blow up towers, for instance, in order to get a country and a whole world into a war. Well, they havenít read any history obviously. Or they fall for the big lie, that somehow we have evolved since the caveman and things are different today, weíre not like that. Thatís the saddest thing of all, is to think that weíve changed in any way at all.


Psychopathy in all eras has always been there, itís never been eliminated, and today it has perfect rein to do what it wants.  But then Iíve gone into in the past as well, the articles from the US military magazines to do with perpetual war, for instance. They said, from now on weíll have perpetual war. It was written, too, by an intelligence officer for the US military. He wasnít just talking about war on the planet, or the people, or the peoples across the world. He was talking about perpetual war, for the changes, the century of change is what he was really quietly referring to, you might say, without saying it as such. Your whole concept of reality in the century is to change. Itís already happening amongst the general public and the training of the young children too, and with the electronic media of all kinds out there that have taken over a lot of their lives for them, which they donít question at all, and theyíre too young to even question what are the motives of those above us who gave us all these things and programs and toys to play with and so on and so on. Naturally they canít question it. Their brains are still growing for goodness sake and they have no wisdom either of life in general.


But the war for change, or of change, is a war to change everything that was or is, until it was in the past, thatís how it will be referred to, and we will adapt into the new system step by step by step.  We already are of course with incessant propaganda and I might touch on some of that tonight to do with the kinds of propaganda or influence. Thereís many descriptions that are used by philosophers, and that are used by the big foundations, and the big think tanks that work for the foundations, of various kinds of scientists, neurologists, neuroscientists and so on and so on.  But whatever influences you and your behavior, to modify it, to your Mastersí specifications is all to do with the changes which they want, right down to your opinions, as you know. Your opinions are constantly being modified now as they destroy the old normals and bring in all the new normals, which were written about and put on the drawing board an awful long time ago. Theyíre all being implemented today. The training of the public, in a Pavlovian fashion, by the neuroscientists, to have default positions, they call them, where if certain topics are mentioned youíll immediately recoil from the mention of certain words or terms or whatever it happens to be.  Even if itís in a questioning form from a child, itís going to beÖ itís already absolutely taboo, and your peer group will be taught, and already have been taught, to simply just walk away if they canít change the topic, to walk away immediately from the particular word or topic coming up. Itís quite fascinating, really, isnít it, how easy it is to train people, to get them to behave the same way, uniformly, across the whole board, isnít it?


After all, in the 60s when you were taught that you were going to get freedoms and they gave you the sexual revolution and all different liberations of women and all the rest of it and so on, and the drug revolution, and the pop-culture, all of these things that came along, that again had been on the drawing board for a long time.  It had been tried in the 20s and failed and brought back in the 60s with drugs etc. Itís fascinating to see how the people really thought that for the first time they could think what they wanted to think and express whatever they wanted to express, but the reality is most folk really didnít have anything novel to express, even the ones who thought they were, they were simply being cool, you see, or dressing in the particular renegade outfit, or uniform, theyíre told to wear as a renegade at that particular time for the generation they were in.  Weíve been through the baggy pants era and all the rest of it and the chains dangling from your cheeks and the tattoos. These are all given to the ones who think theyíre different.  Theyíre authorized and accepted, but put out there from the top. Most of it comes from movies and music and so on, but the culture industry promotes all of these things, these ways to be, even when you think youíre rebelling.


I used to think it funny when I was reading about Mao Tse Tung in China and how he brought out the blue tunic and pants uniform that everyone was to wear in China, and they did at that time, so they would all be the same, you see, everyone would be the same.  Sameness, sameness, samenessÖ  He called that equality, you see. And in the West at the same time, exactly the same time, they were promoting the hippies and the culture of jeans, jeans, blue jeans. They were both the same color, the outfits of Mao Tse Tung and the blue jeans, until everybody in the West is wearing blue jeans. They couldnít correlate what was happening or even why it was happening. But someone above them was having a big chuckle, that was implementing all of this of course.   And at the same time one is being taught that theyíre freeÖ Actually, both were being told they were free, but a lot of the Chinese didnít quite believe it.  But the ones who thought they were free, because they would cuss and swear and do things like that for the first time openly in public, and do different behaviors, couldnít see they were all being manipulated themselves. Itís fascinating, isnít it, just to watch what happens around you.


Now, sometimes different types of authority are put over on the public at different times, sometimes in your own lifetime. It was interesting, wasnít it, to see George Bush getting on television and saying to the nation, and to the Western world really, he said when it came to terrorism and so on, what he was going to do with the war and so on, and he said, youíre either with us or youíre with the terrorists. Which was, again, the opposite of, say, the 60s era that everyone was still lauding and approving and trying to be wild and crazy and so on.  Where was the choice in that? In other words, if you voiced an opinion that itís wrong to go and slaughter different countries across the world, that really had nothing to do with 9/11, then you must be classified and classed amongst the actual terrorists themselves and viewed in the same light, and treated the same way.  So itís interesting how we can go from one thing to the next without blinking, isnít it? without correlating what this actually really is, being said to you.  And yet everyone starts to conform immediately. Because they understood at the top that a tribal instinct kicks in for survival and the biggest lies can get put across, so easily, and be even half-believed; you only need to half-believe something to go along with it. Because that basic survival instinct is really at work and so you want to believe it.  Itís drastic to think that it could be happening internally, from very powerful authorities inside your own country, causing the whole thing to happen in the first place, isnít it?  And yet itís a favorite trick thatís used down through the ages, right back to even the Romans wrote about the different tricks that were used to get acts of terrorism, from apparently amongst the civilians, in order to use martial law on the people.


So now weíre in the age of change and perpetual terrorism. So together they work, you see, you need one and the other at the same time to get the perpetual change through. And the war on terror, with the same techniques, where you have to conform to be acceptable to society, with who are the bad guys and so on, is now transferred, very carefully, over to you if you have certain opinions about other things within society. As I say, now youíre supposed to shut up at the mention of certain things, donít ask questions about certain things, right down to even sexual persuasions, itís taboo. Because the authorized voices at the top, the voices of authority, have let you know, in no unsettled manner, what the proper authority opinion is to be and the proper acceptable opinion is to be.  So all the freedoms that you thought you had in the 60s have suddenly gone out the window.  Iíve often said that the most intolerant of all is the liberal mindset, the ones who think theyíre liberal, the ones who supposedly a long time ago when it was really liberal to have open minds about things, is completely a closed mind. Itís either their way or no way. Itís the highway, isnít it? Quite amazing isnít it?† But the same techniques were used in religion at one time. If you queried even one aspect of your particular religion youíd be ostracized by the whole society, because the boys at the top had said you would be and everybody down below would conform and act accordingly; youíd be completely shunned. And if youíre shunned you canít eat, you canít work, you canít get a job, or youíre fired from your job; how do you eat and survive?


There are many nudges along the way of life to make you conform, to whatever system you happen to be born into, or the changes in your own lifetime. Many, many ways to get you to shut up, keep your thoughts to yourself, preferably donít have the thoughts in the first place, and just get along. Thatís how it works. And in that case youíre headed for terrible things down the road when that happens. A society that canít voice its concerns from anybody, I mean anybody at all, or any group or whatever, if you canít voice your opinions on things, pro or against, then youíre in trouble, youíre in terrible trouble. So rational authority can only be rational when it really has a beneficial aspect, like cooperation amongst the people for their own self-preservation, from the tribe or the village and so on. Today itís much more complex since nothing is really natural in this particular system weíre living in today. And Plato said it, the most unnatural system is the easiest one to fall down, because it canít even support itself independently, it collapses.  Itís all based on money, which is somebodyís idea.  Money isnít even tangible anymore, or real, or even weighable.  People youíll never meet in your life, or even know the names of, decide what itís worth today, or what itís worth tomorrow, or if itís even confiscated, legally now, by banks, as they do bail-insÖ in other words, they steal your money legally because they made it legal to steal.  We accept all this without a blink and thatís sad.  That is not rational authority, you see.


Rational authority also comes from learning.  Father to son in the old days when you worked in the village or you worked as a blacksmith and you learned from your father, or if he was a farmer or whatever he happened to be, that was rational authority.  So there was a workable aspect, from the person who was learning and the person who was teaching, and it worked for both their good basically. But you also get irrational authority.  And irrational authority breaks out, as I say, in times of immense crisis on a larger scale, or even on a small scale with a small village in the old days when its whole existence was threatened.  Then, in comes the psychopath and he can take over, because he appears to be the man of action, you see; people blindly give over their obedience to what they perceive as a man of action.


You also have the overt authority in persuasion/propaganda.  As I say, itís put through movies, novels.  All the PC, politically correct updates are put over and over and over the airwaves or through the newspapers or whatever it happens to be, dramas, plays, all fiction as well. So youíre bombarded with it.  And youíll accept it generally, especially in fiction because you donít question it. Youíre not expecting to be conned through fiction; you think youíre in charge as you watch, or get downloaded, with fiction.


Whatís changed now today, as well, Iíd say, is that your perception of what authority is has changed. At one time you simply had the leader. Then you had leaders. Then you had political parties and so on, that seemed to be tangible, youíd hear of them, you knew they existed, at least you believed they did, and the newspapers of course would give you information which youíd always take as real, even though generally it wasnít, still isnít today. Because power always makes sure that youíre told exactly what the powerful want you to hear and no more or less, and which makes you believe what you come to believe, to make it work for those in power.  But also, as I say, you end up getting today, during the time from the 60s onwards, into the age of terrorism everywhere, a different kind; we have overt authority. 


An overt authority, as I say, is the George Bush telling you youíre either with him and them or with the terrorists. And we also have those in power, the real those in power, not the politicians, who runÖ from an invisible presence you might say, there are many of them, and they send many messages out to you through many articles that you read from foundations, institutions, educational authorities and so on, and these also influence you.  But these are deliberately put out, in tandem, with other ones being released across your country, or even the world sometimes, at the same time, to give you a particular part of a reality, on a particular part of life or science or whatever it happens to be. And these are anonymous authorities; we think theyíre anonymous.  They donít seem to you as the reader or the hearer, the receiver of it, to be coordinated.  But they actually are coordinated and they work very, very effectively because of that. You donít see them for what they are. Theyíre not incoming thought missiles or propaganda missiles into your brain. They often seem to be separate, and therefore they must all be real and true. Itís very, very simple.


But the characters behind them you donít know.  These are the puppet masters that Bernays talked about behind the scenes who really pull the strings of power.  And what a fantasticÖ Never, ever underplay this power.  Never, ever underplay it, because you donít see it coming.  As I say, you donít see it actually coming. In fact, they can put out such great propaganda today in such a fashion, especially through science, youíll be intrigued by it, youíll be carried away by it, and you will think itís all true.  It will become exciting to you, you know, youíre going to land on the moon or go off to Mars or something like that, and you believe it all, you accept it. And thereís always other reasons that itís even put out in the first place, this kind of information.  And those in power, remember too, get cocky, more and more cocky the longer they get away with it.  No wonder, because generations have been born and lived and died serving under this system of scientific control of our minds and never clued into the fact that it was even happening to them. And as they have more power over you, and can say quite openly and honestly that they can make you do anything they want you to do, then theyíre right in that sense, but they start to hate and despise you.  Because those in power despise the weak. They are sadomasochistic to an extent.  But theyíre psychopathic, they get their kicks off what they think is achieving for themselves more and more power, and even to the applause sometimes of the victims. 


Before too, Iíve talked about obedience to authority and how this has been tested over and over at universities. Iíve mentioned many times about the Stanley Milgram experiments on obedience done in the 1960s, at Yale University, repeated many times since then, and many other subsequent experiments in the same field are still ongoing of course, to categorize humanity as to our willingness to obey, obey, obey authority, even if itís a deviant kind of authority, or even if itís perceived as a good authority but in fact is deviant if you look a bit deeper.  So itís very interesting to see how people could be persuaded during experiments to really believing that when they applied electric shocks to someone, who they could hear screaming, that this was actually happening, but it was okay if a person in authority, an authority figure told them to go ahead, they got permission. This, again, is what you get in the military, and thatís why atrocities can happen so easily in any kind, anybodyís military.  If the order comes from a superior you simply obey, because you feel theyíre taking the guilt and not so much you, youíre simply obeying orders. Thatís been said over and over throughout the 20th century in inquiries after terrible atrocities have happened. Thatís what the people always say, we were simply obeying authority.  All races, creeds are all the same by the way, thereís no difference in this at all. Itís a human trait, a human factor.


What they donít tell you of course is that they also do the same studies, and did the same studies, on the psychopathic personalities to see how they would react.  They do fascinating studies on them too. Lots of studies have been done on psychopaths, by the way, by the basic experimentations to find out who they are in the first place. They have lots of questionnaires and so on which categorize the psychopathic types, in universities.  And they have special tests for them because they want to eventually employ them if they are cooperative to an extent, if theyíre being well-funded or paid or whatever, in certain positions of power over others, but never at the top of course, for those already, the super psychopaths above them.


But this is simply a technique, as I say, the Milgram experiment. You take it from simply shunning people, because youíre told to shun them, because they said something which made you blush, because youíve been trained to blush when you hear a term or whatever or a question asked, you see.  The neuroscientists are doing this today with all your new opinions and so on, and reprogramming you, and training you to have these reactions. Youíre set to default, as they call it, default positions. Of course, Cass Sunstein, who thinks of himself as a great proponent for all this, and an experimenter, and heís really a low-level player in it all in fact; heís not really a scientist as such way up at the top.  He helps push all this stuff on how to mass manipulate you by what he calls nudges. They also use this in the programming of computers to make sure that youíre nudged towards a certain way ofÖ when youíre asking an initial question, to nudge you to certain answers and ignore other things you could search for yourself. Because, others have looked at this, so they nudge you towards what others look at, the approved nudges and the approved websites and so on. Very simple stuff.


You also find, too, that people take on roles, so easily; they become their jobs, for instance. What do you think the movies are all about with the constant war on terror, SWAT teams in so many movies until itís normal, again, and also going into martial law scenarios, for the greater good, with black-clad goons looking like the SWAT team; they all look the same in any country now. Theyíre churning and churning and churning them out as they train you into this new authoritarian society, overtly authoritarian rule, but also using massive psychology upon you at the same time to make sure that your conscience kicks in if you start to think maybe what theyíre doing is wrong.  Youíre not patriotic or something like that. Very simple. But because you become your job, and people in uniform, you should be really scared of them all actually.  Uniform means uniformity.  Itís not individualism. When you join the military you leave your individuality at home, or just toss it out the window, when you put that uniform on, and you simply are now the team member.  Youíre a little worker bee, and the pheromones of the Queen are the ones that are going to dictate what actions you do, you simply obey them, or youíll get stung.


But youíll find, too, with the Stanford prison experiment of 1971 by Philip Zimbardo, that people become their jobs. Tremendous experiment in that, too, where eventually those who were picked to take the role of the prison guards became the brutes in other words.  It was interesting to watch even the movies they put out about them, that were done supposedly very realistically, to see how people really react. Now, this can be done to a lot of you out there, and without you even thinking about it, or even if you pooh-pooh the idea it could happen to you.  Donít ever kid yourselfÖ that the psychologies and the sciences, that are working against you, by understanding how you tick, and today remember they know all your information, weíre all studied.  And people who think, well I donít care about my information, I have nothing to hide, theyíre as silly as can be because, oh, they care very much about you. They want to be absolutely sure that you will do eventually anything they tell you to do and order you to do. Thatís why they study you so intensely.


Thatís why this total information network, thereís many different names for the same thing, is so amazing in its era.  It was all planned for the Century of Change.  And this will never go away, by the way. The perpetual war on, not just across the world in physical wars, but psychological wars, cultural wars on you, are all ramping up, going through this whole century, until the elite have the world that they want, with the eradication of a lot of you, and you will help to eradicate each other, just like the Milgram experiment and the Prison experiment, you will help to do it.  Youíll even be in the process of eliminating your own consciousness on the way, by the way, and your own conscience on the way.  Rather than force you to do something they have many ways to prompt and nudge you into conformity. Quite fascinating really when you think about it all.


But itís all being done and itís not simply by happenstance and by circumstances that are out of control. This was planned, the Century of Change was planned a long time agoÖ  a long time ago, centuries ago in actual fact, by those who created the early foundations, and they were there long before Rockefeller came along, in order to fulfill the goal of the so-called wise, the wise should rule, and the lessers should obey, or perish, or both even at times.


You cannot have a society which is being told conflicting messages survive, with their intense, intense psychological warfare upon the minds of the general public; from the same mouths you hear we care about you, we care about life, and we want to depopulate at the same time too, the world is unsustainable, thereís too many of you.  Now how can the same people telling you the same things, with two different stories, be ever believable? You better be very wary about all of this, incredibly wary.  Start taking it seriously because itís real. Itís very real.  Doublethink, Orwellian doublethink, the ability to hold two opposing opinions in your head at the same time and believe them both. Then youíre psychotic in a sense. And then itís over, isnít it?


You can go back into the days of Adam Weishaupt and the group that he belonged to, often given the title really of the founder of Illuminati and things like that. These groups were on the go long, long before he came along, long before that. And the lust for power over others and domination of all others is nothing new. Iím sure in your lives youíve all met people who think they know it all, the superiority complex as they used to call it. Itís always been here in humanity.  And such characters are narcissistic.  They love to talk about themselves all the time and boast all the time, again, a trait of the psychopath. Theyíre still here and they are way above, theyíre up there, running a lot of what we do, and deciding what we do. And you could never in a million years get through to them, that theyíre wrong, or even suggest they stop and hold back and think a bit and consider other alternatives and possibilities. Itíll never happen. They mean business.


Iíve always said when it comes to depopulation, they donít ask for volunteersÖ Would you please become sterilized? It wonít happen.  They simply go ahead and do things that sterilize you.  And when it comes to the plague times, or depopulation by that, theyíll use that too.  Many of the characters Iíve mentioned throughout the years, and Iíve mentioned their names or their books or whatever, have mentioned this factor. Oh, they bewail the fact we donít have the Black Death anymore.  They bemoan it.  When inoculations first came out there was a massive attack by this particular class of people against inoculations, real inoculations, not the phony ones we have today, because they said, well there are already too many of the people and we wonít need them in a postindustrial era, and all theyíll do is keep breeding. HG Wells said this in his day, theyíll just keep breeding.  And so they wanted it all stopped. Well, they didnít do that. What they ended up doing was simply take over the whole vaccine industry and make sure that whatís pumped into you is synthetic, and itís not what you think it is, and you end up sterilized and you end up with premature cancers and things like that.  You can just follow the graphs throughout the 20th century to the present time and watch them skyrocket with the introduction of all these supposed helpful inoculations. Well they certainly are helpful, but to whom? 


Thatís how simple itís all been. How simple it is, because you trust. You trust. Again, we have the same mentality of a small village or a tribe, living with a leader, who doesnít live any better than we are living at, the stage of living or the state of living, the level of it, in ancient times, in the West, say, a chieftain, and your mentality is still stuck there, because back then it would be unthinkable to think that your chief was trying to kill you all. And it works just the same today. Itís impossible, isnít it? These wonderful folk with all these letters behind their names are up there, who belong to all these organizations, lauded, because theyíre always lauding and giving awards to each other, that gives them more credence, and they make sure that you see it being done with their awards being given and so on, and they go around the universities and chat, chat, chat. So it must all be true and they must be decent, good people.  Really?


The same people, as I say, when they tell you they want to depopulate, thereís too many of you, theyíre very careful in how they say it of course, and at the same time they want to say that they love people, and theyíre all for abortion for instance, but oh, theyíre against anybody after that being hurt by their parents, like parents hurting their children, once youíre born. I know thereís a segment of them now who want to abort, well actually, itís post-birth abortion theyíre calling it and different silly terms like that, where they want to kill the child up to the age of three.† When thereís inconsistencies in logic be very scared of those people, very worried indeed. Because youíre not hearing it from people in the street.  Once in a while you will, theyíve heard it from someone above them.  But itís always from people in positions of authority belonging to the think tanks, belonging to the advisory committees, or bioethics committees that all governments have now as part of their planning procedures.  Be very, very careful of this. Itís all here. Itís been here for a long time.  And they put out such beautiful terms that keep you sleeping, because theyíre there to look after you.  So they give themselves wonderful titlesÖ Foundations for Humanity and things like that. You would never dream what they really meant, all these different titles they give themselves.  So be very, very careful.  As I say, itís all being done. Itís being done all the time. Even through your fiction youíre being propagandized, constantly, with updates and political correctnesses and so on and so on and so on and so on.


The whole point of it is to reclaim your own mind, use it. Use it!  If you were the pinnacle of whatís on the world here that walks around with a sentient brain, use it.  Why let someone else use it? Why not use it yourself? Because youíre only walking on this planet for short time you know. Itís not very long. And youíre not using it yourself. Scary, that, when folk are terrified of thinking for themselves. If you notice that, youíll notice that mainly with city people that come into the country, theyíve got to have noise on all the time.  They start mowing their lawns, when theyíre living in the country, all the time, noise, and then after that they got the radio on. Someone elseís voice is prattling away, some disc jockey or whatever, from the morning till night; they canít stand silence.  Because why? You become familiar with noise and someone elseís voice programming you from birth. And silence, and that little strange sound, which is your own voice talking, terrifies you. You have to start thinking.  HhhhaaaaÖ. what a thought!  And if it really is quiet theyíll jump off for immediate entertainment, anything at all that gives them somebody elseís programming, rather than think for themselves and stop and enjoy the silence.


What Iím saying, unfortunately, is all known by those at the top, and way beyond this. Itís well studied. Well studied. And future workers in all the big think tanks are going to work on you, and in marketing, all the different techniques that they use, public relations, which is just basically propagandized marketing, how to slant things to make it acceptable to the public; every department in government uses PR firms now and PR specialists.  Youíre never told the truth about anything. So why keep looking for it from mainstream? Thatís up to you.


Remember too as I said, it would help me if you, as youíre using the archives at, itís all free remember, you can certainly help me out by sending a few pennies once in a while, to  Look into the website, see how to do it and you can help me out too.  Because believe you me, I donít take my vehicles to garages and things like that; I canít afford it.  Many of you maybe can; I have to do the work myself. And Iíve spent enough time underneath vehicles, believe you me, over many years, to last a thousand lifetimes, especially when I see the rubbish that theyíre turning out today and the quality going down and down and down in the workmanship, as they maximize the profits and put garbage in there where they should have metal parts and things like that.


Anyway, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where itís supposed to rain for the next four or five days, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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